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0Possible avenues in asset managementI've been working in a sort of equity sales role for the past few years (a hybrid between sales and research marketing). My days are filled with writing lengthy sales commentary to string together + supplement research views into a narrative targeted at particular groups of clients. A very senior pe...02 years 10 months ago
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0Rough Draft of Potential New Design ColorsHey guys, what would you prefer, the current Blue border background like we have now with drop shadows around the edges (Current), or a blue nav bar along the top with Grey along the sides with more muted greys to tone down the brightness of the site: A or B? Current: Proposed ROUGH new...292 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Fitch Ratings02 years 10 months ago
0Exiting Military / Sophomore Resume ReviewI have a bit of an unusual background in that while I went straight to college after highschool, I decided to take a break after 5 semesters to spend some time in the Army. To make a long story short, I was an outstanding student in high school however I partied too much early on in college and so ...22 years 10 months ago
0How frequently are you expected to generate investment ideas?I am new to hedge fund industry, my company is also small, so I am wondering if analysts are expected to bring something to the table every day or what... and how long do you normally take to research a company and come into a conclusion whether to buy or not? thanks a lot, sorry if this sound...62 years 10 months ago
0Commercial Associate Base??I am hoping to get some advice from those of you in Commercial/ Corporate Banking. I am in the middle of the interview process for an associate level position at a large commercial bank in the midwest. (Not WF, JPM, or US Bank level, next tier down) I am wondering what an appropriate base level ...32 years 10 months ago
0No experience, finance, and secondariesI am a recent engineering grad from an Ivy and moved to nyc to work at a green energy startup. The startup lost a VC investment and my offer was rescinded, so I have since been looking for other opportunities. Since there is next to 0 engg opportunities in nyc, and even fewer for entry level positio...12 years 10 months ago
0What did you do for money in college?I ran into a similar post on this website about a year ago but I'm sure it's dead and the search engine on this page isn't the best. Anyways, as a current unpaid intern I have to start thinking about what I'm going to do for money while in school in a couple of months. What I'm more interested i...642 years 10 months ago
0Azzam-Rendering-big.jpg02 years 10 months ago
0Law, Letters, & Society Major at UChicagoI will be attending the University of Chicago in the fall. The major in which I am most interested is the "Law, Letters, & Society" major, which to my knowledge is a major specific to the University. ( The major i...42 years 10 months ago
0Hedge Fund AdvertisingWork with a mid-size national ad agency that has some financial experience and with the recent SEC ruling relaxing advertising rulings, think it's a great opportunity for smaller hedge funds to target wealthy investors. Figured it's a shot in the dark - but the hedge fund industry is foreign to ...02 years 10 months ago
0Where do NYU Econ grads end up?I'm a rising sophomore here, and I'm wondering which industries within finance does NYU Econ have a strong presence in as far as where grads tend to work. I have a 3.6 here, and am wrapping up a summer internship at a start-up consulting firm, but I'm finding myself really nervous about my future pr...62 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: HIG Capital02 years 10 months ago
0quick question for a real gtop 10 seamlessweb clicks go...62 years 10 months ago
0imagesCAJROZ8S.jpg02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup02 years 10 months ago
0Zacks Investment Management02 years 10 months ago
0ZAIS Group LLC02 years 10 months ago
0Senior Valuation Associate - DallasI wanted to reach out and see if there were any monkeys looking for a senior valuation associate role in Dallas. Work experience would need to be more than 2 years at a minimum. Let me know. ...02 years 10 months ago
0CitibikeThinking about getting one to cut my 15 minute walking commute down to a 5 minute bike ride. I tried the bikes for the first time this weekend and the system was a little slow and the bikes a little heavy, but all in all a solid experience. I'm just worried that it's only a matter of time before I g...132 years 10 months ago
0Bank E-Mail formatsAlright, I know the general e-mail formats for banks, but I was wondering what about a name like "Josh"? Let's say Josh worked at GS, would his e-mail be [email protected] or would it be [email protected]? I just want to know how banks deal with a nickname. This might be a stupid question, b...42 years 10 months ago
0Big 4 Transfer Pricing vs TASCan anyone provide insight on both of these career paths? Exit ops, Work/Life balance, compensation, career progression, daily responsibilities, etc. Trying to learn as much as possible about non-Audit/Tax Big 4 positions...32 years 10 months ago
0Company Review: Citigroup02 years 10 months ago
0Moving to a smaller firm?so, I currently work for a F10 Tech firm..think in the line of IBM, DELL, HP.. My role as a finance analyst is mainly to support controllership as well as the FP&A team. Most time is spent doing journal entries, variance analysis, balance sheet recons and such. I HATE IT!! Pay is terrible, no ince...12 years 10 months ago
