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How should I craft my application to Stanford GSB?I'm a Penn senior graduating in 4 years with a management degree from wharton, computer science degree from engineering (3.8), and public policy masters (3.9). I have a perfect GRE score. My past experience includes: Publishing research papers on innovations for improvements to supply chain mo... 131 year 11 months ago
S&T Associate recruiting season - about to start, or DOA?Well, this one is easy. The markets have had a good summer, volatility is low, and elections are in the fall... and so is the start of the recruiting season. For those of you at BBs, what's the general feel for recruiting appetite? Any changes to previous years? And most specifically: S&T rec... 41 year 11 months ago
To: ALL NYC MONKEYSOk so this is my first time writing something like this so please don’t flag me. I’ve been trying on several months to secure FT position or an internship with meaningful work that’ll lead to something. But I haven’t been too successful in getting interviews or even the good ol’ informatio... 121 year 11 months ago
How much travel in ER?Hey everyone Anyone who could put some light on how much you travel as a research equity analyst? How often, how much and why. ... 51 year 11 months ago
Seeking guidance in getting from the military to NYU SternSo I'm 23 and in the Air Force with about a year left. I want to go to NYU Stern next year when I get out. So far I have 6 general ed type classes between a community college in New Jersey and an online school (which is regionally accredited). Before I get out and hopefully attend NYU next year (if ... 51 year 11 months ago
Who's calm? Anyone? Bueller? 01 year 11 months ago
GE Capital Corp Finance Growth and Exit OpportunitiesHello to all, I've been a lurker for a while and now doing my 2nd post :) I'm an experienced candidate for this position and I wanted to know the growth and exit opportunities for this type of role. I just want to be sure there is some upside in terms of moving laterally to another firm or ev... 81 year 11 months ago
Cold Calling for MM banks and boutiquesIs cold calling only applicable when looking at boutiques or can they be used when applying to a MM bank? I've exhausted WSO and google to find an answer but nothing definite came up. All I read was how to cold call and that cold calling does not work with BB banks. Anyone have any input on th... 61 year 11 months ago
Who wants Bloomberg Terminal tutorials?Anyone who wants Bloomberg Terminal tutorials can leave me a message encluding his or her email, and I'll send him or her the material. Just for making friends. ... 51 year 11 months ago
Webinar on Tuesday the 17th - Mastering the Banking Technical InterviewThis Tuesday night, September 17th, @ 8:30pm ET, Wall Street Mentors will be hosting a webinar fully focused on technical interviews for investment banking. The webinar will be hosted by Ishan, a successful summer analyst with multiple bulge bracket investment banking offers under his belt. I... 51 year 11 months ago
Has anyone ever networked with people from conference calls?I just started an analyst position at a multi-family office PWM firm, and some of my work involves listening in on conference calls that financial institutions hold to discuss markets, performance of their products, etc. I then prepare write-ups on them (most deal with performance of funds and etfs ... 41 year 11 months ago
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Series 7 - STC - AdviceHey guys, My exam is on Friday and my highest score yet is still 72% on the STC. I didn't really start until like a week ago. Do you guys think I have time to improve? Moreover, how accurate are these STC practices? Are the real tests harder or easier? My game plan now is to take at least 2 ... 61 year 11 months ago
It's not rocket science...Mod Note (Andy):Very pleased to introduce our newest blogger, Grizzled Guru. He has a very interesting background and a lot to share with you guys, hope you enjoy. I never really started out with any intention of being in finance. I was a child of Sputnik. I was going to be a rocket scientist!... 181 year 11 months ago
Salaries in Houston for Power AnalystsI got an offer for 125K at a mid sized power trading firm in houston, and they say they'll give 35K ore more in bonuses, but of course bonuses are conditional on the floor performance. I have about 3 years of experience in this sector, and I have no idea of what I can negotiate from here, anyone w... 51 year 11 months ago
Energy tradingHello team, I've got a graduate gig at several BB ib's and a large utility. I am very interested in the utility as I firmly believe energy trading is the future. The problems I have is being offered ~80k at the BB's and ~45k at utility. Also the two year graduate program for the utility, meani... 121 year 11 months ago
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HelloHi, Browsing and reading this site as a visitor extensively the last 3 months as I prepare for a career change, and hopefully down the line a pursuit of a MBA.... 31 year 11 months ago
How to Approach PWM InternshipHey guys, I recently found a PWM firm in my area (Merrill Lynch) and wanted to find out if they had any internship openings. Should I send an email to the person in charge, or should I just go into the office and ask? I know this is a silly question, but I don't want to screw it up.... 11 year 11 months ago
Recommended work out routines?To keep this short, I'm 6'2'' 230 pounds and im looking to lose some weight and put on more muscle. If you have a good workout routine, please inform me. I really need a good routine to stick with. Thanks!... 341 year 11 months ago
Stock & Bond Market UpdateStock Market Analysis Conclusions: What a week, and I’m not talking about Syria or flooding in Colorado. The stock market soared with the Dow gaining a loft 3 percent and the small cap Russell 2000 climbing 2.4 percent. Sabre rattling gave way to celebrating in Damascus and on Wall Street. All... 11 year 11 months ago
What happens to Investor Relations when a company is taken private?Title says it all. Heinz deal today randomly got me thinking. Does IR just get all laid off when a firm gets taken private or do they still exist to talk to investors about the bonds the company has issued?... 31 year 11 months ago
JP Morgan Super DayHey all, has anyone here been to a "super day" with JP Morgan? It says I will be with them for 2 and a half hours. ... 71 year 11 months ago
if banks don't do OCR at your schooli want to break into IB but major banks do not do OCR at my school in January-Feb when the resume due dates and interviews are. If i go to their website career section, they simply say to check with your school career center for dates. How can i still apply and make sure I am considered for the posi... 131 year 11 months ago
Summer Analyst Resume Drop:Quick background info: I'm a junior at a non-core; two solid internship experiences; and I've cold called/emailed hundreds of bankers w/about a 25% conversion rate to a call or coffee. Still, I'm not exactly sure when online resume drops open and close for the bulge bracket and middle market sho... 41 year 11 months ago
Who are the top 20 Real Estate Private Equity CompaniesDoes anyone have a list of the top US real estate private equity firms in the US?... 51 year 11 months ago
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MHT PartnersAnyone have any insight about MHT Partners, specifically in Dallas. I looked around on the site and the info is limited/dated. This is a shot in the dark but thanks in advance. ... 11 year 11 months ago
Letter of Rec + Work Samples for FT Recruiting?Monkeys, I recently finished a superday with a middle market bank. I felt that the interview went okay, but it seemed very cookie cutter. Also, in retrospect, I am not sure that I really sold myself. I would really like to work for this particular firm, so I was thinking of a few things that coul... 41 year 11 months ago
Can Never Have Enough Monkey SuitsJust got this new monkey suit from Amazon and the banana suit is for the wife. How do I look? Think i need to cut out the face so I can breathe like the WSO Mascot. Any creative costume ideas you guys have for Halloween this year? ... 71 year 11 months ago
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Found this on Reddit. THIS is why I oppose the Occupy Wall Street campaignSo, for those of you who don't partake in the viewing of Reddit (pffft, I totally don't, I just... look at the memes sometimes...), a bunch of redditors have been posting notes saying "I am the 99% Percent." And, while tragic, the notes do nothing but ask for handouts and other government support t... 661 year 11 months ago
Analyst ExchangeHi guys I know that there have been threads already about the analyst exchange program but after being emailed the prices I wanted to check if the info on the threads are up to date. Is it worth it taking the full semester program of the analyst exchange? Its almost 14k but I can choose to do the qu... 81 year 11 months ago
Anyone hear from Greenhill Fulltime?Still waiting to hear back from GHL after a superday for FT. Curious as to whether anyone has heard back?... 111 year 11 months ago
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3 Sheets or Long Form?3 Sheets or Long Form - what's good in the hood?... 41 year 11 months ago
Financial Modeling World Championship 2013ModelOff 2013 is a worldwide Financial Modeling Championship open to students and professionals. It is only the second such event after its debut last year, which saw over 2000 contestants participate. The championship is conducted in 3 rounds, with the first two rounds being conducted online sim... 71 year 11 months ago
In an interesting predicament with multiple offers. Have a read and opine.Hi, Recently I have been faced with an interesting predicament regarding job choice and wanted to see what the various experiences on this board can advise. First, a little background on myself: • Currently an IB Associate (promoted without an MBA) in Banking that covers various industries ... 01 year 11 months ago
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Opinions on the BCG 'online case'I recently went through the BCG first round assessment. In the office I applied to this consisted of an interview, a maths test and an 'online case' Has anyone else done the online case? If so, what did you think about it? I thought the paper was incredibly poorly put together. Being able to a... 71 year 11 months ago
