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+177Acing the investment banking analyst interview<em>Mod Note (Andy): Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted 9/27/13</em> Been a while since I posted so I thought I’d write in especially since we’re in the midst of interview season for <span class='keyword_link'><a...803 weeks 3 days ago
+13515 things I wish I knew as a first year banking analyst<em>Mod Note (Andy): This post originally went up 2/10/13 and is a must read for all those starting their FT roles</em> I was writing an email to a fellow monkey who is about to start as a banking analyst in the summer. It's been a little over 5 yrs now since I was a wee...1435 days 13 hours ago
+80Working in FIG (Financial Institutions Group) - An Overview.<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 6/10/14 and ranks #1 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...613 days 17 hours ago
+76How to make VP in Private Equity<em>Mod Note (Andy): This was originally posted 7/15/13. See his most recent post updating on his status (posted 5/26/15) <a href="">here.</a> </em> A few weeks ago, I shut down my ThinkPad...803 months 4 weeks ago
+74Some Observations from an MD<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 11/15/14 and ranks #2 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...1176 months 3 weeks ago
+71Laziness and the Merits of Hard Work<em>Mod Note (Andy): Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 2/7/14 and ranks #4 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...1142 months 4 weeks ago
+69Thoughts From a Former Navy SEAL<em>Mod note (Andy): This comment by @"M. Blank" is a response to this thread: <a href=>Is PE the Best Job in the World?</a> and deserves to go on the homepage for those who didn't see...737 months 2 weeks ago
+67Idea Generation... and Why Wall Street Sucks at It<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 4/5/14 and ranks #3 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...747 months 4 weeks ago
+71Just Turned 30; Here's Some Life Advice/Quotes <em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 6/17/14 and ranks #5 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...7010 months 2 weeks ago
+66Suck it up: 8 Steps to Getting through 100+ Hour Weeks as an IB Analyst<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 3/6/13. This comment was a response to the @ContemplatingBanker"'s post on <a href="">"How to Deal with the...553 weeks 2 days ago
+63My Private Equity Recruiting ProcessMod Note (Andy): Make sure to see Northsider's response to this post in the comments or by clicking <a href="">here</a> I am about 3 weeks removed from receiving three PE offers...547 months 4 weeks ago
+61What investment banking is in simple words and my story <em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 4/9/13</em> There are a couple different paths that you can take as a finance major: <ol> <li>Commercial Banking </li> <li><span class='keyword_link'><a...1332 weeks 6 days ago
+62Life Goes On...<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted 9/19/11</em> [quote]In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on.[/quote] -Robert Frost From the outside, my life right now looks great. I graduated with high honors...1026 months 1 week ago
+56What I've learned so far after 1 yr at a top MBA program (If I could do it over):<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 6/19/14 and ranks #6 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...1417 months 3 weeks ago
+60Coffee Is For Closers <em>Mod Note (Andy): this post originally went up on 10/21/13.</em> You think I’m f*cking with you? I am not f*cking with you. I have been noticing a very cancerous trend in this country. A trend that has even leaked onto WSO in many aspects, which is arguably filled with...1193 months 2 weeks ago
+54David and Goliath: The Boutique and The Bulge Bracket<em>Mod Note (Andy) - #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 10/11/13 and is great information for those thinking about which types of banks to apply to for FT and SA positions.</em> Autumn has arrived. For those seniors fresh off their <span...691 month 1 week ago
+55Life after Investment Banking<em>Mod Note: Throwback Thursday: this post originally went up 4/25/12</em> Like a majority of people who are on this website, I used to come on here and write bullshit about a life partly my own, partly fantasy. I'm now going to uncloak the anonymous man and tell you my...2918 months 2 weeks ago
+55Keep In Touch! Networking Template<em>Mod note (Andy): throwback Thursday, this originally went up on 8/22/12.</em> As much as it may be stated on this site, networking is one of the key factors in the success of most young professionals in finance. Whether it is gaining valuable advice, or getting a leg up in...701 month 4 days ago
+51Own Your Time: or What I learned from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 11/24/14 and ranks #7 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...355 months 2 weeks ago
+49You don't know anything— 5 things to do about itThroughout my career I was constantly reminded of how little I knew. When I interviewed for the job at <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">Goldman Sachs</a></span>, as...292 days 18 hours ago
+47Life at a Top Asset Manager<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 3/24/13.</em> So I've seen a few posts lately asking about mutual funds, <span class='keyword_link'><a...1772 days 23 hours ago
+49F*&King AnalystsSo, apparently I haven't been on this site in while, and it'd be a shame to make a return to just complain, but I've emptied the beers from the minibar and it's still way too early to sleep, my body now evading anything approaching a circadian rhythm. Instead of sleeping,...1225 months 1 day ago
+5411 Steps to Becoming a Finance Jedi<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 2/23/14 and ranks #12 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...11110 months 1 week ago
+46Lessons From a PE Superday<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 2/27/14 and ranks #8 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...599 months 2 weeks ago
+45Advice From a Seasoned Equity Analyst<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 8/9/13.</em> So, I used this website years ago when I was getting into <span class='keyword_link'><a...1032 months 3 days ago
+47 Young Money? Perception vs Reality on Wall Street<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 3/6/14 and ranks #9 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...809 months 1 week ago
+45Week 3 of IBD Internship: The Pitch<em>Mod Note (Andy): Throwback Thursday - this post originally went up on 7/21/13 The very talented author of this post is also the author of our updated <strong><a href="">Finance...761 year 11 months ago
+44What You Should've Done by 21: a Controversial Guide to a Realistic Outlook<em>Mod note (Andy): Throwback Thursday, this post originally went up on 7/11/12.</em> I promised a few people some long overdue wisdom, but haven't had the motivation lately to actually write something up. But after reading <a...1218 months 1 week ago
+44Landed Your First Job? EXTREMELY Important Thread: Office Politics<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 3/22/14 and ranks #14 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...7111 months 3 days ago
+44Learn from My Mistakes<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 1/19/13</em> I've always loved this site because even when I was but a wee little lurker in college I could always come on here and hear about all the little details that finance professionals...855 months 2 weeks ago
+41Focus on the downside: brushing up on credit skills <em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 2/13/14 and ranks #10 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...476 months 2 weeks ago
+40My not-so-secrets to success<em>Mod note (Andy): Throwback Thursday, this post originally went up on 3/2/12.</em> In the past few months, I've been approached on a few occasions by college-aged folks asking the typical question: how to succeed on the street from a less-than-stellar undergrad background....887 months 1 week ago
+41Breaking the hedge fund case study <em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 2/24/14 and ranks #17 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...3210 months 4 weeks ago
+40Advice from an ex-IB MD - DON'T make these mistakes<em>Mod Note (Andy): Check out Wilowallstreet's AMA <a href="">here</a>. The AMA is still open and he is actively answering any question that you may have.</em> Someone asked me last week...153 days 17 hours ago
+39Silly Shit Interns Do<em>Mod Note (Andy): Throwback Thursday - This was a originally posted June 2012</em> So the <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">interns</a></span> are out in full...1476 days 15 hours ago
+38Hedge Fund: The Investment Life CycleMod note (Andy): Throwback Thursday, this post originally went up on 4/23/12. Hey guys, so after some encouragement from a few of you guys I'm gonna go ahead and start a bit of a series of posts on my experience in the <strong><span class='keyword_link'><a...622 months 2 weeks ago
+37An Overview of Technology Media and Telecom (TMT) - Part 1 of 2<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 6/29/14 and ranks #20 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...4211 months 1 day ago
+40Stop reading the news thoughtlessly and develop a macro framework.When I joined the industry, fresh analysts like myself would flit through the morning newspaper like a drowning man who clutches one spar after another for support. Our attempts to stay abreast were as haphazard as that man’s attempts to stay afloat. On page 1, we would read an article...393 months 4 weeks ago
+37Life after PE - the other roadAs I mentioned in a previous thread (<a href="">"How to Make VP in Private Equity"</a>), a couple years ago I said goodbye to the <span class='keyword_link'><a...373 months 1 day ago
+38A Clueless Freshman's First Networking Event<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 9/18/14 and ranks #13 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...249 months 2 weeks ago
+36106 Rejections, 1 Success & Unquantifiable Perseverance<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 4/29/14 and ranks #11 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...11811 months 1 week ago
+36AMA: Reflections on 1st Semester at Columbia Business SchoolI recently completed my first semester at Columbia Business School and wanted to share my experience thus far. I would also be happy to field any questions. The primary reason for writing this long-winded anecdote is to provide clarity into the actual experience at Columbia for prospective...1071 week 6 days ago
+36Week 2 of IBD Internship: Hitting the Desk<em>Mod Note (Andy), Throwback Thursday, this was originally posted on 7/2/13. The very talented author of this post, moneymogul, is also the author of our <strong><a href="">Finance...813 months 19 hours ago
+35Reflections on Year 1 at Booth<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 7/5/14 and ranks #15 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...1565 months 4 hours ago
+37What Everyone Ought To Know About Failure <em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 3/26/14 and ranks #18 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...2511 months 1 week ago
+36Random musings that sound like ventingThere's really no point to this post. TLDR: Sometimes it's just a job with a boss that does boss things. <h3>1) Young PMs in a bull market</h3> 30-something year old <span class='keyword_link'><a...223 months 1 day ago
+35Advice from an ex-IB MD - The Importance Of Failure<em>Mod Note (Andy): Check out wilowallstreet's AMA <a href="">here</a>. The AMA is still live and he is actively answering any questions that you may have.</em> I learnt a lot about failure...164 days 8 hours ago
+39HEY you OCR little f*cksshit on me all you want because idgaf!!!! all your fate is mine, you little f*ckers i volunteered to do ocr because i thought it'd be a nice break but F*CK i'd rather be hunched over my desk than be dealing with these borderline terrifying besuited assailants. first of all, GOD...1051 month 3 weeks ago
+33Sincere thank you to the WSO Community<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 7/7/14 and ranks #16 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...589 months 6 days ago
+33How diversified is your life?<em>Mod Note: Throwback Thursday: this post originally went up on 08/13/13</em> Reaching for that golden ring of career success, as most of the monkeys here are trying to do, can have significant costs. Some are obvious: preparing for interviews, networking, and getting top grades...5011 months 1 week ago
+32Just So You Guys Know...<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted in August 2007 and it's scary how accurate @bondarb" was in predicting what was to come next:</em> [quote=bondarb]<p> is very possible that a big name like Bear or Lehman could flat go...1264 months 3 weeks ago
+32The Non-Target Who Didn't Take No For An Answer<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 1/25/14 and ranks #19 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...7311 months 1 week ago
+32Can a Non Target land a IB SA? With hard work and persistence it definitely is <em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 2/20/14 and ranks #21 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...454 months 2 weeks ago
+31Thoughts on HBS (Starting Out)<em>Mod Note (Andy): Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 10/1/2014 and ranks #23 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...895 months 4 weeks ago
+33From non-target to BB CEO: My story<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 11/25/13. Check out @DickFuld"'s current AMA <a href="">here</a>. To see all of our top content from the past, click...2502 months 1 week ago
+30The All-Nighter Experiment: What Worked and What Didn't[quote]<p>I need this done for tomorrow morning, but don’t spend too much time on it. <strong>I don’t want you to be here all night.</strong></p> [/quote] That's what my MD said to me before I pulled my first all-nighter. &nbsp; I've had other...471 week 8 hours ago
+29Picking the right Trading jungle<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 2/6/14 and ranks #25 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...438 months 2 weeks ago
+30OCR: The Saga Continues (Alternate Title: I Now Have Cancer of the Nose)<em>Mod Note (Andy): See his original post here: "<a href="">HEY you OCR little f*cks</a>" </em> all schools are apparently filled with tweedledees and tweedle f*cking dums because all of...541 month 2 weeks ago
+28SunTrust Robinson Humphrey (STRH): An Extensive ReviewI’m a long time reader and first time poster. I’ve seen a lot on the forum regarding <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">STRH</a></span> and I wanted...481 week 4 days ago
+28Interview with Simple As...Hedge Fund Analyst<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 2/26/14 and ranks #22 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...447 months 3 weeks ago
+29How do you CRUSH your interviews? In 2007 I made my hardest career transition. After leaving <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">Goldman Sachs</a></span> and taking eighteen months off work, I decided...311 week 1 day ago
+27Why YOU Aren't Getting Offers<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 2/16/11.</em> I have been meaning to post something regarding this topic for some time, even though it has been covered to the point of exhaustion. My final breaking point was about 2 weeks ago, when I...891 month 2 weeks ago
+27How finance saved and gave me a life<em>Mod note (Andy): ThrowbackThursday, this was originally posted on 5/18/12</em> A week or two ago there was an article written about how your weight might inversely effect you during the hiring process. During the conversation I dropped some personal information about me losing...563 months 2 weeks ago
+28Filtering resumes - what I looked for when screening 200+ resumes<em>Mod Note (Andy): This was originally posted 12/30/14 and is a great read for those getting prepared for Summer Analyst recruiting</em> We're preparing for our OCR interview day for <strong>summer interns</strong> from one of our target schools and our team...864 months 3 days ago
+26Need to Brush up on your Accounting Skills?Some of you may have heard that Harvard Business School does not teach introductory accounting classes anymore. One of the reasons is that they use an online accounting software from a BYU professor, who is now providing his course for free. Has some pretty good exposure and some top...516 months 20 hours ago
+182016 Full-time IB Recruiting Timeline MegathreadIt's that time of year again, folks. Time to polish those resumes, fire up the LinkedIn and WSO search functions, and bug the hell out of the career advisers at your schools. It's recruiting time! We are all looking for information on timelines and deadlines for every bank...8172 weeks 4 days ago
+29Day in the Life: Hedge Fund Associate - Investment Banking Background<em>Mod Note (Andy): Best posts of 2014, this originally went up April 2014</em> ***To wrap up our conversations on life at a hedge fund (as an associate) we reiterate that this what you should expect if you have an IB background and move to the buy-side at a hedge fund. Again...7111 months 1 week ago
+26Why I Left A Seemingly Perfect Megafund PE Gig For A Guaranteed Salary of $0.00<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 1/21/14 and ranks #27 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...14810 months 3 days ago
+26Deaf Looking to Break InHey everyone! I have been following this site and enjoyed contents from different kind of people. Since my experience is unique, I decided to post this and see what your thoughts are. (It might be.... slightly long post, but hope you will read it!) <h3>Born Deaf </h3> I was born...281 week 3 days ago
+25How to Treat the New Blood: 3 Rules to Follow<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 2/7/13 </em> Now, most of the posters on WSO aren’t managing anyone yet or even have anyone below them on the totem pole for at least a few years, but those that will (or have) may benefit from this...215 months 1 week ago
+24Leaving the buyside<em>Mod Note (Andy): Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 2/23/14 and ranks #26 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...11611 months 2 weeks ago
