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WSO Resume Review: get ready!Please check out our new Resume Review service to get your resume ready for recruiting season: ...
92 months 2 weeks ago
MSF -->> Big 4 Valuation AMAIt has been a long time since I've posted something constructive on these fora but lately I have been getting a lot of questions on LinkedIn about Big 4 valuation, especially from those in MSF programs and recent MSF grads. Like most MSFs, I was completely unaware of the diverse career paths that f...
735 min 58 sec ago
I went> B4 Audit> B4 CF > IB: Ask me anythingAs a lot of people ask about these things then I thought I'd make an AMA: I work in London and I made that much sought after career jump that started in Big Four audit and ended up in IB (Debt Capital Markets) at a boutique with a stopover at Big Four CF in between. If you have any questions about...
2545 min 19 sec ago
Goldman Sachs Veterans Integration Program 2016Hi all, I found a thread on here for the 2015 Veterans Integration Program and couldn't find anything for the 2016 Program. The application just closed, so I'm wondering if there is anyone out there that is in the same boat and waiting to hear something. Please share and feel free to PM me! ...
1174 hours 55 min ago
2016 Full-time IB Recruiting Timeline MegathreadIt's that time of year again, folks. Time to polish those resumes, fire up the LinkedIn and WSO search functions, and bug the hell out of the career advisers at your schools. It's recruiting time! We are all looking for information on timelines and deadlines for every bank possible. If you or your ...
8187 hours 25 min ago
Retracting from Signed ContractHi! So i was offered a position in IBD in November 2015 and I had signed the contract. I recently got another offer which is significantly better. I was wondering what the consequences of retracting from the contract and signing this new one is as well as how you guys would approach telling the fir...
214 hours 16 min ago
Have F500 companies begun internship interviews yet?I go to a sub-par state school with very little OCR and applied to quite a few F500 and other large public companies but haven't really gotten any responses yet. I scored an interview with McKinsey, so I consider myself a competitive applicant for most corporate finance and strategy internships. I s...
114 hours 36 min ago
Left IBD - Juggling offers?Bit of background: I'm not really a finance monkey. I applied for the freshmen/sophomore summer internship program at JPMorgan three years ago most for the summer dough Did well enough that I was asked to return each summer afterwards. Last summer, I signed my full-time offer to be a first year in J...
314 hours 37 min ago
Programming test in interview for ERHi, I have an interview with a canadian IB for Equity research associate position in ETFs. They mentioned in their job advertisement at my school they were looking for people with decent quantitative backgrounds. For my interview they said they would conduct a 30 min programming test, I was wonderin...
115 hours 41 min ago
Goldman Sachs background check confusionRecently got a job offer from GS. In the documentation regarding background check it says: "Your GPA from each school you attended (you have a 0.5 cushion, if you do not remember your GPA, please enter 00)." What does 0.5 cushion mean? If that means 3.5 - 4.0 is within the cushion, it sounds crazy.....
816 hours 49 sec ago
JPM or KPMG Hey guys, I got offers from offers from KPMG (Advisory Associate for IT Audit and Assurance practice in Short Hills NJ) and JP Morgan (data analyst for the internal audit group in New York). I want a job that will help me learn and grow, both are almost the exact same offers in terms of salary. So I...
316 hours 12 min ago
Graduated college with a biology degree and 2.1 GPA, is a career on Wall Street out of the question for good?I am a 25 year old guy who due to a lot of bad circumstances in his college years, graduated with a 2.1 GPA. Always fighting with parents, depressed, and I did not want to major in Biology but I was pushed into it hard by parents who used threats and other means to get me to try and be a doctor. Imm...
620 hours 10 min ago
I'm a disaster (back check advice) Just got an offer from the private wealth management division of a Canadian bank as sales assistant. Anyways I'm probably the sketchiest most unimpressive guy on this board. 3.0 GPA from a mediocre Canadian university June 2016 CFA Level 1 candidate 26 with only construction and hospitality experie...
722 hours 56 min ago
HSBC 2016 Hiring Freeze affecting graduate jobs? "HSBC Holdings Plc will impose a hiring and pay freeze this year as part of its drive to cut as much as $5 billion in costs by the end of 2017." Does anyone know if this will this affect incoming graduates for 2016/ ongoing interview processes? C...
21 day 2 hours ago
Recent MFE grad landed in MO trying to move to S&TComing off a few years working in actuarial science I ended up doing an MFE at a target with the hopes of getting into trading or research at a bank. I ended up landing in a MO role doing valuation control and was initially under the assumption that I would have plenty of opportunities to meet with ...
11 day 6 hours ago
AUM Analyst Positionhi all, I have a interview coming up for a AUM analyst role at a Asset Management firm. I looked around and didn't see much on the topic. I was hoping someone can shed some light on this role and what kind of questions to expect during the interview? Thanks! ...
01 day 15 hours ago
Global Transaction Banking at DBSo I have an interview with Deutsche Bank for Global Transaction Banking. It is part of Global Banking, however its obviously not investment banking. At first, it struck me as something along the lines of corporate banking, but going back to the description, I'm not so sure. Here is the description:...
131 day 20 hours ago
Full Time to Contract - What should i be looking for, pros/cons Currently working as a BA for a BB firm, don't exactly love what I'm doing but at the same time I'm being assigned more and more complex projects so it is getting interesting. Anniversary is coming up so opportunity for advancement is coming up any. (and historically this has happened) Opportunity ...
01 day 23 hours ago
Terminated by securities firm for violation of firm policy. Can I have the mark from my U5 removed?Hello - I'm from NY, USA. I was just recently terminated from a securities firm for violation of firm policy. My ex-firm will file a U5 with 30 days, per FINRA policy, stating the reason for my termination. They have the option to, and very well may, cite that the reason for termination is due to co...
32 days 36 min ago
Terminated by securities firm for violation of firm policy. Can I have the mark from my U5 removed?Hello - I'm from NY, USA. I was just recently terminated from a securities firm for violation of firm policy. My ex-firm will file a U5 with 30 days, per FINRA policy, stating the reason for my termination. They have the option to, and very well may, cite that the reason for termination is due to co...
02 days 1 hour ago
How to handle interviewing after just starting a new jobA little background: I finished up at a top U.S. MSF this past May and moved back to my home city. I interned in investment banking through the MSF and had been recruiting for IB analyst positions, investment analyst roles, REPE analyst roles, other CRE roles, Etc. since graduation. I have had proba...
02 days 5 hours ago
JP Morgan CIB Risk Superday 2016 SA?Had JP Morgan Risk Noncore superday on friday (12/18) still haven't heard back? Anyone had experience with JPM CIB Risk superday? ...
32 days 11 hours ago
Commercial Banking FO or Corporate Cash Management MO?I have an offer from a Commercial Bank for a front office role. I currently work in the mid-office/product management space for a BB in Corporate Cash management. Goal is to go to B-school or get into corporate banking. What would be better for admissions? the BB mid office or the Commercial Bank fr...
12 days 11 hours ago
Credit check, can they withdraw offer?Have you ever heard about circumstances where the offer was withdrawn based on decline credit check once you already started working and the check was completed after your start day? Say you defaulted on a small amount on a credit card when you were a student, repaid this etc but its still showing ...
192 days 13 hours ago


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