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Career Adviser and me spend well over 2 weeks fixing this banking resume


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    Are you sure you worked on the resume for over 2 weeks? I'm not an ibanker myself but it does not look like a banking resume at all. Your resume is absurdly organized.

    Go take a look at other "bankified" resumes. I think vault guide would have an example. Also, getting a part-time banking gig would definitely help your resume if that is possible.

  • IB1's picture

    Already at the beginning, is it not University of California, Davis? I thought the UCs changed it so the "at" is out now. And The blockbuster is from H.S., I would take that out and try to add more bullet points to some of the other work experience, make them sound important and banking related for all your bullet points. And getting more finance related student group leaderships should help.

  • goalieman688's picture

    Related course work first and second line do not line up. Additionally, in the skills section the MATLAB does not line up with the other two lines.

    I would remove the objective. Use bullet points under description of experience. Over all the resume just seems cluttered and needs some more white space.

  • drexelalum11's picture

    -You Address * Phone * Email should not be formatted like that. Format them as Address | Phone | Email.
    -Section headings should not be blocked out like that; looks just like an MS word template. They should top the section they refer to, not flank it, as you seem to have half of them doing. Doing anything halfway is a bad idea
    -lose the objective section. Complete waste of space.
    -your spacing is all over the place. get your alignment and justification consistent please. I honestly can't figure out what is going on on half the lines
    -don't write your class standing. mini-minor? wtf is that? just bullet out your education like this:

    University of California at David ....... (tabbed to the right) Davis, CA
    B.A. in Economics & B.S. in Mathematics ...... (tabbed to the right) June, 2010
    -GPA: 3.9
    -SAT: Where is this?
    -Dean's list?
    -Any other awards?

    My formatting is not perfect, but that is the general idea

    -ditch the related coursework. it is poorly formatted and mostly irrelevant. intro stats? come on dude, that's a high school course.
    -skills. no one cars about mac/linux/pc/office, etc. everyone can use them, how else did you type the resume (although with this formatting, I wouldn't say you're that proficient with office). you can keep the second line (MATLAB etc), but move it to the bottom of the resume and format it better.
    -move languages to the bottom as well and don't mention english, they already know that

    I can keep going, but the rest is just too poorly formatted for me to bother. Here, look at this resume (edited by Dosk, who is a topnotch WSO member), and format yours EXACTLY like it, then post it to be reviewed again and I'll give you some more feedback. There is no way you spent two weeks on this. Maybe two 15 minute meetings, and if you submitted it as is no one in their right mind would waste time reading it.

  • xabaglione's picture

    Bullet the points under experience. The paragraph format does not work.

    Make objective more interesting. Also, if you are interested in ibanking, "an intership in the financial industry" is too broad.

    What is a mini minor (sorry for my lack of knowledge) but if possible, just put minor

    Class of 2010 is sufficient, no need to say junior standing

    Italic and bold "Technical" and "Language"

    Add Awards, perhas some interest.. for the details on activities, maybe indent it a bit to make it easier to read

    Lastly, if your name is very Russian (I am assuming you are because you speak Russia fluent), put US Citizen/Permanent Resident in the bottom. Generally for internships, they just throw it out as they don't sponsor.



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    the format is really bad, or at least in terms of a 'banking' resume wise. use bullet pts. I thought UC Davis should be above your degree. ditch the objective. ditch the related coursework, or make it look nicer. skills at the bottom, and ditch the unnessecary ones. the experience part is just totally bad, its not suppose to be a laundry list of what your duties are. its suppose to be a highlight of each expeerience in the format of action, context result, or similar formats, taht said what you did, hwo you did it, and what the result was. quantify as much as possible.

    tbh, it really seems that you do not have a good understanding of how ibanks recruit/look at resume/interview/etc.

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    Quality of education judging by the weak career advisor seems subpar. Im gonna have demote UC Davis from UMASS Amherst level down to UMASS DARTMOUTH status. Goodluck with Ibanking

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    Thanks a lot guys. As for "poor" format, in my Microsoft Word everything looks nice, neat and alligned. When I uploaded it online couple of lines shifted to the sides

    My advisor has her MBA from B-School, so when she said my resume looked good, I was like, "Alright, thank you," w/o any back thoughts.

  • MezzKet's picture

    scrap relevant coursework... can you build me an LBO model and do full due diligence on a company?

    No? then it's not relevant...

    Skills: you can use excel? good you're normal...
    Fluent in English? glad to hear that because i dont speak sign language...

    Mini-minor? that just sounds absurd...

    Power lifter reminds me of that funny video resume, dont want to associate you with that but i just did... the contrast between power lifter n gymnastics just doesnt work for me...

    objective is for amateurs... u want to play with the big boys? scrap that... clearly your objective is where you're sending it... O YOU MEAN YOU MEANT TO SEND IT TO AN ART GALLERY INSTEAD OF AN INVESTMENT BANK? NO WORRIES, MISTAKE HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!