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Should I put a "lol" in my email to MD?The MD at my firm just sent me - the intern - an email (for the first time) asking me to complete some simple tasks for him. In it, he also included a joke at the end. I'm debating if I should reply to the joke by saying something like "that's a good one" or "lol," but I don't want to come off as un...
365 min 26 sec ago
How are Asians not considered minorities for Diversity programs?It makes no sense... All these banks' diversity programs say, " open to students who identify as Black, Hispanic or Native American students in their sophomore or junior year." Is there a reason for this? Last time I checked, Asians are minorities. ...
4923 min 38 sec ago
Gary Johnson 2016 - You In?The LP ticket is getting a lot more press this year due to how awful Clinton and Trump are. I met Gov. Johnson a few years back when I was still an undergrad and the guy couldn't be more down to earth. More importantly, I think his brand of practical libertarianism is what is most appealing and it...
024 min 52 sec ago
Target SchoolsCan someone tell me if investment banks recruit from schools such as F&M, Bates, Trinity, and Union? ...
01 hour 4 min ago
Your thoughts on the 2005 Mizuho Securities J-COM stock error? (Stock Trade Errors in general)So I was looking up Mizuho Securities and apparently in the year 2005, they mistakenly sold over 600,000 shares of J-Com INC. for 1 yen each when it was supposed to have been over 600,000 yen. Tokyo Stock Exchange presumably neglected to suspend the questionable transaction and failed to address the...
02 hours 28 min ago
Verizon To Acquire Yahoo For $4.83 BillionVerizon announced yesterday that it will acquire Yahoo for approximately $4.83 billion in cash Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ) and Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) today announce they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Verizon will acquire Yahoo's operating business for ...
193 hours 19 min ago
What Do You Think Of Casual Fridays?Honestly, what do you guys think? I am working right now at a place with a casual-Friday policy, but I am very averse to wearing jeans in the office. Actually I don't usually wear jeans even on weekends. There is something about keeping your work life and leisure separately that is reflected in the...
313 hours 40 min ago
Should I ask an analyst for feedback?My friend works at an MM bank and during the course of a few months she was really a helping hand (reviewed my resume, went thru my story with me, etc.). I finally had a first round with her bank with an MD from her group. Should I email her if she heard any feedback from her MD? The MD mentioned t...
64 hours 27 sec ago
Do I transfer?I am a rising sophomore at a top 50, non target school in the South (NC/VA area, don't think Wake or W&L, I'd consider those semi's) double majoring in Econ and Finance. I currently live around 30 minutes outside of NYC, and I am fortunate enough to have a pretty large network of people around t...
34 hours 40 min ago
Best Cheap Eats in New YorkThe title pretty much states my question. I'll be in New York this upcoming Winter and want to know what the best spots are for a decently priced meal. Any recommendations? ...
254 hours 59 min ago
Why are all the interns in my group so awkward?! Ok not ALL, but the majority. Too much time studying and not enough time being "socialized". Blame their parents? Some minor examples: -EXTREMELY shy (though smart) & when some do talk, lately it's fucking Pokemon talk, "no, i dont have a fucking favorite pokemon" ---and when it's not pokemon ...
Ape Town
375 hours 6 min ago
Excel reference showing wrong valueSo how excel isn't showing the correct amount when I reference my debt schedule in my model. The debt schedule value calculates correctly but when I reference the debt schedule from my cash flow statement it show the wrong number. I attached pictures. ...
05 hours 17 min ago
How to network your way to the job?I know networking threads have been made, but I have a specific one pertaining to it. This is not at a BB or for IB btw. Just wanted to clarify that. I saw a position that I like the sound of, found the VP of the department on LinkedIn, connected, and messaged him, and he repsonded back saying we c...
55 hours 47 min ago
I AM THE ORSON WELLES OF POWERPOINTI AM THE ORSON WELLES OF POWERPOINT. BY OYL MILLER - - - - I am the Orson Welles of PowerPoint 2010. Next slide. I don't let marketing get in the way of a potential masterpiece. You see I don't create mere presentations. I use technology and the language of our times to evoke human emotions from my ...
25 hours 51 min ago
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Looking to buy a suitLooking to buy a suit since I'm planning on starting my search for a new job in ~1-2 months. I'm working now so money isn't a huge constraint but I'd like to spend less than $500, ideally less than $400. I think it was on this forum where I saw someone recommend Hart Schaffner Marx suits and I fo...
36 hours 48 min ago
How to play better golf (or just not suck)A few weeks back I posted a few pieces of advice on a golf posting and got some serious requests for more info. I hadn't considered how many out there need some simple advice about how to get around a golf course and not make an idiot of yourself in front of peers and bosses. When I got a pouring i...
337 hours 2 min ago
Bloomberg on Trump "I built a business and I didn’t start it with a million-dollar check from my father." As much as I'd like to resist turning this into a political thread, just on a "net worth vs net worth" basis, and them both being NY guys, that's quite a burn by Bloomberg. Thoughts on his former consideration of running for Pres and what he said...
77 hours 12 min ago
What your liquor of choice says about you In a rare moment, I've found myself at a local, wooden, quiet neighborhood bar sitting alone drinking my 3rd Budweiser with a closed out tab. I thought it a pleasant way to break up my week though I hope not to make a habit of it. With not much else to do, and tired of looking at screens all day (un...
757 hours 29 min ago
Phone chat ->resume forward->follow-up now?I have spoken with some senior people by phone at good MMs over the past months (about three right now). When the conversations went well, they have forwarded my resume to their head of recruiting. The recruiting head has gotten back to me to say that they are recruiting in the fall. This person is ...
Yeezy's Flesh
07 hours 53 min ago
POKEMON NO!This is addressed to gamers who spend a decent chunck of their free time geeking around, I've been online-gaming ever since the Gunbound and Maple Story era and I rigorously refuse to move away from my gaming chair to look for Snorlax in a public toilet, Do you think the Pokemon go GPS style gaming ...
28 hours 2 min ago
A Day on the Boston Commuter Bus (Short Story)deleting this piece of shit - thanks for feedback everyone! ...
79 hours 16 min ago
Seeking Sublet in NYC3br luxury condo in Hell's Kitchen from August 20 - October 13. PM for more details. ...
29 hours 21 min ago
How Many Emails Do You Recieve Per Day? I am recieving about 250-300 emails per day. It's a bit overwhelming. Is this a normal volume? How many emails are you getting everyday? ...
89 hours 47 min ago
7/29/16 - WSO Weekly Wrap UpIn case you missed them, here're some of last week's most popular topics: Uncle Eddie Rides Again Post By @Eddie Braverman The past couple of years have been a bit of a whirlwind for me, and that's why I had to step away from WSO. I am coming back to write a weekly column on topics such as the inev...
09 hours 52 min ago
Best Lessons Learned From F&#%ing UpSome of the absolute best lessons you can learn in life come from f&#%ing up. Advice like "wear a condom" or "don't push that fart out after eating Thai food" or "don't eat pizza for literally every meal because your metabolism will slow down one day and you'll get fat" really never hits home un...
1111 hours 14 min ago
Investment banking has come so farIf you read through the foreword to Rosenbaum's Investment Banking Valuation text, it talks about the need to return to the basics of the business in valuations after what happened in 2008. Online, so many firms list specific tools of their knowledge platform that can give a client the best advisory...
513 hours 9 min ago
What's your crazy stories on Wall Street?After talking to so many professionals in the industry, I found that each had their own crazy story to tell. The best I heard by far actually happened to my uncle. He worked at JP Morgan for almost two years in their IT division along with the traders (think quant-y stuff and operations). His team w...
314 hours 55 min ago
Favorite Restaurants?One of my goals whenever I visit a city is to eat at one high-end restaurant. Always curious to learn about other great places to go, and I figure that given the industries WSO users work in, fine dining will be a shared interest. Off the top of my head, some of my favorites have been Gary Danko in ...
Ace Rothstein
5415 hours 1 min ago
Where do you meet extremely hot women?So where do you guys normally go to meet gorgeous women? I mean Tinder/Bumble etc only go so far and it seems that the lineup is eh. Curious where you guys prowl. ...
