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JPM PB vs. GS PWM for IBGuys I got 2 offers for my sophomore summer internship (don’t ask why its so late, long story) one is JPM Private Banking and the other is GS PWM. I have absolutely no idea which one to choose and I want to do a BB IBD SA next year. GS has the brand name but in terms of work there I don’t think ... 31 year 10 months ago
Association for Corporate Growth, join as a student? Any benefits? I am a soph at a non-target and I was doing an informational interview with a MD at a small bank in my college city (big midwestern city) which went well and I was at the office for over an hour. Over the course of talking with me he showed me the ACG website and how they had meetings/gatherings a c... 41 year 10 months ago
Completely lost about apartment hunting..I have no idea what I am doing. I start FT in July but need to get an apartment/sign a lease to do so. How does one typically go about apartment searching in NYC? I've tried using craigslist but everything is sketchy about it. I also set up a meeting to view some apartments with an agent but I do... 131 year 10 months ago
WSO Conference 2013: Reason #28 To Join UsThere are 28 days remaining until the conference (June 29th) and each day we're we'll be listing off another reason for why you purchase a ticket (if you haven't already). Reason #28: Get your picture taken with the original and the best WSO monkey mascot (see photo/video here. See photos from ... 31 year 10 months ago
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hedge fund individual stocks. is this normal?Hi guys...was recently offered a position at a decently large value fund, won't name for privacy reasons (and it's a small shop, so you'd be able to find me on linkedin easily haha), but i just got my offer and was told there were compliance papers to sign since they are a registered investment advi... 141 year 10 months ago
Corporate Finance, M&A, or FIG?If given the opportunity as a underclassman college intern in one of these groups at a middle-tiered IB, which would you choose and why? (Which has better exit ops? and more importantly, which would offer the potential to learn the most?) Thanks buds. ... 141 year 10 months ago
Metals & MiningHey guys, I'm looking for some more info on the metals & mining industry. Do you guys know some good websites, trade associations etc. where I can find industry reports and that kind of stuff? Thanks!... 21 year 10 months ago
JP Morgan Private Bank Investor position?Can someone explain this job to me? Seems to have very scant info on it online and the title is not a widely used term Comp level in mid size city? I'm moving from another UHNW boutique firm with over 8 years experience Lifestyle & actual job requirements? Is this an admin job?... 31 year 10 months ago
Combinding Dutch grade Average with American GDPI was wondering if there is a way to compare these two grade systems. Currently I read a lot on this forum, and I always see you need an GPA of ... We in the Netherlands work with another kind of grade system, as you might know. Is there a way to compare these two, so you can say: a GPA of 3,5 is an... 21 year 10 months ago
GuidanceHello everyone, I've regularly browsed these forums but have not been actively involved and would be appreciative of some guidance. Background: I just finished my freshman year at the University of Florida. I only applied to Florida State University, Penn State, University of Florida, and the Uni... 51 year 10 months ago
Larry Fink: DOW 28,000 by 2019This is one of the better segments I've seen on CNBC in a long time. Blackrock CEO Larry Fink spent the better part of an hour discussing the state of the market, some of the problems we face as a nation, and why the Fed taking their foot off the gas pedal is a good thing for equities (after the pre... 91 year 10 months ago
Consulting firm for financial services - hiringNew to this website / forum. My company, Capco, is currently aggressively hiring and I'm looking for some good resumes to submit to Human Resources while I'm on the bench and a friend recommended I post on here. We're hiring both at our entry level and our secondary level on the pyramid (Associat... 31 year 10 months ago
Actuarial ExamsI've been doing some actuarial exams and have noticed that some firms do hire consulting actuaries. My question is would it be worth adding that I passed the Society of Actuary exams to the resume? It is an obscure job for most, and the exam process is very rigorous, but I'm not sure if HR will a... 41 year 10 months ago
UFCF Technical QuestionI'm refining and practicing some technical questions, and I have a question for you guys on two different UFCF equations. I know I'm splitting hairs for the most part, but I'm just curious on how the latter equation would be perceived in an interview. 1. The typical WSO/Vault/IB-Guide would prob... 11 year 10 months ago
Combining GPA'sSo I transferred from a community college with about a 3.6 to a solid semi-target university. After my first year at the semi-target, I have about a 3.1. Combined together it's about a 3.4 taking into consideration of credit hours. On my resume would it be okay to put: Name of Semi Target Ba... 71 year 10 months ago
Excel football field templateHas anyone found online?... 41 year 10 months ago
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Should I do an masters of finance?I finished a finance major, accounting minor from the UofA in Canada this April. I graduated with a 3.4gpa, 3.7 in finance courses. I did not get a chance to work an internship over the summer, I have 0 applicable work experience and I am currently unemployed. I'm writing the CFA I tomorrow. I ha... 31 year 10 months ago
Techonology developer intern review 01 year 10 months ago
Stifel SuperdayHave a superday for Stifel IBD coming up. If anyone has been through one of these, any advice would be much appreciated... 31 year 10 months ago
Anyone here work at Guggenheim Partners?I have some questions I'd like to ask. Please post if you don't mind answering a couple of questions. Thanks... 31 year 10 months ago
Anyone here ever heard of Hadley Partners?I did a search but didn't get anything back. Has anyone ever heard of them or know what they are like? Heres their website: 31 year 10 months ago
What's wrong with bowties?What makes them inappropriate? I think they're classy. Was going to wear one to an interview, but my dad told me no.... 251 year 10 months ago
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Would You Cancel Your Home Internet Service? Somewhat interesting article in the journal regarding cutting internet service in favor of using their wireless connections on their smartphones combined with wireless hot spots in places like starbucks. [quote]For all the fuss over Americans dropping their cable subscriptions in favor of Intern... 61 year 10 months ago
Networking with Alumni within the firmWorking in a big AM firm for almost one year and half, thinking to open my eyes to look at somewhere else. Very interested in another group and found a MD who is B school alumni, is it appropriate to cold email him for a information interview or a coffee together? Thanks for suggestion! ... 11 year 10 months ago
Did not get the expected GPA. Am I fucked?Before that, I thought I could at least get my CGPA to be bumped up from 3.43 to 3.59 this semester. After finishing all the finals, now it turns out I might get 3.52 this semester. Considering that this is my last semester in the college, and also the fact that I have always wanted to get into Harv... 301 year 10 months ago
Commitment of TradersCan someone explain in laymen's terms the commitment of traders? I having a bit of trouble fully contrasting it against an SSI. What are some main thing you take away from the commitment of traders?... 11 year 10 months ago
Hot Girls Working on Wall StreetPlease, the women on this board, not sure if there are too many do not take offense. Where do the sexiest women work on the street? Trading floors? IB? How often do analysts hook up and does anyone have any interesting or drama filled stories about this sort of thing? What is it like dating a w... 71 year 10 months ago
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Pay at super tiny PE?Does anyone knows how the pay looks like for a fresh grad at a firm like this: 30MM PE funds which has 3 partners and each contributes 10MM? They are quite conservative in term of leverage and they target at 10-15% IRR only. Only one partner is actively managing money, source deals and execute deals... 141 year 10 months ago
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**Any idea on BofAML REGL group?**Anybody knows this group? Any thoughts? Help needed! Thanks! ... 31 year 10 months ago
Summer Job: Insurance or PWM?This summer will be the middle of my transfer from a community college to UCLA, and since I didn't have the opportunity to get a sophomore SA gig I was planning on returning to a job I had in the past - which is a full-time position at a local insurance company where I work in the accounting dept an... 21 year 10 months ago
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What do you see more of?I'm trying to decide between mba programs and my ultimate goal is to break into buy side er. Those that work in ER do you work with or know of more BU or more BC mbas? I know there not top 20 so there won't be many, but these are my only options. Thanks... 01 year 10 months ago
Is my Cover Letter too bold? Any advice appreciatedHey! I wanted to ask in this sub-forum because I feel I'd receive more quality advice here. I'd prefer to pm my cover letter rather than make my cover letter public. I think I've done it in an unconventional, maybe weird way. Please let me know if you'd be willing to take a look, thanks:) my re... 71 year 10 months ago
Will this get me dinged?So showed this cover letter to someone, and he said I was completely ridiculous for writing these points...sigh would you ding me, or would you pass me for a 1st round interview, if you saw this? and what should i change if you would ding me? this is for middle markets and boutiques that might... 311 year 10 months ago
SA recruiting non-targetI am from a non-target in the SEC and have been applying to the typical big firms, middle market, and boutique firms in NYC, Chicago and southeast firms as well. I have been networking for the past couple of weeks and have recently sent in all the online applications (black hole). I have been follow... 61 year 10 months ago
It's late January what options do I have?Hi everyone I'm currently a senior majoring in economics at a semi-target state school. I have been only focusing on Investment Banking industry for the whole time, but since I'll graduating soon along with immediate financial need, I need to find some sort of job that's available for me. I was lo... 31 year 10 months ago
Sophomore Internship Choice Need Professionals plzGuys I got 2 offers for my sophomore summer internship (don’t ask why its so late, long story) one is JPM Private Banking and the other is GS PWM. I have absolutely no idea which one to choose and I want to do a BB SA next year. GS has the brand name but in terms of work there I don’t think it w... 71 year 10 months ago
Internships for freshman. (Canada)Im currently a first year student in Canada, Toronto, economics major. I've heard a lot about how freshman internships are almost impossible. I've read on how many first years go for private wealth management unpaid internships. Even that would be good, i just want to get my foot in the door. I tr... 91 year 10 months ago
Putting the Job hunt on hold?Were entering December and I still havn't got a job like many on WSO. Defiantly not giving up but debating whether I should take a little break from emailing/cold calling and If hitting it hard back in january is probably the best option...?... 31 year 10 months ago
Good Luck CFA Candidates, but Let's Cut Out the Humble BraggingHappy CFA season monkeys! First, let me say good luck to everyone this weekend! I've busting my butt trying to prep for level 2 like most all candidates and I know that the feelings of apprehension and terror are shared by many. That being said, there's some of you out there who have gone a lit... 371 year 10 months ago
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Which suit do you like better?I need to get a new suit, as the only one I currently have has gotten a little old. Any reason I should pick one of the following two over the other? I like the color of the Calvin Klein suit more but not sure whether its lighter shade is the most appropriate. Regards 101 year 10 months ago
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McMaster Carr SupplyIndustrial Supply Company... 01 year 10 months ago
What did YOU do during WSO downtime? (and a thank you to everyone!)I think the site was down for a bit. Patrick and Co sure get on the issue quickly! But alas, it happened during my usual lunchtime, when I bring back food from the cafeteria into my cube to consume, along with the many awesome threads on WSO. I twiddled my thumbs, went on several different forums... 151 year 10 months ago
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WSO Weekly Wrap-Up 05/25-05/31In case you missed them, here's some of last week's most popular topics: The Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader's Tale of Spectacular Excess [quote] Whats up monkeys, another frustrated CFA candidate here wasting time while cramming for judgment day. Not sure if this was already brought up but ch... 01 year 10 months ago
Farallon CapitalDoes anybody know how this fund has been performing / how selective it is in comparison to other multi-strategy hedge funds? How many analysts does Farallon hire each year and how long do analysts typically stay at the firm? Any info would be much appreciated.... 21 year 10 months ago
Route from M&A to Hedge FundsBackground: - First year analyst in a BB - General M&A - Engineering degree from a top school I 'm six months in the job and thinking of what the next steps should be. Frankly, I don't see any future in the PE industry for a number of reasons and I don't think is a good fit for me. So, ... 41 year 10 months ago
Looking for MS Fixed Income ResearchNeed research from their FI group in London. PM and name your price if you have access to it... 01 year 10 months ago
Burberry Tie as a Summer Analyst?I recently received a light blue burberry tie as a gift. I know it's not a good idea to wear things with an obvious designer pattern (e.g. Hermes or LV or Gucci) as a junior analyst but would this be over the top? http://g.nordstromimage(dot)com/imagegallery/store/product/Gigantic/8/_7759588.jpg ... 71 year 10 months ago
Campus AmbassadorI'm trying to get into investment banking (applying for SA next year). Currently I have offers from a BB and Google to be campus ambassadors (can't do them both due to the contract of the BB). I know being a campus ambassador isn't going to give me much advantage beyond a brand on my CV, a bit of... 41 year 10 months ago