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Having phone interviews but nothing else

Okay, so within the past month I have had 3 phone interviews and next week I have another 2 phone interviews.
All of these positions are related to my background such as finance and retail. These are entry level types positions requiring around 1-2 yrs experience.

I paid a professional to overhaul my resume and to write a cover letter. This has given me a boost, but my concern is that I am only getting phone interviews and I am not moving on to the next stage of the process. I don't know what I am doing wrong?

WSO Happy Hour TONIGHT! 6-9PM Galway Hooker (21+)

Monkeys - tonight (7/27) Justin and I are hosting a WSO happy hour at the regular watering hole Galway Hooker Midtown , 7 E 36th street, 6-9PM. Cash bar, as a way to welcome...

What a doctor taught me about Black Swans

If you haven't already heard about Dr. Michael Burry, the prominent hedge fund manager who ran Scion Capital and posted huge gains from his bets against the credit markets; be sure to read up about him on Wikipedia.

Today, I just want to highlight something critical that I learned about Black Swans while reading up on one of Burry's investor letters since I found it quite fascinating. Burry stated that a 'Black Swan' in the economic / financial sense has three basic features:

Its unpredictable Carries a massive impact And after the fact, most people find an explanation that makes it appear less random, and somehow justify that it was highly predictable

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Bonus Bananas July 27, 2012

1) Facebook earnings: Good, but not good enough ( CNN Money ) - Figured I'd lead off with what will probably be the top financial story today. It is gonna be an ugly open for...

Like UBS, Deutsche Bank not taking many interns

Deutsche Bank has announced that many of their interns are in jeopardy of or will not be getting any full time offers at all.

For the internal risk function(MO), as well as Global Transaction Banking, only about 30% of interns will be hired.
For the internal finance function (MO), NONE of the more than a dozen interns will be getting offers.
For the FO , it is rumored that at most half will be getting a chance at full time employment.

All of this news comes just as UBS fired 30 full timers, as well as making serious cuts to their intern class. Not a good time to be breaking into the industry.

First Step To ER - CFA Level I

I'm sitting for the CFA Level I in December. Assuming I pass, do you think that would be enough to land an entry-level Equity Research position? I graduated with a Finance degree from Rutgers in May with a 3.5. Decent, but not great.

I currently work in the middle office of a BB doing ops work on stock trade settlements. It's well documented on this forum that ops = junk, but it's not such a bad job right out of college.

It's okay for now, but what do you think my next move should be? What steps would you take to get the ER job if you were me?

Thanks in advance.


Day 7: Unofficial Guide to Banking & Dating

I am taking a break from my regular motivational posts and going to share a quick guide on "Job Search". This is a presentation that I put together for the panel, "Breaking The...

Are You Wasting Your 20's on Self Indulgence?

Most people tell you that your 20's are the time to find yourself. It's a free decade where experimentation and "growing up" is largely encouraged and rarely looked down upon. You're only young once, right? Apparently all those people are full of shit .

80% of life's defining moments happen by age 35 Backpacking through exotic locales will not help your resume 2/3 of your wage growth will happen in the first decade of your career Your clique hinders your future development Millenials haven't mastered anything yet, so best start now

Let the Games Begin

With almost exactly 24 hours to go until the start of the 2012 Olympics in London (a mere stones throw from Canary Wharf and perhaps the global heart of derivative trading ), the hype on local news is building to fever pitch. The BBC has moved all of its reporting desks to a large glass building with a view over the sprawling Olympic park, the last 2 months have had non-stop coverage of a fairly pointless torch procession and a small grubby cafe in the east end has been forced to change its name (which it has held for nearly 20 years) to Olympi Cafe to avoid any tourists thinking it is an official Games venue...

So, let us put aside all this talk of insider trading , LIBOR manipulation, Sandy Weill's hypocrisy and discuss what really matters; sport. .

Sandy Weill: Break Up the Banks

So the big news yesterday was that Sandy Weill, former Citigroup CEO and slayer of Glass-Steagall, called for the break-up of the Too Big To Fail banks . Take a moment to savor...

Facebook Earnings Call

After the market closes today, Facebook will conduct its first ever earnings conference. With the share price hovering in the high twenties down from the IPO price of 38$, investors are looking forward to hearing what the plans going forward are for Facebook and most importantly their strategy for creating revenue.

As Facebook was hammered during the weeks following the IPO with conversation regarding the doubts about its future revenue growth, Mark Zuckerberg and his staff know that this is the primary point of discussion that they will have to address during their earnings call. The street is projecting that FB will see an increase of earnings compared with last years' second quarter, however, the growth rate of new users has been steadily declining.

How to Win at Consulting (8/8): Never Lose Your Audience

8) Never Lose Your Audience

It's time for a presentation with the client. You've done all your preparatory work, caught all your mistakes ahead of time, and bound the...

B-School Legacy Clarification

When B-Schools consider legacy status, did your parent or whoever have to be an alumnus of the business school specifically? That is, rather than an alumnus of another...

How important is the internship prior to senior year?

I'm a rising Junior at Kenan-Flagler. I'm planning to study abroad in Milan next Spring, and the program goes all the way into early July.

I'm concerned that I won't have an internship in the states next summer, for one of two reasons:

1. I get an internship in Milan through next Summer.
2. I miss all the recruiting that takes place in the Spring, and can't get a position with a start date in mid-July.

I'm most interested in Bain, BCG , and Deloitte , all three of which recruit at Kenan-Flagler. If one of the two cases above does happen, what are the chances that I can still land a full-time job after my senior year?

Why are there buyside (hf) on the west coast?

This may be a dumb question, but I still hope someone can shed some light .

I have noticed there are more buyside shops on the west coast than expected: VC in the Bay...

Office Polidicks: I Peed up that Tree

In Kingdom Animalia, of which we, as human beings, are the most evolved members (lol), the strongest and fittest within a group (also called Alpha, usually male) establish...

Unlimited Vacation on Wall Street

Unlimited vacation and Wall Street are like pickles and ice cream; they just don't go together. As it stands, unlimited vacation is only a dream. A dream realized only by those beyond the confines of Wall Street. So why does Wall Street shun unlimited vacation, or any vacation for that matter? Are we really so productive in our 80 - 120 hour work weeks that time off is unimaginable, unthinkable, undoubtedly wrong? I think the answer is, no . To Wall Street productivity looks like this:

(a) Longer Hours = More experience = Higher productivity

In reality it looks something like this:

(b) Longer Hours = Health Issues = Shorter Career = Higher Turnover = Lower Productivity

Breaking into Private Equity from Banking

Since some of my longer threads/advice seems to have been buried on the forums, I decided to consolidate it through the blog. Enjoy.

The majority of the below text is sourced from the following link:

Advice for New Analysts Breaking into PE:

Dressing for the Daily Commute

As financial professionals, most of us have to wear some variation of The Suit and Tie to work every day. Most of us live in large cities and either walk or rely on public...

Is Data Mining the Key to Preventing Violent Mass Shootings?

How much privacy are you willing to give up to keep people safe? This is an endless debate that has been waged since, well, forever. I'm sure you all are tired of it but I found it interesting that in the wake of the tragic Colorado shootings the debate is reawakening quickly. It's funny because I watched a show about Target the other night where it talked about assigning a unique ID to every customer and they can track your purchases, enough to target advertisements to you before you even realize you need something. Would you support the government using algorithms to scan every transaction in the US ?

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