+24My guide on how to get a hedge fund job out of undergradThe topic of getting hired at a hedge fund directly out of undergraduate compels many students. The response to the question: “Is it possible to get hired at a hedge fund directly out of undergraduate?” typically goes along the lines of “it’s a shot in the dark, but yes [insert cliché...784 months 6 days ago
+24HF Analyst: The Things I Know For Sure<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 5/28/14 and ranks #24 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...4511 months 2 weeks ago
+25Evolution of the Financier<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 1/6/14 and ranks #28 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...4110 months 3 weeks ago
+24How I Fought My Way Back (Vol. Bruce Wayne in TDKR)<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 3/9/13.</em> Hi there, fellow monkeys. Hope all is well. I've been lurking here for a few years and didn't really get to posting until just recently. After some PMs regarding my...386 months 3 days ago
+27New To Formal Fashion? Start Here. PT1I spend a bit of time in this part of the forum and consistently and constantly find repeated questions from individuals coming out of college and starting their career regarding suits, shirts, ties, shoes, etc. My goal is to attempt to address every aspect and component you need to know about...643 months 5 days ago
+232 Lessons Learned at 22<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 5/23/14 and ranks #35 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...606 months 3 weeks ago
+233 Myths About Excellence That I Used to BelieveThis week, I want to share with you one of the sources that inspired my quest to deconstruct excellence. It was a fascinating (but very long) report in <i>Sociological Theory</i> that made me realize that the three things I thought I knew about what makes great people who they are...463 months 3 weeks ago
+22UG Recruiting Part I: How a resume becomes an interview<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this is the 2011 Finance-forum post of the year (from Jan 28, 2011). Thanks @Marcus_Halberstram" for a great post!</em> Since it is recruiting season, Im posting a multi-part series on how the whole process works to help the...1302 months 2 weeks ago
+23An Overview of Technology Media and Telecom (TMT) - Part 2 of 2<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 7/14/14 and ranks #34 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...1411 months 14 hours ago
+22How I got into Banking<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted in 2006. To see all of our top content from the past, click <a href="">here.</a></em> So I'm new here and spent a good deal...1052 days 1 hour ago
+182016 Summer Analyst IB Recruiting Timeline Megathread<em>Mod Note (Andy): Make sure to bookmark this page as this will be the cumulative thread for 2016 SA <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">IBD</a></span>...3962 days 50 min ago
+21The Comprehensive List of Transfer Friendly Schools For Investment Banking<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 4/6/14 and ranks #31 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...8310 months 1 week ago
+23Done123123Sorry had to take this away.6910 months 3 weeks ago
+21Non-Target Freshman to Hedge Fund Internship <em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 5/29/14 and ranks #36 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...5311 months 2 days ago
+21Performance of Top Tier vs. Bottom Tier Analysts (Q&A in Comments)<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 5/13/14 and ranks #30 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...3210 months 3 weeks ago
+21Investment Banking 2014: 6 Things To Know For MBAs<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this post originally went up on 9/22/14.</em> <em>This comment was originally posted in <a href="">The decline of MBA...265 months 3 weeks ago
+21Basic Overview of the Consumer Sector<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 12/7/14 and ranks #32 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...2511 months 14 hours ago
+21Eight Habits of Top Bucket IBD SummersWhen I was starting out in finance a while back, WSO was an amazing resource and really helped me so I thought I'd give back. This is my first real post on WSO and I don't think I've seen one of these posts recently so I thought I'd put it up. With the start of the summer,...203 months 4 weeks ago
+21Common Pitfalls of Early Analyst Life & UnemploymentI wanted to share some insight on what it’s like having been through a few things after graduating from college. For reference, I graduated from a non-target school and got my first job within 2 months of graduation. It was a long-term temp.-to-perm. at a <span...196 months 3 weeks ago
+21Download PDF book collection: Brainteaser and math, Guides, Private Equity, Quant, ResumeIt took almost an half day. If you saw an interesting stuff from the attached photo. PM your email. Later, I will upload these files somewhere. 151 month 3 weeks ago
+21Advice From an Advisor to Senior Wall StreetersI'm so impressed by the thoughtfulness of the WSO community and I wanted to start contributing ideas that I think will be of great value to the community.I've worked on Wall Street for 17 years. I started as an analyst at <span class='keyword_link'><a...122 months 1 week ago
+20WSO Investment Banking Resume Template for College Students Released to the Public!<strong>Big Announcement: WSO Resume Template is Out in the Wild!</strong>: <em>Mod Note (Andy): If you're looking for our resume for experienced IB professionals or a <a...702 months 4 weeks ago
+19AMA: Managing Director in the M&A and PE business w/ 20+ years experience <em>Mod Note (Andy): Best Posts of 2014 - this originally went up March of this year </em> I am a 20+ year veteran and Managing Director in the M&A and <span class='keyword_link'><a...13810 months 1 week ago
+21The Types of Monkeys in The Trading Jungle<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top WSO forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 1/23/14 and ranks #29 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...371 year 10 months ago
+19What It Really Means to Be "Alpha"<em>Mod note (Andy): throwback Thursday, this originally went up September 2012</em> I'm fairly new here, and deciding what to write about in a blog entry might seem easy enough, but I'd rather people enjoy what I read than just read it and forget it. So I spent some...3089 months 2 weeks ago
+26The Work Always Gets Done<em>Mod Note (Andy): Make sure to read the comment below from @xqtrack" in response to the OP (36 silver bananas): [quote]This is the kind of <span class='keyword_link'><a...915 months 1 week ago
+19UG PE Analyst - 2.9 GPA, no internship, non-target<h3>From Non-Target Undergrad Straight to PE</h3> I've had some downtime the last few weeks before I start my new role and have been mulling over making a post on WSO, long time lurker, first time writer. I feel exceptionally lucky to have landed a buy-side gig (at at PE...391 week 6 days ago
+19Random Musings on the HF Interview ProcessThis is far from a definitive guide but should give you a high level overview on how to think about the process. I'll update more topics as I find time. <h3>1) Help Wanted</h3> Openings can be sporadic but a few things to keep in mind. There are always one-off openings...102 months 3 weeks ago
+18How to negotiate for more money during the interview process<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 9/22/12</em> So, this question keeps coming up, "if I negotiate with a prospective employer, will I piss them off or ruin my chances?"  I wanted to share the perspective of the person hiring...761 month 1 week ago
+19Some more truth about BB Ops and how I got out<center><h3>The Truth About The Back Office</h3></center> Hey guys, so I know there are a few posts about the <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">back...541 month 5 days ago
+18Week 4 of IBD Internship: Initiation<em>Mod Note (Andy): Throwback Thursday, this was originally posted 10/17/13</em> <em>The very talented author of this post is also the author of our updated <strong><a...372 months 21 hours ago
+18DeletexxxSorry folks, people have started sending me creepy messages identifying me. I think it's just a friend f*cking with me, but going to delete this out of an over-abundance of caution. 1169 months 4 weeks ago
+19REVEALED! Wall Street CEO Facebook Convo<em>Mod note (Andy): Throwback Thursday, this post originally went up on 10/9/12.</em> <b>WSO EXCLUSIVE:</b> Titans of Wall Street caught in candid conversation on Facebook! Read on below and after the break: <img...537 months 2 weeks ago
+18Lateraling GuideI recently lateraled from a “no-name” boutique to a top MM and wanted to share some of the knowledge that I gathered and wished people had told me when I went through the process. I also have several friends who also went through this process. Hopefully this will help someone. My...532 months 2 weeks ago
+17Oil and Gas OverviewHopefully this post will generate some debate with regards to profiting from the recent drop in oil prices. As we have done in the past, we will do a sector overview and we will unlikely hit on every aspect (that would require far too much work). If Oil and Gas is not of interest to you, we...3910 months 2 weeks ago
+18Non-target --> FT Off-Cycle IBD AnalystSo I have been around here for about a year and half now, and have to say thank you to the community. Really learned a lot and got my foot in door based on the advice on these forums. Now for my story, I attended a large (20,000+ students) non-target school. We were in proximity to a banking...3611 months 2 weeks ago
+21Why YOU Aren't Converting Your Interview - DCF Example (No Math)<EM>Inspired by the <a href="">"Why YOU Aren't Getting Offers"</a> repost for #TBT.</EM> I just participated in a series of interviews and I was sincerely disappointed. I was...313 months 3 days ago
+17The Street Before Christmas 2013<em>Mod Note (Andy): Because we miss @"Edmundo Braverman" so much I'm posting up his past "The Street Before Christmas" posts for those who haven't seen them. Here are the links to the previous ones: <a...2010 months 4 weeks ago
+16In This Business, You Need A Hobby—I’m A DJ<em>Mod Note (Andy): WSO readers qualify for a $100 discount to Jared's Daily Dirtnap daily market newsletter...just email [email protected] and mention "WSO Monkey Discount" You can follow Jared on twitter at @dailydirtnap. </em> Things are okay now, but I got...392 months 3 weeks ago
+16Endowments & Foundations Part 1: A Basic Overview <h3>Endowments & Foundations Part 1: A Basic Overview</h3> I think the most useful threads I’ve read on this site were threads from people like @BlackHat" who explained a specific industry in finance and what they do. They always helped while I was in undergrad and was...351 month 2 weeks ago
+16Off The Beaten Path: Commercial Banking to Private Equity (The Non-Traditional Route)Hey everyone. The ink has just barely dried on my accepted offer to join a boutique private equity firm as an analyst, but I think now is a better time than any to tell you how I made the jump to private equity from a VERY non-target background. A little bit about me: I graduated from a...259 months 1 week ago
+16Demystifying GSO Capital (Blackstone)I’ve been searching info about these guys for a while now. There are few threads on WSO with some insight, but still pretty limited; best source currently is their website. I came across some good 2015 overview <strong>(focus on Europe)</strong> recently that I wanted to share...195 months 1 week ago
+16DCF Myth 1: If you have a D(discount rate) and a CF (cash flow), you have a DCF!Earlier this year, I started my series on discounted cash flow valuations (<span class='keyword_link'><a href="">DCF</a></span>) <a...172 months 2 weeks ago
+16Helpful fashion cheat sheet See inside the post... <!--break--> <a href=" .jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photo"></a>563 weeks 3 days ago
+15Crips vs. Bloods...which is more prestigious?<em>Mod Note (Andy) - Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted 2/28/12</em> Tried the search function, but couldn't find anything. I am a senior at a non-target. I wasn't able to get into banking. So I am considering alternatives to make some cash (high...1351 month 2 weeks ago
+15Want to Boost Your Career? Be a Leader - Not a Boss <em>Mod Note (Andy): Throwback Thursday - this originally went up 8/21/13. If you haven't read Nefarious' other posts make sure to check them out, he did a good series of 3-4 posts around this time (see on his tracker page by clicking his username) </em> Keeping with the...352 weeks 2 days ago
+15Three Things You Didn't Know About Becoming A Rock-Star Analyst<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 6/21/12.</em> At the beginning of my analyst program i had a fixed-notion of what it takes to become one of the top-ranked analysts in my class, pocket top-bucket bonus and move on to a prosperous future...253 years 1 month ago
+15Advice from an ex-IB MD: Who succeeds on Wall Street <em>Mod Note (Andy): Check out Wilowallstreet's AMA <a href="">here</a>. The AMA is still open and he is actively answering any question that you may have.</em> I spent fifteen years on Wall...241 month 2 days ago
+13MSF Question and AnswerI get a ton of emails and answer a ton of posts asking similar questions so I thought I would answer the most common ones I get here and allow others to post their questions so everyone can see them and the subsequent answers. Hope this helps. <h3>Summer Analyst...2192 months 2 weeks ago
+15Another take on OCR recruiting (the ones that did everything right)I wrote this because while <a href="">the other OCR thread</a> was hilarious (and accurate), I wanted to reach out to those who may still be struggling even though they...181 month 1 week ago
+14Sales - debunking 8 MYTHS (From a veteran)I read a lot of misleading information regarding sales jobs in banks on this forum recently (I am lumping sales/sales traders and all products here). I won't mention any particular users, but it got me angry. Given I have not contributed to WSO in a meaningful way in more than a year (apart...3710 months 4 weeks ago
+15F*ck the CEO: These 3 People Can Help You More<em>Mod Note: Throwback Thursday: this post originally went up on 8/1/13.</em> For a lot of you, the very title of this article probably has you choking on your silver spoon. Shame on you. One of the most important realizations I have come upon since I began my career is it is...3710 months 4 days ago
+13Ask an ex-IB MD anything.........You can ask me anything. I know there are probably a lot of questions you wish you could ask your boss, but can't. I was at <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">bulge...1341 day 19 hours ago
+147 Things I Learned While Running a BusinessThought some of you may enjoy reading this. For the last 1-2 years, I've been running an editing service as a side gig. I probably won't operate it for too much longer because my regular job takes too much time, but I thought there were some good takeaways from running it that I will...223 months 3 weeks ago
+14Why I Enjoy Networking with CandidatesI thought I'd write a networking post from a different perspective. We often see advice on WSO from people who are undergrads or recent hires with advice on how to network into the industry (good fresh perspectives from people who have recently navigated "the system"). I wanted to...172 months 1 week ago
+21My Dating PhilosophyI figured I'd make this post mostly because it's a topic I enjoy water cooler or barroom talk about, and since people have some strong opinions about this it might lead to something interesting. Besides which a lot of the folks on here who are even younger than I am(or have less...1096 months 4 days ago
+146 Tips To Boost Your Confidence And Nail Your Next Job InterviewConfidence matters. Often it matters more than whether or not you’re actually qualified. Hewlett Packard discovered this years ago… They were researching the discrepancy between men and women in upper management. Sexism was certainly a potential factor. But they found another factor...91 week 1 day ago
+13What banker careers really look like: real private data<em>Mod Note: Throwback Thursday: this post originally went up on 8/22/12.</em> The most common arguments on WSO are about what it really takes to make it to Wall Street... and then what your options are if you get there. Working professionals come here to engage in witty banter...2089 months 2 weeks ago
+14Qualities of a Great InvestorIf you've seen some of my other posts you know that I'm not a stock picker, deal maker, or quant - I'm an institutional investor. Every day our goal is to find the people who are the best investors across asset classes and give them money to invest. At some of the larger...61 month 5 days ago
+13Johnson (Cornell) 2nd Year MBA Ask Me Anything AMAInspired by a few of the other people (@"OpsDude", @"TheGrind", etc) who have posted AMAs on their b-school experience, I'm going to write about my experience at Cornell's Johnson School. If you're only interested in M7 MBAs, or you're HSW or bust, feel...947 months 3 days ago
+13Don't Be A CF<em>Mod Note (Andy): WSO readers qualify for a $100 discount to Jared's Daily Dirtnap daily market newsletter...just email [email protected] and mention "WSO Monkey Discount" You can follow Jared on twitter at @dailydirtnap</em> I used to go to this barbershop...769 months 2 weeks ago
+15Advice from an ex-IB MD on how to make it to Wall Street<em>Mod Note (Andy): Check out Wilowallstreet's AMA <a href="">here</a>. The AMA is still open and he is actively answering any question that you may have.</em> <em>See my other recent...393 days 3 hours ago
+13M&A Interview Questions (Levels 1 through 4)<h3>M&A Interview Questions - Can You Answer All Four? </h3> I have a set of M&A interview questions I like to ask. In my career, I've only had two analyst / associate candidates answer all four levels correctly without coaching. Most people can get Level 1 and...351 week 3 days ago
+16Sorry, you weren't good enoughI liked this <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">OCR thread</a></span> by @Mephistopheles". Unlike the other OCR...354 weeks 31 min ago
+13From a Paper Mill to Call Centre to Back Office IT to Equity ResearchI posted this in a reply to an earlier thread but thought it may be helpful as it's own topic. I have recently made this jump so maybe this can help. Sorry for the long post but it's all relevant to how I made it to <span class='keyword_link'><a...297 months 3 weeks ago
+13A Story of Persistence: If I Can Make It, You Can TooRewind back to October 2011. I was a Senior at a fairly prestigious state school, but it was a non-target university. I was graduating with a major in History, and I believed I wanted to go to Law School eventually. My father and mother both went to Law School and it seemed inevitable that I...2810 months 1 week ago
+13Quitting time - views on how to leave your jobI've been exchanging PMs with a fellow poster who didn't like his current role and had the good sense to line up another job. With his permission, I've pasted below the advice I gave him on how to tell his current employers that he's exiting. I've made a few tidy up...278 months 3 weeks ago
+13My Story: From Trading Floor at UBS To Entrepreneur on Kickstarter“I wish I had this chance if I was your age again.” - said my MD when I resigned in April 2013. (He wouldn't let me later go until August) Hi Gorillas, Orangutans, Baboons, Monkeys, and Chimps: I’m a former equity salesperson at UBS Investment Bank (S&T, APAC) that left in...156 months 4 weeks ago
+13The Power of HabitWritten by Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Charles Duhigg, 2012 New York Times bestseller <em>The Power of Habit</em> boasts a ubiquity on recommended book lists that few works from the past few years can match. Because some books age like wine, and some like milk, I usually let...135 months 3 days ago
+23Banking vs. The Buy-side: 10.5 considerationsIn the forums I see a lot of questions and comments contrasting banking and the buy-side. It seems many of you are thinking about all the right topics, and I want to share with you some of my insights from my own career at Goldman and Carlyle as well as from working with clients on both...132 days 3 hours ago
+15My Biggest Career Mistake to Date: Prestige<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 10/1/12.</em> I occasionally get PMed by people at colleges I’ve never heard of before, asking if they have a shot at <span class='keyword_link'><a...1063 months 4 days ago
+1212 Hours Till Deadline: The All Nighter, Part 1<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 8/23/12. <a href="">You can read part 2 here.</a></em> Since I’ve been writing for WSO, my most...452 months 1 day ago
+12Official Petition to Bring Back Brady4MVPWe, the monkeys of the Wall Street Oasis online community, hereby petition the resurrection of the user famously known as <b>Brady4MVP</b>. Currently said individual is operating under a moniker highlighting the distinction between mba's and muffins, and he is struggling. Having...428 months 5 days ago
+12Overview of Leveraged FinanceWe have not done an overview in quite some time and needed a post specific to Wall Street. This will elaborate a bit on our hedge fund posts and provide an overview for those that are interested in Investment Banking (You will work closely with Leverage Finance at some point in your career). As...347 months 2 days ago
+12WSO 10 Year Anniversary: THANK YOU (10% Off Site Wide for Month of July)As we approach our 10 Year anniversary, I'd like to thank the thousands of members that have made WSO an incredible resource to millions of readers. The last 10 years have been an amazing ride and I can't wait to tackle the next 10! As part of our celebration, we thought a 10% site...294 months 4 days ago
+12Week 1 of IBD Internship: Training Mod Note (Andy), <em>throwback thursday, this was originally posted on 6/25/13. The very talented author of this post, moneymogul, is also the author of our updated <strong><a...267 months 1 week ago
+12Convert Your Summer Internship Into a Full-Time Offer<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 7/6/12.</em> As a former summer/fulltime investment banking analyst, I’ve seen a few waves of Ivy League migrant workers come through New York. <b>A few tips for success for the upcoming crop...229 months 22 hours ago
+14Leverage and successWhat drives success? Everyone who succeeds credits something different for their success. Some credit hard work. Others credit being in the right place at the right time. Some credit parents, friends, a boss, a wife, the list goes on. The problem with success is that it's hard to...176 months 2 weeks ago
+11'Wait.. What?' - Banking BrainteasersI will never forget my first banking <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">brainteaser</a></span>. ‘So, how would you rate yourself out of 10 in comparison to your...1053 months 1 week ago
+11Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money - That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!To complete the trifecta of old, new, and modern classic personal finance books, this is the third book review in a series of installments that will be coming from my recently launched personal blog, Deconstructing Excellence. See my other book summaries on WSO <a...368 months 5 days ago
+11Why I Quit My Job (a.k.a. "Regrets of the Working")Earlier this year I quit my <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">management consulting</a></span> job after 4 years on the grind. I didn't quit to do an MBA or because I got a...333 days 22 min ago
+11Cost Estimators: The Bankers of the Construction IndustryRecently guys I have started a career in the construction industry as a project manager and cost estimator for a local company (boutique) and have seen the underlying similarities to the bankers of the financial world. It's also a career most finance and business guys haven't heard...263 months 3 weeks ago
+11Non-target to BB M&A - Thank you!I've been debating whether or not to post this but decided to go ahead with it as I know these sort of posts always spurred me during my darker days! Will just be sharing my story and path from how I went from a pretty poor state school to a non-target university and getting myself a...228 months 1 day ago
+11100 Lessons LearnedSomeone sent me this a list of 100 lessons learned by a former <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">GS</a></span> Analyst. 1. First impressions last a long time 2. Never be late 3. Know your...169 months 2 weeks ago
+11The ‘Business Cycle’ frameworkThis post is a follow-up to <a href="">one of my earlier posts, ‘Stop reading the news thoughtlessly and develop a macro framework’</a> which had generated some interest...124 months 22 hours ago
+11Life in General Will Cost More Than You Think <em>Mod Note (Andy): Best posts of 2014 - this comment was originally posted in the thread <a href="">What are exit opps really like for MBB Partners?</a></em> I find <a...10211 months 1 week ago
+10AMA: CS/Finance Major -> Software EngineerHey all, Recent graduate here trying to kill time before work starts. I've seen a number of recent posts about people in finance getting burnt out and considering picking up the skillset to become software engineers. I'd be happy to answer any questions about this trade-off, or...444 months 1 week ago
+10Cold email advice from analyst A couple pieces of honest advice when writing cold emails. People may say I'm overly critical but I get 5 of these a day so I am looking for any reason not to respond... -Do not address an analyst or associate as "Mr. XXXX" . Literally my biggest pet peeve. I understand that...332 months 5 days ago
+13Be wary of greener grass; there are always tradeoffs...<em>Mod Note (Andy): This comment is from the post <a href="">Career decisions: walking away from FT M&A</a> and is so good (26 silver bananas and counting) that I had to put it as a standalone post on...282 months 3 weeks ago
+10The Great Escape - 5 tips for leaving the Back OfficeI like to compare my experience of the Back Office, with one of the final scenes in Lord of the Rings. Towards the end of the Return of the King, there is a moment where Frodo, the hairy footed rapscallion that he is, looks as though he is going to blow everything and keep the one ring for...242 months 3 weeks ago
+10Learn How to Decode Body Language from an FBI GuruThis is the next book review in a series of installments that will be coming from <a href=""></a>. See my other book summaries on WSO <a...148 months 1 day ago
+10Reuters IBD Global Review 2015Sup monkeys, here is super detailed analysis of market share, fee share, broken down by division and by industry group and across regions. Should basically answer 90% of questions that get posted on this forum over and over again. (which group is best in x, rank xyz for me etc etc). And all...132 months 3 weeks ago
+10Three things I’ve learned from three months in business school<h3>1. What “smart” looks like</h3> Once you get accepted into business school, it soon dawns on you that for the first time in a while, you’ll be sitting in class with some incredibly smart people. Of the thousands of people that applied to the program, these are the people...134 weeks 14 hours ago
+10Thinking vs doingIt's not often that one sees a limo for sale, especially on someone's front lawn with a price tag of $2,500. The limo wasn't new, it was a late 1980s model, but it was still a limo. I used to drive past that limo weekly when I was in college. I was intrigued, I had the money to...119 months 1 week ago
+11How to Increase Your EQ Score: Emotional Intelligence 2.0This is the next book review in a series of installments that will be coming from <a href=""></a>. See my other book summaries on WSO <a...118 months 2 weeks ago
+11INTRODUCING: The WSO Applicant Database. Take 5 minutes on WSO to Reach Hundreds of Finance Recruiters and Finance CompaniesGiven that we have built up relationships with hundreds of companies and finance recruiters, we thought instead of just a simple job board (which you can find <a href="">right here</a>), we would also create a WSO Applicant...821 week 1 day ago
+9Hit Rock BottomLong time lurker, but first time poster here looking for advice. So anyways, I graduated from a non-target, but very well respected school last year with a finance degree. Despite having a 3.87, two boutique PE <span class='keyword_link'><a...732 months 3 weeks ago
+9Gray Fox AMAI've posted here for about five years, but with much less frequency the past year and a half. @xqtrack" @Kenny_Powers_CFA" @BlackHat" and others did similar threads. Earnings season is over and it is relatively quiet, I figured I would do something similar. I've been...652 months 3 weeks ago
+7Prestigious Pete<em>Mod note (Andy): throwback Thursday, this originally went up on 9/22/12.</em> I would like to extend a warm welcome to myself, Prestigious Pete. I am a jealousy amalgam, created from combining all the conceited, self-assured finance super douches into one man called...2349 months 6 days ago
+10The 48 Laws of Power<i>This is the next book summary from <a href=""></a>. See my other book summaries on WSO <a href="">here</a>, and if you find my...325 months 3 weeks ago
+10A success story built on failureThis is a story about how I went from non-target to <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">MBB</a></span> through consistent failure, persistence, and the power of having great friends. I...309 months 1 week ago
+10Notes from a Girl in Consulting (and Finance)I've had a great and interesting journey so far, and to be honest, I'm not sure what I want to do finally - we'll see how it goes. I'm impatient, not detail-oriented, fun loving, not serious - none of the characteristics generally valued in banking or consulting. Yet I...264 months 3 weeks ago
+9The Best Networking, Cold Calling and Cold Emailing Posts on WSOMy content intern @Lucas_M" is at it again! This time the top ranked (by silver bananas) posts related to networking, cold calling, and cold emailing. Enjoy! p.s. Need more networking advice? Check out our <a...232 weeks 5 days ago
+9PERE 50 2015 - Real Estate Private Equity RankingsI haven't seen it posted here and I used to post them annually, so here it is - the 2015 real estate private equity rankings, made up of all the names you would expect. Still, there are some newcomers (Greystar, Almanac) and a couple of big falls and rises. If nothing else, it's good...195 months 2 weeks ago
+10Response to "My Private Equity Recruiting Process" Mod Note (Andy): <em>This comment by @Northsider was posted in direct response to @Candor's post <a href="">"My Private Equity Recruiting Process"</a></em> Having been...158 months 1 week ago
+9Think and Grow RichThis is the second book review in a series of installments that will be coming from my recently launched personal blog, Deconstructing Excellence. <a href="">See my first book summary on WSO here</a>. If you find my...1410 months 2 weeks ago
+115 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Consulting<p>I worked as a management consultant for 4 years.</p> <p>I learned a bunch of stuff about business and strategy and operations.</p> <p>I also learned how to sound smart about something I knew nothing about, and how to use jargon to make simple things sound...101 day 23 hours ago
+9Demystifying BAAM (Blackstone)As requested by @MBAGrad2015" in <a href="">my previous post (about GSO)</a> and several other users who pm-ed me about BAAM, I decided to start another "demystifying" thread - the...84 months 4 weeks ago
+6Ask Natalie from Accepted about Business School AdmissionsWSO is excited to have the experts from on board to answer applicant questions in the business school forum. Here is a message from Natalie who will be checking this thread every few days to make sure she is staying on top of questions: I'm here to answer any questions you...3084 hours 12 min ago
+9Discounted Cashflow Valuations (DCF): Academic Exercise, Sales Pitch or Investor Tool?In <a href="">my last post</a>, I noted that I will be teaching <a href="">my valuation class</a>,...79 months 2 weeks ago
+9On Campus Recruitment and Networking: A guide<h3> Recruitment Season </h3> Since it is recruitment season, I thought I would write this post. For all those currently undergoing On Campus Recruitment, being a great network-<span class='keyword_link'><a...73 weeks 6 days ago
+9The Three Most Common TechnicalsThere have been a lot of "moral support" threads lately (<A HREF="">here</A>, <A...61 month 1 week ago
+8My review of online dating sites If you are a single straight guy living in NYC, you would be doing yourself a great disservice by abstaining from online dating. Yes, I used to look down on these apps as "beneath me," something only desperate losers use. That may have been the case in the past, but it is now the...1025 months 3 weeks ago
+9Value and Taxes: Breaking down the Pfizer- Allergan DealA week ago, I began my series of posts on the drug business, starting with <a href="">my perspective on how the business is changing</a> and then moving on to post on...04 days 20 hours ago
+8Don't Ask An Investment Banker What They Do<em>Mod Note (Andy): Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted 9/27/12</em> When you’re meeting new people, even in casual social situations, the <b>topic of work is never far off</b>. Maybe this is a general commentary on The Texting Generation’s lacking...636 months 1 week ago
+9AMA - Non-ranked undergrad 'ORM' with a 660 GMAT who got into multiple top 20 programsI hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to give back to the community who really helped me out more than I could ever ask for. Quick shout out to a few members who greatly helped me on my journey (<em>Mod Note - I moved the shout outs to bottom of the post)</em>. I got into...559 months 3 weeks ago
+72015 McKinsey insight and BCG bridge2BCG status updates for APD/ADC!Hi everyone, Thought I'd start a thread for 2015 <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">McKinsey</a></span> insight and <span class='keyword_link'><a...1542 months 3 weeks ago
+8Ask an Institutional LP anything.Fire away with questions and I'll give my answers/opinions. I've done diligence on everything from early-stage VCs to megafunds. Feel free to PM if your question is sensitive.499 months 1 week ago
+8How you workIt's miserable weather outside and I'm spending all my weekends sitting at home, not wanting to go out. Eventually watching re-runs gets boring, so I thought I'd type up a thread instead on <strong>how I work</strong>. Someone posted a thread about this sort of...399 months 4 weeks ago
+8Can sleeping with a client get an intern fired? I may have made a mistake. A client organization invited us to a business oriented cocktail party. I made decent conversation with one of the clients and a group of the clients and I (with no one else from my firm) went to a bar for drinks. The client in question left with me after the first bar so that we could continue...3711 months 1 week ago
+8Thanks WSO - Finally got an offer!Fellow monkeys! This post is long overdue but I recently received an offer from a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">BB</a></span> (think <span...339 months 2 weeks ago
+135 ways a career on WS is not what it used to beIn the old days many people perceived joining Wall Street was a golden ticket. They figured if you put your head down and work hard your career can be whatever you want it to be. Some thought they would make their money and be done in their thirties or forties. Others imagined they would keep...311 week 6 hours ago
+8The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleThis is the next book review in a series of installments that will be coming from my blog, Deconstructing Excellence. See my other book summaries on WSO <a href="">here</a>. If you find my summaries to be useful, <a...269 months 4 days ago
+8Comp Season... things to rememberComp season has passed in my firm. I know it's ongoing at the big banks and happens at various times throughout the year for the big funds. A few observations based on my experiences and conversations with people who work in the industry. If you've been working for 5 years or less,...219 months 3 weeks ago
+9How I went from 10 rejections to one dream internship this year.The background story is here: <a href="">I'm so pathetic--I can't get past 1st round Interviews</a> Finance: <span class='keyword_link'><a...206 months 2 days ago
+9Why Investors FailAlmost every investing study tells us that buying stocks at a low price to anything results in market beating performance. Even just buying a S&P <span class='keyword_link'><a...165 months 2 weeks ago
+8My Valuation Class: The Fall 2015 Model PreviewIt is almost September and as the academic clock resets for a new year, I get ready to teach a new valuation class. With three hundred registered students, it is about as diverse a class as any I have every taught, with a mix of full-time and part-time MBA students, law and engineering...142 months 2 weeks ago
+915 Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer<i>Mod Note: Throwback Thursday: this post originally went up on 3/18/14.</i> <em>Mod Note (Andy):This is being reposted with permission from HBS professor Deepak Malhotra </em> [quote]Hi Andrew, In case this is of value to WSO, my HBR article on “15 Rules for...139 months 2 weeks ago
+8Demystifying the CPA Exam and Designation There’s been a couple of threads that have popped up lately about the CPA exam and whether it would be worth it for the authors try and pass it in lieu of other things, or in their spare time. Some of the comments by other posters lead me to believe there’s a lot of misinformation or...119 months 4 weeks ago
+8Is your CEO worth his (her) pay? The Pricing and Valuing of Top Managers!It is the time of the year when stories about CEO compensation are the <a href="">news of the day,</a> and investors and onlookers alike get to ask whether a CEO can really be worth tens...86 months 1 week ago
+8Learning how to Lead: Extracurricular Lessons at Business SchoolWhen I first began applying to business school, I had a very myopic view of what I would learn. I was 27 years old with limited career experience so I incorrectly assumed that my key professional weakness was a lack of technical business knowledge, such as accounting or <span...66 months 4 hours ago
+8Remembering Jimmy LeeJimmy Lee passed away this morning. For those of you who aren't familiar, he was a stalwart of the Street and embodied the character traits that all bankers should try to emulate. Decided to write this post because of the amount of sadistic pleasure in his death that I've seen in...65 months 2 days ago
+8Divergence in the Drug Businesses: Pharmaceuticals and BiotechnologyIn the last two weeks, I have started writing about <a href="">Pfizer’s courting of Allergan,</a> <a...32 weeks 3 days ago
+7Ask Me Anything: REPE Investment ProfessionalHi Guys, I've noticed there's been a lot of unanswered questions about REPE on the forums lately. Given that WSO has provided a great deal of valuable information and insight to me over the years, I'd like to give back to the community in the form of an interactive,...976 months 2 weeks ago
+7CFA Results - 2015Today is the big day we've been waiting for/dreading since early June, when we peeled out of the testing center parking lots, burned our books, and went off to get drunk with our long lost friends. Level I & II results will be released via email today after 9:00 A.M ET. Level III...853 months 2 weeks ago
+7AMA - IB Coverage / M&A From Non-Target School to Tier 1 Bulge Bracket and M&A BoutiqueI had a good, but not great <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">GPA</a></span>, and went to a similarly leveled college on the east coast. It's still a...428 months 2 weeks ago
+8Goldman's New Policy for Investment Banking Analysts - 3 Reasons Why it Won't Stop the Bleeding to the Buyside<h3>The Current Promotion Cycle for Investment Banking Analysts </h3> So recently I got word that <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">Goldman...411 week 8 hours ago
+8The Economics of SexCame across an interesting video that talks about the history of sexual relationships from an economics point of view. Discuss. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"...383 weeks 4 days ago
+8My FT Recruiting ProcessI've been seeing a lot of posts about FT recruiting and networking, so I decided to share my FT recruiting experiences and offer some advice on the process. <h3>Background: </h3> Non-Target school SA at a MM firm Incoming 1st year at <span...326 months 1 week ago
+7Exiting Big Four (Audit) after 5 years and entering FP&A - Ask me anythingSpent the past 5 years working for a B4 firm in the Assurance practice and am taking a FP&A Director role within industry in the coming weeks. Happy to answer any questions.314 months 1 week ago
+7Corporate Development Manager - Q&AReading through @Harvardgrad08"'s posts I think this type of contribution is extremely helpful in de-mystifying certain career fields, especially the lessor known Corporate Development field as well as exit ops out of Big 4 Audit. So I wanted to share my story and hopefully help some...311 week 6 days ago
+7UG Recruiting Part II: The first round interview<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this post went up in 2011 and it follows from <a href="">Part I here.</a></em> Since many people have already have or...292 months 2 weeks ago
+7McKinsey Who?Stumbled across this Forbes article from 1999 (link at bottom of post). When reading the first few paragraphs, you could easily think it was written yesterday (aside from the salary #'s). Makes the dotcom bubble of yore feel eerily familiar.... [quote]" <strong>7/26/1999...253 months 3 weeks ago
+7It Took 18 Hours to Pour San Francisco’s Biggest-Ever Concrete FoundationWhen I was in San Francisco for the ULI Fall Meeting I had the pleasure of attending a lecture on and a tour of Salesforce Tower, a joint project by Hines and Boston Properties that will be the tallest building west of Chicago upon completion. It was an incredible presentation and tour and the...251 week 4 days ago
+7AMA: Asset Management BO to FO and everything in betweenI mentioned a while back my transition from various <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">back office</a></span>/support roles to the <span...251 week 2 days ago
+7A Day In The Life of a SaaS Sales Development RepSo, I know this doesn't go in here, but I know the Other Road won't get any views on this or very many, and its not exactly Sales and Trading. I've been working in a sales development role at a hot startup in the SaaS sphere. We are innovating and disrupting in our field, and...254 hours 34 min ago
+7AMA: Looking back on the first few months at Tuck After seeing an HBS and CBS thread on their reflections on the first term of their MBA programs, I thought I'd do the same. Thank you to @dabears92 for the format that I'm using below. <b>1.) Recruiting</b> a. <span class='keyword_link'><a...239 months 2 days ago
+7Things to read while pretending to work – Nov. 5, 2015It’s the end of the week, you’ve been grinding since Monday, and we both know that very little actual work is getting done today. After all, you wouldn’t be on WSO right now if you were in the middle of a fire drill. Instead of endlessly clicking through WSO / FaceBook / BarStool /...152 weeks 20 hours ago
+7Helping Others GrowCompetition is generally thought of as a good thing but too much of a good thing isn’t good for too long. I was brought up in the kind of intense academic environment where competition gives way to rivalry, sabotage and one-upmanship. Many of you may be part of a similar environment right now....105 months 1 day ago
+8How I Limit Anxiety, Stress, and RegretA few weeks ago I wrote a post for WSO that received a lot of traffic and comments: <a href="">Why I Quit My Job (a.k.a. "Regrets of the Working")</a>. I talked about how the...95 months 1 week ago
+7Advice from an ex-IB MD - on how to make VP<em>Mod Note (Andy): Check out Wilowallstreet's AMA <a href="">here</a>. The AMA is still open and he is actively answering any question that you may have.</em> <em>See my other recent...92 months 2 days ago
+7Distressed Debt Investing (Real Estate)Using debt to invest in real estate has evolved over the last 30 years, and significantly changed after the subprime mortgage crisis, when more stringent regulations were introduced into the system. Looking back at different WSO Real Estate topics, there are a lot of posts regarding financing,...72 months 1 week ago
+7Advice from an ex-IB MD: Eight tricks to ace your 1st round interview<em>Mod Note (Andy): Check out Wilowallstreet's AMA <a href="">here</a>. The AMA is still open and he is actively answering any question that you may have.</em> Good news - you passed the 1st...62 weeks 1 day ago
+8The HF Pitch: condensing HF case/pitch into key pointsWSO'ers, wanted to take some time out to help prospective <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">IBD</a></span>/<span...62 weeks 4 days ago
+7The Best IBD SA OCR, Interviews and FT Offer Conversion Posts on WSOThanks to my content intern @Lucas_m" for another great compilation post. This one covers on campus recruiting, interviews, and converting SA <span class='keyword_link'><a...61 month 2 weeks ago
+6Hacks for minimizing the hangover from a night of drinking<p>For most people in finance careers, drinking alcohol is inevitable.</p> <p>Post-work drinks with colleagues, dinner out with clients, or bottles on the weekend with friends—it's going to happen.</p> <p>The upside of all that drinking is the camaraderie...683 months 4 weeks ago
+6AMA: Non-Target + <2.7 gpa = EB IB AnalystSo I recently got asked if I would do an AMA in a thread I posted on but declined due to having a unique background and not wanting to be found off-line. But the recent thread by @Nefarious- reminded me of the people that have helped me get to where I am at. So as I mentioned above Im not...648 months 4 days ago
+6"Wife Bonuses" - Allowances of the Upper East SideA New York Times writer put together an article on the wives of rich and powerful men in the upper east side. There's a lot of absurdity in the "national geographic" way the writer describes their lives and an obvious liberal, feminist tilt given the publication, but there is a...606 months 5 days ago
+6"If You Have Savings In Your 20s, You’re Doing Something Wrong"Slightly Buzzed rant: Let's feed into the retirement crisis the country is currently experiencing with this trash. Most of this I feel like is propaganda for people with liberal arts degrees that are baristas at Starbucks. Average 401k balance is $25k... across the entire spectrum, I am...601 month 3 weeks ago
+6AMA: HY/Distressed Analyst at NYC based Mid-Sized Credit Hedge FundHey all, long time lurker first time poster. Just wanted to share my background and answer questions for those interested. Background: 7 years of investment research experience prior to b-school, mostly in equities (some credit) with half of that on the buyside at a hedge fund; sectors...597 months 1 day ago
+6The Allure of Africa: Why I am Passionate about Opportunities on the ContinentWhen I graduated from college in 2007, I moved to Beijing hoping to find exciting opportunities within emerging markets. In my off-hand discussions with American expatriates, family friends, and my own observations, I got the feeling I had arrived in China 20 years too late. The major cities...437 months 1 week ago
+6AMA Discretionary Hedge Fund TraderI did one of these before a couple years back when i was on the sellside, and figured why not do another one since these threads seem to get a lot of traction and provide a lot of useful info for kids. My background: -Discretionary trader at a large hedge fund, focusing on credit and...395 months 3 weeks ago
+8How Finance is like Professional SportsIf you look at elite athletes of virtually any sport, they almost always share one thing in common: they started playing the sport at a fairly young age. Sure, there are exceptions, but very rarely do you see a world-class athlete who picked up the sport after high school. Now, what does...371 month 1 week ago
+6Congratulations to the 2014 Forum Member of the Year: DickFuldWinning by an astounding margin (31% of the votes vs 15% ), congratulations to user @"DickFuld" for winning the 2014 WSO Member of the Year vote. Also congratulations to to @thebrofessor for coming in second with 15% of the votes. @"IlliniProgrammer" and...3010 months 1 week ago
+8Greece: A History of Financial DisasterDionysius the Elder, a ruler in ancient Greece, ran up massive debts to pay for his multiple military campaigns. His solution? Change every drachma into two drachmas. Pulling money from nowhere to cover massive debts has seemed to be a monetary policy throughout Greek’s history. First, let...303 months 4 weeks ago
+6AMA - Non-Target >> Valuation >> MM IB<em>Mod Note (Andy): This is an older AMA but the OP let me know he's still able to answer questions today, get your questions in!</em> Attempting to share my knowledge and experience lateraling from valuation to IB in an effort to give back to the WSO community. The...282 weeks 3 days ago
+6WSO Campus Representative Program WSO is now accepting applications to be a Campus Rep at your university for the second semester of the 2015-16 school year. We currently have 52 reps signed up but would love to add 15-20 more. We are looking for motivated students with a solid work ethic and strong...1282 months 1 week ago
+6Shadow Insurance 101: The downfall of the insurance industry?I work in the insurance sector, primarily dealing with derivatives and collateral needs for institutions. I haven't seen much on this site about the insurance sector in particular...though there has been some talk about <span class='keyword_link'><a...174 months 16 hours ago
+6Wall Street Prep's $10 Financial Modeling Courses until July 29th at Udemy.comHey guys, is offering <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">Wall Street Prep</a></span>'s <span class='keyword_link'><a...161 month 1 week ago
+6Advice from an ex-IB MD - why aren't you getting those interviews ?<em>Mod Note (Andy): Check out Wilowallstreet's AMA <a href="">here</a>. The AMA is still open and he is actively answering any question that you may have.</em> <em>My last post <a...161 month 5 days ago
+6Guide to building a successful career at ONE company: Internal NetworkingI just came out of a networking experienced hire event at my company and thought it would be good to share some thoughts on internal networking (specifically for Corporate Finance, but industry in general). I haven't seen anything on this site about this and I guess it makes sense, being...149 months 3 weeks ago
+6Cover Letter + Resume Advice<em>Mod Note (Andy): the link for the free WSO <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">IBD</a></span> resume template is <a...141 month 2 weeks ago
+67 Tips on Reneging So you were a summer intern at Company A and got a return offer for FT after you graduate. Congratulations! Except now that you’re half way through the fall semester you are starting to have doubts on whether you should have accepted that offer. Or maybe you were approached by a recruiter from...125 months 3 days ago
+6Random Musing on Mr. MarketAgain take everything I say with a grain of salt... <h3>1) Are we happy yet value investors? </h3> A while ago, I was once asked if I was happy. It was a weird question since I'm generally a happy person but this investor thought I wasn't expressing an appropriate...83 months 18 hours ago
+6But why aren't there activists?A recurring theme to many of my posts on small caps is the reader question "Why aren't activist investors involved?" For a lot of small undervalued situations the solution to undervaluation looks simple on paper. An activist investor buys shares, they distribute or sell assets...78 months 22 hours ago
+6Billion-dollar Tech Babies: A Blessing of Unicorns or a Parcel of Hogs?A unicorn is a <a href="">magical beast</a>, a horse-like, horned creature that is so rare, that even in mythology, you almost never run into a blessing of unicorns (which, I have learned is what a group of unicorns is called). It was...75 months 2 weeks ago
+6Cold Calling Best Practices I’ve never been one to take the usual routes to success. The normal application process has never been my thing. Therefore, I tend to go about gaining positions and opportunities by just talking to some strangers. Or, as many call it, Cold Calling. Now, much like the yawn-and-stretch move,...63 months 1 week ago
+6Groundhog day in Greece, Hijinks in Brazil and Market Chaos in China: Pictures of Global Risk - Part I<div class='post-header'> <div class='post-header-line-1'></div> </div> <div class='post-body entry-content' id='post-body-7072515807443754721' itemprop='description articleBody'> <div dir="ltr"...33 months 2 weeks ago
+6Dealing with Low Interest rates: Investing and Corporate Finance LessonsA few months ago, I tagged along with my wife and daughter as they went on a tour of the Federal Reserve Building in downtown New York. While the highlight of the tour is that you get to see large stacks of US dollars in the basement of the building, I considered making myself persona non grata...27 months 3 weeks ago
+3What's the hardest interview question you were ever asked?<em>Mod note (Andy): Throwback Thursday, this post originally went up on 6/4/12.<em> <em><strong>Andy note:</strong> some of the quotes below were published on CNBC / Yahoo awhile back: <a...2985 months 2 weeks ago
+5What finance movie would you make?With the <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">Big Short</a></span> coming out next month, if you were a producer, what finance-related movie would you make? It could be a biopic, documentary, drama...692 weeks 2 days ago
+5Why I Bought A House<em>Mod Note (Andy): WSO readers qualify for a $100 discount to Jared's Daily Dirtnap daily market newsletter...just email [email protected] and mention "WSO Monkey Discount" You can follow Jared on twitter at @dailydirtnap</em> Some context is needed. Yes, I...621 month 9 hours ago
+5TMT Internet Industry Outlook ReportI have some great reports. <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">TMT</a></span>, Internet Industry reports by BBs. One report is on 2015 U.S. Consumer...5612 hours 35 min ago
+5AMA: Non-target undergrad to MBBHi all, Been using this site throughout my college career, and it's really helped me out so I think it's time to give back. I love reading success stories on the site, especially non-target ones, so I thought I'd share my own in order to help others who are trying to get jobs,...5010 months 2 weeks ago
+5Marine Officer/Aviator Ask Me AnythingI'm pretty new to the forum and have been using it as a very useful informational supplement to my post-USMC career. I have been Pm'ed by several guys about flying/military in the short time I've been on the forum. I was also surprised to see how many of the young guys/girls were...494 months 1 week ago
+5In the market for a cat -- most prestigious breeds?All, As the title suggests, I am in the market for my first cat and was hoping to get your suggestions on breeds. It can be tough to regularly socialize with the hours at work, and it would be nice having some company around the apartment. Are there any breeds that are known to be...4810 months 2 weeks ago
