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Ask Natalie from Accepted about Business School AdmissionsWSO is excited to have the experts from Accepted on board to answer applicant questions in the business school forum. Here are messages from Natalie and Jen who will be checking this thread every few days: Natalie I'm here to answer any questions you have regarding Business School Admissions. I am a...
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WSO Hall of Fame: Business School and GMAT ForumThe Wall Street Oasis Business School and GMAT Hall of Fame provides a comprehensive collection of some of WSO's best topics covering the business school world. Keep in mind this Hall of Fame does not include Q&A sessions by WSO veterans. To view a full list of Q&A’s & Interviews pl...
07 months 1 day ago
Msc Finance SSE vs ESADE vs HEC vs Bocconi vs OthersHello guys! I have to choose which Msc Finance programs to apply. I have double citizenship Italian and Spanish and speak fluently both languages. I have a Bsc in Economics from a public italian university (high gpa), one internship in a big4 and 700 at the GMAT. My goal is to get a front office pos...
81 min 5 sec ago
Summer schools: plus or waste of time?Hi, In December I'll graduate in business administration, after I'll try to take the GMAT, then try to enter in a top tier business school (like LSE, IMPERIAL, HEC, Bocconi etc.) If I will be part of a summer school program in one of these business school, I will generate an added value or is only a...
Steve Castle
15 min 25 sec ago
GMAT - What's your average time to study?Guys, Average time to Study for the GMAT? I will try to take it after my graduation.. I will have 5/6 hr x day for 2/3 months.. My target is > 650. Opinions? Experience? Thank you so much, and happy new year ;-) ...
Steve Castle
1010 min 30 sec ago
Using , MBA as a suffixReasons why you shouldn't do this Look at how frequently M7 MBAs do this and look at how frequently University of Phoenix MBAs do this. Look at linkedin and see the industries where this is most frequent. It is typically salesy kinds of jobs with zero barriers to entry such as selling whole life in...
Blake w Mitch and Murrary
483 hours 36 min ago
MBA Help (GMAT heavy, being Canadian, low GPA)Which schools do you think I have the best shot at? Any schools that don't really care about GPA or heavily weigh the GMAT. Would it be worthwhile to do a MSc degree first to help boost my GPA for H/W/S? ...
33 hours 37 min ago
MSc Finance at LSE or Bocconi?Hello, I am currently completing my Bachelor degree in business at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and will be starting my MSc in Finance coming fall. I have been admitted to LSE (MSc Finance and Private Equity), Bocconi (MSc Finance, including a full tuition fee waiver), ESADE (...
56 hours 15 min ago
How much does being a secondary legacy help getting into Wharton or Harvard MBA programs?My aunt and grandpa are alumni of these schools and I'm thinking about doing an elite MBA in a couple years. Here are my other stats: MS Finance GPA: 3.8 BA History GPA: 2.75 (i know) Math GRE: 163 Writing GRE: 5 Reading GRE: 156 I'm still looking for a job though which I understand is also importan...
28 hours 7 min ago
UNC Chapel Hill Undergrad - Major AdviceHey WSO, I've just finished my first semester at Carolina and I'm loving it so far. I've pledged a fraternity, gotten involved on campus, and kept my grades up pretty well. I'm having second thoughts, however, about my chosen major path. I had initially planned to apply to and take classes in the Ke...
29 hours 44 min ago
MSF Class of 2018I created the last post about this time so I thought it would be a good time to get a new thread going. With many MSF/MMS programs starting their application cycle in the next couple of months I wanted to provide a place where people can post their profiles, ask questions or seek help. I've done thi...
27419 hours 19 min ago
New US News MBA Rankings - Columbia #10, Booth ties Stanford at #2 (and beats Wharton...)Quite a shakeup...almost a list I'd expect to see from Forbes or BW! Mod Note (Andy): To see the rankings, click here. ...
