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Would Aereo go the way of Tivo?

Tivo began as a disrupter in the Television industry landscape. It was a game changer and an amazing one at that. Suddenly, you could record complete seasons of TV shows, pause your show and fast forward through ads. A whole world of options opened up that brought Television under the viewer's control.

However, after making a big splash in this arena, it eventually resulted in cable companies incorporating DVR options into their own set top boxes. Today, Tivo is just a great product that never took off!

Nigerian ETF Launched by Global-X Funds: NGE

Earlier this month Global-X Funds offered their first single country ETF, NGE (Nigeria). This ETF allows those who seek investment opportunities in the frontier market a rare opportunity, early exposure to a rapidly growing economy. However, as most Americans know, Africa is strife with problems and Nigeria is no exception. Do the potential returns associated with this investment outweigh the risks? First, I want to explore the reasons why investing in Nigeria is a solid investment with long term returns.

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Evaluating Commercial Banks (part 1 of ??)

So as I mentioned in BlackHat's excellent post on how to break down a 10K (see here:, I'm going to put together a series of posts on how to evaluate a commercial bank. About me real quick, I work at a large US bank doing lending to & risk analysis of other banks (you can see my interview with WSO here: This series might have a credit-tilt to it, as this is my background, though for banks I think the credit-side and the equity-side are a bit closer than in other industries, and a lot of the analysis is going to be nearly the same (both generally follow CAMELS - capital, asset quality, management, earnings, liquidity, sensitivity to markets).

Feel free to ask questions and request items for me to touch on in future posts, but the structure of this series will probably be:

Intro/Industry Comments (this post)
Asset Quality
Capital & Regulatory Matters
Liquidity & Funding / Conclusion

Would You Destroy Your Career for $2.7 Mil Today?

Mod note: "Blast from the Past - Best of Eddie" - This one is originally from 11/11

**SPOILER ALERT** This post is going to discuss aspects of the movie Margin Call. If you haven't seen the movie and are concerned I might ruin it for you, skip this post.

We had a discussion about the movie Margin Call last week and, while some of you didn't think much of the movie, I really liked it. I think the movie gives you plenty of food for thought, and illustrates a situation very similar to what happened at MF Global over the past week.

One of the most interesting aspects of the movie to me was the impact of the bank's balance sheet problem on the rank and file traders. They came to work that day thinking everything was normal and found out at the meeting that it would be their last day. As if that weren't bad enough, they were instructed to destroy their own careers that day by burying their trusted counterparties in toxic assets. As compensation for destroying what was essentially their life's work to that point, each individual trader was offered a $1.4 million dollar one-off bonus if he achieved a 93% clearance rate (in other words, if he sold 93% or more of the toxic assets he was tasked with selling), and the entire trading department was offered an additional $1.3 million bonus apiece if the entire department achieved 93% clearance.

Wall Street Barbers

I've been seeing people talking about going bald at the Thin Hair - Limited to Style thread, and it got me thinking about aggregating barber picks from our fellow WSO Users.

It might be hype, but I hear these three are Legendary WS Barbers in NY: (Cut is ~$60)

"Older" monkey trying to learn some new tricks

Served 7 years active duty and currently in the ANG using this site to gain information about how to crack into/survive in the civilian business world. Taking the GMAT this summer and applying to some targets (and non target for safeties) to see where I can end up.

Learning what I can, one of which is how difficult it's going to be balancing a life in finance and my guard life. I am a pilot so I have a larger commitment then just the weekend a month/two weeks a year. Still trying to find what career field I can balance that out with and still find the interesting work I am looking for.

WSO Weekly Wrap-Up 04/13 - 04/19

In case you missed them, here's some of last week's most popular topics:

I'm an Author and Former Head ETF Trader at Lehman, Ask Me Anything

Mod note: Feel free and ask Jared anything and he will be on today answering your questions.

Cash Advance Credit Cards to Buy AAPL?

So last night I get a message from Patrick that starts out:

7 Practical Tips for Entering 1st Year IBD Analysts

Hey, Let’s Start A Company!

Since many of the users already work in the financial services industry or aspire to do so, I thought for this week's post it might be a fun exercise to see if we can crowd source a business model. We can channel experience into something that might actually fill a void in the various industries represented on this site.

Soros Obituary Published In Error... They Meant to Publish Dell's

Firstly, I had to laugh when I saw the Reuters story and the accidentally published Soros obituary. Imagine the look on his face when he saw that story. Secondly, I wasn't exactly laughing when I saw this story this morning.

In a letter to Dell's board, Blackstone cited an "unprecedented" 14 percent market decline in PC volume in the first quarter, according to a statement today. The world's biggest buyout firm made a non-binding offer to acquire Dell last month, rivaling a $24.4 billion joint bid by founder Michael Dell and Silver Lake Management LLC, the largest proposed leveraged buyout since the financial crisis.

Bonus Bananas April 19, 2013

1) Barclays fat cat Rich Ricci retires at 49 just weeks after pocketing PS18m shares windfall (Daily Mail) - This guy might be the most hated banker in the UK right now. Among his many sins, he flies a private jet to Ireland each weekend to watch his horses work out. Now everyone is screaming for him to give back all the money he made as Bob Diamond's right hand man.

2) Dan Loeb Gets $7 Million Break on Sandy Weill Yacht (CNBC) - Wow. That is one sick raft. Sandy Weill is scaling back his lifestyle and, let's face it, a 200' yacht is a bit excessive. But not if you're a hedgie!

3) Goldman Gives Blankfein $5 Million Long-Term Incentive (Bloomberg) - As much crap as I give Goldman Sachs and Lloyd Blankfein, they're really doing it right with this kind of incentive structure. Here's hoping this becomes the model all over the Street.

What are you guys eating for breakfast?

Hey all,

So I'll be starting an internship in the coming season, and I just wanted to ask you all: what do you guys do for breakfast?

When I was working, because it wasn't imperative that I get in early, I would usually have time to make breakfast. However, those of you who are trying to get to work as early as possible in order to make the rest of your co-workers look bad: what are you guys doing for breakfast?

Pre-MBA Scholarships and Summer Networking Opportunities

So you're making the transition from the working world to the world of business school. The summer before matriculating can be a little bit awkward for someone who's been working his or her tail off for the past several years straight. You're not exactly trying to go "above and beyond" in your current job because you're moving in a few months.

You might get ahead of the power curve by moving to your new business school sooner and getting adjusted earlier, but the juice might not be worth the squeeze. So what is a future MBA student supposed to do with the summer before business school?

So if you want to start leaning forward in your finance career search without having to quit your job just yet, here are some suggestions for Pre-MBA scholarships and events to look out for this summer:

Deutche Bank MBA Fellowship:

WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling