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Solution to not being able to day trade

I created a Scottrade individual cash account without realizing the restrictions on day trading . **Edited** I need to remain a small player in this account. That means I can't...

Top 10 Apps for Wall Streeters (Part 1)

Here's Part 1 of Top 10 Apps for Wall Streeters, everything from travel to booze.

(1) Travel

Top App:
Description: The travel industry's...

Chicago WSO Meetup Tonight at 8PM!

Chicago monkeys - meetup with some fellow WSO monkeys tonight at Bar Louie ( 335 N Dearborn ) starting at 8PM.

See more info on the event page .

Want a WSO meetup...

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Why this facebook situation is worse than it seems

So 2 bombshells hit facebook recently, first was the fact that a lot of the adverts it generates are not real people, casting significant doubt over the value of facebook...

HappyPantsMcgee the Interview.

I've been fortunate enough to meet HPM two years ago at the first Energy Rodeo in Houston and recently had the opportunity to ask him some questions which the WSO audience could find useful. HPM works in strategy at a top 5 bank. Primarily his group concentrates on product and regulatory strategy with a focus on credit and balance generation.

Monkeys are always looking for advice, what do you have to offer?
To undergrads:

Banking versus Trading - Did a summer in S&T

First of all, bear with me. I know this question has been belabored to death, but hear me out. This is an alternate account of a relatively prominent user on this site .. and for particular reasons, I'd like to keep my identity safe.

I summered in S&T. It has gone well. All indications are positive so far, and I anticipate good news. I have the opportunity to move laterally to IBD for a full-time role, however. This is a tough decision, and I'd welcome some input. I recognize that I'm young and I want a fact check on my assessment so far.


At the junior level, you need to put time in before getting your own book. You might be as far as 3 years in before you actually get to trade.

Should Goldman Bailout Oakland? Not Quite

Oakland City apparently has a beef with Goldman Sachs . 15 years ago, Oakland entered a swap including a sale of bonds with GS . Oakland is now paying 5.68% interest while interest rates remain close to zero. In addition, getting out of the swaps would cost the city 16 million. So what does Oakland want? They want out of course, according to an article by CNBC.

My Story So Far - Oil

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I last posted on here, but I think some of the older users on here may remember me. I figured I would fill you in on...

How Google Could Influence Central Banking Policy

Over the years, Google has branched out to serve a number of different functions. What began as a simple search company has expanded into a mobile company, a cloud computing...

Farewell Interns

So it is about that time of the year summer internships are wrapping up. I was wondering if interns are supposed to do something for the office on their last day? Like get...

Olympinomics: The Case for the Olympic Games

Andy note: Post from mid July, but still very relevant today now that the games are going on.

With the London Summer Olympics rapidly approaching, and the torch lit...

Cocaine in Finance?

I have been traveling for the last 2 weeks and have regretfully been unable to do a lot of things, mainly work on my b-school essays. As I procrastinate getting back to work, I came across some information that got me thinking...

In the new Wall Street era , characterized by increasing regulatory scrutiny, I know that the $600 dinners for 3 a few times a week with fellow analysts, and expensing all night partying / strip clubs has probably been cut down on if not ceased altogether, but what about the drug that Wall Street once embraced with open arms and nostrils: Cocaine .

Monkey to Gentleman - Male Grooming

WARNING - This post may contain emasculating content and expose the author to ridicule

Yesterday was the start of a new month, which for me is my 'grooming' day. I'm sure most male monkeys here have a grooming routine; after all, we need to keep ourselves in tip-top condition. So, let us bare all, reveal our souls and describe what we do to look sharp.

I'm fully aware that some people view male grooming as "OMG GAY" or lacking self confidence but I disagree. Women take time to put on makeup, do their hair, get facials etc. so I don't see why men shouldn't take some time to put effort into their appearance as well.

WSO Conference 2012 Pictures!

Thanks to my brother Vincent for taking some great shots throughout the conference.

To see 150+ more photos, visit our facebook page .

Some short video clips of...

Knight's Algo Gets Off the Chain

When I saw the news yesterday that Knight Capital was directing customers to "trade elsewhere", my initial reaction was, "Jesus Christ, not another one stealing customer funds...

Client Pruning: Is there an algorithm for this?

Hi, all. I was wondering if any of you have ever been in or seen a situation in which one FA's book had just gotten TOO big and he or she needed to decide which accounts to keep and which to pass on to younger financial advisors. How did they decide? Was there some kind of a science to it? How would you go about deciding what is a good client from a bad one?

My thoughts were, analyzing production credits gained from a clients transactions and dividing that by the amount of "effort" it takes to maintain the client. This effort could be defined by "Number of minutes spent on the phone per week" etc.

Do People Always Complain about Pay?

Do you notice that people in finance always complain about comp no matter what they are actually making?

I ask this because I have worked at several finance firms now,...

You mad? Why no, not at all, asshole :)

In a small conference room, I was greeted by my HR partner and one of the top dogs in my coverage group. I sat down, and my heart started racing a little and I could hear it in...

Going Postal Over These 4 Work Emails

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the way people in our corner of the world use email. As even the greenest summer analyst knows, on Wall Street, email is the primary means...

Did Online Poker Just Catch It's River Card?

I love online poker. I used to play full tilt all during school and basically up until the fiasco where it turned out to be a ponzi scheme. Luckily, I didn't have any money in there at that point so I felt like I dodged a bullet. The other day, It appears that poker starts swooped into the rescue buying and paying out the claims to the tune of $731 million dollars. That includes settling a civil suit , repaying player claims and buying whatever was left of the full tilt brand.

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