Hi. I'm technically listed as an assistant scoutmaster for my Boy Scout troop that I was in from 6th-12th grade. I'm currently attending UChicago, but my Boy Scout troop is in Atlanta, GA. Because of this, would a recruiter be suspicious if I listed "assistant scoutmaster" under leadership activities when I'm in Chicago when my troop is in Atlanta? I've actually voted on a few matters that assistant scoutmasters have a say in doing. If this matters, I'm considering rejoining my Boy Scout troop for a 8-day backpacking trip this summer.

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I honestly don't think most places would check up on it. Realistically, it is a good thing to put down. Shows you have leadership skills, actions outside of school and you seem to still be into helping your old Boy Scout troop. At the very least it gives you a fun story to tell during recruiting/interviews.

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Yeah, if you're not lying about something you have ample opportunity to explain it in the off chance that it raises any red flags in their eyes.


Applying for the church or?

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