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What are you guys eating for breakfast?

Hey all,

So I'll be starting an internship in the coming season, and I just wanted to ask you all: what do you guys do for breakfast?

When I was working, because it wasn't imperative that I get in early, I would usually have time to make breakfast. However, those of you who are trying to get to work as early as possible in order to make the rest of your co-workers look bad: what are you guys doing for breakfast?

Pre-MBA Scholarships and Summer Networking Opportunities

So you're making the transition from the working world to the world of business school. The summer before matriculating can be a little bit awkward for someone who's been working his or her tail off for the past several years straight. You're not exactly trying to go "above and beyond" in your current job because you're moving in a few months.

You might get ahead of the power curve by moving to your new business school sooner and getting adjusted earlier, but the juice might not be worth the squeeze. So what is a future MBA student supposed to do with the summer before business school?

So if you want to start leaning forward in your finance career search without having to quit your job just yet, here are some suggestions for Pre-MBA scholarships and events to look out for this summer:

Deutche Bank MBA Fellowship:

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Cash Advance Credit Cards to Buy AAPL?

So last night I get a message from Patrick that starts out:


I'd already been watching it for a couple hours and was pretty disgusted. The conventional wisdom is that the stock hit a new low yesterday on soft sales of the iPad Mini and production slowdowns in the manufacture of iPhones. But at this point iPrettyMuchDon'tGiveAShit. The stock blew through support like it wasn't even there. To me that's a screaming BUY.

My only question is, should I cash advance all my credit cards to buy as much AAPL as I can at $400?

Fighting the Good Fight -- for too long?

I went to a target school, met an outside political radical my sophomore year -- got suspended because I thought I was invincible -- came back a year late, and failed a few classes before I graduating with a liberal arts degree. (3.34 in the end)

This was 9 years ago now. Since then I have taught in inner city schools, run some grassroots political campaigns, did a brief accounting stint where I learned some Excel -- but I never took any classes on economics then or since.

I started reading the FT for political education (know your enemy) a year ago, and now I am finally looking back at my peers from university and high school -- and many are setup with MBAs at investment banks.

US vs Canadian Universities

Hi community,

I'm new here and did not really know where to post this, please be patient with me.

Movie Talk and Hot Trailers

When I signed up to be a contributing author I wanted to write primarily about the business of media and entertainment. However, I've found that you monkeys like the tangible side of things better, such as sporting events, Oscars, and any other worthwhile events happening in the broader entertainment space. Soooooo this leads to me thinking about how to better drive discussion among us monkeys that don't want to think about numbers after spending too much time in Excel.

With that, I am embedding below several awesome trailers that have come out in the last couple of days in case you missed it:

Man of Steel

Breaking Up The Largest "Universal Banks" - Bullish?

I came across an article from Reuters discussing the potential benefits of breaking up the largest "universal" banks, probably places many of you work now or potentially in the future. The article notes that three analysts have recently reported on some of the benefits of this particular action, analysts from Wells Fargo, CLSA, and J.P. Morgan, which adds an interesting twist to the concept.

It should come as no surprise that the article notes that the impetus of this action comes from the new and expansive regulations in areas like capital requirements, among others, found in Dodd-Frank:

New regulations in areas like capital requirements are imposing higher costs on the biggest investment banks, raising doubts about their future profitability. These questions make the biggest global investment banks "un-investable," wrote analyst Kian Abouhossein, who himself works at JPMorgan, one of the biggest global investment banks.

WSO Site Suggestions...Let Me Hear It!

It's that time again....the time where you tell me how WSO can improve and I smash my head against the wall and wonder why I didn't think of that earlier... or I tell you that you are crazy.

So please, fellow primates, let me know what annoys you most about WSO and how your day to day on the site could be improved...

Want to hear a certain type of content more? let me hear it.

Want a feature we don't have? let me hear it.

Usually when I do these it's a bit overwhelming for my team, but we also usually get some great ideas over the last few years and have implemented them. So even if something is a great idea and we want to implement it, it may take us a few weeks or even months in some cases if it's a harder technical issue.

The single BIGGEST FAILURE in your life

Alright puppies, it's time to step into the confessional booth and fess it up so we can all grow stronger together by facing our past, letting go of our regrets, and experiencing mutual catharsis. Whether it is personal, professional, or something else entirely, now is the time to man the fuck up and tell your story.

So without further ado: What has been the single biggest failure in your life?

Opportunities for internships in Seattle?

Considering attending UW and was wondering how the internship opportunities are there? Hopefully with a good GPA and solid internships I could break into banking

Headbangers Rejoice! Head of Metal Is Now Live!

Some of you may remember my first post of 2013, in which I talked about my new year's resolution: the launch of, the most accessible heavy metal resource on the web:

Since then, it's been an absolute flurry of activity as I write content, learn all about how to use services like Launchrock, 99designs, Vistaprint for business cards, and Wordpress. What I noticed though, was just how often I kept pushing back the launch date to keep tinkering with things behind the scenes.

"You gotta fail fast, bro," our own Edmundo Braverman advised me. "Silicon Valley speak. Just get it live, get it out there--it won't be perfect, but it's better to just fix things as they come up rather than tinker with it forever." Chief Monkey Patrick, who has kindly offered his suggestions for this since day one, was in agreement.

Throwing Good Money After Bad

Hey monkeys,

I'm sure you've all been there, a stock that you just keep tossing money at, and despite all the analysis, the models, and readings and re-readings of company financials, the market just won't agree with you. The optimist in you will justify short term share losses, "Oh, the massive drop in gold is affecting everything" or, "The manufacturing index missed expectations, but that shouldn't have hurt this particular company as much as it has" and you gleefully buy more shares that are seemingly "on sale". Then, at least for me, the pessimist shows up and the second guessing commences, "That impairment was a bigger deal then you thought" or, "The recent decrease/increase in revenue/COGS are not just a result of decreasing/increasing commodity prices, it's management and it's permanent". This is not a fun experience, nobody likes to post losses, and blows to your ego can sometimes hurt as badly, if not worse (depending on how much you have invested).

So, when faced with a situation like this, what do you do? Run back through the financials? Rebuild your models? As I'm sure you can all guess, I'm having one of these moments myself, wondering if I'm throwing good money after bad, and trying to figure out a reasonable strategy to try and figure out whether I should close a position or trust in my earlier analysis. Maybe someone here on WSO is having a similar experience with the stock I'm currently frustrated about:

Vale SA

WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling