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WSO Resume Review: get ready!Please check out our new Resume Review service to get your resume ready for recruiting season: ...
91 week 1 day ago
Message Board Rules and NetiquetteAs the community continues to grow and evolve, let's try to keep it at least somewhat civil, useful and entertaining. Please read in the WSO User Guidelines in detail before posting to WSO. ...
08 years 8 months ago
Best way to find a recruiterHey WSO, What would be the best method for getting a headhunter for an area in the southeast? I'm looking specifically at New Orleans, Houston, and Dallas, and really looking for either an equity analyst role, foundation/ fund of funds, or FP&A. Thanks, ...
016 min 27 sec ago
MBB in Asia vs BB Structuring in London vs Everything elseI'm a senior in a top school in Asia graduating in 2016. I've grinded through school, networked like crazy and completed internships in consulting, VC and Asset Management. I have an MBB offer in Asia (think Singapore/KL/HK) and a BB Equity Structuring offer in London. I need to decide between the ...
530 min 50 sec ago
Advice for an ex-IB MD: What to read if you want to go into financeI often get asked by young students or recent graduates what books they should be reading to succeed. I was a Computer Science major from an emerging market country. I started at an Investment Bank in a quant role in 1999, and eventually made Managing Director in Sales at age 34. These are the books...
133 min 44 sec ago
L/S Equity HF and PE Offers (Post-MBA dilemma)Hey all, Long time member facing a bit of a career dilemma. Situation: - Target -> Consulting (non MBB) -> PE portfolio mgmt -> Top B-school -> (Offers to go back to old PE fund or a HF) Complication: - Not sure if I can hack it at a HF given my consulting/non-finance background, even ...
F. Ro Jo
11 hour 54 min ago
Pensato Capital?Hey all, Wondering if anyone could provide me on any further info on Pensato Capital? I've been offered an interview with them from my batches of sent out applications and wanted to know a little better any of your experiences... How well regarded, exit opportunities, salary/working hours, day-to-da...
13 hours 34 min ago
Blackrock RQA Associate InterviewI will have RQA Associate interview. If anyone had RQA interview, please share your information. 1. How much is this position's salary range and expected bonus? 2. Interview questions? 3. Average working hours? 4. Do they pay overtime? Thanks ...
08 hours 28 min ago
How many days before a Superday do firms notify you?Hi, I had an OCR interview last week, and thought it went well. I even saw the interviewer scribbling "Good ...(couldn't make out what it said)..." after a couple questions. Anyways, the firm has a superday next Friday, but I still haven't heard back. I emailed the recruiter this past week and she t...
58 hours 37 min ago
Dilemma 2 for 1Got a Question for all you with your infinite wisdom, I'm going to be starting a job on the street next Monday. Really excited for it and am looking forward to learning a lot. The job I am starting has always been something I wanted to do, for the experience and learning opportunity, but has not bee...
08 hours 56 min ago
Interview with big bank, how to market a science/tech major? I'm basically a lab rat who took some introductory business classes, and I'm sure this shows on my resume. Should I be playing up my life sciences background or dig deeper into my extracurriculars and work experience in business to make up for my lack of finance/accounting classes? Any advice would ...
110 hours 43 min ago
Graduating Senior in Big Four Audit - Consulting Career Path?I am a senior majoring in Accounting at UIUC. My GPA is >3.6, and my goal is to be in consulting. However, I have no professional work experience. This past Summer I was in Europe traveling after I studied abroad for the Spring semester. The Summer before that I was bartending on campus. My EC's ...
915 hours 46 min ago
Goldman Sachs Veterans Integration Program 2016Hi all, I found a thread on here for the 2015 Veterans Integration Program and couldn't find anything for the 2016 Program. The application just closed, so I'm wondering if there is anyone out there that is in the same boat and waiting to hear something. Please share and feel free to PM me! ...
617 hours 54 min ago
I am in Ops. Ask me anything.Short story: I did really badly in school, didn't bother studying. ( Engineering ) Realized my mistake when I was in my final year and started to panic when I knew I had to get a proper job or I'll end up as a loser. Started exploring options in banks and tried to network my way into a bulge bracke...
11718 hours 5 min ago
You're a final year econ student from a non-target with no internship. How would you go about getting an investment role?I'm a final year econ student from a good (but non-target) university with no internships or work-experience. What are some practical routes for me to get a job in investment/asset management or equity research? Here are some possible routes I've thought of: Route A: Apply for internships now for s...
01 day 51 min ago
Citi Corporate Banking vs. NERA Economic Consulting?So I have two offers at the entry level analyst role, I was wondering which one you all think sounds better in terms of exit opportunities. 1. Corporate Banking at Citi in Houston (Energy) 2. Economic consulting with NERA in NYC (anti-trust or securities) The work at NERA seems a lot more interestin...
21 day 5 hours ago
Non-target shotgun approach for internship applicationsI am a junior from an extreme non-target state school, with interest in consulting. I am applying for summer internships and have one MBB referral, but I want to have options in case I don't end up with a consulting internship. Unfortunately, my opportunities for on-campus recruiting are limited. Ve...
51 day 11 hours ago
Ask an ex-IB MD anything.........You can ask me anything. I know there are probably a lot of questions you wish you could ask your boss, but can't. I was at bulge bracket IBs in IB, quant and sales roles. Retired after a few years of making MD. I'd like to help you know what its really like. Feel free to ask anything. ...
1341 day 12 hours ago
Need Help Deciding Between Internship Offers Hello all, I'll try and keep this as short a possible I need some help deciding between two internship offers. But first, a little background about myself. I am a non-target, state university junior and currently have a not-so-great 3.3 gpa, so SA is out of the question. However, I have been offere...
61 day 12 hours ago
How many days before a Superday do firms notify you?Hi, I had an OCR interview last week, and thought it went well. I even saw the interviewer scribbling "Good ...(couldn't make out what it said)..." after a couple questions. Anyways, the firm has a superday next Friday, but I still haven't heard back. I emailed the recruiter this past week and she t...
01 day 15 hours ago


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