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WSO Resume Review: get ready!Please check out our new Resume Review service to get your resume ready for recruiting season: ...
93 days 3 hours ago
Message Board Rules and NetiquetteAs the community continues to grow and evolve, let's try to keep it at least somewhat civil, useful and entertaining. Please read in the WSO User Guidelines in detail before posting to WSO. ...
08 years 8 months ago
PE Internship vs BB MO/BO Internship?For a little context: I'm a sophomore at a non-target, triple majoring, with a perfect academic record. I'm hoping to break into IBD, and as of right now I'm going through my first real internship recruiting cycle. Being my first shot at all this, I cast a pretty wide and varied net in my applicatio...
38 min 29 sec ago
ECM vs. IBD, BB vs. middle marketI have two summer analyst internship offers -- ECM at BAML, and IBD at Nomura. I loved the people at both, and am having a hard time deciding. I've asked a lot of people for their inputs as well and have gotten different answers -- some people say the value of IBD over ECM outweighs (including in te...
014 min 45 sec ago
Graduating Senior in Big Four Audit - Consulting Career Path?I am a senior majoring in Accounting at UIUC. My GPA is >3.6, and my goal is to be in consulting. However, I have no professional work experience. This past Summer I was in Europe traveling after I studied abroad for the Spring semester. The Summer before that I was bartending on campus. My EC's ...
46 hours 20 min ago
Goldman Sachs AIMS Client Portfolio Solutions GroupDoes anyone have any details about the various groups within the GS AIMS division? I know the group is a part of GSAM, and has offices in Salt Lake City and New York. It includes the Private Equity Group and Hedge Fund Strategies groups, both of which I believe are fund of funds (if this is incorrec...
010 hours 6 min ago
Chartered Market Technician SalaryHi all.. I know this is a very relative question given any situation, however, what would be a $ value given to being a Chartered Market Tech? How much would you negotiate for on a given salary if you hold the CMT? 10k? 20k? etc? Basically what is it worth on average to a company in salary terms al...
011 hours 51 min ago
Commercial/Corporate Banking Pay ScaleHello Monkeys, I'm about to accept a Commercial Banking offer at a MM bank and wanted to inquire a bit as to the pay progression and exit opps. The starting salary is 75k plus bonus, which honestly struck me as a bit high, and due to the size of the company there is no split between the Relationship...
115 hours 14 min ago
Background Check w/ MisdemeanorsHello, so I have recently accepted a position with a big four accounting firm as an intern and I have yet to undergo a background check. Problem is I have two plead no contests to underage consumption and one underage consumption that has been dismissed. The two no contests happened back in 2013 and...
016 hours 3 min ago
Is it fine to accept two Big 4 internship offers from different firms? For winter and summer.I accepted two audit internship offers from different Big 4 firms. One for the winter and the other for the summer. Is that fine? The reason for doing so is because I want to see which firm is the better overall fit for me. The only issue I see is if I get offered a full-time job after my winter i...
117 hours 7 min ago
Leaving your current job to work at UberI'm sure many of you working in large US cities have used or at least heard of the Uber car service. I use it frequently and think it is absolutely fantastic. I'm literally impressed every time I use it for the simple reason that it is everything as advertised and priced right. I currently work at o...
3217 hours 44 min ago
Calls with Senior Guys after SuperdayHad superday on Friday. Got email on Saturday morning from senior banker asking to set up time to talk on Monday. Call was pretty much another interview and said I'd hear decision shortly. Sent email followup after and he responded that an MD would be in touch with me. Call was this morning and so ...
420 hours 5 min ago
Interview with division I have not applied toHey everyone, I'm currently in the recruiting process for a summer analyst position in Investment Banking at a few banks. I've just received an email from HR congratulating me about getting a first round interview with the Sales & Trading division of the bank. However, I have not applied to the ...
020 hours 28 min ago
MUFG Superday 11/6 (Analyst 2016) Hear Back?I had a superday for MUFG Securities on 11/6 for 2016 analyst. Has anyone heard back yet? ...
521 hours 5 min ago
I hate being a Commercial Real Estate Appraiser but I can't get out!About me: - I'm 40 years old with wife and kids and live in a large U.S. city - 10+ years as a commercial real estate appraiser - Income about $60,000 annually (With Poor or No Benefits) - Average workweek ranges from 60 to 80 hours with one or two all-nighters per month - I've worked at both small ...
221 hours 30 min ago
Tips on Being more Polished?Appearing more professional, well-spoken, presentation, etc. ...
523 hours 4 min ago
Canadian Looking for Career AdviceRecently attained Finance undergrad from non-target school in Atlantic Canada. Looking for advice on what to do for 2 years while completing CFA. Completed CSC and CPH. Currently have three offers that I consider far away from IB land. Citco Op Analyst(fancy term for back office peasant) $40k plus C...
51 day 10 hours ago
Exit Opportunities for Post-MBA Corporate Development / Strategy AssociatesI'm a post-MBA Associate in the Corp Dev/Strat group of a large publicly traded company and possibly looking to switch jobs at the 1 year mark. Company is in a small city and I'd like to go back to NY. Ideally I'd like to stay in corp dev, however, is it also possible to switch to Banking or maybe ...
01 day 15 hours ago
Modelling Test - Private Equity InternshipHi Guys, Wanted to ask for your advice. I'm due for an in-office modelling test for a long-term private equity intern position (analyst level) for a large PE firm, and they said that my test would take 1.5-2 hours and basically be a DDM. However, this confused me because a DDM is usually really quic...
21 day 17 hours ago
Having trouble deciding between two internshipsHi, I am having some trouble deciding between two internships for the summer. I'm hoping oasis can help weigh in. 1) Business development intern for a non-profit financial advisory firm started by recent program graduates. I would work around 5-10 hours a week and mostly do cold calling and other no...
42 days 9 hours ago


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