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WSO Resume Review: get ready!Please check out our new Resume Review service to get your resume ready for recruiting season: ...
105 months 1 week ago
interview tips for someone who was kicked out of their frat for hazing too muchHey guys, long time lurker first time poster. I wanted to ask you guys your opinion on whether or not I should bring up during my interview that I was kicked out of my fraternity for hazing pledges too much. I mean, in my defense there isn't really a guideline to what TOO MUCH is, but I guess when o...
53 min 13 sec ago
Goldman snubs campus interviews to introduce robo-recruiting.Yes you read that right. Starting with next year's class, Goldman will employ a new robot recruiting system for it's undergrad prospects.The whole purpose, according to them, is to remove the common traits and interests that the recruiter and the graduate might share, and instead hire people who are...
327 min 4 sec ago
NYC investment bankingWill be graduating from a University of Minnesota branch (non-target) at the end of this year with around a 3.85 GPA, been on the deans list every semester and have decent work experience. Still I feel apprehensive trying to break into the financial ranks of NYC, either investment banking or wealth ...
827 min 38 sec ago
Cognizant equity researchHas anyone had any experience with them or any information to share? Are certain IB roles outsourced to them and you do it, in some cases you work at the IB with the team, would this be worth persueing? ...
1144 min ago
Why do companies still ask for cover letters?I'm sure we all know that recruiters don't ever look at cover letters. To be frank, they are just too standard and boring, offering little insight about the candidates. Why then, do some companies still ask for cover letters in their application? ...
01 hour 22 min ago
Lunch or Coffee ?Hey Guys, I am taking next Friday off and will be flying out to a city that I want to live in to network with a partner from a PE firm and wanted your advice on if I should invite for lunch or coffee. Basically, I was referred to the partner through a previous employer and had a phone call with him ...
82 hours 1 min ago
What should I do next summer???I'm a rising sophomore at a top target state school and was hoping to get some advice from the older guys on the board. I'm hoping to either go into IBD or CorpFin and have good connections (dad works at a BB and brother works at a boutique) and internships (PWM and working at a startup this summer)...
52 hours 21 min ago
Is applying in person frowned upon these days?I've applied to a number of spots, and would like to apply to some more in person. Will be traveling to the city I'd like to work in next week and would like to get some good advice from this forum. This is in wealth management, keep in mind, so I'm hoping this approach might carry a little more sig...
92 hours 21 min ago
Listing Myself as Hispanic to Gain AdvantageI am a 2nd generation South-East Asian from Miami. My mother was born in Latin America, and speaks Spanish fluently but is Vietnamese. While the exact definition of what "Hispanic" means is often debated, the first few results on Google state, "Hispanic or Latino Americans are Americans with origi...
102 hours 23 min ago
What Would You Say to 20 y/o YouHi everyone, I am currently 20 years old and studying Econ in NYC. Ideally, like everyone, I want to land a job after graduation. For those of you in the financial industry, what are some words of advice for someone who wants to make the most out of college in the city? What might you have done diff...
614 hours 2 min ago
Breaking Into Investment Banking In CanadaHey guys, I am going into my second year at the University Of Toronto (not Rotman), and I am currently enrolled in the BBA Program (Management Specialist). I wanted to know more about how to break into investment banking in Canada as I couldn't find a lot of content on the topic. What is the GPA cut...
94 hours 54 min ago
Some doubts while choosing my next internshipHi everyone, I've just registered to WSO and after introducing myself I wanted to ask for an advice. I am a final year European Msc Finance student (let's say from one between France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland) and I would like to build a career in the buy-side. Now i have the opportunit...
35 hours 16 min ago
Applying to a PE shop who we are currently doing a deal with - Dilemma I have been working at a boutique IB for nearly two years now. Currently, we are on an ongoing possible transaction with a PE shop in which my director has built strong ties with the partners over the past months. The PE firm is currently seeking an associate and I am thinking about jumping ship. No...
05 hours 51 min ago
MBB ConsultingI interviewed with all 3 of MBB and made it to final rounds for internship, now I NEED to land FT. ...
