my gpa is a 3.117. Should i list it on my resume or leave it out?

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is it cumulative or major, if cum what is your major?

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Cumulative GPA. major - econ

major gpa is slightly worse


Leave out both, but have a really good reason why its not at least a (3.5).


will probably go up to a 3.2 (i'm taking a January term class.


will i still get interviews without listing my gpa?


what school do you go to?


If your not at a target school, your odds are extremely low with that gpa, unless you have a contact at the senior ranks...even then it can be a long-shot.


university of virginia


If that 3.1 GPA is the result of being an engineering major at a school notorious for grade deflation, you're fine. Otherwise, I always tell people to aim for a 3.5 GPA (which appears to be the cutoff at most decent places)

When looking over a resume that has no listed GPA, I automatically assume it's not competitive (2.0 range). I suggest you list your gpa (it's good enough to compete for non-banking/consulting gigs) and try your best to emphasize leadership experience on your resume.

What year are you? If you're a junior, you'll have another semester to get your grades up and to get involved on-campus.


unfortunately, i don't really have much time to bring up my gpa. i'm a senior and will be graduating in may.

i struck out on on campus recruiting, so i'm trying to gauge where my options, if any, lie.

some firms are coming in the spring (small consulting firms, big 4 accounting structured finance groups, etc.) so i'm going to try for those, but i'm not too sure where else to look beyond monstertrak and doostang.

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