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What are good coding languages to learn?

I already know but what are some languages that I should try to learn now that may be used in trading in 8-12 years?

Enlisted Military Skills at BB banks.

As today is memorial day, I wanted to share a few things about being in the military that I think help develop you to be a solid employee for the BB culture. Just for...

Your "Target Schools" lists are outdated and off-base

Obviously a huge topic of interest on WSO is that of the "target school," especially when those who are in high school ask for advice regarding which school they should go to...

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Happy Memorial Day 2012!

Happy Memorial Day, guys. If the weather where you're at is anything like it is here in Paris, it is unmistakably summertime. Hopefully you're out enjoying it and not stuck in...

Military to PE

I am an MD at a mid market PE fund. Service Academy grad. Figured I would give my two cents on the whole military to PE question...

Military experience is nice. I like...

Finance = Male Escort Material?

Finance guys have it good in the dating world due to the money and prestige associated with the job. Male escort business is a totally different world though. Women aren't...

Prop trading: race for speed

Based on talking to people at numerous prop trading firms, it seems like every shop is trying to compete in the same game: ultra high-freqency market making. There is almost no discretionary trading or alpha research of any sort. Even "traditional" firms are beefing up their technological capacities in order to reduce their latency and get in on the speed game.

Is there any room for actual traders anymore, or is this what prop trading will look like indefinitely?

Finance is too soft a major?

This fall I'm going to be a freshman at NYU Stern. I keep hearing that finance/business/economics majors are not rigorous enough, and that engineeing majors get all the finance...

Accepted, but where should I go?

Alright guys.

I'm a junior level transfer who's trying to break into banking. So far, I have been accepted to the following schools:

Georgetown University (College, not MSB)
Middlebury College
UNC-CH (College, but could/would transfer to Kenan-Flagler after one semester)
UVA (College, not McIntire)
Vanderbilt University


Northwestern University
Notre Dame (College, not Mendoza)

I am an economics major.

As of right now, I'm leaning towards going to Middlebury. It seems like the best fit for me socially and academically. I have read that it places fairly well for its size, but I am still a bit concerned because it is a small liberal arts college. Can anyone chime in on this?

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Have a happy hour or a WSO meetup you want to schedule? Throw it up on the WSO Event Calendar to share it with the community.

WSO Events

This just went...

What Will The Next Asset Bubble Be...Hint: Beer Pong

In Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Gordon Gekko gives a speech at a university in which he accurately describes the context of the modern college student as:

... the...

College Graduation Festivities

I recently had the opportunity to attend my alma maters graduation weekend activities (or 48 hours of speeches, whichever way you want to look at it). Everyone is telling these...

Quitting MBB @ 1 year - how much notice?

Hi guys,

So, I hate consulting. Hours are too long, bullshit piled too deep, travel exhausting. I'm far from home and miserable, so I've decided to quit.


Comprehensive List of Feeders?

Can you guys give me a list of undergrad colleges that are feeders in IB? I am currently an incoming senior and I want to be able to compare schools in terms of how they place in IB, most specially in NYC.

Mod (Andy) note: Thanks to user Blackid for this in-depth response:

[quote]Tier 1: Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Princeton, Yale
Tier 2: Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE
Tier 3: Brown, Amherst, Williams, Duke, Caltech, UChicago, Stern (NYU)
Tier 4: McIntire (UVA), Ross (Michigan), Haas (Berkeley) West Point, Air Force, Naval Academy, Notre Dame, Northwestern, UPenn CAS
Regional Targets (excluding schools already mentioned):

West Coast:
- Anderson (UCLA), Marshall (USC), Claremont McKenna


Consulting in NYC?

Some friends of mine have advocated that "if you want to be a consultant do it anywhere but in NYC". I can understand that if you get paid the same wherever you are why not...

US doomed?

I would expect the media to be all over this new treaty, but it is not.

Is this the end of the US world supremacy as we know it?

I don't believe that China will...

Resume Guidelines from a WSO Drop Reviewer

I have reviewed a number of resumes from a recent WSO drop, and while I've received some really wonderful ones that I have passed on (at least one received an offer!), I had...

Road to Finance

Reason :

The reason for writing this article is to encourage professional from non-finance background to network and possibly to suggest some ways for it.

About me :

I am 28 year old Geophysicist working in reputed O & G service firm. I have an undergraduate in Engineering with Masters in Geophysics from University of Calgary.

Decent working hours of 8 to 5 along with everyday free breakfast and lunch makes my company a great place to work. Flex hours, Flex days, pay of approx. 80k$, Free gym membership, Bike allowance....etc.., but still Finance side of industry always somehow attracts me. It will be hard to deny if someone list money as one of the reason for it. So I am on the road to Finance now..
Mode of Operandi :


We're busy and we don't have time to eat vegetables. I've been doing research on "superfoods" and vegetables that provide most everything you need in one pop, ie wheat grass,...

How early should one arrive?

I have heard that with SA programs, one should always come early and leave late to make a good impression. If the normal time to get in is 9 am, how much earlier should I be...

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