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You Paid $5,000 to Get Into Business School?

As someone who applied to undergrad not knowing what the "Ivy League" was, I have always felt that the best application to a school is a raw reflection of the individual (along...

NYC Bucket List

I'm going to be starting a new job in mid-June, and I have a free week of absolutely nothing to do during the day. Anyone have good ideas of how to waste it? I'm already...

The majority of the U.S.' unemployed have attended college.

Interesting article... pretty depressing too when you really look at it. With all the discussions that we've had on here about the usefulness and ROI of a college degree, does...

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Facebook: Sowing the wind, reaping the whirlwind

Last Thursday, about 24 hours prior to the initial public offering, I posted on what I thought would happen on the opening day . I argued that this was the most pre-priced IPO...

Is it luck?

Your friend was able to get into that prestigious college. The girl who sits next to you in class received the highest grade on the last exam. On the way to work a man sped by...

How To Say No To Your Boss

We are nearing another start-date summer cycle. If you are an SA or newly FT hire, I think it could be a good idea to do a quick search on this site for suggestions on dealing...

How would you value a company if you can't use DCF or Multiples?

Wall Street Mentor Joe walks through how to answer the question how would you value a company if you can't use DCF or Multiples?...

Private Student Loans Becoming More Competitive

Monkeys on this site have discussed the problem of student loans and those "student loan horror stories " quite often. To all of us here that plan to take out student loans in...

Facebook Mulls Move to NYSE

This one kinda came as a surprise to me, as I believe the move would be unprecedented if it happens. Sure, companies switch listing exchanges all the time, but never less than a week out from their IPO.

Reports are circulating that Facebook (read:Zuckerberg) is considering de-listing on the NASDAQ and re-listing on the NYSE in the wake of Friday's janky opening and the resulting investor lawsuits. I'm sure the good folks over at the NYSE wasted no time in contacting the company to point out what a crappy job their cross-town rival did and how much smoother things would've gone on the Big Board.

16 year old Hedge Fund Manager

I'm gonna start off by talking about myself a little bit. I'm 16 years old and I'm a junior in a high school in the suburbs surrounding NYC (Long Island). I come from a working...

Do You Care About Your "Value Add" to Society?

I've been bombarded lately by people asking me if I feel fulfilled with my job in finance, or how it helps the general public... trying to compare what I "give back" to what a...

Dream Degree

Someone asked me this earlier and it got me thinking. These days education seems so hard wired to graduate positions that it feels odd to even discuss education for education's...

Facebook IPO post mortem

Now that we are three business days into the Facebook IPO, there are more problems than anyone could have forseen. Facebook, Morgan Stanley , and Nasdaq have all had major...

Are Momma's Boys to Blame for the Euro Crisis?

Noting the confluence of topics about the baby boomer generation and financial woes of our youth today, I had this nifty chart sent to me today. Many of you may have seen it but it is interesting nonetheless. Basically, this is a chart comparing the CDS 's of European countries against the percentage of males living at home .

Long or Short Video Games?

A lot of folks around here have been in all-out Diablo III mode, the latest hit from Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI). But does Diablo's success translate into a long equity...

Breaking up is easy to do...

Breaking up may have been hard to do for the Carpenters, but it seems to be easy to do for some companies. Here are just a few examples of companies that have announced plans to dismember themselves, in the last few months:

Kraft Foods : Kraft Foods split itself into two companies: a division that sells candy and snacks (Oreo, Cadbury, Tang) globally and a division that sells grocery brands in the US (Oscar Meyer, Jell-O).

GS Analysts Fired For PE Recruiting

As we all know a first year analyst has to make a decision around this time of the year: a) take part in PE/ HF recruiting for a job that would start after his/her two year...

Challenges and Failures

Have you ever thought about the metrics that we, as smart, frequently "target-educated" (I vomited a little in my mouth as I wrote that), set for ourselves? And more importantly, how absurd they are?

Having read WSO for a long time, lots of people, myself included, dish out advice to prospective monkeys that follows the following format: "If you are willing to give up, you clearly don't want 'X' badly enough". Usually, this advice is laden with gut shots and less-than-desirable language, but the basic gist of it is that giving up indicates one of two things: that you aren't that dedicated to IB/PE/Consulting, or that you're too insecure to ever succeed in the field evidenced by constant second-guessing and a general lack of self-confidence.

China Mainlining US Treasuries

They say the customer is always right, and when you're as dependent upon your "customers" as the US government is, I suppose it pays to offer top notch customer service. The US Treasury has entered into a first-ever direct-selling relationship with China , effectively allowing the Chinese to bypass Wall Street firms and purchase treasuries straight from the source.

Remember the Primary Markets?

When I think about the evolution of the market place for debt and equity, I am reminded of the importance of the primary market. At some point in our society, ownership rights were established and equity was born. Capitalism led citizens to invest money in small businesses (primary market) for CapEx and working capital. We have always had a resale market (secondary market) where buyers purchase businesses and assets from others, but only in our recent history has the secondary market and derivative market become the focus for investors.

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