Exit Ops for Manager Research AnalystAnyone know the exit opportunities for someone doing manager research at an institutional consulting firm 1-2 years out of school? I would ideally like to work in ER at an asset manager, but the odds seems bleak. Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ... 01 year 11 months ago
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Room available ASAP $1900 Union Square huge place (2kitchens 3bath)Hey guys- We need to fill one room in our 5 bedroom 3 bath 2 kitchen apartment. It's on 16th and 3rd and has a 24/7 doorman, a block and a half to union square subways. the apartment is huge by NYC standards and the living room is gigantic. The main kitchen is also very spacious with a dishwasher... 11 year 11 months ago
Looking for hedge fund pitch mentors (long/short equity)I am looking for experienced buy-side equity analysts to give me feedback on my stock pitches. BACKGROUND MBA in finance from a top-5 school, passed CFA level 2 this summer. Most people say I have high aptitude and inordinate love for finance, the reason I’m still not there is that I recent... 11 year 11 months ago
----... 91 year 11 months ago
Unconventional Hedge Fund PathMy ultimate career goal is to be a hedge fund manager and so for a while my plan has been to follow a conventional path, for example, start off as a sell side analyst, then move to the buy side, and 20 years later I might achieve my goal. What about taking a more unconventional route? I could set... 81 year 11 months ago
Municipal Finance - how to break in?1 ... 41 year 11 months ago
Healthcare public finance QuestionHey all! First time poster here. Just had some questions regarding healthcare public finance - lifestyle/exit ops/what they do (lol) Thanks!... 31 year 11 months ago
Dartmouth UndergradI was wondering how Darmouth Undergrad was viewed by the Street. What do firms think of Dartmouth and how would its recruiting opportunities compare to other target schools (in terms of the ratio of hired students to total student body)?... 321 year 11 months ago
Dream House!Where do you want to live? Why? Greenwich/Manhattan/Chicago/Beverly Hills/______... 271 year 11 months ago
Public Accounting to Finance?Has anyone successfully made the switch from public accounting to finance? Specifically, Equity research? I am a year into my job as an auditor (started immediately after undergrad) at a Big 4 public accounting firm and I want to make the jump into equity research. I was a double major in acco... 51 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Capital One Financial 01 year 11 months ago
What is Life? - Da fuck?I've been wondering the past few days about the direction of my mind/heart/soul....not to get into any of that emotional bullshit but it's been crazy just growing up and now being 20 years old working a fulltime internship with full time school. With no doubt, I know I'm in a much better position... 331 year 11 months ago
Public Finance MajorHello, I am currently a freshman at a public school (along the lines of UC Berkeley, Michigan, UVA). I am interested in becoming a public finance analyst, but I was wondering, which major would be best suited for this sector? Would it be public policy or finance? I was thinking of becoming a public ... 31 year 11 months ago
Married Goldman Sachs bigwig arrested for rape Anybody know this charmer? Also, if he is acquitted, will GS keep him on or dump him to avoid fallout?... 471 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Ernst & Young LLP 01 year 11 months ago
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Public financeI have an upcoming interview for a public finance position.. What type of technical questions will they ask? I've looked through the WSO and BIWS technical guide, but nothing specifically address technical questions regarding public finance. So anyone with some insight, can shed some light I would b... 101 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley 01 year 11 months ago
Room available ASAP $1600 Union Square huge place (2kitchens 3bath)Hey guys- We need to fill one room in our 5 bedroom 3 bath 2 kitchen apartment. It's on 16th and 3rd and has a 24/7 doorman, a block and a half to union square subways. the apartment is huge by NYC standards and the living room is gigantic. The main kitchen is also very spacious with a dishwasher... 11 year 11 months ago
Studying for CFA L1 and Freaking out - Need Advice!hi all, I have just started studying for CFA L1. Its not until you start studying that you realise the sheer volume of what you have to learn and to be honest, i dont know if i will get through all the content before decmebers exam and this is even with an accounting and finance background. I ... 71 year 11 months ago
Considering career switch from AuditHi everyone, I'll keep it short: I graduated in accounting, went to work at a Big 4 Audit (which I am still at, less than 1 year). I didn't think twice about going into audit because I assumed I'd stay interested in accounting and I definitely don't like tax. I've had a realization I wish I had... 31 year 11 months ago
Thoughts on Bridgewater?I know that working there is a shitty gig; I've heard the horror stories about egos and work/life balance like everyone else, but I was wondering what WSO thinks of their performance/where BA is headed in the future. Been reading Alpha Masters and was completely dreading the Dalio section... even... 151 year 11 months ago
Arisaig Partners (Singapore-based Investment Manager)Roughly USD 5.5bn in AUM and invests solely in the emerging market consumer sector. Any thoughts on this boutique investment manager?... 21 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Puji Capital 01 year 11 months ago
Puji CapitalPuji Capital is a boutique investment banking and asset management firm based in Shanghai, China.... 01 year 11 months ago
How to value a prop trading firm?I am in a curious project and could use some input. If a prop trading firm decides to put themselves up for sale, what is the best way to value the firm? Does the IP, seats, licenses, etc. mean more to a buyer than the future cash flows? ( don't most firms over value cash flows anyway) Are there... 51 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: IBM 01 year 11 months ago
It's that time again FANTASY FOOTBALLIf you want in let me know draft will be this weekend, older users will get preferential treatment because last year the people who no one knew, ended up not checking it at all. ... 01 year 11 months ago
Best groups at MS, CS, HL?Title says it all - what are some of the top groups at MS, CS, and HL (other than restructuring for HL)? Also, (separately), how does barclays rank these days? obviously nothing vs the top BBs, but relative to middle market/boutiques? Thanks... 01 year 11 months ago
3D modeling with hand-gestures: Real-life Iron ManI know we've all slobbed on this guy's knob lately, but Jesus, the dude does not stop. Elon Musk's team has apparently come up with a way to design rocket parts using only hand-gestures "through the air" and immediately print them to titanium. I know the concept of gesture controls isn't all tha... 21 year 11 months ago
PE Informal RecruitingHey All, Had a quick question regarding PE recruiting. For smaller firms (people wise, ie not MFs), is it appropriate to reach out to professionals at the firm that went to the same UG College/University (less looking at associates and more-so Principals/Partner level)? If these firms work with... 61 year 11 months ago
GE FMP vs tier 2 consultingHi everyone, Long time reader, first time poster. First of all, just want to say thank you to everyone who gives great advice here. I am in a bit of a dilemma. I am a rising senior at a target ivy (Columbia/Brown/Upenn) and spent my junior summer at a tier 2 consulting firm (OW/L.E.K./Deloitte... 61 year 11 months ago
What is life like after Wall StreetI have been coming to WSO for a couple of years now, and while I have seen a myriad of posts on WSO, one that has continually come up is "how the financial industry is on a major downtrend in terms of both pay and opportunity." As a result, a large number of people, as I've seen on WSO, have left Wa... 31 year 11 months ago
Empty CV Hey guys, as you can probably see I only joined WSO recently because I feel that the time has come for me to take things a little bit more serious now. By next summer I will (hopefully) be done with my masters degree and I want to pursue a career in consulting. However, my problem is that my CV i... 21 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Wells Fargo and Company 01 year 11 months ago
Reinsurance IndustryI'm looking to potentially get into the reinsurance industry. I was hoping somebody could provide me with a perspective on the industry at any level. Any info would be greatly appreciated.... 01 year 11 months ago
Estimize Advantages/ DisadvantagesHi all, I am looking into Estimize What do you guys think are the adavantages/ disadvantages? Advantage: - Less biased analyst because 1. they are not scared to loose company/ management access if they are too strict on their evaluations 2. they don’t have to comply with the expectati... 21 year 11 months ago
Clicking on the 'new' link for threads not workingBeen having problems clicking on the 'new' button and it not taking me to the latest comment in that thread. This has been happening even when the most recent unread comment is on the first page. Is this not working for anyone else? I use Chrome btw... 01 year 11 months ago
Excel on MacsHi all, I got a quick question. I need to get a new laptop and I'm thinking about getting a Mac (mostly because I'm bored with Windows and want to try something new...not a great reason I know). The only thing holding me back, besides the price, is the fact that I'm way too used to using Excel/Wo... 261 year 11 months ago
The NET effect of Debt on the WACCHi, I have a question regarding the NET effect of Debt in the WACC: Onn the one hand, the Cost of Equity (Ke) increases as the company increases its D/E ratio because the BETA increases. This means that DEBT makes WACC higher. On the other hand, the Cost of Debt (Kd) is smaller than Ke and th... 21 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: BTS 01 year 11 months ago
BTSBTS is the global leader in strategy implementation through the use of business simulations and experiential learning programs. BTS partners with leading companies to build engagement, commitment, and action around key strategic priorities. Small teams of consultants develop and integrate the best l... 01 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Lazard 01 year 11 months ago
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Starting with a "low name" consulting firmHey guys!, Recruiting season starts up pretty soon (a couple of days/weeks for some) and I was wondering, what are you guys thoughts on starting with a "low name" consulting firm? I know that a lot of people (and some of my colleagues from my summer internship this summer) emphasized getting the... 21 year 11 months ago
Is anger the best motivator?Just a brief thought: Have you ever hit the gym when angry and done so much more? Have you seen the bitterness exhibited in some of the most successful entrepreneurs that they had from the start of their life. Aside from the physical side (that would be down to hormones), anger does make you s... 321 year 11 months ago
Personal Finance Excel TemplateBeen thinking about getting really on top of my personal finances and although I've created my own spreadsheet that I think it pretty decent, I was wondering if anyone else had already done this and had a template they could share. I've found a couple decent ones on the internet too, but seeing as ... 61 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Goldman Sachs 01 year 11 months ago
