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WSO Resume Review: get ready!Please check out our new Resume Review service to get your resume ready for recruiting season: ...
92 months 3 weeks ago
The Secret Weapon That Lets You Control the Job InterviewMany people enter an interview expecting to be grilled by tough questions: "How would you handle X," "What makes you different from all other candidates?", "How many windows do you estimate are in Manhattan?" And to their credit, many candidates can handle these questions with ease. But what we so...
03 days 16 hours ago
Non-Target/Low GPA/Sophomore - Internship hunting game plan tips?Dear WSO members, I have a minor concern about my first internship hunting. A little introduction: I came to the US with an F-1 Visa and I'm Korean. I am a sophomore at Penn State, studying Economics, and minoring in Security and Risk management. Basically I bombed the shit out my first &...
02 min 18 sec ago
GMAT Scores on ApplicationsHi - I took the GMAT 8-ish years ago and immediately completed an MBA, worked full-time in high profile roles and passed CFA level 1 on the first try in December 2015. Admittedly I am trying to make a tough transition into PE, but how relevant is the score at this point? What should I do if it is ...
11 hour 54 min ago
2016 Full-time IB Recruiting Timeline MegathreadIt's that time of year again, folks. Time to polish those resumes, fire up the LinkedIn and WSO search functions, and bug the hell out of the career advisers at your schools. It's recruiting time! We are all looking for information on timelines and deadlines for every bank possible. If you or your ...
8202 hours 29 min ago
Freshman Summer Internship - Boutique Investment Bank?I'm currently a freshman studying in NYC and wondering what channels I should use to search for an internship for this upcoming summer? Obviously, I understand that my university's career services department is an option, but I'm also trying to find other routes. From what I've been able to find fro...
24 hours 31 min ago
MSF -->> Big 4 Valuation AMAIt has been a long time since I've posted something constructive on these fora but lately, I have been getting a lot of questions on LinkedIn about Big 4 valuation, especially from those in MSF programs and recent MSF grads. Like most MSFs, I was completely unaware of the diverse career paths that ...
177 hours 47 min ago
Goldman Sachs Application Developer job titlesHi I am recently considering a development role in Goldman Sachs. I have heard that Goldman Sachs maintains an internal job title and an external title for developers. The internal titles ranges from AD01, AD02 and AD03. The external titles are similar to the rest of the American banks: Analyst, Ass...
19 hours 50 min ago
China Summer Internship - Investment BankingHello all, Im a second year undergraduate at a Spanish university looking for an investment banking summer internship in China. Ive come to see that any available internships have to be secured through an intermediary, which come at a very high cost i.e. CRCC Asia (+- 3000$)... It is also particula...
110 hours 20 min ago
JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs ?So I just got accepted to JP Morgan summer tech analyst program and I have an interview with Goldman Sachs next week. Do you guys think I should go forward with the Goldman interview, is their program better than JP's or no? ...
112 hours 20 min ago
Citadel vs BlackRock summer internshipI am trying to choose between a Software Engineering intern position at Citadel and a research position at BlackRock. My interest is in machine learning and BlackRock is for sure going to give me some projects that align with my interest. I also really enjoyed my conversation with BlackRock intervie...
I love Solder
113 hours 6 min ago
Getting a job in New York with a BSc from LSE!Hi, I've recently graduated with a BSc in Politics from the London School of Economics, and was wondering if anyone can give me any advice on what kind of graduate jobs I would be able to apply for in New York? I am planning to move to NY with my fiancee (who is an American citizen) so won't need a ...
114 hours 16 min ago
Accenture vs. Mercer offersHi, I've received summer internship offers at both Accenture Consulting and Mercer Talent Consulting. I reached final rounds at Bain, BCG, and Deloitte S&O but no offers. I'm having difficulty choosing between Accenture and Mercer. My concerns with Accenture are that 1) the internship experience...
015 hours 39 min ago
Citi Private Bank InformationI have been trying to research Citi Private Bank, but there really isn't a lot of information online. I have an offer from Citi Private Bank and was looking to hear what people had to say about them. I was wondering if anyone had any experience/insight on Citi Private Bank - would really appreciate ...
418 hours 21 min ago
I went> B4 Audit> B4 CF > IB: Ask me anythingAs a lot of people ask about these things then I thought I'd make an AMA: I work in London and I made that much sought after career jump that started in Big Four audit and ended up in IB (Debt Capital Markets) at a boutique with a stopover at Big Four CF in between. If you have any questions about...
411 day 1 hour ago
How long would you stay at a job before leaving?What is the minimum amount of time, morally or professionally, that you feel you should stay at your first job out of college before taking another job? Do managers take it personal when someone leaves after 1-2 years? ...
21 day 7 hours ago
Should I quit my job or stay and risk getting fired?Hey guys, I need some guidance on what to do in my situation. I am currently in corporate finance at a Fortune 100 Company. Joined the company 5 years ago and my current team about 1.5 year ago. At first, it sounded like a great opportunity and for the most part, I like the people I work with. But I...
81 day 12 hours ago
You're a final year econ student from a non-target with no internship. How would you go about getting an investment role?I'm a final year econ student from a good (but non-target) university with no internships or work-experience. What are some practical routes for me to get a job in investment/asset management or equity research? Here are some possible routes I've thought of: Route A: Apply for internships now for s...
31 day 19 hours ago
Email address format for a common first and last name?So I'm an asian guy with a sort of common asian name. I've been trying different combinations of my name on gmail to find a more professional email address. My current address is something like "[email protected]". I cannot set up my university email to allow me to send emails via the university ...
11 day 19 hours ago
The suspense is killing me! How long should I expect to wait after a GS interview?So I recently completed a third round of interviews with a few different people from a GS executive office team. I felt the interview went quite well, and I sent thank you notes to all my interviewers. Some of them even responded back very warmly, appreciating my interest in the industry. It's been...
101 day 19 hours ago
5 year HF analyst - lull or fineHi WallStreetOasis, I hope those experience can help take stock on my career. I think it's going average but any comments would help. I know WSO is a source of valuable advice. Quick recap: top 10 US school, economics comp sci double major, 3.6 gpa, 5 years collectively at two equity l/s HF around ...
02 days 1 hour ago
Global macro/asset allocation recruitingThis post is a summary of my extensive job search in the global macro/asset allocation space. Any and all advice others may have on it would be really appreciated - although I hope it also helps those looking to work in the space. I'm Canadian. I studied economics at a good college, had a solid GPA,...
02 days 5 hours ago
Join the WSO Resume Review Team We are looking to add several Resume Reviewers to the WSO Resume Review team. Requirements: At least 1 year of professional experience in Investment Banking or other financial field, IB and/or PE background preferred Previous experience screening resumes, experience with IB resumes preferred Strong...
182 days 5 hours ago
BB PWM MD tells me to apply for internship even though I'm not even qualified for it?!Hello everyone. I am in the need of some advice. I am a freshman at an Ivy and I have been cold emailing PWM around NYC. 3 weeks ago I got a reply from a BB PWM MD who went to college near my school. We had a meeting in NYC and he mentioned that he'll look out for me but he wasn't sure about how HR ...
42 days 7 hours ago


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