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+34WSO Investment Banking Resume Template for College Students Released to the Public!<strong>Big Announcement: WSO Resume Template is Out in the Wild!</strong>: <em>Mod Note (Andy): If you're looking for our resume for experienced IB professionals or a <a...933 months 1 day ago
+262016 APD/ADC MBB Full Time Recruiting UpdatesHey guys, Thought I'd start another thread for those of us APDs/ADCs (read: spent too many years in school) who are applying for full time positions either earlier this year in the Spring (<span class='keyword_link'><a...6061 hour 50 min ago
+32Can I turn a jackass into a champion?How many of you guys have a stupid younger cousin named Andy who's a senior at a target school and is pissing away any chance of excellence by drinking moderately and having the confidence of a kicked puppy? All of you? Cool, so I'm about to tell you a very relatable...282 weeks 8 hours ago
+25A Few Observations on Banking Exit OppsI see a lot of high school/college kids providing advice and "insight" into how firms place, how people should think about exit opps, what groups are best, etc. This has resulted in a lot of really stupid commentary on this forum, and I hope to remedy this. A few...123 hours 37 min ago
+24Damage Control: How to prevent small mistakes from destroying your "rockstar" statusWe'd all like to imagine that work will go smoothly 100% of the time. No mistakes, no blow ups with our bosses, no frustrations with the people below us. Just sunshine and rainbows every day. Huzzah! Unfortunately, for most of us mere mortals at least, that isn't how it always works...182 weeks 5 days ago
+23A Non-Target's Perspective - My MM PE Recruiting Process It's been several weeks now since I received my offer from a top MM PE firm. As several other users can attest to, the PE recruiting process can be an absolute grind. After having had some time to reflect on the entire process, I thought I'd share my experience in the hope that it...352 weeks 1 day ago
+22Allen & Co. - An In-Depth ReviewIn browsing this forum, I’ve come across some misinformation (or none at all) about Allen & Company. The firm has historically been shrouded in secrecy…until today. Hopefully, I can shed some light on this super-secretive firm. All information was gathered through online resources and...221 day 8 hours ago
+22INTRODUCING: The WSO Applicant Database. Take 5 minutes on WSO to Reach Hundreds of Finance Recruiters and Finance CompaniesGiven that we have built up relationships with hundreds of companies and finance recruiters, we thought instead of just a simple job board (which you can find <a href="">right here</a>), we would also create a WSO Applicant...921 week 3 days ago
+198 Rules to Live ByThe old guy here... A lot of people emailed me asking for life advice after I posted <a href="">"15 career steps"</a>... Pull up your skirt and repeat diver John Chatterton's 8 "rules to live by."...221 week 15 hours ago
+17Makena Capital For all interested in Investment Analyst <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">internships</a></span> at Makena Capital Management in Menlo Park... <h3>Interview...202 days 21 hours ago
+18Avoid a Classic Mistake: Don’t Be a ‘Try Hard’I’ve written before about how your relationships at work are <em><u>everything</u></em>. If your bosses like you, you get better assignments, more favorable reviews, honestly you even get paid more and promoted over co-workers that probably deserve it more than you...184 hours 58 min ago
+9Ask Natalie from Accepted about Business School AdmissionsWSO is excited to have the experts from on board to answer applicant questions in the business school forum. Here is a message from Natalie who will be checking this thread every few days to make sure she is staying on top of questions: I'm here to answer any questions you...7705 hours 54 min ago
+19Women in the Workplace Pt 2: Rigged Markets, Inside Information, and the “Softer” SexMy <a href="">original post</a> on women in the workplace caused something of a commotion. I hadn't planned on a follow up, but @GLCIB27" forgot to check her privilege, so here we are...906 days 23 min ago
+112017 FT IB Analyst Recruiting MegathreadWhen does FT IB Analyst recruiting typically start? I am a recent graduate (May 2017), and am wondering when banks will start taking resumes/interviewing online, or via other methods. Thanks guys!3886 hours 24 min ago
+14WSO's Best Real Estate BooksPeople ask about the best real estate books to read on this forum almost daily and we're happy to toss <a...255 days 8 hours ago
+14What's Your Five Year (IBD) Plan? A VP Reflects and Looks Forward.I don't approve of this as an interview question, but it is something that everyone should try to think about. When I was an MBA candidate, it was more about just getting my foot in the door. I was lucky enough to get into a good bank as an <span class='keyword_link'><a...72 weeks 4 days ago
+12I'm a VP in MM PE, ask me anythingI'm a VP in MM PE, ask me anything. Interview prep questions, industry questions, etc. etc. 1455 days 22 hours ago
+11AMA: Former McKinsey EMAll, It has been awhile. I did an AMA quite a long time ago (<a href="">"Ask me anything: Project Leader/Engagement Manager/Case Team Leader at MBB"</a>)...1403 weeks 4 days ago
+12Injured both of my legs, what should I do about pants for the next 4-6 weeks?Hey guys, I managed to hurt both of my legs on a labor day weekend trip with my cousins and older brother. We were doing our annual labor day trip to the lake house upstate and I came up short while jumping off of a cliff (think 10-15 feet above the water) into the lake below. Both of my legs...3217 hours 44 min ago
+92017 Summer Analyst IB Recruiting Timeline Megathread Pages<a href="">Click here</a> for the 2017 FT IB Analyst Recruiting Megathread discussion page. APPLICATIONS / INTERVIEWS / SUPERDAYS <span class='keyword_link'><a...2576 hours 6 min ago
+10HF PM AMAThere appears to be some demand for an <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" rel="nofollow">HF</a></span> AMA, so here goes... I believe this will be a communal effort...4253 min 30 sec ago
+10AMA: I’ve held Pre-MBA MM LBO, Growth Equity and Venture Capital investment roles for funds with $500M+ AUM to $5B+ AUMHi All - I'm ~5 or so years out of college. I did not do a formal 2 years of investment banking and was instead hired out of undergrad as an analyst at a fund. I've worked at several firms in several major US cities. I've worked at one smaller regional firm with $500M - $1B AUM...3519 hours 36 min ago
+10Global Macro's Future "Stars" - Where Are They Coming From?What professional backgrounds are today's and tomorrow's top global macro minds coming from? And how much does the environmental backdrop help explain this? Pretty simple question, but I think it's interesting to note the following trends for context. The first generation of...241 day 17 hours ago
+9MSF Class of 2018I created the last post about this time so I thought it would be a good time to get a new thread going. With many MSF/MMS programs starting their application cycle in the next couple of months I wanted to provide a place where people can post their profiles, ask questions or seek help. I've...14920 hours 23 min ago
+8Is College Worth the Opportunity Cost?<p>This is going to seem like an odd question to many of you, and I even debated whether I should ask it here. On the other hand, this might be the perfect place to ask it. It's about the opportunity cost of college.</p> <p>I'm asking as the father of two young...792 days 5 hours ago
+9Do You Work Sick? Well, shit. Hillary Clinton's not the only one hiding dirty secrets about her health. I'm sitting at my desk with wads of Kleenex under my arms and some damn baby powder on my temples. I'm working on a word document. The family doctor told me to write whatever I want and...543 min 31 sec ago
+9Finally cut itGuys, So I finally cut it 3 years after graduating from undergrad, and I would like to share my story to you guys as this forum has been staying with me along the way and indeed the break-in cases here keep on pumping gas into me whenever I got rejected. A bit about my background, I was an...1711 min 47 sec ago
+6Looks like Booth just jumped up my list of schoolsGood for them. "The University of Chicago recently made it clear to its crop of incoming students that academic freedom and inquiry remain pillars at the institution, and that the university does not support "so-called" trigger warnings or offer safe spaces that allow students...276 days 9 hours ago
+11How to sleep anywhere anytime 101I'm back from Vegas in one piece, chumps. Thanks a lot for those sordid invitations in my inbox courtesy of your blackout selves. I think I met a couple of you, and I know for sure from the unspeakable smell of my clothes that I met some of your working female "friends." Extra...213 weeks 1 day ago
+6Nootropics: CILTEP vs. Nexus<p><em>Obligatory note: I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on the Internet. These are my experiences alone, and you must decide what is best for yourself. If that includes seeing a doctor before beginning any dietary or nootropic supplement regimen, that is probably for the...192 days 5 hours ago
+6How to network & get yourself a Career MentorThis is probably one of the most interesting and important subjects that universities failed to include in your curriculum. First I will define a Career Mentor: A Mentor is a professional in your target field that has accumulated decent experience and is willing to help you bridge the gap...66 days 20 hours ago
+14A horrible surprise after Bring Your Kid To Work DayBack from a late summer hiatus, monkeys. I like to take some for myself during this season and get out to the Catskills to detox my liver and clear my mind. Just kidding. I was catching major shit sandwiches from my boss about taking vacation this summer so I basically spent every night in...62 days 11 hours ago
+5CRE Trends That Are Emerging Now and Will Prevail Throughout Our Careers What are some of the emerging trends that you all think will prevail throughout our time in the industry? For one, I think cheap debt will be a thing of the past when we look at the steady decline that the 10-year treasury has been on since 1981. How this will affect the identification and...651 day 3 hours ago
+5JP Morgan Winning Women 2016 threadThis thread is for people applying to the bank's AM Winning Women events this October in NYC and Chicago. But feel free to follow and/or post if you're in another division.6415 min 9 sec ago
