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0Company Compensation: Boston Consulting Group03 years 1 month ago
0I Need Help with My Transfer College List and MajorI'm a community college student in California, so I have transfer agreements with all the CSU's and UC's in the state. Also, my community college has a transfer agreement with U-Michigan Ann Arbor. On the other hand, the other classes I'm interested in have different requirements and harder to trans...443 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Exeter Group03 years 1 month ago
0What is "Futures & OTC Clearing"? Most banks have it under S&T.Just curious if anyone knows what Futures and OTC Clearing is? I always thought clearing was Operations, but it looks like most banks have it as part of S&T. Is it like a trading position? I did some research and it seems closely related to prime brokerage. Are you working with Futures on behalf of ...43 years 1 month ago
0Graduate Student Eagerly seeking a full-time jobHi Everyone! I'm just graduated from non-target school with a master degree of finance. I passed the CFA level 1 last summer and intend to take the level 2 this summer. As an international student without a decent internship in US(I do have several internship experience in my home country), I ...03 years 1 month ago
0Pre MBA JobI graduate from a top 15 Public University with a BBA in Finance. (Honors College; 3.92 GPA). What are my chances of getting an IBD analyst job?...73 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Moelis & Company03 years 1 month ago
0Some modeling questionsRecently I came inches away from a sweet ER gig but was told the reason I didn't get it was I didn't have DCF/etc experience, so I'm now attempting to build one for my employer. I've got all our statements and whatever, and have been putting the data into a spreadsheet so I can play with it all and...103 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Piper Jaffray03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Wells Fargo and Company03 years 1 month ago
0DE Shaw Investor RelationsDE Shaw are always advertising for Investor Relations roles (Associate). Does anyone know what the exit ops would be for a role like this? It's a great firm but I'm assuming that this would really only lead to a marketing / sales role down the line. Does anyone know what kind of people they hire?...63 years 1 month ago
0Nature vs. NurtureWhich is more important and by how much? ...33 years 1 month ago
0Physical commodity trading in asiaWho here has experience trading physical commodities in Asia + Mid East and would be able to share their experiences re. pay/hours/language requirements/progression from ops--trader etc. Thanks! ...43 years 1 month ago
0GLG PartnersThoughts on them? Have first round coming up for FT in London, for macro hopefully. Read up a few things on Glassdoor but not much more out there so any help would be great. Background: Summers in M&A at a BB and a $20bn+ long/short hedge fund....13 years 1 month ago
0CFA Alternatives for Management ConsultingI am finishing up college in May, and managed to land an entry level analyst job with Deloitte in the consulting practice. I plan on going back to get an MBA in 2 years and hopefully taking a shot at MBB. I passed the CFA level I last June and am currently deciding whether or not to continue. From ...33 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Bank of America Merrill Lynch03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Jane Street Capital03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 month ago
0Potentially missing R2 deadline because of recommenderI had one recommender (former supervisor) submit a recommendation for a school and ever since he has ignored my communication efforts. I emailed him about the 2nd one last week and that went without a reply. I sent him a text a few days ago which he has been very responsive on in the past, but this ...43 years 1 month ago
0first-impression2.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Compass Lexecon03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Mirae Asset03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Mirae Asset03 years 1 month ago
0Need Help!! WTF? Morgan Stanley First Online Assessment - Financial AdvisorI uploaded my resume at Morgan Stanley for the financial adviser position. Then was invited by email to take an online assessment. The test was a reasoning test, and resembled an IQ test. It caught me off guard, did ok on a few of the questions but lost confidence with each question. I ran out of ti...13 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Cerner03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Renaissance Capital03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Deloitte03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 month ago
0Possible interview questionYou have a die with 10 sides, number ranging from 1 to 10. Each number comes up with equal possibility. You sum the numbers you get until the sum is greater than 100. What's the expected value of your sum? I would be very grateful for solution and explanation of this problem....163 years 1 month ago
0Non-Target Student seeking AdviceHello WSO, I am an incoming transfer student at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell where i plan on Majoring in Economics & minoring (or joint majoring in math) with a career goal of working in the investment banking industry as a securities (specializing in Bonds) analyst in FICC or PWM or Co...13 years 1 month ago
+4Corporate Banking in MongoliaHi guys, I work in Mongolia as a corporate banker. I thought it would be interesting for you guys to know about how we in Mongolia work. As you might expect, it isn't that sophisticated and is rather pretty straight-forward and simple. The Banking sector in Mongolia: We have 13 commercial banks a...193 years 1 month ago
0Networking is useless?So I was just done talking with an alumni and also recruiter at a BB (think Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs) in Canada, and I was told that networking is useless at breaking into investment banking and they only look at the top gpa's at target schools. So if you are a non-target you basica...123 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Barclays Capital03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Barclays Capital03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Barclays Capital03 years 1 month ago
+1CFA Schweser Notes eBayJust curious if anyone has purchased Schweser Notes that claim to come from Hong Kong on eBay. Are these legit? Example... Thanks!...23 years 1 month ago
0PE to HF and back to PEOne of the things I've kept hearing is that it's a pretty common route to go from PE to hedge funds, but very rare to make the jump from hedge funds to PE because of the skillset. However, if one worked for 2-3 years as a PE associate before moving to a hedge fund and therefore already have PE exper...23 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: HSBC03 years 1 month ago
+3what's your target net worth?Do you guys aspire for serious f*ck you money? I would really be happy pulling down $500K a year at my peak(providing for inflation adjustments). I realize this still isn't some insignificant sum, but I know people who make considerably more and live fairly modestly. How about you all?...673 years 1 month ago
0Applying to LA offices if I am on SFHello! I currently live in the bay area (near SF) and was just wondering if applying to LA boutiques and BB is a viable thing to do. I am a recent college grad (May 2013) and have been working on sales for a little over a month. I have a 3.5 GPA in Actuarial Science. Do companies in LA bother wit...13 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Bank of America Merrill Lynch03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: A.T. Kearney03 years 1 month ago
0Take a day off from internship for competition?I am currently a fixed income trading intern at a BB in NYC. I am also participating in the CFA Investment Research Competition, and the stock pitch presentation round takes place on a weekday, so I'll have to take a day off to compete. However, asking for a day off during your internship also makes...33 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Capital One Financial03 years 1 month ago
0Best cities for asset management career post MBAI recently finished applying to business school at UC Davis, UNC Kenan Flager and Emory. My career goal post MBA is to work in business development for a buy side money manger specializing in frontier and emerging market equity investing. According to Hedge Fund Observer, San Francisco recently came...63 years 1 month ago
0Zerohedge, what's so amazing about it?Hi monkeys, Pretty sure a couple of you guys in the trading scene have heard about Just wondering, what's so amazing about it that draws you back? I am unable to make this connection. Marker...33 years 1 month ago
0Online brokerage questionWhat are the best platforms for a global portfolio, i.e. international equities, bonds, currencies..etc. Cost matters :) Thanks!...03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: AIG03 years 1 month ago
0Why was Alan Greenspan a shitty fed chairman? People talk about him in this light and I was curious to know why. I just started reading Inside the House of Money and he made some "controversial" decisions here and there but I was trying to understand exactly what he did and his logic behind it. Does anyone think he was a good fed chairma...43 years 1 month ago
0Experience for Analyst positionHello everyone! I have asked kind of the same question in the different topic, but I want to get some opinions from current analysts or other people who work in BB banks. I have graduated last summer (Top-tier school in my country) and started working at Big 4 TAS department (financial due dilige...43 years 1 month ago
0CFA Lv.3 Study Group in NYLooking to start a study group in January for monkeys taking the Lv. 3 exam in June 2013. Preferably those living around midtown.We'd likely meet on weekends at some Starbucks. There are postings for this on Analystforum as well so feel free to shoot me a message to be kept in the loop. ...13 years 1 month ago
0ER associate to b-school.I am 3+ year associate in ER. Now I am going to join top b-school to boost my candidacy for BB in London or NY. (I am a East Asian) I just found WSO through internet searching and this is quite useful site, in my opinion. ...03 years 1 month ago
0Pre-Interview Happy HourHey guys, I have been invited to a pre-interview happy hour with a Houston IB and was just wondering what I should expect? Also is typically dress for these things a suit? This is my first ib interview. Thanks for any input you may have. ...33 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Morgan Stanley03 years 1 month ago
0Cufflinks for InterviewI was wondering if cufflinks (plain black and silver) would be acceptable for internship interviews. I'm a sophomore in college and have a few interviews lined up with regional banks in the South but don't want to come across as a pretentious intern. I obviously wouldn't wear them everyday if I go...43 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Standard Chartered Bank03 years 1 month ago
0Whole money vs IncomeWould you rather receive a 1.2 million dollar salary or receive a annual lump sum of 700k?(post tax) I would take the 700k for immediate buying power. ...43 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Oliver Wyman03 years 1 month ago
0Single Family Office AnalystHello Monkeys, To give a brief introduction, I graduated from a NESCAC liberal arts college this past May, and currently work as an investment analyst at a single family office. I am a generalist and cover everything from public & private equities, hedge funds, real estate, and venture capital. B...13 years 1 month ago
0dinner conflict.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Best West Coast PE Shops?Who are the top PE shops based on the West Coast in order? Here is my best guess in order of a combo deals, size, prestige, etc. TPG Hellman and Friedman Silverlake Oaktree Capital Francisco Partners KKR Menlo Park Ares Capital Warburg Pincus Menlo Leonard Green Blum Capital Golden Gat...253 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: PNC Financial Services03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: TPG Capital03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: TPG Capital03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: TPG Capital03 years 1 month ago
0greenspan.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0What bring me hereI Anil Kumar Vemuri, trying to find a way to enter in to Investment banking sector M&A, but unable to find out the way. i have subscribe for Google investment banking alerts through that alerts i came to know about CFA where i saw the inter link of WSO. With the help of those thing i came to know ab...03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: BMO Capital Markets03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: ZS Associates03 years 1 month ago
0O&G ER LocationIs oil & gas ER as concentrated in Houston as oil & gas IB is? Or is it more NY? Also if anyone could comment on ER at firms like Simmons & Co. Intl. and Tudor Pickering & Holt, it would be greatly appreciated....63 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: HBK Capital Management03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: MetLife, Inc.03 years 1 month ago
0Tech Corporate FinanceHello! I'm a new monkey from the Bay Area, currently pursuing my first year of B-school. My undergrad degree is in engineering, and I'm interested in interning in finance at a mid to large sized Tech firm or VC in the Bay Area. Currently I'm working on applications for many top Tech firms as...03 years 1 month ago
0First Year 2014 Salaries-MBB, OW, Deloitte, PwC, Booz, ATK, LEKSummer internships and full time recruiting have long been done. What are the post-undergrad and post-MBA salaries looking like this year? Easy format to fill as much as you may like.: Company: Level: (Post-Grad School or Post-Undergrad) Base: Bonus: Signing Bonus: Relocation: Profit S...173 years 1 month ago
0From BrandeisHello, I am currently a sophomore planning to double major in econ and business at Brandeis. After being here for two years, I am starting to realize that campus recruitment at Brandeis is almost none existent for investment banking. This being said, I am applying for study abroad to London Schoo...03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: UBS Pricate Wealth Management03 years 1 month ago
+1Moving from Financial Advising (NWMutual to Commercial Real Estate)Senior graduating in May 2014 with internship experience from Northwestern Mutual. Financial planning and sales experience. I have no CRE experience, but have had a few informational interviews. Interested in hearing about what it takes to move into this industry. Most firms have expressed that ...03 years 1 month ago
0HF Interview QuestionHey guys,had two questions encountered from a HF interview: 1. What should trade at a higher multiple: a fast food chain that owns its stores or franchises? 2. Company is trading at X P/E and raises debt at Y%. Is it accretive or dilutive? At what interest rate does it not matter? Would be...93 years 1 month ago
0Potential Senior Interviewer Hates Me???Hi guys, I'm interviewing for a firm where the likely interviewer is very senior and seems to dislike me based on trivial reasons--just the impression I got from an interview with him last year and from various recruiting events. He always tries to blow me off and is fairly condescending to me. ...83 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 month ago
+4What I Learned This Week – How To Get Out of the MazeIt seems like a good time to write about the importance of retreating from the highly demanding life that a lot of us monkeys lead. When I’m working, I am at the office from around 8 till 8, am accessible when any markets we trade are open and am on call outside of that. All-in-all this is around...113 years 1 month ago
0Missing Traders Monthly MagazineTraders Monthly Magazine (actually, every other month) used to be around but stopped couple of years ago. Use to have the "Top 100 traders" list good read, worth the $10, for those of us that like to still read glossy print. Has it ever been relaunched ? Or just went belly-up altogether ?...23 years 1 month ago
0New advice help? :DHi guys, I am new to this forum ad finance so just wanted some advice please as I have heard a few different things and so not sure whats true! Is it possible to change career into I-banking at 27 or is the competition too fierce? Would this thing help me at all: ? http:// globalban...03 years 1 month ago
0No offers yet, time to worry? So far I have only applied to a MM firm and had a superday with them (Baird, BMO, Jeffries, Raymond James) and I don't have an offer yet. I also have talked with mutual funds in my area. Time for me to start worrying yet? ...53 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Rentech03 years 1 month ago
0RTK New.png03 years 1 month ago
0I Have No Direction. Need To Choose Between InternshipsI'm a Finance major senior. Did an Audit internship last semester; it was dildos. I have no idea what area of Finance I want to go into. I trade for myself and that's fun. Real estate is cool and sexy. I've been considering just saving up money and buying small businesses. Or traveling around South ...13 years 1 month ago
0GS Credit Risk Waitlist (3 Months)So I did superday about three months ago and was notified the next day I was on the waitlist. I didn't think anything would come of it, but its been three months and they still have not rejected me. Should I follow up with an interviewer and ask about it? ...43 years 1 month ago
0TGIF.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Off-cycle & Summer Internships: Is Taking Classes During Feasible/Advisable?Hey all, Is it possible to take classes while doing an off-cycle internship? It seems logical that the answer is yes, but I'm curious as to how the structure (timing, schedule, etc.) of an off-cycle internships works compared to a summer internship? Similarly, intuitively it seems near impo...43 years 1 month ago
+1Old User Looking at New Opportunities in RE - Help?Good morning all, *--------------------------------------------- Introduction on what am trying to do ---------------------------* Long story short, I have been working in my current front office banking job for a while now; and getting a bit tired of it. I have used this forum in the past, so I...113 years 1 month ago
0HF Job helpOk so I have a BBA in Finance from Texas Tech. I was in the honors colleges. 4.0 gpa. I'm a first year MBA student at SMU Cox. I eventually want to work for a Dallas based hedge fund. Will my BBA from Tech hurt me in the area of getting a job. I know it's not a top school. But I loved it. I'm hoping...93 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Merrill Lynch Wealth Managment03 years 1 month ago
0When it comes to current account imbalances, one nation stands outOver the past few decades there has been a great deal of focus on the large trade imbalance between the US and Asia - first with Japan and more recently with China. While that is still an issue, we may be facing a new imbalance that is starting to grab the attention of politicians, economists, and t...03 years 1 month ago
0hashtag.png03 years 1 month ago
0Business EtiquetteNot sure if there has already been a post about this, but wanted to start one so members can learn more about business etiquette. One question I had was what to do when I had to blow my nose, seems like the consensus is to excuse myself and do it in the restroom. Random but what if someone h...43 years 1 month ago


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