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Ask Natalie from Accepted about Business School AdmissionsWSO is excited to have the experts from Accepted on board to answer applicant questions in the business school forum. Here are messages from Natalie and Jen who will be checking this thread every few days: Natalie I'm here to answer any questions you have regarding Business School Admissions. I am a...
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WSO Hall of Fame: Business School and GMAT ForumThe Wall Street Oasis Business School and GMAT Hall of Fame provides a comprehensive collection of some of WSO's best topics covering the business school world. Keep in mind this Hall of Fame does not include Q&A sessions by WSO veterans. To view a full list of Q&A’s & Interviews pl...
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Chance another bland White Dude from tech for HBSMy profile: - Ivy grad, 3.8 GPA, magna cum laude, science major, philosophy minor, English minor - 337/340 GRE (170 V/167 Q/5.5 essay, 99th percentile, 1600/1600 on old scale) - White - 1st job: worked at M7 b-school for 2 years as research assistant - 2nd job: Startup for 1.5 years - 3rd/current j...
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Where does LBS place in US rankings?Hi all, where would you say LBS is in terms of general name/prestige among US schools? I'd say at the lower end of M7. Is this reasonable? And does the picture change if I say London only? (As desired place to work and live) Would you choose let's say Tuck or Haas or even duke/yale over lbs? Thanks ...
02 hours 6 min ago
Tricks for getting into top MBA program?Hey Guys, I am wondering if any of u know any particular tricks for getting accepting into a top MBA Program. Tricks, such as- when applying for upenn for undergraduate (but really want to go to Wharton), the school statistics have shown that students are far more likely to get accepted if they appl...
383 hours 50 min ago
Georgetown MBA - Worth it? Hi Everyone, Thinking about applying to B-School for the upcoming year (have yet to take the GMAT, but test pretty well). I have a strong GPA 3.7 from a top undergrad and am currently working for a Big 4 consulting firm in DC. Ultimately, I'd like to make the switch into real estate. If I would like...
47 hours 35 min ago
What should I do for the next two years before HBS 2+2?Hey everyone, long time reader, first time poster. Let me start by saying I understand that I am lucky to have the dilemma I currently have. Anyways, on to the question. I was admitted to HBS 2+2 last year around the time I graduated from state school with a chemical engineering degree. For the last...
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Resume for B school ApplicationAccepted an offer for Summer Tax associate at big 4 firm, (yea ik fuck the big 4 and tax, eventually plan to go M&A or to the street). I digress, I was wondering if it was uncommon or weird to put this internship on my resume, solely to be sent to B schools for my masters. I think the prestige ...
118 hours 41 min ago
Master in Corporate Finance - SDA BocconiDoes anyone know anything about the Master in Corporate Finance at SDA Bocconi (Italy)? I'm wondering about entry competition and whether it places well in London, but any other information would be much appreciated. Thanks. ...
1022 hours 34 min ago
Possibilities for international studentsHey guys, do you guys think that it will make sense to study in the US? Trump will restrict the immigration even more, and it's already extremely difficult for international to get recruited, especially because they are not allowed in OCR (don't know if its true). Also my testing scores are subpar a...
11 day 4 hours ago
UF MAcc with shot at Big 4 or UT Austin or Vandy MSF?I graduated August 2016 from the Florida State University with dual degrees in Econ and Poli Sci with a 3.83 GPA, honors in the major (econ), a research intensive bachelor's certificate (poli sci), and as a Garnet & Gold Scholar. I had no finance internships nor work experience. My internships a...
71 day 7 hours ago
5 Ways to Make B-Schools Love YOU!I'm presenting this free webinar tomorrow. You're invited! ...
Linda Abraham
01 day 13 hours ago
Michigan Ross UndergraduateHow difficult is it to get into Ross at the undergraduate level for in-state Michigan students? Is it on-par with getting into UVA's McIntire School of Commerce in-state? ...
