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0Company Compensation: UBS AG02 years 9 months ago
0What kind of work experience do Top 10 MBA's seek?I have an opportunity to do an international rotation in audit with my Big 4 firm in Bermuda this coming year. But I'm trying to pick up experience that I would both enjoy and make me marketable to a Top 10 MBA program (note: I do not cream about the very top, creme of the crop e.g. Harvard, Wharton...52 years 9 months ago
0If rejected in the U.S., can I reapply in my home country?I'm an international student and just graduated from a target school in the US. I plan to apply to consulting firms here in the Fall. My question is, if I get rejected, can I then go back to my home country and apply to those same companies? Or would the "wait two years before reapplying" rule also ...42 years 9 months ago
0bull v bear.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0A Non-Target Hero: From E&Y to IB to PE to HFWith impressive executives, Wall Street Mentors has a diverse group of accomplished professionals that can help you advance your career whatever your background. Trying to get a front office job coming from a non-target? We have a number of mentors that can help map out the path for you, including...52 years 9 months ago
0Interview Advice from Scott Morris: "Walk me through your resume". Chris of Wall Street Mentors chats with Scott Morris on how to address the popular interview warm-up: "Walk me through your resume". While it seems simple, it's critical as it can set the tone for the entire interview. Just one of the many topics that Scott covered in his book Polished. This...72 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: First Southwest Company02 years 9 months ago
0Fixed Income QuestionsHey guys, first time user here. I have a question that to me seems pretty noobish, and I feel like I should know this but for some reason I never came across this material. Just to add some background first, I am interning in banking right now and going into my Junior year in the Fall. Havin...22 years 9 months ago
0Company Review: Scotiabank02 years 9 months ago
+1Atlanta WSO Happy Hour - Wednesday, July 24th @ 7:30 pmThat's right, Atlanta monkeys, it's time for another happy hour! Join us on July 24th to have some drinks and get to know your fellow simians at Gordon Biersch in midtown Atlanta. Gordon Biersch's Midtown location is right on Peachtree Street next to the Vortex. As usual, Gordon Biersch will be t...02 years 9 months ago
0GB logo02 years 9 months ago
0Company Interview: Grant Thornton02 years 9 months ago
0Healthcare Consulting Career PathI was wondering if there were any healthcare consultants out there that could provide some insight into the typical career path of a healthcare consultant? What kind of exit opps are there? Is this the type of job that will pigeonhole me? I've tried to look this information up myself, but there ...32 years 9 months ago
0BB DCM vs. MM PE shopHi, I am a fresh graduate weighing a top 3 BB DCM analyst between an MM PE shop (only invest in private company with small dealflow) offer. Assuming the long term goal is doing PE, which one would you choose?...52 years 9 months ago
0LevFin and IBDHi, can a guru clarify a bit for me? Is leverage finance under the umbrella of IBD? I got a little confused. I was watching a training video on modeling, and the instructor said leverage finance is part of IBD. However, I was on the web searching for some job descriptions, and one job said "2+ plus...132 years 9 months ago
0MS Lev Fin vs. GS/JPM/BAMLHow is the MS Lev Fin group, compared to GS, JPM, BAML's Lev Fin group, in terms of exit for PE fund? Are they doing a lot of modeling or just pricing? It seems that they are placed under the Global Capital Market....22 years 9 months ago
0Old work experienceSo this fall I'm going to a target university in the UK and will apply for spring weeks in London (1-2 weeks internships at investment banks, I'm sure you know that though). Can I put on my resume a one-day shadowing at a local bank and a banking-related contest where my team finished 7th in Eur...02 years 9 months ago
0Looking for room to rent in Manhattan 8/13-8/22I'll be in NYC for a week in August and am looking for a bedroom to rent for the time i'm there. Instead of crash on a friend's couch i'd much rather have my own room in a good location (doing 2 weeks of travel in peru before arriving and will be longing for a comfortable spot). If you have a r...42 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch02 years 9 months ago
0place to stay.png02 years 9 months ago
0Corporate Treasury interview Have an interview for a treasury analyst position with a distribution company. The company has around $4B in debt, i was told the team is doing some exciting work. What kind of questions should i accept? specifically the technical q's? i was asked about EBITDA and Libor during my phone interview......02 years 9 months ago
0WSO CAMPUS REPS PROGRAM.png02 years 9 months ago
0WSO BLOGGERS.png02 years 9 months ago
0WSO CAMPUS REPS.png02 years 9 months ago
0Corporate Deal TeamsHello, My question is regarding possible positions and teams that pull together extremely large deals for a company. An example would be Boeing's $3.5 Billion US Defense contract bid in January of 2012. Understanding that every company is different and few industries have deals such as this,...12 years 9 months ago
