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Financial Modeling Training: Self-Study ProgramWall Street Oasis has partnered with Wall Street Prep program to teach you everything you need to know about financial modeling, from how to use Excel to Accounting 101, to how to model and value companies, and how to create merger models and LBO models. Check out the program here: http://www.walls...
69 months 6 days ago
WSO User GuidelinesPlease read in the WSO User Guidelines in detail before posting to WSO. ...
03 years 4 months ago
Its a great product. Try out KogneticsGuys and gals, aloha! Strongly urge you to test out a new AI and machine learning based SaaS platform - Kognetics(dot)com. 15-day free trial, US$300/month 50% discount for WSO members!! Yes, that makes it US$150/month!! Disclaimer: I work here :) ...
03 weeks 4 days ago
WSO Guides, technical and behavioral, differences over the years?I have the WSO behavioral and technical guides from 2013, and I was wondering whether or not I should purchase the newest editions of these guides? Are the guides severely different today from the prior years' guides? ...
01 month 14 hours ago
Does learning Excel for Mac/PC matter?I'm starting the financial modeling package and was wondering if it would make a difference. I use a Mac, would it be worth developing the "muscle memory" for Mac if PCs are prevalent in industry? Any Excel for Mac users out there? ...
121 month 4 days ago
how long does it take to complete IB Interview guide?I am short on time and worried that I won't be able to complete the ib interview guide within time. If anyone tell me how long does it take to comple the guide, it will be easier to make decision about buying the guide. Thank you very much Your Monkey Chenna ...
21 month 2 weeks ago
Wall Street Prep Course ThoughtsHas anyone taken this course? What is the difference between the $199 and $499 package? As someone coming from a Big 4 TS background with little "on the job" modeling experience is this something that will be looked upon favorably by recruiters/possible employers when I put it on my resume? I want ...
11 month 2 weeks ago
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01 month 3 weeks ago
Investment Banking Prep Pack - Your opinion ?Hey guys, I would like to buy the Investment Banking Prep Pack (99$ pack). But before, I would like to have your opinion, It is worth ? Is it helpful ? Thanks ...
11 month 3 weeks ago
Why am not granted access?Why don't I have my 1 month access? I have added insights but I still cannot access the individual company stats. ...
02 months 3 days ago
Ideation request fully realizing how busy this group is!Dear folks, Boston Analytics is close to releasing its 1st major product in the US market - SECaN (SEC Analyzer) is a financial research workflow application with data extraction, mashup, analytics, visualization and publishing capabilities. We believe this will enhance the workflow of Equity Resea...
03 months 1 week ago
15 months 3 weeks ago
NeXT Career Consulting Group, Asia, SingaporeThe NeXT Career Consulting Group, Asia is a professional HR services organization that specializes in the delivery of quality and effective career management, executive coaching, corporate coaching and outplacement programs. We are a member of an international association of professional career mana...
06 months 3 weeks ago
Study Courses (Basic Accounting)Basically, I got ****ed in my last two phone IB analyst phone interviews on the technical questions part. They were basic Financial Statement questions, but they went into details/specifics. I've learnt the basics in College, and i've gone over CFA level I guides, except they didn't give me the answ...
56 months 3 weeks ago
PE - Prep Pack - Balance sheet checkHello Everyone This is my first post on WSO so here come two lines about myself. I am a business engineering student. I did my bachelor and master in Europe and I'm now studying at a top tier European university (think LBS/LSE/HEC). I've done internships in audit, PE and IB most recently. As I wante...
36 months 4 weeks ago
Norvell & Associates En Wat Ze Kunnen Doen Voor Uw BedrijfBoekhouding, voor vele eeuwen, heeft een waarborg voor de financiele stabiliteit, niet alleen voor individuen maar meer zo voor bedrijven verstrekt. De economische vooruitgang van de wereld dankt zijn bestaan aan solide financieel-administratieve praktijken die CPA van over de hele wereld hebben ijv...
07 months 6 days ago
07 months 1 week ago
Any of you interested in sharing a WST oil and gas module course?Hit me up if you guys want to do a share of a modeling course. $500 is WAY too steep. Fucking two years ago on Christmas they were on sale for $97. How did they change it to $500 o.o? ...
28 months 1 week ago
Facebook / Social Media Log in Disabled!?I had a good account on here linked to my fb with tons of content. WSO disabled the fb login feature, thus now my account is lost. Any help? ...
18 months 1 week ago
DeletexxxSorry folks, people have started sending me creepy messages identifying me. I think it's just a friend f*cking with me, but going to delete this out of an over-abundance of caution. ...
1169 months 3 weeks ago
Bulge Bracket Investment Banking Financial ModelHey fellow primates I've noticed that there seems to be a lack of 'real' investment banking models on the web. You get alot of tutorials, which seem great, though i've never tried them, and a few free models here and there but nothing that's really used on a professional basis. There are numerous th...
110 months 1 week ago
What is the best financial modeling training program?Can anyone recommend the most ideal financial modeling training course - (assuming it will be self-taught)? Without price being an issue - I am looking for a single program or a combination which will be the most practical and appreciated by the Bulge Brackets and Larger PE Shops who have analyst pr...
610 months 2 weeks ago
Is Wall Street Prep the best financial modeling package available?I'm thinking of buying the premium package for Winter Break. For those who used it, would you recommend Wall Street Prep or another package? ...
I Be Fresh With the Feds Watching
01 year 1 week ago
Wall Street Prep vs Breaking into Wallstreet?Wall Street Prep = WSP Breaking into Wallstreet = BiW Hello all, I've seen all the material in BiW through a friend, and while explained well, seems too basic to me. For WSP, I saw their demo videos and everything there looks very professional (formatting / instructors / presentation of material etc...
151 year 1 week ago
WSO PE PREP PACK - QuestionAll, am going through the new PE prep pack that WSO has released a few weeks ago right now. First off, it is a great piece and really helps to a) understand the process and b) know what to expect and to prepare for. Also, the technical section is top notch. I have a question on the 3h lbo model (f...
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