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Is that Your Dirty Underwear?

Look, it is your dirty underwear! As a matter of fact, it's your entire bag of dirty laundry hung there for the world to see. Gross. What is that anyway? Is this a picture of...

"The LinkedIn Experiment"

Calling all monkeys

Are there any primates out there looking to optimize their LinkedIn profile? If so, you're in luck. For the next 4 weeks I will be working with a LinkedIn consultant who specializes in profile optimization for those in finance. How does this benefit you? In conjunction with the LinkedIn consultant I will be conducting, "The LinkedIn Experiment". "The LinkedIn Experiment" will be an analytics project showing the numbers behind an optimized profile (increase in profile views, search rank, etc.). We will then provide a follow up blog series detailing the different aspects of LinkedIn optimization; including the following how-to-sections:

1) Increase your search rank on Google and LinkedIn

Bullshitting at Work: Acceptable to Curse?

Do you curse at your job ? Honestly, I've always thought that a rhetorical question mainly because cursing is so prevalent in our culture that I assumed it rolled straight over into your job. Then I hit finance, and realized that I was a totally amateur when it came to cursing. Maybe it's just the ethos here on the desk, or finance in general, but cursing is everywhere. I mean everywhere. I can't speak for banking or anything else, but I'd bet it's much the same.

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Being happy with what you got

It goes without saying that every human being wants to be happy. We pursue education, careers, relationships, hobbies, etc., to maximize our happiness.

Looking back on...

Why banking seems hard...

Good morning everyone.

I think, all too often, we put the investment banking career path on a pedestal and consider it to be infallible. We talk about our exit...

Ace Greenberg Calls Sandy Weill "Borat"

It's clear that Ace Greenberg is as mystified as everyone else by his old pal Sandy Weill's turnaround on the whole Too Big To Fail thing. In this interview with Bloomberg,...

So we bascially have until our 30s to mess around and have fun?

Is 30 generally the age men tend to "Settle down"? Im sure many would advise against a relationship in your younger 20s, but what about as you get closer to 30, do you still...

Does This Frustrate Anyone?

So, I was just doing a quick sweep of my LinkedIn network and have been dumbfounded to say the least of the large amount of people who majored in something completely unrelated...

The Fall of Best Buy

Whether it was to get a new PlayStation game or just to gawk at the newest big TVs, I used to love going to Best Buy. I even worked there for a while when I was in school. It...

MIST, BRIC, and the Future of Emerging Markets

Former Goldman Sachs Chief Economist Jim O'Neill must really love creating acronyms. A decade after coining the term "BRICs," O'Neill has been promoting a new bloc of emerging...

People without Facebook Accounts are Viewed as 'Suspicious'

According to a recent write-up in Forbes , not having a Facebook account can make you seem suspicious. As the blog details, quitting Facebook, or foregoing it altogether, can...

And....A New Wave of CFA Charterholders-To-Be Arrive!

This article is originally from . You can read the full article here .

After more than 2 months of waiting, the results to hopefully the last of...

Romney's Italian Job

This might be the first case in history where a man who may become a sitting President of the United States has already declared war on a country (an ally , no less) as a...

The BlackHat Interview: 3/4

Mod (Andy) note: The much anticipated BlackHat interview is here ( see part 1, part 2 ). Questions came from myself and members of writing and intern teams. BIG thanks to BH...

Wells Fargo Poised to Breakout

Since 2008, the media's scrutiny of the financial sector has intensified significantly. This has thrust many of the larger banks into the spotlight to address issues such as Libor manipulation ( Barclays ), whale sized trading losses ( JPMorgan Chase ), and irresponsible underwriting ( Morgan Stanley ). Undeniably, the whole industry has suffered due to the negative media attention over the last four years despite reducing risk and improving balance sheets across the board.

One bank, however, has used the turbulent wake left over from 2008 as an opportunity. Wells Fargo & Co (WFC) has not only avoided costly blunders but also responsibly increased its market share and is now uniquely positioned to take advantage of any bones the tepid economic recovery might throw.

Is There a Cure for the Euro Virus?

An article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek from two months ago, "How the Euro Virus Travels," still resonates today. According to the article, President Obama blamed the low number of jobs created in May (a disappointing 69,000) on Europe.

"A lot of that's attributable to Europe and the cloud that's coming over from the Atlantic," he told the crowd. "The whole world economy has been weakened by it, and it's having an impact on us."

The job numbers were better this month, even though the unemployment rate rose ever-so-slightly to 8.3%. One may suppose that the policies of the Obama administration may have also contributed to the economy's lackluster performance, but perhaps the President's point is worth exploring in greater detail.

Man United IPO- Buy or avoid?

What are your opinions on the Man United IPO? EPL Revenue is increasing, and Man United is one of the most globally recognized franchises (them and Barca), but what do you...

For those laid off

Tis the season to be laid off, tis the season to be jolly. Given the recent (and upcoming) slaughter in IB, I want to share my story with the simple message that things will...

The Strength of Weak Ties

The power of networking never ceases to amaze me - especially out here in the Valley. I can't speak for other cities/other regions of the world, but the fact that I was able...

What b-school taught me about negotiations

Here's where that $250k notebook starts to earn its keep.

Set standards up front: "No swearing, no walking out." Write it down on the whiteboard so you can point to it if...
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