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Ask Natalie from Accepted about Business School AdmissionsWSO is excited to have the experts from Accepted on board to answer applicant questions in the business school forum. Here are messages from Natalie and Jen who will be checking this thread every few days: Natalie I'm here to answer any questions you have regarding Business School Admissions. I am a...
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WSO Hall of Fame: Business School and GMAT ForumThe Wall Street Oasis Business School and GMAT Hall of Fame provides a comprehensive collection of some of WSO's best topics covering the business school world. Keep in mind this Hall of Fame does not include Q&A sessions by WSO veterans. To view a full list of Q&A’s & Interviews pl...
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Put 'Gypsy' as Race on B-School Apps to Qualify for URM? I'm just a Caucasian mutt, but just looking for any angle that might help out. Thoughts? I can't be the first idiot to come up with this idea. ...
Gypsy Banker
74 min 2 sec ago
M7 or Top 15 Profile?Education: - 3.1 uGPA - 4.0 gGpa Engineering major at State University ranked ~100 - 740 GMAT - Full-time work throughout undergrad and grad school Work Experience: - 2 years @ Northrop Grumman as Electrical Engineer - 2 years @ Raytheon in Engineering LDP - Rotated through 3 busi...
21 hour 50 min ago
Oxford vs LSE MSc FinanceHey guys, I was hoping I could get some feedback on LSE vs Oxford MScF. I am currently working as a credit analyst for a large regional commercial bank in the US. It's been valuable training, but long term I do not want to pursue a career in commercial lending, so I am looking to take the next step....
61 hour 55 min ago
Need Advice --> Which Business School can i target?Hi, My name is Tom and i'm french. This is the third year of my undergraduate degree (Bachelor in Business & Finance; 3.0+ GPA (American Grade); 13/20 (French Grade)) from a French Business School (not a top one) with a dual-degree with Dublin Business School (BA (hons) in Business). I already p...
22 hours 34 sec ago
2017 b-school applicant visiting BostonHi all, I'm flying to Boston all the way from Europe. I'll be in town next week. Currently applying to top US MBA programs. I'm in finance, top American BB. If you are a current applicant as well/in finance/similar interests/just wanna meet, hit me up. I'd love to grab coffee/beers and chat. ...
12 hours 6 min ago
Who else got dinged for HBS?Almost happy that I ended up getting dinged. Two years of no work or salary was starting to sound intimidating. Waiting for Stanford now. ...
375 hours 55 min ago
EMBA -- Columbia vs WhartonI'm in NYC and am thinking about doing an EMBA. Please take the following as givens: 1. Accepted into Columbia and Wharton EMBA programs 2. Almost 30 years old, somewhat senior FO role at hedge fund 3. Solid pedigree (top-tier undergrad/excellent grades/decent career progression) 4. Employer footing...
271 day 3 hours ago
Stuck on decision whether to do Masters in Adv Fin early next year or delay and do an MBAI'm at a crossroads in my career. I'm a Sr. Financial Analyst in a small valuations firm. We do a bit of advisory but it's minimal. Pretty drab work. Very focused on the past, not the future. I'm a cog in a wheel, a service provider to much more interesting companies. Long term I've always been focu...
01 day 4 hours ago
School suggestions for Undergrad student? Hello! So I'm thinking of applying to FSU to study finance. I'm an international student and they offer me the best tuition deal (20k instead of 35k since they have a location in my country. So, basically, I'm looking for more schools in the 20k-30k bracket). I'm interested on working in S&T or ...
31 day 6 hours ago
MSF Class of 2018I created the last post about this time so I thought it would be a good time to get a new thread going. With many MSF/MMS programs starting their application cycle in the next couple of months I wanted to provide a place where people can post their profiles, ask questions or seek help. I've done thi...
2041 day 7 hours ago
NYU MSRE vs Zicklin MSREI'm currently 36 and manage an analytics component for a portfolio of mortgage-backed security transactions for a global bank in the role of a trustee/calculation agent (mid-office role). I have an economics degree from Hunter College. I would like to get into valuating real estate for investment p...
31 day 7 hours ago
Incoming 1st year - books to readWhat books do you recommend before I start? I have interned for 3 years in finance, so I am looking for books that will advance knowledge and also books you found generally interesting. ...
241 day 9 hours ago
Profile Evaluation: M7 chances. undergrad GPA issue, unknown undergrad schools, High GMATI am currently in the middle of applications and would like to know what my chances are for getting into an M7 program? I am 32, from an over represented demographic. I work and live in the Middle East and have had living, educative and professional experiences in Middle East, North America and Sout...
01 day 23 hours ago
Negotiations classes in B-schoolsHey everyone, I'm currently on exchange at a good B-school in the US (McCombs) from a target uni in the UK. The negotiations class we have here is really non-technical; there is no analysis of specific phrasing, and the line between a good and great answer seems really blurry. I wonder how negotiati...
12 days 2 min ago
What Does It Take To Get Into Harvard Business School? What does it take to get into one of the best MBA programs in this world? This is a question for those who actually were accepted into this prestigious program. I've heard that they accept mostly consulting people from Bain and McKinsey who are trying to switch into IB or PE (or Maria Sharapovas o...
122 days 3 hours ago
Kellogg with money vs WhartonHi all - looking for advice. Was fortunate to be admitted to two programs. Kellogg with 100k in scholarship and Wharton with no money. I want to do MBB post MBA and both feed similarly. Is the Wharton prestige worth no money? Could you please advise which you recommend? Thanks! ...
232 days 8 hours ago
Help wanted: what to major in, study, do...?Hi guys, I've kinda posted on this topic before but I keep getting conflicting advice and I'm interested in what I should do with my current scenario. About me: I'm a current sophomore economics and finance double major at a non/semi target (semi for some BB's) top 50 liberal arts university busines...
03 days 11 hours ago
Non-Target VS InternationalWould an American at a non-target have a harder time than an international at a target school? ...
03 days 21 hours ago
My GMAT Study PlanI just took the GMAT this past weekend and scored a 760 (Q49 / V44), so while everything was fresh on my mind I wanted to make a post here about the process that I went through. I know that there are a few threads like this already out there, but when I was trying to figure out how to tackle the GMA...
1004 days 7 hours ago
Holistic Application AdviceGreetings WSO! Like many on this forum, I am considering business school. I will just get straight to it and try to be as brief as possible. There are practically innumerable variables that go into the entire business school process, it's easy to get lost, or focus too heavily on one aspect. There a...
234 days 9 hours ago
MBA to get into Banking/PE or make 200k/yr running my Amazon business?I studied finance at a non target and had my first internship working on middle-market IB deals. I was unable to land an offer in banking and I hated the thought of working a mundane, back office job so I decided to start my own company. I currently make 200k a year running my own Amazon business b...
Mergers and Executions
194 days 10 hours ago
Chances of getting into M7 program with low GPA, high GMATWanted to get your take on chances of getting into an M7 program with these stats. I have a really bad undergraduate GPA. No good reason or circumstances that caused it. Was too caught up with working part-time to afford school and with extracurriculars. I managed to get strong work experience desp...
44 days 12 hours ago
MBA Investment Bank Associate Recruiting and the importance of GMAT?Hello WSO, I am planning on applying for the top 1-25 MBA programs. Also, I am in process of studying for my GMAT and will likely take it next year. My career goals are either to go into corp finance for a bio-tech firm, but my second interest is in Investment Banking. Of course, during the MBA int...
104 days 15 hours ago
Help w/ majors/minors?Hi guys - currently a sophomore at a non-target declared in finance and economics (double major). I'm looking short term to break into IB (did an internship last summer as a freshman w/ a boutique in M&A), but long term looking into hedge funds (ideally L/S but they seem to be a dying trend). I...
05 days 3 hours ago
Advice for college list & future path?Hi All, This is my first time posting on this forum so please let me know if I'm doing something wrong - but I came to this forum as many others did, in order to ask for advice. Short things to sum up my life until now: -Did poorly in high school because of tense relationship with parents (issues w...
25 days 8 hours ago
Breaking into VC or ConsultingHello everyone, Im a business graduate (2015) from a top University here in Greece (not so reputable outside) with a lowish GPA of 6.62/10 and a GMAT of 720 ( Q 47 , V42) . I have an internship in Big 4 Audit ( Audit is by far the biggest business segment of Big 4 in Greece), and i will get another...
35 days 14 hours ago
Does CFA L3 PASSED help getting into MS FINANCE programs?Hi all, I am a UG student from South Korea, aiming for a decent FINANCE program admission after graduation. Not that i got my gmat score figured out or something, but i've been wondering if passing CFA L3 exam would help me get into decent (may be controversial) MSF programs. PERSONAL INFO (in futur...
75 days 21 hours ago
At a crossroads, 4 years in military, considering MBAI'm 27 and have been in the army for a little over 4 years as an officer. I just returned from 9 months in Korea and will be promoted to captain in a few weeks. For years I've considered an MBA, I've been studying for the GMAT for a long time, and I plan to take it within the next 2 weeks. I had a ...
15 days 21 hours ago
What if I Can't Afford a Target School?I see so much hype around this website about attending a target school, and that it is very difficult to break into a good finance career without a target school background. However, is it worth it to carry the debt of these schools? At what point would you consider the advantages of a target to be ...
516 days 5 hours ago
The new wave of Certificates from IVY & Target Schools - Thoughts?I really would like us, the community of Enlightened Monkeys, to discuss this topic and share our thoughts on a 21st century experiment. Harvard, MIT and many, many other respectable Schools of Business as well as other Faculties in all spaces have launched the initiative of spreading knowledge onli...
51 week 1 hour ago
When is 'too old' for Investiment BankingHello people. I'm new on this web/forum. I have a big doubt about my future. I'm gonna start my degree in Business with almost 24 years old. So I'll finish around 27-28 years old. Later I want to do a Msc in Finance/Banking to get better chances so I should finish around 28-29 years the Master degre...
31 week 1 day ago
Rising Sophomore -- Need school/advice! -- At a turning point. I am a rising sophomore at nowhere university (Oakland University if you care) and have dreams of breaking into high finance. Not to knock my school (as it is accredited and is recruited by B4 firms), but it has no serious (to me at least) finance recruiting. Additionally, when I reach out to banker...
51 week 1 day ago
GMAT or CFA Level 1 in DecemberNot sure which too take. I don't plan on applying and going to grad school until 2-4 years out of college but I wanted to take the test while in college because I heard it is good to still be in that "School and study mode". However, I believe if I am able to pass the CFA Level 1 in December it coul...
91 week 1 day ago
International Scholar Laureate Program, anybody know anything about this?So I got an email from the "International Scholar Laureate Program" stating: "Dear Scott, Congratulations! You have been nominated to attend the International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP) Delegation on Business in your choice of Australia, China or the United States of America. As a Phi Theta Kap...
81 week 1 day ago
Ask Meredith from Vantage Point MBAMeredith from Vantage Point MBA Admissions Consulting answers your questions about how to navigate the MBA application process, particularly coming from finance. Remember when the world loved a nice cocktail of leverage, LBOs and CDOs of all types? Well, that's how Meredith got started before she we...
711 week 1 day ago
Master Thesis SuggestionsHey everyone, I am about to start my master thesis preparation and I am looking for a hot research topic in the finance field and my professors have not been very helpful in finding it. Can you help me with some suggestions about the latest finance topics that can be researched nowadays? Thank you ...
41 week 2 days ago
Telling your boss (at buyside firm) you're thinking about business school?Hey all. I'm a first year associate at a VC firm, and I'm considering going to business school after 2 years here. I'm wondering whether it makes sense to share this information with my bosses or whether it makes sense to keep it under wraps. So I used to work at MBB, where it's very much the norm...
41 week 2 days ago
GMAT Prep Courses, Manhattan GMAT vs. VeritasHi, After doing my research, I have narrowed down my main GMAT prep course to either Veritas or Manhattan Prep. Reviews on both have been stellar, though it seems like Veritas slightly edges out the other when it comes to the sheer number of customer feedbacks, Veritas also seem to have better mark...
131 week 3 days ago
Tips for people in first year of studying business/economics?I'm in my first year of studying business and administration in Europe, and I have a lot on my mind in regards to setting up my future. 1. First off, I want to get an internship next summer in order to gain experience related to my field of study. But most that offer such internships, only seem to o...
11 week 3 days ago
How are Ivy League graduates taking our jobs if there are no business/finance/accounting majors? WTFI don't get it, most of the Ivy leagues do not offer business/finance/accounting majors unless you get an MBA. How is Wall Street filled with these Ivy League graduates who did not graduate in a related field? ...
