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Ask Natalie from Accepted about Business School AdmissionsWSO is excited to have the experts from on board to answer applicant questions in the business school forum. Here is a message from Natalie who will be checking this thread every few days to make sure she is staying on top of questions: I'm here to answer any questions you have regardi...
5022 days 11 hours ago
My Chances at a top 25 MBA Hello, I am new to WSO, as I understand this is mainly a finance blog, but I was wondering if any of you could help me in determining my chances for MBA admissions. Below are the programs that I am interested in. Emory University Georgetown University of Southern California Carnegie Mellon Universi...
354 sec ago
Prestige Debate Hey buds, This post comes down to this fundamental question: can prestige of an undergrad school justify debt? I'm choosing between Claremont McKenna, and a full ride from UIC (state school in Chicago). I would have to pay for room and board at CMC, which would total around $16,000-$20,000 a year....
8052 min 30 sec ago
Kelley vs Mendoza UndergradSo I was set on Notre Dame Mendoza but then I received a super late acceptance later from Kelley. I love both of the schools. Both seem to be quite strong for finance and the price difference isn't enough for me to care. I'm looking to land a Wall Street Job in Investment Banking and both schools ha...
1658 min 51 sec ago
MIT vs. LBS vs. OxfordHi everyone! I've been admitted to all of the following programs and I'm having a very hard time deciding between them. I want to do a couple of years in IB and then move to PE. I have no preference for location. Any advice would be hugely appreciated! Oxford Said, MSc Financial Economics PROS * Oxb...
MIT vs LBS vs Oxford
381 hour 53 min ago
INSEAD Launches New Website – Why You Should Check It OutINSEAD has recently launched new websites for all of its programs. If you are searching for information about the school, it is now easier to find everything you need. Full-Time One Year MBA: Global Executive MBA:
Personal MBA Coach
01 hour 56 min ago
Headed to HBS in the Fall - Ask Me Anything (AMA)I was fortunate enough to be accepted into HBS in Round 2 and will be heading there this Fall. I have never done an AMA on this site before and I feel that now might be a good time to do so. I hope that sharing my experience with the MBA application process might be somewhat useful to the WSO commun...
Deo et Patriae
493 hours 9 min ago
St Andrews, CASS & Warwick - for Tier 2 M&A LondonHey everyone :) I just graduated from a local (no-name) uni in Austria with a degree in Finance & Accounting. My profile so far: - 2 Exchange Semesters (UK, Canada) - 2 Internships Ernst & Young Transaction Advisory - Internship in M&A / Investment Banking Tier 2 Bank The reason why I wo...
03 hours 43 min ago
Worth transferring from Emory to Northwestern?So yeah, I basically killed it my freshman year at Emory. I'm really enjoying my time here, although I kinda dislike Atlanta. Definitely would've preferred somewhere more cosmopolitan and less sprawled. I also don't like how Emory as a brand isn't really improving; it's probably the only school in t...
28 hours 40 min ago
UT BHP vs. Cornell DysonHey everyone! I'm a high school senior who is deciding between Cornell Dyson and UT BHP. I live in Austin, so I have in-state tuition for UT. If Cornell is worth it, my family and I are willing to work out the extra costs (roughly $200k with general expenses factored in). I really don't want to st...
014 hours 34 min ago
JMSB --> Desautels Transfer GPAHi, I've recently applied to transfer to Desautels B.Com. I am wondering How much is the GPA cutoff to transfer to Desautels based on the most recent years and stats. My GPA is going to be around 3.7-ish so I am a little worried. If not accepted into B.Com finance, is it worth it to transfer to the ...
416 hours 8 min ago
non-target non business major > ms > mba > IB/PEHello All, Looking for some help in transitioning into IB/PE. Biology major from non-target ( California state school), 3.4 GPA.. Taken accounting courses and intermediate econ courses at JC and Cal state GPA 4.0. Surely, I need to get into a killer MBA program to my career started. I was think...
017 hours 4 min ago
Applying to Bocconi, HSG, where else?Hey guys, So I'm currently in the process of applying to Master in Finance programs in Europe. My goal is to work in Investment Banking so I want to apply to the very best programs. I'm Swiss, I'm going to finish my bachelor degree in Economics in June from a Swiss university. As of today, I'm 100%...
