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December 2015 CFA resultCongratulations! We are very pleased to inform you that you passed the December 2015 Level I CFA exam. 43% of candidates passed the December 2015 Level I CFA exam. :) > 70% all sections :) Hope it's good news for everyone else...? ...
491 day 21 hours ago
xromasx1990Webcam online HD www . xromasx1990 . com ...
01 day 22 hours ago
Are Hungry Enough? Motivation InstagramI hope 2016 is off to a great start for all of you. I think it's safe to assume that everyone on this forum has a higher degree of motivation than the average individual. If you're anything like me, you're constantly looking for new sources of positive energy to fuel your drive and strengthen your s...
62 days 1 hour ago
What is the best way to work with Boomers when you are a Millennial?Working in an industry of where our bosses are boomers. And asking more ideas and up-to-date technology apps. Its quite hard to teach them with the latest tech. So, all of the online works were given to me. Do you think, we millennials are perfect match to work with boomers now a days? ...
22 days 2 hours ago
Unbiased News Sources?What sources of news are considered unbiased? I know its a very opinionated question, but I would like to know specifically for political news if there any credible and unbiased news sources. I would not just like to get information, but the ability to submit articles as well if possible. Moreover,...
02 days 16 hours ago
Panama Jazz Festival 2016 on Mossack FonsecaMossack Fonseca apoyando al talento nacional mediante nuestro patrocinio a la Fundacion Danilo Perez, se hizo presente en el concierto de clausura de la semana del Panama Jazz Festival con un puesto en Ciudad del Saber. Con cientos de visitas, nuestro "stand" fue todo un exito. En el mismo ofreciamo...
03 days 10 hours ago
Hult Business School- London, For BBA I know this is off topic but I'm really desperate at this time. I am thinking about transferring to hult for BBA. I like their course structure and the majors they offer. I need some advice from past/current undergrad students who have studied there or anyone who knows anything about it. So far i ha...
04 days 5 hours ago
New Year's Resolutions are stupid. Try this instead.First of all, Happy New Year! Hope you had a great new year's weekend, whether you were out partying or just staying home and taking advantage of some down-time from work. My 2016 was off to a great start, until I read this statistic: 92% of New Year's Resolutions will fail. That is just straight ...
74 days 19 hours ago
How to Awaken the Giant WithinI'm a sucker for self-improvement. I've probably read 50 books on the subject. I read them because I genuinely believe that we can change, that nothing is fixed, and that there are many ways for us to achieve greatness and fulfill our dreams. 2015 was a year of great change for me in many parts of m...
94 days 20 hours ago
How to stop rumors that I'm a womanizerThis beta male keeps telling his GF and all the females he comes into contact with that I'm a womanizer. His GF told me that he's really self-conscious about his performance issues. Should I call him out on it? ...
Jacob Palmer
104 days 22 hours ago
Buy valid IELTS,TOEIC,TOEFL([email protected])SAT,GRE CertificatesBuy valid IELTS,TOEIC,TOEFL,SAT,GRE Certificates We provide and specialize in helping you to get original and registered TOEFL, IELTS, ESOL, CELTA/DELTA & other English Language Certificates. We produce TOEFL & IELTS, ESOL, and CELTA/DELTA English Language for you with ease. Authentic copies...
05 days 2 hours ago
URGENT: Need help with a ratingI'm confused on how to rate someone because there is a significant differential in the body and face rating. I'm not sure how you take these two different inputs to come up with an overall rating. I think this might be the sort of question that WSO has a decent chance of providing good answers t...
205 days 23 hours ago
WSO Weekly Wrap-Up (1/23-1/29)In case you missed them, here're some of last week's most popular topics: Brief Introduction to Banking Recruiting at the MBA Level Post By @TechBanking2016Most of recruiting discussion here are for SA/ANL, and I realized MBA level recruiting is very different after went through the entire process. ...
06 days 6 hours ago
Wall Street Movies and DocumentariesNot sure exactly where to post this so I made a copy in the investing ideas forum. Here- I've been putting together a list of all the finance movies, documentaries and youtube clips that are entertaining and somewhat informative. I thought it woul...
56 days 14 hours ago
Great CCAR role opportunities within Credit Suisse in New York! Apply now! Opportunities within the CCAR Team Credit Suisse will be subject to Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) requirements from mid-2016. CCAR is used by the US Federal Reserve Bank to oversee covered companies' capital adequacy, capital distribution and capital planning process under various...
01 week 17 hours ago
How many guys do you think the average 21-23 year old woman has slept with?I think around 20-30 guys. This accounts for high school, college (mostly freshman year), Spring break trips, summer time, etc.. Then when they turn 21, going out to the bars basically a few days a week during their Junior and senior year. What do you think ...
1241 week 1 day ago
Freedom of Speech? Not In America! Book Manuscripts Of Whistle blower Seized At Gunpoint By Government Agents Former President Jimmy Carter said that America stopped being a democracy the day JFK was murdered. George Orwell foretold of the NSA that Edward Snowden confirmed and he even told of books being seized and libraries burned in his 1984 novel published over 40 years ago. Well friends, take a look at ...
21 week 1 day ago
Got A TicketI got a Failure To Yield ticket last night. It has a court date. Is there a way to pay it and not go to court? I got some brochure with a registration form for traffic school and there's a section on the back of the ticket to plea guilty. The ticket has two boxes: Court Appearance Required & No ...
81 week 1 day ago
Could Jeb Bush Pass A Criminal Background Check?This is quite an interesting article I found at a law blog and makes me wonder if only us common peasants get FBI background checks when we apply for bank management and securities compliance positions? This is truly outrageous shit here that is well-documented.
21 week 1 day ago
191 week 1 day ago
I'm a distaster (back check) Just got an offer from the private wealth management division of a Canadian bank as sales assistant. Anyways I'm probably the sketchiest most unimpressive guy on this board. 3.0 GPA from mediocre Canadian university. 2016 CFA level 1 candidate. 26 with only construction and hospitality experience (...
21 week 1 day ago
Jacob Palmer
71 week 1 day ago
ACTUALLY, THEY’RE BOTH NAMED BERNIEMod Note (Andy): This post is a reprint from the January 15th edition of Jared's Daily Dirtnap Newsletter. If you'd like to read more, WSO readers qualify for a $100 discount to his Daily Dirtnap daily market newsletter...just email [email protected] and mention "WSO Monkey Discount". You can fo...
Jared Dillian
481 week 1 day ago
Mossack Fonseca promoverá protección de derechos de autor durante el primer Blogger Influencer WeekEl primer Blogger Influencer Week se llevara a cabo del 27 de Febrero al 5 de Marzo del 2016 a traves de diversos eventos a celebrarse en la Republica de Panama. La Division de Propiedad Intelectual de Mossack Fonseca (MIPS) participara del primer Blogger Influencer Week como empresa lider que promu...
01 week 2 days ago
Monday @Mentions Jan 25th 2016Happy Monday WSO! Upcoming webinars: -Webinar: Build a Network That You Can Turn into IB/PE Offers -- 7pm ET, 1/25/16-Webinar: Hedge Fund Investment Pitch -- 3pm ET, 1/31/16 Posts of the Week: This Week in Oil and Gas - 01/22/2016 by @RedRage. 12 SB's.How to fail the CFA level 2 Exam by @LBS Blogg...
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