+5I Didn't Think It Could Get Any Worse I was just shown a LinkedIn profile of a kid working as an Analyst who had a list of the offers he'd received through recruiting on his LinkedIn. Jesus Christ children! See picture attached to post. 485 months 1 week ago
+6How To Kill a Bank - The Final Chapter<em>Mod Note (Andy): Best of Eddie, this was originally posted in October 2010. To see all of our top content from the past, click <a href="">here.</a></em> Many of you remember a series I wrote...482 years 1 week ago
+6The Pussy Generation according to Clint EastwoodArticle from Elite Daily. Normally I don't care to read this stuff but this one was entertaining. Curious to hear your thoughts. My take? I don't particularly care one way or the other, so long as it doesn't affect my ability to make money. Enjoy the read, but don't think...463 months 2 weeks ago
+610 Benefits of Working/Living Abroad, Part 1Here are some things I thought of that the younger monkeys may enjoy to read. A few notes about my bio are at the bottom of the page. If you are a single male (no children) with the ability to earn dollars/pounds/euros remotely, the world is your oyster, here's why: <ol> ...438 months 2 weeks ago
+12Hard work and sacrifice will get you only so far<em>Mod Note (Andy): This post by @SSits" is a comment originally posted in this thread <a href="">"Karōshi": Death from Overwork on Wall Street"</a> and...432 months 2 weeks ago
+4Ex-McKinsey consultant here answering questions for at least a couple daysLeft "The Firm" a little over a year ago. I've been meaning to do this and just never got around to it; no time like the present! I'm doing an AMA at r/consulting on reddit as well, in case you run across that. I joined <span class='keyword_link'><a...1414 hours 24 min ago
+5FT start dates mega threadI was wondering if anyone knows when the New York FT start dates are for different banks. Bulges: <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">GS</a></span>: July 13th <span...406 months 4 weeks ago
+8Over-HypedSo Im sitting around this evening (Out of the office) and just wanted to share my insights in IB. I work at a top EB and by pretty much all definitions am a gunner. I have taken on an average of 2/3 staffings a week since starting. Ive picked up double weekend staffings and double friday...406 months 1 week ago
+5AMA: Non-Target, Non-Major, Low GPA - Reflections About Grad School and How it Helped Me Break onto the StreetI’ve been a member of WSO for the past four years and frequently I have seen questions regarding the potential benefits of graduate school, specifically on the value it provides when trying to break onto the Street. So, I thought I would share my story, and the thought process I used when...3910 months 2 weeks ago
+5Looks like 2015 ManagementConsulted Salary numbers are outThoughts? <!--break!> month 1 week ago
+5Gates’ vs Waltons: How much will you leave to your kids?I haven’t seen this topic discussed much on WSO. When it comes to inheritance, the common wisdom is that when parents pass on, whatever they have goes to their kids. Clearly, this choice is considerably harder for the wealthy than for the rest of population. Considering that a huge percentage...337 months 6 days ago
+5Money: Master the GameHello fellow primates, I've been a WSO contributing blogger for several years now, but just started this account on WSO to correspond with a personal blog I recently launched, <a href="">Deconstructing Excellence</a>. In this...262 months 3 weeks ago
+5Charles Aris 2015 Strategy Consulting Compensation Study releasedI've seen a lot of questions about salary progression and exit-ops salaries for ex-consultants. I found this, it is very helpful. <a href="">Here is the...262 months 1 week ago
+5As my username suggests, not sure what to do...First year PE associate...rolled into PE without much of a break once I got done with my third year in banking. As my username suggests, I am fully burned out, and was fully burned out during my last 8-10 months of banking (though to be fair, I think everyone gets there toward the end). PE...221 month 3 weeks ago
+7My Journey From Corporate Finance to IBD via a Full-Time MBA Program - Part 1After reading the forums and taking the advice of contributors for several years I have decided that it is now time for me to give back to the WSO community. I am matriculating at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business this fall as a full-time MBA student with the intentions of...204 months 2 weeks ago
+5What do you love and hate most about working in IB?Just curious, what do you all love and hate the most about working in investment banking? I'm referring to tasks, not hours or people or anything like that. I'll start. I love modeling. I really hate filing/tracking company records for compliance. I imagine that's not something...203 months 3 weeks ago
+7AMA - Analyst at top BB from non-target backgroundHey guys - long time reader / occasional poster, made a new account for purposes of this AMA. Learned a lot from WSO as I was navigating the recruiting process, so hope to pay it back. Happy to answer any questions about the process / networking / the job / anything else that I can be helpful...201 week 6 days ago
+4A girl on tumblr wrote a guide on targetting different types of bankers for money....I follow the investment banking and economics tag on tumblr for study notes and stumbled upon this post. I thought it I'd post it on here for reference for people of all levels. I can't post links but if you search said tags those on tumblr the post is still up and it led me to a whole...1191 month 2 weeks ago
+5WSO Monkey at OWS Videos<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 11/16/11. I was talking with my brother the other day about this (he was the photographer for it) and I thought "yeah I should put that post back up!"</em> Last week we sent our very own mascot...164 months 2 days ago
+5I Got a FT JOB: Non-target to S&TI've been debating for a bit of time whether to post my story or not, and figured it would be best to do so to help motivate some others in a current situation. Let me start off with some background. I go to a non-target school with a sub 3.0 <span...147 months 4 weeks ago
+7How Will You Measure Your Life?My life is like the plot of the movie <em>Benjamin Button — </em>everything is happening in reverse. I used to have a high-paying job as a management consultant, and now I work a part-time job making way less the money. I used to live in an upscale 2-bedroom /...101 month 3 weeks ago
+5Runaway Stories and Fairy Tale Endings: The Cautionary Tale of TheranosI saw the new Steve Jobs movie, with the screenplay by Aaron Sorkin, over the weekend. As a long-time Apple user and investor, I must confess that I was bothered by the way in which the film played <a...101 week 2 days ago
+521 Short Videos Worth More Than an MBAI just saw this posted from Inc Magazine. These are definitely worth watching. Enjoy! (link inside post) <!--break--> <a href="">21 Short Videos Worth More Than an MBA</a>85 months 6 days ago
+5Thoughts: Marriott Buys Starwood Hotels for $12.2 billion<h3>The Purchase</h3> Marriott International, one of the world’s largest hoteliers, agreed to acquire Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. for $12.2 billion. To be precise, Marriott is going to shell out $11.9 billion in stock and $340 million in cash. Moreover, Marriott...81 day 20 hours ago
+5The Floor<em>Mod Note (Andy): WSO readers qualify for a $100 discount to Jared's Daily Dirtnap daily market newsletter...just email [email protected] and mention "WSO Monkey Discount" You can follow Jared on twitter at @dailydirtnap</em> As you guys probably know by now,...65 months 3 weeks ago
+5Conversation with an Equities Sales TraderUpdate: I was speaking to a guy in Australia on the cash equities desk at a BB. Just edited the post for the US/global audience, cut out slangs about kangaroos and shit. Hey guys, I think it's about time to post something since I have been a member for couple years now. The following is...65 months 1 week ago
+5Altruistic Capitalists: Debunking Five Myths About Impact InvestingI first became interested in impact investing working for President Clinton’s Foundation in West and Central Africa. My hypothesis was that impact investing could improve essential services such as healthcare and reduce global poverty. As I learned more about the industry, I discovered that...61 week 3 days ago
+5Non-Targeted Southern School with No Connections, 2016 Capital Markets AnalystSo I am from a very non-targeted Southern school. I grew up in a small South Carolina town and I am the first in my family to get a degree from an accredited school. I didn't come from much money (my family was in real estate and the recession really hurt us), so I had to pay for college....62 days 7 hours ago
+5Winning at a Loser's Game? Control, Synergy and the ABInBev/SABMiller MergerI have been a long time investor in ABInBev, though I became one indirectly and accidentally, through a stake I took a long time ago in Brahma, a Brazilian beverage company . That company became Ambev in 1999, which in turn was merged with Interbrew, the Belgian brewer, in 2004, and expanded to...34 weeks 1 day ago
+5SA Interview Prep TechniquesI recently completed SA recruiting and wanted to share a few of the techniques that I utilized to become a much more effective interviewee. My background is a junior at top 5 or so target in terms of <span class='keyword_link'><a...27 min 17 sec ago
+5Three things for formidable presentationsLike it or not, we present ideas every day. From the big event, like a speech at a friend’s wedding, to the moments your career are built on, like interviews or stock pitches, to the mundane, like suggesting Netflix and chill is a far superior evening activity to dinner with the in-laws. There...11 week 3 days ago
+3JP Morgan Diversity Recruiting - Winning Women & Launching LeadersHas anyone heard back from JP yet? Or does anyone know when they send out <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">super day</a></span> invites?18847 min 46 sec ago
+4I'm a London-based Distressed Debt Analyst - AMA I did 1 year at one of the top restructuring shops (<span class='keyword_link'><a href="">BX</a></span>, <span class='keyword_link'><a...699 months 3 weeks ago
+3New York vs. Houston<em>Mod Note (Andy): Best of Eddie, this was originally was posted on 12/15/10.</em> Monty09 may have gotten the best plug yet for his <a href="">Energy Rodeo</a> in Houston next month, and it came from none other than the New York...1687 months 4 weeks ago
+8"A Son Never Dies" by Sunil Gupta - Moving Letter from a Father of an Ibanking Analyst<em>Mod Note (Andy): Make sure to see the comment below by user @DickFuld"</em> <P> This letter was cited in the DealBook here: - Unfortunately the...651 month 2 weeks ago
+4AMA: Internal Wholesaler at a Mutual FundI work at a large MF in the Northeast as an internal wholesaler. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically inside sales. I make outbound dials to financial advisors to sell them our mutual funds among other things. I have over 4 years of work experience and am going...642 weeks 6 days ago
+3Ask DickFuld May 2015Ready to answer questions...2643 weeks 2 days ago
+5MSF Tips: Why You Should or Shouldn't Get OneFour years ago, I made a fateful decision to get an MSF degree. I badly wanted to break into Wall Street, live the lifestyle of a big swinging dick with models and bottles, and not have to study a buttload of stuff like a doctor or engineer. I was successful at it, but I did see several people...571 month 1 week ago
+3For Those About to Propose<em>Mod Note (Andy): Best of Eddie, this was originally posted in January 2011.</em> With Valentine's Day two short weeks away, some of your girlfriends are no doubt ratcheting up the pressure on you to pop the question on the most romantic day of the year. Maybe you...1541 month 2 weeks ago
+4"RBS Is Going To Go Ahead And Take Those First Year Job Offers Back"Ouch.... Will this happen at any other banks or just RBS? Anyone personally affected by this? Also if this is to be expected (as some of you have mentioned) why would anyone accept an offer with them unless it's his/her only hope? From NYT Dealbook: [quote]“Hearing from incoming...527 months 3 weeks ago
+5Adderall is creating a Brave New WorkplaceThere is no better place than WSO to ask this - <strong> are psychostimulants gradually becoming mandatory workplace drug in the US? </strong> Americans work longer hours and take fewer vacations than most others in the developed world. And God knows people in finance get worked...521 month 4 weeks ago
+4Finished Busy Season in B4 Audit: AMAHi all, I'm about done wrapping up my busy season and as such, I'm open to answering any questions people may have about working in Big 4 audit as a first year. I know some senior associates have done an AMA, but I haven't seen one for first years, so if anyone wants to learn...467 months 4 weeks ago
+4Dorms for Grownups: A Solution for Lonely Millennials? Throughout the country, "micro units" have sprung up. Millennials (and others) desire to be in highly dense, metropolitan areas yet either cannot afford a traditional unit or have no interest in possessing space simply for it to go underutilized. At the same time, co-working space has...411 week 5 days ago
+5How I use books to prevent burnout (plus my top 5 from the past year)<em>Mod Note (Andy): Alistair also has a webinar coming up with us on 7/13 at 7pm, see the event page <a href="">here.</a></em> I am obsessed with...345 months 9 hours ago
+4General Real Estate DiscussionI was thinking we should have a place to bs about real estate in general - things we're working on, successes we've had lately, etc. For me - today is the last day of my pre-grad school REPE <span class='keyword_link'><a...303 months 1 week ago
+4Are we in a bubble?The phrase ‘bubble’ is thrown around very liberally these days. We had the ‘dot-com bubble’ almost two decades ago, the ‘housing bubble’ almost a decade ago, and depending on who you ask—we are in a ‘tech bubble’ right now. The bubble I am writing about today is near and dear...297 months 3 weeks ago
+4AMA: Non-target to Fixed Income S&T Analyst Hey WSO, happy to answer your questions today and tomorrow. I can answer any questions regarding: <ul> <li>networking</li> <li>application process</li> <li>interviewing/interview prep process</li> <li>recruiting process</li> ...297 months 1 hour ago
+9Non-target to BB IBD SA Offer as a SophomoreI have been an avid reader of WSO for the past couple of years and the stories that I have enjoyed reading the most are about non-target kids breaking into Wall Street. I always looked at them with admiration and dissected every article to gain the most valuable information possible to use in my...264 months 6 days ago
+3The weak post-MBA finance job marketWhat's going on here? I'm a 2nd year at a M7 b-school graduating soon, and aside from banking, finance job market has been horrendous. On-campus recruiting was mostly banks and some long-only mutual funds. The people who wanted banking got it, but aside from that there are very few...1266 months 2 days ago
+4Top 20 Hedge Funds ListExcellent 2015 edition of the Barron’s Best 100 Hedge Funds list. Many of the funds on the list fly under the radar on WSO. I am sure that people working in the industry have heard about most of those these funds, but probably ca. 50% have never been discussed/mentioned around...256 months 6 days ago
+2Goldman Sachs 2015 Veterans Integration ProgramA great opportunity for Veterans who are separating from the military and seeking a career in financial services, the <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">Goldman...2232 weeks 4 days ago
+4I came across my father's HBS 30th Reunion profile book...My father is a graduate of Harvard Business School. HBS's alumni association (not exactly sure if it's actually the alumni association, but I am guessing it is) creates a "profile" book for each graduating class of HBS every 5 or 10 years (any year that there is a class...224 months 6 days ago
+3Why Your Salary Matters to Her<em>Mod Note (Andy): Best of Eddie, this was originally posted in January 2011.</em> When women get together with their friends and talk about the new guy in their life, one of the first questions that always comes up is, "What does he do?", which - let's face it -...1211 month 3 weeks ago
+5AMA: S&T>>MBBHi guys, To use the cliched introduction, I am long time reader of WSO but never contributed. If you do the slightest bit of data mining on this account, you can see it is brand new, which really shows my level of contribution prior to this date. However, WSO has been a great community that...181 week 19 hours ago
+5How I moved from backoffice to Commercial Banking to Investment Banking/Private Equity (coming from a non-target school)Dear All, I'd like to share my experiences with you to let you know that it is possible to work for a private equity firm or <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">investment...164 months 2 weeks ago
+411 Tips of Speaking Publicly Your heart is pounding, palms are sweaty, you’re weak at the knees, and you are nervous as you can be. Anxiety starts to set in, you start to have thoughts about what they think about you and you try to <span class='keyword_link'><a href=""...169 months 3 weeks ago
+3MSF Class of 2017With the MSF recruiting cycle quickly approaching, I thought it would be helpful to create an updated MSF thread for everyone applying to the 2016-2017 MSF cycle. Feel free to post questions for this years upcoming applications here. I will answer what I can. Good luck everyone! 1141 day 15 hours ago
+4Winter Break's Internship HuntNow that the holidays are over, my extended family is gone and kids in my area are back in school. The thrill of being home has subsided with two responsibility-free weeks still ahead of me. After contemplating how I'm going to be spending the rest of my time at home, I finally decide to...1310 months 2 weeks ago
+3End of elitismSomething I've witnessed working for almost 3 years in the industry is the beginning of an end of elitism in banking. I'm at a <span class='keyword_link'><a...1124 months 3 weeks ago
+4Thoughts on Goldman vs Lending ClubThe NY Times <a href="">had a report</a> last week that <span class='keyword_link'><a...124 months 3 weeks ago