+1Peculiar Analysis - D.C.'s Living Wage BillAfternoon Monkeys, For those of you in the D.C. metro area, this is something I'm sure you've heard plenty about, but others may not know much about a recent bill that has recently passed the D.C. Council requiring large retailers to pay their employees $12.50 per hour. The basic idea is if you ...222 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Lazard02 years 10 months ago
0Si...52 years 10 months ago
0Comp Sci and I-BankingHello, I am a current BA graduate from Comp Sci at a Non-Target (Iona College), I have a 3.53 GPA and a minor in Econ. I am currently enrolled in a MSci program in CS, but leaning towards something in the Financial Sector. I am asking for your opinion on a switch to i-banking, would you complete ...102 years 10 months ago
0Company Interview: BMO Capital Markets02 years 10 months ago
0online app blackholeIt certainly feels like it. It feels like it's automatically getting tossed into the trash can. I know competition must be fierce but I'm not able to get even one interview as an experienced candidate. ...52 years 10 months ago
0Networking - How do I get more Referrals?Background: I'm looking to break into management consulting and I've conducted about 70 informational interviews in the past 3 weeks. What I've noticed is the following: 1. 10% of my conversations tend to go nowhere, usually because either the person I'm talking to is having a really bad day, or be...132 years 10 months ago
0Sellside Research - Picking Senior AnalystTo all the buyside investors / sellside research monkeys with an informed view - What are the things to look for in an ideal junior position? Are you looking for a senior analyst who is extensively involved in new issues (e.g., a more modelling-intensive role)? Are you looking for multiple indust...12 years 10 months ago
0mentors.png02 years 10 months ago
0Questions on Financial Statement Line ItemsI am continuing on my quest to strengthen my modeling skills and get a better handle on all the accounting concepts I’ll be tasked with dealing with. My main question is, in forecasting numbers for models such as a 3 statement model or even just doing the working capital change for a DCF, how to y...22 years 10 months ago
0A Job Req - How a Bill Becomes a LawTreat a job req as an employer treats a resume. Go over it scrupulously but don't harp on detail. Use it as a resource but don't depend on it in and of itself. Be conscious of the fact that it's written to serve two types of readers: you and the person searching for you. Understanding the process...22 years 10 months ago
0Aciron Consulting02 years 10 months ago
0Financial Advisor for which firm?I'm in an interesting position where I'm ready to pull the trigger and take a shot at some of the bigger names in financial planning/advising. With your experience, can you tell me which Financial Advisory program is the best? I'm debating between Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, a...52 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Capco02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: IBM02 years 10 months ago
0UBS Scaling Back Investment BankingThis probably won't come as much of a shock to those of you who've been in the business a few years, but UBS has decided to scale its investment banking division way back in favor of PWM and asset management. UBS will still offer investment banking services to existing clients, but the days of chasi...232 years 10 months ago
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0DTZ Real Estate: What is their deal?I am curious what the reputation of DTZ is in the industry worldwide. Obviously, you have the big boys like JLL, CBRE, etc, but I have never heard of DTZ before applying for a position there. How are they as a real estate firm? Brokerage teams? Compensation? Exit ops? Reputation? Thanks...102 years 10 months ago
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0Why do you do NWC for FCF calcHi guys, This maybe kind of a dumb question, so apologies in advance. Can someone explain the actual concept of why you have to add/subtract net NWC to calculate FCF? I understand it's a rule and done in the cash ops section of a CF. But I am just having a hard time connecting this concept to th...42 years 10 months ago
0Index Updates - Game TheorySituation: Index gets updated periodically... occasionally new stocks are added and stocks are removed. As stocks get added, you can expect demand and as stocks get removed, you can expect sells. But everyone knows that... so some gets overbought/underbought/oversold/undersold. So how do you de...32 years 10 months ago
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0white dress shirt02 years 10 months ago
0MCX Natural Gas May Trade Range Bound; EIA Data AwaitedFor intra-day, support for the commodity is seen at 213 while resistance is seen at 222.5 level. Intra-day traders are advised to remain cautious while taking positions. MCX natural gas for July delivery was seen trading up by 0.14% at Rs.216.60 per mmBtu as of 02.45 PM IST on Thursday. MUMBAI : ...02 years 10 months ago
0mcx-natural-gas-trading.gif02 years 10 months ago
0Comex Copper bearish on weak global cues; MCX Copper negativeThe trend in Copper futures for August delivery on India's Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) is negative and traders are advised to sell at higher levels for the day, according to our analyst. Weakness in Indian Rupee isseen supporting the commodity to certain extent. MUMBAI : Copper prices in the g...02 years 10 months ago
0copper1.jpg02 years 10 months ago
0Acquiring a company midyearI was hoping someone could help clarify a really simple question for me. If Company X (acquirer) is acquiring Company Y (target) at the end of June 2013, is it correct to say that the target's 1st half cash flow from operations unless 100% retained as cash cannot be used by the acquirer later on in...32 years 10 months ago
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0Diagnostic GMAT: 610Took it basically cold. Scored a 610, (38V, 36Q) Obviously need to improve quant... Are Manhattan GMAT books credited? Looking to improve quant score to a 45. ...52 years 10 months ago
0Oil Down Slightly in AsiaOil futures traded modestly lower in the early part of Thursday’s Asian session as traders in the region digested a swath of key central bank and data points out of the U.S. Wednesday. On the New York Mercantile Exchange, light, sweet crude futures for September delivery fell 0.14% to USD106.21...02 years 10 months ago
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0Company Review: Credit Suisse02 years 10 months ago
0Help Breaking into Prop TradingHi all, I am trying to break into prop trading and looking for some advice. I am currently 25, with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Engineering. My schools are not target schools but I have good grades and I believe they are fairly good schools overall (small liberal arts for undergrad, st...32 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Russell Investments02 years 10 months ago
0world blue.jpg02 years 10 months ago
0Clarification on Technical QuestionsHey guys I am really sorry to have to post about such a cliché topic, but as another recruiting season approaches very rapidly, this is something I really need some good tips/advice on from interviewers and especially candidates who have been through the process. I am genuinely worried about te...112 years 10 months ago
0wall st.02 years 10 months ago
0Financial Analyst Career PathWhat is the typical career path for a financial analyst in the corporate world? I know it depends on the company but just take a generic F500 company. Financial analyst Senior analyst ----- then what? Also what is the typical pay like for these different stages? ...52 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Ernst and Young02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Aviva Canada02 years 10 months ago
0Morgan Stanley wealth strategies group analyst?Is it a quant role or just another name for pwm analyst? Also is it belong to Morgan Stanley or mssb? Any exit opportunities? Is it possible to transfer to asset management?...02 years 10 months ago
0Is the BIWS Oil/Gas modeling course worth it?It's $250. Here's the outline: I've also got: -Deutsche Bank's O&G industry guide -Oil 101, Morgan Downey -Something by TPH Anything else i should check out? Thank you...22 years 10 months ago
0Review of the Best of Braverman Volume 1Today we’re doing a book review of Eddie Braverman’s “The Best of Braverman Volume 1”. With that said lets go ahead and jump into the review. Enter the Wall Street Jungle: In the beginning of the book he covers his brief history of breaking into Wall Street. Out of the gate you know h...02 years 10 months ago
0Distressed debt investment model (from the lender's perspective)Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can share a model that analyzes whether to lend money to a company in distress. Senior, collateralized, preferably in PIK form, but anything similar are better than none. Many thanks!! ...112 years 10 months ago
0Company Review: Fortress Investment Group02 years 10 months ago
0Entry point to a career in Equity Research As I browse full-time ER associate jobs it seems like the huge majority of listings require 1-3 years of experience in financial services. I know students have landed associate jobs out of undergrad (therefore probably without even 1 full year of experience) so are those instances anomalies? Is...12 years 10 months ago
0Freshman Internship - Credit AnalysisBackground about myself: I recently completed my first year of a three year program finance program and got a freshman internship at a major energy trading firm (think one notch below Vitol, Trafigura etc). Now the problem is that they have alllocated me in the credit team. I have written credit...22 years 10 months ago
+3Sisyphus Was a BankerWhy do we do the (all too often miserable) things we do for work? This is something I've wondered about myself my entire adult life, and I still don't have good answers. To say we do it for the money is a vast over-simplification. This is a really fascinating TED talk from last October that delves i...102 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Och-Ziff Capital Management Group02 years 10 months ago
0Help With Question From BossHey Guys, I am interning in IB. Boss just asked me to find the offering documents for some comparable collateralized loan obligations. If helpful, I am looking for something along the lines of a CLO of auto loans or something similar to consumer loans. Any clues? Thanks so much. SBs for firs...12 years 10 months ago