6719 hours 25 min ago
Non Target Transfer AdviceHey guys I currently go to a non target where I study Finance and have a 3.9 GPA. My school has a program where they place kids into IB but obviously transferring to a target would increase my chances. I would like to do S&T and am wondering which target schools are in my range. So far I have id...
01 day 16 hours ago
Taking the GMAT/GRE in a Non-IB PathI'm going into the final semester of my senior year. I'm fortunate enough to have secured an analyst role that is quite niche but a great fit for me. My course load is light so I'm considering studying for and taking the GMAT or possibly the GRE. However I'm not sure it's worth my time. I don't know...
41 day 18 hours ago
HBS/GSB Long Term Application PrepHey Guys. I was wondering if there was anything you can do over the course of 3 years to meaningfully improve your chances at HBS/GSB. I feel as though I have a good profile, but I am missing something "special". Harvard Undergrad with Applied Math degree, minor in econ (low GPA - 3.2) Athlete in Un...
141 day 19 hours ago
Bentley vs Fordham??Hello! I am currently a high school senior and I intend on majoring in finance (or finance-economics if I choose Bentley) with a minor in either management or economics. My main goal is to work at a major investment banking firm and then eventually move on to venture capital. So far I have applied t...
212 days 4 hours ago
Please chance me at MBAs and exit opp possibilitiesHi All, I went to American University (I know, not great, but I had a full ride) and had a 3.6 GPA in Business. I am white, male from the northeast. I did the following: Two years Audit at Big 4 in mid-atlantic - Won employee of the quarter award - CPA - Worked on carve-out audit of defense sub - Wo...
62 days 4 hours ago
Answer key to Kaplan GMATI just finished this question exercise(pictured). Google Kaplan practice questions pdf; it is first link. WSO will not let me posts links ,since i am new, but you can easily find it through google. Anyway, In the square box, they promised the answer key and explanation. I clicked the link that redir...
02 days 13 hours ago
How does MSF/MAcc recruiting work?I've heard that fall is the busiest recruiting season on campus at most top 1 year programs(like Texas and Vanderbilt). For most, it's a do or die. Most programs also start in summer(towards the end) or fall. But those students who have no accounting or finance backgrounds, like someone who's a bio...
02 days 19 hours ago
MBA Rec. LettersI have seen some threads about recommendation letters for folks working at consulting firms and banks, but have not seen info for folks in F500 companies. How much more influential is getting a recommendation from a VP vs. SVP vs. CFO? Lastly, how important/influential are the recommendation letters...
02 days 20 hours ago
Now What: Harvard or Wharton?Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry for posting about deciding on where to go for college, but....I was admitted off the Harvard waitlist with the condition that I can attend for the class of 2021 (i.e., I'd have to take a gap year). I had already been planning on going to Wharton for the class of 2020 bec...
93 days 8 hours ago
UChicago Econ v. UPenn WhartonI had the opportunity last year to pick between these two schools and selected the University of Chicago. Though I do plan on entering investment banking, I wanted to learn theoretical economics before applied finance, something I believe that Wharton undergraduate students lack. I personally belie...
1633 days 8 hours ago
Anybody have experience with fileit tax - they claim career switchers can write off MBA...They came to Kellogg and had a presentation. They claim that career switchers can write off the MBA in their taxes and save ~$20k. It sounds shady because I had previously learned that you could only write off your MBA if you went back to your old career. Kellogg let them present, so that makes them...
63 days 11 hours ago
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13 days 11 hours ago
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03 days 14 hours ago
What are my chances at top schools?Hey guys - Just wondering if you can help ballpark my chances / let me know where I might need to improve my profile to be competitive for HBS, Stanford and others: summa cum laude / PBK from a mid-ranked Ivy (3.9+ GPA) 790 GMAT 2 years at GS in an industry M&A group 2 years at a top upper-MM PE...
