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Retire at 30 - Easier Than You Think?

In one of the more interesting books I've read recently, the author managed to do just this. He worked as a research assistant for a few years after receiving a PhD in physics...

WARNING: Your internship might be outdated

The other night I was out with a few friends from school and one of them was telling me about his "virtual internship". My initial reaction was the same as some of you to in...

California approves $68B high speed rail from LA to SF - Thoughts?

California approved a '$68 billion' dollar high speed rail from LA to SF.

Do any of you California monkeys plan to use this high speed train rather then fly?


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Math or Econ major for a quant role in Finance?

My current plan of action is either to minor/major in Math and Econ (undergrad). Just not sure in which order. Afterwards, I'm thinking a masters in finance with a math focus....

Has anyone gone back to banking?

I quit banking because it was miserable. I found it boring and really had no interest in it. My new gig is great, I work with great people, have great hours and love my...

How Your Birth Month Can Help (Or Hurt) You

Believe it or not, being born in a specific month can have profound affects on your biology. For example, being born with less sunlight can affect different stages of development in the womb. Sunlight stimulates the production of Vitamin D, which affects respiratory and brain development. No, this isn't astrology, but statistical analysis have shown behavioral similarities between people born in the same month. If you've read Malcolm Gladwell's Outlier's, you would have read about how an abnormal amount of athletes tend to be born at the beginning of their school year, giving them a longer time to mature relative to their peers.

Hedge Fund investing ETF style

ETFs cover a wide range of investing ideas from mimicking an index to tracking technology trends. Now, there are two ETFs that try and mimic top hedge fund managers by looking...

Mitt Romney's Dilemma

Although this is a fairly political post, I thought it was rather interesting that Romney is still having a problem with this, particularly this close to the general election....

If I took Adderall in HS I wouldve gone to an Ivy

I'm 26 and was recently legitimately diagnosed with ADD and after taking Adderall now for a couple months I am getting projects done 3x more efficiently than before, my...

Ten links at ten

I'm feeling a little under the weather monkeys, so instead of my usual rant, I figured I'll just give you guys a little weekend reading. Hope you like it. Enjoy.

* The Rotten Heart of Finance ( The Economist ) - probably the best article about the LIBOR scandal so far. Anyone think Barclays is gonna survive this? To say that this thing won't end well would be a spectacular understatement.

* Ten Steps One Should Take To Become A Successful Speculator, from Victor Neiderhoffer ( Daily Speculations ) - this probably isn't for everyone, but nevertheless, I think this should be made required reading for anyone interested in trading .

The Value of Failure

Andy note: "Best of Eddie" - while Eddie is on vacation we're throwing up some of his classic posts from the past. This one is originally from Nov. 2009 . If there's an old post from Eddie you'd like to see up again shoot me a message.

The news that disgraced NYT reporter Jayson Blair is hitting the lecture circuit to discuss ethics in journalism has been met with derision, and understandably so. But, as this article posits , a healthy dose of failure might be just what the doctor ordered for today's college students.

Trading in College

Anyone have any success trading a personal account in college? By success I don't neccessarily mean Tim Sykes returns or anything. Mostly just anough to keep a strong beer fund...

Movie Premier Tickets for 7/13

Hey guys,

I just got back from vacation and saw this. This is something primarily for the 4-Hour Work Week crowd on WSO, but after watching the trailer it would...

Da fuq just happened in my interview?

I just got off a 2nd round interview with a S&T desk. The interview format: 3 MDs got on the phone 1 by 1 to interview me.

First MD: I absolutely bombed, was beyond horrid. I couldn't even do basic calculations because of nerves

Second MD: Did pretty well, no errors, answered every question thoroughly, but took an extremely long pause on one question and asked my interviewer to repeat his question.

Third MD: Crushed it

At the end of the call the Third MD asked me what I knew about options, to which I replied "I have a working knowledge of options and the purposes they serve, but I am not familiar with the nitty gritty details, and I have never traded options before." He ends the call by telling me to learn options and be ready to talk about them on Monday.

You know it's intern season when...

You know it's intern season when...

- Someone sends you an email and it has your first name followed with a comma
- Someone sends you an email and it has your...

Can an MBA Land you a Sell-Side Trading Gig?

After scouring the internet and employment reports for the answer to this question, the only conclusion I've become confident with is: It's possible. It appears, unfortunately...

Should girls groom?

All right, I know there are some girls lurking here, and I want your two cents. Guys, feel free to chime in with your opinions too, though I'm really hoping that some chicks de...

Theft and the Economy

Earlier this week I was debating various topics to write a WallStreetOasis post about. I was having trouble deciding on a current event to write about. Then my car was stolen.

Therefore, this post is going to be about crime, how the economy plays a role in crime, and how people that steal cars (or anything really) are scum.

Anyone that's been a victim of theft or crime has likely had a moment of thinking, "Why didn't the police just do their job so this wouldn't have happened?". The LA Times had an article regarding crime and economics that included this quote:

HBS vs Goldman: Does it really matter?

The prestige, the exclusiveness, the name brand - we all want this. The reality is you can't get there alone . You need to EXPAND your network in order to give yourself the...

Stub-Bonus Bananas - July 6, 2012

Happy Friday, everybody. I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but it totally feels like a Tuesday thanks to the 4th falling on a Wednesday, doesn't it? Anyway, I hope everyone had a...

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