101 week 3 days ago
How Do M7 Schools View BigLaw Experience Do certain M7 Schools hold an unfavorable view towards applicants who are exiting biglaw? Furthermore, if my law school grades are better than my UG grades, will that help at all? ...
41 week 3 days ago
How important is MBA for Real Estate Finance? And how much does the location matter?Hello All, I have a 2 fold question. But let me tell about myself first. I am working for the Real Estate division of a well-known bank (one of the largest in this country). It is a senior analyst position for the Residential Real Estate division. But I want to go to the Commercial side as a Commerc...
11 week 4 days ago
When Should You Prepare for the GMAT? I was wondering what the general advice is for taking the GMAT. i found some 2016 and 2017 Kaplan books at my school that were decently priced. I was thinking I could start taking it now as a sophomore and hopefully keep bumping up my score. I would like to get into a traditional or 2+2 program (tou...
61 week 4 days ago
Outside NYC/SF, how would you rate cities for finance/consulting/corporate opps?NYC and SF look to be the top placement cities for almost all the MBA programs. What other cities fall into the top tier of business opportunities for MBAs? DC? Chicago? Toronto? Boston? Dallas/Houston? Atlanta? LA? I am considering a relocation from western Canada and wondering if there is anywhere...
271 week 5 days ago
AMA: Looking back on the first few months at Tuck After seeing an HBS and CBS thread on their reflections on the first term of their MBA programs, I thought I'd do the same. Thank you to @dabears92 for the format that I'm using below. 1.) Recruiting a. MBB - As someone recruiting for consulting, this was my first concern and Tuck did not disappoin...
241 week 5 days ago
Non-MBA Grad school programs & recruitingHi all, I graduated from a top 20 school and have been a consultant at a Big Four for two years. I have been thinking about b-school but more technical (and non-MBA) programs in data science or information systems management have been also looking attractive. I'm aware this forum is mostly for those...
31 week 6 days ago
Online chances calculator by vocazHey guys, Anyone tried the online MBA chances calculator on vocaz website? I tried it and got a 60, which is a stretch at all the schools I'm considering... very disappointing. Do you think it is credible? do you know a similar tool? ...
461 week 6 days ago
Did I just blow my MBA applications?I applied to 4 elite schools last month. This is the month where I wait for interviews. I had no idea as to whether or not I should've sent in official test scores(Wharton said no need, others had mixed information) and the submission site was down/malfunctioning for a few weeks... so I waited unti...
22 weeks 1 day ago
(MBA) Sloan vs. Booth - Can't Decide (For MBB)Hello! I am a regular poster, and this is a throwaway account. I have posted this on the GMATClub forums and would like a second set of opinions on this. Anyway, I have been accepted to Sloan and Booth, and can't decide. I love them both! Both schools have their admitted students weekend on the same...
142 weeks 1 day ago
Dual degree Finance-Actuarial Science From Macquarie University in Sydney. Since combining Finance with Actuarial Studies might allow me to analyze deeper on risks and enhance my mathematical skills, would this be a great idea for me? From employers' side, I've been hearing that qua...
32 weeks 2 days ago
Economics degree for Investment banking?I know I know this subject is soooooooo old, but it's not what your thinking, my situation is different. So I want to study in Germany, I actually have no other option, it's the best tuition-free country to study in, and it has ones of the best universities in the world (not the best I know). My ult...
02 weeks 3 days ago
Applying to MSF with 2.7 gpaI am a senior at a semi target in Pennsylvania studying International Politics. I was originally planning on going to law school, however I decided this past summer that I want to pursue a career in Finance. My GPA is low due to my horrendous first semester where I failed 2 courses. No excuses here,...
92 izi
72 weeks 3 days ago
High School Senior striving to land a job in wall streetNot exactly sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but as the title says im currently a highschool senior and I've always wanted to work in wall street starting as an analyst of course. I'm mainly looking to get some advice and any tips that would prove beneficial to me. I have still not d...
122 weeks 4 days ago
MSF step down in pay?I am looking to transition out of my sales career into corporate finance. While the move is not financially motivated, I am cornered about the financial implications. After graduating with an MSF degree from say Hopkins, will I likely be looking at an entry level finance job given that I have no exp...
