Do you have to sit on an exotic desk to make money?As people know, the industry has certainly become more quantative. I was just wondering if, from a trading point of view, to make serious money nowadays you have to be trading something more exotic. If for example, you were traded pretty vanilla rates, IRP etc. is there still the chance to make good... 81 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Citigroup 01 year 11 months ago
wharton.jpg 01 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Deloitte 01 year 11 months ago
Please Comment on my IB resume!!I will be applying for IB SA positions this fall/winter, and was wondering if you guys could give some feedback. Also, i am a transfer student, so feel free to comment on my top section of this resume as it is different than others, considering I wont have a GPA going into recruiting. Let me know wh... 101 year 11 months ago
Prop Trading or Investment Banking, Which is harder to break into?......... 51 year 11 months ago
Questions....... 61 year 11 months ago
Petroleum Engineering > MBA > IBD_______... 51 year 11 months ago
Email Format for Asset Management FirmsCan someone please tell me the email formats for the following firms: Aberdeen Asset Management, Wellington Management, and Calamos Investments?... 41 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Raytheon Company 01 year 11 months ago
Weatherly Group? Head hunter?Anyone ever heard of this place? A couple of my friends got an email from them for PE/HF shit. Anyone know anything about them?... 31 year 11 months ago
Series 79 Used Study GuidesI have used Kaplan and Knopman Series 79 Study Guides for SALE. Original Knopman Book Cost = $350 Original Kaplan Book Cost = $300 I will sell BOTH for $100 because they are used and marked up in highlighter. A good deal.... 31 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase 01 year 11 months ago
GRE/GMAT Adaptive questions One friend of mine took the GRE and scored 165 at quant but a bad score at verb section. He started the test with the verbal section and the continued to the quant. His background is the same as mine. We are attending Mechanical Engineering, a polytechnic uni in Greece which has a very mathem... 21 year 11 months ago
Monetizing OneselfSo lately I have been sitting on what I see as a potential big d!ck swinging deal and idea. The only problem being lack of capital and paranoia in pitching my idea to strangers(vc). How should one go about monetizing himself and pitching his idea via email to certain tech VC´s in Silicon Valley wit... 161 year 11 months ago
Recruiter calling me, what should I expect?I am going to be a junior and definitely interested in going to IBD, an alumni gave me the contact info for a recruiter who recruited him to a BB but now works at a different bank (also BB). I reached out to her just saying I was interested in investment banking and wanted to talk about her BB and h... 91 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Ernst and Young 01 year 11 months ago
Applying for a job that requires 2 years work experience when you only had 1I'm pretty sure alot of us have encountered some entry level job openings (associate/assistant) that require you have 2-3 years work experience, while you only have for example a one full year working experience plus 9 months internship. (or maybe less!) Are candidates instantly disqualified if ... 51 year 11 months ago
Inventory Flow If a company sells inventory for $200, how does that affect 3 statements? ... 31 year 11 months ago
Resume Review: Real Estate Major to IB?I graduated last year with a BS in Real Estate Studies but unfortunately it took me until AFTER I graduated to realize my interest in investment banking (mostly M&A, non-RE related). I now regret not majoring in Finance (or Accounting, Economics)...but what can you do. Also working against me, I ... 31 year 11 months ago
2nd Round Interview -- ERFirst round interview went pretty well. It took them 3 weeks to finally get back to me and schedule a second round interview. On Friday, I met with two new people and both meetings went very smoothly. Then I had a "writing test' which was a quick and dirty mock case study where I had to write a... 81 year 11 months ago
Your Old SelfOver time, people change What is a character trait that you miss about your old self? ... 161 year 11 months ago
QuestionI posted before in the Real Estate forum, but as far as my interest in Real Estate goes, I'm also interested in IB. However, I'm wondering if I may have a problem. I see people around here using all of these Wall-Street terms, and I have absolutely no idea what they mean. I'm only 16, so I'm won... 31 year 11 months ago
May have gone overboard, what's the next moveI am going to be a junior and looking to go into IBD soon but am desperately trying to get an internship for this fall. I have a rather rigid class schedule so I don't think I'd be able to work for a larger bank so I've been boutique hunting. I found a relatively small (50 or so people) investment g... 81 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Kerrisdale Capital Management 01 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers 01 year 11 months ago
5 Ways Recruiters Are Using Social Media - But Not Like You ThinkFrom MBA Highway.... 01 year 11 months ago
Social Media.jpg 01 year 11 months ago
How pigeon-holed would I become by working in Real Estate Investment Banking?So I have an offer for a Real Estate IB Group at a MM bank. I have spent the past year in a "regular" industry group. Although I am interested in Real Estate, I don't know if this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Just how pigeon-holed will I be by working in REIB? How easy would ... 41 year 11 months ago
Prime Brokerage Stories: Thank You, Nick LeesonThis is the second in a series called “Prime Brokerage Stories,” real-life experiences from a close family member of mine who has worked in this area of the Street for about 30 years. For a good introduction to what prime brokerage is, I recommend you read the following: http://www.wallstreet... 41 year 11 months ago
Company Review: Scottrade 01 year 11 months ago
Updating Resume After BotiqueI worked at a small boutique firm over the summer where I did a little bit of everything. My title was equity research summer analyst. Pretty much anything that someone around the office needed help with and it was not really structured. Now I am updating my resume and am having a little trouble dec... 11 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch 01 year 11 months ago
Best masters in econ? Coming from 2nd tier Canada? My chances? Help!Hello WSO-ers, So here's the run-down: - Final year at a second-tier Canadian school (yeah, so basically a non-target, though still a large fairly well-known university in the group of thirteen). Not ALL hope is lost...I think... - Studying Econ and Poli Sci (yeah.....don't mention it) join... 81 year 11 months ago
Best groups at Citi IBD?I know Citi gets a lot of flak in the media, but it looks like it still has good dealflow. What are the best groups at Citi IBD insofar as dealflow, exit opps, prestige, etc? Thanks!... 151 year 11 months ago
Me no like! 01 year 11 months ago
jobs.png 01 year 11 months ago
Any Media Strategy Consulting Firms?Hey guys. Would anyone happen to know of any consulting firms which focus on management/strategy consulting within the media industry; specifically, film? Looking for something like Ironwood Advisory, but preferably in the NYC area. Not looking for top firms, as I am a non-target, but I don't... 51 year 11 months ago
Army National Guard and IB/Corporate FinanceI'm a rising senior at Lehigh University and I'm also in Army ROTC. After I graduate I will receive my commission as a 2LT in the NJ Army National Guard. I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not employers look at the national guard as a negative? I also wasn't able to do an internship this sum... 71 year 11 months ago
Hi - LSE BSc with odd career (a web developer). Anyone like me?Hi, I just joined WSO, so I just wanted to say 'hi'. I've got my degree from LSE in 200X (early), and I'm working as a web developer for an internet company. Anyone like me? or know someone? just curious 'cos I am the only one in my year. (out of hundreds I've known) Anyway, WSO is like ... 131 year 11 months ago
Whole lotta spam 01 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Patron Capital 01 year 11 months ago
Company Review: Patron Capital 01 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Patron Capital 01 year 11 months ago
Patron CapitalBoutique private equity firm, focused on pan-European real estate investments. Founded in 1992 by ex-Lehman director Keith Breslauer.... 01 year 11 months ago
What to apply for Hi guys. I am going into senior year of Uni. I completed an ER internship at a BB over spring and summer. Learned a hell of a lot, but the internship was unofficial, didn't go through HR, was unpaid, etc. It was a great experience, and it was made possible due to good relationship I had with senior ... 111 year 11 months ago
J-Crew Ludlow suitsStarting a SA IBD (Australia) gig in December, and am spending 2013 on exchange in the US. Looking to buy my suits etc (everything I'll need) in the US because I leave the US and start my internship 2 days after I get back to Australia. I've already seen a post on SA clothing, but I'm curious- what ... 121 year 11 months ago
Sample Professional Equity Research ReportSo I wanted to look through an equity research report just to see what kind of things I might be asked about in an ER interview or something I can use as a model to try to make one myself. P.S. I was not a finance undergrad so I am not very heavily experienced in this. When I asked people about t... 21 year 11 months ago
Get the Updated 2013 Finance Networking Guide Patrick and his team have made some extremely helpful updates to our Finance Networking Guide to help you through all aspects of networking in the finance world. Inside the WSO Finance Networking Guide, you'll get a comprehensive, all-inclusive roadmap for maximizing your networking efforts (and mi... 21 year 11 months ago
Financial and Valuation Modeling Boot Camp (San Francisco)Attended by investment banking, private equity, corporate finance professionals, MBA students, and those in career transitions, Wall Street Prep's popular Boot Camps bridge the gap between academics and the real world, to equip professionals and students with practical financial skills they need on... 11 year 11 months ago
Brain science PhD to econ/litigation consulting?Hi All I'm starting to think about job transitions, and just wanted to get people's advice on my (rather radical?) idea.. My short story: I have a degree in econ (mostly doing micro, stats, econometrics, etc; @ good international uni -- best in country -- well regarded in europe/world), MA... 121 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: The Childrens Place 01 year 11 months ago
The Childrens PlaceThe Children’s Place is an American specialty retailer of children’s apparel and accessories founded in 1969. They became publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange in 1997 under the ticker symbol PLCE.... 01 year 11 months ago
Where should I volunteer? Finance or more involved?I'm interested in two charities, they're somewhat similar, and I wasn't initially interested in doing it for resume purposes at all, but now something finance related has come up. Which of these would be a better experience to have? A - Organizing and executing fundraising events, probably 2/... 21 year 11 months ago
Elite Private Tutoring in Asia: Is It Worth the Money?NOTE This is simply a personal reflection to a WSJ article. Not particularly pertinent to the finance world, but an interesting revelation I thought I would share. Yesterday, while casually glimpsing through the Wall Street Journal, I found an interesting article that captured my attention on the... 51 year 11 months ago
Quantitative or Qualitative Economics Courses @ Cal?Cal offers regular Economics courses and math intensive Economics courses... which of the two would look best to a Management Consulting firm/prepare me the most for work as a Consultant?... 61 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Moelis & Company 01 year 11 months ago
Political Campaign Internship as a FreshmanI'm currently a freshman (rising sophomore) at a school considered a semi-target for IBD and target for S&T. I wasn't able to get a finance related internship for the summer around the area that I am from). I tried cold-calling many boutiques and PWM firms but was either told that they weren't hirin... 51 year 11 months ago
HF's from a BB regional office?Hey all, I was hoping to get some advice on how the recruiting game works for HF's for analysts at regional offices of BB's? I'm a first year in a top group at GS/MS/JPM, but am in a somewhat unappealing geographic area in terms of finance (albeit a great place for just about everything else). ... 31 year 11 months ago
Business consulting in a top economic consulting shopWhat is the work like in the business/strategy consulting area in top econ consulting shops (Analysis Group, CRA, etc.) Can you speak on the projects, clients, exit opps, compensation, prestige. anything and everything.... 81 year 11 months ago
Merger Arbitrage interviewsAnyone know what these are like and what types of questions to expect coming from buy side equity research background... 11 year 11 months ago
not enough experience.jpg 01 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Rothschild 01 year 11 months ago
KeyBanc Capital MarketsI was curious if anyone can provide some insight on the KeyBanc Capital Markets Rotational Analyst Program. I'm originally from Chicago, but they were only recruiting for the Cleveland (HQ) office. I was curious if anyone can provide information as to opportunities to transfer to their offices in C... 61 year 11 months ago
aa... 251 year 11 months ago
Job Description TakeThis is a Fortune 500 company in the retail sector... What do you guys think of this? Does this read like a Family Office Analyst position or a middle office administrator? Job Title: Portfolio Analyst Department Description: Charitable XXXXXX Investments provides investment, accounting an... 01 year 11 months ago
successful.jpg 01 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Barclays Capital 01 year 11 months ago
End of Internship Lunch - any tips?Hello! I'm ending a part-time summer internship soon. What are particular questions you would recommend asking? What do you think he would be able to give the best advice/insight on? What are questions to avoid? Thanks! Any help would be great.... 11 year 11 months ago
Can't tell if this is a good ER internship or not?I'm interning in an ER firm, and while I've learned a lot about the industry, generally about how companies are analyzed, etc . . I think IB firms would expect me to have more actual modeling experience. What do you think of what I've been doing? - Finding financials from 10-Ks/Qs and inputti... 51 year 11 months ago