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4 Weekend Must Reads

Howard Marks Memo
Howard Marks is out with his latest investment memo: It's all a big mistake. He discusses the concept of zero-sum in investing, why the efficient market theory doesn't hold up in practice and why Oaktree's distressed funds have performed exceptionally well. If you haven't read some of his past memos yet, you should start doing so asap!

Chinese government data and commodities trading
One of the biggest news this week was the steep declines in commodities pricing. The following NY Times piece provides some anecdotes on how the Chinese government manipulates its data and why that explains the drop in commodity pricing.

Would You Move to Singapore? Facebook's Saverin Has

My sister moved to Singapore a few months ago for a consulting position at one of the big accounting firms after spending most of her professional life in North America. I didn...

MBA vs. eMBA -- do recruiters view it differently?

I'm a former banker now at an internet startup in San Francisco. I was considering applying to Wharton's eMBA program here in SF so that I can keep my job while I'm doing the...

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Corporate Smack Talk: Does Your Boss Talk Like This?

With the upcoming release of the Galaxy S3, Android lovers are getting excited a new top of the line phone, With a huge screen, lots of power, and LTE capabilities. It will certainly be a hot seller. If you are planning on buying the S3, could anything change your mind?

What about the CEO of Foxconn? Terry Gou hopes you will wait for the iPhone 5 to be released. According to a article , Terry Gou is quoted, saying the new iPhone will put Samsung's Galaxy S3 to shame .

Criminals and CEOs - Can You Tell the Difference?

If I was afraid of breaking into finance before, I'm scared to death now. Linette Lopez struck the first blow with her article in the June 18 Business Insider, "Psychologist To...

LA banking

Has anyone here considered it? I ask because a friend of mine was looking at real estate out in Cali, and its incredible what the difference in the cost of living between NYC...

Beta Chasing

Questions about risk at BBs has come to the forefront again following JPMorgan 's CIO hiccup, but what about risk management when trading your own cash?

At the moment, I'm only investing what I can afford to lose (just under $600) and have been putting it in fairly volatile stocks (pink sheets in particular) looking to see what sort of gains I can get. It could be up 200% or bust in a matter of hours, but I dont mind as I have set aside that much to lose; if I was putting my whole savings account to work it would be a very different story.

I'm interested to see how much risk other monkeys take on in their retail accounts?

David Einhorn is one of my Favorite People

The more I learn about David Einhorn, the more I admire him. Not only does he run a veru successful hedge fund, but he is known as an excellent and ruthless stock picker. He...

Stub-Bonus Bananas - June 22, 2012

Uncle Eddie is out today, so I'm subbing in once again and delivering a helping of Stub-Bonus Bananas for you to enjoy. Without further ado, here are some links to help you get...

Hey Man, What Are You Listening To?

Since I am literally and figuratively on the beach this week, I decided I should keep things a little more relaxed and light hearted. Yes, this week we are talking about music...

Am I good enough for HBS/GSB?

I'll cut to the chase:

- 1 Year investment banking at a bulge bracket in NY
- 2 years in corporate strategy at a cool place (think Tesla/Google/ Amazon )
- 3.5 GPA in Finance from a top 40, 4.0 Finance GPA
- 740M 690V SAT
- 740 GMAT
- Zero EC's or other fluff

Valuation of Metals and Mining Companies

Hey everyone,

I just thought that I'd share a great resource for information on the basics of valuing metal and mining companies. The pdf doesn't cover everything by...

Improving your game

Game: that ineffable quality which all men aspire to possess, so we can attract women. People have written books and articles on it. Heck, there are men out there who call themselves "pickup artists" and do this for a living.

Your humble blogger is no casanova or a master of the game. However, I have gone out a lot in my younger days and have seen a thing or two. I still give advice to my friends on their various social situations. One thing that has struck me over all these years was the same type of mistakes guys make when they are talking to women, especially the ones they are attracted to.

Operation Twist and Shout: What Happened Wednesday

So what exactly happened on Wednesday? Obviously, for most of you on here you have a pretty good idea of exactly what happened. I thought it might be good to provide a little bit of color as to what was accomplished for those who haven't had time or managed to miss it. Note, some of this is my own opinion and thoughts on what happened.

How Would You Tell Your Children To Invest?

I came across this topic on Tadas Viskanta's Abnormal Returns blog last week, and I thought WSO would have some good responses. Here's the question:

If you had a...

Quitting Your Job for B-School

I came across an article recently that I thought would be helpful for those applying to, or thinking about applying to B-School in the near future. The information here is...

WSO Happy Hour: Thursday, 6/21, 6pm

Dear monkeys, it has been entirely too long since the last NYC Happy Hour. Let us celebrate summer at one of IlliniProgrammer's favorite watering holes, The Pony Bar on 45th Street and 10th Avenue.

For those who have been here before, the Pony Bar has a rotating menu of 20 craft brews at five bucks a pour, which is terrific. Great place to unwind after work (especially after a shitty day), as certain of the regulars can attest (cough cough, Frieds).

Plus, it's always great to meet some of the users in person, and ever since I personally started attending these meetups last year, I've never had a bad time.

As mentioned the last couple of times we've met here, the place fills up pretty quickly (21-plus only, please). So get there whenever you can!

Three’s a Crowd: The Failure of Keynesian Economics, Part 2

Here are two amazing facts. The first is that Herbert Hoover, President from 1929-1933, was not, at the time, the staunch advocate and supporter of free enterprise and limited...

Your Relationships And Your Career

On WSO we often talk about what we can do to affect our careers. We often talk about how our careers affect us. We don't often mention how our careers can affect those around...

How to Win at Consulting (3/8): Structured Analysis

3) Structured Analysis

You're on a new project involving real estate, something you haven't done before. you'd like to get it done quickly, because your friend has a...

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