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Can't tell if this for new grads or not...qualified?Qualifications • Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in Finance, Economics, or a related field. • Minimum GPA of 3.0. • 1-3 years of experience in the financial services ... 31 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Nomura Holdings 01 year 11 months ago
Cold Emailing DilemnaHey Monkeys, I cold emailed a MD at a small IB boutique, and he explicitly said that HE did not want to set up a time for an informational interview. Would it be rude to ask him for a referral to someone else in the boutique or to cold-email another MD at the same firm? Thanks for the responses!... 141 year 11 months ago
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Is it normal to get calls/emails from regional offices to tell you about their group prior to a superday?Just curious. I know either way, I need to make my best impression and be well prepared. Just to clarify, these are regional offices for a company that I have a superday at.... 01 year 11 months ago
Recommendation from Best Buy manager for hedge fund internship g/b idea?Currently a sophomore in top 30 USA university, don't have much professional ib experience but I worked at best buy for 4 months during the last summer, from the first week there to the last week I was the top salesman in the whole store, each week, every time, and then I had to leave back for colle... 01 year 11 months ago
Should I take this internship?I'm a junior with very little internship experience (3 months in business development). I went to a career fair at my school last week and dropped off my resume with a bunch of people. Most were looking for spring or summer interns but one called me back for an interview, which I had yesterday. I ha... 31 year 11 months ago
what should I do in this situation?Hi, I recently went through three rounds of interviews w/ 10+ ppl in the team for an off-cycle junior level position. However, I haven't heard back for a week. What's worse, when asked about the timeline, the HR said she didn't know either. How would you guys interpret this, and what should I do at ... 51 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley 01 year 11 months ago
The Summer Intern to Full-time S&T Employee TransformationYeah the title does sound like I had some Superman (woman in my case) experience! I spent the summer at one of the big 5 banks in Canada this year. (It is worth writing another post to elaborate on how I got the internship in the first place). But to make this story short and precise, it was 15 inte... 221 year 11 months ago
IB/Consulting ResumeI admit that my work experience is not great and will need to network like crazy to get a chance. But regardless, please give me some feedback on my resume. Thanks!... 01 year 11 months ago
Waiting after final round..Have been interviewing with a top tier credit shop for a vp role for 2 months. 1R in mid-July - 3 ppl, discussed pass deal/industry experience. 2R 3 weeks later, - 5 more ppl similar format to 1R with mostly PMs and presented case to everyone with whom I interviewed. Last round was last Monday (1 m... 21 year 11 months ago
Best Proprietary Trading Firms - 2010I know this topic was posted before, but it's been a while and a lot has changed recently. I'm looking to hear primarily from active prop traders and those with first hand knowledge and experience; what are some of the best prop firms out there right now, and why? how has HFT and black box/grey bo... 2051 year 11 months ago
Breaking into Equity Research from Back Office RoleI am currently working as a Fund Accountant at a major hedge fund administration firm - I've been in the role for nearly five months now but ultimately want to do equity research/asset management. I aspire to do it on the buy-side (as I assume most people who want to work in this area do) but am per... 91 year 11 months ago
Breaking Bad holy hellWhat did you guys thinks about this episode? I personally think that the machine gun flash forward they keep showing, is some sort of redemption for Walt. I think he's going to try and save Jesse... 171 year 11 months ago
Research- Difference between PWM and AM/IMAssuming that you're sourcing investments with x strategy for clients/client segregated funds (PWM/family office) do you view the skills developed as different than that of an investment management firm? I understand that ultimately you're doing the same thing and both will have various exposures... 31 year 11 months ago
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new user intro and asking for adviceHi guys, so here's my story. graduated from high school at 16. left home at 17 to attend college as well as wanting to see if i could "make it" on my own. and I did. I've had a few road blocks along the way. i consider myself to be a fairly smart person. i pick up on things rather easily. more so... 01 year 11 months ago
Anyone looking to Prep S&T Interviews via Skype?Hi Fellas, Who wants to prep technicals for S&T Interviews Topics to cover: Options Equities (Valuation) Fixed Income FX, Commodities, Advanced: Exotics, Stats Brainteaser We can do short Q&A Sessions grilling one another. Experience: BB FI + Equity Trading Cheers BIGT ... 31 year 11 months ago
Vector Capital InterviewAnyone ever have a first round with Vector? Looking for basics... 01 year 11 months ago