5917 hours 4 min ago
Babson announces MSFJust saw that Babson College near Boston has announced that it is now offering a Masters in Finance program. Interesting-ish. In my explorations of boutique investment banks in the greater Boston area, I do see a fair amount of Babson people. I would say its the most common or one of the most common...
417 hours 12 min ago
State School: Acoounting or Finance?Hello fellow monkeys, I have a serious dilemma that I sure you guys will give me some good advice about and steer me in the right direction. I am currently attending a state school and my area of study is Accounting. I will begin taking my upper level classes this summer so technically it is still e...
1517 hours 43 min ago
Kellog 1Y MBA ExperiencesGood morning! I've been researching full-time MBA programs and am trying to learn more about the 1-year MBA program that Kellogg offers. Is there anyone on here that is or was a student in the program? Any insight on career placement prospects, experiences, etc. would be much appreciated. Thanks! ...
Eskimo Brothers
220 hours 41 min ago
profile evaluation for top msf (MIT and Vandy)Hi, please let me know where I stand in regards of chances at msf/mfin program Stats: Undergrad in Math/Financial Analysis and Statistics (University of Waterloo) 82% Cumulative average (roughly 3.7 gpa from what I have heard, I am not sure) Internships: 8 month internship as a quant at an investmen...
021 hours 30 min ago
When Did You Take the GMAT?Hey everyone, I'm currently undertaking my Bachelor of Commerce at a top Australian university. Though it is ranked very well and has a great brand/prestige, there are many aspects relating to the teaching staff and general management I feel are inadequate. I think studying a Master of Finance at a ...
01 day 3 hours ago
MSF - OSU(Fisher School) vs MSF - Brandeis InternationalHi, I have got MSF admit in 2 schools - OSU Fisher(9months) and Brandeis International(16 months). I have also got 20% funding from OSU. Could someone please help me by sharing their opinion about which one is better? I have less than a week to decide. I am very confused as OSU has got a very good b...
31 day 4 hours ago
Ask Meredith from Vantage Point MBAMeredith from Vantage Point MBA Admissions Consulting answers your questions about how to navigate the MBA application process, particularly coming from finance. Remember when the world loved a nice cocktail of leverage, LBOs and CDOs of all types? Well, that's how Meredith got started before she we...
291 day 5 hours ago
MSF at Baruch Zicklin School of Business! Should I expect a lot out of it?Just want to mention I have no "academic" background in finance. Bad gpa of Below 3.0 from an institution in India(Wes evaluated ). 600 GMAT ( prepped for 3 weeks , couldn't bring up my English score v27/q44 ) Got through Baruch for MSF though. Extremely fortunate!! What pulled me through 1) Practi...
141 day 9 hours ago
UVA vs WUSTL vs Texas for Masters of Finance Hey all, I have been accepted to the three schools mentioned above but I am having a hard time deciding on where I want to go/what is best for me. I am from the Midwest but I am not tied down to staying there and I don't want to end up in NYC. This is where my problem is. I know that the UVA program...
431 day 14 hours ago
Bcomm Finance + Law?Hello! I'm currently undertaking a Bcomm Finance. I think that a law degree, in addition to the Finance degree, would be helpful to my career? EDIT: I was answered in the comments section of another thread. The answer is a law degree may not help me. ...
01 day 14 hours ago
Ross vs Mendoza for undergrad business?Hi guys, I'm a senior in high school, struggling to decide between undergraduate b-schools to attend next year. I've already narrowed down to my two favorite schools, UMich Ross and ND Mendoza. I've spoken to a lot of students, teachers, and my college counselor, and all the advice I receive is very...
71 day 16 hours ago
USC Econ major w/ Marshall minorI'm joining USC as an Econ major, and will almost certainly pursue a minor from Marshall (probably Business Finance). Didn't apply Marshall as I want to pursue an MBA on the east coast in the future, and would prefer to study Econ at undergrad. In terms of west coast IB and financial career opportun...
52 days 3 hours ago
Columbia ($$) vs. Wharton ($)Hi all, I am fortunate enough to receive admissions offers and partial scholarships from both Columbia Business School and Wharton, but Columbia is giving about $50k more. (I would say the Wharton scholarship is on the smaller side). Given the following, where do you suggest I go? -My post-MBA go...
232 days 3 hours ago
USC $$$$ vs Rice $$$$$FT MBA program. Got in McCombs and Rice Jones, and USC Marshall. McCombs with no $, rice with full scholarship, USC with Fellowship. Career goal is consulting, (not necessary in energy industry), maybe investment bank. Don't mind staying in Texas for a couple of years, but want to go back to Calif...
132 days 11 hours ago
Question about GPA Rounding, etc.I don't usually put my undergraduate GPA on my resume, but if I have to/its requested, I'm wondering about a few things in terms of etiquette: A. I would prefer to simply write it as it appears on the transcript as I'm very borderline - so it reads for me: 3.699/4.333; so of course I'd like to write...
52 days 19 hours ago
WUSTL MSF for Consulting? Any Olin MSF Graduates here?I'm strongly considering attending WUSTL (admitted), but my short term goal is strategy/consulting (long term something in tech consulting/tech investing/VC). I have limited interest in IB. Background is physical sciences, 1 boutique IB internship. WUSTL has a somewhat thin record on consulting ...
32 days 19 hours ago
Mfe is my last option but what are my chancesI go to university of waterloo in canada and I had plenty of full time front office role position interviews particularly in s&t,prop trading, quant trading (think sig,Jane Street, Optiver). Unfortunately got no offers. Now I am gunning for mfe because I think that's the only option left if I st...
12 days 21 hours ago
Freelance career - Top MBA - IB?Hi - TIA for any advice! I graduated college in 2011, from an internationally top music school. I started working freelance in the music industry, developed a couple of business ideas on my own (in and out of music), and without getting into too many details, the ones that picked up have thankfully ...
02 days 21 hours ago
How difficult is MSF curriculum?I am am going to be a senior next year at a non target and thinking that a MSF would be a good idea to rebrand myself and my gpa. My question is how hard is the msf curriculum? I am a >3.0 and do pretty well in finance related classes due to my work experience but not the best student overall. ...
63 days 1 hour ago
Tuck vs Yale SOM for IBHi everyone, may I request your help deciding where to go for Bschool - Tuck or Yale? I am looking at career opportunity for IB in NYC. No $ involved. While Tuck seems to be much stronger than Yale in consulting, it seems that both schools equally place well in finance. Thank you so much! ...
73 days 2 hours ago
Got into University of Warwick Diploma + MSc in Economics. What should I expect and what should I aim for?Hey guys, So I got into University of Warwick's Diploma + MSc Economics graduate program. I know this University is considered a target school for undergrad and that it is up and coming when it comes to economics. I would like to pursue a career in Investment Banking and then go the usual path to t...
Name Of Profit
23 days 8 hours ago
Accepted a Financial Analyst position with F100 firm, am I on track to get a top 20 MBA?Assuming I have the GPA, GMAT, essay, and other activities to be a competitive applicant. ...
Christian Hackenberg
33 days 17 hours ago
53 days 19 hours ago
Retaking the GMAT?Junior at a big quant school. I'm looking at the main deferred programs - so HBS and GSB. Only had a small sliver of time to take the GMAT, so after a week I took it and got a 730. Is it worth retaking the GMAT? Not too familiar with Business Schools admissions programs and I'm trying to decide if i...
73 days 19 hours ago
Bloomberg Undergraduate RankingsWhat are your opinions? ...
Capuchin MonkE
284 days 58 min ago
MBA Ranking Based on Overall Starting Pay Pay is important and one of the main reasons people go for MBAs. It's a good metric showing the quality of an MBA program and its career services. Here's the ranking of the top 15ish schools: 1. Harvard: $149,784 2. Dartmouth (Tuck): $148,025 3. Wharton: $146,761 4. Columbia: $146,436 5. MIT (Sloan)...
54 days 1 hour ago
Cornell AEM vs Vanderbilt Econ vs UVA vs NYU SternAny experiences at these schools? Which would you pick for the best network and recruiting? ...
84 days 12 hours ago
Undergraduate decision problemI am deciding between SMU and Indiana for a degree in Finance and Spanish. The eventual hope is to work in either banking or consulting. I am a direct admit into Kelley at Indiana, and a Business Direct for Cox at SMU. The cost difference is around $3,000, so it does not really impact my decision. ...
04 days 13 hours ago
Fordham Gabelli, Semi-target or Non-target (Undergrad)What do you guys think about Fordham Univ. Gabelli School of Business. Semi or Non target? Im still deciding where to go... Thanks. ...