14 days 1 hour ago
Comprehensive US MSF RankingSince there is not a ranking of US MSFs I elected to make one. I'd like to thank ANT/TNA for his great list on it is an invaluable resource for anyone considering an MSF. This is a work in progress and I welcome any feedback. This is just my opinion and I welcome suggestion or corrections ...
3464 days 20 hours ago
American wants HEC Paris MBA + live/work in Europe I'm considering an MBA at HEC Paris and the deciding factor for me is employment. I'm an American but I'd like to live and work in Europe for the rest of my life. I previously studied for my MSc at LSE but unfortunately, David Cameron cancelled the Post-Study Work Visa in 2011 (my year of entry) and...
184 days 21 hours ago
Will poor first year grades impact long-term employment prospects?I'm currently a first year student at Queen's commerce. I recently got my first semester grades back. I scored As in every course except financial accounting in which I got a C+, ending my first semester with a 3.5 GPA. I am confident that the accounting grade was a fluke. I have solid leadership ex...
25 days 8 hours ago
Profile Evaluation for Msc FinanceHello, I am looking at pursuing my Masters in Finance, and am unable to evaluate my chances for each university. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could guide me with the same, or provide me information on my chances for the universities listed. Would there be any other universities that I ...
05 days 9 hours ago
Investment & Research?So Vanderbilt breaks their placement into the following categories:Investment & Research Investment Banking Sales & Trading Real Estate Financecorporate finance Advisory Services & Consulting I'm aware of my ignorance, hence why I'm on this website trying to learn: does "Investment &...
05 days 13 hours ago
Do these schools recruit well with Wall Street? Hi, I'm a senior and I'm looking to apply to the following schools: Reaches Barnard College Colgate University Boston College Lehigh University Lafayette College Carleton College University of Richmond Vassar College Smith College Matches Union College College of the Holy Cross University of Indiana...
115 days 13 hours ago
Which MSF/MSF at all?Graduated in 2016 from an East Coast state school. Finance major 3.2 GPA (upward trend - 3.6 senior year) In an operations role currently that I am unhappy with. Is an MSF a good route to go? I am not necessarily set on breaking into IB. I would be happy with corporate finance or consulting. I have ...
35 days 15 hours ago
Msc in finance in LSE, Oxford, IE, Warwick, Imperial, and ManchesterHey Guys, I want your help to have an idea of my chances to be accepted in one of the mentioned schools above. I will apply for Msc in finance program in all of these schools. So, please help me set my expectations of getting accepted in them. Here is my profile: bachelor of Accounting from the Amer...
Jr. Banker
45 days 16 hours ago
Oxford vs LSE MSc FinanceHey guys, I was hoping I could get some feedback on LSE vs Oxford MScF. I am currently working as a credit analyst for a large regional commercial bank in the US. It's been valuable training, but long term I do not want to pursue a career in commercial lending, so I am looking to take the next step....
85 days 22 hours ago
Kelley School of Business vs McCombs School of Business(UNDERGRAD)I am currently a senior deciding between the two schools. Can anyone tout a school over the other and list the advantages of going to one over the other? Thanks ...
75 days 23 hours ago
Which undergrad: Cornell Dyson, Western Ivey HBA, Queen's Commerce, UBC Sauder, UofT Rotman, or McGill Desautels?If I were to be accepted into anyone of these schools, which should I choose to have best finance placements after graduation? Assume costs mostly similar. I personally think its down to between Western Ivey HBA and Cornell Dyson. Fyi, these choices are ones that some of my Canadian buddies and I ex...
36 days 13 hours ago
LSE Msc Accounting and Finance chances of acceptance?Hey Guys, can you give me your thoughts about my chances of getting accepted in LSE Msc in Accounting and Finance? here is my profile: Bachelor of Accounting from American University in Cairo with GPA of 3.39 and major GPA of 3.45 (hope they are considering the major courses more than other less imp...
Jr. Banker
06 days 14 hours ago
European Low Budget Finance MastersWhich programmes do you prefer? I am talking about low budget (less than 5000EU fees for EU-Citizens) Stockholm School of Economics - Finance Master Rotterdam School of Management so on Share your information. ...
Winchester M.
06 days 22 hours ago
UNDERGRADUATE at Bocconi, SSE, CBS or UCL?What's the best place for an undergraduate degree in business/finance/economy? UCL will leave me with a lot of debts. Bocconi, SSE, and CBS would be basically free in my case thanks to Norwegian funds (Lanekassen). I'm asking for UG only, I'm pretty sure I will do masters at another school. In the f...
121 week 1 hour ago
Inviting all Duke Fuqua MMS 2017 Round 1 applicantsStarting a thread for all those who applied/are applying to the MMS program Fuqua this year ...
591 week 10 hours ago
Ask Meredith from Vantage Point MBAMeredith from Vantage Point MBA Admissions Consulting answers your questions about how to navigate the MBA application process, particularly coming from finance. Remember when the world loved a nice cocktail of leverage, LBOs and CDOs of all types? Well, that's how Meredith got started before she we...
1011 week 16 hours ago
What should I do for the next two years before HBS 2+2?Hey everyone, long time reader, first time poster. Let me start by saying I understand that I am lucky to have the dilemma I currently have. Anyways, on to the question. I was admitted to HBS 2+2 last year around the time I graduated from state school with a chemical engineering degree. For the last...
the fourth line
231 week 19 hours ago
Masters in Management for IBI want to break into IB and applying for a Msc in Finance/Accounting at top schools such as LSE/HSG/Imperial/Bocconi/Warwick are smart moves of course. I was wondering, with no prior-experience, if I don't get into a finance program - is it possible to apply for Masters in Management at these school...
11 week 1 day ago
Applying to Bocconi, HSG, where else?Hey guys, So I'm currently in the process of applying to Master in Finance programs in Europe. My goal is to work in Investment Banking so I want to apply to the very best programs. I'm Swiss, I'm going to finish my bachelor degree in Economics in June from a Swiss university. As of today, I'm 100%...
601 week 1 day ago
LBS MIM for an AmericanDoes LBS MIM with the goal of working in Consulting or IB make sense. I would be flexible location wise more concerned about the actual role that I would be in. I know for US students a Masters in finance from Vanderbilt/UT Austin is sometimes a good way to get into banking but I noticed with the ea...
11 week 1 day ago
Business School in Germany (BSc in Business Admistration)Hey guys, I need help at choosing the right university for Business Admistration/ Economics in Germany / german-speaking countries. I'm currently torn between WHU, Mannheim, Frankfurt (Goethe) and eventually St. Gallen. After my MBA I want to work at London (BB). Me: -currently living at germany -GP...
81 week 1 day ago
Baruch College vs Rutgers Business School Newark? I'm from New Jersey and most of my school goes to Rutgers. Is Baruch comparable in anyway to Rutgers? I'm aware that Rutgers is a much better known brand but I heard Finance and Accounting are very good at Baruch. What school gives me a better job outlook and puts me on a good path to end up as a tr...
31 week 1 day ago
Bocconi vs. King's College London for undergraduate degreeHello, That's the first time I'm posting something and I'm not sure in which forum I should post my question. I've used WSO for information purposes before. I feel like I'd need help from some students who are familiar with schools like Bocconi University in Milan or KCL. I hold an unconditional of...
291 week 2 days ago
Please Chance me for Harvard 2+2Hi! So I've read through quite a few of the chance me posts and I was wondering if someone could take a look at my stats as well because I don't fully fit any of the other profiles. Major: Actuarial Science, Economics, Statistics from a large state university probably ranked around 40-50 GPA: 3.90/4...
21 week 2 days ago
MBA OR MEM?Hello Guys, I need some help making a decision, a little about me first I am an engineer working in the energy industry for the past 8 years in Chicago, I was looking to do my MBA at one of the top schools but realized that the cost and time is just not worth it for what I want to achieve in my care...
21 week 2 days ago
Undergrad at an LAC?Hi! I'm a senior and applied to mostly LACs, some universities (but lower tier). I'll major in Econ, maybe science (or should I avoid science?) I'm wondering which schools offer best internships/jobs (preferably on WallSt) because I would like to pursue an MBA. Also, I'm not joining a Greek house or...
121 week 2 days ago
Warwick Econ or Cass Quant?Hello! I am applying for my master degree(in UK) these days, and I received 2 conditional offers. I am not sure which one is seeking advice from you here... Warwick - MSc in Economics and International Financial Economics(not in WBS) Cass Business School - Quantitative Finance I hope to...
51 week 2 days ago
PhD Economics - value added?!Profile: Current Position - Derivatives Trader at mid size European Prop Firm MSc Finance & Management - Target UK School BSc Chemistry - Non Target UK School Would adding a quantitative PhD Economics from a UK Target school help me transition into HF/ Investment Research?Advice on value added/...
31 week 3 days ago
MSF vs mbaI am 26, without a college degree as I dropped out in my sophomore year due to financial trouble. Since I have worked several jobs mostly mean jobs and now I am making close to six figures by trading derivatives? I want to restart my academic career and starting college again in fall and complete my...
71 week 3 days ago
Staying in St. John's University or Transfering to Baruch I'm currently attending St. John's with a 3.0 GPA as a sophomore majoring in Finance, is it worth it to transfer to Baruch? I don't mind finishing undergrad in 5 years as long as its more worth it in the long run. What would you guys do in my situation? If I attend Baruch I will be attending for fre...
21 week 3 days ago
Choosing major, career path, graduate candidateHello everyone, I will try to make this short and to the point. I am an incoming graduate student at an NYC school. I have always wanted to be a day trader who can work from home. I do not have the funds to start this on my own and I also need to support a family one day (reliability). I would like ...
01 week 3 days ago
McGill Desautels vs Queens Commerce vs Western Ivey? for undergraduate business with an end goal for investment bankingI am deciding on where i want to go to university next year. I am deciding between McGill Desautels (hopefully honours in investment management), Queens commerce, and Western Ivey HBA. My goal is to be recruited to a big bank in NYC right out of school, get an MBA and go work for a hedge fund. pro's...
51 week 3 days ago
French Foreign Legion Considered Prestigious Work Experience? Do business schools understand foreign armies or military services such as the French Foreign Legion and consider it as a prestigious work experience leading to MBA? All for a US born, US educated individual. For example, doing sales for two years (really well) and then joining the French Foreign Le...
51 week 3 days ago
Rate my chances at getting into LSE's MSc in Finance & Private EquityHi, I'm a Pakistani Student in a new private Turkish University (not very well known). I've been dreaming to get into LSE's MSc in Finance and Private Equity. I'll be graduating in 2018, and sending my application in by November 2017. Anticipated GPA: ~3.6/4.0 Anticipated GMAT: ~ 700+ Going for a se...
01 week 3 days ago
GMAT Quant vs. Verbal weightsHey, I wanted to ask if schools assign higher weight to the Quantitative part when looking at applications. I am from a country where the spoken language isn't English, and although I studied my first degree in English, my Verbal part grade isn't good. My Quantitavie GMAT grade is 50 and my exam gra...
01 week 3 days ago
Asset Management MBAI am thinking about transitioning into a career in Asset Management, with limited experience in finance... I am thinking about doing an mba at nyu, cornell (johnson) or dartmouth (tuck).. would any of these programs help me to break into the industry? (I understand that there "might" be other progra...
101 week 4 days ago
LSE Msc Finance Attach GMAT scores or not?Hi. I am applying for Msc Finance at LSE and I am wondering if in my position it is a good idea to show my gmat scores. I study in UK so GMAT is optional for me at LSE but I took it for other programmes and scored 740 Q48 V44. Overall it is a great score but LSE says on its website: "However competi...
