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0SA BB InterviewsI am getting ready for IBD interviews coming up in the winter time and was wondering a few things if you guys could clarify. What are the interviews actually like at this level, and how technical do the questions get? Would I be fine knowing all the basic questions (strong answer to walk through...73 years 1 week ago
0Chance me for these schools as an international transfer studentHi monkeys, I'm a junior student from China, with college GPA of 3.47/4.00, that is a top 5% rank (basically no grade inflation in my school), major is computer science now, and is in want of changing that to econ after transfer. Current institution is Tongji University, which is located in Shang...13 years 1 week ago
0Prospective HBS 2+2/ equivalent applicant: in need of guidance!I am a current undergrad looking to apply to HBS (2+2) (and perhaps other similar programs accepting undergraduate applications) in 2015/16 admissions cycle. Would really appreciate some guidance in terms of the journey from now. Background: I am studying a pure science/ math at a top European uni...33 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Jane Street Capital03 years 1 week ago
0could anyone tell me what font it is?I find this font especially beautiful, but I don't know its name. Could anyone tell me? Thanks very much!...03 years 1 week ago
0Resume.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0potbelly.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0(From years 1 week ago
0One day to learn case study methodHi all, I'm in search of a bare bones resource for quickly understanding and learning the thought process of answering a case study for an interview. I have an IB background and ended up getting an interview last minute for a hybrid strat / dev position so I am in need of something to fill in th...23 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: Moelis & Company03 years 1 week ago
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0How should I approach this?Deleted....63 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Ocean Tomo03 years 1 week ago
0Technical Problem with BB application - HelpI am trying to fill out an application for a BB program that a few of my contacts suggested I do (before SA recruiting begins). I am trying to fill it out, and it says "Please upload a Word document" for your CV. So I uploaded it as a Word doc, and then hit "Preview" and it looks all fucked up. My o...33 years 1 week ago
0Final Round FT IBD Position-2 interviews?Just got back from what I think was a final round for FT IBD position but it only consisted of 2 interviews with senior people. Is this a good or bad sign? There is some background to the story. I originally interviewed for a MO risk position which went well but ultimately the firm couldn't make...73 years 1 week ago
0offer without a superdayI just got an offer this past week from a BB for FT. I networked a bunch with the group and had a round of interviews with some senior bankers on the phone. Got called this week and given and offer. They never flew me out to meet the team or anything. Is this weird? Should I be weirded out? It's for...93 years 1 week ago
0I Need Resume Tips for Top FirmsI am a Senor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and I am double majoring in Finance and Economics. My goal is to network with as many people as I can to work in top tier firm in NYC so I am trying everything I can to get my foot in the door. My main concern right now is meeting t...33 years 1 week ago
0how about Valuation Risk Group in investment bankingI am interviewing with a position in Valuation Risk Group in a investment bank(not in NY). I am wondering if this position will help a lot for the future career in market risk area. Below is the job description. thanks! Valuations Risk Group (VRG), a centralized analytical group within...03 years 1 week ago
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0Opinions on Goldman Sachs Financial Reporting ControllerHey folks, Anyone have any opinion on the Financial Reporting Controller - Associate position with Goldman Sachs? Its based in New York. I just got an email to set up an interview, anyone go through the process? This is experienced by the way, the description said minimum 3 years experience. ...83 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Rothschild03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: AllianceBernstein03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Barclays Capital03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: BMO Capital Markets03 years 1 week ago
02014 FT Evercore/GHL/LAZ/HLAnyone know the current status of hiring at the above firms? Have all the firms already had their superdays? If you've received an offer, can you provide some insight on the interview/superday...63 years 1 week ago
0Bonus Bananas October 4, 20131) Lehman a 'kindergarten show' next to any default (CNBC) - The big news this week is the government shutdown, but that won't even be a blip on the radar if there are debt ceiling shenanigans over the next couple weeks. Does anyone doubt that the flat-Earth faction in Congress is dying to see what ...153 years 1 week ago
0Which Fraternity Did You Join?Which fraternity did you join in university, and did it connect to you with people in the industry? Did it help you get a job/climb the rank?...133 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: New York Life03 years 1 week ago
0WSO Weekly Wrap-Up 09/28 - 10/04In case you missed them, here's some of last week's most popular topics: Why Being Fit in the Real World is Difficult [quote] What's good, WSO? I have been traveling a good bit lately and incredibly busy at work, so I apologize for being a bit absentee. [/quote] How has FT recruiting go...03 years 1 week ago
0Meeting with Unknown Senior Level PersonI am meeting with an Executive Director at a BB tomorrow evening for a late lunch. He is an alumni of my University, however, I cannot find any info on this man. I know he is an Executive Director, but I have no idea where that position lies in the hierarchy. If anybody has any info on that, that wo...43 years 1 week ago
0Deals on ResumeI am a junior preparing for SA recruiting, and have an SA (boutique) position on my resume, as well as my current internship at a better middle-market investment bank where I will be working until December. Currently, on my resume, I have deals listed that I worked on (not necessarily doing things t...73 years 1 week ago
0Favorite Market CommentariesMonkeys, what're your favorite sources for market commentaries and white papers? For example, I really enjoy MFS's Global Markets Outlook, Blackstone's commentaries by Byron Wien, and GMO's quarterly papers by Grantham and Ben Inker. My job requires me to write daily and monthly macro updates ...63 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Fidelity Investments03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Susquehanna International Group03 years 1 week ago
0Realistic chances of ever landing a hedge fund job?I'm going to try and keep this short and organized. After roughly a month of browsing the forums I've decided to start a thread and hopefully get some more precise insight on my situations. Background: Have the passion for Finance, stocks, etcetc. Go to Fresno State and currently getting a busine...193 years 1 week ago
0Transcripts--how much are they scrutinized? I know that some investment banks (MS, JP, maybe more) require you to submit an unofficial transcript as part of the application. How closely is a transcript scrutinized in determining whether somebody gets a first-round interview? ...43 years 1 week ago
0Getting in the ground floor...not.[quote]A bankrupt electronics retailer appears to have gotten caught up in the investor fervor for Twitter. Shares of Tweeter Home Entertainment Group Inc. rose as high as 15 cents Friday. That’s up 1,400 percent from Thursday’s closing price of 1 cent. The Financial Industry Regulatory Au...03 years 1 week ago
0imgres.jpg03 years 1 week ago
+1WSO Premium Packages have LaunchedWe aren't doing a major announcement until Monday, so this is more of a soft launch...but to those that want to get a sneak peek, you can go right here: Thanks and welcome your feedback before we do big launch/announcement on Monday. -Patrick...23 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Duff & Phelps03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Citigroup03 years 1 week ago
0Criticize my Resume as you like Hello WSO Here is my resume to criticize as you like and any advice to become a better candidate will be welcome. I am originally from Puerto Rico and recently move to Atlanta because me girlfriend got a nice job offer. I graduated from mechanical engineering magna cum laude but I dont want to be...43 years 1 week ago
0HL-LAZ-GHL-EVERCORE03 years 1 week ago
0Please Review Resume, junior looking to SAApplying to some BBs and some MMs particularly interested in S&T but also IB. I really appreciate any feedback or advice, looking to see if I have a shot with this resume and obviously for anything that could be improved. EDIT: just saw a comma mistake in the lower part, don't worry that's not...53 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Liberty Mutual Insurance03 years 1 week ago
0download.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Tons of education..good amount of interviews!!!Hey guys, I've gone through at least a dozen resume revisions at both of my universities and I'm so tired of contradictory information. The last lady even had the nerve to say "well, it's your resume. Do what you want" when I told her something she said was contradictory to something someone else s...113 years 1 week ago
0Meeting or emailing one of the most influential Banker in your country.If you were a recent graduate and in the position to email one of the most influential IB CEO in your Country (who would likely respond) or even perhaps informally speak with him/her. What would you even say? How would you ask him/her to extend their help in some way, in whatever way they can in a *...63 years 1 week ago
0FA Salary Range at Small/Med firm in DenverI just made it to a final round interview with a medical services company for a FA position in Denver. The only thing is that they want a hard number for salary expectations and I am having a tough time finding solid numbers on a typical salary (ranges from 30k-90k). I know there are a lot of variab...133 years 1 week ago
0Fund Placement SpecialistsHi, Anyone here have any experience selecting a fund raising/placement specialist? Specifically for raising a fund for a PE (specifically early/mid/late stage venture and small fund sizes)? I know you obviously have your BB's / elite boutiques that have private fundraising groups, but they gener...23 years 1 week ago
0wso weekly wrap up_3.preview_7.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0For Rent03 years 1 week ago
0Ladies 21st presentHi all, I'm turning 21 in a couple of weeks, and my parents want to know what I want, around (and not really any higher than) the £1000 mark. My sister got diamond earrings, though I don't really want to be the same as her. I definitely want something that is going to last, and that I poss...413 years 1 week ago
0Why-Investment-Banking.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: BlackRock03 years 1 week ago
0monkey research.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Twitter going publicWhat do you guys think of twitter going public at a time like this. As in, will it be detrimental in the midst of the current economic outlook for the country? Thinking about it, need opinions......13 years 1 week ago
0Barclays FT SF OfficeAnyone hear back for first round for full time at Barclays tech group in San Francisco?...73 years 1 week ago