0Inventory for services biz's - my IB's template?hey, so on my IB's short-form BS template, we have an inventory line item. Well, I'm analyzing a healthcare communications agency and its comps. Would I literally just type "0" for inventory given that it's a service biz or would I delete the line item (even tho it's the firm's template)?...02 years 9 months ago
0WSO MENTORS.png02 years 9 months ago
0Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers & Acquisitions (Wiley Finance)02 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of New York Mellon02 years 9 months ago
0Should I sign up for December level 1 exam now?I want to to do ER and have a non-finance background. Working full time but very motivated to do this. I was thinking of either taking it this December but havent started anything yet for prep. Would anyone tell me if I should wait till June and lengthen the 3 levels or should I give it a go in ...22 years 9 months ago
0Company Interview: Sagent Advisors02 years 9 months ago
0mentors.png02 years 9 months ago
+1WSO Webinar - Life in Sales & TradingThis coming Monday night, July 29th, Wall Street Mentors will be hosting its Second Webinar of the summer. On July 15th, we covered the transition from banking to private equity. On July 29th, Anand, a featured mentor and current Hedge Fund trader, will cover what it takes to break into Sales ...02 years 9 months ago
0mentors.png02 years 9 months ago
0WSO Logo02 years 9 months ago
0How to highlight consulting experience on resume?I'm hoping to get some pointers from those of you who are working / have worked in management consulting on how to 'best' display my work experience in consulting. For some background, this is my first job out of college and I've been at my consulting gig for two years now and I haven't touched m...12 years 9 months ago
0Likelihood of Visa SponsorshipDoes anyone know the likelihood of H1B visa sponsorship by PE firms?...12 years 9 months ago
0fast_track_logo.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0Chicago Prop Firm Interview- Trading Assistant RoleHey just looking for any advice regarding on upcoming interview I have with a Chicago Prop Firm (Marquette Partners). Does anyone have any insight on this firm? Also I was told the interview will have some mental math and critical thinking questions. Does anyone have have advice on what to expect wi...42 years 9 months ago
0When did you know?So lately I've been thinking about what I want to do in life. Obviously something in finance but I just don't know what. I've done research on all the sectors but I keep jumping around with different ideas. One day I think being an analyst at a HF is my dream job, and the next day its doing somethin...222 years 9 months ago
0Switching careers in finance after business schoolI recently graduated from a top-3 business school programme in the US and have returned to the UK to find a full-time job. Before business school, I work in derivatives sales (interest rates) and was a VP. I decided to go back to university because I wasn't happy in my job anymore and wanted to take...62 years 9 months ago
0Financial Consulant to PE?How easy is the switch from financial consultant at a top firm to PE?...22 years 9 months ago
0nowhere to apply, how to find a job?I'm an experienced candidate so I can't do OCR or anything like that. I've been browsing nearly all job boards out there daily but there haven't been anything that fit my background since 2 weeks ago. I've also exhausted any contacts that I had. I'm getting a bit concerned as I am trying to land...52 years 9 months ago
0Futures Questions Hello. I have traded Forex off and on with real/fake money for over a year now. I've recently stumbled upon new insights and information that have helped my trading experience and knowledge immensely. I don't plan on trading futures until I've acquired enough capital, through forex, to do so. How...02 years 9 months ago
0Closed!Closed!...12 years 9 months ago
0Would you let your brother kill you or you would kill your brother?I have watched alot of Hollywood movies and wanted to know how you would answer this question. #1: Lets say you are the younger brother. You are dirt poor, and your brother and yourself are trapped in a room with a knife. The people who kidnapped you said only one of you can come out or your bot...262 years 9 months ago
0Broker Asking QuestionsMy broker sent me this e-mail: Dear RustyFork- OptionsHouse (and all broker dealers) is required by the USA PATRIOT Act and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) to perform due diligence, in order to “know our customers”. Because of these regulations, OptionsHouse doe...62 years 9 months ago
0Majoring in Physics instead of going to RossI'm a rising sophomore at Michigan. I am a physics major and have a good GPA (3.8). I'm very involved in finance/investment organizations and am confident that I'll get some sort of finance internship next summer. I didn't want to go to Ross because I didn't want to rule the possibility of physi...132 years 9 months ago
0Steven Cohen Charged in SAC FiascoSurprised this hasn't made the rounds on here yet. I'll let the article speak for itself. [quote]Steven Cohen's long personal immunity to accusations of insider trading that have circled his hedge fund and former employees has come to an end. The Securities ...82 years 9 months ago
0Buy Microsoft?So after almost 12% fall, do you think market overreacted or it will continue to decline? What concerns me is that indexes are being all time high and the market is quite sensitive to each of FED's comments about QE decline which could send the stock to even lower. I would not even think about buyin...22 years 9 months ago
