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0Modeling+Writing test for ER Junior Associate RoleGuys, wish you all have been good for the weekend. I have an interview for junior associate (chemical role) in a BB firm next week. The interview will also come with 2-hour modeling test + 2-hour writing test. I've asked HR to schedule 2 different sittings for the tests. Does anyone have ideas how t...23 years 1 day ago
0Company Interview: Verizon03 years 1 day ago
0Houlihan FAS Dispute Group Interview Writing ExerciseHi All, Has anyone gone through Houlihan FAS' written test/exam/exercise and can share their experience? I have been informed that there will be a written test for my interview with their dispute group, and I simply don't know what their test will entail. Any detail/information you could provide ...23 years 1 day ago
0Company Interview: Goldman Sachs03 years 1 day ago
0Company Interview: CBIZ03 years 1 day ago
0Getting relevant deal experience before PE recruitingIt's been 2 months on the job and I have had nothing but financing deals. The other analysts in my group are all on live M&A deals. I am concerned that I will not get enough relevant deal experience before PE recruiting kicks off next year around Jan/Feb(talking to HHs) and March/April (start of int...43 years 1 day ago
0Company Interview: AccuVal Associates, Inc.03 years 1 day ago
0Company Interview: VMG Partners03 years 1 day ago
0MSc Finance SSE/LSE/UMelb/CambridgeHello friends! I am facing a decision to which I would already like to pick all your great minds. Next year I'll be starting a master's degree in Finannce and I have cut the shortlist down to these options (in no particular order): - Corporate Finance at Stockholm School of Economics (2 years ...13 years 1 day ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley03 years 1 day ago
0Finding Alumni in DCMI've haven't had much success finding alumni that work in specific groups (ECM/DCM/FIG, for example). I've mostly been using LinkedIn and I get the feeling that most people only post their groups if they are in a top group like tech or M&A. Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can go about trackin...03 years 1 day ago
0Question about BB interview policyWill bulge brackets allow candidates to continue to interview if they have already verbally accepted an offer? Could you tell the bank you have an interview at that you had no choice but to accept because of an exploding offer? ...23 years 1 day ago
0From Meeting up to interviewMet a guy from a bb bank at an event We met up for lunch at a later date How could I hInt to him to help me for an interview? How long should I wait before contacting him? Should I wait till when the bank starts looking at applications so they remember me? ...33 years 1 day ago
0Distressed debt recruitingLooking for some advice on how to lateral from a bulge bracket (2nd year associate) to distressed debt funds. Both undergrad and grad schools are nontarget - is there a way to do this other than cold calling through alumni networks? Any advice greatly appreciated - thanks!...33 years 1 day ago
0Lunch with MDI am an analyst in quite small local M&A advisory boutique. Last Friday evening I was at a conference / networking event where I met MD from a strong and reputable regional boutique IB (not large, though). We accidentally had a short talk (in which, among other things, I learnt that he never hear...63 years 1 day ago
0Company Interview: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers03 years 1 day ago
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0College Representation in Hedge FundsWhat is the college representation in most quant hedge funds? I had assumed it would be technical places like MIT/Stanford, but heard otherwise....53 years 1 day ago
0Company Review: Citigroup03 years 1 day ago
0Land Development03 years 1 day ago
0Should (in theory) EV/CFFO imply the same price as P/CFFO?In my 3 year DCF as the exit multiple I have EV/[forward 3-year consensus CFFO]. Then through the conventional "+cash-debt and etc" I got to the implied share price. Then instead of DCF I tried to check out what P/CFFO will show me, as in taking P/[3-year forward consensus CFFO] and multiplying ...23 years 1 day ago
0"Take Control of Your City"03 years 1 day ago
01367761192_bane-speech.jpg03 years 1 day ago
0If I haven't heard back about FT applications by now...Is it safe to assume that I have been denied? I applied to Barclays, DB, Citi, Lazard, and CS the first week of September and haven't received a response yet. I know most of these banks have already had their superdays or are having them in the coming week. Is there a slim chance I could receive a l...103 years 1 day ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 day ago
+1Interviews with Entrepreneurs (KhanAcademy)KhanAcademy is entirely new and they have a section which was previously unknown to me. Maybe some of you would enjoy these videos as well. [quote]Personal lessons and insights from accomplished entrepreneurs are the basis of this interview series produced by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation ...13 years 1 day ago
+1Dealing With ADHD/ADD In High Finance JobsTitle pretty much says it all. For those of you that have ADHD/ADD and work in high finance do you feel that it puts you at a disadvantage? a possible advantage in some cases? How does it affect your daily work life? I thought a discussion like this would be interesting since I myself am medica...473 years 1 day ago
0Company Compensation: BNP Paribas03 years 1 day ago
0Company Interview: Putnam Investments03 years 1 day ago
0"Right" answer to this behavioral question?Out of all the interviews I've had, I've been stumped by this question twice. Wasn't sure if there was a "right" answer but the questions was "Your manager tells you to join them in a meeting to discuss a specific topic to clients in 2 hours. Problem is you have no clue about the topic mentioned. ...13 years 2 days ago
035k Base in NYC?I found a post for a "Junior Equity Research Analyst" on my school's career website from Odeon Capital. The base salary is 35k. I can understand if a small firm is strapped for cash, but I am still a bit suspicious as to why they are paying so much less than the street average? I guess the reason...593 years 2 days ago
0IB associate exit opportunities: Are they really so bad?I read in mergers and inquisitions that it's very difficult for IB associates to exit into PE or HF. That associates are expected to work for the IB Long-term. Can you guys explain why it's so hard for an associate to exit into PE or HF compared to Analysts? ...63 years 2 days ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase03 years 2 days ago
0Just passing all 4 exams of CPAHi monkeys. I'm thinking of just passing all 4 exams in CPA, but not getting certificate(license), just for 2 following reasons: 1. It can be a strong signal in my resume that I'm a lot better than my competitors in the accounting stuffs. 2. To understand accounting very well, which may hel...63 years 2 days ago
0Company Interview: BMO Capital Markets03 years 2 days ago
0HLHZ DC ADG Superday Exam "Upon your arrival, you will be given a basic finance and accounting exam that will last about 1 hour. " Any monkeys that have taken this? Appreciate the insight. ...23 years 2 days ago
0I-Banking in China & CICCanyone here knows what the culture's like in chinese firms? or CICC in particular if anyone has experience with them. i'm most likely doing a summer internship there and i'll be doing my mba afterwards in the fall. so i'd also like to know what are the exit ops there - both within China and globa...113 years 2 days ago
0Stanford MBA/MS CS Joint Program Last week Stanford announced its joint program, I was just wondering if anyone here would be interested in a program like that that. I suppose I understand the inspiration behind the program, bein...23 years 2 days ago
0wtf.jpg03 years 2 days ago
0Company Interview: Deutsche Bank03 years 2 days ago
0Where do "v-shaped" men get shirts?Even the athletic cut shirts fit me like a tent in the waist when I get them big enough to fit in the chest and collar....153 years 2 days ago
0Company Interview: Macquarie Group Limited ABN03 years 2 days ago
0Company Interview: Bainbridge Consulting03 years 2 days ago
0citi capital mkts vs citi s&twhich would you choose (at the analyst level)? ...13 years 2 days ago
0Recruitment Event ConflictsSo 2 of my top banks are hosting invite only recruiting events in NYC, but they are both scheduled on the same day. Each are great networking opportunities, and I am considering applying for both so as to increase my odds of being able to participate in such an event. That being said, how bad wo...23 years 2 days ago
0prudential finance intern interviewI have a first round interview (on campus) next week with prudential for a corporate finance summer intern position. I am currently a sophomore, would anyone be able to tell me what kind of questions should I expect? ...13 years 2 days ago
0Which IBD Superday to AcceptI just received a call from a Top BB (MS/GS/JPM) to invitte me to a Superday for a FT job in IBD. HR gave me two different dates to choose from, either one a week from today or one in the second week of September. Do you guys think it would be beneficial to take one date or the other or does it real...83 years 2 days ago
0Can RFP Writers at Asset Manager/Banks Make a Lot of Money?I see job titles such as "RFP Writer, Fixed Income Product Management" at a global investment bank, which makes me wonder what an RFP Writer career path entails. 1. Is this a role that does not involve as much career progression? It seems to be a kind of job that you don't want to hold on for to...63 years 2 days ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs03 years 2 days ago
0Equity ComparablesI don't have Bloomberg/Factset/CapIQ. Is there a place where I can find comparables e.g. EV/EBITDA of industries?...03 years 2 days ago
0Company Review: ING03 years 2 days ago
0Company Interview: Capital One Financial03 years 2 days ago
+3WebMD's Tender Offer: Odd Lot Arbitrage for Free MoneyHow often these days does there come along a great trading opportunity for us small investors? We always tend to get the short end of the stick due to high fees, bad execution, and holding periods (for those of us who work in the industry), just to name a few. Well, WebMD (WBMD) presented such an...143 years 2 days ago
0Urgent Interview: Help needed for Tech ER ModelHave an interview with a Tech Equity Research group on tuesday that will involve a modeling test. Does any one have an ER model for a tech company (yahoo, google, facebook, amazon, ebay, etc.) that I can practice with over the weekend? I did search the forum for similar posts, but examples/templa...43 years 2 days ago
0Cold call gone bad................So I emailed the MD of this boutique (about 20 persons including EA) middle of this year. His EA responded by saying that they don't have intern openings at that moment. Last month I checked back with the MD asking if they have openings now (that's actually a bad move I believe), and got no response...243 years 2 days ago
