Explain why I didn't wear tie in first round

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Long story short

Went for the first round interview with only shirt and pants (no tie no suit). One of the MD (who didn't interview me) saw me and wasn't impressed with my dress code

I was fortunate enough to pass the first round because the associate and analyst (my buddy) who interviewed me went to bat for me. The analyst told me during discussion the MD almost wanted to rule me out just because I wasn't properly dressed.

Gallatin: A forgotten financier

A lot of you who have an interest in economist history have probably heard of Alexander Hamilton, the first Treasury Secretary appointed by Washington, but many of you have probably never heard of Albert Gallatin and today I just wanted to pay homage to him.

Shave Your Head To Get That Promotion

There's been a lot of posts about how certain physical traits can help (or hurt) your career. I even posted about how wearing certain colors can change how people perceive you. But now, "research" is suggesting that bald men are more likely to get raises and promotions. A recent study by Wharton and article by WSJ suggests that bald men are perceived to be more "mature" and "wiser".

Comments from the week 10/14-10/20

By to_IBornot_toB in Time to Respect the MSF: Top Five MSF Myths Debunked:

[quote]The toughest part of the getting a job from an MSF, is that you have to sell it. Yes, there are a few "target" firms that come on campus, but more importantly you need to reach out to other people, and find what story fits for you.

Make a logical story (much harder done than said) and I think the MSF is worthwhile. Also, if you can get the MSF at a discount (fellowships, grants, scholarships), do so. This makes for bragging points during on-campus interviews when going up against other students from your MSF.

The Obsession with Investment Banking

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Do you have an investment banking obsession? Especially those of you still in college, do you spend every waking moment angling for a job in investment banking? Does the networking utility of those with whom you interact play a part in whether or not you'll become friends? Do you have a Chinese mother?

Okay, that last question may seem a little off the wall for those who haven't read the commentary in this weekend's Journal. But David Weidner at Bloomberg took it a step further and analyzed the drive to achieve on Wall Street, a drive top investment bankers possess almost to the exclusion of every other social skill. He gives the examples of Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, and Henry Kravis - mostly dour guys focused on only one thing: money.

Neanderthal Vs. GMAT: Place your bets!

I'm going to kill the GMAT... at least, tthat is the idea. How hard can it be? I mean, i have over 2,000 banana points on WSO...

My current score is c. 620 GMATs, but I'm aiming for 700+ GMATs on test day. I've just registered for the 1st week of December. I've never blogged (is that the right word?) before, but will post updates here...

So, What do you guys think? Do I stand a chance? Would you bet against me?

Structured Product Investing -- Who does it?

I tend to be a big fan of investing in structured products and was curious to hear what people think of / do with these specialty pools of products... feel free to drop some knowledge on specific products youve bought that youre very happy with btw

A personal favorite of mine I purchased at the end of May 2011 --

Tied to the SPY, the underlying trade price was 131.64. With a 2 year maturity window on the product, as long as the SPY holds above 131.64 on May 26, 2013 I receive a 17.6 coupon return -- even if it is up a penny. If we are up 20 percent on the SPY, I collect that return instead.

Hipsters in Finance

Moderator Note (Andy): Best of WSO - this post originally went up April 2012 and we thought it deserved to go back on the homepage for those who may have never seen it.

Fellow monkeys, I have a confession to make:

I am a hipster who wants to be an investment banker.

Weekly Wrap-Up: 10/13-10/19

In case you missed them, here are some of the hottest topics of this past week:

Time To Respect The MSF: Top Five MSF Myths Debunked

Whenever I read about the MSF on WSO I often see people commenting on it that have no idea what they are talking about. So I wanted to write this blog post to clear up some myths...

Avoiding The Marriage Zone

What is The Marriage Zone? I'm glad you asked...

Wanna Jump Straight to the Buy Side?

The Only Side that Matters: The Soft Side

Although fear of being charged with slander in the future played an important role in why I changed my blog's topic for today, I mainly decided against it because something has been occupying my spare brain cells (the very few working ones) for a few days and it’s about time I seek camaraderie among WSOers.

Look, I am not the deep type. I find most deep conversations lame and insincere, I don’t ever want to talk about feelings or the effect of said feelings on life, paths, personalities, or behavior. Well, unless I do care and want to listen. Which is rare.

Should Banks Care Where their Money Comes From?

I remember surfing around on Netflix a while ago and coming across a documentary called cocaine cowboys, which I will say is a must watch for anyone. You can guess what it's about. What interested me was the amount of cash that banks in Miami took in to the tune of 600 or 700 million dollars a year in straight cash... when beforehand they were used to a tenth of that. The fed didn't even know what to do with the cash at the time it was rolling in so quickly. Then I stumble across this gem of an article where western banks are making it rain from the columbian cocaine trade.

Bonus Bananas October 19, 2012

1) Greg Smith Quit Goldman After ‘Unrealistic’ Pitch for $1M (Bloomberg) - Greg Smith definitely got the last laugh. Goldman launched an internal investigation into him and Bloomberg got their hands on it. It's pure gold, and no one will ever be able to tell Smith he didn't have balls. When GS balked at his demand for a million dollar bonus, he quit and wrote a book that'll probably pay him two million.

2) Stalker App? Facebook Kills Friend Finding Feature (CNBC) - When something's too creepy for even Facebook, you know it must be bad. This kind of thing can't be helping the stock.

3) The Only Earthling With a Facebook 'Dislike' Button (BusinessWeek) - Speaking of Facebook, where's my Dislike button? This guy has one. I want one. Seriously. If anything could save the stock, giving everyone a Dislike button would surely do it.