8820 hours 6 min ago
CFA June 2016 ResultsCFA exam results are coming in any minute. My heart is pounding just waiting for the results to come in. Good luck to everyone! ...
4220 hours 42 min ago
Excel Help: Sum formula showing 0 when clearly it should some value.Hey guys, I got an excel with a simple sum equation, but if I go into it (F2) then press ENTER, then it turns into 0. It clearly can't be 0 because I actually see the cells it's trying to sum up and it's not 0. At first, I thought it's because I had it on manual calculation, but it's not. It's on ...
821 hours 16 min ago
How do you feel about corruptionI'm sure this topic has been brought up numerous times by newbies but I have been wanting to understand what bankers feel about corruption. How do people deal with it and carry on working, feeling justified that they are adding value to society? Don't get the wrong idea about me, If I had the oppor...
122 hours 10 min ago
Transfer Dilemma - Currently at a non-target Currently at a non target state school, rising junior and stupidly applied to transfer into only the very top schools like the ivies, Michigan, Berkeley, etc and got rejected/waitlisted everywhere. I'm in shock because I had excellent grades, test scores and ecs, but bad, rushed essays and very impe...
2222 hours 49 min ago
Vietnam Airlines Announces Business Performance For First Six Months Of 2016Hanoi, 22 July 2016 - Vietnam Airlines' Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Airlines) has announced the company's business performance from January to June 2016. In the first six months of 2016, the aviation market grew by 27.2 per cent compared to the same period last year, with a 37 per cent increase in ...
123 hours 12 min ago
Anyone else hate people from Middle America?I'm a born and bred New Yorker, went to a target in CA and now work on Wall Street. I'm incredibly disappointed in seeing all these fat people from Ohio and Tennessee and roaming around in my cosmopolitan city. I meet a few analysts that somehow made it in from these crappy states in the south and m...
2423 hours 36 min ago
Leach Wallace Associates Inc Consulting Engineers: New Patient Tower Silver Spring, Holy Cross HospitalLeach Wallace was commissioned to design the expansion of the 300,000 sf New Patient Tower at Holy Cross, located in Silver Spring, Maryland. The expansion of the hospital included a 150 bed patient tower, including a new central energy plant and major renovation to the existing front lobby for circ...
023 hours 36 min ago
Playing the Long Game at a BoutiqueI'm sure this topic has come up before, so please excuse me if this has already been discussed at length elsewhere. Are mid-level bankers (Associates / VPs) who begin their careers at a boutique (EVR, LAZ, Moelis, etc.) at a disadvantage when it comes time to begin calling on clients? It seems th...
423 hours 38 min ago
Favorite Computer/Browser Shortcuts (non excel)?Isn't it annoying when you see someone scanning a page for a certain word or phrase and they don't know to just use ctrl-f? What are your favorite / most useful keyboard shortcuts for your browser or computer (mac or pc)? ...
Ape Town
21 day 18 min ago
Any good stories about dating colleagues/working with ex?Inc. recently published an article called Help! I'm Supposed to Interview My Ex for a Job, and it got me curious. Despite the office romance stigma, I'm sure stories of people dating each other at work aren't rare. Has anyone dated a colleague? What was that like? Any good stories? ...
31 day 2 hours ago
Bay Area Intern Meet Up (Professionals Welcome) I am interested in finding out if any other finance interns want to meet up and head out to lunch while back over summer. I am a rising junior interning in PWM at a BB and think it would be cool to meet up with any other interns looking to break into finance in the next few years. Of course, this in...
That one guy111
01 day 2 hours ago
What does the future hold for Apple?Apple Q2 earnings beat estimates, despite falling iPhone sales as they were expected to make $1.39 per share of revenue on $42.1 billion. The bottom line is that Apple was able to satisfy those who weren't as optimistic about themselves and they saw stronger customer demand and business performance ...
11 day 5 hours ago
del plsdelete pls. ...
71 day 6 hours ago
How to find fast and healthy food court meals (even if you're crazy busy)I learned something crazy the other day: high-level Ironman triathletes pee on their bikes during races. That's right. In the middle of a 112 mile ride, they'll just let loose all over their $12,000 Cervelo bike. These people sound insane, but I sort of understand why they do it. While I've never p...
