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WSO Conference 2013: Panel Topic Suggestions

We are in the midst of recruiting talented panelists and speakers for WSO Con 2013. With that in mind, I am hoping all of you can send us ideas of Panel Topics and/or themes you'd like to see this year as well as ideas for a Keynote Speaker . The structure of the conference will now include 1 keynote, 2 workshops and 3 panels in the following order:

[keynote], lunch, [panel 1], [workshop 1: Resume Best Practices], [panel 2], [workshop 2: Interview Best Practices], [panel 3], [closing remarks]...

WSO comments from the week 10/28-11/3

Atleastimnotabanker in The Non-Target Curse argues that going to a top school ("target school") gives you an initial advantage. After that, it's up to you:


Financial Modeling Boot-Camp (Los Angeles, 11/5)

Attended by investment banking, private equity , corporate finance professionals, MBA students, and those in career transitions, Wall Street Prep 's popular Boot Camps bridge the gap between academics and the real world, to equip professionals and students with practical financial skills they need on the job.

Live Seminar Highlights:



2 days of intensive Financial & Valuation Modeling, DCF , and M&A training Identical to large in-house analyst and associate training programs Taught by experienced investment bankers Includes comprehensive training manuals and model templates
November 5, 2012 - 8:00am to November 6, 2012 - 5:00pm
Event type: 
Other Meetup

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Who I am... Where do I fit in ?

I am new here so bear with me; but here is my situation-- I am looking for advice on where to take my career.

Age: 27 years old

- Current: Getting MBA (Finance) Golden Gate University (San Francisco) 3.9 GPA
- Past: BS /Biology (BioChemistry) 3.1 GPA
- I opened and expanded my own chain of pizza restaurants (2008-present)
- (3 locations now) maanging 80+ employees
- I helped co-found StingCampus LLC (while still in college 2006-2008)
- Raised $250,000 in angel investments

I really like finance, combined with real estate, and trading -- all have a special place in my heart.
My question is what route do I take ?
Where are some good places to apply to ?

Thrill-seeking activities under interests

How do employers view these, and how can one write these under interests?

Specifically for myself, I haven't "specialized" in anything but always look for opportunities...

Cold Calling 101

Whether you're trying to land a position, sell a product, or simply network with others, learning the art of selling should be a vital part of your learning in any profession.

The most effective way to do all of the above is to learn the art of selling yourself. While there are many aspects to selling yourself, there are two core skills that all salespeople master.

A) Cold Calling
B) The Face to Face Sale

Cold Calling
Mastering cold calling opens you up to a whole new world. It allows you to efficiently obtain information and move your career forward in an efficient amount of time without having to wait for an email response that may never happen.

WSO Weekly Wrap-Up (10/27-11/2)

In case you missed them, here are some of last week's most popular topics:

Hurricane Sandy - Going to work? (Please Post Updates in Here)

How many of you...

Interview With Arden Reed Co-Founder Carlos Solorio

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of getting to know Carlos Solorio , a former investment banker who came out of the Lehman Brothers meltdown in 2008 unscathed, was an...

Boston Monkeys: Ideas for where to hold next WSO Boston meetup?

Boston monkeys, Patrick, the boston social chairs (hockey1316, chicandtoughness) and I are trying to decide where hold the next Boston happyhour / meetup. We used to hold them...

How many of you in NYC are back at work?

I'm curious how many people are back at work and do you know how many people are returning to work now?

I have several calls scheduled and didn't bother contacting...

Gekko's Guidance Part 2--S&T interview Prep

Mod note (Andy): "Blast from the past - Best of WSO" - while Eddie is away this month in his place we'll be posting up some of the most popular posts from the past. This was...

If You Could Do It All Again...

Moderator Note (Andy): Best of WSO - this post originally went up May 2008 and we thought it deserved to go back on the homepage for those who may have never seen it.


Feels like I’m writing my own obituary…

My apologies for the length of this... it's simply a fluid thought that may or may not make any damn sense...

TLDR: About to turn 27, live in the bedroom I grew up in, unemployed for almost a year, completely lost

What Happened to Reading?

Monkeys, something I've noticed a lot over the past few years is that fewer and fewer people seem to be reading for pleasure. Obviously, within the past 6 years of my life, I...

Body Ink on Wall Street

I've noticed a lot more people in the locker room, gym, or wherever with tattoos recently... even among senior guys, it seems like it's become a bit more acceptable. I wanted...

Gekko's Guidance (10 Rules to Interviewing) - Part 1 of ?

Mod note (Andy): "Blast from the past - Best of WSO" - while Eddie is away this month in his place we'll be posting up some of the most popular posts from the past. This was originally posted on 12/07/10

Since everyone else seems to be jumping on the band wagon, I thought it was about time Gekko started posting a few blog topics. Considering it's about that time of year, I figured a post about "Gekko's Guide to interviewing" would be helpful to all the new monkeys out there looking for their first internships .

Rule #1-Relax

Applying to too many banks

I'm a junior at a target school applying for SA positions in Investment Banking. I'm wondering if I should really trim down the list of places I apply to, or is it ok to have a...

Are B-Schools to Blame for Bad Ethics?

According to this article written by a professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the drop in ethical standards throughout the business world can be traced back to an unsuspecting culprit: graduate schools. He cites the case of insider trading between McKinsey director Anil Kumar, who recently pleaded guilty, former hedge fund tycoon Rat Rajaratnam, and former McKinsey director Rajat Gupta.Kumar and Rajaratnam went to UPenn Wharton, and Gupta went to Harvard Business School; needless to say, both are elite institutions where business ethics classes are offered and taught by esteemed and respected professors. What gives?

Hurricane Sandy - Going to work? (Please Post Updates in Here)

Fellow Monkeys,

How many of you are expected to make it into work today or tomorrow with Hurricane Sandy bearing down on us? Our offices are still open and around half...

Screw the Hotel, I'm Booking with Airbnb

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share two recent travel experiences that highlight the differences between a night's stay at a hotel vs. Airbnb. Who do you think fared better? The hotel chain with over 100 years of experience or the online company that has been around for 4 years. For some background on these events, both trips took place in Boston within 3 months of each other. Same location, but very different experiences....

Hotel Chain
I won't name names but this hotel is part of the largest organization of hotels and resorts in the world. Here is the timeline of events:

1. I go to Kayak.com to find the best rates/location for accommodations in Boston

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