51 week 4 days ago
University Of St. Andrews experience? Opinions?I spoke with a friend who suggested me if the application to the tier1 uni in London (LSE,UCL,Imperial, LBS) will not work. I have seen the website and the placement, over the programs.. look nice! In other forum I have seen St.Andrews > Warwick/Kings etc. Suggestions? For MSc Finance and a BB fu...
Steve Castle
11 week 4 days ago
St Andrews, CASS & Warwick - for Tier 2 M&A LondonHey everyone :) I just graduated from a local (no-name) uni in Austria with a degree in Finance & Accounting. My profile so far: 2 Exchange Semesters (UK, Canada) 2 Internships Ernst & Young Transaction Advisory Internship in M&A / Investment Banking Tier 2 Bank The reason why I would li...
21 week 5 days ago
Bachelor: RSM, CBS, Bocconi, ESCP, ESSEC or Maastricht or WU Vienna for german studentWhat schools offer the best possibilities for a german national (only speaking german and English) to get a job in the city and partially Frankfurt? I guess Frankfurt: Wu Vienna Maastricht ESCP RSM CBS/Bocconi ESSEC (I heard their BBA is only a cash cow) London: Bocconi RSM ESSEC ESCP CBS Maastricht...
81 week 5 days ago
Need advice...currently attending a service academyAre there any service academy grads on here that I can message for advice? Affirmation is coming up soon and I am trying to figure out whether or not to affirm. Obviously, I am asking on here because after the military I want to go into business. However, the longer I have been at the academy the m...
41 week 5 days ago
Please Delete this postsaEdit: Eh nevermind, i'll just take my chances and pray, sorry for the trouble of making this post that I don't know how to delete. ...
01 week 5 days ago
Is IU-Kelley a target school?Undergraduate (Finance) Regardless IU-Bloomington's overall ranking in the nation, I have heard great things about Kelley as it's one of the most valued and highly reputable for employers. Would that all be true? How about their professors and teaching staff, teaching methods, internship programs, a...
221 week 5 days ago
Outlook on Asian Business SchoolsHi Guys, As a student in Singapore, I was wondering how Asian Business Schools (Nanyang Business School/Peking HSBC Business School etc) are viewed at BB/HF/MBB. With China taking a big role in the economy, are Asian Business graduates increasingly valued or are Asian schools still considered 2nd ti...
61 week 5 days ago
Second Degree or Masters?Good afternoon everyone. My name is K and I am studying Maritime Studies at the University of Piraeus. Basically, what I am studying, is Business Administration specialised for shipping. I originally wanted in because shipping (like tourism) is the only branch of the Greek economy where people can f...
31 week 6 days ago
Reputation of these MBA programs in APAC?I am looking to get a 1yr or Accelerated MBA (18 months) in the next year or so. Unfortunately, only a handful of truly elite schools are providing them currently. I seek to work in Singapore/HK post-MBA. Can anybody throw some light into the reputations of these programs (below) in the APAC regions...
21 week 6 days ago
What's your opinion on these business schools I've been accepted to? (undergrad)Hey WSO, I've begun to get some early action college decisions, and I was hoping you could give me some advice on what is the right school to pick. Decisions so far: Northeastern (Deferred) Fordham (Accepted to Global Business Honors Program ~20 student program) Babson (Accepted) Fordham: What I lik...
61 week 6 days ago
Will I be expelled from BschoolI am making this post to clear some of my concerns regarding reneging an offer and hope that you all can provide me some of your thoughts. I am currently pursuing a one year Masters from a target B-school, think UVA/Duke/UNC, and accepted a job offer last month from a top firm in their FLDP program....
101 week 6 days ago
Finance recruiting at Yale SOMAnyone have any insights on how SOM does in banking? What about other finance roles? How does it compare to schools like fuqua and stern? ...
51 week 6 days ago
MSc Finance (Imperial, Cass and Warwick)Hi there I have applied for MSc Finance at Imperial, MSc Quantitative Finance at Cass Business School and MSc FInance at Warwick Business School. For those with experience in applying to these schools, what are your opinions on my chances for admission into those programs? I am an undergraduate hono...
02 weeks 2 hours ago
HEC MiM vs Ross Master of Management for an international studentHi, I am confused between the two programs here. I have been accepted to the HEC MiM and am pretty confident about the Ross Master of Management after the interviews. My background : 24y Indian,Tier 1 univ, 740 GMAT, 13 months FT experience at CS risk reporting. I would ideally want to work at a top...
62 weeks 3 hours ago
LBS MFA(Masters in financial analysis) or LSE Msc FinanceHi all, i have applied for both the LBS and LSE courses and would appreciate any feedback or advice on which course would be better. I have recently graduated from university majoring in Finance and Economics and am looking to work in the asset or portfolio management industry in the future. Many th...
82 weeks 13 hours ago
Go to Wharton or reapply in 2 years to H/S/WI have 2 years of work experience (currently in a F100 corporate strategy role) and was accepted to Wharton round 1 (dinged at H/S). I am considering switching jobs to a late stage tech startup and reapplying to business school two years from now. The main reasons are as follows: 1) Change industrie...
goldman in da house
212 weeks 18 hours ago
My guide to passing CFA Level 1I've posted this a few times as a reply to threads (and a few other forums around the interwebs) but thought I'd put it here too in case anyone finds it useful. I did the December 2014 L1 exam and passed. Here goes: I don't aspire to any absolute truth or saying that this is by any means the only wa...
32 weeks 1 day ago
UMB vs UB vs Loyola Part-Time MBA Does any have any insight into the part-time programs at University of Maryland, University of Baltimore or Loyola Maryland? ...
12 weeks 1 day ago
Undergrad: Nova v Fordham v RichmondMonkeys: I'm a senior in HS now, and deciding where to go to school next year. My #1 school is UVA by a mile, but I want to hear opinions on some other schools that I'm applying to, specifically for getting internships and placing in IB. -Villanova School of Business (Honors Program) -Gabelli School...
92 weeks 2 days ago
College Senior Considering Taking GMAT (Need opinions on studying strategy)I am a senior at a public ivy entering management consulting as an entry level associate. I want to have the flexibility to enroll in an MBA program, and not have to worry about studying once I start to work full time. I have a few questions for anyone that may have been in a similar position. 1)Whe...
02 weeks 2 days ago
Fall'17 MSRE/MSRED Has anyone applied to below schools '17 Fall Master Real Estate programs and heard back? I submitted my applications few weeks back and was wondering if they have been sending out notices. Columbia MSRED / MBA dual program NYU MSRE Thanks. ...
22 weeks 2 days ago
Salvageable worst case scenario? Getting an internship with a boutique, proving my worth, and then landing a FT offer is ideal. I plan on cold calling and applying again, but in case that doesn't work I want to know if this other route will compensate for my inability to break in. Mind you, the goal isn't specifically IB, rather it...
02 weeks 3 days ago
MSc Finance application process (HSG, RSM... where else?)Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, therefore I introduce myself. I'm a recent economics graduate from Italy. As I'm currently in the grad school application process for MSc's in Finance, I would like to discuss some concern with you. First, my profile: 22 years' old. Bachelor's degree in economics from...
42 weeks 4 days ago
Deciding between Wharton and Columbia for MBAI am currently deciding between Columbia and Wharton for the MBA program and leaning towards going Columbia but don't want to make a mistake. Rankings/prestige-wise, Wharton obviously edges CBS out. A key factor here is that I committed to Columbia per the Early Decision program. Several people (inc...