+5Obamacare, Crony Capitalism, Economics & Mispricing RiskMonkeys, I wanted to have a discussion on this because I'm sure there are plenty out there who know more about this topic than I do (I'm betting @Eddie Braverman" has some thoughts), but I wonder if ACA is failing or if it can be saved. Most people know about UNH's...603 weeks 5 hours ago
+52016 analyst bonus threadHey everyone. Bonuses should be coming our around now. What are the 1st 2nd 3rd year analyst bonuses looking like at your firms this year?541 week 5 days ago
+8Betches Love This: Investment BankersPR girls majored in him. He&rsquo;s dead to at least a few people. You don&rsquo;t need a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">JP Morgan</a></span> access pass to find him, but you will need...513 weeks 5 days ago
+5BB/EB Ranking/Tier List 2016Hey everyone, feel like we haven't had a good ol' argument/friendly discussion in a while. What would you say is the current tier list of <span class='keyword_link'><a...432 days 5 hours ago
+5Kotler's Four Migrations<p>I was listening to <a href="">James Altucher's podcast</a> a couple weeks ago and his guest was Steven Kotler. For those who don't know, Kotler is a popular futurist who has written several books about...41 hour 28 min ago
+6Goldman Sachs CEO's advice for young peoplePersonally, I am not a fan of Lloyd Blankfein</strong>, but I do admire the guy's background. He started out as a peanuts seller at the Yankee stadium and ended up running one of the world’s most prominent banks. In a recent interview, when asked what he advice he would give...521 day 7 hours ago
+4Is it really THAT bad with Deutsche Bank & UBS? According to WSO's current poll, 59% of those that voted said that they would LEAST want to work for one of those banks. Is it really <EM>that</em> bad? Should I not even bother trying to intern with them at all next summer? I understand there are general issues (mentioned...401 week 5 days ago
+4Lazard's $400m MistakeI read an interesting article on Reuters this morning. In regards to Tesla's deal with SolarCity, <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">Evercore</a></span> was Tesla's...327 hours 50 min ago
+4WSO Private Equity Resume Template for Professionals with Deal Experience is Released!<strong>Big Announcement: WSO Private Equity Official Resume Template for Experienced Professionals with Deal Experience is Now Public!</strong>: <em><b><a href="">Click here...242 weeks 18 hours ago
+4I hate banking, what to do?Fellow monkeys, Some background here. I grew up in a third world country and eventually went on to HYP. As you all might know, kids at these places often end up in either banking or consulting. Growing up poor, I was immediately attracted by the earning prospects of an investment...223 days 3 hours ago
+4Barclays recruitment process - Business Insight online assessment Hi guys, I would like to know whether someone already experienced <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">Barclays</a></span>' new recruitment process for London <span...184 hours 13 min ago
+4Why is market cap / equity value useful?As I understand, when a company goes public, they only issue a piece of the company to be listed for sale publicly (could be lower than 10% of the actual company). So, for ex in the case of D&B (PLAY) who went public in 2012, they raised $94mm issuing 5.88mm shares. This is obviously...92 weeks 5 days ago
+5New Case Webinars in WSO Investment Banking Interview Prep PackOver the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">investment banking interview</a></span> prep package by bringing to...21 month 2 weeks ago
+4Two Internships Don’t Equal a Job: My journey from an NGO to a VCWhen people ask me about my career, I simply tell them that after becoming disillusioned with non-profit work, I went to London Business School to transition to a role at an investing firm. In reality, the shift was much more complicated than that. The following is a comprehensive history of how...04 hours 1 min ago
+3Return Offers Summer 2016A lot of us will be wrapping up our SA stints in the next couple of weeks, and if you are like me, you're thinking about return offers. I know each bank is different, but overall, what percentage of SAs will be getting return offers this summer? It will almost certainly not be higher than...862 weeks 4 days ago
+3Coffee recommendations?About to have another all-nighter. At times like this, I've been keeping myself awake by drinking <strong>Death Wish Coffee:</strong> As its name implies, this thing is realllllly strong. Lately though, I feel like it may be a bit too much for me. I'm considering...523 weeks 4 days ago
+448÷2(9+3) = ???Discuss Mod Note (Andy): Throwback Thursday, this was originally posted 4/7/11. Can someone please let me know what the right answer actually is.... (my guess is 2) -- dont want to scan the whole thread :-/2521 week 3 days ago
+3Retired Kobe Bryant announced his $100M venture capital firmTo start off, I love Kobe Bryant - the guy is a legend. Today, he announced his <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">venture capital</a></span> firm, called <strong>Bryant...501 week 3 days ago
+4The Economic Impact of Amortality<p>It may seem that these posts are meandering, but I promise we're getting somewhere. Today I'd like to discuss amortality and the possible economic impacts of people no longer dying with any regularity.</p> <p>What do I mean by &quot;amortality&quot;?...473 weeks 1 day ago
+3Financial & Valuation Modeling Boot-Camp<strong>Financial modeling</strong> is a skill that any investment banking analyst will have to master. Although the majority of <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">investment...441 week 3 days ago
+3What is so bad about Back Office Roles?I know this forum seems to crap on <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">BO</a></span>/MO roles but I do think that there is a little bit of a misnomer on the actual field....3213 hours 19 min ago
+3Best Gyms and Workouts in NYCMonkeys and Gorillas, What are the best gyms and workout routines in NYC? I currently have a classpass and tried so far a few interesting gyms. The reviews for them are below. 1. WRKNYC (bootcamp style) By far my favorite bootcamp gym in the entire city! 45 mins and you are sweating...262 weeks 4 hours ago
+3Apple - The next iPhone is here 24 hours to go until one of the most hyped announcements of the year in the world of Technology. As usual, this annual event is where Apple unveils new generation iPhones, their cash cow, here's the rumors: - iPhone 7 might be waterproof - Better camera, graphics, battery life, RAM.....264 days 22 hours ago
+3Bad ValuationAnyone ever been on the buy-side of an acquisition, in which you over-valued the target's value? Today I had to meet with accounting/finance/B.I. of company I work at to discuss reasons why I messed up on an acquisition. The acquisition closed a few months ago, and we are just now realizing...194 hours 17 min ago
+3What is your compensation in CRE Lending?Saw the great post on compensation in real estate finance (here: but wanted to drill down to the lending side of the business. Industry: Middle market lending Title: Analyst Market:...175 hours 16 min ago
+3AMA - Big 4 Audit to Boutique M&A ShopHello all, I’ve been a lurker for some time now and have found/utilized some useful information on this site, so I wanted to give back in some way. I recently landed an investment banking analyst position at a boutique bank for M&A. In regards to my background, I graduated from a...155 hours 40 min ago
+3A Tale of 3 Offers: What should I consider?*Looking for Life Advice* - Dear WSO Fountain of Wisdom, I need your help to tell me what it is that I might not be thinking about when considering three main job options that I am likely to be faced with soon. Given that I'm in Australia, and the market is smaller and consolidated,...126 days 1 hour ago
+3The 2016-2017 WSO Internship - Apply NowWe are VERY excited to open up this new internship opportunity to 5 talented and hard-working candidates. As you will see in the description below, this internship is different than anything we have offered in the past. I have managed hundreds of <span class='keyword_link'><a...43 weeks 1 day ago
+3The Jester and the ThiefThere was once a jester whose name was Chester that was surrounded by fortune and fame He wore a thick purple robe and trotted the globe spreading his talent and name He entertained peasants and entertained kings he told funny jokes and did funny things but one day his luck had run...15 days 11 hours ago
+3Breakfast Cannot WaitHello WSO, I am a CPA within a Big 4 firm (audit side) in SoCal who also has a STEM background looking to leverage my critical thinking abilities into a career in <span class='keyword_link'><a...02 weeks 5 days ago
+2I'm going off to college tomorrow, any advice? So this is a little off topic, but I'll be heading off to college tomorrow. I'm looking for some general advice that any of you guys may have regarding what I should expect on my first day at college. Thanks. Edit: Just wanted to say thanks for all the comments and the advice....852 days 5 hours ago
+2Why is everyone hating on Deutsche Bank?Why is it <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">DB</a></span> are getting a lot of stick recently? Seen a lot of people posting that they wouldn't want to work there? I understand they...331 week 2 days ago
+4Job Interviews and FlirtingHi all, I had a very weird experience recently and wanted to see whether someone here has had a similar one. I recently had last round interview for I job that I really want and I have the suspicion that I got flirted with during the interview - and what is even worse, I think I reciprocated...312 weeks 6 days ago
+2What's it like being burned out?Just sat and read this <a href="">article</a> and then landed on this post here on <a href="">WSO</a>. I could not get this out...312 days 17 hours ago
+3Experienced Analyst, but COMPLETELY unable to break outBeen an analyst for over THREE years now, now at my second bank, but I *hate* it. Which isn't to say I'm not a hard worker, but I'm not getting any good experience, deals are few and far between - and extremely small when they do come - and I'm so far removed from the normal...2611 hours 8 min ago
+2Cold Emailing Failed, What went wrong?Background: Non-target <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">MS</a></span>, Big 4 - 1st yr senior Goal: global macro investment analyst Been managing my own incubator global macro fund for almost...2610 hours 27 min ago
+2Where are the HF AMA's?I haven't been on this site for too long but I have been here long enough to know that the presence of any people in <span class='keyword_link'><a href=""...2317 hours 10 min ago
+2Middle Market IB out of collegeI was wondering if I could get some input on the pros and cons of going into middle market sell side right out of college vis a vis <span class='keyword_link'><a...223 weeks 5 days ago
+2Cold email interviewsSo I have been sending out emails to firms that interest me to higher ups. Just got one response back from a small firm (Hospitality) MD. He responded setting up a call. I'll ask him questions about his firm and such but any other advice for these? I gave him my resume as well in initial...221 week 5 days ago
+2BlackRock Virtual Cover LetterHas anyone applied to <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">BlackRock</a></span> to be a full-time analyst and received a request to submit a virtual cover letter? I'm not...222 days 7 hours ago
+2Critique My Plan For Starting My Own Fund [with good numbers]Hi guys, please critique my plan to start a hedge fund. I’m not gonna lie, my only goal is to make money. I realize that marketing and personality and credentials are often more important than performance itself, even, to many investors, especially less sophisticated ones such as overseas...151 week 5 days ago
+2How complex/detailed do financial models actually get?I have gone through the wallstreetpep courses so far and I am also familair with the models of macabus. Now, I wonder how complex or detailed do finanical models actually get in banking and PE compared to <span class='keyword_link'><a...144 days 5 hours ago
+2Offered a Real Time Trader job at a respectable utility with a tricky situation. Thoughts?So I have been derivatives at a small-mid size prop firm for an year. Recently I got an offer at a utilities firm for a real time power trader position. The only problem is that they are being bought out by another firm and I am not sure if the position might get eliminated in the near future....133 days 13 hours ago
+2Do titles matter?How much do titles matter in the world of investment banking? I am two years out of school and have the title of Vice President at my current firm. I work at a boutique M&A advisory firm where we focus on small, privately-held businesses on buy- and sell-side mandates. Even at such a small...124 days 5 hours ago
+2Blackstone Undergraduate InterviewHi, I was curious if anyone could provide insight on their personal experiences when interviewing at <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">Blackstone</a></span> as an undergraduate? The interview I...112 weeks 4 days ago
+2Advice: Unemployed graduate thinking of taking a four week change of scenery. .Foolish, Risky, or Reasonable?I have been unemployed for quite a while - putting out applications when I find entry level positions in the commercial banking. I was thinking of taking a one month excursion to refresh my batteries and get a change of scenery. The change in scenery will disrupt my current routine and allow...1122 hours 46 min ago
+2Where are we in the cycle?Is now a good time to invest in residential real estate in major markets? (SF, LA, NYC, Chicago, etc.) If and when interest rates rise, how will it impact housing prices and rents? REITS and PE shops seem to be investing right now, are they at risk? How many more good years are ahead before a...114 hours 44 min ago
+2Do Bankers love hungry non-target students?Hello everyone! Im pretty sure this question has been asked thousands of times now but I’d like to share my story with you all. I am a freshman at a non-target school in the northeast (think Rutgers/CUNY/Fordham) with a decent amount of alumni in the industry. And in order to get a glimpse...114 hours 27 min ago
+2Do I have any chance at IB?Hey everyone, I'm a 28 year old CPA who is currently working as a senior tax consultant at a big 4 firm. Next year is my promo to manager. The work I do is incredibly unappealing to me and I can't imagine a career in tax. I'd really like to transition to IB through an MBA...102 weeks 2 days ago
+2Is my career over?Hey everyone, Hope you're all having a good day, first time poster on a discussion btw. So basically I was working at a reknowned PE house for about 3 years (3 years ago), and I eventually got so frustrated over the internal politics and other issues that had built up over the years,...92 days 9 hours ago
+2Underwriting of live deals on crowdsourcing websites.. counts as experience?Would you consider the underwriting of live deals on crowdsourcing websites (and subsequent investing of your own $$) as experience that can be added to your resume?83 weeks 10 hours ago
+2Come out during an interviewHi. I'm now preparing for behavioural interviews for <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">investment banks</a></span> and find that in some answers I may have to mention my...73 weeks 1 day ago
+2Equity Research - Why would you choose buy-side vs sell-side?Hi guys, So I want to do <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">equity research</a></span>. I know that there is sell-side and buy-side and, so far, I have a few distinctive...71 week 6 days ago
+2Which investment banks would be the best aim for Asia Pacific?Still an international undergrad student taking finance. In term of growth prospect, salary, networks, and chance to go up. I will graduate from a U.S. undergrad school but might work in Asia first before my MBA. My goal is to get into PE in my 30s, and IB is the start that I want. <span...61 day 12 hours ago
+4Where to buy suits Bros, Every man knows that a suit should fit on a man like a form-fitting latex glove. Just like the one on that doctor's hand who gave you a colonoscopy last month. Suits can be expensive. Yes, I do have a few throw-away Brioni's that I take out east every weekend but there is...52 days 7 hours ago
+2Lev fin / distressed lawyer seeking buy side job - help!Hi - I was hoping to get some advice; I am seeking to break into the buy side but my background is pretty unique so I am having a hard time going about it. I'm a lev fin lawyer by trade, but I work with an organization that works directly with many buy side shops, including some of the...52 weeks 4 days ago
+2Watch Advice (gift for lawyer in the financial world)I stumbled upon this web site while researching men's watches and figured I'd give it a whirl to see what advice/knowledge I could gain. I'd like to get my boyfriend a nice watch for Christmas. He's a securities lawyer, so I figured since this was a forum dedicated to the...43 weeks 1 day ago
+2Infra PE at Macquarie: good exit opps and rep?Hi all, First post here, wanted to start with saying thank you to everyone here for sharing your experiences and taking your time to help everyone out. I am in the process to start applying for SA positions 2017, and as many others here I aspire to transition into PE after a couple of...412 hours 45 min ago
+2New Case Webinars in WSO Hedge Fund Prep PackOver the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">hedge fund interview</a></span> prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars...11 week 3 days ago
+2Sources and Uses: How to Find and Use Information in IBD (EBITDA example)There is a lot of emphasis on technical skills in <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">IBD</a></span>: being able to do <span...12 days 5 hours ago
+2Mario Joining the iPhone PartyLadies and gentleman, the moment we've all been waiting for. [quote]Nintendo's resident mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage at today's Apple iPhone 7 launch event to make the surprise announcement of Super Mario Run — finally bringing Nintendo's flagship video...06 days 7 hours ago
+1Which U.S. States are the Worst?In another thread, I said that if my comment got SB'ed, I would make a thread about which US states are the worst. So, which states are the worst? Saying Idaho gets you monkey shit.842 weeks 2 days ago
+1Asking Out Chicks in the Office- Yay or NayBack story: I am in my young 20s. Been at the bank I am at now for 7-8 months. New consultant joined 2-3 weeks ago and is a dime. One year younger than me and sits on a different floor but some of my team work indirectly with her, and we know each other from hanging out after work a few times....722 weeks 1 day ago
+1New Goldman Recruiting Process Has anyone applied to Goldman yet and heard back about the video interview yet? Any insight is appreciated. <strong>8/12/16 Update</strong> -- gathered form the comments here's what we presume to know so far: <ul> <li>These interviews are currently being...713 days 4 hours ago
+1How did you apply/land your job?I'm curious to know whether most of the people on here got their current role through applying or networking? Before landing my current position, I had gotten a few offers through previous connections but actually accepted an offer from a firm that I applied to online and knew no one there.461 week 21 hours ago
+12016-17 NFL Super Bowl PredictionsThe first game is coming up! Sept 8th Panthers/Broncos. Who you guys got winning it all? I am a die-hard Packers fan, and I think this may be the year with Jordy Nelson coming back. Curious to see who you guys think brings home the Lombardi. 461 week 5 days ago
+2Get Your Resume Reviewed by Industry ProsRecruiting season is here make sure you're ready for it with a <strong><a href="">Finance Resume and/or Cover Letter Review</a></strong> from one of our expert resume reviewers. Need it done...401 week 6 hours ago
+1Best Headhunting Shops ?New here in the program at an elite boutique and starting to get inbounds from various headhunters promising me the world. Also have a list that I've accumulated over the last year. I'm wondering which ones are legit? there seem to be many. Does anyone have any first hand...362 weeks 1 day ago
+1Why is WACC used as discount rateCan someone explain to me like I'm 5 why <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">WACC</a></span> is used as a discount rate? It is my understanding...233 weeks 3 days ago
+1Salutation to cold email someone who looks very androgynous Hello All, I know this is not your typical post but I was just looking for some advice on how to best handle this situation. I was able to find an alumni of my school through a LGBT professionals group on Linkedin and was hoping to try reaching out via a cold email. However as the title...233 weeks 7 hours ago