Virginia Tech 4ever
101 day 15 hours ago
Did I screw myself with this letter of rec from b-school profI'm applying to a handful of top joint MBA/MAs. Me: 99th percentile standardized test scores, magna cum laude from ivy league school, great work experience in a "sexy" role at the premier technology company. 1st letter of rec: my manager, who is just now himself a student at an HBS/GSB/Wharton equiv...
111 day 17 hours ago
Military to B School: Want to work in Europe I'm 28 with a military background. I recently took the GMAT and got the score I wanted. My goal is to career switch into finance and work in London post-MBA. Toward that end, my #1 choice is LBS. The gap between that and my next choices is very large. My plan is to apply only to LBS this year and go...
11 day 22 hours ago
Does anyone know of any sources online to learn more math/statistics?Hey Everyone, I'm not the greatest at math and would really like to get better at it. I'm looking for any online resources to study it over winter break. I'd prefer free resources, but would like to hear everyone's opinions. It would be great if there were resources that offer interactive questio...
92 days 7 hours ago
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02 days 14 hours ago
CPA course requirement questions...Good morning everyone, I am currently a senior in my Economics undergrad at UC Davis. I will be graduating either Spring 2017 or Dec 2017 (internship or job offer pending.) I feel it would be beneficial to my career to pursue a CPA, as I do enjoy accounting in general, and will make me more compet...
32 days 15 hours ago
Who else got dinged for HBS?Almost happy that I ended up getting dinged. Two years of no work or salary was starting to sound intimidating. Waiting for Stanford now. ...
493 days 4 min ago
Real Estate MBA Programs - Fund ManagementMy goal is to secure a fund/portfolio management role at a reputable REPE firm. I understand this takes time, and I have a real passion for it. I have 4 years of experience at well known firms, which include a REIT and a REPE firm. Analysts at both, and broad exposure in Asset Management, fund manag...
33 days 5 hours ago
What do you think about thisolololollpoppoppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp ...
23 days 12 hours ago
Seeking Input & Advice [post GMAT & pre Applications]Hi guys - So I just took the GMAT and received a 640 (Q44V34). I know I could have done at least 30 points better so I was a bit disappointed with the score but such is life. I'm now faced with the question whether or not to apply to B-School and to which programs. I was planning to apply to Yale SO...
03 days 14 hours ago
Ask Meredith from Vantage Point MBAMeredith from Vantage Point MBA Admissions Consulting answers your questions about how to navigate the MBA application process, particularly coming from finance. Remember when the world loved a nice cocktail of leverage, LBOs and CDOs of all types? Well, that's how Meredith got started before she we...
933 days 15 hours ago
Advice for Princeton MFin ApplicantsAll, Over the past two months, I have seen several threads asking for advice on applying to Princeton Bendheim's MFin program, what the school is looking for, and many other questions. People on the forums have pointed to me because I go to school there, and they think I have some clue as to how the...
1643 days 17 hours ago
MS Finance after MBA?Hello, Does it make sense to do an MS in Finance after an MBA with finance concentration? Also, my undergrad was in commerce. I'm in the top 1% of my class and I have a somewhat good profile, with college-level awards, paper presentations, and active participation. I have a passion for the field of ...
94 days 4 hours ago
Concentration AdviceHi guys! I am a student at Rutgers Business School - New Brunswick. I am majoring in Supply Chain Management. My school recently added two new concentrations and I am having trouble deciding which one to take. It is between Management Information Systems (MIS) or Business Analytics - http://www.busi...
15 days 7 hours ago
Can I go humanities (no econ) --> MBA -> PhD in Econ?Hi friends, I did my undergrad at Harvard in Women's Studies. I am currently working in consulting at MBB and hope to attend Stanford's GSB in two years. I would like to work a few years after that, and then return to school for my PhD in Econ, if possible. Does anyone know if this is a possibility,...
355 days 14 hours ago
How limited are your choices if you have a 700+ GMAT and a 2.5 GPA (for Masters in Accounting)I've decided that I'd like to come out of the wood work of entrepreneurship and sales, and will begin to apply for Masters in Accounting either in the coming year or next year. I've taken the GMAT and got a 720 and considering retaking for 740+. I also have three years of experience in risk analysis...
55 days 20 hours ago
Outlook on Asian Business SchoolsHi Guys, As a student in Singapore, I was wondering how Asian Business Schools (Nanyang Business School/Peking HSBC Business School etc) are viewed at BB/HF/MBB. With China taking a big role in the economy, are Asian Business graduates increasingly valued or are Asian schools still considered 2nd ti...
35 days 21 hours ago
Babson MSF Reviews, Thoughts, and OpinionsHi everyone, I am hoping to get a bit more insight on the Masters in Finance program at Babson College. Would love to hear your review, general thoughts, and opinions. I am looking to enter the investment banking field and want to see if this school could help. If you attended undergrad or any other...
15 days 22 hours ago
Your student loans could end up costing moreObama's student loan payment plan allows borrowers to lower their monthly payments based on their incomes. This is great for recent graduates without high paying jobs and also for those struggling financially. However, this payment plan could end up costing the government even more. The program lo...
06 days 22 hours ago
PhD vs MBAContent minimum length is set to 100 characters, 100 to goContent minimum length is set to 100 characters, 100 to go ...
06 days 17 hours ago
Which european school for master in financeHey guys! I will apply soon to finance master or master "grande ecole" for french business school. Here is my background: Bachelor in business from HEC Montreal major: finance CGPA 3,7/4,3 Major gpa 4,0 Internships: Fixed income analyst in a AM boutique Equity analyst at Lazard I was involved in con...
66 days 23 hours ago
Top B School from Private Placement/PE Fundraising/Placement Agent/Private Funds Group?Hey there, I was wondering how top B-schools would perceive an analyst experience at a top bank (Credit Suisse, Evercore, Lazard) in their Private Funds Group. This is the division that raises capital from institutional investors to invest in PE firms. This is something I am very interested in, alth...
11 week 5 hours ago
One year MSc to IBD/Trading?This is my first post here, so do let me know if I'm doing anything wrong. Okay, to start off with, this is what my profile looks like: 1. Computer engineering undergrad student in a globally recognized Singaporean uni (ranked in top 60 by THE and top 20 by QS) 2. GPA of about 4.2/5, graduating in m...
11 week 6 hours ago
Best Graduate Programs for Health Care/Life SciencesI am currently working for a life science consulting firm and am interested in a pursuing an advanced degree in business with a life science focus. What are some of the best business programs for this space? Specifically do any programs place well in Venture Capital firms with a life science focus? ...
71 week 10 hours ago
University of Findlay, Ohio? Thoughts?Hello! So, basically I spoke to the international recruiter and the tuition would be 17k(scholarship included, no room&board) per year instead of 31k which is what a international student pays normally. I haven't heard of the school and I did a quick search online and it doesn't sound very known...
151 week 15 hours ago
Should I join Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society?My situation is that I'm currently a graduating senior at a Big 10 school with a signed job offer already (BO/MO rotational program at a BB). I keep getting emails to join Beta Gamma Sigma from my school, but the fee to join is $115. Is there any possible benefit to joining - the only thing I can re...
61 week 18 hours ago
MIT Sloan Admissions Tips A recent Stratus Prep article listed 10 things that can help you monkeys get into MIT Sloan. The following admissions tips are from a Sloan Alum who has counseled other students on the MBA admissions process for top schools throughout the country. What do you think of these suggestions? Too cliche? ...
01 week 18 hours ago
FRB to top 15 MBA?I am a graduating senior at a state school in the south. One of the only job offers I received is from the Federal Reserve Bank. Is it possible for me to gain some experience here then attend a top 15 MBA program and switch my focus more toward IB type jobs? I have a 4.00 GPA and a 740 GMAT if that ...
