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Group: Non-target NetworkingThis group/thread is for non-target alums and students alike to network and give each other tips on how to gain an edge. ...
441 day 5 hours ago
Group: CFAThis group is for CFAs and those aspiring to pass the Chartered Financial Analyst exam. ...
142 weeks 10 hours ago
Group: Energy TradingThis group is a place where energy traders and students trying to break into energy trading can come to discuss recruiting and the industry. ...
77 months 3 weeks ago
Group: EconomicsDiscuss economics, macroeconomic trends and more in this thread ...
11 year 5 months ago
Group: WSO Investment IdeasThis group is designed to provide a forum to share investment ideas and soliciting feedback, along the lines of Value Investors Club and Distressed Debt Investors Club. ...
02 years 2 months ago
Group: Proprietary TradingUse this group to discuss anything related to proprietary trading and as a networking tool. ...
02 years 2 months ago
Group: Read the FootnotesThis group will highlight the good, bad, and ugly aspects of working at a hedge fund/buyside. Trade stories, share insights, or just follow along. I've decided to start a group to better organize topics that interest me and ensure my posts do not get buried in the forums over time. ...
Mr. Pink Money
12 years 2 months ago
WSO Certified User Group - **PRIVATE**To access the private WSO Certified User group, please go here: The group includes a private chat room and only finance professionals can join. ...
92 years 2 months ago
Message Board Rules and NetiquetteAs the community continues to grow and evolve, let's try to keep it at least somewhat civil, useful and entertaining. To that end, here are a few items to keep in mind as you participate in the community: Please do your best to avoid starting a thread on a topic that's already been discussed. Use...
08 years 11 months ago
Vice Interviews Martin Shkreli-- Confirmed that he is as awkward as you'd expectJust last week, Vice uploaded a video interview with everyone's favorite "finance" guy. I use the term loosely because with each piece of news that comes out about Martin Shkreli, I find his story harder and harder to believe (where both the validity of his career and that of himself dwindles down.)...
Nick Naylor
616 min 20 sec ago
Chances of Transfering in as a Sophomore to These Schools?The schools I'm applying to: Wharton (UPenn), Stern (NYU), Columbia, Ross (UMich), Tepper (Carnegie Mellon), & Stanford. Goals: Trying to be an ibanker Should I try to apply to more schools? Do you think I could get in to any one of these schools? Are there better schools for I-banking? Should m...
712 hours 34 min ago
Instead of Fixing Water Crisis, MI Republicans Outlaw Anal Sex - Is this real life?Because Jesus. Instead of Fixing Water Crisis, MI Republicans Outlaw Anal Sex Someone please tell me this is not real life. ...
1415 hours 52 min ago
LEADERSLEEPMod Note (Andy): This post is a reprint from the January 25th edition of Jared's Daily Dirtnap Newsletter. If you'd like to read more, WSO readers qualify for a $100 discount to his Daily Dirtnap daily market newsletter...just email [email protected] and mention "WSO Monkey Discount". You can fo...
Jared Dillian
119 hours 39 min ago
Thinking of going into audit when graduating? Do Comp SciHey all. I was initially asked to do a webinar about this, but since WSO focussed away from my field, it would be morally wrong for me not to share this with you. I'm working at one of the big 4 (doesnt matter which as all are doing it, just we're ahead - shots fired). I'm not an auditor at all, ...
141 day 4 min ago
61 day 1 hour ago
Source for finding completed M&A deals in AustraliaHi guys, this is probably quite a basic question but what would be the best way to source deals from last year? This is without access to any databases. I'm trying to find Citi's 5 biggest M&A deals from last year without much success. The only source I have is the Australian Financial Review (W...
21 day 1 hour ago
Ivey Value Investing Program - The Closest Substitute for Columbia?Sorry for the length.... I am wondering if anyone out there can shed some light on this/ open a conversation on the topic. For those who are interested in a value investing career, there seem to be two good options. First and most famously there is the Value Investing Program at Columbia. Obviously,...
01 day 5 hours ago
WSO Weekly Wrap-Up (2/6-2/12)In case you missed them, here're some of last week's most popular topics: Stay positive Post By @UnderdogforlifeI would like to share my story and encourage those who feel beaten up by the recruiting season. I was born and raised in a very under-developed city in China. I hope that my story is helpf...
01 day 12 hours ago
Gravitational Waves Discovered - Einstein's last prediction of general relativity finally proven. Discovery of the century.Today, the discovery of gravitational waves was confirmed by scientists. They were discovered during the collision of two massive black holes billions of years ago (which we are only witnessing now since this happened billions of light years away). Educate yourselves, monkeys:
71 day 13 hours ago
Best financial competitionWhat are some financial/business competitions that provides the each respective winner with the best benefits? ...
01 day 17 hours ago
In love with a girl who you are pretty sure is cheating on you....Long story short, i've been dating a girl casually for about 7 months and we have been, supposedly, "exclusive" for going on 4 now. However, we are going to have to be long distance for a year. She moved home in May and is there until she starts her new 1yr volunteer commitment that is many states a...
921 day 18 hours ago
Official Super Bowl 50 threadalright monkeys, it's that time again. being the south, I'm surrounded by Panthers fans, both legitimate and bandwagon, and after their showing yesterday, it's hard to deny their charm & talent. To make this interesting, I want people to make some bold predictions (a la Trey Wingo), and finally ...
851 day 22 hours ago
Bloomberg Excel Add-In options contracts formatHi, I have a quick question for you guys. Is this a valid format for options contracts: =BDP("NKE US 04/15/2016 C62.5 EQUITY", "PX_ASK")? Don't have access to Bloomberg right now but need to show an Excel add-in/API example for an interview... just want to make sure the formulas are right before I ...
02 days 2 hours ago
Congratulations to the 2015 WSO Forum Member of the Year: DingDong08Mod Note (Andy): I'm posting this under DingDong08's account so he can reap all the silver banana love :-) Winning by an astounding margin (33% of the votes vs 14% ), congratulations to WSO super user @Dingdong08 for winning the 2015 WSO Member of the Year vote. Also congratulations to to @IlliniP...
202 days 14 hours ago
Life adviceHello everyone, When I was 21, I knew what I wanted to do with my life; I wanted to work in finance of some sort. I was late bloomer into college(25), I am 28 now, but I have no motivation to read books anymore on anything. It doesn't matter if it is finance-related or not. I have books on balance ...
292 days 17 hours ago


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