62 weeks 4 days ago
MSc in Finance: Rotterdam (RSM) vs. Stockholm (SSE)Hey, I am planning to apply for the finance programs at RSM and SSE for the intake in 2015. My problem is that I have a very low gmat score: 610 (Q45, V29). I think I'd still be able to get into RSM as they accept on a first-come first serve basis and I meet all their minimum requirements. My chanc...
452 weeks 4 days ago
New US News MBA Rankings - Columbia #10, Booth ties Stanford at #2 (and beats Wharton...)Quite a shakeup...almost a list I'd expect to see from Forbes or BW! Mod Note (Andy): To see the rankings, click here. ...
642 weeks 5 days ago
MSc in finance in Bocconi, Esade, Frankfurt SOM Can anyone give a brief idea about an MSc at these 4 schools. How are their placements for Non-EU students? I happened to go through FT rankings regarding placements and they don't seem consistent with the reports on the official websites. Help please? ...
193 weeks 2 hours ago
Do these schools recruit well with Wall Street? Hi, I'm a senior and I'm looking to apply to the following schools: Reaches Barnard College Colgate University Boston College Lehigh University Lafayette College Carleton College University of Richmond Vassar College Smith College Matches Union College College of the Holy Cross University of Indiana...
23 weeks 4 hours ago
Questions about RSMDear all, First of all, I would like to ask you to forgive me for my poor English... I'm French and as you know French people aren't very good at English :D I have the opportunity to do an exchange with the Rotterdam School of Management next year and I'm very interested in doing my MSc there. I'm...
03 weeks 8 hours ago
Low GPA applying for masters hi, guys, my undergrad GPA is 2.74 and my masters GPA is 3.40ish so if I score a great close to 700, I have a chance for admission in Rotterdam masters in innovation management ? both of my degrees are from state recognised universities. nothing fancy tho ...
03 weeks 13 hours ago
Can I even enter at this point?Hi all, I've recently quit my job and was invited to work on a startup with a friend in Asia. We raised over 100k in VC funding and were about to start but my partner had a family emergency and our investor pulled out because I can't do it alone for reasons I won't go into here. After graduating fro...
143 weeks 1 day ago
513 weeks 1 day ago
MSF for non-banking jobs?I am currently in Pharma sales, but am looking to transition into a non-sales job in the financial space (financial manager, cfo type role). For this, I am considering an MA in finance (can't get into top MBA program), but have no interesting in i-banking as many seem to be who pursue an msf degree....
23 weeks 2 days ago
Bocconi, LSE, Mannheim and others. Advice help? Hi, i'm an international student going to apply for college soon. I'm not from Europe, but i'm looking to study in Europe. I'm planning to study either finance or economics. English and mandarin are my native languages, and I can speak a little of french. That's about it for my language skills, but ...
33 weeks 2 days ago
KCL Vs. CassHI guys, this is actually my first post here in the forum and I hope to get some help regarding my bschool decision. I am currently in the last year of my bachelor and have applied for several ms finance programs for 2016 intake. So far I received offers from RSM - MSc Finance and Investments King...
23 weeks 2 days ago
Central Banking - MBA at a M7Hello, I am currently working at the central bank for a G-7 nation as an economist in the financial markets group. I am mostly focused on the policy side , but also undertake research with Ph.D researchers when it comes to model building for the bank. My profile: Local top 3 business school in my c...
23 weeks 3 days ago
Leave GMAT on or off resume? I'm an undergrad at a top 10 university who is currently recruiting for internships in consulting. I took the GMAT recently and scored a 760, but I am unsure whether putting the score on my resume is a good idea- will that indicate to firms that I don't intend to stay committed in the long run? Any ...
43 weeks 3 days ago
Retaking 740 GMAT with a 2.4.Hello, I do apologize if this is a tone deaf post but I am a law student who will be graduating in 2017. I'll be 23 when I graduate and I am thinking about business school as an option a few years after graduation. I went to law school for close to free so I have under 20k of debt. I had a 2.4...
