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0Singapore InternHey guys Looking into possibly doing a Singapore PE internship next year (giving myself a whole year to set it up), summer after my sophomore year. Any advice with networking? cold calling? any idea on pay? S'pore is expensive, and I want to know what I should expect for my intern-work (something...52 years 11 months ago
0Tractor_0.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0EQuanT Bootcamp02 years 11 months ago
0Tractor02 years 11 months ago
0EQuanT Bootcamp 02 years 11 months ago
0EQuanT Bootcamp02 years 11 months ago
+2Go Get Somebody PregnantI was listening to a previous episode of the Content Warfare Podcast when Ryan Hanley mentioned that he's about to have a kid and how that milestone was changing his approach to business. It instantly brought me back to my old stockbroker days because, believe it or not, management encouraged knocki...262 years 11 months ago
0My portfolio vs Dow beginning of July02 years 11 months ago
0EQuanT Bootcamp02 years 11 months ago
0Politics grad interested in PE/VCFresh MA Politics grad from University of Edinburgh here. I started off with mainly academically relevant work experience (work experience at State of Texas, Singapore gvt, emerging economics contract researcher, market researcher for MPP/MPA programs, editorial assistant for a top current affairs j...02 years 11 months ago
0Help: Does Barclays verify previous salariesAt that stage in process where they want previous salaries. Anyone know if this bank does income verification?...32 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Booz Allen Hamilton02 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: Vermilion Partners02 years 11 months ago
0get me out.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: Oliver Wyman02 years 11 months ago
0DeletedDeleted ...92 years 11 months ago
0cold-calling-w1.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0cold-calling-w1.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: Colony Capital02 years 11 months ago
0Pitching off-cycle internship idea to banksI am considering pitching the idea of a non-summer internship term with some banks. How would I go about this? Usually if you ask for a job straight up, they will say no. My logic is I should schedule informational interviews and state that even if they are not hiring, I am still interested in meeti...22 years 11 months ago
0Interviewing with Companies Shortly After Starting JobHi guys, I recently took a job for a reputable company (not financial) in sales after graduating, and have basically known since coming here that I want to move back into finance (my internship/leadership experience is all finance). I have a couple interviews for investment banking coming up and ...22 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: UBS AG02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Jefferies & Company02 years 11 months ago
0TNR Font Size 9 ?Do you guys thank Times New Roman font size 9 is pushing it for a resume? I end my internship tomorrow and in the process of filing in my bullet points for my internship on my resume. I have a lot of crucial experience and "story telling" on my resume that TNR font size 9 is needed. A recent grad...52 years 11 months ago
+1Chinese Boy with Ability to See in Pitch Black Stuns Medics "A young Chinese boy who was born with beaming blue eyes has stunned medics with his ability to see in pitch black darkness. Nong Yousui from Dahua, China has eyes that reflect neon green...172 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Barclays Capital02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: GE Capital02 years 11 months ago
0Wake me when it's over Ok, so apparently the gov't smells more blood in the water and settling with them for ridic sums of cash wasn't enough. Just ask Stephen Cohen. This move expands the reach and statute of limitations, and makes it a lot easier for ...42 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley02 years 11 months ago
0question02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Ernst & Young LLP02 years 11 months ago
0Finance in Medicine or Vice VersaHi all, I'm brand new; please excuse me if this is improperly posted or what have you. Basically, I'm a second-year medical student with a Math and Business Degree, and, frankly, I really just miss numbers. I love Medicine, and definitely want to stick with it, but I would love to hear about anyone,...12 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: MF Global02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: De Bellas and Co LLC02 years 11 months ago
0Big4 Audit to what!!????Hello everyone, I know this is not a forum for CPA/Accounting/Big4 specifically but since I'm trying to get out of this field, I figured I would give it a shot.. Basically here is my story. I started auditing in a Big4 firm a year ago and I find it very boring and routine-like and I would like...92 years 11 months ago
+1I'm Back. And I'm Coming Home.Have I got some great stuff lined up for you guys. It's good to be back after a nice long vacation. First things first: Congratulations to Patrick on his nuptials this past Saturday. I wish you guys all the happiness and success in the world. Mazel tov, brother. This was a life-altering vacati...412 years 11 months ago
0Will they rescind my FT offer?Decided senior year (2012) to change my grad date from June 2013 to Dec 2013 and stay an extra semester to take additional classes and for summer internship opportunities, even though I technically would not need any more units to graduate. Completed summer internship and recently received offer for...72 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Bloomberg02 years 11 months ago
0Are Extracurriculars a must?I'm working part time during the school year - do I still need to have "leadership" activities? I'ts not like my resume needs more filler... ...22 years 11 months ago
0DeletedN/A...72 years 11 months ago