+4Your First Non-Compete AgreementI have little doubt that many of you, at some point in your careers, will have to sign a non-compete agreement. This is a fairly obvious observation since many of you are/will become big time players, and big time players have access to very important information that companies will want to...911 months 3 weeks ago
+4What do you want to know about getting a VC job?Hey guys and gals, I'm going through the VC interview process now and working on documenting what I'm learning. May end up putting out an ebook or something (ideally co-written with someone with more experience). It seems like there aren't a ton of great resources out there...94 months 2 weeks ago
+4Non Target & No Internships to Target with Multiple OffersHey guys. So This past week I received offers from <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">GS</a></span> Strats and <span class='keyword_link'><a...79 months 2 weeks ago
+4The Aging of the Tech Sector: The Pricing Divergence of Young and Old Tech CompaniesAs the NASDAQ approaches historic highs, Apple&#8217;s market cap exceeds that of the Bovespa (the Brazilian equity index) and young social media companies like Snapchat have nosebleed valuations, there is talk of a tech bubble again. It is human nature to group or classify individuals or...71 week 5 days ago
+45 Things I Wish I Knew About the ERP Program before Signing Up If you are anything like me, you know the direction you want your career to go, and you’re trying to figure out the best way to get there. You may not have the direct work experience you need, so you’re in search of a program that can bridge the gap that will lead to the job you want....62 weeks 5 days ago
+4The value imposersI was riding on a ski lift with an apparently successful investor from New Zealand. Each January he flew to Utah to ski for three weeks with his family. I couldn't even imagine how much airfare and lodging must have cost. Our conversation naturally drifted to investing. He asked what...58 months 2 weeks ago
+4An introduction to Shadow Banking in ChinaIn the chaos that defined the period following 2008, China stood, as it appeared, unscathed and emerged as perhaps the only significant economy with growth in a world where growth was in short supply. How did China do this? The answer lies in credit. The Chinese financial system in 2008 was as...57 months 3 weeks ago
+4The Small Cap Premium: Where is the beef?For decades, analysts and investor have bought into the idea of a small cap premium, i.e., that stocks with low market capitalizations can be expected to earn higher returns than stocks with higher market capitalizations. For investors, this has led to the pursuit of small cap stocks and funds...57 months 2 weeks ago
+2Headhunters for macro roles in NY?Are there headhunters that specialize in macro roles (the same way Robin Judson mostly does credit roles)? Would be looking for an analyst/strategist/junior PM (essentially a PM-track) role at a place that runs some kind of macro sub-strategy. There seem to be a lot of PE funds (<span...52 months 2 days ago
+4Esset Koyal Group Capital Management: Tesla Powerwall Akun hyvä alku vihreämpää maaSen lisäksi luksusautojen Tesla on nyt uusi yritys, joka voisi pikakäynnistys laajamittainen siirtyminen perinteisistä energialähteistä uusiutuviin niistä. Teslan toimitusjohtaja Elon Musk käynnistettiin tänä viikonloppuna Tesla energia sviitti, valjastaa voiman auringon asuin- ja...56 months 1 week ago
+4The sky over Shanghai is yellow. Observations about the Chinese Equity Crisis <h3>Preface</h3> During these past few months, I’ve had courtside seats to the circus the Chinese equity market has been putting on. Working as a summer intern at a private equity firm out of Shanghai’s financial district, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some very smart...54 months 8 hours ago
+4Take The Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) For Free Online And Gain Free Access To Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)<center><img src=""></center> Use the promo code “WSOHOLIDAY” to take the <a href="">BAT</a> for free online between December 19th and...411 months 1 week ago
+4Money, Death, and Wall Street: Is there really a change on the horizon?As an outsider it can be easy to shake your head at the death of a Wall Street analyst, to say: “just quit” or to label any and all demises “categorically senseless” or espouse the media’s buzzy “it’s a suicide contagion!” All are valid, and yet, none tap into the very...42 months 3 weeks ago
+4BULL MARKET UNIVERSITY<em>Mod Note (Andy): WSO readers qualify for a $100 discount to Jared's Daily Dirtnap daily market newsletter...just email [email protected] and mention "WSO Monkey Discount" You can follow Jared on twitter at @dailydirtnap</em> In my to-read pile has been some...34 months 1 week ago
+4Beat the Crowd: A Monkey's ReviewMy favorite market news/market research site is Market Minder by Fisher Investments, and I honestly don't know what I would do without it. I say that because much of our media today is not in the business of informing, but of dramatizing to get views. In the age of the Internet, every...31 month 1 week ago
+4CFA Level 1: How Spaced Repetition Improves MemoryWhen studying for <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">CFA</a></span> Level 1, are you having trouble remembering the concepts you reviewed last month? Or...210 months 1 week ago
+4My Story: No-Name School to Sr. Associate at MM IB - A Less Traditional Route<html> <head> <title></title> </head> <body> <p> <p>I know these types of stories are a dime a dozen these days, but I&rsquo;ve been a consumer of WSO posts for a couple of years now, and have felt&nbsp;it&rsquo;s time to be a...26 months 3 weeks ago
+43 Reasons Canadians Aren’t Seeing Lower Pump PricesCanada is one of the top oil producing nations in the world, producing around 4.3 million barrels per day according the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). You might assume that with crude oil prices testing their August lows that Canadians are seeing extremely low pump prices for...24 days 21 hours ago
+4What I Learned While RecruitingI have recently gone through recruiting for summer <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">internships</a></span> and after a rocky start and many slight depressions, I finally was...11 month 2 weeks ago
+42014 WSO Community Rankings. Investment Banks (Part 1 of 10): Release ScheduleFor the first time ever, over 10 weeks (starting right after Thanksgiving) we are releasing comprehensive rankings on <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">investment...01 year 4 days ago
+4Endowments & Foundations Part 2: Asset Allocation <em>Mod Note (Andy): Read part one <a href="">here</a> Now that this crazy week is coming to an end I have some time to write another one of these posts. Part 1 gave an overview of...03 months 4 days ago
+3I miss the 90s/ early 2000'sThat was, in my opinion, the GOAT time period for music: - Incubus - Staind - Vertical Horizon - Linkin Park - Puddle of Mudd - Nirvana - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Lenny Kravitz Etc. Every time I just lay back and listen to any of the above I have an eargasm. Post your favorite...877 months 2 weeks ago
+3Is WSO dyingHi All, I've been a long term active submitter for WSO and I cant help but feel its a dying website. Be it post quality or post frequency the site seems to be declining. What are your thoughts?739 months 2 weeks ago
+3PokemonI rarely top post but I'd like to think that I've given decent advice to people so I'd like help. I'm ~40. I have a 7 year old son who's recently gotten into Pokemon. It did not exist when I was young and it means as much to me as sfljkasljfdl. I honestly can't say...635 days 6 hours ago
+4AMA: Wells Fargo Financial Analyst Program/ Commercial BankingHere is my overdue write up on Wells’ FAP and thoughts on the process/ program. This is most applicable to Commercial Banking or CRE divisions. I applied with less than 1 year experience, got the offer, and ultimately declined - - they countered w/ better corporate title, base, sign-on,...612 months 5 days ago
+3AMA Boutique Investment Banking AnalystI'm currently an analyst at an industry focused boutique located in the NY area(throwaway account to protect identity). At the risk of being screamed at for having no prestige, I'd like to answer people's questions on life at a leading boutique covering a specific industry....562 months 2 weeks ago
+32015 IBD Analyst Bonuses'Tis the season. So far, I've only seen posts on speculation. Would like to get a post started with actual #'s (or percent of salary). Anyone receive numbers yet?551 day 5 hours ago
+3Sent personal email from work addressSo I sent a personal email from my work address to my girlfriend (didnt switch to hotmail from work on the iphone). Assume the contents were fairly bad. A 6 or 7/10 in terms of how bad they were, but nothing too explicit. Am I worrying for no reason? Any IT people here that can put my...551 month 4 days ago
+3Questions Hall of FameCollection of the best WSO questions of all time5410 months 2 weeks ago
+3If you could do it all over...Knowing what you know now what career path would you have taken? or If you were me, what would you do for a career? I spent the past 10 years flying a military jet, I'm going to a top 10 business school this fall. The ONLY experience I have outside of the military or high school...546 months 2 weeks ago
+3Free Speech v. Safe Spaces - What is Happening on College Campuses?Just curious to get WSO's thoughts on this issue. I know that at my school right now (small liberal arts school), this shit is blowing up and in a very unproductive/scary way. At Yale, this issue largely cropped up because of the email below. Article below from Atlantic also really hits...521 week 5 days ago
+3Ever Want to Just Say "F*@k it" and Move to Thailand?Lately I've been fantasizing a lot about moving out to Southeast Asia. I have a great job; it's challenging and pays me reasonably well, and frankly a lot of MBA's would probably love to be in this seat. But imagine just moving out to one of the islands in Southern Thailand (Ko...474 months 1 day ago
+3Ask Me: Former Strategy Consulting RecruiterHappy to answer any consulting-related questions. I'm currently being sponsored by <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">Deloitte</a></span> S&O for my MBA. In consulting...453 weeks 3 days ago
+4What Do Guys Like to Eat?So, I've been thinking about this recently... I'm content being single right now because I have so much going on, but I do want to eventually get married one day and it seems that, regardless of how successful a woman is, it is still important to have some domestic skills and it seems...438 months 2 weeks ago
+3Long term, concentrated, deep fundamental investingI often hear this combination of terms bandied about. Is there anyone at a shop who has a mandate like this? What is your process/edge? Are there any classic books you'd recommend as a practitioner of this style of investing?415 months 1 week ago
+3BIG NEWS: 2014 WSO Compensation Report is OUT!Dear WSO Community, I'm pleased to announce the release of the <strong><a href="">2014 WSO Compensation Report</a></strong>! We had another great year with even MORE entries than last year...411 month 2 weeks ago
+3Financial & Valuation Modeling Boot-Camp<strong><span class='keyword_link'><a href="">Financial modeling</a></span></strong> is a skill that any investment banking analyst will have to master. Although the majority of <span...413 weeks 1 day ago
+3LOCATION CHANGED - WSO Chicago Happy Hour: Weds. December 17th, 6:30pm, Emerald LoopWho: Finance professionals and college students of drinking age. What: A WSO Meetup Why: Meet your fellow primates. <strong>Where: Emerald Loop, 216 North Wabash (Corner of Wabash & Haddock)</strong> When: Weds. Dec 17th, 6:30pm - 11pm (most people stayed til last...4011 months 2 weeks ago
+2Ask Me Anything: First-Year at MBBHey WSO, I used to be fairly active on this forum but ever since I started at <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">MBB</a></span>, I got way too busy (no surprise there). I'm about...1402 months 1 week ago
+3AMA: Gas Scheduler to Gas TraderI embark on my journey as a Trader in two weeks, as I just gave my two week notice from a shop in Houston to the East Coast. Going from a NG Scheduler to a NG Trader/Scheduler, still young (3-ish years since UG). You can read more about my background here: <strong><a...403 weeks 1 day ago
+2Books that inspired youWhat are some of your personal favorites or books that simply inspired you? The books don't have to be business/finance related. 1399 months 4 days ago
+3Friends with age/career/wealth Hi, So I just wanted to see what some of your experiences have been over your lives, whether you're relatively young or not. I'm a partner at a nice firm, have ample free time and live very comfortably. I also have a great wife and am quite content with life. Despite this,...3810 months 3 weeks ago
+3Can we get a STICKY for our RE board for a) Underwriting models to be posted/shared; b) Current salary comps across industryWhat do you guys think? This would be very useful to many of us.321 month 5 days ago
+4FINALLY headed to work in FO After my career started in <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">BO</a></span> and MO roles for ~3.5 years I finally received the offer for a <span...323 months 6 days ago
+3AMA - Non-Target -> Target -> MM IBD -> Corp Dev. Hey guys, I spoke with Andy a week or two ago about doing an AMA regarding my path from non-target to banking and beyond - so here it is. To sum up my path for those who may not know: I didn't apply myself in high school, and saw a bunch of my friends who did care about their work...322 months 2 weeks ago
+3AMA: Restructuring Analyst at Top BBHi all, happy to answer London-specific questions on recruiting. Long-time WSO user, created a new account for this AMA. I got a lot of help from this forum during my recruiting process and I owe a lot to WSO. Wanted to try and give back by offering some insight into recruiting, exit opps and...304 months 1 week ago
+4Tech Banker answering questions about anything from career path to day-in-the-lifeFire away302 months 3 weeks ago
+3AMA - Corp Dev (F500) with a non-traditional background and b schoolAMA - I work in corporate development at a professional services company (Fortune 500) in NYC. My career path to corp dev is non-traditional and didn't involve IB but may be of some help to a couple people. My summary background: - graduated from a liberal arts college in 2006 - took...301 month 2 weeks ago
+3Keep Getting FiredHi guys. I have a question for some of you who've been out in the working world much longer than I have and know more than I do. However a little back story. I graduated from a top 20 university with a BBA in Finance (Bachelors in Business Administration) in May with a 3.2 <span...292 weeks 6 days ago
+3AMA: Equity Research in HK/SingaporeHey guys, I've been lurking on WSO since my undergrad, and thought it was a good time to give back. A bit about me... Grew up in a Western country, did high school in SEA, university from a top school in Australia. Did everything a bit accelerated and graduated at 19. First job...291 week 3 days ago
+3Acquisitions- Hired to be Fired?I work at a small real estate investment shop as an asset manager. We have 17 buildings in major and secondary markets along the east coast, probably around $750mm AUM. I started here about 8 months ago along with an acquisitions guy. He was formerly an analyst at a major player and left a...285 months 3 weeks ago
+4Broke into Banking Recently, Happy to Answer Questions, Non-traditional background without a 3.5 GPAGood afternoon all, After pounding the pavement for more than half a year, I locked down a job as an Associate at a boutique in NYC . I came out of a no-name undergrad with a 3.0 and general business degree, then worked in Private Wealth for 2 years before returning to Business School...253 months 1 week ago
+3The Diary of a broken man<em>‘Nah chief, I’m not really feeling it tonight, I’ll have a beer but will probably leave early..’</em> We’ve all uttered a variation of those doomed words. Fast forward 10 hours and it’s 6:00 AM on a Friday morning and I am swaying slightly, cursing my reflection in...252 months 3 weeks ago
+4Where is the industry going for young professionals?<h3>Future of Private Equity</h3> At the top a lot of mega funds' equities business has slowed, given the amount of capital invested in the space, the difficulty of growing such large portfolio investments to realize a desired return and market forces. A lot of these funds -...242 weeks 3 days ago
+32014 in Film: A Most Vibrant YearIt’s that time of the year folks. With 2014 concluded, it’s time for another look into the very best industry: film. This past year I managed to see 25 films in the theater, which I’ve attempted to capture below. Enjoy. <u><b>Films</b></u> Wild The Imitation...2210 months 3 weeks ago
+3AMA: Consulting > F500 > bschool/startupsHey all - been part of the community for several years now. Figured it was my time to lead one of these. Background: worked several years in management consulting before transitioning to a strategy position at a F500 company. <!--break--> Also recently accepted to a number of M7...196 months 3 days ago
+2Most Prefteejus High School?<em>Mod Note (Andy): Best of Eddie, this was originally posted on 9/27/12.</em> I was talking to a female friend of mine who happens to be an atheist last week, and she was telling me about how she attended a church in NYC just to get into the good books of the head of admissions...1193 months 6 days ago
+3Georgetown University MSF Program - In PersonHey guys, just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Just spoke with the program and they are going to be rolling out a flex option for students. There will still be the remote option for those working around the country, but there will also now be an on campus option for those local or wanting to...181 week 3 days ago
+3WSO passes 300k registered accounts...I missed the exact date it happened (now at 306k) but wow this site has grown quickly over the last two years! 100k reached on 10/9/12: 200k reached on 12/11/13:...1711 months 3 weeks ago
+3IB INTERVIEW ALERT: NEW 2014 Version of WSO Investment Banking Prep Pack Released!<b>Another 100+ Questions Added...Now Over 500+</b>: We've sifted through 2 THOUSAND+ more questions submitted to the WSO <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">Company...168 months 1 week ago