+1Are Masters Degrees and MBAs going to be mandatory 5-10 years down the line?It seems that the bar is getting higher in term of degrees and education. I see job listings for people working at the mall as sales associates making $13 an hour requiring a bachelors degree. Do you feel it is necessary to get a masters/MBA to secure a long-term career at this point in time?223 weeks 1 day ago
+1BAML vs Credit Suisse IBDHi all! I have an offer for a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">summer analyst</a></span> position at both <span class='keyword_link'><a...222 weeks 2 days ago
+1Does an MBA really provide value for the buy side?I am in my relatively young career on the buy side as an analyst for an institutional AM. The expectation is of course to obtain a <span class='keyword_link'><a href=""...221 week 6 days ago
+1Any mortgages without a down payment?Hey WSO, are there any methods by which I could get a mortgage without a down payment? Also, what are the documents need for such mortgages? Is there a need to produce an income certificate (or something similar)?211 week 5 days ago
+1Comparative Ranking of US, EU and Caandian B-Schools Hye, I have been following the rankings of major publishers, namely FT, Forbes, Businessweek and P&Q. I also understand that their input parameters for evaluating a b-school are different and hence, their rankings show a great deal of difference, apart from M7, LBS and INSEAD. However,...2150 sec ago
+1List of REPE firms that hire from undergrad level?Hey Guys- Saw this topic being brought up in a recent post and thought it would be a good idea to create a thread for it. Recently just completed a Equity Research internship in NY at a major bank covering REITs and was looking into applying for a few large REPE firms as my senior year is...193 weeks 4 days ago
+1Shall I Resign or not?Hi guys, Need some advice here as i found myself in a real dilemma. My career was progressing really well. I never thought i would stumble into this kind of situation. Apology my story is a little long. A little background about myself, i work in Treasury and have been out for 3 yrs....191 week 9 hours ago
+1Commercial Banking: Interviewer pressed for salary number. Interviwer is appalled by my response.I told them 4 or more times that we could discuss salary when the hiring decision is made and they started to get irritated- wasn't sure if it was a trick or not. I did my best research and found a range of $45-55k salary for a entry level/ trainee range for commercial banking...195 days 23 hours ago
+1Goldman Sachs HireVue Hey everyone! I just finished a first round interview with <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">GS</a></span> through hirevue, does anyone know how long it takes to hear back? It's hard to...185 hours 37 min ago
+1WSO Mobile Offers: Text "WSO" to 38470 and get...182 months 3 weeks ago
+1I interned at BB investment bank and received an FT offer, but I want to join the MarinesI'm a college senior with an offer to return to the bank where I interned last summer. However, I am going through the recruiting process to train to become a Marine officer. The commitment is a minimum of 4 years. If I return to civilian life in the future, will banking opportunities be...1734 min 39 sec ago
+1Morgan Stanley Inside Access Day 2016Has anyone received invitation yet? I believe the app closed a while ago yet I haven't heard back from them. Also, would appreciate if anyone could share about what actually happens at the event145 days 10 hours ago
+1Need IB career advice and guidance, help!Hey WSO Community! As <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">summer analyst</a></span> interviews begin, I find myself almost reconsidering the whole thing and would greatly appreciate some...145 days 2 hours ago
+1Return to GS IBD or try MBBThis summer I interned with <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">GS</a></span> (London) and got my return offer. I'm now trying to decide if I should go back or try <span...142 days 12 hours ago
+1How do you use P/E in valuation metrics for a private company?Hey - sorry if this is dumb, but was wondering when doing valuation metrics for certain companies they often like to use P/E instead of <span class='keyword_link'><a...141 day 17 hours ago
+2More Prestigious Law School over Business School?I'm coming into my second year at an upper MM PE fund and starting to think about what I want to do next. My goal longer-term is to move to a smaller MM (or lower-MM) fund hopefully closer to my hometown. In the meantime, I'm thinking I want to do graduate school. My fund is...131 week 4 hours ago
+1Do non-target school students ever get internships at MBB while in school?If yes, how? I have sent applications out and talked with people at these top consulting firms, but it seems really tough for an undergraduate from a non-target school to break in. Is it really true that <span class='keyword_link'><a...1311 hours 42 min ago
+1More Conduit Shops out?There's more and more chatter about more CMBS shops going under heading into risk retention. Who have you guys heard so far?134 days 9 hours ago
+1Depreciation in COGS and EBITDAI am working on the factory <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">financial model</a></span>. Therefore, depreciation costs of the Plant and Equipment are included in COGS, as these...1310 hours 36 min ago
+1Who does the most pure strategy work?Which firms do the most pure strategy work? As a percentage of their own work, by volume, etc. Thanks.121 week 9 hours ago
+1BAML Superday 9/15/16Has anyone received an invitation? 123 hours 46 min ago
+1What effect will politics have on the market in the fall?Major indexes are near record highs and have been bullish for quite some time. Do you guys think there will be a correction within the next 2-3 months? Republican or Democrat this election seems to scare just about everyone. 126 days 8 hours ago
+2Trading Floors - The Tragic EndingWas surfing the web and I found something that's worth sharing with the community: The Before & After transformation of what was once the world's largest Trading Floor, This picture is...124 days 12 hours ago
+1Good MSF programs in the US for fresh undergradsI am currently a senior student at a univeristy (not famous) outside US and Europe majoring in Economics and minoring in Math. I am considering applying to Master of Finance programs in the U.S. and Europe and upon completion trying getting a job at an <span...127 hours 19 min ago
+1Why does nobody talk about HSBC?Seems as though <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">HSBC</a></span> is a ghosttown on this forum since I have yet to see a thread about them in months. Are they really that bad or is it because they are an...121 day 2 hours ago
+1RE Modeling PracticeI have recently completed a few online RE Modeling classes in preparation for my departure from brokerage. The classes have been great but before I begin applying for job I want to be much more confident in my skill level. A buddy of mine sent me a modeling test he was asked to complete by a...113 weeks 22 hours ago
+1Slept with the niece of my boss after his wedding (new anonymous account). Met her at his wedding, we were both wasted, hormones did what hormones do. Took her to my hotel room and got going w/ some bad drunk sex. So bad in fact, she asked me to stop halfway through (how sad) and walk her to her hotel. Thanks for nothing? -Her during the...112 weeks 4 days ago
+1Advice: Quintuple Major Junior for Big4 consulting InternshipHi everybody, I am a junior, quintuple majoring in Enterprise Risk management, Economics, International Politics, Communication Arts and Sciences, and Art History (Minor in African American studies). I know at this point many of you will think that I am an insecure overachiever who has an...118 hours 29 min ago
+1MBA options / Help NeededHi, monkeys! I’m preparing myself to apply for an MBA next year, and I would really appreciate some help on defining my targets (given my background, GPA, <span class='keyword_link'><a...112 hours 5 min ago
+1Multi-Family Model - Rent Roll Import Does anyone know of any models out there that allow you to drop in the existing rent roll and model out retention (%s). I know REFM has a multi-family acquisition model, but doesn't allow the user to model retention probabilities and AE would be tedious to enter all tenants (350 units)....111 day 13 hours ago
+1Developers or PE groups with progressive cultureSaw an article on Bloomberg today about bringing dogs to the office (link below). Seems like RE tends to be pretty old school but it got me wondering if any well-known developers or investors have progressive policies like this. Does anyone know of any RE firms with a silicon valley...1110 hours 2 min ago
+1How to Exit a $25 Million MF Portfolio Let's say you have 10 apartment buildings within 20 miles of each other in the NYC suburbs for a total asset value of $25 million. Are there any institutional buyers who would be interested in something like that or would you have to sell this off one at a time to HNW types? 111 hour 54 min ago
+1Where do you get M&A news from?Lately I've been using WSJ, Dealbook, Dealbreaker, and Yahoo finance. Anywhere else you guys think is a good resource?93 weeks 3 days ago
+1Is FBLA worth joining?Senior in College. Is Future Business Leaders of America(collegiate Phi Beta Lambda) worth joining? I want to break into Investment Banking Division..91 day 11 hours ago
+1Goldman a bind..Hey WSO family, Back in July I applied to Goldman and was asked to interview via pre-recorded video in mid Aug (HireVue or whatever that software is called). I erroneously assumed that it was for <span class='keyword_link'><a...91 hour 26 min ago
+1Accepted B4 Return Offer, Received Invite to Top IBD InterviewHi Everyone, I'm in a stressful situation right now regarding my FT job prospects. This past summer, I interned with a B4 accounting firm and received a return offer that I accepted due to its pressing deadline and my lack of confidence that I'd get something better. However, I...932 min 9 sec ago
+1How critical is the phone screening for McKinsey?Hi Guys, I applied for an Analyst position at <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">McKinsey</a></span> and I feel like I failed the phone interview. I was quite nervous and struggled to get my...911 hours 45 min ago
+2Interview Attire for London InterviewsGot an AC in October for consulting (hopefully get some in IB aswell). I just want to know what is acceptable to wear in The City. I'm thinking of a black suit, black shoes, white shirt and red tie. I know brown shoes aren't accepted by some places. I'm just kinda freaked out...82 days 3 hours ago
+1Do Investment Bankers have the time to run a small business?Do Investment Bankers have the time to run a small business? Working 70-100 hours. Is it possible? Maybe in the associate years?81 week 11 hours ago
+1"Selected Transaction Experience" Resume - Reverse Chronological Order?I sifted through the forums for feedback on this topic before creating this discussion post, but, unfortunately, I was not able to find exactly what I was looking for. To that end, I had a quick question about my fellow WSOers thoughts on the order of deals under the "Selected Transaction...86 days 5 hours ago
+1Starting a Career at Barclay's S&T: Good Idea?Title says it all. Is Barclay's a good firm to start out at? Ultimately I'm interested in an algorithmic/quantitative <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">trading</a></span>...84 days 11 hours ago
+1Master's GPA for RecruitingHey everyone, I'm currently a student at a master's of management program in the U.S., and I'm a bit confused about how my GPA is viewed in comparison to my undergraduate GPA. We will only have four grades when we submit our resumes to recruiters, vs. my undergraduate GPA which...84 days 14 hours ago
+1Best degrees for IB ?Greetings to all. (In regards to Investment banking) This is my first post here so forgive my ignorance and any future facepalming that may arise. I know this question has been milked and beaten to death;however,would a major in Finance and a minor in software engineering be of any...85 days 3 hours ago
+1LBO Model question1. In an <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">LBO</a></span> deal, do we have to use the target's cash on hand as a source? Say if target has $2MM cash on it's...85 days 2 hours ago
+1Best financial modelling accreditation??I was wondering what would be the best program/course you can do that will give the most respected accreditation(i.e accepted by recruiters/IBs/employers) for <span class='keyword_link'><a href=""...83 hours 24 min ago
+1How is Market Value of Equity calculated for an unlisted company?Hey guys, How is Market Value of Equity calculated for an unlisted company? Using <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">comps</a></span>? how? What if the comps aren't...76 days 10 hours ago
+1Getting Staffed When You're NewFor those experienced consultants who have gone through this, what are your thoughts on going about the staffing process when you're a new hire? If you could share your experience with this I'm sure it would help a lot of incoming associates. 73 weeks 3 days ago
+1Future of IB and Wall Street CareersI don't know how many of you guys are familiar with WallStreetPlayboys, but basically he's a WS guy who posts blogs for aspiring monkeys like ourselves. A few hours ago on twitter, he posted the following: "Feel bad for those guys still entering Wall Street for $$. The...72 weeks 6 days ago
+1PE: What are your interests outside of work?Aside from the fact that work permeates all parts of life, what sorts of interests or hobby do you all have? For example, I like to read about psychology, which is why I'm asking this question. Curious to see if there are any consistent interests across the industry. Let's hear em75 days 10 hours ago
+2faster, better daily market updates using Excel VBA (code included)I wanted to share a tool I use to stay up to date with the markets with all the other monkeys out there looking for a job especially in S&T. I use a pretty cool excel sheet to get my daily market updates without having to surf through the web/click back and forth between different websites....71 week 5 days ago
+1Quit my job 2 months ago and didn't get an offerHello everyone, I am in a bit of a situation now: I had an interview a few months ago and everything went well and was contacted by the HR that they will put together an offer. For some reason, I had some comfort and just quit my job before signing the contract (yes, it was a stupid mistake). It...71 week 19 hours ago
+1Best Consulting Firm for Media & EntertainmentDoes anyone have any recommendations on how to structure my Strategy Consulting Job search if I am dead set on going into the Media & Entertainment practice? Direct Questions Include: 1. Which firm is the best for the Media & Entertainment practice? 2. Will I even get to choose if...74 days 20 hours ago
+12017 SA Interviews - Letting your interviewer know your intention is to leave in 3-4 yearsHey all, I'd like to hear everyone (or anyone's) thoughts on letting your interviewers know that you intend to stay in their investment banking division for only 3-4 years. Before you go ahead, a bit of context: 1. I'm based in Asia (SG/HK) where the 2-year stint then MBA...76 days 11 hours ago
+1Question on FuturesHi all, I had a question regarding futures (a very basic one, but I am new to <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">trading</a></span>: Does a futures contract work both ways? Meaning,...75 days 53 min ago
+1Getting out of the back office. CFA vs MSF I am wondering if anyone could offer me some advice. I am a 2015 grad from a Big 10 business school with 3.3 GPA. For the last year I have been working in a markets <span class='keyword_link'><a...73 days 18 hours ago
+1URGENT: Wealth Management or Financial Law?I am a sophomore deciding between two fall <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">internships</a></span>: one in the Wealth Management division at MassMutual, and one at a USNWR...74 days 5 hours ago
+1IBanking Internship w/out econ/business-related undergrad & grad in NYC?This week, I moved near NYC after my 1st year of an MSc at Oxford in pharmaceutical development/science in order to complete my research on brain-related drugs. We're able to perform our research remotely for my course, by the way. And, I'd like to enter I-banking afterward; to do so,...75 days 21 hours ago
+1Goldman doesn't want to Make America Great AgainInteresting article about a potential conflict of interest at the firm. hours 48 min ago
+1Lazard 1st round interview helpI have an upcoming first round telephone interview with <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">Lazard</a></span>. I was wondering what kind of questions do they ask. Any other advice would be appreciated...76 hours 40 min ago
+1Can I even enter at this point?Hi all, I've recently quit my job and was invited to work on a startup with a friend in Asia. We raised over 100k in VC funding and were about to start but my partner had a family emergency and our investor pulled out because I can't do it alone for reasons I won't go into...73 days 16 hours ago
+1Medical Leave of Absence on Resume?Hey guys, I'm a senior at a target who is applying for FT roles. I'm coming back from a pretty serious surgery that forced me to miss the last academic year. On my transcript it shows that I took a medical leave of absence but I wasn't sure if I should include this on my...72 days 7 hours ago
+1Calling all Energy guysTwo questions for the NRG guys out there: 1-What are some resources to prepare for an SA interview at Energy groups in Houston? 2-Where in the Energy sector would you invest right now? What are your favorite themes and where do you see value? Thanks :)711 hours 54 min ago
+1Bank of the Ozarks Real Estate Specialties GroupHas anyone worked for or with Bank of the Ozarks Real Estate Specialties group? From what I understand they are becoming one of the larger construction/<span class='keyword_link'><a...710 hours 37 min ago
+1Carrying bag for workThoughts on this bag for a summer intern or a recent full time? Thought the bag was well priced. Any suggestions on other bags if you don't like it?64 hours 41 min ago
+1Bisnow CRE QuizWSO, Cool little quiz Bisnow put together on CRE, inspired by Wharton grads. weeks 5 days ago
+3Is this right for me? Lost in placeHello. To be honest, I'm not too sure what I'm looking for here. I've had this conversation with many of my friends who are all over the place in life... finance, marketing, tech, sales, pizza delivery, get the point. It usually ends with confusion on their part,...63 weeks 23 hours ago
+1Tips for a high schooler interested in investing?Im really interested in learning more about finance and investing. What are some things I can do to practice and just improve my skills over the years? Any book you reccomend picking up that shoudlnt be too hard for someone with not that much experience? I want to get into ib after college and...62 weeks 6 days ago
+1BAN NANCY-HUBERTMods, can we get a ban on Nancy-Hubert, chief scumbag of Rentberry? Get your transparent product plugs outta here. Quit being a jagoff. 62 weeks 4 days ago
+1What should I do: FoF at major PE investor or FoF-Co-Invest-Secondary at smaller PE pension fundHi, There are currently two (excellent) offers on the table. One at a large PE investor (team) where I will work in FoF (think: Harbourvest), and another one at a 3-5x smaller pension funds PE investor (still large: >5 bln AUM) where I will work on FoF-Co-Sec investments. Apart from some...61 day 11 hours ago
+1How Frequently Should You Dry-clean Your Suit?So I am trying to figure out the most efficient system for dry-cleaning my suits. I have 3 dark grey/dark blue suits so far (3 blazers, but 4 bottoms just in case). Btw I usually steam the suit every night, so it doesn't look bad in the morning. Not sure if steaming it is enough....61 week 3 hours ago
+1Big 4 Offer taking a long time Wondering if anyone else has had an issue with an formal offer from a Big4 taking a long time to come through. I got a verbal for a Senior Consultant position from a Big4 the last week of July. They came back to me less than 24 hours after my <span class='keyword_link'><a...61 week 3 hours ago
+1Messed Up Networking Emails - Advice NeededSo I've been sending out a bunch of networking emails to try and get in touch with alumni. I emailed about 5 people at the same bank on the same day with the same email template (swapping out the names of course). I later receive a reply from an analyst saying that he knows I copy-pasted...65 days 33 min ago
+1Questions for Entry Development Associate InterviewI have a second round interview for a Development Associate position coming up and would like to know some good talking points or questions to bring up during the interview. The product is Class A office and multifamily in a major market (NYC/Boston/DC). I have a basic understanding of...61 week 5 hours ago
