Hi all,

Just wondering. Have you ever thought about updating your boss on what you've been working on, for example once a month sending an email summarizing deals and projects you are on. I feel like it would only aid them during performance review, but on the other hand, they might not really care. In my group, I directly work with VPs and sometimes MD , no associates in between.

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I'm guessing your boss knows what you're working on because that is their job. It's a good idea to keep track of projects yourself though for interviewing purposes. We are also required to submit a form that details our project work every six months before our performance review

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Good advice IP



I get a feeling sometimes that he's so busy that he doesn't have time to follow on what i'm doing except if it's something for him. That get's me a bit concerned about annual performance as bulk of work is for other people who might give him feedback every 6 months, but it will be their view not mine. Basically, I just feel a summary email would be helpful, but since it sounds like an unconventional practice, I'm not sure if it's a good idea.

Do what you want not what you can!


Then send him an update a month before your review. Every month seems too often to me


I would say to catch him for a coffee & a casual chat (< 10 mins) regularly, like once a month. Learn about how much he knows what you are doing. Chances that if your boss doesn't know the heck you're doing are two-fold: either he doesn't give a shXt on you, or he simply lacks a channel to get updates from you. From then on you should be able to figure out how often and in what format you should update your boss.

There isn't any ball-park solution afterall. Given he's your boss and it's your review - it's all in your hands to sort it out!

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