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I have brought my choices down to deciding between Goldman Sachs and Monitor Group for the summer. Obviously the bigger question here is banking vs consulting.

In the long run, I would like to get into the development space, ideally in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

For Goldman, its IBD in a top group. I know people from GS who have gone on to work for the World Bank and what not.
Monitor is based out of Dubai. Their work is done mainly in Saudi Arabia and also in North Africa, but a lot of projects for governments.

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GS IBD opens doors down the line. I know a few who went to BCG, Microfinance shops in the philippines.

Not too sure about Monitor

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How do you already know what group you're in at Goldman?


even though there's a formal group selection, i know a lot of kids in GS SA program who are know informally which group they're in because interviewers rush to have them on their desks.


GS. It's Tier 1 IB vs Tier 2 Consulting. Always go with Tier 1 for summer. You can switch for FT from one Tier 1 to another if you're a strong candidate.


Thanks guys, I think I will be going with GS.

And yeah, my interviewers basically put me into their group.

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