06 hours 6 min ago
Lying? at networking...Hey guys, so I'm sophomore college student in New York (not going school in city tho). I just finished my assistant role to senior analyst at L/S fund. I run models, covered earnings call (doing it now still), do research for the firms and industries that Senior Analyst asked me to do, and present i...
06 hours 17 min ago
Global Banking Training. Any thoughts on this training program?Im planing on going to this program which takes place in June and its based in London. It is a 4 week training (modeling and valuation) and a 4 week internship in an Investment bank M&A division. The reason i'm posting this topic is because i want to hear your opinions on this program and maybe ...
99 hours 55 min ago
Songs to Listen to Before Interview?A 2014 study suggested that those who listened to the bass-heavy music felt more confident and performed better at interviews and meetings. Exampled included 50 Cent's In Da Club and Queen's We Will Rock You. My personal favorites are Eminem's Lose Yourself and Kendrick's King Kunta. What are some h...
213 hours 38 min ago
Take L1 & L2 of CFA vs Learn Advanced Modeling for a New JobNot sure if there is a proper forum for this type of question, but basically here it is: I'm going to be moving cities and/or jobs in the next 6-12 months. I'd also like to get an MBA in the next 2-3 years. Shooting for a top 20 school. I currently work in corporate development for a F500 company. I...
617 hours 22 min ago
Application Deadline Before I Start Second Internship; What should I do?I a rising junior at a target and I have completed a boutique IB internship, and a small PE (search fund) internship. I am currently completing a larger PE internship right now and I will soon be starting a boutique IB internship. What should I do in terms of listing it before the deadline of my res...
117 hours 36 min ago
worried i won't get hiredhey monkeys, i'm a rising junior and i'm really worried that i'm not going to land a 2017 SA position. here are some of my stats: *target school *low gpa (think around 3.3) *most recent internship experience was as a financial data research analyst *other two internships were as a marketing intern a...
218 hours 17 min ago
Does a Venture Capital internship look good on resume for IBD?I am a rising sophomore at a non-target and I just received an offer from a boutique venture capital firm for a fall internship. I am excited about the opportunity, but I am wondering how does a Venture Capital internship look if my end goal is BB IBD junior year? Any opinions/info will be helpful...
Yung Trader
222 hours 27 min ago
How to make it more "Finance" sounded? Advice on ResumeWSO folks, I come from a non-target university, with a pretty high GPA (3.94). I got straight As (A-, A, A+) in all courses taken (1st and 2nd year). Although actively trying to get into finance, I could only gain accounting-related work experience. I interned at a Big 4 accounting firm and workin...
022 hours 42 min ago
Closing your IB networking conversation going in a "cold call"So I've been cold emailing some IB workers to get them on the phone to talk and build a connection. It rarely works but when I do get a conversation, I suck at closing it to get the referral. Starting the conversation is pretty straightforward but once I get to the middle where I need to keep it g...
122 hours 51 min ago
Lazard 2017 Summer Analyst RecruitmentEight days ago, Lazard HR reached out to offer me a first-round phone interview for their 2017 Summer Analyst Program. I accepted with enthusiasm and gave them my availability for the next week, and they said an Analyst would reach out to me to solidify the day/time of the interview. It has now been...
023 hours 23 min ago
Interview Etiquette - Bringing a bottle of water? What's the interview etiquette on bringing a bottle of water into an interview? Is it ok to take a sip or would that be considered a professional faux pas? What about taking your jacket off, etc. ...
121 day 1 hour ago
Getting a FT offerI am currently a summer intern at a BB. Got the job through connections so I am not actually in the intern class. Was wondering how I can convert this into a FT offer being that I am not in the normal recuritin channels. ...
31 day 3 hours ago
Is the CFA Chartholder useful for getting a job, if you're not from a top universityHi fellow monkeys, I usually find on the forum the answers for the questions I have. So, thank you to all who have contributed. I'd give a silver banana to everyone of you. My question: I'm wondering if getting the CFA Chartholder would help me get into a decent Asset Management firm? I know the ch...
31 day 4 hours ago
Getting into Broker Trainee ProgramI am a recent graduate (non-target school) with little experience looking to get into a broker trainee program. I was wondering if you guys have any ideas on where I should start to look for these positions (companies, search terms, etc.). I know my lack of experience may be a barrier, so apart from...
21 day 5 hours ago
Interview Experience: Technical question not found on guidesAnyone willing to share a curve ball technicial question you recieved that you didnt expect despite you going through interview guides or even hypothetical ones you thought you would get? ...
11 day 5 hours ago
Summer analyst internal mobilityI am a summer analyst in Chicago at a top BB. There's been a change in my family's financial circumstances and I now want to move back closer to home and work in a different regional office for FT. Since there are no positions in my group in this location, I'd have to move groups as well. Can anyone...
31 day 5 hours ago
Corp Dev Internship to IB?I'm a college student at a non target flagship state school with one summer left to intern after this, I graduate 2018. Currently I'm interning in the internal M&A dept of a F100 company. My GPA isn't the best, (3.3) but I have this internship and I worked in auto finance for 2 years prior to i...
11 day 6 hours ago
Banks with Rotational Programs?Looking into jobs in banking but not sure which route to take. Interested in IBD/Capital Markets but also kicking around commercial banking. Anybody know BB/MM firms with good FT rotational programs? ...
21 day 7 hours ago
Moelis first round interview - FT AnalystHi, I have a first round interview (90 min) with Moelis London coming up next week. Any tips/advice? Any of you fellow monkeys been through this? What can I expect? Does anyone know what the case study entails? Thanks guys. ...
61 day 9 hours ago
What should be my next move?Hey guys, A genuine, humble guy could use some of your advice right about now. I graduated from a non-target (think Penn State, Udel, Maryland) with a 3.5 GPA (3.8 major GPA) this past spring. Recently relocated to take a position in a "two year" MO/BO corporate finance rotational program at a BB a...
21 day 14 hours ago
Should you submit your resume before you finish networking?A few banks have already opened their applications for their SA programs. If you're still in the process of networking at those places and have on campus recruiting, should you wait to submit your resume or should you do it as soon as possible? Thanks! ...
31 day 20 hours ago
What are my chances for landing an entry level job at a bulge bracket bank?I am going into senior year of undergrad at a non-target school (a few firms and banks recruit for a couple of front office positions but it is very limited). I am majoring in Economics and I have a 3.5 GPA. I could not get the big time internships at the largest firms/banks that lead to a full time...
Short Bonds
41 day 21 hours ago
01 day 22 hours ago
Cold email template asking for Internship - AdviceI'm sure many of you have seen these, but really am trying to get some solid advice on the template below. I am a rising sophomore and am trying to get an unpaid internship with a boutique firm in the area for the fall semester so I was going to email the MD. "Hi Mr. xxx, My name is xxxxxxxx and I a...
71 day 23 hours ago
Got "soft offer" through email, delay in official job offerHi All - I have been out of work for a few weeks now (got the short end of the stick after being let go from one of the big 4). I applied to Capgemini and had 3 rounds of phone interviews within about a weeks time, then they flew me to Atlanta for in person. All went well and the recruiter said that...
22 days 21 min ago
I want to quit Goldman SachsI work at Goldman Sachs London as a Technology Associate and previously worked at another BB. I've always found my job incredibly frustrating, boring, and hierarchical. I always thought I was cut out for tech startups but was lured in by the money (not very much I might add) and prestige. I find at ...
422 days 41 min ago
Buyside Equity Research Internship for an Insurance Company to IBD?I am a rising sophomore at a non-target school majoring in accounting. After some serious networking, I just recently got an internship offer to work at an insurance company in their investments team. They have fixed income, equity, real estate, and PE portfolios and I will be focusing on equity res...
102 days 2 hours ago
Corporate Advisory Internship. Should I take it?Hey guys. I'm a current unpaid intern at an established VC firm and so far loving it. I go during Fridays and it's for 9 months, so I'm getting decent exposure and working with the team (so I'm not some coffee bitch or anything). However, I had previously interviewed at some corporate advisory shop ...
52 days 2 hours ago
How can I get a partner at big four to refer me?Hi guys. So my situation is a bit complex. I graduated from school in January 2O16. KPMG designates applicants as students if they have been out of school for less than 10 months but that is not a policy for continued on-campus interviewing for my school (entry -level jobs can only be applied on sch...
52 days 3 hours ago
What consulting firms should I target?Hey guys, I'm about to enter my senior year this coming fall and just want to get an idea as to what consulting firms I should target. Here's a little bit about my background: School: Top 25 Target Major: Financial Math, Minor: Business GPA: 3.7 Work Experience: Corp Finance in F100 Logistics, Busin...
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West Coast office recruiting for East coast TargetHi Everyone, I go to an east coast, non-ivy Target school and I'm very interested in getting an SA gig at one of the BB/EB Los Angeles offices. Any thoughts or comments on how to approach/steer OCR and networking towards interviewing for the LA offices? It seems like most recruiting is by default fo...
02 days 4 hours ago
Previous equity research associate in asia trying to get into trading roomHi guys, I guess there would be quite some similar topics around but I hope to shed some light on the issue for fresh grads from other countries. I come from Taiwan, graduated from college last summer and worked as an equity RA in a BB. However, the bank pulled its majority from Asia start of 16' an...
02 days 10 hours ago
PE Front Office vs. Operations TeamInterviewing with 2 regional PE firms. First position is front office/primary deal execution. Second position is operations/post investment management. Albeit I still expect to get decent exposure to primary deal execution, probably for about 20% of the time per my interviewer. Could people share t...
82 days 13 hours ago
Meeting with Senior Level Alum at BBWas wondering if you guys had any advice for how to make this most of this meeting. I've had a chat with this alum over the phone before and it went pretty well. So much so that when I followed up last week - months later - he invited me to come into his office for a chat (Notorious on campus for no...
12 days 15 hours ago
Cold Emailing from Exposed Deals?All, I am currently working on the corporate development side as an M&A Intern and have been exposed to a variety of deals with many boutique investment banks in the area. For context, none of these are active projects anymore nor were some of them ever active. I just happened to run across a lo...
22 days 16 hours ago
Mizuho FT RecruitingSo I'm finishing my SA internship at a BB and I am thinking of lateraling over to Mizuho, but a friend who is a 2nd year analyst told em that the bank overhired for their incoming 1st year class and the current intern class. Anyone else have any info on this? ...
02 days 17 hours ago
Anyone know IBs still looking for FT?Still looking for a full-time position. Anyone know any firms that are still looking for first year analysts? ...
122 days 18 hours ago
Canadian student at target school looking for advice on how to proceed.Hey everyone, I'm a rising sophomore at a Canadian target university, and I'm looking for advice on how to improve my odds of breaking into investment banking. I'm currently doing a stint at a boutique PWM shop, and I think that for a summer freshman internship this is a pretty good start. Besides t...
Canadian Anonymoose
42 days 19 hours ago
Any firms with Junior Analyst programs other than JP Morgan's? Im sure there has to be more out there rather than JP Morgan's Junior Analyst program. How about any boutiques that you can start as a temp then full-time? Anyone can shed light to do will be greatly appreciated. ...
02 days 20 hours ago
Contacting HeadhuntersCan college kids contact headhunters for IB internships? A friend of mine used one to find insurance internship/job. Will the banking head hunters even waste their time with a college kid? ...
EJ Entertainment
22 days 22 hours ago
Chance to convert internship into a FT offer MM IB in FrankfurtHello everyone, I will start an internship with a MM IB in Frankfurt in November. Originally, I applied for a FT position, however the bank told me that they normally require an internship before giving FT offers. How are the chances to convert an internship to a FT offer with MM IB like William Bl...
Germn Born Chinese
63 days 1 hour ago
Equity Research Analyst Interview HelpI'm having an interview for an equity research analyst position coming up. What kind of questions should I expect? ...
03 days 2 hours ago
Banks that are not doing FT recruiting Investment banking SAs - when would your internship finish and what is your bank's return rate looking at? Which banks have already decided not to do FT recruiting? So far I've known about BBs, EBs and MMs that not doing official FT recruiting -JefferiesCredit Suisse Recap on last year - UBS, MS 10...
