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Does anyone have any information regarding the prestige, pay, etc. regarding Mario Gabelli's Asset Management Company (now known as GAMCO Investors, formerly known as Gabelli Asset Management Company) vs. a PWM position at a top BB.

They are coming to recruit at my school (mid-west) non-target for an Institutional Sales & Marketing position. The minimum required gpa to submit a resume is a 3.5 which happens to be higher than the 3.3 gpa required by a couple of top BBs are that coming for PWM.

I was reading up on the people and they seem quite impressive. Of course, you have Mario Gabelli who is a pioneer in the Value-Investing world.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I know a couple traders at Gabelli, its a great shop. I almost ended up interning there 2 years ago on the trading desk but things never developed. Super Mario is very well known name. I would take the Gabelli over PWM, the position sounds like a wholesaler. When i worked in PWM we would have wholesalers come and give presentations and updates on the fund families performance. Since Gabelli is a buy side firm an institutional sales position position will be a lot different from a sell side sales position.

    If your interested in buyside inst sales I can also recommend

    Legg Mason
    T Rowe Price
    Lord Abbett
    Davis Funds

    I have intentionally left out Vangard and Fidelity because of poor impressions I got from both, plus I do not like their "buy everything" approach.

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    Thanks trade4size, I really appreciate your advice and input. I was reading about Gabelli's endless variety of mutual funds and I was amazed by the diversity. Gabelli does value investing (obviously), growth, Socially Responsible, and they have tons of sectors (media, autos, telecom, consumer goods) and geographies (everything from U.S. to Brazil to China).

    I have also worked on the institutional side of asset management at a leading private equity fund of funds at a BB. I must say the sales work on the buy side seems awfully more attractive than doing sales on the sell side.

    younbanker, I would be interested in hearing why you say PWM? Do you know any other information about Gabelli's shop, have you worked there etc.. (the more direct info and commentary I can get the better)

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    If your ok with the travel component it has potential to be a great gig I have no idea on pay range though.

    "Oh the ladies ever tell you that you look like a fucking optical illusion" - Frank Slaughtery 25th Hour.