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Thank you WSO. I wish I could put it in more words, after months and 70+ applications, cold emails, cold calls, I finally landed an interview with a boutique bank in NYC and they offered me a long term intern analyst position (~6 months) which I believe could materialize into a FT gig.

- non-target state school okay GPA (3.6)
- non-Finance background
- graduated about a year ago (been working in an unrelated field since)
- no contacts in the finance industry prior to a few months ago

I bought the networking, fit interview, and tech interview guides and used them to a T (highly suggested)

I was fortunate to network--->cold email---->phone info session my way into an interview.

Like someone said in another thread, "i've never been so excited to work 80 hours a week"

Thanks WSO. As I celebrate tonight among my friends, I will toast to you (and my friends will have no idea what the f*ck i'm talking about).

I could have never asked for a better way to start the new year

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