+1What undergraduate degrees should an international student take if they are looking to get an MBA in America?I currently live in Australia and have been accepted into all the top 5 university we have here. I was reading a lot of the topics that have been posted on the WSO about undergraduates who dive straight into business oriented degrees before the MBA are doing more harm to themselves. I wanted to...63 days 22 hours ago
+1Is it worth going to banking/finance at 33 ?Hi Folks, I'm 33 and finishing off MBA. Looking at Linkedin profile I see people of my age have already hit the Director/SVP post so I will be starting at the lowest of the ladder or does buy side offer better life-work balance at this stage ? P.S I do have an <span...64 days 3 hours ago
+1Quitting the Master's Program to Do a Full-Time IB InternshipHey Guys, In need of advice for a friend now. A friend of mine finished about a 1/3 of an Ms program in a STEM field (non-Finance related), but received an offer for a full-time ib internship (small team, long hours, great culture) and he simply doesn't think that he'll manage the...63 days 9 hours ago
+1Soph SA oddsI'm a sophomore at a semi-target (think: UVA, Emory, UNC, Mich). I'm not sure how to describe it but one of the <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">BB</a></span>...62 days 9 hours ago
+1Should their be an age cuttoff for running for President?We already have a minimum age of 35 so I don't see how having a age limit around 60-65 or less would be such a bad thing. Hillary and Trump seem to be very secretive about their health. Curious to hear @Eddie Braverman" 's take since he had a similar post regarding voter age...61 day 7 hours ago
+1What do you guys think of this cold email sample?My name is John Doe. I am a Real Estate Acquisitions Analyst currently working on a one-and-a-half-year contract for a private equity firm in San Diego, California. Moving forward, I am very interested in returning home to City X where I can leverage my experience in underwriting of multifamily...66 hours 51 min ago
+1REPE Options Post-MBAI'm currently employed by a large and reputable <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">REIT</a></span>, my current position is rotational in nature meaning...62 min 57 sec ago
+1What are some of the differences between physical and paper energy trading?I understand that physical <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">trading</a></span> is more relationship driven. What aspects would you say are similar and also different. Is the paper...54 days 12 hours ago
+1Good group, worth reaching out to headhunters?So I'm a 1Y at a pretty good boutique (MoCo/Laz/<span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">Evercore</a></span>/Gugg) that traditionally has had gotten good upper-MM/even MF looks...51 week 2 hours ago
+1Short list of the top MSF programs in the US - need helpGuys, I'm trying to come up with the list of top 10 MSF programs in the US. Right now I have a list of 17 programs. Can you help me to eliminate the weakest among them? And if I missed some strong programs, let me know, please. The list: MIT, Princeton University, Vanderbilt University,...56 days 21 hours ago
+1Leaving CRE for Finance worldHas anyone successfully crossed over from CRE into Hedge Fund world? I'm an acquisitions associate in NYC RE but I could not be more jaded with the current cycle. Have been reading tons of <span class='keyword_link'><a...54 days 5 hours ago
+1Has anyone here successfully jumped from the US to Europe or Asia?I am getting to the point in my life where I am wanting to ditch the States for a few years and move to Europe or Asia, however I dont want to take a step back in my current career in real estate. Has anyone had any success moving to Europe or Asia and being able to find a job in Real Estate...51 week 1 day ago
+1Does anyone notice people move from FP&A to other parts of the business?maybe it's just my industry, or perhaps more specifically, my company, but it seems many eople who started in FP&A or commercial finance roles actually move to other parts of the organization. sure, some go into M&A or strategy but i've seen many others move into somewhat...54 days 9 hours ago
+1FT MF recruiting out of undergradBackground: I am a senior at a target (think Columbia, Chicago, Duke), have a ~3.9 GPA, interned in one of the "top groups" at <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">GS</a></span>/<span...56 days 23 hours ago
+1Need advice picking a master's degree Hey guys! So I just finished my bachelor's in economics from India and I would like to ideally get into a top MBA program in the 2017 fall. I have the grades for it and I went to one of the top unis in the country however I intend to send in applications within the month and I have no work...53 days 17 hours ago
+1Which finance positions do not care about your gpa?I know a lot of jobs care about your college gpa, but can you name some finance jobs that do not care? Assuming you also have little or no relevant work experience. Thanks56 days 5 hours ago
+1RESUME CRITIQUE: Graduating Senior, Two Banking (IBD and Credit) Internships, Big 10 Semi-Target, 3.61 GPA ...55 days 17 hours ago
+1Should I go for VP position or keep Treasurer position for a club at school?Wanted to get some leadership position at school so joined an eboard of a Pre-Health club at my school as a treasurer(Lol only club that let me join the eboard. I was pre-health before). Now the Vice President position opened up, should I go for that or keep treasurer position? 52 days 23 hours ago
+1Terminal Value Calculation in a DCF for a private companySay the CEO of a company has approached your <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">investment bank</a></span> to sell their company. How would you go about calculating the terminal...51 day 10 hours ago
+1Is it easy to switch from one part of Investment Bank to another?Lets say from Health Care to Consumer Retail? or from generalist to oil and gas, etc. Or are you stuck where you're at.55 days 3 hours ago
+1Lazard SF Exit OppsWas wondering how <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">Lazard</a></span>'s SF Tech group is viewed? Couldn't find much information on the forum. 51 day 5 hours ago
+1FT Analyst Investment Banking Modeling Case StudyI have recently been selected to a attend a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">super day</a></span> at a middle-market <span class='keyword_link'><a...53 days 21 hours ago
+1Modeling courses or Argus Cert?Which would be the better investment for a position in real estate finance if you can only choose one? Something like REFM or Argus Cert?52 days 23 hours ago
+1Boutiques: An Increasingly Attractive Option?As a non-target aspiring to break into the biz, my options are less abundant than those of a target student. Boutiques remain an intriguing option, especially after reading <a...52 days 4 hours ago
+1Cornell Hotel vs Cornell EconI just externally transferred into the Cornell Hotel School this year. I'm currently a first-semester sophomore, and I want to break into investment banking. I was wondering if I should transfer into econ in CAS (perhaps that might be better). I am also thinking about possibly majoring in...51 day 22 hours ago
+1Advice on getting out of energy...Guys, I have never posted a discussion here before, but I am hoping some of you all might be able to help me out a bit. I am a Corporate development professional (sr analyst, 2 juniors under me, I report to the director of corp dev and the two of us do meaningfully all the M&A work and...51 day 4 hours ago
+1Investment in Bloomberg TerminalHello lads and ladies, I'm working for a Corporate Financing and Advisory firm in Beijing, and have recently come across the power of Bloomberg Terminal, as well as had a demonstration in their office. For a small firm, $25k USD pa might be hard to justify, though for the work we do, and...532 sec ago
+1BB vs EB in LondonHi guys, I have been following the forum for some time now and I need some perspectives regarding this question. How is the elite boutiques or independent advisory firms generally viewed, compared to bulge-bracket banks in London in terms of PE placement, US business school and general...510 hours 44 min ago
+1Starting a Boutique Investment Bank focused on IPOsHello there. I am not for sure if I want to go into finance, but I have been looking into finance topics and the IPO process really interests me. I was wondering if anyone knows of how I could start an <span class='keyword_link'><a...42 weeks 21 hours ago
+1Resume Review: After 1 year investment banking experience, try to break into consulting through graduate schoolHi, I would appreciate it very much if someone can have a look at my CV. I have 1.5 investment banking experiences (6 months rotation in <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">private...44 days 8 hours ago
+1Post dltd Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted Deleted 42 days 4 hours ago
+1madnessYou Americans are blody fools, if you only knew how weak Europe is, you should be much less optimistic !34 weeks 1 day ago
+1Capital Markets Shops/Group with Best Hours?Hey all - I'm currently a junior at a target school getting ready to go through recruiting. I'm looking pretty seriously at capital markets roles but wanted to know if anyone has any insight into which banks have <span class='keyword_link'><a...31 week 5 hours ago
+1WSO Hedge Fund Resume Template for Professionals with Deal Experience is Released!<strong><span class='keyword_link'><a href="" rel="nofollow">HF</a></span> Resume Announcement: WSO has released a <span class='keyword_link'><a...32 years 4 months ago
+1Interview in Fixed Income Investment/Credit Research tipsI posted the below post in the Career help section but was not getting any responses so I figured I try here. I have a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">BS</a></span> in...31 day 7 hours ago
+1Classical musicians in IBDDear fellow primates, I have been lurking at this forum for quite some time already and I want to express my thanks to all your posts that have given me so much valuable information about everything related to careers in finance. I have been making searches on the particular subject but...32 hours 52 min ago
+1Christian Louboutin Loafers - MenWhat do we think of men wearing studded/spiked loafers for parties / casual / special occasions ? Yay or nay?32 hours 4 min ago
+1Middle to Front Office Move for Recent Grad?Just landed a job working at a large private bank in NYC, title is operations and compliance. I am a recent grad who's only financial experience is within a student managed fund my senior year. What can I do to try and move to a more analytical role within this bank, or another. ...22 weeks 4 days ago
+1Buffet vs. Taleb on the newsI'm a big fan of Nassim Taleb - the philosopher/statistician/trader best known for his books "The Black Swan" and "Fooled by randomness". It's clear Taleb isn't one for poring through newspapers on a daily basis. In his books, he basically claims that...21 week 2 days ago
+1Bottom-up BetasI understand that when doing a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">DCF</a></span> for a private company, we usually have to calculate an estimate of the...23 days 23 hours ago
+1Will Emerson- Margin Call 2011I come back to this movie, time and again and I like the boardroom scene the most. In the scene at the roof top of office building with Peter and Seth, he says that out of the 2.5 million that he made last year, he spent on Tax: 1.25 million = 50% Mortgage: 300k = 12% Sent to parents: 150k...11 week 3 days ago
+1The $400 Million Mistake at Lazard: Solarcity "Undervalued" in Tesla PurchaseThis was a juicy <a href="">little story</a> that came out today...apparently someone double-counted some projected indebtedness for SolarCity which dropped the projected valuation range by $400m. That comes...11 week 5 days ago
+2Post more - I'm boredGuys look I'm bored. The posts / topics lately are horrible and I have nothing to look forward to reading when taking a dump. We need real topics, do your best #yolo. 11 week 3 days ago
+1Starting from the bottom(entry level positions) if you want to change industries?Lets say you worked in a specific job or industry for 10 years and want to change industries. For example, lets say you were in financial accounting for 10 years and you are now a Senior Manager. You decided that you want to work in Investment Banking instead. Does this mean that if you...11 week 2 days ago
+1 Earnings call for S&P500 stocks Where can I find earnings call for S&P500 stocks? Is there a site which provides this for free?15 hours 49 min ago
+1Earnings call for S&P500 stocksWhere can I find earnings call for S&P500 stocks? Can you list a few sites which provides this for free?14 days 9 hours ago
+1WSO Happy Hour: Wed 9/28, 7pm @5th and Mad (formerly known as Galway Hooker)The first WSO Happy Hour of fall season 2016 is upon us! Come join us for brews, food, and good conversation at 5th and Mad bar (formerly known as Galway Hooker--NOT the one downtown). First few attendees get a WSO T-shirt! Date/Time: Wednesday, Sept 28th @ 7pm <strong>How to find...14 days 13 hours ago
+1Capital Markets ? Can someone tell me what is the capital markets ? What spectrum of the Ibanking it lie...? P.S I'm a 2nd Yr MBA student. 14 days 5 hours ago
+1Seattle Turns Away From Micro-HousingAlthough not the most popular option. Micro-Housing has provided a cheap and affordable living option for college students, young professionals, and beginning families. Rather than living in the suburbs or cramped with roommates in cities people can live alone in centrally-located apartments...12 hours 56 min ago
+1TheStory - Breaking Indelete please01 month 17 hours ago
+2Just had video interview with Goldman Sachs, how long wait?I just had a recorded video interview (1st round?) for <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">Goldman Sachs</a></span> for a Compliance, Internal Audit, or Finance division...04 weeks 1 day ago
+1Best Scene from the GamblerIt's Friday and I feel like telling my boss F-You... Maybe I'll shit on his desk today. weeks 4 days ago
+1DD with your Girlfriend’s Ex: When Investing Analogies Go Too FarDuring my career in impact investing, I’ve heard many analogies used to describe the investment industry. While these comparisons help people better understand the sector, there are risks to taking them too seriously. Below are a few of my favorite analogies, as well as what can happen when...02 weeks 6 days ago
+1Someone is having a worse day than youSolarCity advisor Lazard made mistake in deal with Tesla Lazard Ltd (LAZ.N), the investment bank that advised SolarCity Corp on its $2.6 billion sale to Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA.O), made an error in its analysis that discounted the value of the U.S. solar energy company by $400 million, a...01 week 5 days ago
+1Makena Capital Management Internship / Analyst ProgramFor all interested in Investment Analyst <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">internships</a></span> at Makena Capital Management in Menlo Park.......... Interview...01 week 3 days ago
+1Buy Cheap Coreg 12<div style="text-align:center"><br><br><h4> Looking for a coreg? Not a problem! <br><br> <a rel="nofollow" href="">Click to Buy coreg online</a><br><br></h4> <a...04 days 1 hour ago
+1Non-Targets and The Art of Relationship BuildingIdeally, I would like this thread to stay concentrated on the title, Non-Targets and the Art of Relationship Building. Non-Target students obviously have more relationship building to do as their best shot of getting selected to interview would be through relationships. The alumni at non-targets...04 days 23 hours ago
+1Thesis Writing ServiceWe provide unsurpassed dissertation writing services to our valuable clients. Our experts are good at preparing your coursework within the deadline. Dissertation or a thesis is the art of organizing the specifics of the thesis. A prim and proper proposal trails a detailed mapping of necessary...019 hours 1 min ago
+1Specialization of ARM MLM business softwareToday several millions of people are involving in multi level marketing business to earn big money. But, A lot of people in this business do not make the fulfillment of the dream. That's why, we makes ARM MLM business software to control your multi level marketing website very smoothly....017 hours 53 min ago
+1Samsung Shares Plummet: Has the Fat Lady Sung?Samsung has lost $22 billion in market value and the stock has dropped 11%. [quote]“The market certainly thinks this is going to cost more than $1 billion,” said Anthea Lai, an analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence. “You have to persuade normal consumers that they should try to convince...04 hours 8 min ago
+1How Tax Rate affects Enterprise Value (EV)Hi all, I have some questions on an undying topic that's continuously discussed on the street: how tax rate affects <span class='keyword_link'><a...114 days 7 hours ago
+1Best Strip Clubs in Manhattan?Noticed you guys only post bs shit like "best brunch spots in Midtown" so I figured I'd make a thread that is more relevant than halal guys. Going to be in NY this weekend so let me know what are the best strip clubs in town are. @DickFuld" any suggestions?82 weeks 6 days ago
+1Anyone interviewed at Goldman Sachs?? Advise neededDear fellow monkeys! I have been already in 3 phone/video interview rounds with <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">Goldman Sachs</a></span> for an operations associate...65 days 22 hours ago
+1Anyone know anything about GSAM AIMS Private Equity Group or GSAM Credit Alternatives (Liberty Harbor)?Anyone know about these two groups in terms of exit opps to PE, pay, hours, etc.? How are they compared to <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">IBD</a></span>?68 hours 34 sec ago
+1Delaying Graduation for IBDoes anyone have experience with delaying graduation or know someone who does? I recruited for SA IB jobs last fall and didn't network properly or prepare nearly enough. I was able to land a position at a small shop and I got the return offer but will likely be declining it. I am wondering...58 hours 38 min ago
0Ross MBA InsightI'm currently a first year IB analyst in Chicago. I'm strongly considering pursing an MBA in the next 2-3 years. I anticipate applying to Booth/Kellogg and am also considering Ross. My grandfather taught medicine at UofM and I've been a lifelong UofM sports fan. Are there...23 weeks 2 hours ago
+1delete postDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeleted22 weeks 4 days ago
0Feedback on JPM cover letterDeleted DeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeletedDeleted261 week 3 days ago
0delete thread please1delete this thread niniuiububouhbjhbhjkbubuybiyubygtvyvghkbjnuinunybyuibjn hbtyiynju9noyunyugjbbuhbbh152 weeks 2 days ago
0I am a idiotic pussyLast year I found out about WSO. WSO has taught me various things and opened my eyes about the possibilities in finance, or any career for that matter. I would like to share my story and ask for advice. Please bear with me as I will try to make this elaborate, yet concisive. I am 23 year...111 week 1 day ago
0Confused with career decision- Help Please!!!I’m currently an engineer in the aerospace division of a F50 company. I’ve been in our engineering rotation program for about 2 years now and almost at the tail end of my rotation which means I’ll have to pick a permanent group for the next few years. Throughout my rotations I’ve...83 weeks 6 days ago
0I haven't networked-am I in trouble?Been at a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">BB</a></span> in derivs <span class='keyword_link'><a...82 weeks 3 days ago
0Hedge Fund vs. Investment Sales (HFF)I'm trying to decide between a possible internship with HFF vs a job working for a Hedge Fund (~600MM) that specializes primarily in lending (private money, bridge, a-paper, etc.). I wanted to ask if any of you have opinions on advantages and disadvantages of these two very different career...62 weeks 6 days ago
+1Reaching out to firm prior to OCR submission deadline - possible way of increasing first round interviews?I tried to look this up and see if someone had posted about it before - but unfortunately I was not able to find exactly what I was looking for. In particular, what are your thoughts on cold emailing an analyst (likely an analyst that is an alum from your school, but not necessarily an analyst...54 days 6 hours ago
0Time sensitive: Anyone know about GS Credit Alts (Liberty Harbor) or AIMS Private Equity Group?I'm a first year <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">JPM</a></span> <span class='keyword_link'><a...42 days 3 hours ago
0Currently in a pickle. Could use some help!Long story short, I've interviewed at a boutique firm for an internship and the MD loved me. Gave me a 'verbal offer' and basically said "I'll do everything I can to make sure you get this". So naturally I was happy and considered it sealed. I sent him a thank...33 weeks 21 hours ago