134 days 13 hours ago
Air Force Enlisted to Investment Banking/Corporate FinanceHello, I am an enlisted member in the US Air Force (5 years thus far) and I am currently deployed to Africa which is providing me plenty of time to plan my future and set goals in place. I have spent about a month researching Investment banking and ideally would like that to be my end goal. My curre...
74 days 18 hours ago
45 days 5 hours ago
To anyone considering an MBAThere has been a lot of recent discussion on these forums as well as in the media regarding the value of an MBA. As a longtime member of the community and someone who recently made the decision to pursue an MBA, I thought I'd share some thoughts. You can see my full background story here: http://w...
1635 days 15 hours ago
Things you wish you knew during GMAT prep and B-School applicationThere are often many things i wish i had known during the recruiting process for IB which i expanded on last year and thunk would have held me in good stead if i had known them earlier Now that I am about to start my prep for the GMAT and eventually apply for B-school I would like people in/admitted...
225 days 16 hours ago
Villanova MSF Class of 2017Hello everyone! I will be attending the MSF program at Villanova starting this summer and wanted to create this thread to exchange information, get to know people, and maybe ask some questions. I am also looking for roommates and housing for the year. Post here or PM me if you are interested. Look f...
15 days 16 hours ago
Booth Weekend MBA Program or UCLA Full Time MBA ProgramHi everyone, I got into the Booth Weekend MBA and UCLA Full Time MBA and I'm having trouble deciding between the two options... I am based out of Canada at a Boutique IB shop in M&A for the past 2.5 years and would like to work at a HF. Location isn't a preference but the HF's in Toronto are ver...
25 days 19 hours ago
Master in Finance: Frankfurt School vs. St. Gallen vs. WHU Otto BeisheimHi all, I have a tough decision to make, choose my Master in Finance program, but I am not experienced enough. I would really appreciate if you could share your experiences. For now I have: - offer from Bocconi MSF (2-year) without scholarship which ends up quite pricey, - offer from Frankfurt Sch...
25 days 21 hours ago
06 days 6 hours ago
Help on selecting business schools in CA Hi All, I'm new to the forums and was wondering which schools had the best programs in CA. I'm currently planning to apply for 2017 cycle. I am looking to transition into finance after my MBA program wanted to see if anyone had insight as to the best programs in CA to apply to in terms of hiring rat...
56 days 8 hours ago
1-Page Resume vs 2-Pages QuestionBasically I'm pretty sure any job-seeker would ALWAYS use a 1-page resume without exception. I've been told... "if you won the Fields Medal that's great - be sure to list it on your ONE PAGE resume." I'm a former academic so I'm used to writing multipage CVs in LaTeX; as I move to create a busine...
136 days 16 hours ago
Is Master of Accounting more beneficial for commercial banking vs. an MBA?Hello, I have a question in regards to business/commercial banking. I received an undergraduate degree in finance without an internship and average GPA. I tried to break into business banking but could not get in and have been working in another industry. Now I've had a couple years of experience, I...
06 days 18 hours ago
War of the MiMsHello everyone! I am a recent business student that applied to many MiMs in Europe and i would like your opinions (pros/cons, advice, guidance...) on my choices: ESADE MIM (i like the uni but not sure about the programme) Bocconi MIM (i heard that it is difficult for international students to fit i...
76 days 19 hours ago
MIT MFin Mathematics Background RequirementsI'm interested in applying to MIT's MFin program next year. My concern is that my mathematical background is not that strong. I'm an Economics undergraduate and have only completed what I consider the most basic of Calculus (Differentiation, Integration but not that much Series - No differential equ...
06 days 21 hours ago
5 weeks to study for the GMAT enough?I want to apply for my MBA this year (ideally round1) and want to give myself enough margin to retake the exam if necessary before apps are due. Assuming I start now, any advice in terms of setting a schedule? Is 5 weeks of intense studying (though with a full time job) enough typically? ...
26 days 23 hours ago
RSM vs. St.Gallenhey guys I'm in quite an annoying dilemma and would really appreciate some help! I got accepted by both RSM and St.Gallen for master, pretty much the same programme, FI in RSM and MBF in St.Gallen. RSM requires confirmation in 2 weeks while St.Gallen can wait for a whole month. As a Chinese it's qui...