Wall Street Loses Feminist IconOver the weekend, Muriel "Mickie" Siebert, 80, succumbed to cancer. She will forever be remembered as the first woman to buy a seat on the New York Stock Exchange and the pioneer who opened the doors for women to occupy every role on Wall Street over the subsequent decades. Her stoicism and sense... 51 year 11 months ago
Bump Work 01 year 11 months ago
iBanking/NYPD - compensation v. workloadI'm expecting this one to get me ripped to shreds but by the numbers I've been comparing banking to NYPD. The NYPD seems attractive to potential candidates mainly due to the pension, healthcare + VAR payments of $12,000 you receive every year regardless if you're active or retired on December 15th a... 91 year 11 months ago
Undergrad Finance Club: Does It Matter?I'm going into my senior year at a non-target in Chicago. I'm an officer in the undergrad finance club. I haven't seen any benefit to being an officer yet and it costs me time. The only benefit so far to being in the club at all has been going to the events and presentations, but I can go to those w... 131 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: Pontus Capital 01 year 11 months ago
Becoming a PM before age 30.Say you were able to become a portfolio manager of an asset manager (over $50B) right before you had your 30th birthday. In terms of a career track success in finance, how quick is this? (In 1 to 10 scale) 10: Extremely quick. You're a genius. 7: Quick. 5: Average. 3: A bit slow. ... 211 year 11 months ago
Asking for an introductionI just met with not my manager, but my manager's manager. We just had a very informal talk that I set up about life and career path and progression and what his job entailed. He seems to like me. I mentioned several times (and he knows) that I want to enter consulting after graduation. I even had... 41 year 11 months ago
what's the limit for bullet points? I got 7 bullet points (8 lines total) for one position, which is my most recent and relevant work experience. Is this too much? If so, what is generally considered the limit per experience? Thanks! ... 101 year 11 months ago
Is This Fishy?Hey all, I just completed my second round of interviews with a prop trading firm. After asking questions and talking to some traders, both junior and senior traders, I found out that the firm offers a 70% P&L take home with no salary. The leverage of cash outlay is about 20:1 outlay vs. trading c... 191 year 11 months ago
EPL Fantasy TeamHey Everyone, So as the first week of opening Premier League matches wraps up, I just wanted to see if anyone else on WSO has a fantasy league team? This is my first year playing and am pretty happy/psyched with my teams performance for the first week. Totalled 58 points, even with a few players ... 111 year 11 months ago
How to be productive and focused on the trading floorHey guys, I just started at a sales trading division of a boutique in the city. However, I am still struggling with how to remain very productive during the day as people walk around and make jokes and laugh all the time. And if I don't go and talk to them and have some face time, I feel like I am m... 151 year 11 months ago
Associate-Director Level Personal Finances/Savings ProfileI'm curious to know how much you guys have been able to save after 1-5 years on the job. What is a good percentage of salary to put away in savings? Ideal blend of savings (I.e. CD, 401K, long/short, etc...)? Have you already made the move to a wealth management firm or sticking with a normal bank a... 51 year 11 months ago
Attack it, please! I put in # anywhere I took out information so its less recognizable, but there is actually a word there. Thanks!... 81 year 11 months ago
Enterprise value - How to handle G&A?I am wondering if there is a standard or what approaches one would take to value the G&A/overhead for a company. For example, take a company that owns several real estate assets and various companies that are real estate related, plus other entities not real estate related. How do you account for th... 31 year 11 months ago
Help!!!! Looking for job and adviceThanks for visiting, I am a senior studying economics at a big ten semi target school. I am looking for a job in finance, ideally ib, but i did not have any luck securing an internship last semester. I will graduate this winter and have concentrations in mathematics with cs coursework up to dat... 01 year 11 months ago
Getting Accounting Designation for Corporate FinanceI've heard that corporate finance is like "glorified accounting" and I was wondering if getting a position in FP&A, treasury or FLDP required the pursuit of an accounting designation. I will be taking a mixture of accounting and finance courses this year. ... 121 year 11 months ago
I'm worried that I'm not applying to strong enough schools for MBAAfter speaking with my dad and I friend of his, both of whom I would consider pretty high up in the business world, I'm starting to second-guess my MBA application choices. Right now, I am planning on applying to Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, Kellogg, and Sloan in round 1 of this year. Basically... 71 year 11 months ago
Company Interview: IDC 01 year 11 months ago
Exit Opportunities for a Commercial Credit AnalystI am currently going through a rotational commercial banking program and I have been curious as to what my exit opportunities might be after working as a corporate credit analyst for a couple years. I am currently studying for the CFA level 1 exam (taking it June 2014) and I have interned at an inve... 21 year 11 months ago
Financial Reporting (Back Office) to AM.Please delete. ... 01 year 11 months ago
phd in economics and business --> Top MBA chances?Hi all, I graduated from a top european business school with honours in 2008 after which I started working at a boutique corporate finance firm. I worked there for 5 years reaching an associate role. My work involves m&a, fairness opinion and business planning mainly. During these 5 years I al... 31 year 11 months ago