As I walked out of my apartment in NYC this morning, I saw a homeless guy sleeping on the concrete steps. I casually walked by without acknowledging the guy. An hour later the guy is awake and I take a break outside the apartment. An elder individual in the building walks out of the building, and the homeless guy said his salutations. The elder didn't acknowledge the man on the steps. Something unusual happened after the elder left as the homeless guy said, "I just want respect." He then told me his perspective on NYC life and ended with that the older generations are dependent on young people to make the world operate. He didn't ask for money or ask for assistance. He asked for my generation to utilize their skills and make things happen.

I'm in the same situation as every college graduate trying to get into IB, and I was reminded of a scene from Good Will Hunting. Will's friend says that his friend better get a perspective and stop being a "pussy". If you don't know the scene, watch the video below. I dropped every feeling that I had at that moment during that conversation with the homeless guy. Why? I dropped the feelings because there is NO value in self reflection and comparable analysis in a job search. The only value is for me to show that I can do the work efficiently, build connections, and learn.

I firmly believe that if I and others are diligently seeking opportunities, the opportunities will come. Therefore, this is inspiration and reality to my fellow job seekers and I. Carpe Diem!

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I found this article this morning for anyone who wants step by step advice on cold calling into finance. http://www.capitalistconcept.com/post/12305471341/...

There is life and death. I'm going to bust my ass to make an impact 'til the latter comes.

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This to all my hatin' folks seeing me getting guac right now..

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