91 day 8 hours ago
Lost College StudentI'm (pretty) lost. I'm beginning my sophomore year at what's considered a "public ivy" as an Economics major. I spent my first year at a non-target and managed a perfect GPA, whilst being active some academic organizations. I founded the University Investment Club, was chosen for the financial mento...
11 day 9 hours ago
Valuation control - confused of exact job functions.Hello guys, I'll have an interview soon with a top-tier IB for valuation control role. They got my CV from Michael Page, so I didn't apply directly. I'm confused of the actual role functions in this job? Is it considered back or middle office? I heard, it's the operations type of work? Really confu...
01 day 10 hours ago
BB Company Culture DifferencesCould anybody who has experience at any BB's talk about the company culture and how it differs from other BB's? ...
01 day 10 hours ago
How to Quit your Job the Right WayCame across this post on TC by Altucher and thought it was one of the best i've read in a while. Thoughts? comments? When I was at a corporate IT job, I kept wondering: What are all these people doing? Many people were on the phone. Or were already outdated by new software systems. The corporation ...
41 day 14 hours ago
Hunting for mandates Can we please get some of our IB/corporate finance veterans to share with us how they have landed mandates via cold calling and/or other approaches. Including but not limited to asking CEOs whether they'd like to sell their company or an asset in their portfolio. I've just been tasked to ask probabl...
01 day 15 hours ago
Why are you doing what you do? I've always been ambitious and worked my tail off to be at a certain level in my career. I'm in my late 20s and have now fulfilled this idea in my head of how life was supposed to be like. But now that I'm here, I'm left wondering what's next. How did you all decide that the amount of hours and sac...
01 day 17 hours ago
Follow up on last week's Tinder dateFirst off, a question for you monkeys. Regarding the Woodford and creatine combo I use to signal the end of cocaine hours and the beginning of premarket: I started preparing it in the bottles to save time but I'm having a clumping problem. Anyone else deal with same? I AM a fucking champ and a Wall ...
Fear The Bulge
172 days 5 min ago
LinkedIn losing credibility?I can't help but to notice that more and more people on LinkedIn are posting content that does not belong on there such as posting pictures of their kids or getting engaged (yes I've seen this). To me, this devalues LinkedIn and groups it in with the rest of the social media/networking websites (not...
362 days 3 hours ago
FIG IB Interview Guide?Does anybody have suggestions? I know BIWS FIG course is great, but looking more for an interview guide (banks and insurance primarily). Thanks monkeys! ...
32 days 4 hours ago
Woodford + Creatine = GreatnessStory time. So last night I'm spinning my wheels in the wee hours, taking key bumps, waiting for pre-market. You know, usual weekday routine. I start clicking around WSJ and I see Shillary is leading in 4 key battleground states and that, combined with the coke, gets me mad. I almost reach for the 9...
Fear The Bulge
202 days 7 hours ago
Uber in the AirTech start-up Blade just closed another round of financing, bringing its valuation to $75 million. For those unfamiliar with the service, the company is sort of like Uber, but for helicopters. The two have partnered in the past, combining resources to offer rides to Coachella and other music events....
Nick Naylor
122 days 8 hours ago
Richard Ivey - Canada [To Ivey Grads or current HBAs]Greetings, with Ivey being the strongest target for potential IBankers or those pursuing buy side opportunities in Canada, can anyone comment on the caliber of students who obtain SA positions in the US and FT offers? I don't understand how y'all claim to have known majority of the technicals and fi...
22 days 8 hours ago
2017 IBD SA MEGATHREADLet's try and get a timeline of all deadlines for most BB's and Boutiques (including diversity/scholarship events). Just add a comment once you've CONFIRMED the deadline and I'll add the date. Evercore- July 31st (Accelerated Recruiting and Diversity Program)Morgan Stanley - July 31st (Accelerated R...
02 days 10 hours ago
WSO Excel Challenge ContestPlease embed the videos of you completing our WSO Excel Challenge to win a WSO T-shirt. Every month, we will be taking the fastest time and sending out a free t-shirt. All new members now get access to our 6 free financial modeling lessons, so you can click the sign up button in the menu above. If...
