Need Advice !Hello everyone ! I just finished my freshmen year at college and aspire to be a business man in Wall Street in the near future. I know I'm still very young which is why I'm looking for any type of advice that will help me out. Thank you. p.s feel free to throw any important advice or information... 21 year 10 months ago
Summer Intern 01 year 10 months ago
CFA Test TomorrowGood luck to all of you taking the test tomorrow! For those who have a minute to take their eyes off their Schweser books for a sec...are you stressed or pretty confident? How good is it going to feel after the test? How much total time have you spent preparing for it? Which materials di... 431 year 10 months ago
College TuitionI am a freshman in college right now, and lately I have been seeing a lot of articles in papers, and reports on the news questioning if an undergraduate degree is worth the tuition. Some schools, such as mine, have tuitions that are sky-rocketing, and people cannot keep up. Some people are coming ou... 91 year 10 months ago
..... 141 year 10 months ago
..... 71 year 10 months ago
Breaking into IBD TokyoHey guys, I'm currently interning at a BB in Amsterdam (regional coverage) and I'm aiming for a FT offer in London. However, I've always had an interest in Asia and Japan in particular. Therefore, I was wondering how hard it is for a non-Japanese person to land a FT offer at a BB in Tokyo? A... 81 year 10 months ago
Advice for new FT recruits - tale of cautionMy company runs a graduate scheme where we take on 15/20 graduates a year with 3/4 of those working in my department. I came through this scheme myself and so I like to check in on the most recent cohort of grads to see how they are doing and offer any advice I think might be of help to them. Last y... 441 year 10 months ago
Analyst 01 year 10 months ago
Medical problemsHey guys, This saga keeps droning on. Recently had some medical problems with injury and was lucky enough to be released from the hospital today. I start work tomorrow and will be able to attend, however certain medical inconveniences will be hanging around and I am waiting to hear back from the... 21 year 10 months ago
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Credit Manager 01 year 10 months ago
Wanted: MM IB Mentor, non-NYCI'm seeking career advice from an experienced MM IB professional, preferably associate level and up. Any experience in the MW or outside of NYC would be most relevant to my situation. I've seen a lot of posts on here about successful IB'ers looking to give back, so here's a good chance. All I'm... 01 year 10 months ago
NYY 01 year 10 months ago
REPE Recruiting 2013Does anyone have any update on the recruiting cycle for any PERE 30 firms, or MF/MM recruiting for their real estate practices? I know headhunters have been reaching out over the last few months, and some first rounds/ modeling tests are happening now. Not too sure if offers have been extended yet. ... 41 year 10 months ago
Is Bachelors degree enough to break into trading?Or should you get atleast masters? I am studying computer science.... 41 year 10 months ago
Research Analyst 01 year 10 months ago
First Job Salary NegotiationSo I've looked around online and found mixed reviews for negotiating your salary for your first job. I'm taking a position at a BO trading desk (all I care about is the work life balance these days) and don't really know an industry average to compare to. Also the only prior finance experience aside... 41 year 10 months ago
networking advice Quick question with networking advice. I have networked alot with my schools alumni and everyone seams willing to pass my resume along for recruiting. On the other hand I just started working on networking through my fraternity and had a call with an analyst. At the end of the call I asked if he wou... 41 year 10 months ago
Alpha Capital HoldingsWhat do any of you know about this investment bank?... 51 year 10 months ago
deleteddeleted... 11 year 10 months ago
Analyst 01 year 10 months ago
Management Consulted materialsHi All, Just wondering whether anyone has the Consultant's Networking Bible or any of the other resources from Management Consulted. If you are willing to share, please PM me. I have some materials I can share as well. Thanks!... 01 year 10 months ago
Why would you enroll in Master in Entrepreneuship?Many graduate programs have been developed to consider the various competencies and capabilities that entrepreneurs need to acquire as they go through running their enterprises. Why would anybody enroll in Master in Entrepreneurship?... 31 year 10 months ago
DCM Analyst RoleSo, after weeks and weeks of "following up" to see what my status was and if i was dinged, I finally got a response today. The interviewer said that he wanted to speak with me later today. What does this mean? He didnt answer any of my emails nor did the recruiter, so I thought i was dinged, but sti... 171 year 10 months ago
Any surfers in NYC ?Hey all, I am moving to NYC in July to begin my MBA at NYU. I grew up in Virginia Beach and lived in San Diego for awhile and have been into surfing since I was a kid. I know the surf in Rockaway is pretty good and am looking for people to get in touch with who know the ins and outs of the surf... 11 year 10 months ago
Summer Analyst 01 year 10 months ago
Reason to choose career in technologyLook at the list of 15 youngest billionaires on the world. If you exclude inherited money out, everyone of them has made their fortune with tech companies. And most of them are coders.... 41 year 10 months ago
Work for BlackRock for $400/week or small company for $600/week?Through my school, I got offered a 6 month internship with BlackRock in their Wilmington, Delaware office. The job title is "Data Services and Pricing". They only pay $400/week (possible overtime, but not that much). Also, I heard I don't learn as much there as a I do at some of these smaller com... 191 year 10 months ago
Goldman Sachs Undergraduate CampCan anyone that knows about this or has gone through it provide me with some insight into what it's like? Also, does anyone know how many people are selected for this? Thanks in advance.... 151 year 10 months ago
IB Networking - Linkedin Proper UseA senior IBD employee at BB viewed my profile earlier today. This guy works at a country where I'd like to move to in future, he is also young and probably has a good network there. Normally, I would just search viewers profile using "Incognito Window" in Chrome, which doesn't show anyone that I ... 101 year 10 months ago
Research Associate 01 year 10 months ago
What's a good pathway for getting a Buy-Side Analyst job out of school?I need to make the most out of the advice you guys have for me. So I'm a freshmen at the University of Michigan studying Economics. What should I do right now and in the future that could assist me in landing that Buy-Side Analyst job?... 21 year 10 months ago
Need the best possible optionI have recently finished my first semsester of college at Iona College and i am transferring due to various reasons, but my main issue is where should i transfer to. I am on the fence with 2 schools, which are SUNY Albany and CUNY Brooklyn College. I have a 3.7 GPA right now and im looking to double... 101 year 10 months ago
Deal FlowWhat would be considered a solid deal flow for a MM firm? The firm has a pretty large reach. They are not located in NYC, Seem to have M&A deals mostly in south and midwest... 61 year 10 months ago
Intern - Santander Group - S&T Derivatives - Sao Paulo 01 year 10 months ago last minute housingI just received a last minute offer to intern in NY. I've been actively looking and have been between EHS and NYCintern. I've heard a lot of negative things about EHS, but since it is so last minute, it might be my only I have not read much reviews about nycintern, have any of your guys rented... 31 year 10 months ago
Intern - HSBC S&T - Sao Paulo 01 year 10 months ago
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Computer science major and financeWe all know that there is many cs majors working in finance as a quant but can you get into non-technical position as cs major as well? Say if cs major would want to be just normal ibanker or trader would that be possible? And would minoring in finance help?... 41 year 10 months ago
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computer_monkey.jpg 01 year 10 months ago
Oxford MBAHow does Oxford stack up in reputation in finance within the US? I've been doing some reading and it seems that relative to HSW it is easier to get into Oxford and I would imagine that internationally it is held in the same regard but within the US how does it stack up?... 141 year 10 months ago
MBA for REPE?I made a similar thread in the PE forum, but considering Real Estate is its own niche I figured I'd make a separate one here. If you already attended an target/ivy for undergrad, how necessary is an MBA for REPE? Do most shops expect you to get an MBA after 2 years as an associate, or do people i... 71 year 10 months ago
Research pay - worse than S&T? Ask for more?Been awhile since I've been here! This isn't ER but didn't know where else to post this. I was a 2nd year analyst in commodities sales at a BB when I got laid off at the start of 2009. I couldn't find anything and ended up in a sales-type role at an independent research firm. They matched my prev... 61 year 10 months ago