23 days 2 hours ago
Majors for Finance. Yo, I got to the University of Michigan. I did not get into Ross, and in Econ I can't get past a core course needed thats theory, I have taken it twice. Any advice on majors? I currently intern in Private Equity, had offers for S&T at two boutique investment banks and my minor is History of Art....
03 days 2 hours ago
Senior at a (I believe) target school that recently decided he wants to pursue Investment Banking with no prior internshipsHey guys. As you can probably guess from the title of this post I am an incoming senior at UCLA majoring in Mathematics/Economics. I currently have a 3.6 GPA. Until the beginning of the spring quarter of this year I always intended on going to law school. I won't go into why this was originally my p...
33 days 3 hours ago
Transitioning into risk - the right move?Really enjoy reading the forum, lots of great advice. Unfortunately, I was a casualty to a round of layoffs in my firm 3 - 4 months back. I've recently landed an offer to join a risk team for a major oil firm in Houston, but frankly I do have a preference to stay within the function which I've be...
23 days 4 hours ago
Stigma for Canadian Students studying in the US and interning in Canada?I'm a Canadian student attending an American target school (going into sophomore year in the fall) and I'm hoping to work in the US after graduation. Due to Visa issues/connections I've formed in the past, I may end up working in Canada next summer. Wanted to hear WSO's opinion on whether this would...
33 days 4 hours ago
Analyst versus Intern Interview Questions: What's the differences between the two? After reading through numerous technical and behavioral interview guides, I am still having difficulty finding to what extent I must prepare for a IB internship interview. I know the basics (what's a DCF, three ways to value company, what's a 10k/10q, what's a LBO) but am far from comfortable in fin...
63 days 4 hours ago
Major GPA vs CumulativeHi guys, wondering if someone can do a little help/tweak of my resume. I've read on this site that sometimes if your major GPA is higher than your cumulative, it's beneficial to just list that instead. I'm from a non-target, so I'd like to be able to make myself look as good as possible. My major GP...
73 days 5 hours ago
Health vs IBDHey guys, So i recently received an internship offer with a BB in their IBD and I'm pretty excited. However, last year I had mono and was disagnosed with mild Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after. I'm a lot better now but the doctors are concerned that if I did IBD hours i would relapse. I really would l...
123 days 5 hours ago
How to network with recruiters (HR)? What's the difference between networking with HR people and networking with bankers? Hi guys, I have a few questions about networking with recruiters. Last week I was networking with my fellow alumni, and he suggested me to contact the recruiters at his firm and gave me the contact information. I'm wondering how to network with recruiters. Should I set up a time to speak with them ...
83 days 5 hours ago
What could I do in banking/consultancy?Hi, I'm a soon-to-be-graduate at the end of next year and have had my eye on the banking sector for awhile now. I am studying for a dual master's degree with Johns Hopkins SAIS and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. I speak a C2 level of French, native English speaker, A2 German, and a A2 Turkish. I'...
03 days 9 hours ago
Do you think it's necessary to have english name for foreigners if your name is difficult to remember or pronounce?Do you think it's necessary/useful to have english name for foreigners if your name is difficult to remember or pronounce? If so, should it be included in your resume, or should it be used informally? ...
23 days 13 hours ago
Upcoming Engineering Senior... what are the options?My background, for context: MechE rising senior at a small (laughably non-target) WNY engineering school with business and math minors, 3.7 gpa, became interested in finance last year. I have accounting, finance and investing knowledge and have done a lot of self-teaching and research. For experienc...
13 days 15 hours ago
Anyone ever apply through the company's career page?I don't really know if this topic has been brought up since most people here are networking for their positions, but I am just curious to know if anyone ever had success by just going to Goldman's career page and applying through their website. I know there are probably hundreds of applicants for th...
373 days 17 hours ago
Third IB Internship?I am a rising Junior at a target majoring in Economics and Math with a 3.4 GPA. I have completed a search fund internship (where I did a lot of industry research and due diligence) and a very small boutique IB (performed basic valuation, created many CIMs, industry research, aggregated KPIs, etc.) i...