0How do i become a Big Swinging D?I want to become a Big Swinging D (BSD). How do I become a Big Swinging D?...33 years 2 days ago
0Best investment accountsHello, I am ready to open up an investment account to trade in stocks etc. I was wondering what you guys would recommend as the best option for an account for a beginner investor? Any insight is very much appreciated!...53 years 2 days ago
0Company Compensation: Booz Allen Hamilton03 years 2 days ago
0middle office to front office. whats the best strategy?All I graduated cum laude from a non-core school with a BS in Finance back in 2008. Got hired by a BB in their Operations program and was placed within a back office group for two years. Moved on to a middle office role in sept 2010 and have been there ever since. It will be about 5 years since I...73 years 2 days ago
0Company Review: Triage Consulting Group03 years 2 days ago
0From Transaction Services to Equity Research?....Hi everyone, I am 28 years old and currently work as a senior consultant within transaction services at a big 4 in Scandinavian, where I have been for the last 3 years. Before this I worked in audit for about 4 years, before I wanted to try something a bit more fun ;-) Besides this I have a maste...43 years 2 days ago
0Learning Languages online for freeJust wanted to post a link to a web app that I think many of you monkeys would appreciate. I'm a big fan of self-learning and Duolingo is one of the best free online language learning tools out there. It's a great supplementary tool for learning several romance languages as well as German. Furthe...93 years 2 days ago
0How's this perceived? A no-no? Where I'm interning at, in our database of deals, there's literally hundreds of bankers/consultants/other PE contacts that our fund has been in contact with sometime in the past. Is it wrong for me to "mark" down these guys for future, personal contact?? For maybe next spring/summer?! It cro...83 years 2 days ago
+1Thain on Risk Management, Bonuses, Dark PoolsI don't know what has caused John Thain to emerge from the shadows at CIT, but boy am I glad he has. This 18-minute interview with the former Merrill boss will make you smarter for having watched it. He just delivers like an absolute boss. He goes into why risk management is so important and how the...143 years 2 days ago
0Prudential Capital Group - Investment AnalystHave a superdat with them soon. Anybody have any info about this group? Prestige/Comp/Exit opps/Culture? This is for a west coast office. Appreciate any info!...43 years 2 days ago
0Listing class status as Junior instead of Sophomore?Hey guys, I saw a really old post about this and I wanted to know your opinions about this. I am currently a rising sophomore with no intentions of graduating early. I came in with enough credits to be a Junior. Is it wise to list myself as a Junior? My non-target OCR has pretty much nothing for sop...163 years 2 days ago
0Company Compensation: Rabobank Group03 years 2 days ago
0Econ major - low GPA - about to graduateI am an International Trade & Finance major, Chinese Culture and Commerce minor at a SEC school about to graduate in December. This past summer I studied Mandarin Chinese in Beijing but outside of this study abroad experience I haven't done any internships or relevant job experience related to fina...63 years 2 days ago
0Erasmus university...?Im going into my first year studying economics at a UK semi-target (Nottingham), I was looking at applying to european schools for bachelors taught in english. I have considered the following courses at erasmus university RSM Bsc international business administration Erasmus school of economi...03 years 2 days ago
0Company Compensation: Dodge & Cox03 years 2 days ago
0Hacktoberfest at the Standard BiergartenValuestream Labs presents an industry happy hour at the The Standard High Line's Biergarten for Finance and Technology professionals featuring complementary Oktoberfest beers and German food. Hosted by VSL Partners Greg Neufeld, Karl Antle, Josh Elwell + Nick Gavronsky, organizer of the upcoming ...03 years 2 days ago
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0Hacktoberfest03 years 2 days ago
0globalization.jpg03 years 2 days ago
+1WSO Hong Kong Happy Hour, Friday Oct 4, 20:00-22:00Hi Monkeys! It's been awhile since our last meetup and as we are coming to the year end bonus season I figured we could use a drink. I welcome you all to come to Bar Six on October 4th. Discount on drinks, and snacks will be served. Mention or say Barry at the door or at...13 years 2 days ago
0If Barclays Asks Me Why Our Firm......What would be some solid answers for investment banking? There is barely any information about the IBD on their website. Also having trouble finding recent deals they have worked on. Would greatly appreciate any insight....203 years 2 days ago
0Company Compensation: UBS AG03 years 2 days ago
0Penultimate year, how strict in HK, any way to get away?I am a native Chinese, completing a one-year MSc in a top UK school. Targeting HK IBD and applying 2014 SA. I heard HK BBs are quite strict about penultimate year requirements, compared to UK banks. A friend of mine told me the way to get away with that is to lie about the graduation year, say yo...03 years 2 days ago
0Video InterviewHave any of you guys had any experience with a pre-recorded video interview? from what I gathered from the interview invitation, a video will play, with the interviewer asking a question, then a timer will countdown, and then I give my answer within two minutes. I'm just wondering if there is any...23 years 2 days ago
