I got a grade I didnt like in a class that is purely subjective. A lot of it is written analysis, applying your own ideas and solutions to problems, etc. Therefore, one person may like my work and another person may not. I'm trying to go up to a + grade and I believe I barely missed it. How should I approach it? I talked to the professor at the end of the semester and he said "I'd be fine." I checked my grade and saw otherwise.

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One strategy that I've used successfully in the past is to email them and politely ask to come into their office when you get back go school (this is important because it's a lot harder to say no to someone to their face than on email). Then tell them you were disappointed with your grade outcome and that you believe it doesn't reflect your understanding of the course material. And then ask what you can do to prove that to them/if there is anything you can do to raise your grade since you are right on the border. Obviously don't act like you expect them to just bump up your grade, but be polite and show that you are willing to do extra work

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any others. I will incorporate some of that into my email


You can't really do extra work afterwards or just request a random bump. That's unfair for everyone else and all the professors go thru this on the cusp multiple times a year.

For the final paper, look at what you got. Ask for specific feedback on why you got less than perfect or lost points. Then write up something justifying your approach and request a regrade. You should try to defend most of your impacted position since you will only get like 1/4 of it back. But most times that's enough to bump you up if you are right on the cusp. If you are like good 3-4% off from the next grade, unlikely to see a change unless they counted something wrong.

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