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NYU Stern: overrated MBA?

Everyone says that nyu stern is great for finance, due to its strong faculty and NYC location. But when i look at the actual job placement, i was surprised at how bad it was. Even with BB banking and trading , which is their bread and butter, they didn't place that well. And of course, buyside firms don't even look at NYU Stern students. The location is good in terms of pure convenience, but what good is it when you are losing out to wharton/columbia/booth students who are much more desired in the marketplace?

So is Stern MBA terribly overrated? Is it just coasting on its location rather than actual substance?

Apple Price Action a Leading Indicator?

Heading into 2012, Apple's price action ramped up way ahead of the overall markets move to the upside.

*From 6/2011-4/2012, Apple rose roughly $400

And while...

The Bad Habits You Learn In School

Since it's that time of the year again with kids going back to school, this seemed like a relevant article to throw up here for you to consider. Structure is one of the hallmarks of the education system. It is hierarchical. It has to be, in a sense, because most kids simply don't want to be there during middle and high school. Hierarchy keeps the order, so to speak. Even more interesting is ranking by senior or junior and the place that provides you in the system itself .

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The New Trend With Startups: Actually Making Money

I happened upon a recent article that really warmed my heart. As many of you have probably gathered, I'm a pretty avid follower of tech companies and find myself...

The Frieds Interview: PART TWO

DrPeterVenkman presents: An interesting interview with Frieds . Questions came from myself and other WSO contributing authors. This interview will be a little different...

US Drops in Global Competitiveness...Again

Ouch. The United States has dropped another couple notches in global competitiveness , according to this year's World Economic Forum survey, falling from #5 to #7. Not only...

Let's Rank FEMALE Bankers as DATES

So last month member Bankerella caused a lot of commotion with dating advice and actual rankings for MALE bankers. Her conclusions were (and we may or may not agree with it) that male TRADERS were the best out of the crowd/asset classes, as being the most self assertive and I guess empowered guys out there.

I wanna turn this thing around, and, giving the penetration of WOMEN on Wall Street and in Banking in general, now let's see if we (the males) can RATE THE WOMEN according to their rank and file, or to what they do. Are Wealth Managers better dates then Investment Bankers. What about RMs (Relationship Managers). Have you ever dated any Traders ?

Harvard and the politics of large-scale cheating

Harvard is known for many things, its rigorous academics, its crisp New England campus, its secret societies, and now, what may be the most extensive cheating scandal in Ivy...

Equity Research Q&A with bearing

Andy note: BIG thanks to bearing for doing the interview with me. bearing is a 3rd year equity research associate and long-time member of WSO. He's been a very helpful member in the forums and was nice enough to answer some questions for those interested in the equity research field.

I would first like to thank Patrick and his team for creating WSO and growing the site into what it is now. Having utilized this site since '06, I have found the information here invaluable when I was still trying to break into the industry. Hopefully I can shed some more light on ER for prospective monkeys with this interview.

1. What are some tips you can give out to students who want to work in ER ?

Brad Feld: A Quick Q&A

Brad Feld: Entrepreneur, Investor, co-founder of TechStars and Foundry Group ( venture capital firm that invests in early stage software / Internet companies) . Brad is extremely busy but he was able to answer a few questions and provide us with some important links to some of his need to read blog posts.

Q: Brad, what is the single most important thing you can attribute to your success? Whether it be a mentor, networking, knowledge, determination, luck....

Brad: I try to spend as much of my time as possible on things I care about, am interested in, and with people I enjoy being with.

Got Game Or Got Games?

Lets face it, the majority of people currently going into investment banking are male (sorry bankerella!), early 20s, above average intelligence and probably quite averse to serious sports.

You know what else fits that category well? Gamers.

I am going to publicly admit to being a fairly avid gamer and I'm willing to bet a lot of you other monkeys are as well. Yes, I've played my fair share of World of Warcraft in my younger days (world top 10 guild ftw) as well as Call of Duty and Starcraft.

Is Banking Worth The Time?

Many users on WSO shoot for investment banking because of the large salaries and even more massive bonuses achieved by finance's best and brightest. It is not hard to...

How to be THAT associate

mod (Andy) note: make sure to check out fellow writer Aaron Burr's response in " How to deal with THAT associate "

September: the time of the year when hundreds of...

You Don't Want To Be a Stockbroker

Most of you know that I was a stockbroker for several years in the early 1990's, and at the time it was a great gig: we made a ton of money and were basically the only game in...

Why YOU should take the CFA - What it takes

There is a lot of discussion out there as to why you should take the CFA , why it is shi.t, why it is a waste of time, why it is great, etc... Now I will try to explain why (IMO) you should take it:

I. What it takes to pass your CFA :
1) You need to have been relatively good at University, and you can sit your ass down and study for it.

2) You need to have time; working in M&A and taking the CFA is not advisable. But some people are "crazy, yo"; and can manage it. Brother of my old flatmate, Goldman FIG M&A group passed it in a year and a half. Another friend of mine same thing, took two weeks off, worked his ass off and passed all 3 on the first attempt. Some people are just better than the normal and manage it...

Starting MBA

Hello Everyone,

Was looking to see if anyone had any tips that I have not yet thought of.

I am starting a top MBA program in France next week, with the hope of working as a commodity/energy trader at one of the big trading firms (think Glencore/Trafigura/Vitol/Mercuria) at an office in Europe, possibly Switzerland where most of their HQ offices are located, or Moscow where some of the companies have operations (I speak fluent Russian). U.S. offices are not preferred, but also not out of the question.

The only caveat is, I have no previous commodity experience which I know is a big hurdle to overcome, especially when trying to get into trading.

The ITF Guide To Metal: Early Metal

Looks like I ignited some controversy over my post on "Heavy Metal Is Saving Society." If you read the ensuing comments, you'll see many of the common arguments and defenses about this type of music that some would even consider to be an identity.

We've got the passionate fans who will eloquently defend it (UFOInsider and yours truly, among others); we've got the people who sadly believe the dismissive stereotypes of metal as angry music for serial killers; we've got the usual debates over what is considered "metal" and what isn't, and of course, which of the Big Four is the best.

If any of that flew over your head, might I kindly offer you my services?

City Smackdown - Part 3: São Paulo, Brazil

After a few years abroad, I had an offer to go back to my native country, Brazil, to do some PE work. That wasn't so long ago: the European economy was already showing signs of...

How to phone interview like a BSD

Looks like I took part in roughly 80 phone interviews during b-school, plus probably more that didn't make it to my calendar. Lot of practice. A little over 40 hours straight...

What You Need to Do to Earn the CFA Charter

This article is originally from . You can read the full article here .

There has been a lot written on the usefulness of the CFA qualification...

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