0NYSE Yoga.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Communicating with management of public companies as an equity analystHi All, I am interested in some or your experiences in talking with management of companies, a-level or c-level execs, you are researching or covering. As an equity analyst, buy side or sell side, how do you approach these contacts within these companies that you cover or research and what ty...12 years 11 months ago
0HelloMyNameIs.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: KPMG02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Ernst and Young02 years 11 months ago
0The "log in to read more" barrierI know this is a site feature designed to promote active participation and generate more unique registered users for the site, but it is incredibly annoying to not be able to see full threads without signing in. For those of us who cannot sign in at work due to company policy regarding posting on in...102 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Union Bank02 years 11 months ago
0Big Four auditor trying to get into IBHi everyone, I just joined today. I'm in audit at a Big Four firm and want to get out and into IB. I've read a lot today and I know I have a great deal more to research on in the future. Thanks!...02 years 11 months ago
0CIA Economic analystThe Economic analyst position in the CIA actually seems very interesting, it seems like a ER role, but for world economies, events. The pay is somewhat crappy though it says 50k-100k but I am guessing the 50k is starting and the 100k is at the senior level ( like when you are 30/40 years old) which ...712 years 11 months ago
0What does a BB bank disclose during background check?I currently work at a BB bank. Does anyone know what they disclose when moving to another bank? Our compensation letters always say "private and confidential" so was wondering what information they release once they get pinged for a background check. Let me know what your experience has been ...42 years 11 months ago
0analysts vs traders in junior HF roles?Hi. I am a junior at a top-target, majoring in computer science. I'm also a new student of the HF industry. I genuinely enjoy developing my own ideas and see it actually work in the real world, so the job seems to be a good fit for me. So I understand that the top 20 funds can be categorized int...22 years 11 months ago
0Unique Situation - Need Advice!I'll make this short. I got hired as an off-cyle analyst at a BB not too long ago in a S&T role. I was desperate for a job since I had just graduated, but I hate my job. It's not providing me any useful skills and the exit opps for this would be trash. I want to do IB and with recruiting season i...22 years 11 months ago
0mba.png02 years 11 months ago
+1Brady was right, B-School is INSANEOkay, not exactly, but I wanted to offer up some thoughts now that I've had a taste of the b-school experience. First of all, Brady is right that MBA students like to party. Pretty much every day there is some sort of event or get-together going on where people are drinking and socializing. For ...182 years 11 months ago
0Tom James... anyone use them before?Thinking about giving it a shot. Already searched, didn't find any thoughts on here about them....62 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: HR Green Inc02 years 11 months ago
0MSc Finance: Imperial vs SSEI'm 99% certain I'll choose Stockholm School of Economics. I don't mind SSE being two years since I'm in no hurry to graduate, and since I'm only a math _minor_, I think the ICL program would completely devour me. My amateur impression is that a coin flip would suffice since they are both good pr...112 years 11 months ago
0FT Marketing ResumeMy friend wanted to be in high-finance until she worked on a BB-sponsored research project at school and realized she didn't care for markets that much I helped her write her resume and now she's trying to get into product/brand management for CPG (P&G, Kimberly Clark, Unilever) but was hoping WS...02 years 11 months ago
0Best undergrad major for I banking/analyst jobsI live in Michigan and would like to relocate to New York, Boston, or Chicago after college to work for an investment banking firm and was wondering which major to choose. I'm torn between Finance, Economics, and Accounting. Which major would be the best? Also, would it be better to go to school...182 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: Accenture02 years 11 months ago
0LBO capital providers & the underwriting processReading Rosenbaum & Pearl's IB book, and trying to wade my way through a point of ambiguity. My background isn't fin, I'm sure the following structure / content of questions will make that clear. In terms of where the capital is coming from that is going to the sponsor in exchange for the debt se...232 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers02 years 11 months ago
0Allen Edmonds Provo DerbyI'm looking to purchase a nice lace up black dress shoe. I know people highly recommend the Park Avenue, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience/thoughts on the Allen Edmonds Provo Derby? Outlet price is $99 vs. $269 for the Park Ave's. ...82 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: BMO Harris CIB02 years 11 months ago
0Leonard GreenHi, just wondering if anyone knows the status of associate / summer associate recruiting at Leonard Green in LA? How are the interviews, hours and culture there? I assume the private equity interviews will involve an LBO model or case study? Thanks for any help. ...112 years 11 months ago
0Is It Right That Germany Gets to Tax Bitcoins?Legal tender is a medium of payment issued by a government that must be accepted by merchants for the extinguishment of debts within the government's respective country. In other words, the government guarantees that I can exchange the paper in my wallet for goods and services in my country. I pay t...32 years 11 months ago
0BOA Intern Dies in shower Just saw on CNBC a BOA intern from U of Mich died after working 3 days straight? anyone have more info on this? ...12 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Commerzbank AG02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Advantage Capital Partners02 years 11 months ago
