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0Company Interview: Deutsche Bank03 years 1 month ago
0How much can(should) I exaggerate my experience in other countries?Hey people. I just talked to a alumni in IB, who asked me to exaggerate more about my experience. For example, I started a small biz in SE Asia and sell my products to a few surrounding countries (I did not really register a company or set up any website. Neither did I hire anyone). So his suggestio...33 years 1 month ago
0HeadhunterMet with a headhunter about HF opportunities. Was not at all prepared for this and botched the interview with the headhunter. Any tips on how to remedy the relationship?...153 years 1 month ago
0JPM Credit Risk Analyst phone interviewHello, I applied on their website for this position and will be having a phone screen this Tuesday. Does anyone know what kinds of questions I can expect? The full name of the position is CIB – Credit Risk Management - Consumer, Retail and Healthcare - Analyst - NY. Would this position inclu...33 years 1 month ago
0Legg Mason email formatAnybody know the email format for Legg Mason? The WSO Company Database doesn't report it and I'm getting conflicting formats from google search. Thanks...23 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 month ago
0CS Energy Group NYI know CS is regarded as one of the best Energy Groups on the street for oil and gas but what about their NY Energy Group? I know it mostly does Clean Energy but are the exit opps to PE just as good as compared to the Houston office? Thanks for any response...83 years 1 month ago
0how critical is economics to building financial models? Appreciate inputs of the board to understand if and how much of economics is critical to building financial models from scratch. I presume a basic understanding of economics would be required to draw assumptions but how much is enough and how much is too much? Thanks for your time!...83 years 1 month ago
0Boston or DC for Finance?I have recently been looking into MSF programs on the east coast and have noticed that the majority of second tier programs are located in Boston or DC. The list have complied, listed below are the universities that seem like they are worth the investment, all of which are about the same caliber, in...223 years 1 month ago
0GS M&A?Does anyone have an understanding of/ experience with the GS M&A group? I know that they focus more on anti-raid defense and activism shareholders, and from what I've heard, don't do as much of the actual valuation/ modeling that happens in coverage. Intrigued to know if this is the case, and what t...03 years 1 month ago
0Canadian Investment Banks' Exit OpsWhat kind of exit ops do the analysts at the established "local" shops in Canada have? (RBC, CIBC, BMO, TD, Genuity, Scotia) I know their analysts have moved to Canadian PE shops in Toronto like Edgestone, Torquest and a select few at Onex. Anyone with info either through experience or friends o...83 years 1 month ago
0Unpaid PE internship?I have 3 interviews for unpaid internship. 1. PE firm in San Francisco 6 weeks unpaid with possibility of FT offer upon completion. It is a boutique PE firm established in 2009, which has 7 acquisitions under its current portfolio and 3 that were sold in IPO. 2. PE equity placement and advis...33 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: CIBC World Markets03 years 1 month ago
0Canadian school IBD SA 2010 Placements? Share them here!Hey guys, For those in Canadian schools (Ivey/Queen/McGill/Schulich/UofT/Others), if you know your school's IBD SA placements numbers for 2010, post them here. I'll start. For McGill 2010: 1 BAML Toronto 2 BMO Capital Markets 2 CIBC World Markets 1 RBC Capital Markets 1 TD Securitie...63 years 1 month ago
0TD Securities M&As?Hi fellow monkeys, Does anyoe know where i can find the latest M&A deals that TD Securities was invvolved in? I looked on the net and there site but no luck. Thanks Iyad...33 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 month ago
+135 Benefits to Being in the Back OfficeI worked in the back office at an AM for 2 years before leaving for greener pastures. Now my job did suck, but there were a few benefits to the situation that I was in and that I’m sure a lot of you are in right now. 1. Free time at the office – The back office is a pretty easy and mindless j...533 years 1 month ago
0FO IB Analyst practical task. Advice needed.Hi, I've been working in BO for 1,5 years, currently I'm in MO at Risks. I have an opportunity to move to FO IB position, I've been given a practical assignment that I need to complete in a couple of days, but since I do not have a lot of valuation experience I want to clarify couple of things wi...23 years 1 month ago
0N00b Post CREHi guys, Finally got round to posting on this forum after being a stealth ready for quite a while - interesting place. Work in a commercial real estate services firm in Asia as a deal analyst and have worked on several large scale deals but wanna learn more on the nuances of financial modellin...23 years 1 month ago
0Forbes releases 30 under 30Any monkeys manage to make the list this year? [quote]30 Under 30 Finance: The Top Young Traders, Bankers And Dealmakers The rising stars of finance can be found on both the buy and sell sides of Wall Street, working for big banks like Morgan Stanley and Bank of America, hedge funds like Och-Zif...583 years 1 month ago
+1Are there ANY jobs in RE that pay as much as (high finance) Hedge Funds?An analyst in a hedge fund (high finance) can make $500k-$1 million a year at the right shop. What are the positions in RE that are comparable if they even exist at all? I am not talking about entrepreneurial developers of property, but rather positions in a RE firm/company....153 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Deloitte03 years 1 month ago
0Ron Paul: It's the System, StupidIt seems like forever since we've heard anything from the gentleman from Clute, but Janet Yellen's confirmation hearings brought him out of hibernation and into the following interview with CNBC. He actually sounds somewhat optimistic about the choice of Yellen for the job, but his warnings remain t...593 years 1 month ago
0Banks Reassess Internship Programs, Relax Rules for Junior EmployeesBig investment banks are rethinking their internship programs and relaxing rules for junior employees as the season for lining up summer candidates kicks into high gear. Bank of America BAC -0.36% Merrill Lynch on Friday circulated a memo saying it recommends junior staffers take off at least fo...13 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch03 years 1 month ago
0From Company Website to RecruitersI wonder whether this is a good strategy or how I can make it better... First I check the positions posted on the websites of major banks. And then I google the names of those positions to check if the same positions are posted by any headhunters. If yes, I will then apply through the headhunte...03 years 1 month ago
0Valuing a hybrid Consumer/Financials CompanyI am trying to value a company that does consumer financing on retail products. They have a lot of A/R and negative cash flow. When I do a DCF, the company has negative FCF mostly because of their extremely high A/R, which causes an increase in working capital. This negative change in working capita...23 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: South Andes Capital03 years 1 month ago
0Turned down offer. Big regrets.Hi everyone, I recently turned down an opportunity with a small firm mainly due to salary (currently at a BB non-IB position with decent pay & hrs). The job sounded really interesting and I liked the people, but the pay offered was too low... After some talks, I ended up turning down the offer. B...233 years 1 month ago
0First day at work as a PE internHi guys! Thanks to a few of you who have so kindly and helpfully assisted me over the past year or so, I'm en route to starting my first day as a intern at a PE fund in a couple of days' time. I am very grateful for all the help and guidance, and I hope that this would be a first step towards many g...03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Benchmark Group03 years 1 month ago
0How to break into S&T SA internship program 2015 ?Hey guys, I'm student at University of Paris in the first year of a highly selective program. I was wondering what kind of internship would help to break into S&T summer internship next year. I already have a 3 month internship as an Execution Trader, a 5 month internship as a portfolio manag...03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Benchmark Group03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Benchmark Capital03 years 1 month ago
0What occurs during training week at BB SA program in S&T?Hello all, I am expecting an SA role at a BB this summer in S&T. How in depth/involved is the one-two week training period in the beginning and what does it cover exactly? More general finance or mechanics of actual trading, etc? Thank you....23 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: State Street Corporation03 years 1 month ago
0Getting Started ContentI am a graduating senior from a state university and hope to break into the world of equities trading. Although a lot of my formal schooling and education has been on fundamental analysis, I read profusely on the topic of trading and technical analysis. I have been talking back and forth with HF guy...03 years 1 month ago
0L/S Equity HF Interview ProcessHi Guys, So I'm currently in a sell-side research role at a BB and am trying to make the switch over to a L/S equity fund. This said, I was wondering what the interview process is like? Understand it varies from take home case studies to on the spot in house modeling test. More specific...43 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: South Andes Capital03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: South Andes Capital03 years 1 month ago
0Non-traditional student seeking adviceHi Everyone, I am a current grad student with a non-finance background seeking to get involved in project management and project finance....03 years 1 month ago
0What should I do for Summer gig? Hi, I am a freshman at an Eastern European university. Although I am a freshman, I have had some work ex as well. Between school and university I had a 3 yr work stint at several major NGOs and a start-up of my own. I always wanted to go into Banking , but think I don't have enough knowledge...123 years 1 month ago
0GPA for Elite PE / HF Recruiting?**Ignore my other thread, which I posted in the incorrect forum** I'm a first year at a top group -- GS TMT/FIG/CRG, MS M&A, BX R&R/M&A -- interested in working at an elite distressed private equity fund or hedge fund. I have begun meeting with headhunters, and now I'm a bit nervous about my GPA....203 years 1 month ago
0Tell me you guys have seen this.Something like this ever happen to any of you?...43 years 1 month ago
0FOR SALE: STC Series 79 book + online access (6 practice exams)I took and passed my Series 79 on my first try with this material -- it's all you need. Book (pdf) = $75 Book (pdf) + Online access= $175 Book+online access is normally $345 brand new. Online access has 6 practice exams with over 1,000 questions and explanations. Access is good through Ma...83 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Bloomberg03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: BNP Paribas03 years 1 month ago
