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What's the best way to turn down a superday if you're about to sign an offer with another company. Should you just mention that due to the timing of things, you've decided to go with the offer in hand? And that you continue to remain interested?

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Comments (11)

  • Boothorbust's picture

    Why not just go? Pressure -free superday, you might meet some people who could be good contacts down the line.

  • SECfinance's picture

    I would say no if you have already signed. If they ask you if you have any offers, what would you say? "Oh yeah, I actually signed with XYZ yesterday."?

    Leave the spot for another guy to try to break in.

    As for letting them know - "Thank you for the invitation to ABC's superday. Unfortunately, I have to decline the invitation as I have already signed an offer with another firm. I have enjoyed getting to meet some people at your company, and look forward to any opportunities at ABC that may arise in the future." Something like that.

    MM IB -> Corporate Development

  • bbcc's picture

    obviously don't go if you've signed or are about to sign. leave the spot for someone who actually wants it.

  • lettuce's picture

    Definitely do not just go... there is probably someone else from your school on the waiting list who'd love to get to go. I'd just email them and say that you're signing somewhere else but that you appreciate the offer.

  • Raptor.45's picture

    I did this with two superdays after I signed my offer. Just email or call HR. They really don't care.

  • BTbanker's picture

    I agree that you shouldn't go if you've signed. If they find out you wasted their valuable time, they'll be pissed.

  • mrbeanz's picture

    If you're going to sign there's no point because they'll probably get more annoyed if you turn down a potential offer

    I just told HR that I have multiple assignments/exams that clash with the timing of the super day, problem solved!

  • treynorblack9999's picture

    why sit through another (stress-free) grilling session looking at these older monkeys asking you things you've brainwashed yourself to remember? Let someone else get grilled.

  • AlsatianCousin's picture

    A few of my friends already signed and are still interviewing to "get some more experience."

    Some say it's super shady, some say it's understandable.

  • In reply to AlsatianCousin
    SECfinance's picture

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