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How to Dress for Success on Wall Street (Part 4)

Hi everyone,

This is the final part of the Jon Yeazel interview, How to Dress for Success on Wall Street. Jon has given us some great info over the past couple weeks; from suit accessories to selected styles and fit. To conclude our interview Jon has given us some of his top online locations for ties, pocket squares, and suits . He also gives a brief run down of his successful Kickstarter campaign. So lets get started.

Jon's Favorite Sites:

1. The Tie Bar - where I get almost all of my ties and pocket squares

Interview with Author of "BlackJack Domination" Part 2

This is part two ( see part one here ) of an interview with Derek Sutta, author of the ebook 'BlackJack Domination' which is a fully comprehensive and interactive guide to...

Monkeys Unite! NYC & Boston Happy Hours (Thur & Fri this week)

It's that time again Monkeys, time to throw back some beers & food with your fellow WSO brothers and sisters.

NYC (10/4): Galway Hooker Pub (Midtown) (36th between...

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10 Tips to Bribe NYC’s Top Restaurants

Moderator Note (Andy): this was originally posted on 4/24/12
With full time recruiting well out of the way, I thought I would address a more pressing issue at hand- What...

Unconventional resume review


Greenhill vs. Centerview, Full-Time Analyst Decision for NY

I'm trying to decide between full time offers at the two banks, and was wondering if anyone could provide an additional opinion. Also, if someone has a higher level understanding of pros/cons between being a career banker and moving into HF /PE, and what the two areas might look like in the future, I'd really appreciate it.


Why Achieving Alpha For Managers Is a Black Swan

Every quarter or so, the more senior monkeys and perhaps for the younger ones their parents, receive a 401k statement in the mail. Contained within these few pages are the cold...

What We Learnt from Analyzing CFA Level III 2012 Results

This article is originally from . You can read the full article here .

How well do you expect to perform in Level III?

Since the June exam...

Chinese Sausage Fest

I'm not talking about the last time I went out to a night club in Beijing (although there may actually be some correlation). This is about the demographic challenge hitting...

Ex-SAC Capital Manager Claims the Fund Trades on Inside Information

According to a Bloomberg News report , a former portfolio manager at SAC Capital told the FBI that it was understood that inside information was used in crafting trade ideas...

STEM Students: KPCB Wants YOU!

Venture capital firms are going after younger and younger entrepreneurs in order to find the superstars of tomorrow, and Kleiner Perkins has been leading the way. If you're a...

Financial Modeling Boot-Camp (New York, 10/4)

Attended by investment banking, private equity , corporate finance professionals, MBA students, and those in career transitions, Wall Street Prep 's popular Boot Camps bridge the gap between academics and the real world, to equip professionals and students with practical financial skills they need on the job.

Live Seminar Highlights:

3 days of intensive Financial Modeling, DCF , and M&A training Identical to large in-house analyst and associate training programs Taught by experienced investment bankers Includes comprehensive training manuals and model templates
October 4, 2012 - 8:00am to October 6, 2012 - 5:00pm
Event type: 
Other Meetup

when is the best time to look to leave?

Used the search function, didn't really come up with anything specific to S&T. If you're in s&t at a BB , when is the appropriate time to look to leave if you want to...

The (69) Men Commandments

I love this list (I know the number of them Commandments is also a fine number per se). I think every man, especially if he works in high finance, should have this posted on...

The "dividend tax" cliff approaches: Implications for stocks

A great deal has been written about the "fiscal cliff" that US taxpayers, investors and companies are faced with at the end of this year. Put simply, all of the tax changes...

Consulting vs Google Offer

Hello guys so I am currently faced with a choice between Google Marketing APMM program vs ATKearney Business Analyst role. Assume monetary value of the offers are about the...

Isn't FT recruiting all but over at this point?

From my experiences, what I've heard from others and some of the questions posted I'm getting the sense that almost every firm has other finished FT hiring or are in the final...

MBA class of 2015 applicants thread

I haven't seen this thread yet, so i figure it's time to get the ball rolling since round 1 deadlines are coming up.

If you can, post which rounds you're applying to,...

Have $100k, don't know how to invest, help

I came into 100k, i'm a soon to be PhD student(financial economics). I seriously don't know how to trade and am thinking about long term investments such as S&P 500 Index ETFs or Growth or Income mutual funds and withdrawing a portion of the principal + interest each year to have extra spending cash during PhD studies. I basically know what every finance student should, basics, long/short, reading wall street journal, avoiding whispers, hot stock tips etc. I don't want to risk it by building equity or derivatives portfolios without the proper training.

WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling