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Has anyone heard anything about this program within GE Capital? It is a 2 year rotational program and I have an interview on Monday. I was looking to get some insight as to how the interview may go and what the position will be like. I tried searching but nothing for this specific program returned.


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    I interned with GE Capital last summer in the Financial Management Program. such a huge company though to be honest Im not sure if Financial Risk Management Program is something different

    Overall great company, solid experience. but definitely best if you're interested in being a GE lifer. not to mention that they were bleeding some fmp's when I was there. Kids leaving the company for better gigs

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    Also for me, the first round interview was on campus totally fit. Second round is 45 min over the phone and is rigid as in the interviewer has set questions they have to ask but again completely fit. this was for summer intern though, FT might be different.

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    would you mind elaborating on why I should stay away? "When you join GE's RMP, you'll work under the guidance of senior risk managers with expertise in consumer and commercial underwriting, portfolio management and analytics." These seem like some transferable skills, so I don't see it being a waste of time or bad place to at least start a career.

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    GE tends or overhire ... thats fine if the business needs it but often times it does not.. so your looking at maybe being laid off in under two years... sure that is the case for some other types of jobs but not many. Its a big machine and thats great but its also a big machine and that sucks. we picked up a few of those guys here.. where did they come from? top mba programs... if all you got then rock out.. but if you have options i would hedge out the GE job

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    If this is the only interview you have man you need to go in their like its your life. Nothing worse than ending up struggling to find something (at least in my opinion). Like monty said, even if you get stuck at GE, you can always use that to push your way into a top MBA and go from there but don't discount this (especially if you don't have any other options) just because it isnt TMT at GS.

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    Got an offer last Monday after interview. It seems to be a solid program, especially on the Capital Americas side (BLG, structured products, workout, equity, etc.) Benefits are training, GE name, full benefits package, and the pension plan is tough to turn down. Seems very bureaucratic from org perspective, which is a drawback, but a meritocracy nonetheless. Tough decision.