21 week 22 min ago
Options If You Have a Low GPA for Top Tier MBASince this question is asked infinitely time and time again, I figured it would be time to make a 'master' post and hopefully get it stickied. Many of us, myself included, didnt do so well for XYZ reasons in their undergrad and need to boost their GPA segment for their applications. So what are yo...
91 week 43 min ago
USC (Marshall), Indiana (Kelley), UIUC (College of Business) or Babson CollegeHey! I am an international student and will be studying at undergraduate level in the US. I have been admitted to University of Southern California, Indiana University Bloomington, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Babson College. I have been offered admission directly to the business s...
International Monkey
211 week 2 hours ago
UC Berkeley vs U Mich vs USCHi, I have one week left to decide... so any opinion is greatly appreciated!! I am thinking of pursuing either finance/consulting after undergrad and maybe, if the courses I take intrigue me, I'd be interested in going to law school for commerce law or just to have an additional background. (So for ...
91 week 3 hours ago
Villanova UndergradI'm a senior deciding on which college to attend, and just saw the (laughable) bloomberg rankings which has Villanova as the #1 ranked undergraduate business school. Clearly this isn't true, but I'm trying to get a pulse on where Villanova should actually be. I know it's possible to break into IB at...
101 week 13 hours ago
MGMAT Class vs. Self Study Program?Hey monkeys, Hope you're well. I just left my current firm and will be starting with a new firm in a 6-8 weeks. I will need a week or two to move to a new city, and am hoping to use the other time to get a 730+ on my GMATs. My question is - what are your perspectives on taking a Manhattan gmat cours...
31 week 14 hours ago
UIUC vs OSU Rochester and USC ?I am extremely new here so please bear with me. I have been accepted by UIUC MSF and OSU MSF at the moment. I have interviewed with Rochester (Simon school of Business) and am also awaiting decision from USC. I am an international student from India. I have a Masters in Commerce and am in the midst ...
11 week 18 hours ago
ESADE vs EDHEC vs RSMDear Colleagues, I am a Russian graduating student aimed to pursue MSc abroad at some of these programmes: ESADE Finance, EDHEC Financial Markets, RSM Finance and Investments. I would like to find a work abroad after the graduation, preferably in Asset Management. Could you please share you experien...
21 week 22 hours ago
Not sure if a grad degree is in the cards for me. What should I do?I enrolled in a part-time MSF program at a tiny liberal arts college while working, right after graduation. I decided the program was not a good fit for me (didn't think I needed an MSF) so I considered dropping out and just continuing to work. I wanted a graduate degree (I was insecure about my sh...
51 week 23 hours ago
Northwestern vs Carnegie vs NYU Stern vs UW vs VanderbiltHey guys, I've just finished the whole college application ride and finished with some pretty decent selection. I've been struggling to come to a conclusion and I have narrowed my acceptance choices into six schools: Northwestern (Weinberg), NYU Stern, Carnegie Mellon (Tepper), Vanderbilt (CAS), UCL...
131 week 1 day ago
Colorado University - Boulder, Leeds School of Business.I know that it isn't a "target" university but that is where I'm planning on going (previous choice was NYU, but living at NYC is way to expensive as a student and in my situation). I am going as a Freshman this fall now that I have my green card (even though I'll be 21 years old), I would really a...
181 week 1 day ago
Bloomberg Undergraduate Rankings 2016The Bloomberg 2016 Undergraduate Business School rankings just came out, and they're bewildering. How can any self-respecting rankings system put Wharton at 16, and Haas at 36, while placing Villanova at the top of the list? With rankings as absu...
11 week 1 day ago
Delay Start-Date to Study for GMAT?Hi Monkeys, Thanks for stopping by. I am 2 years out of undergrad, and just left my large consulting firm for a smaller, boutique consulting firm. I would like to apply to B-school in the next 2-3 years. I can either 1) Push out my start date of the new firm for up to 2 months and use that time to ...
01 week 1 day ago
Mafinrisk bocconi vs executive quantitative finance politecnico.Hi everybody, after my MSc in Finance i want to develop skill in the field of quantitative finance. I want to choose between the the two master.. can you explain me the difference and which the best for working in investment bank? ...