0Please KILL my ResumeDear WSO, I am an undergraduate student at NYU and I want you guys to absolutely destroy my resume and then throw it into the lake like it's another day in the bullpen. If you guys ask why BB to Boutique, it's because I realized after recruiting that I wanted IB so now I'm gunning for FT Recruit...92 years 9 months ago
0HK Group SelectionHey guys, I'm new to the site and would appreciate any help! I'll be joining a BB in HK as a summer analyst. As far as group selections are concerned, what are your opinions to the following groups? In particular, I have exit opportunities as my primary concern. -Leveraged Finance -Corp...332 years 9 months ago
0Company Review: Bank of New York Mellon02 years 9 months ago
0Final Count Down until My IB Start Date - What should I be mastering?Hi All, So I was lucky enough to receive an analyst spot at a small middle-market IB shop (big ups to WSO for shining the light) and I start in the coming weeks. My question for all of you seasoned vets is what should I focus on to prepare during my final days. Now I like to think I am somewh...62 years 9 months ago
0O&G Services - Projections and OutlookTo those of you informed on the topic - what are your thoughts on the outlook of the O&G services industry over the next 5 years? There seems to be some disagreement over the 2013-18 period in terms of projected revenue CAGR. What do you believe the source of this to be? What are your thoughts ...42 years 9 months ago
0Oliver Wyman - Strategic TechnologyI had posted this a couple of months back and am re-posting it because my networks haven't led me anywhere thus far. Is there anyone who can help me with a couple of questions on Oliver Wyman's Strategic Information Technology and Operations practice? ...12 years 9 months ago
0Resume Review Appreciated - Rising Junior - Non Target Hey guys, I need to get my resume finalized before recruiting season heats up at the start of the fall. Coming from a non-target, I will be forwarding my resume to some contacts that I have made at some of the BBs up in New York. Overall GPA is a bit low I know. I am aiming to get it to at lea...112 years 9 months ago
0Company Review: Oliver Wyman02 years 9 months ago
0Were you ever asked to write your own recc?Would love to get the community's thoughts and experiences (or maybe the experiences of other people they've known who have applied)... Was it hard to find someone who would write a good (good in the context of MBA application, not good as in generally positive) recommendation - did it ever get t...132 years 9 months ago
0FT Recruiting during SAA few buyside megafunds are currently taking resumes for my school. But I won't find out whether I'll get a return offer or not until the last week. Is there a danger that if I submit my resume, they may contact my currently employer to ask about my competencies? I'm especially concerned since my gr...62 years 9 months ago
0searslogo02 years 9 months ago
0moneyhoney.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: Raymond James Financial Inc.02 years 9 months ago
0microsoft12-e1351286815969.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0globalview02 years 9 months ago
0Facebook Cold EmailsHey WSO, I have recently discovered a MM/boutique IBD firm in my area that I am targeting among others to try and get some kind of unpaid internship for the remainder of the summer or to build a relationship for an SA position next summer. From looking at the linked in profiles of some of the...132 years 9 months ago
0Houlihan Lokey General M&A - First Round InterviewGuys, I'm having my first round interview with Houlihan in their general M&A group soon (I'm an ANL2 and lateraling). Has anybody gone through the process before and can share some experiences (especially on the "cash balancing exercise")? Also all experiences (across locations) or impression...52 years 9 months ago
0TIPS FOR A BEGINNERHello everyone there, I am currently an engineering student but economics, trading in specific, has caught my attention. I would like to know how much potential is there in this line of work in terms of finances and please suggest where should I start from? ...22 years 9 months ago
0Change in Control or Retention Compensation QuestionDoes anyone happen to have studies or data that discuss the "change in control" or "retention" comp for existing management leading a company through a sale?...02 years 9 months ago
+1Detroit and the Mainstream MediaIt just pisses me the fuck off that they basically spend half a morning covering this, only for the President to give them an out to talk about less important things that will produce nothing important. One WSOer said that there are many lessons to learn about the Detroit bankruptcy, but no one will...42 years 9 months ago
0Dick-Clark-TV-legend-empire-builder-891B328E-x-large.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0Preparing for S&T interviewsHello, I'm a comp. sci. major at a target and want to work at a hedge fund in the long term. However, since many don't recruit out of undergrad, I was planning on doing S&T and then going to a hedge fund. But since I'm not an econ major, my knowledge might not be too great for interviewing. My ...42 years 9 months ago
0Detroit Declares Bankruptcy: $18B Red[quote]'Let me be blunt: Detroit's broke,' says Michigan's governor Rick Snyder.[/quote] Thirty-eight cents of every city dollar goes to debt repayment and unfunded liabilities, the governor said. By 2017, Snyder said, that would jump to 65 cents per dollar. Four months after Detroit appoin...642 years 9 months ago