832 days 16 hours ago
need some Serious life adviceHello, as the name suggests, this is a throwaway account. Your time is precious, so feel free to skip the following 2 paragraphs. I'm not really the type to put my rather dull life story on display in front of random disinterested souls (and i wont) but ive been a part of wso for quite a while now a...
142 days 17 hours ago
A High School Student Trying To Get AheadGreetings y'all, I'm currently in junior year of highschool going onto my senior this fall and since my freshmen year, I have been dedicated and ABSOLUTELY set for IB. I've been following everything within the financial industry. Thing is, I want to get more ahead and I need your advice. Many people...
62 days 18 hours ago
Jump from IB to TechRecently left my BB for a job at a mid sized tech company. Has anyone else made a similar jump? ...
12 days 18 hours ago
Why I feel pessimistic about the future of Wall StreetI'm sure you all know how much Wall Street has suffered since the 2008 financial crisis due to fines, regulations, and job cuts --- but do you know how badly? The numbers on these charts may surprise you. ---Heavy fines - Yup, $284 billion in fines over the past eight years. ---Banks are shrinking ...
12 days 19 hours ago
How Good Are You At Pokémon GO?Seriously, how good are you and which level are you at? On a different note, Pokemon GO apparently added a new job description to the labor market called a "professional Pokemon GO trainer" ($20/hour), which was advertised on Craigslist by a 24-year old freelance journalist. She describes her servi...
152 days 20 hours ago
DNC Chair resignsDebbie Wasserman Schultz resigns as head of the Democratic National Convention after Wikileaks releases emails. Hillary Clinton alleges Russian state actors involved. Any thoughts? ...
182 days 21 hours ago
Which laptop to get for doing remote work at homeI'm trying to buy a laptop before my IB stint, and I expect to doing remote work on it during travel and at home. Any recommendations? ...
32 days 22 hours ago
If you could get an offer from any investment bank, which one would you choose? Please include Location and Product/Coverage Group There have been several similar post but I think this question needs updated answer for 2016. I would choose generalist a Moelis in NY. ...
32 days 23 hours ago
No Summer Intern Deaths This Year (so far) No major stories of intern deaths from banking internship hours so far (to my knowledge - correct me if i'm wrong). Thank goodness, let's hope this trend continues. From what I remember the last two years saw IBD summer intern deaths that arguably were closely related to the amount of hours they wer...
Ape Town
123 days 13 min ago
Tech ValuationI was wondering if someone could discuss tech valuation multiples (specifically for internet, software and semiconductor companies). My understanding is that internet companies that are pre EBITDA are going to use funky valuation methods like number of unique users, software companies typically have...
03 days 48 min ago
DCF v Transaction multiplesSo my question is this, Why are acquirers willing to pay more than the DCF value to acquire a target company, especially when the DCF accounts for the intrinsic value of a company as it is the present value of all the cash flows expected to be generated by the company and as the DCF implicitly accou...
73 days 2 hours ago
Anyone know what the timeline is like for 2017 SA recruiting?Curious if any FT employees know when OCR will start. How different will the dates be from school to school? Are there still banks that recruit in the new year? ...
63 days 3 hours ago
How LinkedIn Became a New Pick Up SiteDo you use LinkedIn to connect with strangers? Even worse.. Do you use LinkedIn to pick up women? This is what Abigail McAlpine, a consultant from UK, experienced after she posted her profile photo, and some guy tried to hit on her through LinkedIn. "Please do not use this website like Tinder, I d...
213 days 3 hours ago
How Being Entitled Can Get You FiredMillennials are often labeled as being entitled, and while I don't support this stereotype, this story made me think otherwise: It all started with this summer intern (let's call him Mike) who felt like the dress code was too strict. "I felt the dress code was overly strict but I wasn't going to sa...
273 days 4 hours ago
My dilemma: transferringHi guys, this is a throwaway account because I post quite a bit on another. Need some serious advice, with all things considered. I am a rising sophomore at a top 50, non target school in the South (NC/VA area, don't think Wake or W&L, I'd consider those semi's) double majoring in Econ and Finan...
