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0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase01 year 10 months ago
0MSF or MiMWhich option do you think offer better career prospects? The programs that I've been looking at for the MSF are WUSTL, Vanderbilt, Texas, and Tulane. I've also been looking at other programs at Duke, Michigan, and Notre Dame. Also, do you think I have much of a chance at these types of programs or s...51 year 10 months ago
0Ideas NeededI have a meeting with a Managing Director working in Global Macro at a top fund. Any ideas what I can ask beside the typical questions about his background and advice? Just brain storming....01 year 10 months ago
0Company Review: Kirkland & Ellis01 year 10 months ago
0LBO model question - entry and exit multiplesCould anybody share some best practices for an enty and exit multiples table in an lbo model? The exit multiple part seems easy because EBITDA is an output so you can calculate EV at various exit multiples. However, the entry multiple is an input, so I cannot think of a way to display various ent...51 year 10 months ago
0BO to IB Analyst: about to make the jump. Requesting advice.Hello Monkeys, I have an IB analyst interview, that may be scheduled sometime mid feb 2014. I'm a 2nd year analyst in operations with some BO experience at a BB and have read some CFA L1 material. As you can guess, this is an opportunity of a lifetime for me. I got it because I topped in an i...241 year 10 months ago
0Apollo raises largest PE fund since crsis These guys are killing it...221 year 10 months ago
0Amy Cuddy: Power Poses - Could be Best Interview AdviceWith interview season upon us I thought I would share this ted Talk with you all as an additional interview resources. I see a lot of post on what to do to shake the nerves, how to prepare and any other advice. I have not used this in practice for an interview but have used it for some big meetings ...11 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: RBS Royal Bank of Scotland01 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase01 year 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Bessemer Trust01 year 10 months ago
0deleteddeleted...111 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Bessemer Trust01 year 10 months ago
0Company Review: Bessemer Trust01 year 10 months ago
0deleteddeleted...191 year 10 months ago
0CMBS vs Corporate CreditIgnoring the obvious differences, are there any structural similarities from a legal/covenant standpoint? I've gotten pretty interested in the corporate credit world and have considered picking up stephen moyer's distressed investing book. However I currently work on the equity side of commercia...01 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: AIG01 year 10 months ago
0DeletedDeleted...151 year 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Stax01 year 10 months ago
0introHey guys, I'm SA'ing at a top energy group in Houston (think Citi, BarCap, CS, Evercore, etc) this coming summer. Happy to join the banking culture....11 year 10 months ago
0Company Interview: SunTrust Robinson Humphrey STRH01 year 10 months ago
0How likely are you to hire me?I'm at a semi-target school doing a master's in computer science and applying to S&T, quantitative research, and IT summer analyst/associate roles. How likely are you to contact me for an interview? Honest opinions please!...71 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Cross Keys Capital01 year 10 months ago
0[Deleted[Deleted]...111 year 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Morgan Stanley01 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Barclays Capital01 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Cain Brothers01 year 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Atalaya Capital Management01 year 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Guggenheim Partners01 year 10 months ago
0numbers.jpeg01 year 10 months ago
0CIM Group InterviewLong time reader of this forum, first time poster. Would greatly appreciate any insight on CIM Group and their final round pre-mba associate interviews. Has anyone been this year? Any color on format/length of their case study, general interview process, or other feedback? Can anyone commen...21 year 10 months ago
0wall street firm for new guy12 years sales, series 7/66...looking for a reputable firm for a stockbroker position...11 year 10 months ago
0Company Review: Alvarez & Marsal01 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Freeman and Company01 year 10 months ago
0Super Bowl XLVIII PicksUsually i would've started this a few weeks back! But it's never too late! Another year... and parity in the NFL persists...on any given sunday.. any squad can be caught sleeping... yet the universe seems to unfold as it should. Predictions!??! [49ers/Seahawks] vs. [Patriots/Broncos] DI...11 year 10 months ago
0MS wealth management intern phone interview soonSo I have a ms wealth management phone interview in 8 days what do i need to know to kill this interview any advice or any info on Morgan Stanley wealth management internship in purchase ny please and thank you ...31 year 10 months ago
0Company Interview: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers01 year 10 months ago
0Navy to PE and CDI am a Chief in the US Navy with 12 years in, 9 of which has been in management positions. I am currentl working as a regional manager for Navy recruiting. I oversee all recruting operations for central NJ. I have my under grad in Business and am pursuing my MBA w/ a concentration in finance. I woul...21 year 10 months ago
0Boutique / Middle Market MBA IB InternshipHello Everyone, I am a first year international student at a top 10 US MBA school. I have a strong GMAT and GPA, and I attended a top undergrad university in my country. Also, I have 4 years of management consulting experience in healthcare. I have been trying to land an IB internship but with...01 year 10 months ago
0Negotiating pay as intern?Is it possible and would it be wise to negotiate pay for an internship? I have an early offer at a firm (non-BB) that made me specify a minimum expected wage on their online application. I was called to notify me of the offer and recently got the actual offer. Unfortunately, the compensation wasn...181 year 10 months ago
0What is acquisition finance & how to prepare for interviewAnybody have thoughts on what would likely be asked in an Acquisition finance interview? From what i've gathered, it's different from the bank's LevFin group but there is some overlap between the group. My thoughts on how to best prepare : basic I-banking interview questions with some emphasis on ...31 year 10 months ago