+1Swole15's Guide to Getting YokedStrap in, it's about to get weird. You might be thinking to yourself, swole15, what makes you qualified to tell others how to exercise? Calm your tits string bean, I'm about to tell you. Born large and fast, dominated HS football, signed a letter of intent to play linebacker at a...32 weeks 5 days ago
0Were any Hedge Funds destroyed in September 11?I've always wondered if there were any Hedge Funds destroyed that were in the Twin Towers at the time of 9/11, and if they continued or ceased to existence 31 week 1 day ago
0The rise (and fall) of hedge funds?Hi guys, I came across an interesting article yesterday in the WSJ talking about hedge funds starting to make their way from the original fundamental strategies over towards quantitative, algorithmic <span class='keyword_link'><a...23 weeks 4 days ago
0Networking Opportunities in NYCAnyone know of possible networking opportunities in NYC? Any field of finance Asking for a friend... ;-)23 weeks 20 hours ago
0How much time do schools give to the prospective students to take or reject the offer? (MSF)I am interested in how much time I will have to take or reject the offer for MSF. The answer will influence the order in which I will apply to different schools (I want to keep some strong school for the second wave in case I will be not strong enough at the first wave).21 week 5 days ago
0Wharton FreshmanI'm a freshman at Wharton and graduating in 3 years. Looking for internship this summer. I was told the only way to get an internship freshman summer is through connections, but I currently do not have any as nobody in my family is in the business world. This internship is especially...26 days 20 hours ago
0Vault careers S&T guideHey guys, I know there has been a few old topics on this one, but people were mostly sharing by PM so I need to ask again if anyone has a PDF of this available and could share with me? Highly appreciated22 days 7 min ago
0Sophomore Minority at Target SchoolI'm currently a rising sophomore and a minority at a target school. I have a 3.6 and plan on applying to a lot of the minority programs available for sophomores for <span class='keyword_link'><a...11 month 8 hours ago
0Why work for Deutsche BankHi, I am applying for a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">summer internship</a></span> in the <span class='keyword_link'><a...12 hours 4 min ago
0Best Masters in Finance for Investment BankingHey everybody! I was wondering which Masters in Finance have the best track to a career in IB. I'm a recent grad from a top-tier LAC, 3.3 undergrad GPA (played a varsity sport and double majored). I don't have a finance or quant background, although I did the Tuck Bridge Program last...04 weeks 1 day ago
0Rutgers MFINA any good? I've applied to the Rutgers Business School Masters in Financial Analysis Program, and have been wondering if it is any good in placing students in investment management jobs. I have an ok <span class='keyword_link'><a...04 weeks 1 day ago
0Non-Target BB IB Networking Eventdeleted 04 weeks 7 hours ago
0My Random List of Interview Insights Deleted 03 weeks 3 days ago
0High School Senior looking to rise to the topI'm a high school senior with a chance of going to a target school. I want to know what is the best route i should take for the future if i want to make the mstmoney and have the most opertunity. I'm deciding between majoring in business/finance or computer science or both. I...02 weeks 3 days ago
0advice for soph BB SA internshipI'm looking to land a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">BB</a></span> IB internship for next summer (I am a rising sophomore) and have been applying to diversity...01 week 8 hours ago
0Some dude selling shoes on eBay is burning sneakerheads.I wonder how much these things will have to go for this gimmick to be success? So far $30 seems low, maybe the insults are working? week 7 hours ago
+6The Ivy Lie?I paid dearly for an American Ivy League education and now make shit money in a foreign country. I thought I would be able to stay in the US to get some work but for average GPA internationals it seems that that is almost impossible, especially given the economy. And then I see the people...912 weeks 9 hours ago
+1Do you guys run businesses on the side on top of HF role?I've heard a fair few stories of Hedgies having start up businesses on the side whilst working. Do you guys run any businesses on the side or know anyone who does? If so what type of business is it?261 week 3 days ago
0PJT Advisory PlacementAnyone have word on how well the 1st PJT (not <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">BX</a></span> legacy) class placed? Heard good things but yet to see any tangible results 142 weeks 2 days ago
+5How to NOT send cold emailsGot forwarded the below from another analyst. Email has already made it through a bunch of BBs and MMs. Picture was originally embedded in the email body lol. ----------------------------------- Sorry to borrow 2 minutes from you Good morning [xxx], I'm [xxx], a senior student...1083 weeks 1 day ago
0How to make this Friday betterSo last night I perfected a hat trick by sleeping with three different girls in three consecutive nights. This morning I wake up to my surprise to see the girl from last night in my bed... Why didn't she take an uber home? Do women have no decency nowadays? So I parlayed a night of sex into...72 weeks 4 days ago
0Becoming a portfolio manager- Where do i start?Hi everyone! I'm just in the beginning stages of really taking action on this journey of becoming a portfolio manager- not right out of college, but wanting to take the right steps that will get me there 20-30 years down the road. I find it vastly interesting to research companies, look for...63 weeks 2 hours ago
0Gunning for BB/EB IBD as a target sophomoreHi WSO, I'm a sophomore at HYPW with a top 5%ile GPA, and am trying to get one of the few non-diversity (I'm an Indian male) <span class='keyword_link'><a...51 week 1 day ago
0Top Schools for Networking?I am a high school student who is interested in a career in investment banking. I am wondering what schools would be the best in terms of networking opportunities for this particular career. I am mainly looking for colleges on the east coast, but anywhere is fine with me. Thanks11 week 1 hour ago
0What finance job should I get?I'm about to enter college and would like to have a finance job that doesn't nee much maths, is more focused on stock analysis than on making deals, and from which I can enter the buyside. Info and pay and hours would be appreciated.04 weeks 1 day ago
+1How to lie without getting caught?Okay, so this is not exactly about lying. Here's my situation: I wanted to go to an event at a Canada-based MM, but didn't send my resume in time to RSVP for the event. One of my friends went, got a business card from an MD and gave it to me because he is an international student...233 weeks 2 days ago
0Negotiating salary for FT return offer?Given the current market, it is already very fortunate to get a return offer as a SA but would it be frowned upon to negotiate a signing bonus or your base pay?223 weeks 6 hours ago
0According to options traders, stock markets are going to get really interesting very soon.There has been talk of Wall Street headding towards another crisis, with murmurs here and there talkng about bubbles similar to the dot coms and the <span class='keyword_link'><a...133 weeks 5 days ago
+2Are people at megafunds inherently elitist ASSHOLES?Currently go to top 20 MBA program and cold-emailed someone at <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">KKR</a></span>. I have a distinct connection outside of school (think sports rivals,...131 week 2 days ago
+1Finance major with big plansHi, I am a college freshman and I intend to make something of myself. I became very interested in finance about two years ago. Since then, I've read countless books and articles and have opened a Forex and and investment account for myself. I currently manage and save money with investing...51 day 9 hours ago
0MSF / Specialized Masters Class of 2017 Q&A While I have time, I'd like to share my opinions or relevant facts about MSF, or MSc Finance program in the U.S. I also have friends who were in MAcc, MSc Marketing, and hopefully I can share whatever I can find. I was in a top (not MIT) MSF program. I'm grateful of my MSF, but now...23 weeks 2 days ago
0BGC Partners Limited Tokyo: REAL ESTATEBGC entered the commercial real estate industry in 2011 with the acquisition of Newmark Knight Frank. In April 2012 it acquired assets of Grubb & Ellis Company and formed the industry powerhouse Newmark Grubb Knight Frank (NGKF). NGKF is one of the world’s leading commercial real estate...02 weeks 6 days ago
+7Thiel, Gawker, & the War on the 1st Amendment<p>You may not have noticed, but <a href="">yesterday was Gawker's last day</a>. In and of itself, that's not a big deal; media companies come and go all the time. But Gawker didn't just die. Gawker was...782 weeks 1 day ago
+1What are people's reaction when you tell them you work in a Hedge Fund?When ever someone asks me what I want to do after a school I reply with working in a Hedge Fund. I get about 3 responses a. What the fuck is a Hedge Fund? - I then tell them and they look at me like I'm some sicko and say how boring b. Your a money hungry bastard! I wanna hear...542 weeks 4 days ago
0Best bank you'd consider lateraling from?So I'm at an EB currently (MOE/PWP/EVR) that's known for pretty great per-capita placement--those who want to go to PE usually snag at least MM, and there are a couple MF slots as well for each class. Problem is, I'm getting a strange vibe from some of the staffings so far and the...42 weeks 1 day ago
0Picking an OfferHey guys, I've just gotten 2 offers, unfortunately, neither are from <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">GS</a></span>. I have to choose between Lehman Brothers <span...23 weeks 6 hours ago
0Need help selecting impending offers!!Hi guys! Just graduated from Dunder Mifflin institute of M&A and I received a few offers from some <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">bulge bracket</a></span> and...16 days 22 hours ago
+110MM to 135MM in 8 DaysGlad to get all of your attention but shit I'm sorry there's no way in fuck I did that I just need advice.. ' I'm currently beginning my Junior year at a very non-target school in the greater LA area. I've got a a pretty solid GPA, and have held 2 <span...115 days 7 hours ago
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