How soon is too soon to switch jobs?How soon is it reasonable to start looking for new jobs once you start? Do you think 6 months or 9 months are general minimums for how long to wait before moving? Have you guys or do you know people who have switched in that time frame? ...11 year 11 months ago
Interview for Big 4 Advisory Internship RoleThe internship is for an Advisory role with a Finance focus. So it's like Consulting to Wall Street firms. It's a structured program. Any advice on what I should be looking to say or emphasize? It basically sounds like a position where you're given case studies or go on site visits to these diff...01 year 11 months ago
Learning to InvestThis is a comment for those of us students who AREN'T finance majors and never had the pleasure of learning how to follow the markets through classes. This advice will be really obvious to finance majors but I was a math student and never knew how to actually follow the markets. Financial news di...91 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Macquarie Capital01 year 11 months ago
MBB Consulting Q&A 2/25/13 update: Ampharos has now been working in consulting for 5+ months and said he can continue answering questions regarding MBB, recruiting, breaking in, day to day life, etc, ask away! Hi Guys, 5+ months ago I started working at my top-choice MBB firm full time after receiving my offer t...571 year 11 months ago
I-Banking in Houston?What's I-Banking like in Houston? Seems like one could go to UT-Austin, concentrate in energy/finance, and get an IB job and live at half the cost of living in NYC. Can anyone shed light on this? ...91 year 11 months ago
Breaking in from F50 FP&A to Restructuring IB?Hey Everyone, I am currently a third year student and I previously interned at a Fortune 50 company this past summer as a Financial Planning and Analysis intern. When coming into this job I was the guy that wanted to live the too laid back life and now I regret that. The hours and lifestyle were ...11 year 11 months ago
MSF ChancesHi Monkeys, Stats: I have a 2.6 cumulative, 3.3 major in economics from a non-target graduating in May. recently took the GMAT and got 750, I have two finance internships from the past summer and current semester at small boutiques, assume great rec's I'm looking to reset myself and have a cha...11 year 11 months ago
Two groups of people debateI heard an interesting debate today and I was wondering what do you think. Are there really two groups of people: One, who are moderately successful, and arrogant like shit, and two, who are very successful, but not arrogant at all....61 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Merrill Lynch Wealth Managment01 year 11 months ago
interview.jpg01 year 11 months ago
Partisanship: Endangering the EconomySo what's your take on the whole situation? The two parties deeply divided over many issues, and the economy held hostage in the middle... hundreds of thousands already furloughed without pay, and god knows what might happen when the U.S. defaults in two days. Watching the latest developments makes ...51 year 11 months ago
Certified User ChatWhere did the link for the certified user chat go?...131 year 11 months ago
hf interview .jpg01 year 11 months ago
Wasting time trying to find fall internship right now?Hi guys, I've been looking for a fall internship at a boutique in New York since the semester started. Unfortunately I have had a lot of warm leads but nothing concrete. Am I wasting my time trying to find one right now or should I keep trying?...41 year 11 months ago
Which banks promote internal (global) mobility within IB?Curious as to which banks promote (or allow, if promote is too strong a word) internal geographic mobility within IB- specifically, which banks make it easiest to go from IB in a non-US office to IB in a US office?...31 year 11 months ago
US BS in Finance---> Msc at LSE or even Cass, or any other schools that placeMy family is thinking about moving to London to experience Europe for a while. I really don't want to move out of the States but I would be open to getting my masters at a good school there. My GPA when I graduate will be 3.0-3.2 at a non-target. I just took the GMAT as an hedge if I don't get an of...141 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers01 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Ernst and Young01 year 11 months ago
Emailing a final follow upI interviewed last month with a small PE firm and i think everything went well, but its been 4 weeks and I still havent heard anything. In my interviews I got up to the MD and then did a modeling test. I emailed an analyst from the firm about a week later and asked him when can I expect a decision a...31 year 11 months ago
Energy IBD: Citi, Credit Suisse, Barclays on top?I am from the northeast so do not know much about Texas banking but I am interested in energy so I plan on trying to recruit in Texas. I have always heard that Barclays and Credit Suisse are on top followed by Citi. I have heard that Citi's recruiting is not as good as Barclays/CS though. Got th...71 year 11 months ago
Skimmed by FriendsSituation: current ibanking analyst / associate with friends from all types of backgrounds beyond finance How often do some of your friends leach off you so you pay more of the bills when you go out for drinks? I think on seldom occasions it's fine but not every repeated occasion. I think we a...221 year 11 months ago
VC carry at junior levelsHi, does anybody have some datapoints for assoc/sr assoc carry numbers for VC funds? fund size around 150-200m thanks a lot...31 year 11 months ago
Possible to break into banking (BB) with a top school JD?Is it possible (or probable) to break into IB (BB) with a JD from a top 6 school? What kind of grades do you need? I hear about "networking" but how?...11 year 11 months ago
Advanced M&A Accounting & Tax Topics WebcastAttended by investment banking, private equity, corporate finance professionals, MBA students, and those in career transitions, Wall Street Prep's popular Boot Camps bridge the gap between academics and the real world, to equip professionals and students with practical financial skills they need on...11 year 11 months ago
HL Corp Fin vs Prudential Capital RestructuringI have offers from HL Corp Fin (mostly m&a) in a smaller industry group and Prudential Capital in its Workouts group. I was wondering if anyone had any insight into the quality of the work and training, exit opps, and other important pros/cons beyond compensation. Thanks!...81 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Harris Williams & Co.01 year 11 months ago
How to declare as a summer analyst candidate?I networked my ass off this summer during my M&A internship in Atlanta, but it seems like I missed out on FT recruitment for the BBs and elite boutiques. I haven't officially been rejected, but as it is now the middle of October, I don't think my chances are too good. My backup plan has always been ...131 year 11 months ago
PMO at Bridgewater or 2nd Tier strategy consulting?I'm currently working at a 2nd tier strategy consulting firm (going into my second analyst year, will likely be promoted in fall 2014), but was recently approached by Bridgewater about a role that essentially boils down to project management in their investment research department. The role seems to...31 year 11 months ago
Out On A Limb: CPA or No?I need some advice guys. Some of you may already know that I'm a first year Big 4 auditor trying desperately to follow a Audit > Better Job > MBA > Consulting path right now. Right now I'm struggling with whether or not I should take the CPA exam. First, I don't ever want to end up in account...91 year 11 months ago
Need Help with Options HomeworkHaving a hard time wrapping my head around these..any help would be greatly appreciated 1) On the 1st of May 2013 you enter a Forward Rate Agreement to borrow on the 1st of September 2013 1,000,000 for 8 months at a fixed annualized interest rate of 5% (for a FRA with a contract length of 8 month...21 year 11 months ago
How to show Quantitative Skills?I am a junior phil/socio/english/history major who intend to minor in economics. I have a MM and Boutique IB experience. I learnt financial modeling and valuation through online courses like BIWS and have near to perfect/high SAT Math, SAT Math I & II scores. Other than that I can't think of anythin...71 year 11 months ago
GMAT practice testsHey, Since I have my GMAT in 2 weeks I would like to do some extra practice tests in order to maximize my score obviously. I've been studying out of the Manhattan guides and done some of their practice tests online. I heard people say that Manhattan's math is actually harder than the original...81 year 11 months ago
CFA: The LOS LeaderI'm sure there are people out there study for the CFA this December. Here is something I noticed recently regarding the Learning Outcome Statements and Exam Topic Weights. The exam can be split onto 2 larger "sides" or 4 minor parts that mirror one another topic weight wise. (topic/ weight%) ...31 year 11 months ago
Escape from Witch Mountain (GS TMT/FIG)WSO, After much urging from the board (*cough* Marcus Hallerberstram *cough*) I've decided to commit to making the move out of Investment Banking at an early stage in my career. I am currently at GS TMT/FIG, but want out ASAP. Much more detailed account of my current position can be found in my p...41 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Morgan Stanley01 year 11 months ago
Should I wear a tie for my interviews?Not a entry-level position, but instead I have a couple of years of industry experience and I have yet to see anyone who would wear a tie in the office. (I do prop trading for a large fund, and I'm applying to another fund.) Now I have to options a) Wear tie. Risk: Look weirdly formal to the i...81 year 11 months ago
Prop Trading InterviewHey everyone, I have a prop trading interview tomorrow. They know my background (not trading related) but still invited me to another interview after the first. Wondering what to expect in terms of technical questions and/or probability stuff. ...21 year 11 months ago
Consultants -Happier with their careers than bankers and accountantsSeems so - Also from Efinancialcareers, Seven things to know before taking a job in consulting ...11 year 11 months ago
ivy duke MBA grad acct/financehi thanks for y'all input and I have revised for your final review...11 year 11 months ago
Interviewed with GS, got all questioned answered, no offerOkay, so last Friday, I went to GS 1st round interviewing sessions(ER, AM). During the one session, I literally heard the interviewer saying 'that is the most completed answer for the question we've heard so far'. And I interviewed with several other people as well. I did answer all the questions co...91 year 11 months ago
Extracurricular Activities in CV of applicants with work experienceHi there, I don't know if this question is somehow ignorant, but anyway: Do you still mention your extracurricular activities that you've done in college (like student finance club, ...) in your CV, when you apply for jobs with 2-3 years of work experience? Thanks!...21 year 11 months ago
Company Review: Thomson Reuters01 year 11 months ago
Company Review: Fifth Third Bank01 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Deutsche Bank01 year 11 months ago
The Belstar GroupAlternative investment manager with AUM over 1bn....01 year 11 months ago
santa fe.jpeg01 year 11 months ago
Hull Solutions manual Does anybody have a PDF of the Hull Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives 4th edtion solution manual?...41 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Chopper Trading01 year 11 months ago
.....11 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Hamilton Lane01 year 11 months ago
JPMorgan winning women fall 2013?Has anyone applied and heard back? I've had a phone interview but I'm not sure when we find out if we get in. I'm not expecting to get in, but I thought it was worth applying. ...01 year 11 months ago
Company Review: Guggenheim Partners01 year 11 months ago
Wall Street Is Obsessed With Snapchat[quote]Once, Wall Street bankers communicated with pagers. Then Bloomberg terminal instant-messages came along, followed by BlackBerry's BBM function. Now, a growing number of Wall Street workers are becoming attached to another messaging platform: Snapchat. Snapchat, the mobile app that lets you...251 year 11 months ago
Company Review: Forex Capital Markets01 year 11 months ago
What is the best suit color to wear to a CRE interview?Most of the people seem to be wearing solid black. Is this ok for CRE? ...131 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Duff & Phelps01 year 11 months ago
Two car bombs exploding while live broadcasting an average day in Syria...41 year 11 months ago
The Stock and Bond Market AnalysesStock Market Analysis Conclusions: Stocks enjoyed another stronger but volatile week in the wake of debt ceiling negotiations and healthcare wrangling. This probably didn’t help American’s perceptions of Congress as according to Gallup, Congress has the worst approval rating of any institutio...01 year 11 months ago
JEsss...01 year 11 months ago
CFA Vs. MBAsss...11 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Houlihan Lokey01 year 11 months ago
Company Review: KPMG01 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Raymond James Financial Inc.01 year 11 months ago
HL ADG DCAny insight about the group? From what I've gathered they're a strong group; just looking for any updated information. Thanks in advance....01 year 11 months ago
Nomura Lev FinHow good is nomura's lev fin here in the US? are the exit ops good for hedge funds / PE? is the modeling skillset developed enough? Thanks...11 year 11 months ago
Company Review: General Electric01 year 11 months ago
ExpiredExpired...21 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Morgan Stanley01 year 11 months ago
Making a Market in Peyton ManningThe sports gambling world is remarkably similar to Wall Street market making, and is therefore normally a pretty boring affair. A sports line is set according to the balance between buyers and sellers. Set the line on the favorite too high, and money floods in on the underdog, and vice versa. So ...421 year 11 months ago


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