11 week 1 day ago
CORNELL Johnson MBA TECHHi all, i am currently looking at the MBA from Cornell. I stumbled across the 1 year program in new york city. I was wondering if anybody knows anything about the program. I am looking at - the average GMAT - UG grades - Background I am currently working for Deloitte Digital in Montreal Canada. I wo...
01 week 2 days ago
help! what should i do??I am currently a freshman at a non target 4 years university and I plan to transfer to a target school for my junior year. I am wondering if I should transfer to a community college first during my spring semester of freshmen year because I am able to save a lot of money and it will probably be easi...
51 week 2 days ago
Ask Alex at MBA ApplyHey Everybody - if any of you are looking for a quality GMAT preparation I'd encourage you to check out our partnership with Veritas Prep here because WSO members get 10% off: For those of you thinking of an MBA with admissions questions I've sp...
12701 week 3 days ago
Masters in Data & AnalyticsSo I will be applying to a Masters Program that is paid for by my employer. However, the program is in Data & Analytics at either Villanova or Ohio State. I'm unsure of the careers that can be followed with a Masters in D&A and was hoping someone could chime in. The company will require a fe...
American Pharaoh
71 week 3 days ago
EDHEC, ESADE, IE or LSE?Hey guys, I'm currently applying to all four schools and I've already been admitted to RichardIvey with their CEMS program in Canada. Richardivey's program isn't focused on finance although they do have finance recruiters but I wanted a much more quantitative program. I'm just wondering what my chan...
51 week 3 days ago
London Schools - Looking for infoOne of the younger generation in my family (not my kid) is interested in going to London for school, and has reached out for advice... Having absolutely zero knowledge of their education system, academic profiles of different schools or employment outcomes (or lack thereof)... I was hoping that the ...
171 week 3 days ago
Taking easy classes during college-how closely is transcript scrutinized?Hey there, as I organize my schedule for my last semester, I'm very tempted to choose as many easy classes as possible to not stress too much and party. As a non-quant, social science major, would this be a poor reflection for B school? I will have about a 3.7-3.8 GPA by the time I graduate, will be...
181 week 3 days ago
Undergrad Biz School: Wharton vs. Penn CAS vs. Dartmouth vs. UT BHP vs. GeorgetownI'm currently entering my senior year of high school and preparing to start filling out some college applications. I have my eyes on a career in investment banking - either Houston (because I'm in Texas) or Wall Street. I've used a financial aid calculator for all the above schools, and they all com...
361 week 3 days ago
MBA Recommendations for Fortune 500 Financial Analyst looking to work in the public sectorI work for a Fortune 500 company as a Financial Analyst, but I would like to do government finance instead something along the lines of the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, Commerce, etc. What top 20 MBA programs should I take a look at? ...
Christian Hackenberg
11 week 3 days ago
MSF vs work at small firm then MBAI am a current senior at a complete non-target. I know it's early and could have more offers by graduation but my situation is this. I am considereing doing a MSF from Vandy, USC, BC, or Nova to get a brand name on my resume. I haven't fully decided between IBD, S&T or AM yet but have worked ...
81 week 5 days ago
Profile evaluation - school suggestions Can somebody evaluate my profile and recommend any good b-schools for E-MBA around Pittsburgh, PA. I would also consider an online program. I would say an E-MBA that I could travel to within 4 to 5 hour drive for monthly or every other weekend classes. Doctorate of Pharmacy from West Virginia Univer...
21 week 5 days ago
MSF Class of 2018I created the last post about this time so I thought it would be a good time to get a new thread going. With many MSF/MMS programs starting their application cycle in the next couple of months I wanted to provide a place where people can post their profiles, ask questions or seek help. I've done thi...
