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So, What if Money Really Was No Object?

Eddie's post yesterday on the philosophy of ignoring money and doing what you like doing had me thinking about a few things.

1.) What would I actually do if money was...

What Harvard Business School is Teaching This Tech Entrepreneur

Moderator Note (Andy): Ryan Allis is a tech entrepreneur currently attending HBS. This is a syndication from his blog following his experience at HBS. Read his full bio here...

Winning (losing) by losing (winning): The power of expectations

If you are a baseball fan, I am sure that you know that both the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles made the playoffs last week. While there was some celebration in New York on the news, it was nothing compared to the jubilation in Baltimore. The reason is not hard to fathom. In the last 16 years, the Yankees have made the playoffs in all but one, and with their payroll and heritage, Yankee fans view the playoffs as an entitlement, rather than a bonus. For Baltimore fans, whose team has not had a winning record (forget about making the playoffs) in a long time and was not expected to have one this year, it is a hugely positive surprise. It reinforces the message that it is now how well you do, but how well you do, relative to expectations, that determines the response.

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Induction Week Insanity!

Many of you monkeys will have started new full time jobs over the last month or two and undoubtedly you will have gone through the obligatory "induction" week(s) where you get...

Parents Sue For $2M After Son is Rejected from Harvard

That's right: a couple in Hong-Kong is suing a Boston based educational consultant to get back the alleged $2 million they spent to get their sons into elite prep schools, and...

What If Money Were No Object?

The following video is going viral at the moment and, while I don't usually respond to most New-Agey type philosophies, I have to admit that this one made me stop and think. I'...

Recent Guggenheim Offers

Hey guys! Wanted some info on Guggenheim if possible.

So there's been some recent offers I've heard of people getting at Guggenheim (both from friends at schools for the LA/NY office and) on WSO for their IB division.

So, overall thoughts? And how do exit opps work for a new platform like this for incoming college grads...both NY office and LA? Hard to place them amongst other MM firms/BBs because they do deals as small as $100mm to over $4B.

thanks all :)


closed transaction list provided if that helps:

Tired of Being an Engineer...

Hello all,

I stumbled upon this site seeking career advice. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

For the past 5 years, I've been working at a supermajor oil company as a process engineer. The oil and gas industry is fascinating, and until a few months ago, I've really enjoyed my job. But for a variety of reasons -- boredom with my current job function, frequent travel to unsavory locations, figuring out my probable salary ceiling -- I've been thinking about getting an MBA for a chance to open up other opportunities: energy trading , energy banking, corporate strategy/development. I think that I want to stay within the energy industry and in Texas, just doing something else.

I Love You Like A Love Song, Baby

Shortly before the beginning of the weeklong holiday to celebrate the founding of the PRC, former golden boy Bo Xilai was officially expelled from the Communist Party and...

WSO Hits 100,000 Members!

Dear Fellow Primates,

After six years in business, WSO has hit 100,000 members and counting! I wanted to make this post to let you know how thankful I am to all of you for all that you give back to the community.

We couldn't have done it without the countless members that give back to the new guys every day, so thank you, thank you, thank you. There are millions of visitors that browse WSO every year, but the community (registered members) is what really makes WSO an engaging, fun and useful place. You are why WSO keeps getting bigger and stronger. We keep pushing forward with exciting new initiatives like the Company Database and our new FAQ section to try and make WSO the best place to find useful insight into the entire world of finance.

Buying a House with a friend

Would like some experienced advice-

I'm 24 working at a asset manager in a midwestern city. I've been here for 1.5 years. Now, a friend of mine wants to buy a house...WITH me. This means we will both be on the mortgage. He's the entrepreneurial type and so we'd be getting a 4 bedroom, rent out half of it, live in the other half. The goal would be to live for free. In 7-10 years when the place is paid off I could get a nice $1000 check every month from renters. We've prequalified for a 3.25 30 yr fixed conv. I make significantly more money than he does now but he has a little bit saved away and I do trust him.

A Career in Investment Banking: Worth the Investment?

Moderator Note (Andy): This is an infographic created by Firmex . It's targeted toward those considering a career in investment banking, highlighting the reality of the...

Bogus Bonuses and C.E.O. Salaries

One of the most common justifications for hefty C.E.O. compensation packages is that if the leaders of industry are not paid well, the so-called best and brightest will no...

9 Months of Freedom?

Good morning all,

Over the last few weeks, some nice things have happened in my life, the most momentous of which includes accepting an IB offer. You all will probably...

7 Reasons for You to Consider the CFA Charter

This article is originally from . You can read the full article here .

Writing a recommendation letter for yourself?

Has anyone ever been told to write their own recommendation letter before? I asked a former professor to write me one, and he told me to write it myself and he would sign it....

College Rankings, Do They Really Matter?

" All hail the sacred written word on thy ranking of colleges and universities by thy great and all-knowing U.S News & World Report ! Exalted are they who decree those...

Pre-Interview Dinner

I have a pre-interview dinner coming up the night before an interview for an internship position. I have never been to something like this before so I am not totally sure what...

Valuation Primer - Part Two - Discounted Cash Flow

The second part of my valuation series is about one of the methods under the income approach, the discounted cash flow method. In this post, I will be showing you how to create...

10 Commandments Vital to Leadership

In my last blog entry there was great discussion about the differences between leadership and management. Much of my assertions were targeted at advancing the notion that leadership is supreme in function and substance to managerial aptitude.

However, in order to advance this conversation about leadership I have spent the last week thinking about the top ten most coveted leadership traits that we all as young, emerging, and established professionals must have.

The following is the result of my time of reflection:

THE LEADER EMBODIES PROFESSIONALISM: For the leader professionalism in all dealings with subordinates, superiors, cross-divisional support personnel, and even the Barista that produces his morning coffee is important.
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