23 weeks 4 days ago
FT Booth Experience and Brand is diluted by the PT peopleMore of a rant than a question as this topic has been address already but I wouldnt mind having Booth people to give their perspective. I have confirmation bias going on as well. If you are a PT and disagree then it will only serve to strengthen my belief (sorry). My statements rests on the followin...
203 weeks 4 days ago
Looks like Booth just jumped up my list of schoolsGood for them. "The University of Chicago recently made it clear to its crop of incoming students that academic freedom and inquiry remain pillars at the institution, and that the university does not support "so-called" trigger warnings or offer safe spaces that allow students "to retreat from ideas...
Jumped-up country boy
283 weeks 4 days ago
Part-time MBA at Booth So I know that part-time MBA is primarily for those who wish to stay at their current firm and receiving sponsorship. But at Booth the part-time students are allowed access to on-campus recruiting and networking events if they sign a waiver. I've heard though that the full-timers resent and look do...
363 weeks 4 days ago
Sophomore summer plans.. I am a sophomore at a top (semi-target) school (top 5 USNWR) and I'm currently unsure what path I should take regarding internships next summer. I want to say that I would like to setup myself for IBD junior year, although I'm not sure whether I wanna join IBD after college (thinking of S&T too)...
23 weeks 4 days ago
Target banking: What's a very good math problem-set book for the GMAT?What's a very good math problem-set book for GMAT practice? ...
I-Bflat minor
33 weeks 4 days ago
What's a very good math problem-set book for GMAT practice?What's a very good math problem-set book for GMAT practice? ...
I-Bflat minor
13 weeks 4 days ago
Will Withdrawing From a Course Hurt My Chances at a Top 10 Bschool?I am a finance major at a state university. I have all As right now excluding Calculus which I will be likely to get a C in. This makes my overall GPA a 3.38. I want to attend a high end graduate school. GMAT is not a concern as I already have the needed score. Is it worth it to take the C and get c...
03 weeks 4 days ago
Yale Outperforms Harvard Once AgainFor the sixth year in a row, Yale's endowment has outperformed Harvard with its 3.4% investment gain. These are the stats for Yale's Ivy League peers: Harvard on Thursday said its investments declined by 2 percent, lowering the value of the largest fund in higher education by $1.9 billion to $35....
73 weeks 5 days ago
WUSTL MSF class of 2016 placements stats! They continue to shine. I will say they are even better than last year!!! 100% placed in the US which is big deal. The only issue I had with the program is that they accepted more international students than other schools (like 40% last year for the FC track). I see that they've reduced that number...
163 weeks 5 days ago
Baruch MSF to rebrand myselfFirst post!! Sorry in advance for the lengthy post... really conflicted right now and had to seek advice. Background: I graduated 2014 from a top 20 school in the northeast with a major in statistics but with a GPA of 2.8. Because of the low GPA, I was discouraged to apply to any top firms and inste...
73 weeks 5 days ago
Why is Cass Business School negatively viewed?First of all, allow me to introduce myself. I am a senior at the University of Piraeus' Department of Maritime Studies in Piraeus, Greece. I have been interested (after graduation and after my National Service in the Hellenic Army of course) in Master's studies either in Shipping (specifically Cass ...
03 weeks 5 days ago
University dilemmaHey everyone, I'm a soon-to-be uni student and I needed some advice on which uni is the best overall and which one has a greater influence when it comes to placements in BB and EB. I intend to work in New York despite the university I go to and have a great interest in M&A. I'm applying to baruc...
63 weeks 6 days ago
Would you rather transfer to a target or go to a MIT/Princeton MSF Program?Curious to hear what you guys think. Speaking objectively, I think MSF programs have been somewhat devalued on this forum due to how new most programs are. MSF can be a cheaper route and seems as though that they are much more involved with getting someone their targeted job. Also appears that their...
33 weeks 6 days ago
Chances of getting accepted into ms finance programs Hi, i just gave my GMAT yesterday and scored a 630 ( Q:48 , V:28 , IR:6) and i looking to apply into MS Finance programs in the US. My Profile: Indian student , Did my undergraduate in commerce with major in accountancy. GPA - 5.55/7 , 3-month internship experience in the Finance department of a com...
