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Hi All,

- I have been accepted to pace, seton hall, and st.john's for their mba programs in finance.

- I currently work in logistics/international finance and would like to make the move to financial analyst with the hope of doing investment management in the future.

- Please let me know which school you think is my best option at this point.
(i know, i know, they are not top schools but this is what im working wiht right now and I'm looking for some positive feedback)

-Also, i am waiting on a response from rutgers mba program. I would choose rutgers if i were to get accepted.


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    So, rutgers is now, unfortunately, out of the question. It is now between Pace and Seton Hall. Seems that the consensus on here is for Pace.

    I want to choose Pace but I would be commuting from NJ which would only add to the cost of school. Do you think the better opportunities for an internship/FT work in the financial district is enough to make the decision and go to Pace?

    As far as Seton Hall, the location is the main thing that is keeping me interested because it is only a 25 minute drive from my house. Havent been able to find much positive info on their MBA program except for the standard evaluation websites.

    Going to call both schools and see what additional information I can get but I also wanted to see any opinions/suggestions I could get from posting here.