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That Feeling When Someone Gets Fired

The office is so quiet and somber today because everyone realizes their own mortality when someone gets fired. It's like being a cop and hearing that someone got shot on duty...

Summer Dreams: What Would You Do With One Day?

We are nine days away from the 4th of July. The 4th is probably my favorite holiday (after my birthday, of course). Sunshine, cold beer, fireworks, and a flaming grill, four...

Moody's Downgrades Banks

As was long foreshadowed, Moody's rating service has cut the ratings of just about every large U.S. banking firm last Thursday. Although the banks opened lower to start off the...

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Product Management - The New Exit Op?

Product Management intrigues me. I had always understood it to be a highly interdisciplinary role drawing on elements of engineering, finance, marketing, and (obviously)...

Would you move to Niagara Falls for student loan reimbursement?

Over the past decade, student loan debt has ballooned to over $1 trillion. As some of you may know, this can be a large burden for a new graduate, especially for those without...

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The Simple Life

Although the "screw banking" threads have started to become less frequent here on WSO, I think we're still very much in an era of people questioning themselves with respect to...

Cold Hard GMAT: Lessons from fat chicks, black belts, and the 4-minute mile.

As I showed last week, following commonsense GMAT strategies sometimes gets you hosed.

One example of a popular but very bad strategy: "Don't go it alone." In other words, your common sense probably suggests that you use the GMAT community to get oriented and figure out what it's all about. Then you cop their strategies. You commiserate when you fail. You use them as your support group.

Of course we want to be able to think and act and study like the bottom 99%... but all of us want to somehow magically land in the top 1%. This is bogus. You study in a herd, you fail in a herd.

To Those Out on Their Own: What's Your Budget Like?

We're young, single [well, not anymore unfortunately], and get paid pretty well for our ages. We have very few legitimate needs, rarely pay for our own food, and spend 90% of...

Laughed Out By VCs

Getting funding from a VC can be just as challenging as getting a job at a VC or private equity . We've all seen Dragon's Den (I hope); the task can be daunting and sometimes...

Best work/life balance

I'm a rising sophmore and I personally would rather make 100k/year working 50 hours a week rather than 500k working 100 hours.

My question is, what position at, let's...

The Economics of Blind Justice

When I opened Tuesday's (June 19th) Journal, I was struck by an interesting dichotomy between two articles. The front page profiled a picture of "The Rocket", front and center...

Forget the white whale, Dimon is the man

Since the whole synthetic credit portfolio loss JPM has taken a lot of heat from the press and the government.

In my opinion the loss was inconsequential, it will most likely effect one or two quarters earnings at most, but that's not what I am here to talk about. I want to show a senate hearing where Dimon spent an hour under some stress.

The way he handled this situation, the way he runs JPM , and his personality are some of the reasons I think JD is the man.

This link is a testimony he gave to the senate voluntarily. He stuck to his guns and took responsibility for the trading loss. (from Jun 13)
Dimon's senate testimony

So it begins...

Dearest WSO users and contributory body,

It is the time of year where the graduating class, that received their offers last recruiting season, are jumping head first into the mysterious abyss of the investment banking universe. Many are in training, have just started, or are about to start on a 2 year long adventure that will change them (hopefully for the better) into passionate swash-buckling finance buccaneers, or deviously vindictive loathers regretfully wishing they had accepted that seemingly less prestigious F500 offer.

Why Sales & Trading Is Dead As We Knew It

Would you like to be a wildly successful bulge bracket ( BB ) trader having more money than you have time to spend? Connected to top investment bankers from shenanigans of...

14 Steps to Being the Worst Person in the Office

Every office has them - the guy who unapologetically eats the smelly lunch food, the one who sends 3 emails within a 15 minute span about the same thing, the least funny person...


I am still actively resisting social media. I can't stand it. It makes me angry.

I disabled my Facebook account because I was tired of looking at all the Tim Tebow...

Job Board Recap - 06/23/12

Financial Advisor - New York, NY

Research Associate, Long/Short Equity HF - Dallas, TX

Junior Equity Trader - Philadelphia, PA

Exp. Equity Trader - Philadelphia, PA

Accounting Interdealer/Broker (entry) - Jersey City, NJ

Client Manager - Post Trade Risk Services (entry) - New York, NY

Investment Banking Analyst (entry) Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL

Not sure what to do. Non-target=No Job?

Well I have never posted on here, I have only observed many of the conversations that go on. I have seen some decent success stories on here but none that I feel I can directly...

I think my manager hates me. How can I still get an offer?

It's like I can do no good in his eyes. He says I should seek to do more work, but when I ask him most of the time he doesn't have any for me. Then when I do what he says, if...

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