01 week 1 day ago
Stern VS Ross VS Tepper Undergraduate International studentHi! I'm an international (asian) looking to find a career in IB, preferably M&A, but I'm also open to consulting. I've been offered admission into Stern (10,000 Stern Scholarship), Ross (Pre-admit), and Tepper. I also got into UNC's Kennan Flagler, UCLA, UCSD, but I'm deciding between Stern and ...
91 week 2 days ago
Chances of getting into good schools for MSFHi, I'm an international student but have completed my undergrad in engineering from a TOP 20 US Eng school. I'm keen on pursuing my MSF in the US. I wanted to know my chances of getting into Vandy, URochester, Boston College, UTexas Austin, U Utah and Villanova. Any other school recommendation guys...
411 week 2 days ago
Amherst College, Boston College, or WUSTL?Hi everyone! I am in a bit of a strange and unexpected situation regarding my college selection process, and I was hoping that you could potentially provide some insight or advice: So, for the past few months, I have been verbally committed to Amherst College for baseball. As a recruited athlete, I ...
241 week 2 days ago
Is DePaul worth the investment as an undergraduate ?I have received an undergraduate offer of admission from DePaul University for the fall of 2016 in Finance. Can you please advice me on whether I should go this fall 2016 at DePaul in Chicago or take a gap year in order to aim for a better university afterwards for fall 2017. I had a quite low SAT d...
121 week 2 days ago
One-year MBA program in my caseHi everybody, I posted something on the forum back in July, but after going through some job applications, I had to refine my thoughts, so, therefore posting another topic. I am a South Korean citizen, and I have worked in corporate banking for 4 years at a well-respected bank there. I moved to Euro...
31 week 2 days ago
OSU or UIUC MSFHello there, After months of test preparation and interviews, I finally received admission decisions from : 1. Ohio State University(OSU), Master of Science in Finance 2. University of Illinois(UIUC), Master of Science in Finance I am an international student and do not really know how US citizens a...
41 week 2 days ago
OCD affecting gradesSo since high school I found I always overthink everything to the point of no return. My minds always occupied and I never pay full attention to work. I just found out I have OCD. I finished my second year of my BBA, and I'm currently sitting at a 3.45 cumulative GPA. I don't know if this poor, but ...
01 week 2 days ago
Columbia GSB Releases Deadlines and Essay Questions for Class of 2019 Columbia deadlines and essays are now official. If you are planning to apply early, you can get started on your applications now! See below for questions and analysis. Early Decision: Oct 5 Merit Fellowship: Jan 4 Final Deadline: Apr 12 Applicants must complete one short answer...
Personal MBA Coach
01 week 2 days ago
Which MSF Program should I attend next year?Need some advice selecting which MSF program to attend. I was offered a full scholarship to Johns Hopkins, as well as partial scholarships to The University of Rochester and Temple. The cost of U of R and Temple will be both less than 20k. Still waiting on an admissions decision for Vanderbilt. ...
61 week 2 days ago
To all the SAT nerds out there (Recent college grads or current students)Hello smart kids, I took the SAT more than 12 years ago (Feels like an eternity). I want my nephew to go to a top school so that he can follow in his uncle's footstep in banking. Anyone has a study plan with the books I need to buy him to place in the top percentiles? He has 3 more years of school, ...
11 week 2 days ago
Cornell Johnson (full ride) v. Yale SOM (40k a year). What would you do?Hello, I've been going through this decision in the past week and I wanted the forum's perspective. I had an initial thread over the same issue a few weeks ago, but Yale came back with a revised offer that changes the calculus. Essentially, I am in a fortunate position with two great offers, but I ...
131 week 2 days ago
CFA+GMAT in 6 months? Need advice from my fellow monkeys. I've been wanting to take cfa level I for some time, but it kept getting delayed. I need to re-study for my GMAT, get the score i want, and then apply for round 1 deadline. I'm wondering though if it would be possible to study for cfa level I for 4 months and then...
171 week 3 days ago
Inviting all Duke Fuqua MMS 2017 Round 1 applicantsStarting a thread for all those who applied/are applying to the MMS program Fuqua this year ...
561 week 3 days ago
Duke vs Columbia vs Tuck for post-MBA MBB recruitmentHi there I am a software engineer based in the bay area and have been lucky to have been accepted at some top 10-15 rank business schools - Duke-Fuqua, Columbia, Dartmouth-Tuck and UCLA Anderson. My post MBA goal is to switch to consulting (McKinsey/Bain/BCG). I might also look into business positio...