03 days 5 hours ago
For any and all future Adjusted GPA questionsPlease refer to the following: Adjusted GPA on a Pro Forma Basis by Sir Equity Go Recently, recruiters at top universities and college administrators alike have recognized a growing trend in the student job market, namely the adoption of "adjusted...
83 days 6 hours ago
What font does your bank use for powerpoint presentations?mainly for the header and body.. curious to see if there is any standard that is the go-to among banks ...
03 days 7 hours ago
Going out with my Team as a Summer Analyst - Do's and Don't'sHi, I am currently working as a Summer Analyst in London at one of the American Bulge Brackets. There#s a party from my team coming up next week, and obviously it is a good opportunity to get to know the people better. However, I am a bit concerned about the stories you sometimes hear, that they wan...
73 days 7 hours ago
How to model an LBO with minority stakeWhat would you do in the case where a financial sponsor makes a minority investment? What is the equity contribution amount? This is assuming the management team stays on. For instance, if a PE firm buys a 30% stake in a company, requires the firm to take on bank and mezz debt and also makes the man...
83 days 8 hours ago
7/25/16 - Monday @MentionsHappy Monday WSO! Upcoming webinars: -Webinar: Hedge Fund Case: Derivatives - CDS Basket -- 4pm ET, 7/26/16 Upcoming webinar rewinds on the WSO Frontpage (replays of old webinars you may have missed, free for 24 hours): My Story: BB VP Lateral, Toronto to NYC + Q&A, 7/26/2016 Posts of the Week...
04 days 13 hours ago
$50,000 what business would you start?Hi WSO, I summon your collective minds to brainstorm on this idea!! If you have $50,000 and you can start any business what business would you start and why? -$500 monthly stipend for food/gas/cell phone -couch is free (parents/gf/friends) Present your business case and I will shower you with SB's l...
683 days 9 hours ago
Finance or International Business MajorHi Gurus of WSO, I am in the middle of getting my Bachelor's degree. I have completed most of the elective, and some of the business courses. Now, I have to choose the major. I would like to pursue a career on the international level, is it international business or international relations. Unfortun...
13 days 9 hours ago
6 REAL Habits I've Observed From Self-Made MillionairesBusiness Insider (and forbes to a lesser extent) are flooding the younger generation with all of these seemingly simple ways to become a millionaire (see "13 Habits of Self-Made Millionaires"), and they're usually written by journalists, not millionaires, so beware of treating them as gospel. They a...
163 days 10 hours ago
Sources for finding contact info for networkingHey guys, I am busy putting a list together of contact information of people at various investment banks and I am finding it quite difficult to get contact numbers and email addresses. I have about 50 at the moment but I would like to get at least 500. What sources did you use when searching for co...
43 days 16 hours ago
Detailed EV adjustmentsHi all, just a technical qns on the adjustments on EV. The simplified version for EV calculations of is EV = debt + equity - cash + operating and capital leases A) For cash, do we deduct "restricted cash" from EV? And why? If it depends, under what circumstances do we remove it? I personally don't d...
23 days 18 hours ago
Series 79 Study Recommendation Hi All-- I am an incoming Associate at a BB, and I am in the process of prepping for the 79. My bank uses STC as its prep material/class, and I am a bit concerned about STC's efficacy due to the negative reviews I have read on this site. Is there anyone who has used STC in the last year or two who c...
03 days 20 hours ago
What Personal Sacrifices You Had To Make To Get Into Banking/When Transitioning To Banking?Everyone knows on this forum that banking is long hours and some very stressful workload. As some of us are adjusting to life as a full-time analyst, I just wanted to ask those who transitioned from university straight into full-time about their personal sacrifices or adjustments they had to make i...
33 days 22 hours ago
Who's The Most Embarrassing Investment Bank?Let's use Deutsche Bank as an example. In the past few months, plenty has happened to DB, including it's most recent failure of the Fed's stress test, the number of DB employees involved in LIBOR rigging pegged at 29, and a Brexit memo sent out by John Cryan starting with "I'm afraid". The most int...