0imagesCAH3LNZK.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Clayton Capital Partners02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Collaborative Strategies Incorporated02 years 11 months ago
0Do institutional investors benefit from alternative assets?It's no mystery as to why so many of us are shooting for those much vaunted exit ops into private equity and hedge funds. There's money and prestige, to say nothing of the models and bottles and perhaps the chance to do interesting work. But how much of the wealth that we see PE/HF ballers throw ...82 years 11 months ago
02013 Bonus SeasonMod Note (Andy): this was originally posted 6/28/13 Well, it's that time of the year that we have all been so patiently waiting for... BONUS SEASON! Numbers are coming in, and we all like to know how our comp stacks up in the industry. Please post confirmed numbers / ranges and let the fun begin!...982 years 11 months ago
0Non-standard Cold EmailingHi Monkeys, after using the search function and browsing to cold-mailing discussions, I realized that my case is not answered and thus i start this thread: The situation is the following: A contact of mine, wrote to a MD of Country A asking if they are looking for Analysts in Country B. The...42 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers02 years 11 months ago
0propane.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0The BRICs Are No Longer Leading The World's GrowthThe emerging markets are no longer the lead contributors to growth to the world’s GDP, they have been replaced by the developed nations. Japan, the U.S. and the rest of the developed markets are contributing roughly 60% of the $2.4T in new economic growth according to Bridgewater Associates. Br...72 years 11 months ago
0Pretending to be LGBT to get 1st round interviews1. Interviewers can't tell you're gay/bisexual 2. BB diversity events for LGBTs are all over the place 3. According to past events, pretty much guaranteed 1st round interviews Of course whether you actually land the offer will depend on your own merits but isn't this an awesome way to secure 1s...522 years 11 months ago
0The operating side of PEDoes anyone have any experience on the operating side of private equity, where instead of doing deals you are working with portfolio companies in which your firm has invested? I'm trying to get a sense of what being on this part of the business is like, and am looking at jobs in this type of functi...132 years 11 months ago
0how to improve strategic business analysisbasically this is still the area where i fail the most, and by that i mean that i fail to recognize ON MY OWN, peculiar risks and trends of a certain business model which is inserted in a certain industry. too many times i've read some research reports and i have realized: "my risk analysis is half ...32 years 11 months ago
+1How to Be Successful Part I: Practicing Power Posing"There are more fakers in business than in jail." -- Malcolm Forbes I would like for us all to take some time out of our busy daily lives to reflect on what we can do to become more successful. The truth is that much of the information about ourselves that we give others and the impressions we ...62 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs02 years 11 months ago
0Stifel Nicolaus Investment Banking - Anybody know anyone that works here? (NYC)Hi all, Does anybody here work or know someone that works in the NYC office of Stifel Nicolaus' investment banking practice? If so, I would highly appreciate it if you could take some time to answer questions via PM. Luck and help from others in some form or shape have helped many people here...72 years 11 months ago
0SVP modeling examHi all, Looking for insight on SVP modeling exam. I understand its 3 hours with a model and presentation? Many thanks...22 years 11 months ago
0Any undergrads worried about facing real world?As a rising junior with my current top prospect being IB the idea of entering the real world and facing 100 hour work weeks over and over again makes me stressed and it seems like the fun really goes away. Any undergrads feeling similar? Any post grads have words of advice here?...172 years 11 months ago
0Start-up Hedge FundsHow would you guys feel about the opportunity to join a long/short start-up hedge fund (...162 years 11 months ago
0bank_of_america.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0germanybitcoin.png02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Deloitte02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Wells Fargo and Company02 years 11 months ago
0workaholic.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Visa02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Cisco02 years 11 months ago
0TO ALL INTERESTED/INVOLVED IN IB IN AUSTRALIAHey all, Quick note- since I know at least a few of us are chatting w/ each other now, I created an I-Banking Australia group. Might turn out to be a good resource for banking questions/info with regards to Australia if it gets populated- join the group and spread the word, if you'd like to. Abou...62 years 11 months ago
0A Better American Psycho Parody with Al YankovicI can see an new pass time developing where WSO people make their own American Psycho parodies. BTW look away if you are squeamish because this film contains fake blood. years 11 months ago
0Company Review: Deutsche Bank02 years 11 months ago
0Thoughts on this WatchHey guys, Through a friend I was able to receive the below watch at a steep discount. However, I am a little weary on the gold. What are your thoughts? Appropriate in the workplace? Thanks in advance years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch02 years 11 months ago
+1How much for Chinese internship? I'm starting a management consulting internship in a boutique firm in Beijing this november... The firm is asking me to state an expected salary for the internship... what should I say? also, I'm going to be in china for about 3 months... should I try out other internships or just stick to t...42 years 11 months ago


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