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Got two offers:
1> Second year analyst in Corporate Finance at William Blair & Co.
2> Associate at Halter Financial Group

William Blair is a renowned boutique iBank,
HFG is specialist in APO.

Which one is better?

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Comments (9)

  • jimbrowngoU's picture

    Think it depends on what you want to do. If you go Halter, you're a banker. Blair gives you exit ops, a better name, and a better experience (in terms of variety of assignments). Halter, while I don't know much about the firm, seems like it's going to show you the same thing, deal after deal, and it really carries zero name-brand recognition.

    What's your background? Where do your interests lie?

  • Advisory88's picture

    What are your plans for staying or leaving the US. William Blair has a good Chicago office with nice dealflow. I have seen a few analysts from WB end up at good PE shops. I would take WB if you want to do PE in the US.

  • Omnivorous's picture

    Thanks for the reply, guys.
    I have 5 years experience in big4 firms (3 years in PwC Audit, 2 years in Deloitte M&A).
    I am looking for a MBA in 2 years, and plan to join bulge brackets banks after MBA.

    Blair offers me better benefits (one month training in Chicago, insurance);
    Halter offers me more attractive bonus (listed share on OTCBB) with upside potential;

    Which one is better for me?



  • jimbrowngoU's picture

    I am certainly no expert, but with the intent of going MBA after two years, I'd say WB is the best bet. It will give better name brand recognition and will likely provide you with a better experience. Also, given that you have no banking experience, WB will give you a better idea of what "banking" is actually like -- this is important for a couple of reasons: (1) you will know what to expect if you follow through with your plans and head to bschool and then move on to BB banking, and (2) if you decide banking is not for you (this is entirely possible -- ask all the 1st year bankers on here who thought they were career bankers heading in), WB will provide far greater exit opps, including the name brand you need to get into a top MBA program to move into a different career.

    Just my two cents. If you only intend to be there for two years, I definitely suggest passing up the higher bonus to go to WB.

  • Omnivorous's picture

    nice advice. I think I will take Blair's offer.
    Plus, anybody took the Serious 7 exam?
    Blair had me registered for the exam in July in Chicago.
    I grew up in big4 firms, I have FRM charter and CFA Level II, but have no idea of Serious 7.
    How could I get prepare for it?



  • ShawnDU2009's picture

    Well first off - it's the Series 7 exam. Get the STC (Securities Training Corp) materials, go through them once over, start taking practice exams (Q&A style), review concepts you didn't understand, then take the practice exams over again (non Q&A style). This method worked for me. It's not very difficult to pass the exam (>70%), but you need to put in your time or you'll look like an idiot and actually fail it. In total, this process should take about 2-4 weeks, depending on if you'll be doing this while working or if this is the only thing on your plate. Hope that helps though. Last thing, WB should allow you to expense the materials. You should ask at the very least.

  • jackofalltrades's picture

    Blair is the easy choice here.

    All banks will provide the necessary study materials. Once you accept the offer i'm sure they'll send you the STC textbook and accompanying CD full of practice exams.

    You'll read through the textbook, take a few practice exams and should pass no problem.

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  • Omnivorous's picture

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