0Citi S&T Full Time Analyst InterviewHey everyone. I just got invited to begin the interviewing process with Citi S+T for their full time analyst program. I was wondering if anyone had any input regarding the interview process and the program overall. Thanks so much! ...03 years 2 days ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley03 years 2 days ago
0Deutsche Bank Group Technology & Operations Analyst Training ProgramHi, Have a Superday in NYC coming up can't find much on this program is it worth it ? exit opportunities ? Salary ? Know anybody working in this program currently ? ...03 years 2 days ago
0Green Valley Medical Case Study Anyone do this case who has the excel files, write ups and such? It's from HBR and I'm doing it for interview prep. I wanted to compare my answers. Anyone have the solutions or know where I can get them? Willing to pay a little bit of money but not looking for a professional service that charges hun...03 years 2 days ago
+2Taper Time! Who's Excited?Three hours. That's when the FOMC statement and the updated economic and financial forecasts will come out, with Bernanke's press conference and Q&A following half an hour later. Most importantly, we'll learn about how the Federal Reserve will proceed with the slowing of its bond purchases - collo...533 years 2 days ago
0Will I be Grilled?I am a current sophomore, and on my resume I included a Breaking Into Wall Street course I took. Will I be grilled on this during interviews? What questions are typical for sophomore interviewees? ...93 years 2 days ago
0Anybody know Praxient Capital?From what I've gathered they are UK based and have a value/event driven strategy (much like myself), beyond that it seems like they are below the radar. Anybody know any more particulars about this fund?...03 years 2 days ago
0Just left Retail Brokerage field to get into HF - Looking/InternshipHey guys Thanks for viewing. After 10 years in banking and retail broker/advisory services I've decided to put it behind me; but still keep my S7, 66, Health Insurance licenses. I have a family member in the business who told me to get a degree first before approaching hf's. Even his. ...43 years 2 days ago
0Company Interview: Citigroup03 years 3 days ago
0Career of risk modeling in hedge fundHi monkeys, I am a front-office quant in a bank and now I have an offer to work as a risk modeling role in a mid-size global macro hedge fund. Anyone have idea what the career path would be as a risk modeler? Is it possible to lead to PM? Thank you in advance...03 years 3 days ago
0Have a Rolex for sale - best place to sell it?Hey So I have a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Just that I am looking to sell. It is a woman's and I think it dates pre 1985. Any suggestions on the best place to sell this? Or any ideas on what it is worth? Thanks!...133 years 3 days ago
0Company Review: Deloitte03 years 3 days ago
0Accenture SI Analyst vs MCAre the Tech & Systems Integration Analyst and Business Analyst (MC) roles very different? SI analysts from Accenture have been telling me that the roles are so similar that you can go between them and apply for the same positions on projects. Are they paid the same amount as well?...13 years 3 days ago
0Intern at another company before starting job?Hey, I'm currently a college senior and was able to secure a job in consulting following an internship. Since they only gave me until a few weeks ago to accept the offer, I signed the contract given that I didn't have any alternatives at the time. However, I was also keen to apply for IB jobs at ...13 years 3 days ago
0Goldman Operations or Deloitte Advisory?I currently have two offers for summer internships. One is in Deloitte AERS Advisory. The other is Goldman Sachs Operations. Which one would better to have on my resume for graduation? I realize Goldman Sachs is a better name but I've heard mixed opinions about working in operations. Any input would...43 years 3 days ago
0Which masters? UK EDITIONHello I am currently going into my final year studying economics at a Semi target in the UK (Nottingham), headed for a 1st class honors (GPA 3.75 - 4.0 I believe), and and looking at breaking into investment banking. I have strong work experience and excellent E/C's, climbed Kilimanjaro, raise...23 years 3 days ago
0The End of Tech?Blackberry's going private. Unsurprisingly. But this article from Wired brings up an important point ... is the end of Blackberry indicative of the end of mobile technological advancement in general? [quote]If mobile technology really has entered a long period of stagnation — or more charita...113 years 3 days ago
0Is IB the pinnacle of false dedication or is the time necessary?Is the work one does as an IB employee the pinnacle of dedication, or is the work necessary? Do you spend most of your day doing filler work or necessary high impact work? Do you spend 100 hours a week doing 20 hours worth of necessary high value work? Do you invent things to do in order t...133 years 3 days ago
0Company Compensation: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers03 years 3 days ago
0Advice for getting into consulting?I'll be entering college next year, and i'm looking into consulting. I'm fairly certain that I want to double major in CS and something else. What would be an appropriate second major? I'd prefer it to be relatively easy, so it can help counteract some of my CS grades. I was thinking Finance? Or wou...23 years 3 days ago


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