2014 MIT Sloan grad nabs $1.8 million first-year compensation

Pretty whopping number. If true, it would be the highest compensation ever recorded in MBA history.


Want to transition into acquisitions - MBA worthwhile?

Hey ya'll. First time poster here. I've been doing a lot of research lately, which actually led me to WSO not too long ago. I would greatly appreciate any insights or advice you can give. Anyways, to give a little background, I have my undergrad in Hospitality Business and a specialization in real estate and development. Ended up getting a job out of college in CRE brokerage, where I have been working for about 2.5 years. It's a smaller family owned brokerage firm, but a big player in my market.

IT Engineer considering an MBA

I went to school for computer science and Graduated form a local college with a low GPA in 2007. Richard Stockton college of NJ 2.3 GPA. I realized I didn't like programming and I started from scratch doing basic IT support and gradually made the switch over to a Network Architect/Engineer. This was done with the help of an certifications (CCIE) job hopping, and a little bit of embellishing of the resume. I am pleased with my progress and I have surpassed my salary expectations. I enjoy the work that I do but I have become accustomed to the quick progress in my career. As far as easy options are concerned: I can continue doing federal government contracting, start my own business and go corp-to-corp and bill out other positions.

Need advice - MSF/MBA profile evaluation

Hi everyone, I'm contemplating MSF or MBA programs right now but am not sure which is more suitable for my background:

Undergrad: Non-target w/ Economics degree; GPA: 3.8
GMAT: Scheduled for December
Work exp: 5 years total --- RA @ economics consulting firm and now working as an Analyst in the Legal dept. of an MBB
Goal: Interested in equity research or Asset Management


Can someone currently on the street or within high Finance tell me which they prefer to see in one of their candidates, either the CFA or MBA? I am a senior in college looking to either pursue an MBA after I graduate or spend my time on the CFA. i have several offers from good graduate schools, but no high level offers. My goal is to one day be in equity research, if that provides any context for your suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Best Path to REPE

Over the past year, I've become very interested in real estate. I'm 25 and have no RE experience besides investing in a multifamily property.

I'd like to end up in REPE one day. Which of the following would be a good path to take?

1. I work another year or two and get my MBA at top school. I'd then transition to REIB as an associate then after a few years get a job at a REPE fund.

2. I get my Masters in real estate and try to get into REPE directly from one of those programs.

Thanks for any input.

Planning my path to PE

Good morning!

So I've been thinking through my career goals and have decided that my end all goal is to break into private equity. I would like some advice on what path I should take from here.

Background: B10 Finance degree, 2 years in an FLDP program, currently at a boutique financial services company doing valuations of inventory.
Location: Chicago
Others: Eligible to sit for CPA exams

My question is, where should I go from here? As I see it, I have three different options:

1. Try to break into PE w/o B-school. I'm not sure how possible this would be, but it would be a lot easier on the wallet. Are smaller shops possibilities after I'm at my current company for a year or two?

Consulting - Lower MM PE - MBA

Hi monkeys,

Just now got this lower MM PE (~200M AUM) offer with a decent package (roughly double my current number). So come here to ask you guys for advices.

Top Econ undergrad, 1.5 years at Tier 2 consulting firm (LEK, Parthenon, Booz)

Planning to apply for MBA next year and break into a upper MM PE (500M-2B AUM) after that.
I realize that a pure 3-year consulting pre-MBA background barely makes it possible, so maybe a mix background (1.5 years consulting + 1.5 years lower MM PE) could increase the odds.

1. In terms of MBA application, is it a right move? My targets are basically lower M7 (CBS/Kellogg/Booth/Sloan) and upper S16 (Yale/Stern/Tuck). Do I have a shot at these? And how does this move change my odds?

90% conversion rate for front office IB BB (and elite MM) jobs at M7 Business Schools

Hey guys, got the official figures from the CMC and investment banking club at Kellogg. Of the 51 people who recruited from IB last winter, 45 received internships. I've seen quite a few threads asking for these figures, so figured that I'd post it here.

MBA - Need all the help I can get!

Sorry if its a little lengthy, wanted it to be as detailed as possible. Looking for some advice/help.

My Exhilarating Profile:

Age: 23 (26/27 at matriculation)
GPA: 3.0 - 3.1 from a Top 10-15 Canadian University (one of the three largest). Majored in Law and Political Science. Had a 3.3 in my major and a 3.7 in my minor in my final year, upward trend. Took economics classes as electives: A in Calculus 2 and Macro (top 5% of class), B's in Calculus 1 and Micro (top 10-15% of class)
GMAT: 700-720 expected
White male

Low GPA: Worked 2 part-time jobs each year; in my final year I worked 40hrs/week at a marketing company while doing full-time school. I was also on Student Council for four years - added ~20-25hrs/week on top of my already full-time hours.