+6What does it take to be a competent investment analyst?A competent analyst is one who has an above-average ability to generate satisfactory investment returns (well know examples will include Ben Graham, Walter Schloss, Warren <span class='keyword_link'><a href=""...153 months 2 weeks ago
+2Who Taught You Math???<em>Mod Note (Andy): Best of Eddie, this originally was posted on 11/29/12.</em> We. Are. So. <em>Screwed.</em> It's no secret that the educational quality in the United States has been on the decline for well over a decade. But I had no idea exactly...1153 months 1 day ago
+4"Karōshi": Death from Overwork on Wall StreetIt's 2015, and people in America are <em>literally </em>working themselves to death. Let the insanity of this situation sink in for a second. In a country with more wealth and opportunity than any before it in history, young people like <a...153 months 1 day ago
+3Lehman’s Fuld, 7 Years Later, Says ‘Perfect Storm’ Caused Crisis [UPDATED][quote]Richard Fuld Jr., the man at the helm of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. when it collapsed in 2008, said a “perfect storm” of events caused the financial crisis.[/quote] Maybe this is why I haven't seen any comments from @DickFuld" today.. I guess this means he is the...145 months 3 weeks ago
+3AMA - I'm a muni banker<strong>Here's my background:</strong> Undergrad <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">BS</a></span> in biology non-target. Internship Summer of basic science...141 month 7 hours ago
+3How to eat healthy while living in a hotel<body> I worked as a management consultant for 4 years. For 2 of those years I traveled, living in hotels 4-days a week. In total I spent over 250 nights in a hotel. There are good and bad aspects to long-term weekly travel, but in this post I am focusing on one of the...1211 months 2 weeks ago
+3Procrastination [insert better title later]<em>Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.</em> -Mark Twain We have all had troubles resulting from the delay of work, but does that necessarily mean our troubles were borne out of procrastination? Looking at a recent article out of <a...125 months 2 weeks ago
+3The Importance of LinkedIn for StudentsI am a rising sophomore and aspiring buy-side analyst at a Canadian university. I thought I'd share the importance of LinkedIn and how it has helped me contact alumni and expand my network. I attend a small school with a tight knit alumni base. Due to its smaller size compared to other...116 months 2 weeks ago
+3Mid-Market PE Valuations: Where Up is DownWith U.S. stock markets near record highs, and M&A activity on-track for another big year, there has been much commentary about whether markets have once again detached from intrinsic value. By and large, the labour market has returned to normality, the housing market has recovered, and...114 months 2 weeks ago
+3A Q&A Interview: Recruiting, Bonus Bucket Placement, And Starting A BusinessWhat’s up guys and gals! Ben from <a href="">Charisma On Command</a> here, and today I’ve got a fun Q&A interview to share with you. Why? Because I had a reader email me recently with a bunch of thoughtful questions about starting...106 months 2 weeks ago
+3Improved WSO SearchHey guys, just a quick update. We have made some improvements to WSO Search in the last few weeks. We hope this will make finding the best information in the WSO archives much easier: 1. New "Company Search Results" section at top of many times, when users are...101 month 2 weeks ago
+4Who Wants a Piece of WSO? Jobs Act III - Crowdfunding Coming to the Unaccredited Investor...So the SEC recently released a statement about the Jobs Act, Title III that should have MASSIVE implications on the overall angel investing & VC landscape. Basically, this opens up the everyone to be able to invest in any start-up they want. It seems like opening up this massive funding...103 weeks 5 days ago
+3A guide to the Words of Wall Street New Folks take a peakSo as I've stated in several threads I'm new to the IB culture. Working on educating myself on all aspect, but as with any map you need a legend or it it useless. Ive comprised a list of Vocab word definitions that had been advised as being helpful when holding conversations or any...99 months 1 week ago
+3Hedge Fund Reinsurance: Why hedge funds care about (re)insuranceThere seemed to be some interest in my previous article, where I gave a very basic outline of what the New York Department of Insurance calls ‘Shadow Insurance’ transactions via the use of captives. Given the interest in insurance as a topic, I have decided to test the waters again write...98 months 1 week ago
+22nd Thoughts About HBSI was fortunate to be accepted into HBS round 1, and am now weighing my options. I was also accepted to Booth(w/ 70K), Kellogg(w/ 90K), Tuck (full tuition), Yale SOM (full tuition), and McCombs (full tuition). Although HBS was my top choice, I am having a tough time coming to grips with the...10810 months 1 week ago
+3WSO NYC Happy Hour: Tuesday, June 23rd, 7PM, Galway HookerThe next NYC meetup is coming up Tuesday, June 23rd, first WSO meetup of the summer! We'll be in the ground floor lounge, in the back on the right (just before the billiards room). Bring your thirst, especially you, @rufiolove" ! Location: Galway...85 months 1 day ago
+3Finally a Gas TraderYou can see my AMA post (currently ongoing) <strong><a href="">here</a></strong>. I graduated in May of 2012, from a non-target school with a below average <span...84 months 2 weeks ago
+3Non-Target Networking Tips Hey Everyone, This is my first post on Wall Street Oasis, however I have been browsing the forum for quite a few years now. Originally I was interested in investment banking, however my interests have recently shifted over to <span class='keyword_link'><a...83 months 1 week ago
+3How I Landed a FDP Offer from an Unknown SchoolLet me first begin by saying that for most of my time in college, getting into a <span class='keyword_link'><a...81 week 6 days ago
+3JUST RELEASED: New WSO Prop Trading Interview GuideProprietary ("prop") <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">trading</a></span> is an industry that keeps itself under wraps and as a result, there has never been a great...79 months 2 weeks ago
+3What about the Average Joe?I'm currently in my first year of ibanking and in my limited free time I often think about--as I'm sure many other do--getting a top bucket bonus, going on to an elite buyside firm, then to HSW, partner at a PE firm, yada yada yada. Now while if everyone on this forum could make...711 months 1 week ago
+3Part 2: Reinsurance - Insuring the Insurer<h3>What is Reinsurance?</h3> Reinsurance is a transaction “whereby the reinsurer, for a consideration, agrees to indemnify the reinsured company against all or part of the loss the company may sustain under the policy or policies it has issued”. In plain English, reinsurers...74 months 3 days ago
+3The Saga of CaesarsCame across this article and thought it was an interesting read. [quote]There have been so many truly extraordinary twists and turns in the saga of Caesars Entertainment over the past eight years that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the whole thing went off the rails. After all, an $18.4...65 months 3 weeks ago
+3Looking to split costs for Consulting Case 101I just bought a year long subscription to Consulting Case 101 for $180. They run a huge 800+ database of a bunch of cases which are divided into sections by specific companies and types of questions. My peers have told me it helped a lot when preparing for <span...56 days 4 hours ago
+3The Best GMAT and MBA Business School Content on WSO<em>Mod Note (Andy): My mighty content intern compiled a list of the top 20 <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">GMAT</a></span>/B-School posts on WSO. Some of these...56 months 6 days ago
+3LSE Summer SchoolHey monkeys, I recently got back from the summer school program at the London School of Economics (LSE), so I thought I would share my experience. Before accepting my offer, I found it hard to find any opinions of the program online, so I hope this helps any prospective applicants in the...53 months 1 week ago
+3A hodgepodge of ER Questions sent to me via PMWSO, Below is a PM sent to me by WSO member, in the name of transparency I thought I would answer his questions publicly. Hey R, Questions Below - I apologize if some of them are fairly basic. 1) Do you know of any resources that provide ER specific modeling on the web/training...411 months 2 days ago
+3A Non-Target Sophomore's Guide to Earning a BB OfferDELETE49 months 3 weeks ago
+2How long do you last ?Foreplay doesn't count. Be honest1049 months 5 days ago
+3A banking survey of AlaskaWhat often classifies as an "oddball stock" is simply a company that not many investors have an interest in truly investigating. Typically these are stocks that are too small for most investors or companies where information is hard to obtain. Another situation where stocks could be...47 months 2 weeks ago
+3PE Fund Performance: Anyone Can Hit Top Quartile Once, but Consistently?To the community that works in PE (or VC, <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" rel="nofollow">HF</a></span>, etc.) I'm interested in hearing your perspective on...43 months 3 weeks ago
+32015: Not a happy beginning for the Euro Zone<p> The New Year has ushered in with a bitter aftertaste for the Euro zone. On one side, it is threatened by the risks of deflation and slower recovery and on the other hand looms the exit Greece from the currency union as the forces of the radical left (SYRIZA) and center right have a...310 months 2 weeks ago
+3Private Equity Recruiting SeasonHi all, I saw this post from Dealbook this morning (link inside the post). Nothing really new here compared to years past. How is everyone doing managing their interview schedules? I'm very curious to hear how people negotiate positions that won't be starting until summer 2016 as...39 months 2 weeks ago
+3Reality = The OnionWhen Onion article becomes truth... I don't like politics but this one is incredible.34 months 1 week ago
+3Research Analyst vs. Portfolio ManagerSlow morning for me, so I decided to share my thoughts concerning the differences between a research analyst and portfolio manager. Think you have what it takes to be a portfolio manager? Every aspiring buy-side analyst I know eventually wants to become a portfolio manager at some point....32 months 2 weeks ago
+3Give and Take (Book Summary and Action Plan)<strong> This is a book summary of Give and Take, along with an action plan to help integrate insights from the book into your life. </strong> <strong>Summary:</strong> In his acclaimed, landmark book Give and Take, Wharton Professor Adam Grant breaks down 3 broad...32 months 2 weeks ago
+3GS vs MS Hunger Games - Who Takes It?Came across this interesting article on Bloomberg yesterday (link inside post), it has some interesting insights into leadership of both organizations and strategy. <strong>What do you guys think, who takes it in the a) mid-term, b) long-term (given their differing...25 months 5 days ago
+3Try out these 10 technical IB interview questions We all know the most dreaded part of an <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">investment banking interview</a></span> is the technical questions. Sure, you might be terrified of faking your way...23 months 5 days ago
+34 Pillars of MotivationThe feeling of failure. The feeling of losing. The feeling of not succeeding. The feeling of losing motivation. The feeling of lost motivation. We all have had these feelings at some point or another. Maybe it is from not getting that offer that you dreamed of. Maybe it is from a failed deal...22 months 2 weeks ago
+3A Consultant's Hello!Hi All! I have been a distant visitor of this forum for a couple months now and finally decided to take the plunge and join this great community. It is truly inspiring to see so many new and experienced professionals give candid advice no matter the recipient. I am a strategy consulting...22 weeks 3 days ago
+3An ex-Goldman Sachs insider’s 10 tips on how to sail through investment banking interviewsMark Hatz has worked four years for firms like <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" target="_blank">Goldman Sachs</a></span> and <span class='keyword_link'><a...17 months 2 hours ago
+3Here's what happened in the stock/bond markets last week (9/14-9/18)<b>Stock Market Analysis</b> The stock market continued its zig-zag pattern. For the past 10 weeks the stock market has alternated between a week of advances followed by a week of declines. This week was no different as the S&P 500 fell 0.1%. Hidden within this has been the...12 months 1 week ago
+3Ask DickFuld November 2015I'm ready for another round of questions from all of you. Please remember, I'm doing this because I care, so try to keep it civil. Fire away.... (PS -- Let's try to refrain from asking dumb questions this time.)1014 days 1 hour ago
+3Things to Read While Pretending to Work – Nov. 12, 2015After some great feedback last week, I'm going to continue writing this weekly post: <strong><em>Things to Read While Pretending to Work</strong></em>. If you missed last week's intro, here's what it's all about: <strong>I want to help turn...02 weeks 3 days ago
+3Western Cruises Sailing East: Is it time to jump on board?With the recent introduction (earlier this month) of Norwegian Cruise Line's first ship launched specifically for the Chinese market, currently the fastest growing market for cruises, is it time to start investing in these cruise lines? [quote] Leading cruise companies have been...01 month 4 days ago
+6Welcome to the New Wall Street Oasis!After many months and many hours toiling away, we are finally here, a new and improved WSO. Here are a few of the benefits you should enjoy: 1. Fully adaptive theme so that the site works great no matter what device you are on (smart phone, tablet, desktop) 2. Stronger server to speed...1986 months 2 weeks ago
+2If you could go back, would you still have gotten an MBA?Curious to hear about what others have to say. Seems as if the consensus is getting a top 10 mba but of course there is the high cost as well as loss of income.961 month 4 days ago
+22015 IBD Summer Analyst CompCan pretty much confirm all these numbers. Summer will be pro-rated on base of: Bulges: <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">GS</a></span>: 85k + 1.5k stipend <span...863 months 2 weeks ago
+2Tinder + Preftige = "The League"Latest dating app makes sure you are "cool enough" before gaining entry... Initial thoughts? Anyone on it? months 3 days ago
+22015 MBA Application ThreadAlright, So who's struggling through R1 apps like I am? Trying to find the time between my 70 HR week, my needy GF, and life's general bullshit has been tough but I'm through a few first drafts of essays and have my R1 school schools down to Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, Booth,...813 weeks 2 days ago
+2Ever Been THIS Lonely?<em>Mod Note (Andy): Best of Eddie, this was originally posted on 4/8/13. To see all of our top content from the past, click <a href="">here.</a></em> Okay, I know it isn't cool to crap on...812 weeks 1 day ago
+2Where the smart money is going: elite prep school college matriculationMy gifted niece is 12-years-old and my brother is starting to think about where to send her to high school. My brother decided to look into some of the elite east coast prep schools as well as the highly regarded Washington, D.C. area prep schools to see how well they place into...7710 months 1 day ago
+2Songs that inspire you to go out and get that money?Have seen lots of threads on songs to listen to pump you up when you need to crank it in excel for a few hours, but where are the threads on songs that inspire you to go out there and make that money? Post the artist & title if you're going to post a video (sometimes cant see videos...715 days 18 hours ago
+2Superbowl recap...Wow, heart broken (i'm from Seattle). Threw a superbowl party down here in BA, good mix of Hawks and Pats fans. A few thoughts: -By far the most emotional game I've ever seen in my life. One of the best Super Bowls ever? Even though we lost, and today feels like crap, I still had...709 months 3 weeks ago
+2Best Energy Banks in Houston?I've seen a few other threads on this but it looked like the info was outdated and wasn't too helpful anymore - Anyone have thoughts on the best banks (BBs and EBs) in Houston in terms of culture, deal flow and exit opps? Thanks!706 days 21 hours ago
+2GS Analyst dies<em>Mod Note (Andy): Make sure to read the letter <a href="">"A Son Never Dies"</a> written by Sarvshreshth's father Sunil...675 months 1 week ago
+1I Guess That's One Way to Pay for College<em>Mod note: Best of Eddie, this was originally posted on 2/11/14.</em> God, I love the free market. This is absolutely hilarious. Call me old fashioned, but I look back with fondness on the days when a guy could walk into just about any strip club and witness the cold war...1657 months 1 week ago
+1Republican debate 10/28/2015I'm curious what you young people thought about who won and who lost in the debate last night. Discuss.1653 weeks 4 days ago
+2Know Anyone Involved In A Scam?A couple of my dumbass fraternity brothers have been selling and recruiting for Ignite/Stream energy for a few years now. If you aren't familiar with the company, it's a pyram...<span class='keyword_link'><a...606 months 4 days ago
+2AMA Big 4 TAS Senior AssociateLong time viewer and yet to post anything yet. I've got some free time today and thought I would give back via an AMA. Background: I work for one of the Big 4 in the Transactions Services - Financial Due Diligence group as a senior associate. I mainly perform buy side due diligence for...561 month 1 week ago
+3How do you guys deal with negative press about finance?Finance-hate is so common, that almost anything related to the ills of the finance industry passes as news these days, whether or not it makes any sense whatsoever. People are very influenced by the stories they hear. People seem to assume that my peers are Patrick Bateman, Leonardo di Caprio,...541 month 1 week ago
+2Wall Street Oasis SEO Interns Needed NOWWall Street Oasis is looking for several hard working individuals to join our intern team to help with online-marketing tasks, specifically Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and link-building. <strong><a...541 week 4 days ago