How do I tell my story effectively? What are my options?Summer is already here and I haven't gotten an internship so I'm looking for help. I did network to get some interviews during the spring but none of them panned out. I have a GPA that is not reflective of my grades due to an extenuating medical condition and college policy which does not allow you ... 21 year 10 months ago
Psychology in the boardroomHello, I am new to the forum and want to ask two questions: Firstly, I am a VP trying to get a promotion. At this level there is a rather large 'bottleneck' and I am trying everything to succeed. One thing I have came across is (for want of a better phrase) psychology in the boardroom. For ... 131 year 10 months ago
Linkedin-Job-Search.png 01 year 10 months ago
Apple TaxI don't know why I find this funny: [quote]Senate investigators accuse Apple of wiring together a complicated system to shield billions of dollars in international profits from both U.S. and foreign tax collectors. A report released ahead of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s inaugural Capitol Hill appearance... 431 year 10 months ago
Sales Summer Analyst 01 year 10 months ago
Valuation Intern 01 year 10 months ago
Intern 01 year 10 months ago
William Blair Taxable Fixed Income InternshipI have final round for this internship, has anyone ever interviewed for it? Can't find any information on it, was wondering in terms of brainteasers, types of questions, etc. I know there s&t is a pretty small department that has been growing in the past few years. ... 01 year 10 months ago
WSO Conference 2013: Reason #27 To Join UsThere are 27 days remaining until the conference (June 29th) and each day we're we'll be listing off another reason for why you purchase a ticket (if you haven't already). Reason #27: As an attendee you'll receive 1 Free Year of Boost Pro from Wall Street Prep ($199 value) Boost Pro is an all... 01 year 10 months ago
Sophomore friendly 2nd tier BBs/Elite Boutiques/MM for SA?I'm wondering which 2nd tier BBs and elite boutiques / MM firms are most receptive to sophomores for a summer internship? I know that most BBs have programs specifically to address this but I've heard that unless you're a URM/female,you can't really "network" your way into one of these programs. ... 81 year 10 months ago
Damodaran Does anyone have his book "Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice" in pdf they could send me?... 101 year 10 months ago
Intern 01 year 10 months ago
A little complacent 01 year 10 months ago
Officer 01 year 10 months ago
Banker PsychologyIBOers: I want to explore our motivations here, because I think it might bring clarity to readers in general. I want this to be an open-ended general conversation, so please feel free to muse. Has anyone noticed that this board's conversation often centers around discerning "the best" of whatev... 501 year 10 months ago
Human Resources Intern 01 year 10 months ago
Citi Associate 01 year 10 months ago
Conversing with the MDHey guys, so I just started in banking recently as an intern. Although I'm pretty close with the other analysts and associates now, I NEVER talk to the MD. Most of the time he just walks past my cubicle without even looking at me. He talks to the older analysts frequently. I am wondering is this... 41 year 10 months ago
BNY Mellon Credit Risk Anlayst-first year they are having an analyst class-opinion?So BNY Mellon decided they were going to hire first year analysts and have a formal 2-3 month credit training program. The title is "Credit Risk Analyst" and there will be between 10 and 30 kids in the class from my understanding you get significant responsibility in terms of meeting with the chief... 101 year 10 months ago
MBA: needed in private equity? I'm an econ major at a USNWR top 5 school, and I've secured an ibanking internship for this summer at a MM investment bank in the south. Provided that I don't want to get into Bain Cap, KKR, Carlyle, BX, and the like, is it likely that I won't need to get an MBA? What about for smaller or middle ma... 51 year 10 months ago
Duke biology major ---> consultingHow would you suggest I break in? I'm interested in Healthcare Consulting. I thought for the longest time that I would go to medical school, but now I realize that it isn't for me. The issue is that I'm too far into my Biology degree to back out. My schedule is so tightly packed that I won't be able... 31 year 10 months ago
Intern 01 year 10 months ago
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Delloite On Campus:O... 271 year 10 months ago