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Hey guys, I haven't seen this talked about really so I figured I would ask and see what it's like everywhere else. What are you vacation times like? How much do you get + how many sick days? Make sure you say if your an analyst 3rd year etc. as obviously it makes a difference.

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    "You want vacation time? Go teach 3rd grade!"

    I'm in my 4th year and I think I get 3 weeks. Honestly it's not really an issue - nobody's keeping track given how much we travel for work (I work at a boutique btw). That being said this isnt a job where you can just drop off for two weeks and pick up where you left off. Any kind of market based job like research, sales, trading etc is going to be like that. Around here most people take a big vacation in the summer when its slow for a week or so, and maybe a few fridays off here and there for a 3-day weekend.

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    At my firm, most research associates (and I believe analysts) get 2 weeks. Pretty much everyone takes its in December, when clients are on holidays, and they take it as bloc leave.

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