2411 week 5 days ago
Finance MBA at NYUI am currently in my last year of undergrad at small state school graduating with a 2.2 gpa in economics. I am planning on getting my mba in finance preferably from NYU or better after I work for a couple years and attain my CFA. If I crush the GMAT do I have a shot at being accepted? ...
71 week 5 days ago
Lack of IE Business School Alumni on BloombergScrewing around on Bloomberg and i noticed there are 43 (!) alumni of IE on Bloomberg compared to THOUSANDS for all the other top schools. What gives? how is this possible? ...
11 week 5 days ago
Undergrad Major @ liberal arts collegeCan someone tell me what their thoughts are on Franklin & Marshall's BOS program? I am currently a senior in high school at an elite New England boarding school and am being recruited by them as well as other liberal arts schools for sports. I guess my question is, would this program help me get...
11 week 6 days ago
Should I Transfer Or StayHad thoughts on possibly transferring lately. Currently a sophomore at Michigan State University. Got a 4.0 GPA freshmen year and currently headed toward a 4.0 for this semester. Extracurricular wise currently the Sophomore Class President and involved with Student Government. SAT score mediocre at ...
81 week 6 days ago
Which MSF - International Applicant to US ProgramsHi everyone, Need some advice in regards to the best MSF program in the US for international students. I have done quite a bit of research and have a fair idea of which programs suit my profile, but it would be great to hear from those who took part in the programs, or even those who considered taki...
32 weeks 11 hours ago
Maryland Masters in FinanceI am currently a civil engineering graduate from the University of Maryland, College park seeking to return to school to break into finance. I hopefully want to enter the Asset Management or investment banking areas upon graduating. Can anyone attest to the strength of the program for domestic stude...
102 weeks 20 hours ago
Offline matchmaking making a serious rebound1After nearly 20 years of growth in the online dating/matchmaking industry, offline is making a big comeback. Why online matchmaking is prone to massive fraud, intentional and unintentional. Men complain that women's profile pictures have no resemblance to the way they really look. Both men and women...
02 weeks 1 day ago
How are admissions for Columbia's postbaccalaureate Quantitative studies program? And is it worth it?Hey Monkeys, So I graduated from a nontarget with a 3.8 GPA and majored in finance in May 2015. I recently decided I'd like to pursue a Masters in Financial Engineering, but I obviously do not have the mathematical or programming coursework from a finance degree. I looked into it and Columbia offers...
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12 weeks 1 day ago
Profile evaluation for MFE Oxford, MFin MIT/Princeton?Hi there I'm new to this forum. Final year economics student at Cambridge, GMAT = 720, quant =47. Korean ethnicity. What are my chances of admission into Oxford/MIT/Princeton? I took econometrics, calculus, diff equations, stochastic variables etc.: will adcom discount my low quant score seeing that...
02 weeks 1 day ago
Duke MMS program chances&perspectivesHey guys! Need some advice from you. I am an international candidate thinking about applying to the Duke MMS program. What chances do you think I have to get a place there and get a scholarship with the following profile: Undegrad GPA 3.55 (from a top notch business school in Russia, majoring in man...
92 weeks 1 day ago
Thoughts on MSF last round applicationsHey everyone, So I'm graduating in December from a semi target school in the Midwest with a degree in Finance. I will be taking the GMAT in February, and finishing applications to schools such as Vanderbilt, Villanova, UT, Michigan State, Texas A&M, and Duke's MMS, all which are March deadlines ...
92 weeks 1 day ago
MSF, MIM or MBAWell my case might be a bit different from usual. I'm a 22 year old Brazilian on last year of LLB from a top five law school in Brazil. I have already taken a one year internship on a Brazilian boutique law firm in the field of arbitration and seen that being a lawyer is definitely not my dream job....
12 weeks 1 day ago
JPMorgan 2017 Asset Management Summer Analyst Program for SophomoresHas anybody heard back from this program? I know investment management and wealth management have already sent out interviews. But the status says it's still application received? ...