+2Influence of socioeconomic demographicI have friends from non-target and target schools who have gone to wall Street and the one consistent pattern I see is the fact that they all come from super wealthy families; their parents are rich enough to send their kids to private schools all their lives and afford education at ivy leagues...527 months 3 weeks ago
+1Riveting TED Talk on Government Corruption<em>Mod Note (Andy): Best of Eddie, this was originally posted on 4/17/13. To see all of our top content from the past, click <a href="">here.</a></em> This is a fantastic discussion about the...1512 years 7 months ago
+2How to relax after work to be able to sleep?I started as an IB analyst recently and have problems sleeping... But not for the reasons you are thinking! I get so much adrenaline from trying to meet deadlines late at night (idk why..) that I get home and can't fall asleep for 2 or 3 hours - which is a problem when you get home...483 months 1 week ago
+2Shots Fired - Deutsche Bank Co-CEO Cryan Says Bankers Still Paid Too MuchFrom Bloomberg: [quote]“Many people in the sector still believe they should be paid entrepreneurial wages for turning up to work with a regular salary, a pension and probably a health-care scheme and playing with other people’s money,” Cryan said at a conference in Frankfurt on Monday....4816 hours 12 min ago
+2WSO Rankings for Investment Banks: University Power Rankings (Part 10 of 10)The argument of how hard it is to break into Investment Banking from a non-target vs. target schools is one that has gone on for years on WSO. Which undergraduate institution gives you the best shot at the top <span class='keyword_link'><a...449 months 3 weeks ago
+22015 Bonus Speculation / ChangesI know it's early, but has anyone received any sort of clue as to what 2015 bonuses should look like for analysts, assuming the market maintains the status quo? Assuming that the ibankers here who have seen multiple bonus rounds would be able to add some solid input. Reason I ask it...442 months 3 days ago
+2Pitt, Bale to Star in Film Version of Lewis’ ‘Big Short’wow, this <em>should</em> be a great film considering the big names, thoughts? from bloomberg: [quote] Brad Pitt, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling are set to star in a film version of “The Big Short,” Michael Lewis’s book about investors who made fortunes in the subprime...4310 months 1 week ago
+2How to get over burnoutI guess this goes out to the more senior people on this board who have experienced burnout before. I have been working 100+ hour weeks for over 3 years so far, but recently I have become burnt out. I have lost my desire for anything and everything. I have no desire to work, make money, go...4211 months 4 days ago
+1WSO - What Do You Hate?Ok, time to let me hear it...we just went through a BIG upgrade & redesign, so first off THANK YOU for your patience. I know it wasn't the smoothest jump in the world and things were pretty messed up there for a few weeks! The site is faster and in my opinion, much cleaner/better,...1422 months 2 days ago
+2Now I ain't sayin she a gold digger BUT...92% of women are. You guys, be careful. My friend just convinced this dude that she "like, can barely even stand" to fucking sign her half of a lease because she just haaaas to live on her faaaavorite street in the West Village but doesn't make 45x the rent. At first, I...406 months 3 weeks ago
+2Paid well but boredI’m 31 years old and work as a controller for a F500. I’m making roughly $150k a year in total comp (base + bonus), work a straight 40 hour work week with little to no travel, live in a nice part of the country where the cost of living is slightly lower than the national average, and get 3...402 months 4 weeks ago
+2How I Work: Only With A Gun To My HeadBe honest, dear many times have you said the following, or something else like it: <strong>"I didn't start it until the last minute, because I work best under pressure. I need that pressure to motivate me to finish."</strong> And then covered it up...3911 months 2 weeks ago
+2Finally - Entourage!Trailer <!--break--> 3811 months 1 week ago
+2Ask Me Anything - Federal Consulting at a Tier Two FirmIn light of the posts I've seen here and there regarding federal consulting, I figured I'd give a shot at an AMA. We all know that commercial consulting has all the glamour, but federal consulting *can* be just as glamorous. I say *can*, because it is very easy, in my experience, to...378 months 2 weeks ago
+5Former Deloitte and Booz Allen, happy to answer questionsHey everyone, I'm pretty new to the site; found it while researching some questions related to B-School admissions and really enjoyed some of the content. Anyhow, I saw plenty of users looking for more info on <span class='keyword_link'><a...372 months 2 weeks ago
+2Best Property TypeNow I know this is a question that does not necessarily have a correct answer however I would be curious to hear what everyone thinks is the "best" property type. Assuming you can only develop an expertise in one property type and that will be your niche for the rest of your career...356 months 1 week ago
+2Be a Wall Street Oasis Contributing Blogger<strong>Project description: Finance / Wall Street / Business Blogger</strong> We are looking for several talented writers (professionals in the finance industry preferred) to blog for WallStreetOasis. There is a list of suggested topics you can choose from but if there is an area...342 years 1 month ago
+5Ask an Analyst (Bulge Bracket 2-3 yrs experience)Ask me anything. Been doing <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">IBD</a></span> at a <span class='keyword_link'><a...341 month 1 week ago
+3Most Prestigious Pokemon CardsI need WSOs help in ranking the tiers of Pokemon cards. I figured that I would send them in my thank yous for interviews but I don't want to waste high prestige cards on low prestige firms. I was thinking something along the following: *** Japanese Mint 1st Ed Charizard (Auto-offer from...3311 months 2 weeks ago
+2Oxfam: 85 People Control Half the World's Wealth<em>Mod Note (Andy): Best of Eddie, this was originally posted on 1/21/14. To see all of our top content from the past, click <a href="">here.</a></em> I think intellectually we all know that the game...1331 year 7 months ago
+2Relationship Question: Not the usual oneSo, as someone who used to be on the answering side of this, I was hoping for various viewpoints on what I should do. I'm going to dismiss the money before hoes answers straight off the bat. If you have that opinion, express it in more words and make your case. My situation is as...325 months 1 week ago
+2AMA: Top 15 Life Co CML Origination AnalystI'm not sure if this interests anyone on here, but I'm bored so here it goes; I'm an Analyst at a large life insurance company doing commercial mortgage origination. We're typically top 15/ top 20 as far as volume is concerned. We write loans on all the typical property types...3110 months 2 days ago
+2New Credit Suisse CEO effects on equity research? (and IB as a whole)Hi guys, As many of you may know, <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">Credit Suisse</a></span>'s CEO Brady Dougan is being replaced by Tidjane Thiam in June, and many analysts are...298 months 4 days ago
+3Meredith Whitney shuts down hedge fund because...well...she blew itThis is what happens when you think you're smarter than everybody because you were right once (see: Citigroup stock price, 2007-2009). from WSJ:[quote]Meredith Whitney shut her fledgling hedge fund, a setback for the ex-banking analyst who became one of Wall Street’s highest-profile...295 months 2 weeks ago
+2Chicago WSO Meetup - 2/19/2015 Who: Financial Professionals and College Students of Drinking Age What: WSO Meetup! Where: Sweetwater Tavern, 225 North Michigan Avenue at Water Street (between the River and Grant Park) When: 6:30 PM 2/19/2015 (Thursday) Why: Meet your fellow primates. Also, because Cries has...289 months 1 week ago
+2Cut throat and competitive storiesHey guys, so we hear of pretty crazy, competitive situations in nearly all levels: professional sports, high schools, university, and of course the workplace. There's examples everywhere: whether it's Michael Jordan ruining friendships over a game or the latest Tiger Mom shelling out...281 month 3 weeks ago
+2Way too many high schoolers interested in investment bankingLet me first state that I am part of the problem. Okay now that that's out of the way, I'll start my post. Recently I was accepted by an exclusive biz honors program at my state flagship. I was invited to attend at luncheon about the program and went ahead and attended. As I mingled...2711 months 1 week ago
+2Community College to BBDear All, I used to read WSO religiously as I was dreaming of even just getting an interview at a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">BB</a></span>. I spent two years in...277 months 2 weeks ago
+2Equity Trader jobs dying down?I am currently in University at the moment, I was looking to go into Equity <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">trading</a></span> at Investment banks after graduating. However...275 days 14 hours ago
+2WSO Hedge Fund Interview Prep Package in the Works!<strong>***NOTE: I am willing to pay cash AND give you a free copy of the package if one of your cases or pitches ends up in the actual guide.***</strong> Please send me an e-mail ([email protected]) explaining the case or pitch (long vs. short or type of case study) and...261 month 3 weeks ago
+32015 Predictions - a collection of major firms' predictionsAfternoon Monkeys, I find this time of year fascinating, as economists, investors, and talking heads all hurl out prognostications about what the world is going to do in 2015. Some are very specific and grab headlines, others are broader so they run a smaller risk of being wrong. I think...2510 months 1 week ago
+2Warning for Non-EU Interns in LondonPosting from a throwaway. You may not be getting an offer in London. Today was the last day of my internship at a top 10 <span class='keyword_link'><a...252 months 2 weeks ago
+2The Truth About Online DatingThe founders of Coffee Meets Bagel gave a TED talk recently about online dating. Discuss. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <!--break--> 251 month 1 day ago
+2Building an REPE Shop So I've recently begun to think in more detail about how to set up my own REPE shop - realistically starting 5 to 10 years from now. One thing I am struggling with is how to finance the early days of the operation. I'm realistically going to be able to contribute say $2-$3 million of...253 weeks 2 days ago
+2Fundrise: Raising Real Estate Capital Online - Thoughts?I've known the crowdfunding firm Fundrise for a while now, but never really looked into it: Basically you go to their website, select a deal you like, and invest cash ($5,000 minimum), without physically meeting the sponsor/operator/developer. It's like buying...244 months 1 week ago
+2What would it take for you to leave?<em>Mod Note (Andy): Make sure to check out the comment inside by DingDong<em> A common thing I've heard across multiple sectors is "I'll leave when the time is right". It seems people are either waiting for the next best thing or some kind of sign - perhaps...246 days 18 hours ago
+2IBD Placement DataSee uploaded image for data. Won't allow me to link article, but data taken from a group called Vettery. I've copied the data down here for convenience, and added class size as well as percent placed for each school: 2014 Investment Banking Class UPenn: 102 / 2428 = 4.2% NYU:...231 month 1 day ago
+2Do I tell my boss? I feel uncomfortable for posting this, but I could use some advice. I took some time off from work to fly back to my parents to finish up my diagnostic testing for leukemia. If im diagnosed with leukemia, should I tell my boss or keep this a secret for as long as I can? 233 weeks 1 day ago
+2Interview Science: Slow Talkers Don't Get HiredAcross WSO you can find some great advice on how to approach an upcoming interview, but there's a paucity of science on the matter. However, the April 2015 Journal of Business and Psychology offers <a href="">a...227 months 1 week ago
+2Evercore vs. Goldman Houston Officehey guys, first time poster but i've been lurking for a while. offers to both in Houston for energy groups. which is better comp, team, exit ops, etc.? cheers223 weeks 5 days ago
+2Fund of Funds - let's hear the worst of the worstJust accepted a job and will be transitioning next week - comp is excellent and hours are incredibly reasonable (thoroughly vetted) . I know WSO has no love for the Fund of Funds life, so I'd like to hear what the potential land mines are. Note 1: Not using this to make a decision....225 days 20 hours ago
+3VP screwed me over at superdayHey all, This is really bugging me. Recently had a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">superday</a></span> with the regional office of an <span class='keyword_link'><a...2246 min 5 sec ago
+2Dental School or Investment Banking after college?Hey guys, Haven't posted on here for a while, but I feel like I'm at a really important junction in my life and would like WSO's input. I'm currently a junior at a semi-target studying economics. I came into university studying biochem, and ended up getting an early...218 months 1 week ago
+3Nothing rustles my jimmies more then kids who change their LinkedIn headline to Incoming Investment Banking Summer Analyst TryHards, man... If you are one of these people, please explain your rationale.219 months 5 days ago
+1Barclays Power & Utilities: Welcome to the JungleWow <h4>The Ten Commandments for Wall Street Interns</h4> [quote]Incoming Intern Class of 2015, Welcome to Power! I am sure you are all busy at training, but in the interest of helping your transition into the summer, and hopefully helping some of you secure Full-Time offers,...1203 months 3 weeks ago
+2AMA 2 years MBB > PEI've been around the forums for awhile now and always appreciated people willing to share tips/advice. I have some free time before I start my PE gig so happy to answer some questions. Graduated from target undergrad, worked at <span class='keyword_link'><a...203 months 4 days ago
+2Not drinking alcohol?Hey everyone. So I don't drink. It's a close personal choice. I don't see anything wrong with drinking and I don't look down on those who do drink. But I'm wondering...will this hurt me in the world of finance? Office politics, networking, etc. I'm kind of...191 month 3 weeks ago
+2MLB PLAYOFFS - CubsWOW. If you asked me at the beginning of the season if the Cubs would be here, I would have said no. Long way to go! Feels GREAT to be excited again about Cubs October Baseball. Regardless of the rest of what happens the rest of these playoffs, those rookies grinding out those tough playoff...191 month 2 weeks ago
+2So, I went to London and knocked on some doors..I am starting to write my master thesis (M.Sc. Maritime Management) in a couple of months' time. My goal is to collaborate with a commodities <span class='keyword_link'><a...191 month 1 day ago
+2HSW MBA w/ Banking&PE Experience Considering Banking AgainHey guys, I've been following this site for the past 9 years while I was still looking for <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">summer analyst</a></span> positions in college; never thought...185 months 1 week ago
+12015 Fantasy Football ThreadSo the 2015 NFL season will be starting pretty soon along with everyone's favorite office pastime. I will be in several leagues this year between my coworkers, college buddies, and childhood friends. Seeing as how this is WSO with supposedly the best in the valuation business frequenting...1183 weeks 5 days ago
+2Trailer for The Big Short Coming out just in time for bonus season. Christian Bale as Mike Burry? <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>181 week 6 days ago
+2F*($ this accelerated recruting schedule!I don't know about anyone else but this accelerated recruiting absolutely sucks. I don't care how interesting, prepared, or well adjusted the candidates are. Having to do FT and SA back to back, hours sifting through a mountain of resumes, asking the same damn questions 20 times a...183 weeks 5 days ago
+2Private Equity Interview Prep Pack Version 2.0 is Out!Ready to tackle the toughest <span class='keyword_link'><a href="">private equity interview</a></span> questions? Recruiting season is right around the corner and just...187 months 1 week ago
+3when is the proper time to add "no longer a virgin" to my linkedinWill this help me get into S over H and W since I was only accepted into Dartmouth instead of HYPS? Please help. Also , which hole is the right one? Thanks for your assistance 178 months 2 weeks ago
+2WSO New Home Page & Design ChangesFellow Primates, just a heads up that we are going to keep rolling out design changes (with UX / UI in mind) over the next 3+ months (at least). We are also now holding weekly user testing to identify pain points on the site to try and make using WSO a little bit better and observe how new and...172 weeks 5 days ago
+2Moelis NY vs EVR NYHey guys I have analyst lateral offers at these places. Im still stuck between doing Career IB or going the PE route. I will be doing a third year analyst stint at both these places. Would appreciate any input. Both offers are generalist.162 months 2 weeks ago
+6The 4-Hour WorkweekThe next 10 minutes you spend reading this might be one of the top 10 most life-changing events of your life. Reading the book was one of the top 10 most life-changing incidents of mine. <em>The 4-Hour Workweek </em>is the manifesto of a new and better worldview, a profoundly...166 months 1 week ago
+2Cheapest and time efficient way to eat healthy in New York?Hey Guys, I'm a SA that just arrived in New York and I'm pretty much broke. I train 3-4 times a week and try to stay in shape. That being said, what is the cheapest way I can eat healthy in a time efficient manner. I don't mind eating the same thing every day for three months....165 months 2 weeks ago
+2Anyone want to start an investing club? Would anyone be interested in starting a group to discuss anything from value investing, special situations or distressed? I'm also New York-based, so it could be possible to have a meetup. LinkedIn Group is here Feel...164 months 2 weeks ago
+2Michael Lewis - Marmite manWhilst at University, I developed an intense appetite for Marmite. It all started off so casually... A piece of toast here, a bagel there. Then you find yourself mixing it into pastas, spreading long sinewy lines in bacon rolls, even subtlety lapping up a cheeky spoonful on its own when you...161 week 3 days ago
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