72 weeks 4 days ago
Copenhagen Business School (CBS) UndergraduateDoes CBS have a good reputation in investment banking circles in London. Specifically their Bsc in International Business (highest GPA nationally). Also what BB internship opportunities do you have coming from CBS. ...
12 weeks 5 days ago
Any Other Masters in Management Programs?Guys, I'm trying to break into consulting and am looking to various masters of management programs. I'm already applying to Duke's MMS, Uva's MS commerce, and Wake Forest's MA in management. Does anyone else know of any similar programs I should consider? ...
112 weeks 5 days ago
CORNELL Johnson MBA TECHHi all, i am currently looking at the MBA from Cornell. I stumbled across the 1 year program in new york city. I was wondering if anybody knows anything about the program. I am looking at - the average GMAT - UG grades - Background I am currently working for Deloitte Digital in Montreal Canada. I wo...
12 weeks 5 days ago
What makes Ivey HBA better than other undergraduate commerce schools in Canada?If you are an Ivey HBA alumnus, it would be great if I could shoot you some short PMs. Anyways, I was wondering why Ivey's HBA is considered the best for finance. It's sort of like the "wharton" of Canada. Ivey undergrads seem to get a lot of good placements into IB and PE positions but WHY? Is it b...
32 weeks 6 days ago
How long should I stay at my first job?Currently working in the AM division of a BB bank...and I already know that I am trying to segway out of finance after working for almost a year now. Not that there is anything wrong with my job, but imo it takes such a long time (~7+ years) to really establish yourself as a strong player at my firm...
02 weeks 6 days ago
MBA without GMAT?When applying for MBA programs I noticed that some do not require, or even request gmat scores. Is this typical or should I be weary of these programs? ...
72 weeks 6 days ago
URGENT: Canadian Undergraduate Business School vs American UndegraduateHi, I'm a Canadian student looking to do an undergrad in business or some degree that will give me employ-ability in finance (IB, Asset Management, etc.) My top 3 Canadian choices are: UBC Sauder (hopefully I get into the portfolio management Foundation program), Ivey HBA, and UofT. What are your th...
53 weeks 6 hours ago
MS Finance - Simon Business SchoolDear All, I have recently been admitted into the MS Finance Program at Simon with a 30% scholarship for the fall 2017 intake. Need your views on the program. The program recently gained STEM designation which is a big deal for internationals such as myself. My only concern is the location, they mak...
143 weeks 10 hours ago
UK Target UnisHow would you ranks the following for job placement in the City: Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, Bristol, Edinburgh, KCL, St. Andrews, Durham, Nottingham, LSE, UCL, Imperial, Bath, Exeter, Manchester and Newcastle ...
43 weeks 16 hours ago
LSE MSc Accounting & FinanceI'm currently applying to LSE's MSc Accounting and Finance programme. Does anyone have experience or are familiar with the admissions process? How are my chances? GPA: 3.7/4.0 in finance from a Top 3 Canadian undergraduate b-school GMAT: 680 - Internships in investment banking division and wealth ma...
03 weeks 16 hours ago
Is the SAT important? Wall Street Says Yes. Below is a snippet of a BB job posting requirement for an Associate role. REQUIRED BACKGROUND: Resumes without SAT scores will NOT be considered. MBA and 1+ years of sell-side, buy-side or investment banking experience as an Associate. (9-10 years since you took the SAT) Or Undergraduate degree and ...
663 weeks 23 hours ago
MBA Recruiting Strategy: IB Internship -> Consulting FTWhat are some of the difficulties associated with recruiting for both IB and Consulting? Time constraints immediately come to mind (info session scheduling, interview prep, etc.) but anything else I should be wary of? From what I've read elsewhere, it's not impossible but may require that I narrow m...
Vincent van Dough
63 weeks 1 day ago
Which Canadian University is best for Investment Banking?Which Canadian University can I go to be successful in this Industry? Are students from Ivy leagues preferred over all of us ...
93 weeks 1 day ago


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