22 weeks 2 days ago
chances? non-target, sub 2.8 gpa, volunteer firefighterQuick question. So I'm in a very nice position where my work hours are not so bad as a software eng, and have the opportunity to join my local fire department as a volunteer firefighter. Which I plan doing. what I'm asking is which profile makes me more attractive to m7+Yale SOM+Tuck (hopefully Colu...
52 weeks 2 days ago
Tomato Jos: The “Extra” Alternative Career for Top MBA GradsA few months ago, I was speaking to a colleague about investing in a team of entrepreneurs in Africa. He said that he liked the team, but was a bit surprised one of the partners was a graduate of Harvard Business School. "I'm always confused," he said "when I speak to someone who could be making mil...
172 weeks 2 days ago
Former teacher looking for a new careerI've been in the education field for ten years and I am burnt out. I have a B.A. in Business Management and I am entertaining the idea of going back to school to get a MBA, specifically in Finance or CRE. I feel that I am at a disadvantage because I have no experience in the industry. Will a MBA ope...
272 weeks 3 days ago
Accounting F150 -> MBA (Profile Evaluation) Stats: Age: Recently turned 24 Sex: M GPA: 3.1ish (general upward trend with really low 2.76 in final year) Ugrad: Top Canadian University (Bachelors in Accounting)GMAT: Projecting 700-720 (Will this be enough or do I need to aim higher) Experience: 2 years post ugrad and 8 months internship experie...
72 weeks 5 days ago
Are you a GMAT tutor looking to make money? Hello, My name is Kayla Thompson and I am one of the partnership evangelists at Admit Advantage. We provide consulting services to help applicants get into their desired high school, college and grad school programs. Our comprehensive package clients have had a success rate of 92% into at least 1 of...
02 weeks 5 days ago
Differences in M7 schools for investment management?Hey everyone, I've recently applied for bschool as a backup in case my fund blew up and have gotten into a few M7 schools. I've read all the relevant content here on the past (such as Booth vs. Columbia) and most of the threads + replies focus on overall rankings or prestige of the school. For those...
32 weeks 5 days ago
Business OrganizationsHi everyone, Just wanted some input on whether any of you joined any community business organizations such as American Finance Association (AFA) or Association for Finance Professionals (AFP)? If so was it helpful? Did you notice a change in interest once you added it to your resume? Simply wanted t...
02 weeks 6 days ago
Is bschool worth it for me? I'm now 4 years out of college and am thinking about whether business school is in the cards for me. I'm having trouble thinking this through on my own and would love to hear anyone's opinions. My questions are whether there would be any direct benefits for my career, and if not, whether the life ex...
52 weeks 6 days ago
EDHEC vs RSM vs NHH vs LSE (Financial Statistics)Which programme is better in terms of acquiring a job in Asset Management and consequently in a hedge fund abroad after graduation? Got the offers in all these unis. I am a finance undergrad from Russia, 6 months semi-related work experience (finance, business analysis, marketing management). The pr...
93 weeks 16 hours ago
Would you like to learn how to Get Accepted to Chicago Booth?Hi WSO'ers, I would like to invite you to a webinar I'm giving today at 10 AM PT/5 PM ET on Chicago Booth Admissions. if you are applying to Booth now or in the future, please join me for this free webinar. I've been advising successful applicants to Booth for the last twenty years and will share wh...
Linda Abraham
03 weeks 19 hours ago
MSF / Specialized Masters Class of 2017 Q&A While I have time, I'd like to share my opinions or relevant facts about MSF, or MSc Finance program in the U.S. I also have friends who were in MAcc, MSc Marketing, and hopefully I can share whatever I can find. I was in a top (not MIT) MSF program. I'm grateful of my MSF, but now I'm with another...
