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Lumosity Unveils America's Smartest Colleges

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 01, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Lumosity, the online brain training and neuroscience research company, today revealed the smartest colleges in America based on an analysis of its database of human cognitive performance. The study examined game play data from over 60,000 college students across five cognitive areas: memory, processing speed, flexibility, attention and problem solving, and named Massachusetts Institute of Technology as the smartest school.

College rankings typically use standardized test scores to measure intelligence, but tests like the SAT and ACT are designed solely to predict scholastic ability and performance.

Bloomberg On Homelessness

Guys, the father that you New Yorkers know and love so much is actually more tyrannical than I had previously thought. Until earlier this week, I had never heard of Michael...

Priceline Pays $40/share for Kayak, a 29% Premium over Thursday's Close


This price represents ~32x TTM EBITDA ....overpaid or good to buy them now before Kayak eats thier lunch?

...not surprisingly, Orbitz up 12% after...

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Dinged: Other candidates "Bubbled Up Higher"

So I was interviewing with a MM bank and got dinged. Turns out the guy that was running recruiting and dinged me quit his job the day after informing me.

I decided to e...

Monitor Company Group LP Files for Bankruptcy

NEWS: US operations will be acquired by Deloitte . The worldwide ops to be assimilated into Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd.

Does anyone have any more details on this and...

Voices of Finance Interviews

I stumbled upon these interviews done by a journalist in the UK. He recently conducted 70+ interviews with a wide array of different finance professionals (everyone from...

The Real World

I'm deviating a bit from my thematic postings today to focus on a few observations of adulthood that I'm curious to hear your input on WSO. It's funny - we all grow up a...

Why UBS Will Die

One common criticism I hear on the street is UBS , the U've Been Sacked bank, or Ultra Bullshit Shit bank has a poor reputation. Either through routinely failing institutional clients by wiring money incorrectly to a counter-party while they're in the middle of a lawsuit. Or finding their contracts don't mean very much when the words 'capped-fees' is just there to charm, it's misnomer in Swiss-German that means it's uncapped; a kind of screw you get out clause..

But the bank is also known for the billions they've put into R&D in dark pools, brokerage, the sheer numbers of starts-up in their rather activist, but also interesting, long-term investment strategy.

The little stuff -- consulting vs. banking

Can anybody share some info on:

Banking vs. consulting expense accounts (max amount for dinner, taxi/uber allowance, etc.)?

Health benefit plans?


Financial Modeling Boot-Camp (Dubai, 11/11)

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Dear Apple, I’m leaving you

Mod Note (Andy): this is a syndication from edmundconway.com

There follows a letter to Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple:

Dear Tim,

There’s no easy...

Q&A with Matthew Christensen (Disruptive Innovation Part 1)

Matthew Christensen Introduction

Mr. Christensen is one of the leading practitioners of disruptive innovation. His father, Clayton Christensen, coined the phrase in...

Marijuana Valuation

Morning Monkeys!

As I'm sure we've all seen, marijuana is now legal for recreational use in both Colorado and Washington state. Now, the pressing question of "how can I make money on this?" arises. Obviously, we could go out to Denver and open up a shop, but when you're already working 60-80 hours a week, that seems like an awful lot of trouble when you could simply acquire an existing shop. Which brings up the question of valuation.

Hurricane Sandy - No Power and One Epiphany

Last week, I had the misfortune of being stuck in lower Manhattan during the hurricane and subsequent blackout. Being in Zone C, I assumed it'd be smooth sailing after the...

Significant Other Drama at the Office

Moderator Note (Andy): Best of WSO - this post originally went up April 2008 and we thought it deserved to go back on the homepage for those who may have never seen it....

Working Consultants

Hello folks! I have been a lurker for awhile. Figure, I would start a topic.

I was wondering if current consultants would provide their thoughts on the most critical/...

Electoral College Math

First things first: Jim Cramer is a moron.

This guy needs to really hang his hat and stop making predictions. I read on the Washington Post website that Cramer not only...

A Bold, Fresh Piece of Humanity: A Monkey's Review

"Living well is not the best revenge. Succeeding in your career and humiliating your critics is." - Bill O'Reilly

Since The New York Times won't review Bill O'Reilly's books no matter how many copies they sell, I shall assume responsibility for this one!

I reread this set of personal memoirs a while back looking for career inspiration (believe it or not), and the above quote definitely re-energized me a bit. It should also resonate with anyone who sets out on a career path with something to prove, knowing that you are smart and qualified, and that you WILL get it together, critics be damned. In fact, the title of the book comes from a nun's response to a very young Bill in middle school after a wise-crack remark by him: "William, you are a bold, fresh piece of humanity."

Q&A with Michael Giles, founder & CEO of Roboinvest

Launched in January 2012, Roboinvest is a social investing platform that allows anyone to "look over the shoulder" of top investors in real time. The company recently completed...

15 Things We Love to Hate About The CFA

This article is originally from 300Hours.com . You can read the full article here .

The entire CFA exam process is quite a unique experience. It is challenging...

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