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A new semester begins: Valuation class online

If you are a teacher, you measure your life in quarters and semesters. This is my fiftieth semester teaching, and, as in each of the prior forty nine semesters, I could not wait...

Interview Experience Thus Far

Good morning everyone,

As many people have pointed out on this site over the past several weeks, we are thick into recruitment season by this point. Love is in the air...

3 Reasons Why You Need A Virtual Assistant

A few months ago I got sick of all the tasks accumulated on my to-do list and decided I needed a change. I googled "virtual assistant" and hired one in India to help me out. It...

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Life after the Buy-side?

I currently work at a prominent investment fund (public equities) as an analyst and find myself increasingly... bored. While the pay and the lifestyle (read: hours) are great, I've found that the learning curve has flattened out substantially after 3 years on the job and the investment process has become a repetitive quarterly process - earnings release/call, meet with management, update models, decide if investment thesis has changed, buy/sell/hold.

I realize that leaving the buy-side is a rare occurrence, but does anyone have any experience moving on to a new career path after the buy-side? Any stories of regret related to leaving a buy-side gig?

What Do MBA Admissions & Trading Activity Have In Common?

Both of their activity has nearly evaporated? I don't think that's feasible for B-schools. They're at multi-year lows? Only trading volumes are. The industries are downsizing...

Masters in Financial Engineering - Non-finance backgrounds?

Guys I was wondering how import is an MFE degree if you wanna get into hedge funds or investment management ? Is it an effective qualification for a buy side job or is it just...

How to Dress for Success on Wall Street (Part 3)

Hi everyone,

We're back this week with Part 3 of the Jon Yeazel interview, How to Dress for Success on Wall Street.

Q: What type of suit or suits should every businessman own?

Typically the five suits that every businessman should own are:

1. Solid Navy
2. Pinstripe Navy
3. Solid Black
4. Grey
5. Khaki Cotton

710 on GMAT (48Q/40V) - Should I retake it?

Just took the GMAT yesterday, comes down to a 92 percentile overall but the quant percentile was horrendous, only 78. The verbal was a 90 which was probably my saving grace.

My study prep was the OG 13th edition, OG Quant 2nd Edition. I'm an avid non-fiction reader and run a blog for my school's investment club so I guess the verbal wasn't much of an issue, although more on that later. What sucks is that I literally spent all my study time on quant, and only pulled off a 78 percentile, I've only taken two practice tests (GMATPrep software and a GMATClub practice exam) and got a 720/690 on both so it's within line of what I got.

How do you organize your inbox?

How do you organize your inbox at work? Do you make sure to clear your inbox every day? Please share your system...

IBD Associate Salaries needed. Posting MBB in exchange

Hello All,

I did a thorough search and was able to come up with some dated information, but nothing that is recent. Especially now that a lot of banks are diverting bonuses to base salaries.

Can I ask all of you that are Associates in IBD to list recent salaries and perhaps some accompanying information like BB /MM/botique, and whether you are direct promote from analyst, or from MBA.

In exchange I dug up these stats for MBB for those that want. (courtesy of )

For McKinsey ...
Signing Bonus: $20,000
Base: $135,000
Performance Bonus: up to $35,000 for your first year
Relocation: $2-9,000 depending on distance
Total compensation: at least $192,000

How Thorium Will Solve Our Energy Crisis

There's been a few mentions about Thorium on WSO, and I'm sure some of you are much more knowledgable about this so please excuse my ignorance. If you haven't heard about it, Thorium is a metal that can be used instead of Uranium as a fuel for nuclear power. What makes Thorium different is that it appears to have almost every advantage over conventional resources; it's green, safe, doesn't produce hazardous wastes, and produces enough energy for the world to last hundreds of years!

Defense Contractors: Naughty, Naughty boys!

We've all heard the stories of contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq. Menacing, evil organizations comprised of godless, powerful men in black, moisture wicking tee shirts and cargo pants. If any of you have travelled to a warzone you may have even met one or two. They're the right arm of American privatization, a thorough representation of how evil corporations are out to get us. Of course you may have also met tons of NGO employees who, on a personal note, I must say are the most annoying human beings on the planet.

For One Day Longer

Andy note: "Best of Eddie" - This one is originally from September 2011 . If there's an old post from Eddie you'd like to see up again shoot me a message.

I'm going to...

Anyone have an interview for FT yet?

Just wondering if anyone has applied for FT and gotten an interview yet.

Also, if you apply and you are a top canidate, will you get an offer to interview within a week...

HBS...where to live?

My boyfriend is going to HBS next year (he got admission for this academic year, but deferred till next year because of work) and we're saving up for b-school now. I'm going to transfer to my firm's Boston office. On my income and his savings we could live very comfortably, but since b-school is so expensive most of the money is going into that.

Where do HBS students live to save money but get decent apartments? Most of the people I've spoken to live on campus in dorms, or they live in university housing on Western Ave. But from what I've heard, it's a very "campus" feel and it's not like you have interesting restaurants or music venues right on your doorstep. We're moving from New York, so we definitely don't want to constantly be in a campus environment.

Endgame or End This Depression Now?

Controversy over stimulus measures in the US has been ongoing since the beginning of the financial crisis. There are more than two sides to the argument, but these two books...

Did China buy the Olympics?

This is nothing to do with any controversy or dodgy dealings, it's purely a view that they invested in winning golds, and that in the medal tables, a gold in the 100m is the same as a gold in the 10m trap shoot.

I was slightly surprised to see them so high up on the paralympic medal tables, especially when in the few events I've seen, I've not seen a single chinese medallist.

The difference between 1 (china) and 2 (GB) is massive, far disproportionate to that in the Olympics. Paying someone to compete against Usain Bolt would be an inefficient use of resources, but paying people to hit a target from 20 metres away, would be pretty cheap in comparison.

WSO Weekly-Wrap Up (9/1-9/7)

In case you missed them - here are some of the hottest topics from the past week:

How to be THAT associate

"September: the time of the year when hundreds...

Bonus Bananas September 7, 2012

1) BofA Right to Fire Broker Who Mooned His Boss: Court ( CNBC ) - Regardless of this recent legal setback, Jason Selch has my undying admiration.

2) Wall Street and '...

I'm NOT a Trader

Hey Monkeys!

Got a bit of a problem. Been networking with HR/Bankers etc. and people keep telling me I should become a trader and do not 'fit' Banking (been rejected pre-CV screen quite a bit so maybe they are right?)

Their reasons:

My math scores at university (and throughout my life in general) are higher than anything else. I find math easy because once you get it, you can apply it, and in exams its easier to score highly vs an essay subject. I'm not mathematical genius though and don't really get those ' brainteaser logical puzzle' type things they often talk about in Trading interviews. (I do study finance/accounting etc. modules at uni this coming year)
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