53 weeks 20 hours ago
MBA to get into Banking/PE or make 200k/yr running my Amazon business?I studied finance at a non target and had my first internship working on middle-market IB deals. I was unable to land an offer in banking and I hated the thought of working a mundane, back office job so I decided to start my own company. I currently make 200k a year running my own Amazon business bu...
Mergers and Executions
253 weeks 1 day ago
AMA - top 10 MBA vs MSF vs MMSI hope this AMA can help you if you're looking at MBA, MSF or MMS in your early careers. I also have friends who were in MAcc, MSc Marketing, and hopefully I can share whatever I can find. Background: enrolled in a top 10 MBA program; nontarget undergrad with 3.5 GPA, experiences in first tier MSF (...
443 weeks 1 day ago
Career Fork in the RoadAll, I am an Executive MBA from a pretty elite school and run an small oilfield portfolio company for a PE firm. I'm only 30- I was a co-founder of the firm. I am trying to develop a further specialization (because my undergrad is liberal arts and my MBA is general). I have always drifted towards fi...
13 weeks 1 day ago
Urgent! Economics or Statistics?So as I reach the end of my second semester sophomore year I face somewhat of a crossroads: majoring in finance and x or y, being economics or statistics. I first enrolled as finance and economics as 1. they fit perfectly into my schedule and there's no doubt I'd graduate on time, 2. my GPA (by my b...
23 weeks 1 day ago
Competitiveness To MSF Program With No Work ExperienceHey everyone, I'm Sean and I am new to this forum. I would love some input on my potential competitiveness applying to MSF programs as I feel my background is not typical for MSF programs. Undergrad: University of Florida Major: Food and Resource Economics Minor: Business Admin. GRE: V: 155 Q: 164 I...
213 weeks 1 day ago
Postgrad Taught programs UKHello Guys, I was recently accepted to various MSc banking and finance programs in the UK and would like to see what the WSO community's thoughts are as to which one out of the programs I was accepted to would have the highest percentage to convert to a front office IB FT offer in London or Europe. ...
13 weeks 1 day ago
MS Computer Science(target) or MSF(Non-target) for breaking into IBDLow sub 3.0 GPA liberal arts non target undergrad guy with about 6-7 months Software Developer/engineer experience at startup post undergrad not sure whether to choose MSF at Fordham/Rutgers/ Tulane(possibly wont get it) OR do a MS computer science at NYU OR MS Operations Research at columbia (90k a...
43 weeks 2 days ago
Top Asia undergrad, S&T, chance for M7?Hi guys, would like know what my chances are for M7. My stats: - top 3 Asia undergrad, GPA 3.68 - 750 GMAT - 3 yr experience working in credit sales in a BB in HK (Barc/DB) - Chinese national, speak business level Japanese Any feedback would be much appreciated! ...
53 weeks 2 days ago
University of Miami (FL) MBA: The RundownI've found this site to be incredibly helpful but noticed there is limited information out there on the MBA programs outside of the top 25, so I thought I would put something together for UM's FT MBA program. Hopefully this will be helpful for anyone considering coming here. Application/Interview: T...
Let Me Know
73 weeks 3 days ago
The Five Best Books to Become A Successful Investment BankerI just voted for my "Favorite Finance Related Book". That made me thinking what are the best five books that can really help finance students like us become better at our jobs. I personally love reading but still sometimes I wonder how great it would be to read only a few, really good books. Obviou...
123 weeks 3 days ago
Imperial College - Investments and Wealth ManagmentHi everyone, I completed my application for the Msc Investments & Wealth Managment at Imperial college, about one week ago. I've seen that my references have been already submitted and confirmed by the Application Service. How long should I wait before an outcome? I don't know UK procedures sinc...
03 weeks 3 days ago
Non Target to Top 7 MBA AdviceIt's my first time posting on here, so let me know if there is anything I can improve while posting... I am a senior at a non-target in the Midwest, with a full time offer in the Asset Management division of a large commercial bank (think Wells Fargo/Bank of America/U.S. Bancorp) for a very fast gro...