0TPG UndergradWas just informed of this opportunity after finishing a summer at an EB and am curious. Trying to decide if it's even worth applying. Does anyone have info on how many people they might take as well as general credentials of people they have taken in the past? Really have no information, so anyth...103 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Lockheed Martin03 years 1 week ago
0University of Michigan Part Time MBAHey folks, I went to an info session recently for U of M's part time MBA. I found that they have full access to the school's OCRs and events that full time MBAs have. They also have a weekend accelerated program that you can finish in 2 years. My quick background: I am in Corporate Finance and...173 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: Natixis03 years 1 week ago
0Siesta.png03 years 1 week ago
0Can't break inHonestly, it's getting ridiculous and I am getting so frustrated. I am not getting emails back from alums, and all the online jobs I apply to just do not amount to anything. I have gone about 18 months with no income and it's scary. Here's a bit of my background. Graduated in 2011 from Rutgers. ...123 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Bloomberg03 years 1 week ago
0funnymonkey.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Ernst & Young LLP03 years 1 week ago
0Big 4 audit firms M&A Transaction Services - difference with IB?Hi monkeys, My goal is to eventually break into IB - specifically GCM or M&A - and there are a couple Big 4 M&A internships available in some time and I was wondering if trying to go after one of these (and hopefully getting one) would be beneficial to help me break into IB. What are the diffe...83 years 1 week ago
0Rich Kids of InstagramHave you guys seen this site? Moderately entertaining, particularly on page 3 where a 17 year old talks about buying a shell company and lists himself as a Private Equity investor. (second from top). Disc...253 years 1 week ago
0Take the easy route or keep going?What's up guys. So I got a FT BB offer... for Ops. A part of me wishes I never got it and a part of me is really happy I did. I know the stigma surrounding Ops on this website. I went through SA recruiting last year, had a bunch of super days, and nothing. Even had two of my interviewers for one g...113 years 1 week ago
0What is the best place to get a haircut in Midtown / Downtown NYCIts been years and I have yet to find a go-to place. Where are the actual bankers on WSO getting their hair done....113 years 1 week ago
0ben-bernanke-meme-generator-i-don-t-know-therefore-print-money-7d3646.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0download.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Occupy Wall St debit card?This article made me LOL especially this part, "The idea, led by a group that includes a Cornell law professor, a former director of Deutsche Bank and a former British diplomat, is meant to serve people who do not have bank accounts, but it also aims to make Occupy a recognized financial service...113 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Oliver Wyman03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: McKinsey and Co03 years 1 week ago
0MI-BY878_ACKMAN_G_20131003173659.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Should I cancel my interview with MBB?I have a first-round interview with one of MBB but I am extremely unprepared. I haven't been able to solve any cases in the last 20 that I've done. I just had an interview with another consulting firm (smaller/less well known) and it went horribly. Should I go or cancel? The penalty of canc...53 years 1 week ago
0HF to VCI've been at a hedge fund for 2 years and am now looking to move to a VC shop. We've done a few seed stage deals that I have sourced and led, essentially heading that part of the portfolio, but now I'm looking to move to a dedicated VC shop. I haven't made enough personal contacts in the VC space...03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: AT&T03 years 1 week ago
0office workout.jpeg03 years 1 week ago
0Adult Baby.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0age bias.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: 1861 Capital03 years 1 week ago
0introvert.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Equity research dissertation for BA level - please adviceI am in last year on my Finance and Accounting BA and have to write a dissertation. Having some difficulties in specifying the topic would like to ask for your advice. Particular area of interest is equity research. In a nutshell, I wanted to link the dissertation with fundamental analysis, choosing...03 years 1 week ago
0Calculating Fund IRR after recent portfolio IPOHi All, Unfamiliar situation for me here. We recently IPO'd a company that has done extremely well post going public (Up 300%-400% from pricing). We now need to calculate the fund IRR as of 9/30/13. The one portfolio company has done so well, it's moving the IRR number over 10%+ from last quar...23 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: New York Life03 years 1 week ago
0How to follow-up?About two weeks ago I had an informational interview with an alum of my school in Equity Research, a field I'm considering. Towards the end of the conversation he mentioned he had some friends (who are also alums), in the industry as well, and would be happy to speak with me, and that he'd email me...33 years 1 week ago
0EY Transaction Real Estate Does anyone have any insight into EY's transaction real estate group? I know it is part of their transaction advisory services business line but trying to figure out what their focus is. Is it glorified appraisal work and fair value consulting or do they actually consult on live deals (IE due dilige...93 years 1 week ago
0Do the Big 4 take regular BBA Accounting majors?I have been receiving mixed answers from people in regards to this question. A little background about me. I am currently a rising junior BBA accounting major at the University of Texas At Austin seeking a Big 4 audit or tax internship at an office preferably outside of Texas (ideally Denver, L...83 years 1 week ago


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