301 week 3 days ago
INSEAD MBA/1YR MBA & IB SUMMER ASSOCIATE POSITIONSHas anyone had experience in applying for a summer associate position coming from INSEAD or any other winter start 1YR MBA program? What is the process like? ...
11 week 3 days ago
Better for IB: UVA Economics vs. Vanderbilt Economics vs. Michigan Economics?I'm looking to transfer and these are the three schools that I am deciding between. I really want to know if one is much better than the other for IB OCR. Also, I want to know how bad it would be if I went to Vanderbilt. I know that many consider it a semi-target, and I have heard that few banks rec...
01 week 3 days ago
Toigo FellowshipHas any one here gone through the Toigo Fellow MBA Catapult Superday, how was it? Could you tell me about the interview format? Thanks in advance! ...
81 week 3 days ago
Stanford GSB Releases Application Deadlines – When Should You Start Preparing?Stanford MBA application deadlines are official for the 2016-2017 application season (Class of 2019). As expected, the deadlines are similar to last year's. Note, the essay questions have not come out yet, although GSB has repeated questions for many years in a row. When should you start to prepare?...
Personal MBA Coach
01 week 3 days ago
Is B-School the right Avenue of me?I graduated about a year ago from a top 25 public university with a finance degree with a low GPA by finance standards (3.4). I am currently working in a finance leadership program within a Fortune 10 company. My goal is to get into banking and ultimately Private Equity. I am considering Business s...
21 week 3 days ago
01 week 3 days ago
CFA PreparationI hate to be the asshole that asks a question that's likely been asked a lot but I contribute a decent bit to others' questions and I don't have a lot of time to dig around so hopefully someone can help me out. I have the CFA Level 1 in June and am only about 1/6 of the way through the material (bu...
81 week 3 days ago
Which is better Opportunity: Princeton vs UPenn M&T Dual Degree (Wharton School + Penn Comp Sc. Engineering)?My son was recently accepted into Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania's M&T Program. Which is the better opportunity? His career aspiration seems to be leaning toward business/entrepreneurship or investment. Thanks! ...
51 week 4 days ago
UC Berkeley, Northeastern, or Carnegie MellonI'm currently choosing between these three universities for my undergrad education. Each seems to have its own pros and cons so I was hoping to get some advice to help me decide. UC Berkeley: I'm in state so cost won't be an issue. I'll apply to Haas when I'm there since first year applicants can't...
101 week 4 days ago
Part time MSc at BBHey guys I'm considering applying for a part time MSc in Finance at the likes of LSE/LBS/Cass. I will be starting my graduate job with a BB in MO next September, and wanted to get the opinion of people on how difficult it will be to balance the two. I have an undergraduate in Economics and having lo...
11 week 4 days ago
Indiana Kelley, Ohio State Fisher, or Boston College?Another, "Where should I go to undergrad?" thread, I know, but let me lay it out for you. So I got into Kelley Direct Admit at Indiana and after scholarships/aid plus the money from my parents in total I would have to take out $68,000 in loans on my own. Since I live in Ohio, I get OSU instate tuiti...
81 week 4 days ago
University of AlbertaHello: I've done a thread search for this school, but nothing really came up regarding its MBA program (yes, they have an MBA program...). The general consenus is that Ivey rules the roost in Canada for banking. But does UofA's MBA have any street cred? I'm particularily interested in working in Van...
71 week 5 days ago
In-State Advantage?I was wondering if people that reside in the state of a top public MBA such as UVA, Ross, Hass would have a leg-up on the competition for being accepted? Or is that only undergrad ...
11 week 5 days ago
Personal Statement for Msc Banking and RiskPlease constructively criticize Personal Statement for Postgraduate study in MSc Banking and Risk. My fascination with business news on television, coupled with a passionate interest for the economics aspect of my Geography course at GCSE motivated me to study Economics at A Levels. During A levels,...
31 week 5 days ago
01 week 5 days ago
Help needed in UGradraduate School choice + Safety Advice neededHi WSO, I am Jose, a rising senior in Dallas TX, i am interested in IBD and want to know which out of the following schools would be the best choice for me as a safety ( I am applying to Stern, UVA, Ross preferred, etc and want a safe school just in case). my stats are 2230 sat and 3.73 gpa, after r...
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