23 weeks 4 days ago
MSF Class of 2016Ok guys, building on my post last year, I wanted to start something for this years applicants. Anyone applying this year, with a 2015 start and 2016 graduation, feel free to post your profile, ask questions or just add some comments. Looking to help and give advice to anyone applying in this cycle. ...
7183 weeks 5 days ago
is it worth it to go to usa for a msf?i do not see a point in going to the usa unless i get a job there or am from a school such as Princeton or MIT since those names carry a lot of weight. i was wondering what do you think about a Canadian going to America for a masters degree? Will I run into work Visa probs and have to go back to ...
83 weeks 6 days ago
Do employers from around the world recruit at London Business School?The placement rates are very high(90+%) yet only 40-50% of those employed actually get something in the UK. The remaining choose to work in other parts of the world. I'm just so confused because I don't know how UK recruiting works. Do employers from around the world come to LBS to recruit students?...
303 weeks 6 days ago
Path to MBA-Best choice in this situation?Hey guys.. So if my goal is to try and set myself up for Top MBA then PE, what opportunity would you go with out of just these two? 1)Non-elite Boutique middle market M&A investment bank (NYC) -Interned here with a full time offer -The boutique has good deal flow and client/director exposure...
33 weeks 6 days ago
Tuck vs. Carlson ($$$)Hi all, Long-time reader, first time poster. I'm fortunate to have gotten into Minnesota Carlson (on a full ride) and Dartmouth Tuck (with no scholarship). I know this comparison is quite unique, because I couldn't find anyone else who's ever chosen between these two schools on the forums, but there...
183 weeks 6 days ago
Chances of admission into MFin at MIT and PrincetonHi there I'm new to this forum. Final year economics student at Cambridge, GMAT = 720, quant =47. Korean ethnicity. What are my chances of admission into MIT/Princeton? I took econometrics, calculus, diff equations, stochastic variables etc.: will adcom discount my low quant score seeing that I have...
03 weeks 6 days ago
Advice for a GMATtaker 2 weeks before GMATAs title suggests, I have just 2 weeks before the test. Scoring around 710-720(Q:49-50; V:35-37) on gmatprep. Please share if you have got any anecdotes how you made the best out of the last few days before hitting the ring. ...
133 weeks 6 days ago
which college should I go for?Hey everyone..sorry i am new here but i need some help. I did my bachelors in computer engineering and now i am looking for a transition into business related fields..i really don't enjoy programming stuff and the quantitative side of business is pretty appealing to me.Can you guys please suggest wh...
03 weeks 6 days ago
Columbia J-Term vs UChicago Booth: Job ProspectsI work across a boutique technology investment bank and venture capital fund in New York (2 years experience) and previously worked in consulting for KPMG. I have been admitted to Columbia J-Term and UChicago Booth. I currently live in New York and don't wish to relocate to Chicago for personal reas...
163 weeks 6 days ago
To anyone considering an MBAThere has been a lot of recent discussion on these forums as well as in the media regarding the value of an MBA. As a longtime member of the community and someone who recently made the decision to pursue an MBA, I thought I'd share some thoughts. You can see my full background story here: http://w...
1663 weeks 6 days ago
Where to go on exchange in the US? (Undergraduate)Hi WSO, I'm currently doing my bachelor at Copenhagen Business School and I was thinking of going on exchange to the US. However, I'm not too familiar with US universities and I'd really appreciate your thoughts! I'd like to use this opportunity to experience US education, American culture etc. I'm ...
294 weeks 12 hours ago
Struck out in MBA FT recruiting - looking for advce2nd year MBA student at a top 15 program. recruited consulting and just couldnt seal the deal with any of the firms i interviewed with. on-campus full-time recruiting is pretty much over now and i'm wondering how to proceed next. i know there will be a lot of tech off-campus jobs that come up in lik...
i hate audit
54 weeks 18 hours ago


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