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My GMAT Study PlanI just took the GMAT this past weekend and scored a 760 (Q49 / V44), so while everything was fresh on my mind I wanted to make a post here about the process that I went through. I know that there are a few threads like this already out there, but when I was trying to figure out how to tackle the GMA...
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Spotlight: WSO User GuidelinesPlease read in the WSO User Guidelines in detail before posting to WSO. ...
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M7 MBA Stereotypes Busted!I think this would be very helpful for MBA candidates. I'll shoot first . Was in Chicago visiting Kellogg and Booth, met a handful of current students (& alum) and learned something I found surprising: when looking into PE resources at both schools, Kellogg's was much more impressive than Booth'...
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Six things I have learned after joining a top business school (part 1/2)A few months ago I arrived in London to pursue a Masters in Finance at London Business School; though my journey started a few months ahead of this when I did my research into business schools in Europe. London Business School was always within the top five in all the rankings; and more importantly,...
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Ask Natalie from Accepted about Business School AdmissionsWSO is excited to have the experts from on board to answer applicant questions in the business school forum. Here is a message from Natalie who will be checking this thread every few days to make sure she is staying on top of questions: I'm here to answer any questions you have regardi...
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Deciding the Scope of Schools to Apply for MSFHey Guys, First time posting on this site, here it goes. I'm 21 years old. I have developed a passion for finance over the past two years and am seriously considering pursuing a MSF. I was wondering if you guys could let me know based on the information below what schools I have a shot at getting in...
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Should I take the GMAT or CFA level 1 while in undergradI am currently a junior at a non target and have decided to either start on my CFA or to strt studying for the GMAT. I have also been working in finance for 3 years already. Which would be more valuable to get done first? I was thinking to do the GMAT soon so I could retake if I needed to. ...
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High School Junior in Northeast Looking For Business SchoolsHey WSO, This is my first post on WSO, how exciting! Anyways, I'm a 16 year old junior in high school, and I am totally going into a finance or economics major in college. Since you are all either in business school or established in the field, I thought you guys could give me some pretty good advic...
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I need to make a decision!Hey guys, new member here. I've been lurking around these forums for quite some time now. I was in the process of applying to graduate schools and there was always some valuable information to be found here. I have now been accepted to Michigan State Eli Broad College of Business as well as Texas...
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Tiny firm to M7?Hey Guys, I guess I posted this in the wrong forum before. So after a really long and stressful recruiting season, I was lucky enough to secure a FT position at a very small PE FoF through ocr. I wasn't really sure about what I wanted to do after graduation so I got the job while only having a limit...
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Is the CMC MSF STEM designated program like the pepperdine's one?I emailed them but they haven't replied. Some msfs are stem, including the Minnesota msf, and as an international, that matters to me because I won't necessarily need h1b for the two years I want to work there. Can anyone confirm? ...
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Georgetown sent me an email saying they still haven't looked at my appI am going to preface this with the following: I am not applying to Georgetown, or any business school. This is something a friend of mine asked me and I have asked alums, Bschool grads, etc. and no one can give insight so I figured I would try here. Question is below. Note: my friend is a Pacific I...
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B-school application me pick a schoolHi guys I am planning on applying to b-school this primary post-mba goal is strategy/operations at a tech firm (google, apple, microsoft, linkedin etc.) and if that doesn't work out then my second choice will be MBB consulting. I am already applying to the west coast schools (anderson, h...
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