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target employment stats

I just found Cornell Dyson's employment stats for their undergraduate program: Cornell Dyson employment Stats

Only 4 MS ? 2 GS ? Isn't Cornell's ugrad program...

Welcome To Your Life, There's No Turning Back...

Just yesterday, I was hit with the bad news that my favorite new TV show, NBC's Awake, is going to be cancelled after just one season. For those of you who haven't seen it, I...

Rethinking Occupy Wall Street

I thought of Alexis Goldstein as just another disgruntled employee from the world of finance, but she's not. She had worked for Morgan Stanley , Deutsche Bank , and elsewhere,...

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Full Time Offer, at last! Thanks WSO!

Here's my story:

I will be graduating this semester from a non-target university, majoring finance and accounting, with a decent gpa (3.5 up). I started networking last summer, searching for that IBD full time offer. I was even considering delaying my graduation for one semester with the purpose of landing a summer analyst internship. I really wanted that job in NYC so I took the WSP Advanced Financial Modeling courses, which I knew could help me ace those technical interview questions .

Consider your BB regional office.

A common thread we see on WSO from time to time is regarding working for banks in their regional offices.

As banks are leaning towards more cost cutting and squeezing...

Silicon Valley Shenanigans: Part 1

Hey guys - this is my first post on WSO as a contributing author. I currently work in banking, and I couldn't have gotten where I am today without all the help I received on...

Masters in Finance / MFE as a way to kickstart career - Chasing a pipe dream?

I am a corporate banker (6+ work experience). Have worked with a few big name banks, but recently quit because I was bored and my career seems to have been derailed.


Your Emergency Office Supplies

Often while you are at your office you find yourself in need of several things that one wouldn't normally expect to be in an office. This is why I keep emergency office...

JPMorgan: Too Big To Exist?

From Chief Investment Officer Thomas J. Feeney ( )

The news of the week was that JPMorgan Chase ( JPM ), held in esteem by many as the pre-eminent...

"Checking In"

One thing that I have always dreaded about working is the "annual review". Honestly, the thought of any type of review -- a forced meeting with your boss where you "rate" one...

3 Reasons Why the New French President isn't THAT bad

The finance community got very emotional when a left wing President got elected in France last week. Being french and working in a bank, I must admit I almost cried but what's...

WSO cribs: Beach House Edition

We've seen their New York homes as well as their Hamptons getaways, now it's time to take a peek where our 1% goes to for some serious R&R.

Prestige overdose after...

How to write second email to request informational interview?

Hi fellas,

I'm in the process of reaching out to alumni from my university for informational interviews . As many of you know, the response rate isn't perfect (I'm batting at about 25% currently).

It's been about a week now since I sent out my initial round of emails. I'd like to be a little more aggressive in my networking and send a second email to the individuals who didn't respond. I realize that many of them might just not be interested in speaking with me, but I'm hoping that at least a few of them didn't respond only because they might have been too busy last week, frustrated, etc., but that they might be more agreeable to speaking this week.

Mom and Pop's trust issues

"It is prudent never to trust wholly those who have deceived us even once."
-Rene Descartes

There is no debate, the reputation of the financial industry has taken a hit since Madoff and the 2008 crisis. I never thought too much about the importance of public trust in the finance industry until a few weeks back.

I was speaking with a friend, he asked me what I wanted to do after leaving college, and I told him I would like to go into banking. He casually responded by saying, "So are you going to see how many old ladies you can f*** out of their life savings?".

Congratulations Class of 2012...You're Underemployed!

So you got into a good college, studied hard, partied harder and made the most of it while there and now its time to graduate and step into the workforce. For the estimated one...

Visiting B-Schools in the UK - What I Learned #2 (Birkbeck)

A few weeks ago, I spent over a week in London to visit some family. Because I'm looking into studying in the UK for my MSc in Finance in a year or so, I thought this would be...

Working Abroad to Get Ahead

I've had this debate with a couple of people who believe that working abroad is becoming a new way to get ahead in finance. Rapid globalization and the rise of emerging markets...

First New York Securities - Kaput?

A buddy of mine who works there says the place is going under. Apparently they were trying to move to a hedge fund model by soliciting outside investors, but they weren't able...

Free Model-Formatting Course

Summary This is not a financial modeling course like the one that is offered at Wall Street Prep , Investment Banking Institute or Analyst Exchange. Mod Note Not WSO competing products. Rather this is a series of free tutorials that help modelers on best practices on how to do modeling (formatting, structure, setting up).

I completed the 30 days challenge and I can definitely see that my modeling skills have improved a lot. Would highly recommend "experienced" Monkeys to tried it out. Once again, it does not teach you modeling. It is more focused on best practices on setting the cells, formatting and building a structure to make your modeling easier and standardized across the banks.

WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling