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New Forum: WSO Success StoriesSince we've had so many of these lately, I thought we would start a forum dedicated to the success stories of WSO members to serve as a place where people can go to get inspired. What I actually did was get rid of the Entrepreneurial Forum since it had the least # of posts and technically could fall...
81 year 1 month ago
WSO User GuidelinesPlease read in the WSO User Guidelines in detail before posting to WSO. ...
03 years 4 months ago
How I got into BankingMod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted in 2006. To see all of our top content from the past, click here. So I'm new here and spent a good deal of time reading all of the posts from the past few weeks. I thought I would share my story. So I am at a Business school in N...
1051 day 20 hours ago
Non-Targeted Southern School with No Connections, 2016 Capital Markets AnalystSo I am from a very non-targeted Southern school. I grew up in a small South Carolina town and I am the first in my family to get a degree from an accredited school. I didn't come from much money (my family was in real estate and the recession really hurt us), so I had to pay for college. For me, th...
62 days 1 hour ago
For Those of You Unable to Secure Investment Banking Internships - Keep Your Head UpI know summer recruiting is winding down and a few of you are probably freaking out. There was another thread a few weeks ago called On Losing & Failure that I would recommend reading if you haven't already. Like you, I was in precisely the same situation last year, and through persistence, netw...
276 days 19 hours ago
A Short Stay Trip To Manila Philippines by Sinclair JamesMetro Manila is known for its heavy traffic and heavier pollution, yet, it remains the most interesting city when we speak of history and cultural heritage. Eclipsed between its more progressive neighbors, Makati and Quezon City in terms of infrastructure and business developments, the city of Manil...
31 week 2 days ago
Big 4 Assurance to Private EquityHappy to help anyone that needs advice. ...
straight cash homie
41 week 3 days ago
UG PE Analyst - 2.9 GPA, no internship, non-targetFrom Non-Target Undergrad Straight to PE I've had some downtime the last few weeks before I start my new role and have been mulling over making a post on WSO, long time lurker, first time writer. I feel exceptionally lucky to have landed a buy-side gig (at at PE firm no less) straight out of underg...
Middle Market PE
391 week 6 days ago
What investment banking is in simple words and my story Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 4/9/13 There are a couple different paths that you can take as a finance major: Commercial Banking corporate finance Financial Planning Hedge Funds Insurance Investment Banking Money Management Private Equity Real Estate...
Group Therapy
1332 weeks 6 days ago
From the "Hood" to IBDAfter a couple of Goose Island Pale Ale's, and waiting for the Hawks game to be over, I have decided to write my "success" story on this forum. Over the past couple of years, I've spent my time lurking WallStreetOasis/M&I, picking up important pieces of information along the way, so I thought I'...
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23 weeks 3 days ago
Story of sub 2.5 gpa breaking into MCHey all, I made a burn account so I can share a story of sub 2.5 gpa student getting offers from multiple MC firms including one from MBB. Firstly, I'd like to preface this by saying that my purpose in 5 years of college experience was to experience as many and different things as possible. I attend...
291 month 3 days ago
From non-target to masters in management to boutique consulting to IBAfter a lot of struggling I made it to the promised land. I'll be joining a super-regional bank's capital market arm as an associate. I first came to WSO as a clueless undergrad that was at the epitome of a non-target. I did my masters, networked hard and got a job at a consulting firm then parlayed...
61 month 3 days ago
Some more truth about BB Ops and how I got outThe Truth About The Back Office Hey guys, so I know there are a few posts about the back office (i.e Operations) on this site but I just thought I'd add my 2 cents as I recently left for another job after spending 1 year in BB Ops. 1. Pay: I don't know about other banks or regions but in mine, the...
541 month 5 days ago
EBAsk me anything I got my offer a couple weeks ago, and figured I'd give back a little to the community that made it possible. This is particularly geared at people interested in elite boutiques - think on par with Lazard, Blackstone M&A/RX, Qatalyst. Recruiting with these firms is particularly...
261 month 6 days ago
Good for f*kersKhusugtun altargana ...
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Non-Target, Sub 3.5 GPA. FT BB IBDThis is an absolute must read if you're from a non-target! I will try to detail out as much of my journey as I can. This post is kind of long overdue; however, I feel like it's better late than never. (Even if it's really poorly written.) I got an email around November of 2010 from JPM Houston's IBD...
281 month 3 weeks ago
Proposal ideasHello! My GF and I have been together for 5 long years. I think its high time for us to get married. She has been waiting for me to propose her all these years I but I wasn't financially ready for it. Recently I found a good job and paid off all my mortgage. I had a plans to propose her last month ...
02 months 1 day ago
Balmoral International Group Review: National Symbols of Luxembourg When we ask for a nation's symbolism as a whole, the first thing that comes to mind is the national flag. Of course, nothing can express a country's culture, history and meaning more than its national flag. Indeed, the Luxembourg's national flag consisting of three horizontal stripes, red, white and...
02 months 3 weeks ago
Help, CFA Level 1 Arbitrage Question (Can't Find Correct Forum Topic)I was working on a practice test for Level 1 when I came across this bugger. The answer provided makes absolutely no sense to me. I honestly think they made an error. If I don't get to the bottom of this it will really bother me. Please give it a shot and let me know. Should be very simple. Question...
02 months 4 weeks ago
My Crazy Success Story! Hey everyone. First of all, it's pretty surreal that I'm writing this post on here on the "success stories" section. Maybe writing this is one piece of officially cementing my career journey from where I started to where I am now. To put this in perspective, I think I discovered WSO sometime back in...
143 months 3 days ago
My Crazy Success Story Hey everyone. First of all, it's pretty surreal that I'm writing this post on here on the "success stories" section. Maybe writing this is one piece of officially cementing my career journey from where I started to where I am now. To put this in perspective, I think I discovered WSO sometime back in...
03 months 1 week ago


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