03 weeks 6 days ago
Mckinsey/BCG Consultant - HBS/Wharton?I am currently in one of the top strat consulting firms (Mckinsey/Bain/BCG). As far as I'm concerned I got in by sheer stroke of luck. I networked my ass off through alumni referrals to MBB recruiters, spoke to a ton of engagement managers by attending HBS and Wharton business conferences, somehow g...
114 weeks 10 hours ago
Thoughts on this MBA ranking for Investment Banking? Top 10 is: 1) Columbia Business School 2) UPenn Wharton 3) London Business School 4) NYU Stern 5) Cornell Johnson 6) Harvard Business School 7) INSEAD 8) MIT Sloan 9) Chicago Booth 10) HEC Paris ...
04 weeks 10 hours ago
College vs the real world experience (your opinions)1. Do your bosses (employers) seem smarter than your college professors? 2. Do your colleagues seem smarter than your classmates? (Or more ambitious) 3. Do you feel that you have more fun during college or after? 4. Did you learn more from college or the real world? ...
174 weeks 16 hours ago
Accounting Partner vs Law PartnerHi WSO community, I am currently an accounting student and I am considering law school after graduation. Put the type of work aside and what I will enjoy more, how do accounting partners and law partners compare in terms of compensation, work/life balance, stability and chances of being partner in e...
244 weeks 20 hours ago
How to recover after bad first two years?I'm in my third year now of my BBA. I did one internship in my first year at an insurance firm. My grades were decent in first year (around 3.65). My school has a coop program that, due to a small miscommunication, I didn't get in to. The program is what the school's known for and I was devastated f...
74 weeks 1 day ago
Colorado University - Boulder, Leeds School of Business.I know that it isn't a "target" university but that is where I'm planning on going (previous choice was NYU, but living at NYC is way to expensive as a student and in my situation). I am going as a Freshman this fall now that I have my green card (even though I'll be 21 years old), I would really a...
201 month 1 hour ago
How difficult is it to get into London Business School?The title largely covers the topic. Interested in exploring getting my MBA at LBS instead of one of the US schools. ...
161 month 4 hours ago
Low GPA, High GMAT - Chances at MBA?Would appreciate advice/opinion on my chance of getting into MBA schools. Stats & Work Experience Undergrad GPA: 2.5 (Went to school in top 70. One reason for low GPA is because I had epilepsy growing up and had brain surgery right before college, both of which affected academic performance).GMA...
181 month 5 hours ago
How to get into the Nittany Lion Fund as a freshmen This one goes out to all of you NLF alumni and current members out there; how do I get in as a freshmen? I'm currently a high school senior and am wondering what I can do to prepare/should keep in mind for when I start my first semester in the Fall. I'd appreciate it if you went over everything from...
141 month 11 hours ago
Is a Msc Finance worth it?Hi, I am an Italian Business Economics bachelor student and I am at my last year so I'm starting to think about my future the bachelor degree. I'm inclined to choose a Msc in Finance, but at the same time I'm scared of the future of finance, and overall banks. The reason of this is given by the prev...
21 month 14 hours ago
MSF Optional EssayI have a few questions about the optional essay part of the MSF application. First, do I need to address why I'm not using my current manager for a recommendation (using two former professors for recs)? I graduated in June and have only been at my job 2 months so I assume it goes without saying tha...
21 month 22 hours ago
What do you learn in the MBA program that you don't as a bachelors in business degree?What do they teach you at the MBA level that they don't if you only have a bachelors in business degree or related field? ...
41 month 22 hours ago
Merit aid from targets??So I have a 35 on ACT and a 4.553 GPA (4.0 unweighted). I am looking to go into HFs as a career and have been investing since sixth grade with this goal. I plan on going IB to HFs. Due to my family financial circumstances, we are not eligible for any financial aid at most universities. Thus, to avoi...
01 month 23 hours ago
cornell for finance?my goal is to go into the HF industry but start off in IB. I noticed that cornell does not offer a major for finance? instead they only have economics. does economics properly prepare you for a career in HFs or is cornell's economic undergrad program very finance related? thanks for your time and as...
11 month 23 hours ago
Senior year; need university that fits meIm about to finish school (im 21). I really want to have a successful career in finance or politics. I hope to become a senior executive by 30 or 35 however i need the right college for this. Which college propels stupid but ambitious people? Im not from usa btw, im however living here until i gradu...
41 month 1 day ago


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