Asset Management to Advisory

-Currently working at an Asset Management firm.
-Want to know whether it's possible for an asset management firm to branch out and create a corporate advisory division?
-How would such a thing be brought about?


Moving from Property Management to REPE/Asset Management

Hi All,

I'm still relatively new to the site though I have been lurking for a bit. Through searching on the site I was unable to find some insights or if it is possible to move from commercial property management (office/industrial) to the Asset Management/REPE/acquisition side of the industry.

Is it even possible to break into bulge bracket banks' AM team after I graduate from college?

Hey guys,

I am a current junior studying Math and Econ at a semi-target school.

Although I am currently pursuing the actuarial field, I think I am also interested in the Asset Management field. This summer, I will be interning at an insurance Asset Management Company(so their clients are insurers) where I will be doing the insurance industry research with their credentialed actuaries. I am hoping to get a full time offer from the firm, switch from the insurance research arm to the asset management team within the firm, attain the actuarial credential, and hope to move into the Asset Management team at a bulge bracket bank.





Portfolio Analyst at a top-tier AM: Back office or not?

I just received a PA internship position, and was wondering how this position if you would transition into equity or fixed income research, IBD, or S&T full time. I'm asking about transitioning because I am pretty sure this firm does not give out FT offers to undergrads.

Also, if I do manage to get a FT offer for this role and all the research I did about not giving FT offers was wrong, is PA back-office/not as prestigious as a research role for getting an MBA and for eventually becoming a PM? Would you suggest transitioning from being a portfolio analyst to being a research analyst?

Here's the description of the role (at least for the intern):
Provide security, portfolio, and benchmark information to investment managers
Analyze benchmark data and its impact on the portfolio

Quant Trading to Asset Management - How can I make the transition?

Hi guys,
Three years ago, I was pretty clueless about what I wanted to do - my goal back then was simply finance + making decent amount of money. Now, here I am, after 3 years in quant trading of a big bank, I found out that I am in the wrong place.
I have been studying for CFA exams and find a strong interest in Asset Management. However, I have talked to handful of headhunters in the past year and so far all they had to offer were hedge funds or banks. I am pretty sure that I missed something here - there must be some gate that can lead me to asset management. You guys need to help me, what I am missing here? What can I do to move to asset management? Does any of you work in asset management and have 10' to talk to me or do anything to help me out ?

How to move from PB to AM?

Hi everyone,
I work in London in a US BB bank in private banking as an Investment Advisor. I've joined on a grad scheme in 2011 from a target school. Unfortunately I have entered PB relatively randomly and I definitely crave for an institutional role. I understand that 3/4 years down the road my options are relatively limited and that Asset Management is probably the best shot. Unfortunately my bank doesn't have an AM arm hence I'm looking on how to join a competitor's arm (clearly GS or JP would be my favourites but I'm certainly not that picky:).
I have tried to find AM headhunters but didn't have much luck (all my friends are either in S&T or M&A hence their contacts weren't of much help).

Investment/Development Analyst vs. Asset Management Analyst

Whats the difference? Im just having a slightly difficult time differentiating especially since sometimes job descriptions between both sound very similar.

Thanks monkeys!