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Hey all,

So I graduated in May and am currently working for a very active corp M&A team (Company: ~3B EV, ~6 acquisitions in previous 2 years, some deals in excess of $100M). The experience is great (team of 5 so I'm very involved in the deal processes, we look at ~5/month and proceed to diligence on ~1-2 deals) but the pay isn't quite up to my liking. My goal is to get into PE within the next few years...

That being said, here is my question: Would I have a better chance of breaking into PE from a shit-tier IB (assuming I transition within the next few months) or remaining in corp M&A for the next few years... Or should I just hold out until this fall and hope to swoop on a BB offer, which if possible is obv the best option in my opinion. Basically I want to know if PE would value my experience in corp M&A more than a shitty regional IB, that way I can justify the low pay to myself. Or am i just fucked either way.


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    Love how you throw around the word shitty. I own a shitty, under-the-radar company but make a lot more than my middle-management friends at banks, PE shops, and top consulting gigs, and much more when you factor in cost-of-living.

    Point being: the difference between 150 and 300 a few years out of college in New York is negligible since both won't get you anywhere anyways, so just enjoy life and do what you like. Life is short, you could die tomorrow. (IP: Didn't some guy say that in the Hebrew Bible?)

    I rich, smarts, and totally in debt.