Consulting in Middle East

Hello all,
Anyone out there know the what is happening in the management consulting scene in the Middle East? How are comapnies faring? What is the current pecking order? What is the projected outlook?


McKinsey vs Bain Advice

I've received offers from all of MBB in New York and I was looking for some advice about how to go about making the choice. I'm basically not considering BCG because of fit reasons but I'm willing to hear out any advice people have.

Visa Sponsorship for International Hires


I am currently an MPA student at Columbia. I am a UK national currently studying on a student visa. I am interested in going into mgmt consulting when I complete my degree. I would like to remain in the US after I graduate if possible. Does MB&B sponsor new international hires for H-1B visas for their analyst positions?


McKinsey Dubai - Boston Interviews

anybody in boston for mck dubai interviews?

Traveling for MBB in NY vs. Boston vs. Chicago

What is the average amount of traveling per week that a junior level analyst does at these locations?

Masters in Commerce before McKinsey?

Hey guys,

I'm new to WSO and have a question regarding graduate school before consulting. I'm currently a senior in undergrad and I have an offer at McKinsey's New York office. Through a program I'm involved with, I also have the opportunity to obtain a Masters in Commerce at the University of Virginia. For more information about the program at UVA, see their website:
Note: All of my expenses for the UVA program would be covered.

Why do / don't you want to work for McK in Dubai? Hiring pratices?

I'm interviewing with McK in Dubai in two weeks.

Why would you want to work in Dubai? Why wouldn't you?

Do you think there are higher chances for an Arabic-speaking Top 5 Uni grad in Dubai than in domestic offices? I'm applying for the BA position.

Any other thoughts on McK and Dubai in general appreciated.

Pre-2nd round recruiting by offices?

Just of out sheer curiosity, is it common for offices that you have indicated on your application to contact you between round 1 and round 2 to 'sell' their location?

I have a final round interview at another top consulting firm that did not do anything similar.

Switch from BB iBankign to McKinsey -- good idea or not

I'm at a BB bank now, hating life

I have an offer from a McKinsey partner who I know from family connections

Should I take the job, move from Chicago to Boston?

What's the best consulting interview prep book for McKinsey

I have a first round phone interview, but I've only done banking interviews thus far. What can I expect and what is the best guide book to get in order to help me prepare??

Anyone ever used the WSO one? I used the M&I one for banking and it was great. Anyone like that for consulting?