Nobody wants to do sales in Sales & Trading?

Recently a BB came to my school to recruit. All the students there said they wanted to go into trading (including me), and none of them said they wanted to go into sales. Then this sales guy from the BB started presenting and I must say I was very impressed and I might have persuaded by him to be more open to sales. Let me tell you why.

First off, he presented very well, which you should expect of a sales man but he was really smooth and good. When the traders presented, they were like giving pauses in the middle, like "urm", as they recollect their thoughts. Not that I expect traders to be very good in presentations because their main job is trading the markets, but I was more impressed with the sales man here in this instance.

A tragic hero of financial engineering

Most of you here are familiar with the Black-Scholes formula since it’s imbued in every possible textbook of corporate finance 101 under the sections of option pricing. The infamous black-scholes-merton formula was created by Nobel laureates (now unfortunately also blamed for the credit crunch) who used advanced calculus to build a closed form solutions on how to price options which are widely traded on the CBOE today. But most of you don’t know that the science behind options was created over 70 years before it came to practice by a man name Bachelier.

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WSO Conference 2013: Panel Topic Suggestions

We are in the midst of recruiting talented panelists and speakers for WSO Con 2013. With that in mind, I am hoping all of you can send us ideas of Panel Topics and/or themes you'd like to see this year as well as ideas for a Keynote Speaker. The structure of the conference will now include 1 keynote, 2 workshops and 3 panels in the following order:

[keynote], lunch, [panel 1], [workshop 1: Resume Best Practices], [panel 2], [workshop 2: Interview Best Practices], [panel 3], [closing remarks]...

WSO comments from the week 10/28-11/3

Atleastimnotabanker in The Non-Target Curse argues that going to a top school ("target school") gives you an initial advantage. After that, it's up to you:

It will always matter which university you went to. Nobody cares if you went to a non-target or a semi-target, though. What matters is if you went to a great university or not.
This doesn't mean you can't make it, if you didn't, but the person who has Harvard in his resume will always gain more attention than the one with some less stellar school.

Just look at news reports about new CEOs. If they went to a top school, it is almost always mentioned. It just reassures everybody that it was the right decision to pick him for that position.

Financial Modeling Boot-Camp (Los Angeles, 11/5)

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November 5, 2012 - 8:00am to November 6, 2012 - 5:00pm
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Who I am... Where do I fit in ?

I am new here so bear with me; but here is my situation-- I am looking for advice on where to take my career.

Age: 27 years old

- Current: Getting MBA (Finance) Golden Gate University (San Francisco) 3.9 GPA
- Past: BS/Biology (BioChemistry) 3.1 GPA
- I opened and expanded my own chain of pizza restaurants (2008-present)
- (3 locations now) maanging 80+ employees
- I helped co-found StingCampus LLC (while still in college 2006-2008)
- Raised $250,000 in angel investments

I really like finance, combined with real estate, and trading-- all have a special place in my heart.
My question is what route do I take ?
Where are some good places to apply to ?

Thrill-seeking activities under interests

How do employers view these, and how can one write these under interests?

Specifically for myself, I haven't "specialized" in anything but always look for opportunities to get my heart pumping e.g. skydiving, hang gliding, para gliding, shark cage diving (did it 2 weeks ago), bungee jumping, white water rafting etc..

I do ski, for example, but not often enough to say it's a hobby, but I am very good at it. Is there any encompassing word or phrasing I could use for the above? Because saying I like to skydive, for example, is not true since I've only done it once.

Cold Calling 101

Whether you're trying to land a position, sell a product, or simply network with others, learning the art of selling should be a vital part of your learning in any profession.

The most effective way to do all of the above is to learn the art of selling yourself. While there are many aspects to selling yourself, there are two core skills that all salespeople master.

A) Cold Calling
B) The Face to Face Sale

Cold Calling
Mastering cold calling opens you up to a whole new world. It allows you to efficiently obtain information and move your career forward in an efficient amount of time without having to wait for an email response that may never happen.

WSO Weekly Wrap-Up (10/27-11/2)

In case you missed them, here are some of last week's most popular topics:

Hurricane Sandy - Going to work? (Please Post Updates in Here)

How many of you are expected to make it into work today or tomorrow with Hurricane Sandy bearing down on us? Our offices are still open and around half of the analysts are going in...

Savings after two years as an analyst

How much did you have saved after your first two years as an analyst? This includes 401k matching, investment income etc...

UBS Cutting 10,000 Jobs

Interview With Arden Reed Co-Founder Carlos Solorio

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of getting to know Carlos Solorio, a former investment banker who came out of the Lehman Brothers meltdown in 2008 unscathed, was an Analyst in the Latin American coverage group at Barclay's, and is now an entrepreneur who co-founded the custom business attire company Arden Reed.

Check out my interview with Carlos to learn more about his experiences at Lehman and Barclay's and why he decided to pursue entrepreneurship instead of the more "typical" post-IBD paths that all you monkeys seem to be so obsessed with.

Boston Monkeys: Ideas for where to hold next WSO Boston meetup?

Boston monkeys, Patrick, the boston social chairs (hockey1316, chicandtoughness) and I are trying to decide where hold the next Boston happyhour / meetup. We used to hold them at Coogan's but the place has been too loud as of late and nobody can hear anyone. So.. any ideas?

How many of you in NYC are back at work?

I'm curious how many people are back at work and do you know how many people are returning to work now?

I have several calls scheduled and didn't bother contacting people on M - W but figured to reschedule. I was supposed to go to NYC but had to reschedule due to Sandy. I don't want to sound like a douche emailing and calling people asking how they are doing before scheduled calls.

Edit: I do realize if people are at work, they can't really respond to this but do any of you know if a lot of people returned yet?