63 days 18 hours ago
13 days 19 hours ago
Canada summer internshipsAnyone have experience with summer internships for banks? I'm a first year at a non-target and plan on cold-calling and cold-emailing in the next 2 weeks after finals. I've heard PWM is a good start for freshman summers but i'd like to do investment banking if possible. Right now my plan of action w...
103 days 22 hours ago
Goldman Sachs Video InterviewMyself, and a few people I know of were invited to do the 15min video interviewers for Goldman Sach's IBD summer internship. However, I believe they are not interviews, but rather you recording answers. Anybody have any experience with this/know what they ask? ...
23 days 23 hours ago
Leadership Development ProgramsFellow monkeys, I was wondering whether there was an up to date list of the Leadership Development Programs offered by F500 companies. Looking for all types of programs, including Finance Leadership Programs as well as the general rotational programs for new graduates. I came across a few threads fr...
03 days 23 hours ago
Stifel Investment Banking 1st Round Phone ScreenHello, I recently applied for an accelerated interview process for an investment banking analyst program at Stifel. I have a first round coming up in a couple of days and was wondering if anyone has interviewed there or if anyone who works there would like to have a conversation about the firm. Tha...
53 days 23 hours ago
Fordham GabelliI am a rising high school senior applying to mostly business schools, hoping to find a job in New York and hopefully on Wall Street following graduation, potentially getting my MBA. I've seen information from past years on Fordham but nothing too recent. Can I get somebody's two cents on the Gabell...
04 days 2 hours ago
Internship Lengths??Hi, Im currently about to start a 4 week internship, due to time restraints I'm unable to do a 8 week internship. Im currently in my second year in college and was wondering if the shorter 4 week internship puts me at a significant disadvantage? The firm i am doing it with is still reputable and a l...
54 days 3 hours ago
Big4 M&A Advisory vs. MM IB in FrankfurtWould you go for a Big4 M&A Advisory or MM IB in Frankfurt? Why? ...
Germn Born Chinese
14 days 3 hours ago
Dress Code for Bridgewater InterviewSeems like the dress code at bwater is pretty casual(based on the culture videos I was made to watch....). Is suiting up too much for a managment/investment associate interview? Should I dress business casual? Anyone have firsthand experience with this? ...
94 days 4 hours ago
Suggest networking outside of 9-5?I'm a rising junior interning at a 9-5 job at New York City this summer. I want to network with people (alums) in banking but it's difficult for me to take calls or meet people during work hours. How should I go about this? Is it fine if I suggest that we talk after 5pm? Will it inconvenience the pe...
14 days 4 hours ago
Recruiting while interningHello WSO community, I have been reading through some of the posts over the years and I really enjoy some of the content that you all provide. Today I have a question about recruiting. I am currently working at an investment bank and I like the people around here, and the work is decent. However, I ...
24 days 17 hours ago
What to do for FT?I guess I'm at a bit of a crossroads to say the least. After failing to land an IB SA spot (had 2 superdays at BBs, couldn't close), I'm unsure what to do. I have an offer on the table to return full-time to a small Asset Management shop ($1B-2B AUM) and be the team's third analyst, but I really wan...
54 days 17 hours ago
How big will FT analyst class be (after SA hires) & Do I have a chanceHow many FT analysts are BBs looking to take after SA hires? Also would I even have a chance for FT? I wasn't in IBD last year (got around to it too late for most spots. did well at GS superday but no offer), and am at a non-target w/ some (but no really relevant) finance experience. But, I've netwo...
04 days 17 hours ago
Rank NYC BBI have begun the networking process and attend a "target" school. I am not saying I could get into any BB I chose, but if I actively pursued a few I believe I would have a good chance. I know about vault, however I still believe BB's are the best place to start your career and they factor in boutiqu...
94 days 18 hours ago
Entry-Level F-1 OPT job, advice appreaciated/////////Skip to paragraph 3 if you don't want my background////////////// I never thought I would be posting in this forum for advice, but I have read some pretty useful things on here so I thought I would give it a shot. So I am a recent finance graduate waiting on my EAD card that will allow me t...
