IBM vs. KPMG vs. FTSE20

Hi All,

Thought I'd get a perspective of people on this board on their opinion of the following options (all in London):

1. Consultant a IBM in GBS as a strategy role
2. Assistant Manager at KPMG Advisory
3. Assistant Brand Manager at a FTSE 20 company

My career ambitions are to do an MBA from a top school in 2-3 years. After which I would probably want to go (back) into consulting or look to start my own venture.

2.4 GPA - 760 GMAT - Interesting Stats

Would appreciate any help in regards to my chances of getting into a top 10 MBA Program:

2.4 GPA (top 50 Uni - 4 years out of school)
760 GMAT
Started own NPO
Started own company out of college that grosses 2 m/yr and employs 5 people
Now in Sales/Relationship Management at large US Bank

What exactly is a tier 1 MBA program? Would Georgetown qualify?

What is a tier 1 program? Nationally ranked in the top 25? Top 15?

Must have on-campus recruiting to a ton of Wall Street jobs?

Would Georgetown-McDonough qualify as a tier 1 business school?

Engineering to Finance - What industry has the best lifestyle?

Hi. I'm an engineer with almost 2 years experience in the Silicon Valley. I think I've made up my mind that I don't want to continue this career path for the rest of my life. - I've been thinking more about finance and it seems more and more like an attractive career for me. Good with numbers, would like to hang around more social people, make money, etc.

I was thinking of getting one more years experience, applying to a good MBA program and then relabeling myself from a top tier school like UCLA, USC, Stanford, Berkeley, or UTAustin and then jumping into finance. Everyone has said I'd be starting at $110K. True?

I'm just starting the research for finance and what industry would best suit me.

Corporate Finance to Corporate Development/Strategy Role Long Term

I'm new to WSO and have enjoyed reading through all the forums. They've been a big help for me in defining my career goals.

I am currently in the process of applying to Top 15 business schools. Career wise I am very interested in working in corporate finance at a biotech/big pharma company Post-MBA, more specifically, being hired into a finance LDP where I can work in various roles within the company and get the necessary exposure and experience to transition into a corporate develoment/strategy role at the company long term. Is this a realistic short term to long term goal? I've read that CD is more suited for a former IB or MBB but is it different for MBAs who have moved up within the company? Any advice is much appreciated.

Evaluating my chances at top 15 MBA

I'm wondering where I stand for the top 15 schools

GMAT of CFA level 1?

Hi all,

I am currently two months into a two year financial management program at a F100 insurance company and trying to decide if I should take the GMAT or CFA level one (June 2015). Ultimately looking to move into Asset Management or corporate strategy/development. The insurance company has a sizable investments division so CFA could help with a lateral move into that. Have been considering taking MBA route in a few years but if I could make the career change with just the CFA and not having to pay $150k for the MBA that would be ideal. Would love to hear your guys thoughts. Thanks!

A headhunter told me to put MBA after my name on my resume

So I had never considered listing MBA after my name on my resume and I typically shake my head at those who do, but I had a recent discussion with a headhunter and she said "Since you have your professional experience listed first and you have a two page resume, I had no idea you even had an MBA until you told me during our discussion. You should list your name as John Smith, MBA, CPA at the top of your resume so it's immediately clear that you have the MBA"

Consulting Recruiting and GMAT

How much does your gmat score matter for non-MBB consulting firms?

Big Name MSF vs. No name MBA

Hey all,

I know this topic has been WORN OUT but I truly value differing opinions. I run a consulting firm in which I help organizations launch new products and/or expand & improve current products. It's a niche industry but I would love the opportunity to set myself up to be able to sit on the other side of the table in the near future both for gauging new product market viability as well as becoming involved with PE/VC. While I have fundamental/technical understanding, I have an undergraduate degree from a no-name school and a humanities degree to match.