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WSO Resume Review: get ready!Please check out our new Resume Review service to get your resume ready for recruiting season: ...
111 week 1 hour ago
WSO Hall of Fame: Job Search Advice ForumThe Wall Street Oasis Job Search Advice Hall of Fame provides a comprehensive collection of some of WSO's best threads giving advice on the various aspects of your next job search. Keep in mind this Hall of Fame does not include Q&A sessions by WSO veterans. To view a full list of Q&A’s...
03 months 1 week ago
Anybody ever been a Credit Analyst for a commercial bank?I'm thinking about applying and here is the job description: "Responsible for supporting the CTL Underwriting Group by conducting a thorough financial / credit analysis review of borrower financial statements and / or tax returns. The scope of the analysis will be on individuals, trusts, partnersh...
1714 min 7 sec ago
Experience in Cannabis Industry?I have an opportunity for a finance position at a a company involved in the cannabis industry. The position would be pretty broad and include due diligence of investments, modeling, pricing, strategic analysis, etc. Overall, the role looks fairly interesting (blend of IB & consulting) and I woul...
01 hour 16 sec ago
Shitty Networking 101Welcome to the school of shitty networking. There will be future courses, but here's an intro. I receive messages on nearly every social media platform (even Tinder) from people trying to get a job. Some are fine, and I just ignore them. Some are spineless, or insane, or so terribly written they rea...
Fear The Bulge
111 hour 48 min ago
Cornell Hotel vs Cornell EconI just externally transferred into the Cornell Hotel School this year. I'm currently a first-semester sophomore, and I want to break into investment banking. I was wondering if I should transfer into econ in CAS (perhaps that might be better). I am also thinking about possibly majoring in computer s...
92 hours 32 min ago
Is it an advantage or disadvantage to Skype a Superday?Should I fly for 20 hours and interview in the opposite timezone, or interview through Skype? I feel like both have merit. If it matters, the firm is my top choice. ...
175 hours 25 min ago
Advice for a meeting with a higher-up of an IBHi All, So recently I have been doing a lot networking on LinkedIn for I Banks in my area and happened to notice that one of the high-ups for an I Bank is connected to a former teacher of mine in high school. I reached out to that teacher and asked for an introduction and then before I knew it, the ...
136 hours 56 min ago
Is UNC Chapel Hill KF a Target? Is UNC Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler considered a target school? I know most BB banks recruit on campus, but most of the people get send to BAML or WF in Charlotte. How are the job placements to NY and particularly the elite BB banks such as GS, MS, and JPM. If someone is a sophomore at UNC KF, would a ...
17 hours 31 min ago
[UK] What should I be doing? I've recently graduated from a top uni in the UK (Imperial College), with an engineering degree (BEng). I didn't apply to many places during my final year so I didn't get any job offers, partly because I didn't think I'd graduate with a good grade so it'd have been pointless, but have been applying ...
08 hours 48 min ago
Soon-to-be first year IB analyst in NY -- International studentAll, I've been a long time lurker and recently decided to create an account. I'm an international student that summered at Jefferies / HL / UBS, and accepted a return offer to start next July. However, I am getting worried. It seems that a Trump presidency is becoming more and more likely. I don't c...
19 hours 23 min ago
BB Interview in US (foreigner) How to tell them that in interview?In interest of my anonymity I won't say where I'm from. I have an interview at a BB soon and I'm a foreigner studying in the US (native english). On the application, I ticked that I wouldn't require a Visa in the future because I didn't want to get filtered out by the computer screening and wanted t...
89 hours 33 min ago
Goldman Sachs HR EmailHi everyone, does anyone know the email address for Goldman's HCM? I did a video interview over two weeks ago and haven't heard back yet. ...
110 hours 49 min ago
good responses to biggest weakness questionsI know that this is a common question. I just wanted to see everybody's opinion on what are good responses and what aren't. One of the answers that I have used before was that my weakness is my passion because I can become overly passionate about what I am doing, like pitching a certain stock, which...
14711 hours 40 min ago
How to prepare for a TMT interview?Hi guys, How do you recommend preparations for an interview with a TMT group (in Asia) for an IBD analyst position? What are good sources to read up on? What kinds of questions should I expect? Would appreciate some comments and feedback! Thanks! ...
1012 hours 15 min ago
Do Non-NYC IBD offices hire a lower percentage of non-targets?Was wondering if anyone could shed light on this since from talking to HR at a JPM/MS/GS they have said that the SF office have much fewer spots and they usually go to Stanford and UCB kids. Do most offices do this or are some offices like Chicago or LA more open to non-targets. ...
112 hours 37 min ago
sturggling here between Mcgladrey M&A transaction position and regional Investment Bank in AsiaHi Folks, I work for big 4 as an auditor, has been on big four for 4 years now. As I've been exploring jobs, I found good opportunity to work for Mcgladrey doing financial due dilignence on M&As. I am actually Korean, and I also got couple offers in investment banking division(working on M&A...
413 hours 18 min ago
Non-Target Freshman: How Can I Effectively Land an Internship?Freshman non-target here. School alum network is very limited in the IB field (potentially looking to transfer to better school soph year). I'm a WSO blogging intern, so that's proof of my interest in the field. I have a couple of questions about scoring an internship during the summer after freshm...
014 hours 1 min ago
Pre-Interview DinnerI have a pre-interview dinner coming up the night before an interview for an internship position. I have never been to something like this before so I am not totally sure what to be expecting. I am aware of appropriate table etiquette and the like but I am unsure about the social atmosphere i will b...
21414 hours 7 min ago
Need some networking adviceI have already applied to a graduate scheme for Evercore in London. Now im going to the networking event, how do i make myself standout? and even though i have applied can i do anything that could help my application ]? thanks! ...
214 hours 31 min ago
Barclays recruitment process - Business Insight online assessment Hi guys, I would like to know whether someone already experienced Barclays' new recruitment process for London IBD SA. I have been invited to a Business Insight online assessment. Does anyone know what it is about? What kind on question I'll have? Is it SHL or Kenexa or anything else? Thanks !! ...
3414 hours 47 min ago
I want to quit my internship, I can't handle it anymore, what should I do?Hey all, I have been doing a research internship for about 4 months now. I have one more month left to go, and I can't do it anymore. I started getting extremely stressed 2 months in, working late nights and weekends, and almost had a near burnout. I'm constantly stressed, waking up with heart palpi...
415 hours 33 min ago
How to edit positions in GoBuyside profile?Anyone know how to do this? Looks like the only thing I can change is the city I worked in. Alternatively, is there a way to delete your entire profile? ...
815 hours 42 min ago
JP Morgan Veteran Internship 2016I wanted to see if anyone has started receiving notifications about being selected for any of the veteran's programs at JPMC yet. If so, has anyone started the interview process? Anyone been invited to a super-day? ...
015 hours 58 min ago
Friendly advice to Veterans in the workplaceLet me start by saying as a foreigner living and working in this country, and I am incredibly grateful for what this country stands for. I understand the sacrifice that young soldiers have made for this country. That being said - please lose the arrogance. You experience in the military does not mea...
616 hours 2 min ago
Industrial Engineering to IBI'm a senior in industrial engineering at a state college. I have worked for two f500 companies so far. One of which I am currently co-oping in the process improvement group. The one prior to that, was in a corporate finance group (procurement). I have participated in extracurricular activities (RA ...
116 hours 8 min ago
Difficulty of transferring from Toronto to NY? Hello guys, I am just a senior in highs school in Ontario, Canada and I was wondering how difficult is it to transfer to NY BB or EB after doing your 2 year analyst gig at CIBC or a BMO type of bank. Thanks for any answers! ...
416 hours 19 min ago
KPMG Deal Advisory InterviewI have a first round interview coming up for KPMG's Deal Advisory rotation. Does anyone have previous experience with how this interview may be set up - specifically any technical questions I should focus on? ...
119 hours 42 min ago
BB vs EB in LondonHi guys, I have been following the forum for some time now and I need some perspectives regarding this question. How is the elite boutiques or independent advisory firms generally viewed, compared to bulge-bracket banks in London in terms of PE placement, US business school and general comps, presti...
2821 hours 2 min ago
How can I use this letter of Rec? Is it worth including it?I'm a rising junior who's currently interning at Morgan Stanley, and I just received a LoR from my boss. I was wondering if this is worth anything for investment banking applications. He's a senior VP at MS. If it is worth attaching it, where can I put it? There's usually # of document restrictions ...
01 day 6 hours ago
Consultant Trying to Break into Industry GroupI am facing somewhat of a unique situation and trying to decide between two potential avenues. My hope is to get into investment banking. As background, I went to a decent school and earned mediocre grades, I graduated in 2014. I have since been working at a small consulting firm that focuses on t...
01 day 7 hours ago
Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Global Risk summer analyst interview?Hi, I have an interview for Global Risk Summer Analyst interview at BAML, what kinds of questions should I expect? ...
01 day 8 hours ago
Sophomore summer plans.. I am a sophomore at a top (semi-target) school (top 5 USNWR) and I'm currently unsure what path I should take regarding internships next summer. I want to say that I would like to setup myself for IBD junior year, although I'm not sure whether I wanna join IBD after college (thinking of S&T too)...
11 day 9 hours ago
University dilemmaHey everyone, I'm a soon-to-be uni student and I needed some advice on which uni is the best overall and which one has a greater influence when it comes to placements in BB and EB. I intend to work in New York despite the university I go to and have a great interest in M&A. I'm applying to baruc...
61 day 10 hours ago
Question: breaking into IB, in my situationMy situation is kind of weird and I would be thankful for any advice you guys have to give me. I have a Economics degree from UT Austin, and I'm currently back in school for a Finance degree. I did not do too well pursuing a career in Finance, specifically IB or even analysis. So i decided to learn...
11 day 16 hours ago
Qatalyst Interview AdviceHave an upcoming 1st round interview with Qatalyst and wanted to get people's thoughts on what I should be doing to best prepare myself. Anybody familiar with the process / had a 1st round with them? How technical do they get? Any industry trends I should be particularly aware of? ...
01 day 17 hours ago
Securing an off cycle internshipI thought I'd start this discussion being in a position many fellow recent graduates also find themselves in, namely a non-working participant of the labour force (unemployed). With a degree in economics from one of the many universities in the UK that claim to be no. 3 and previous experience in co...
01 day 19 hours ago
Star up Financial Analyst (FP&A) interview questionI got an interview from a start up firm and it's like a FP&A position, involving lots of planning& forecasting and facing management to provide business performance KPIs. The interviewers are hiring manager and CFO, so I'm wondering what questions should I prepared for? Thanks! ...
32 days 7 hours ago
72 days 9 hours ago
How to Get an Internship After Freshman or Sophomore YearLike I promised, I'm back to give an explanation on how to get an internship after freshman or sophomore year. I'm not offering any guarantees, but I can tell you that it has worked for me, and it depends on the effort you put in. Want a job? Earn it. I'm writing this more as a recommendation for fr...
American Psycho
102 days 12 hours ago
Financial Services with a Misdemeanor RecordSimilar questions have been asked. None are directly relevant to my situation. I expect to run into issues along the way, know overall persistence and developing a solid track record is key. However, after 2 rounds of extremely positive interviews, loving the company and the people I've met...The of...
12 days 16 hours ago
If I am graduating next summer (ready to work September 2017), should I be applying to summer analyst or full time analyst?Engineering student in London with past internships in Accenture(consulting) and small private equity firm (Trading intern). Should I be applying to summer analyst or full time graduate? I have heard that most of the full time positions go to past interns on those companies... ...
12 days 23 hours ago
BlackRock Virtual Cover LetterHas anyone applied to BlackRock to be a full-time analyst and received a request to submit a virtual cover letter? I'm not sure what to expect so if anyone has completed it and could tell me what questions were on it that would be great! I'm not sure whether to expect to submit one long story about...
363 days 6 hours ago
Can I leave off college I attended for 1 year before transferring to another school?I attended a good private school for high school, but I made terrible grades and had to go to Crappy College my freshman year before transferring to Semi-Target for the remaining three years of undergrad. Is it misleading to include my high school and Semi-Target while leaving off Crappy College (wh...
83 days 10 hours ago
How to get into IB from an Ivy League school as a computer science major?I'm a junior at a target Ivy League school and I'm majoring in computer science. This summer I can either take a job with a relative's very small/startup investment bank (don't really know anything about it other than it operates out of Boston and a certain pacific country, but I trust my relative) ...
93 days 10 hours ago
Waitlist / "On-Hold"Has anyone ever actually gotten an offer after being placed on "hold" or "waitlisted" ...
63 days 13 hours ago
Junior Treasury Analyst (Back Office)- EDF TradingHi Everyone, I have an upcoming interview with EDF Trading (Part of the EDF Group) for a Junior Treasury Analyst Position (Back Office) role based in London, UK. --------------------- Job Descriptions below: The Junior Treasury Analyst role sits within the Treasury department. The treasury team are...
03 days 15 hours ago
Goldman Sachs Video InterviewMyself, and a few people I know of were invited to do the 15min video interviewers for Goldman Sach's IBD summer internship. However, I believe they are not interviews, but rather you recording answers. Anybody have any experience with this/know what they ask? ...
493 days 16 hours ago
New Goldman Recruiting Process Has anyone applied to Goldman yet and heard back about the video interview yet? Any insight is appreciated. 8/12/16 Update -- gathered form the comments here's what we presume to know so far: These interviews are currently being given to students applying for 2017 summer internships. It seems man...
853 days 16 hours ago
INTERNAL AUDIT OR FINANCEI'm applying to GS, MS, JPM, & BlackRock for their Internal Audit & Finance divisions. I am a junior Finance major with a 3.4 GPA (yes, I'm aware that my GPA isn't great). I can't really decide which division I would prefer. What can you share about bonuses, room for growth, and work hours i...
Girl Want Big Job
83 days 17 hours ago
Peak of Recruiting Season - Started having uncertainty in career pathHey guys, Many of you have been tremendously helpful whenever I've had a question, so first off thanks for that. If this post is too long, I've included cliffs at the bottom. I'm currently a junior undergrad at a semi-target (non-Ivy but great b-school), studying Economics and Mathematics. Like many...
23 days 20 hours ago
Goldman Pride Summit I found some information about Goldman's Pride Summit on here. It looks like the application deadline is usually around October 25 each year. Should I expect the application to open within the next few days or did they discontinue this program? Can't find much information on their website about it. ...
04 days 2 hours ago
Hearing back from online application? I applied to a few positions at BBs via their career page. I'm from a target school with an alright gpa and some experience within the industry although I'm a new graduate. Does anyone know if there's a normal time to expect HR to reach out if they want to interview you? Or does it vary by firm on ...
04 days 3 hours ago
Which banks are still sponsoring H1B visas?I'm looking to start a 1-yr masters program this summer, and I'm thinking of starting to reach out to alums in IBD. I'm an international student, so I'll need H1B sponsorship. I understand that the banks that received TARP money have major hurdles towards hiring foreign students, but if the money is...
624 days 6 hours ago
Case Study Phone InterviewI have a case interview over the phone - I've done case interviews before but never over the phone. Does anyone have any tips for doing a case interview over the phone? ...
04 days 9 hours ago
Koch IndustriesHey all, Anyone have any experience interviewing with / working for Koch industries? I am in an interview process with Invista, their chemicals subsidiary and was looking to see if anyone had any experience here. Thanks! ...
24 days 11 hours ago
Please explain to me how salaries work and class them into different categories of pay in the work forceBelow are 6 different people with different pay (assuming no vacation days): Person A - $60k a year salary (no bonus) - works 8 hours a day/5 days a week = $28.85/hour Person B - $60k a year salary ($40k bonus) - works 8 hours a day/5 days a week = $48.08/hour Person C - $60k a year salary (no bonus...
34 days 11 hours ago
Selby JenningsDoes anybody have experience with this company? Is it reputable? I don't want my CV spread out all over different networks... ...
214 days 11 hours ago
Graduated and in need of adviceHey guys, So I am a recent UCSB grad where I majored in Econ/Accounting. Right after graduation I took a job at a buy side advisory firm where I essentially worked as an outsourced corporate development analyst for PE firms. I was pretty much doing research and asking people if they're looking to se...
04 days 14 hours ago
What are my options? Miserable in my current jobHey guys, I just wanted some advice and input, perhaps from those who do recruiting for graduates? But any input will be appreciated. I graduated from the University of Cape Town, in South Africa. I guess this would be classified as a "target school" as it is rated as the best university on the Afr...
14 days 18 hours ago
If you could advise Jamie Dimon...If you could give Jamie Dimon one piece of advice, what would it be and why? I'm anticipating this as one of my JPM interview questions, but I'm not really sure where to start. What advice do I, a lowly prospective analyst, have to offer to the CEO of one of the largest banks in the world? ...
44 days 18 hours ago
Lying on CV about summer analyst internship?Okay so i'm come to realise this is a long ting and i should choose the right way to secure an IB position and to write whatever until i fill the 100 character limit ...
84 days 18 hours ago
Boutique Insurance M&A vs MM PE FT AnalystI am deciding right now between working as an Analyst at a PE arm of a F500 (coming to America to start making acquisitions in the US) OR joining a very boutique advisory shop that focuses on Insurance. One is Ibanking while the other is PE, but the PE job would have better industry coverage and I w...
14 days 20 hours ago
bay area tech rundown - advice needed!what's better in terms of culture, deal flow, exit opps? Credit Suisse Tech SF, Deutsche Bank Tech SF, BAML Tech Palo Alto, Citi Tech SF? ...
banana muncher
105 days 1 hour ago
Full Time InterviewHi all I need some insights on FT recruiting. To give a background snapshot, I have a BEng+MBA from India with around 6 years in IB (primarily in TMT and last position was VP) in debt capital market in India. Currently I am enrolled into a MFE program on the west coast and interned with a distressed...
15 days 5 hours ago
early career shiftsI graduated from a non target school May 16, currently in a retail training program in a top bank (6 month program). I was really interested in ECM or S&T but I settled because I wanted to secure a job out of college and that was the best opportunity given to me. Now that this 6 month is comin...
winnie the pooh
05 days 8 hours ago
Two Internships Don’t Equal a Job: My journey from an NGO to a VCWhen people ask me about my career, I simply tell them that after becoming disillusioned with non-profit work, I went to London Business School to transition to a role at an investing firm. In reality, the shift was much more complicated than that. The following is a comprehensive history of how I w...
205 days 11 hours ago
Deciding between Barclays, BAML Generalist IBD and Goldman AFG (Capital Markets)So I am deciding which offer to pursue. I am currently leaning away from Goldman since I've heard some bad things about Capital Markets, but I would like a few opinions from my fellow monkeys, as to develop a well rounded opinion. Yes, I understand that this is my decision and I should take your res...
25 days 11 hours ago
How do you "follow-up" after networking?How do I maintain that relationship with someone. I clicked with some people, and didn't click with others, but since it was my first time I was kinda like a seesaw trying to find that balance. If i am still in good standing I don't want to burn a bridge, or forget these extremely helpful people who...
Papa Harambe
35 days 12 hours ago
Leave full time job for internship? Would you leave a full time job (at a top company in industry not related to finance) for an internship in a BB IBD to reset your career? Advantages: 1. You get to work in IBD, get relevant experience, and off-cycle interns are likely to convert (more time with the team etc). 2. The internship pay ...
115 days 12 hours ago
AMA - Big 4 Audit to Boutique M&A ShopHello all, I've been a lurker for some time now and have found/utilized some useful information on this site, so I wanted to give back in some way. I recently landed an investment banking analyst position at a boutique bank for M&A. In regards to my background, I graduated from a non-target wi...
395 days 13 hours ago
Makena Capital For all interested in Investment Analyst internships at Makena Capital Management in Menlo Park... Interview Process: In California: (1) 45 minute interview on-campus with two interviewers and questions are simple like walk me through your resume, why Asset Management, how did you hear about the fir...
305 days 14 hours ago
Goldman a bind..Hey WSO family, Back in July I applied to Goldman and was asked to interview via pre-recorded video in mid Aug (HireVue or whatever that software is called). I erroneously assumed that it was for IBD, which is what I applied for, but in reality it was actually for the Investment Management Division,...
125 days 14 hours ago
Commercial/Corporate Banking Pay ScaleHello Monkeys, I'm about to accept a Commercial Banking offer at a MM bank and wanted to inquire a bit as to the pay progression and exit opps. The starting salary is 75k plus bonus, which honestly struck me as a bit high, and due to the size of the company there is no split between the Relationship...
45 days 14 hours ago
Physician Assistant to Financial Analyst I'm currently in grad school to become a physician assistant. I've realized I like finance more than medicine and want to enroll in a master's in finance program. Any advice for how to get accepted or how to change career plans? ...
35 days 16 hours ago
Financial Services Regulatory Compliance at Big 4 Basically I gave an interview coming up in ~1.5 weeks for this role (graduate position) in one of the B4s, and wondering what kind of topics I should read up on, what kind of questions the interviewers will be likely to ask, generally how to better prepare myself for the interview. I reside in Asia,...
05 days 16 hours ago
Why do employers care about your gpa or what school you come from?Some people might be better employees doing their jobs than being a student. Some smart/hardworking people might not be able to afford to go to a target school. Any thoughts? ...
15 days 17 hours ago
I interned at BB investment bank and received an FT offer, but I want to join the MarinesI'm a college senior with an offer to return to the bank where I interned last summer. However, I am going through the recruiting process to train to become a Marine officer. The commitment is a minimum of 4 years. If I return to civilian life in the future, will banking opportunities be open to me ...
215 days 23 hours ago
Networking at a targetHi all. I'm a rising junior at a target (not HYP) and am at the top of my class GPA-wise. For my sophomore internship, I am working at a $1B+ VC firm. I'm involved in some finance/investment organizations on campus and a few non-finance ones as well. I have done some networking but not that much. Ho...
Make Piper Jaffray Great Again
26 days 3 hours ago
Makena Cap ManagementI recently completed a 10 week internship at Makena Capital Management in Menlo Park, CA. In short, Makena is a special firm and I believe they offer one of the most transformative internship programs in the world of finance. Anyone remotely interested in investing should jump at the chance of spend...
36 days 5 hours ago
Rising sophomore with a 3.7 GPA, non-target, no internship this summer. Hey, So I just finished my freshman year at Ohio State and finished with a 3.7. I wasn't able to land an internship this summer, although I did not try extremely hard. Right now I'm just kinda working a couple of jobs and might play around with this business me and a friend started. It's still in d...
36 days 9 hours ago
Good questions to ask in coffee chatsI'm starting to reach out to ppl and have secured a few coffee chats with BBs, IBD. What are good things to ask in a coffee chat or networking session, with someone (say an analyst/associate) that you have no connection to? Aka not a warm connection I've found in my first few runs that after goi...
836 days 9 hours ago
Did You Negotiate Your First-Year Full-Time Salary?I have been talking to a few of my friends, who are already in industry, and majority of them talk about negotiating their salaries and how they wish they would have started negotiating earlier. Did you guys have any experience negotiating? What were the outcomes? Is it generally a good sign to nego...
116 days 10 hours ago
Do Bankers love hungry non-target students?Hello everyone! Im pretty sure this question has been asked thousands of times now but I'd like to share my story with you all. I am a freshman at a non-target school in the northeast (think Rutgers/CUNY/Fordham) with a decent amount of alumni in the industry. And in order to get a glimpse into how ...
226 days 15 hours ago
BlackRock virtual interview/cover letterHas anyone done this yet for summer analyst positions? Any insight or advice would be appreciated :) ...
16 days 17 hours ago
Cold Emailing Failed, What went wrong?Background: Non-target MS, Big 4 - 1st yr senior Goal: global macro investment analyst Been managing my own incubator global macro fund for almost a year (90% of my net worth invested), with annualized return of 3.1%. Every position I take is backed with a detailed analysis in the quarterly report I...
311 week 1 hour ago
Internal Audit at BB or nothing?I have an offer due in 4 days to accept internal audit at JP. It would be for a minimum commitment of one year. The problem is that I didn't know what I wanted to do in life until recently, so when I applied to internships last year I just applied randomly and happened to get this one over the summe...
31 week 3 hours ago
Morgan Stanley ReputationCan someone talk about Morgan Stanley's reputation (culture, actions)? People always mention things about Goldman's culture and their unity. I'm curious what people in the business think about MS. What are is the general talk about the people that work there and how they run their business. Thanks i...
01 week 6 hours ago
Non-target resume boostersI'm a college freshman at a non-target university in the southeast. My school does have one of the best accounting and law schools in the country, or at least that's what they told me at orientation. Anyway, I want to break into investment banking when i graduate, so for now I'm trying to network an...
71 week 6 hours ago
Baird Equity Research Phone InterviewHey Everyone, I have a phone interview coming up with Robert W. Baird. The position I applied for is Equity Research Analyst. I come from a non-target school, and I am not sure what type of questions I should be expecting to field. I was wondering if anyone had any advice? I will be speaking with an...
11 week 11 hours ago
Park Lane Email/InfoI just stumbled across the company Park Lane and the idea of combining business in sports with investment banking sounds like a dream job to me(and i'm sure many others). I was wondering if anyone knew their company's email format or any additional insights about the company that would be helpful. ...
01 week 12 hours ago
Video Game on ResumeHi all, I used to be a semi professional gamer back in middle school for a game called Dota and have ranked top 100 in a game called League of Legends which is a relatively big pc game. My question is... do you think it would be beneficial to talk about that experience during an interview? Not sure ...
81 week 12 hours ago
Higher Officer Caseworkers are sought for HMRC in Bristol, Cardiff, Croydon, Stratford and Leeds, UKDo you want to be part of a team that helps keep the UK working? HMRC has a challenging and exciting role to offer you as a Higher Officer Caseworker. HMRC's work and the revenue it collects touches the lives of every single adult and business in the UK. We are the business that helps to keep the UK...
01 week 12 hours ago
Presentation at schoolHi, Next week, there will be a BB bank at our school talking about the future of banking. I still struggle how I should behave and what questions I should ask to make a lasting impression or get a business card. Thanks a lot. ...
11 week 13 hours ago
VP Resume FlagA Vice President in a bank's best group at a top BB (GS/JPM/MS) told me he flagged my resume. He also sent me a referral link to apply via. Would you guys say that this is a guaranteed/near-guaranteed interview? ...
Make Piper Jaffray Great Again
11 week 14 hours ago
phone call....Guys I am getting my first email responses this weekend and I am pumped. How should I go about setting up the follow up phone calls. I don't know about their schedules and some of them are in different time zones. How Should I go about doing this.... Am I supposed to be suggesting different days and...
01 week 14 hours ago
It's been almost 2 weeks, do I follow up with a call?After reaching out to my contact at a bank, he said that I should update him with my resume to be considered for a 'write in' and call directly if I have any questions. That was nearly two weeks ago, so should I call or do I just keep waiting it out? ...
01 week 15 hours ago
Need Advice: Move banks after 1 year?Hi everybody, I have been reading WSO since I was about 16 and then I stopped for about a few years while at university so a quick thanks to all of the monkeys for their indispensable advice. I have secured a one year graduate scheme at a big EM bank in Dubai (IB) which gives me the opportunity to ...
31 week 15 hours ago
Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing InterviewI recently had two phone interviews with the Morgan Stanley Real Estate group (MSREI) for a full-time entry level analyst position. Does anyone know what the overall process is like or how many interviews they usually do? Thanks ...
51 week 17 hours ago
Dubai Housing AllowanceHi All, Great advice on this forum. Am currently interviewing for a couple of roles out in Dubai, and (fingers-crossed) ought to reach the comp negotiation stage soon. I know that a few years ago multiple allowances / stipends were the norm in Dubai - is this still the case? Given the expensive rent...
11 week 17 hours ago


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