45 days 43 min ago
Moving from Trading to Banking?Hey, fellow monkeys, I am towards the end of my 1st year as an analyst in a BB, where I'm in sales and trading. It's alright and it would definitely be a nice place to be in even if I had to stay on the same desk for the next ten years. Before I started to work I had this vision of my ideal career b...
Deleveraged Sellout
15 days 12 hours ago
Career advice - what are my chances to work in IBHi, this is my first post in this forum. I wanted to know what are my chances of working in IB and what would be your recommendations in order for me to achieve that. First, some info about myself. I am currently finishing my 3rd year of university in Canada I am studying Finance. I have had 2 "work...
05 days 21 hours ago
Help me with my planI recently began doing work as an Analyst for a new boutique that advises small, closely owned companies (rev ~$1-10MM) find buyers to liquidate their equity stake. This is my first M&A/IB role, but I don't feel like I have broken in. I'm not getting paid and I feel like I don't get a lot of exp...
Yeezy's Flesh
35 days 21 hours ago
Goldman Sachs : CRMA, CQA team Associate/VP positionHello All, I have a first round interview for an Associate/VP position at Goldman Sachs, CQA team in their CRMA group. I would really appreciate any advice and experience that you can share for this position. Anyone who has applied for this job? or interviewed earlier?? Thanks ! ...
15 days 22 hours ago
Is MSF, MMS, or MFE even if you don't get into Investment Banking?Masters in Finance, Masters in Management Studies, Masters in Financial Engineering. Are they worth it if you don't get into Investment Banking? Thinking about getting one of those degrees, working, then MBA and trying again if I don't get into Investment Banking. ...
26 days 3 hours ago
How to go through Dartmouth corporate recruiting with low GPAI was premed until the end of this year when I realized I needed to take a break from it all and reevaluate my priorities. I have only taken one introductory course in Econ and don't have a finance related internship right now but want to do corporate recruiting next summer. I have a pretty low GPA ...
26 days 3 hours ago
Switch majors or MSF, MMS, MFE?Heading into my senior year in college. I'm a liberal arts major, should I switch major to Finance or get a MSF, MMS, MFE degree ...
06 days 4 hours ago
Minority/disability student majoring in financeI started my freshman year with a 2.34 progressed every single semester since then. I pledged a fraternity and didn't realize the importance of an education. Also wanted to ask does putting down a fraternity look bad or good on a resume? I go to University At Buffalo (non-target) which allows retak...
406 days 5 hours ago
Bad Sign for InterviewI've been doing a lot of networking trying to get in at the associate level in banking (I have 10 years of related work experience) - and finally got my resume through at a BB and an analyst is now reaching out to set up a phone call. Seems like a bad sign or am I being paranoid? ...
46 days 23 hours ago
BB Summer Internship for Africans from Africa Hi, please I need a clarification on this, I am trying to apply for a summer internship with one of these BB Investment Banks , does anyone know for sure if they will be willing to sponsor my travel costs, if I survive the recruitment process, all the way from Nigeria, thanks. ...
01 week 20 min ago
Main Application and Internship Dates (US and UK) and do US BB's generally sponsor visas for interns?Hi guys, I study in Australia but will be doing a one year study abroad in the US. Because of this, I have the opportunity to do an internship in the Northern Hemisphere summer (Australian internships are held in our summer December-February). The dates are a bit foreign to me, both when the main re...
01 week 2 hours ago
How to explain an education gap on my resumeA little background: After graduating with my degree in Economics & Finance, I was offered a position as a grad assistant at my college, and I did a semester of the M.S. in Economics program. Towards the end of that semester, I was given a great offer at my current company, and I decided that it...
11 week 3 hours ago
Any Recruiting Advice AppreciatedHey all, new to the forum and thought I'd reach out for some advice. I'm currently a sophomore at a West Coast target/semi-target and am looking to break into IB. Before I pursue a BB or boutique internship for the summer, I really want to get some experience in the fall at a regional boutique. I'm ...
11 week 3 hours ago


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