0New Fund - looking for industry comp infoI'm working with a new fund (sub $100 million) and we're trying to compile data on compensation levels (base salary, annual bonus and carried interest) for a fund this size. We're obviously a small fund and we operate as a single deal team (4 members sharing carry). Beyond the WSO compensation...02 years 9 months ago
0Brackets Shortcut in Excel?Already tried googling. So I know there's a shortcut to anchor a part of cell using F4 when you're in your formula bar. But, if I want to put brackets around some parts in my formula bar, is there a shortcut? E.g. I'm trying to type =(A5+B3)*5 I have =A5+B3 typed in the formula bar, is th...62 years 9 months ago
0What is applying to non-US(in particular, to those in China) entry-level positions like for a US citizen?I'm a rising senior and am interested in working somewhere like Shanghai in MC for a few years before going off to business school back in the US(hopefully top 10). What's the application process like for US citizens? Are interviews conducted in English? I am approaching fluency in Mandarin. And how...12 years 9 months ago
0First Resume on WSOHey guys, This is my first resume on WSO and I would appreciate it if you guys tore it up for me. Thanks....62 years 9 months ago
+4Stand Out as a Non-Target: The Interview (Part 2 of 4) In Part 1 we discussed some tips on networking and recruiting for a Non-Target. In this piece we are going to do a quick walkthrough on how to stand out assuming you have landed the interview. The Setup: The first thing you need to know before you walk in the door is the type of personalitie...292 years 9 months ago
0Can a Private Equity internship be seen as negative?Hi, I'm doing a private equity internship and was wondering whether this could be seen as negative if I want to get a job in banking. My reasoning is that they might assume I don't want to work in banking for more than 2 years and make the switch to PE as I have experience there, and thus not wan...52 years 9 months ago
0Anyone who owns/has purchased real estate?If you are knowledgeable of the process of purchasing real estate, could you please PM me? Thanks...02 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase02 years 9 months ago
0Best way to reconnect with contacts I haven't talked to in a while?I recently started my FT position at a large AM shop after aggressively networking for it back in October 2012. I reached out to dozens of alumni during the 2012 recruiting season, but once I got my offer kind of slacked off on contacting them. I want to reconnect with these guys, thank them for ...42 years 9 months ago
0How to Knock Off the other InternSo I am a SA in S&T and there is another intern competing for the same Sales desk in NY, he said himself we wanted to do Trading and not Sales, but that he'd take the job if he would get it. What can I do to get the job?...142 years 9 months ago
0Any thoughts on Sagent Advisors?What do you guys think about Sagent?...22 years 9 months ago
010863982-real-estate-cartoon-of-house-on-cliff.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0ty monkey.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0How/Why does networking really make a difference? I know it is well-known that a lot of networking can really help your cause. How does networking actually manifest its results in the recruiting/interviewing process though? I am at a target school, and alumni come in to recruit. Are these alumni the ones that are conducting interviews? Are inte...92 years 9 months ago
0overqualified.png02 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: Colliers International02 years 9 months ago
0Breaking into Asset managementI am from a non-finance background and had never considered working in a finance role till 6 months ago. I worked as a consultant for a BB IT team and got to know a few people on the Asset management team there. I then got really interested in Capital markets and really started to watch economic...22 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: Barclays Capital02 years 9 months ago
0Getting out of DCM , getting frustratedI've posted a couple times here recently but am starting to get very frustrated. I'm a second-year analyst in DCM and really want to leave -- while I liked the job a lot the first 6 months, the slow market now has made me realize how little I'm learning and how BS the work I'm doing is. I desperatel...82 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: Deloitte02 years 9 months ago
0Real Estate Associate InterviewI will be interviewing for RE Associate roles soon and wanted to know what kind of interview questions to anticipate. The Analyst interviews were typically all fit and not very technical since we weren't expected to know anything before landing a FT, so I am sure Associate interviews will be more ch...32 years 9 months ago
0Company Compensation: Koch Industries02 years 9 months ago
0Oxford shirts - casual?Are oxford shirts (RL, VV, and the like) too casual for interviews and day-to-day office work?...112 years 9 months ago
0boe.jpg02 years 9 months ago
0Suit on first day of FT?Starting FT gig tomorrow, and while I know business casual is the norm in my group, what are your thoughts on showing up the first day in a suit and tie? I know its better to be overdressed that under, but is there any way this could backfire?...52 years 9 months ago
0Graduated a few years late and can't find anything Finance related (emo post)-...42 years 9 months ago
0please delete....32 years 9 months ago


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