0Phone Interview Soon, Definitely Not PreparedI'm an aerospace engineering student. Though I have a very strong GPA from a top school, I would go as far as saying that I possess a less-than-basic understanding of corporate finance and capital markets. I have a phone interview in the coming week with Lazard for an summer internship position in t...41 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Shkodra associates01 year 10 months ago
0Picture 16-1.png01 year 10 months ago
0Fulsome Book on M&AFriends, I've been gone for a while, but hopefully not forgotten. Looking for your advice with respect to a book that both explains the M&A process, walks through a merger model _and_ through purchase accounting / asset write-ups / transaction structures / reverse double dummies, etc. Recog...111 year 10 months ago
0PE InterviewsHi all, I was going through several basic PE guides and am currently mulling over "how to think like an investor"... Mostly directed at PE professionals here: How do you go about thinking through questions like "Is this a good investment?" or "Would you invest in this company?" or "What makes ...31 year 10 months ago
0Going from BO to FO, need to revamp wardrobe?Managed to go from a 6 month Back office internship to a 6 month Front office internship in FX Sales, bulge bracket bank. I always wear dress pants, black shoes and a shirt at my BO gig, I wasn't forced to wear this but I felt more professional doing so and as an intern, I felt that I should do ...31 year 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Compass Lexecon01 year 10 months ago
+1What I Learnt This Week – How to HustleOne of my favorite comedians – Louis CK – during an interview several years ago with Conan O’Brian had a great bit that was dubbed “Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy”. While clearly an exaggeration, he sets the scene for why the products of financial melt-down might not be such a...141 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Bain & Company01 year 10 months ago
0Trying to break in into Asset management from a non finance backgroundI am a STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) major and have been investing for the past 2 years or so. I am 25 and have been working in a non-finance role completely. I really enjoy investing and have been thinking of a career switch(Even at work, I find myself thinking more about the mar...41 year 10 months ago
0CFA Book 2 Level 1/2 financial statement analysis book PDFHi all, Does anyone have the CFA book 2.. Level 1/2 books on financial statement analysis they could PM me or show me where to find. Or a similar financial statement analysis book would work. I found a Damodaran book on valuation PDF version but have had no luck with a financial statement an...11 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: SunTrust Robinson Humphrey STRH01 year 10 months ago
0Dynamics AssociatesHas anyone heard of these guys or have experience dealing with them? Are they just another typical staffing agency I should stay away from?...11 year 10 months ago
0CIBCWM IBD 1st round interviewsI got my modeling down, I've read the vault guides and behavioural questions should go fine, but is there anything unique I can expect with CIBC--or any of the other big 5 for that matter? It seems like a standard 30-minute interview, but who knows.. Thanks a lot for any help...11 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: State Street Corporation01 year 10 months ago
0Got the Dream Job Superday...Now What?After the most painful two week wait of your life, you get the phone call confirming your spot at an upcoming super day. Naturally you get excited as this is the bank and position you have been working towards your whole undergrad. You are confident in your technical skills and can't wait to show th...31 year 10 months ago
0Employee refferalWhat are your views on PIMCO and state street markets division? I have a close friend pushing through my application at a top Asset Management firm in global markets and said he will so anything to help me i.e telling tell hr what a good employee I am and so on... I was wondering, is that enough...41 year 10 months ago
0CRE compensation structureDoes anyone have any general metrics on the compensation structure for most big CRE brokerage services firms? Think something a long the lines of CBRE, JLL, Cushman, Eastdil, etc. Specifically on either their capital markets (debt&equity placement) or investment sales platforms. Do all these k...61 year 10 months ago
0Company Interview: McKinsey and Co01 year 10 months ago
0Chicago - Old Town neighborhoodI'm moving to Chicago for an internship this summer. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Old Town neighborhood in Chicago? Specifically, around North & Hudson. It seems the area is generally pretty safe but I've read some reviews that say the Sedgwick "L" stop as well as the surrounding area can...61 year 10 months ago
0Need Series 79 materials to break world record I am 17 and 4 days old. If I can pass the Series 79 in 71 days, it is a new world record. I will purchase your materials from you and pay for shipping. Any help is appreciated ...91 year 10 months ago
0Cash Flow Statement line items for projectionsDoes anyone have advice on how to handle the cash flow statement projections when building out a model? More specifically, I have five years of historical information…the IS and BS are both pretty straightforward. However, when looking at the detailed CFS’s from the last five years…some ...21 year 10 months ago
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0Company Interview: Goldman Sachs01 year 10 months ago
0BNP Paribas - Corporate CoverageWhat is BNP Paribas Coporate Coverage Group? Does this include M & A in this group? I don't want to do FIG or Lev Fin that BNP has applications for. ...41 year 10 months ago
0Company Interview: Deutsche Bank01 year 10 months ago
0Company Compensation: Deutsche Bank01 year 10 months ago
0Multiple SuperdaysSay you have a superday Friday and Saturday. How do you go about telling the Friday firm that you want to book your return flight for Saturday rather than Friday night? Tell them it's for family or just be honest?...21 year 10 months ago
0Company Interview: BP01 year 10 months ago


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