0Wells Fargo Finance RotationAre finance rotations at Wells Fargo less selective than a "pure" WS bank such as Morgan Stanley? Or is finance selective across the board regardless of the firm...I'm posting this here because I found the Wells Fargo rotation through the LDP compiled thread...12 years 10 months ago
+3Business Conference - A Beginner's GuideI did a search on industry networking events like those hosted through ACG and AM&AA, and surprisingly came up with little of value or as a “how-to” guide, so I thought I would put together some best practices and a running journal combining a few recent events I've attended to help those attend...152 years 10 months ago
0Leveraging an offer in IBD SA interviewsHi guys, First of all -- I'd like to say that this forum has been incredibly valuable for me, and I am very thankful for its existence. I have been a lurker since ~2009, I was still in high school and read this forum for fun, so thank you all for your posts. To give you some context -- I'm a n...92 years 10 months ago
0cwc02 years 10 months ago
0cwc02 years 10 months ago
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0Company Compensation: Citigroup02 years 10 months ago
0fox_twilight.jpg02 years 10 months ago
0Latest Updates to WSO - "In Reply to" animation + moreHey guys, just wanted to make a post about some recent changes we just pushed live so you know to take advantage of them as well as highlight some changes that we are working on next: 1. "In reply to" tabs (above comments that are in reply to another persons comments) are now animated so that wh...92 years 10 months ago
0Help! Need to analyze a Harvard Merger and Acquisition case studyHi guys, For the initial part of a recruiting process for an I-Bank, I have been asked to analyze a Harvard Merger and Acquisition case study. I am fresh out of college and new to these types of case studies. Can anyone help out with a general guideline to analyzing these types of cases. Cheer...32 years 10 months ago
0Operating Cash FlowQuestion: I am confused about operating cash flow vs cash flow from operations. Shouldn't they be the same? If I take an income statement and calculate OCF: Ebit + D/A - Taxes I get a different result than the line "cash flow from operations" on the statement of cash flows. My thought ...52 years 10 months ago
0Direct and Fund investingDoes anybody have a list of, or know of, any family offices/firms that do both direct and fund investing? It seems that soros fund management, msd capital, and ziff brothers are pretty active. Is that right? Do you know of any other firms?...02 years 10 months ago
0Sophomore BB SA PositionsI'm a rising sophomore at UChicago and have just started to look at internship opportunities for next summer. I am unsure whether I ultimately want to pursue IBD/S&T/AM out of undergrad, so my target is to work in one of these divisions at a BB next summer to test the waters. I would appreciate anyo...32 years 10 months ago
+4Stand Out as a Non-Target: On The Job (Part 3 of 4) In Part 1 we covered recruiting, in Part 2 we covered the interview and now the next item is job performance which will be more qualitative than quantitative. Notably, you can apply these steps to a Target entrance as well, however for a Non-Target following the blueprint will be of utmost importanc...152 years 10 months ago
0Company Review: Booz Allen Hamilton02 years 10 months ago
0Benefits and transition from military experience?Early in my senior year of HS I was considering joining the army due to school costs; I changed my mind, but I just received a phone call from the army again I was beginning to consider it again. In one and a half months I will start my freshman year a non-target then transfer to a semi-target my...32 years 10 months ago
0Analyst or Associate - Should I worry about this?As I mentioned in my Intro, I'm a recent MA graduate looking primarily for Corp. Comm. positions in IB/AM firms. Putting aside the fact that these kinds of jobs are, in my experience rarely recruited for (A topic which has no doubt been covered before), my sole experience on Wall Street consisted of...12 years 10 months ago
0What's Your Thought Process: How to ChooseHey WSO, I’m a regular member, but I made this separate account so that I could ask some super newb questions. First off, I realize that this is a topic that has been discussed plenty of times before, but I have read a lot about both of these fields and I am having a hard time figuring out whi...72 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Aviva Investors02 years 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Northern Trust02 years 10 months ago
0Inherited 30k, advice needed. As the title states, I was left 30k my Great Aunt Millie, and I'd like some advice on what to do with it investment-wise. Some information: No student loans No car No debts at all I just started my first job, and make 80k/year. I live in a high COL city, and so anticipate being able to ...542 years 10 months ago
0Where to Live in the Tri-State AreaEveryone who works in the finance industry in New York from Analyst to Managing Partner has to decide where to live and what method of transportation to use to get to work every day. In the NYC area there are many options that you have when deciding your transportation and location of residence, but...292 years 10 months ago
+2What do you think about day traders? What's your impression of them? Any current / former day traders that can offer up some insight into their experience? ...1652 years 10 months ago


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