104 days 1 hour ago
Merger Model QuestionI am working on a merger model and receiving some strange results. Some things to note: the buyer has negative income and a negative EBITDA, the price per share for the buyer is VERY high and the number of shares is very low, and the synergies are very high and tend to dominate the costs of the dea...
04 days 1 hour ago
to the retard who's "friend" got into Booth with one year of WEpwned, muthafucka... like the rest of this board. like your lie, too bad you're too dumb to execute properly. lmao. or maybe i'm just 2 fucking smart. u 2 fucking E Z GTFO... thanks! any other dumb-shit wanna match wits? what about some idiot also-ran who's been 2nd-tier his entire life. I'm talking...
234 days 2 hours ago
Mobile game to help you in your business/finance careerHi guys! While working in corporate finance and strategy jobs for about 4 years in total I found myself often in situations where I had to do mental calculations in front of my bosses and colleagues. I was impressed how fast my bosses could do simple ad hoc calculations themselves and move the conve...
04 days 3 hours ago
Carlton Church - The truth about Tokyo Japan HistoryOne of the most important events in the history of Japan includes the nuclear experiments going on in this country and its various disadvantages and advantages that have surfaced over the years. There have been numerous researches and many papers have been published about this history. There have be...
04 days 4 hours ago
Signs investment banking isn't the career for you?Are there traits/skills specific to investment banking (just a guess but above average social skills, ability to network, etc) that you need to both find a job and be successful? Like if you don't have these you should really consider pursuing a different career type traits/skills Just to add I don...
04 days 5 hours ago
Pre-Revenue Company ValuationWhich valuation methods would be appropriate in valuing a private, pre-revenue medical device company whose product is pending FDA approval? ...
24 days 6 hours ago
04 days 9 hours ago
Online Assesment Test (Please Help!)Hi guys, Internship application are set to open in a little over a month for the summer of 2017. I therefore am in need of some solid advice! Which banks requires which tests? I have heard that all of the banks at least requires you to take a numerical test (except for GS and JPM), but some banks al...
14 days 11 hours ago
Hunt and Peck TypingI have a typing issue. I'm a hunt and pecker. This is where you only use two fingers on each hand while typing. I'm not that slow of a typist (46 WPM), but it is rather embarrassing and I want to improve. People are typically shocked to see me type like this. It is strange to see. Do you guys...
164 days 18 hours ago
Economics or PPE ?Thank you ...
14 days 22 hours ago
Ideas for 2017 Summer recruitmentHi Everyone, Quick question. I am a Canadian Student who is going into their 3rd year. My dream has always been to work at BB in New York, and I am doing everything I can to achieve it. After speaking with a few people, I have heard a few things which I was hoping to get your opinion on. Specifica...
04 days 22 hours ago
Revenue BridgeI'm having a bit of a brain fart - what is the right formula to do a simple revenue bridge (price, volume)? To assess revenue growth 2016 and 2015, is the right formula: - (2016 Price - 2015 Price) * 2015 Volume + (2016 Volume - 2015 Volume) * 2016 Price or is it - (2016 Price - 2015 Price) * 2016 V...
05 days 51 min ago
Queen's Applied Economics vs McGill Joint Honors Economics & FinanceHi everyone, I'm a pending sophomore transfer student in BC, Canada. I've been reading WSO since the middle of last year, but recently my aspirations for banking has intensified, so here I am. I have two options to consider for September. Both of them are BA, specializing in some form of economics. ...
105 days 1 hour ago
Mizuho Acquisition Finance Division's Reputation on the streetI'm a rising sophomore in college, currently interning at a small private equity fund. For next summer, I'm trying to do IB and think Lev Fin and Financial Sponsors could be a good fit. I've been doing some research and it seems like the Acquisition Finance team at Mizuho covers both Leveraged Finan...
15 days 3 hours ago
London get together- Michelin-Starred Lunch with Views over LondonHow many of you would be interested to come along to sample the set lunch menu at this Michelin-starred restaurant Galvin at Windows? Raise your hand by replying to the post please! I would be interested to know which date would potentially fit most people's schedule. Three options 7, 14, 21 August....
05 days 4 hours ago


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