0Advice needed, do i stay or do i go?Hi guys, I graduated this summer and went straight into a job at a MM ib and was hired into a middle office function that i wasn't particularly keen on but was better than nothing. However at this bank you rotate around a lot and I rotated for 6 weeks in a trading desks strategy team and did real...03 years 1 month ago
0Junior at USC with Hello Everyone! So, lets cut to the chase, I am currently a Junior at USC with a Major in Sociology and Minor in Management Consulting. I have had two internships; one with a Hotel Investment Boutique and another with a Real Estate Private Equity Firm, also a boutique. I know the basics, due d...03 years 1 month ago
0DeleteDelete...33 years 1 month ago
0First Finance Internship Advice NeededHi, I think this an awesome website although I am new to this forum and finance in general. Anyways, I just began an internship at a hedge fund, and its my first job which holds exposure to finance. I am 20 years old and am an accounting major in college. They obviously aren't expecting much from...03 years 1 month ago
+27Hedge Fund Guru Answering Inbox Questions Here. Thanks Mr. Pink MoneySome of these messages are very old but I'm going to answer them anyway b/c I’m in a helpful mood. Question: How would I know what the career path for [this particular hedge fund]? Every fund has their own "career path" just depends what the founder thinks. Some give a shit and want t...973 years 1 month ago
0What were the key news stories of the past year/few years that I should know for IB Summer Analyst interviews?I'm a liberal arts major looking to get into IB, and was told this is a big question for a lot of firms. I have down the greek debt crisis, as well as the 2008 recession..what else would be noteworthy economics/finance related news that I should know and brush up on for the interviews? Thanks...03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: American International Group03 years 1 month ago
02014 Already?Every time I look at my calendar, I am struck by the number 2014. It's unbelievable how time goes by so fast. I was barely getting used to the number 2013! I hope that all of you WSO monkeys can make the most of the fresh start of 2014!...03 years 1 month ago
0Not participating in follow on dealHey guys, I closed an M&A deal and I want to put it on my resume, but there was a follow on acquisition that I was not staffed on. I was too swamped on a few other live things, and another analyst worked on it. If I put the original closed deal, would that draw questions of why I didn't work on the ...43 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: McKinsey and Co03 years 1 month ago
0MIT Masters in Engineering to IM?Hi, So I wanted to ask you how would a MIT Engineering grad be looked upon in Asset Management? Considering the major is completely unrelated to the job, would people be impressed enough by MIT to give an interview with no finance background? (I know that MIT isnt exactly a target for finance but ...03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: LEK Consulting03 years 1 month ago
0All else equal would you...Want to be top dog at a strong performing fund HF/PE/AM (so like 'head portfolio manager'/CIO) Or Top dog at a large/largest market cap Bank (commercial/investment) It interests me as to what the main motivations for the different paths are, as pay is lower for the second option, but argua...33 years 1 month ago
0cox-poverty-4.png03 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Piper Jaffray03 years 1 month ago
0JP Morgan Chase Franklin and International Companies BlogWhere to turn to for financial advice USA TODAY - Financial advice seems to be everywhere these days: On TV, online, in newspapers, magazines and plenty of books. But nearly half (48%) of Americans say it's hard to know which sources of financial advice can be trusted. And according to a su...03 years 1 month ago
0Where to turn to for financial advice.jpg03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: LEK Consulting03 years 1 month ago
0The Leveraged Sellout site is backFor those who loved this site as much as I did, they're kicking off the return with a hilarious new article: My favorite snippet: THURSDAY, JANUARY 9, 2014 The Founder Hounder ... As it turns out, The Founder Hounder may have the best business model in Sil...23 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Deloitte03 years 1 month ago
0Investment Banking Interview QuestionsI had a first round interview with a BB for a IB Summer position, I had two questions: Do they call/email you if you haven't made it to the second round? Or do you only hear from them if you've made it to the second round? Is it possible to get an analyst summer position even with soft technic...23 years 1 month ago
0Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 11.32.34 PM.png03 years 1 month ago
0How to be awesome: story of someone who missed the recruiting boat.Hi Monkeys, I'm posting this after I got alot of PMs after my post in the thread titled "No interviews and Losing self-esteem" So I decided to take the initiative to make this forum so that all you fellow monkeys can see what it takes to get back onto the recruiting boat after you missed it. ...33 years 1 month ago
0the ascentLet there be light! And WSO was created. Avoiding thanking wso and the monkeys profusely, I'm going to tell my story. * I landed in finance by mistake, fell in love with a girl, rose to the top, came crashing down, got the girl, worked like hell and rose to...23 years 1 month ago
0From a student in BaltimoreHello, I'm an undergraduate freshman who recently became interested in investment banking. Like many others, I joined this site to interact with and learn from those more experienced than I am. Currently, I'm attempting to land a first internship at Morgan Stanley in Baltimore in order to gain some...13 years 1 month ago
+1Should a Computer Scientist go into Banking?I'm a CS major, and I'm pretty good at it. I go to a target, have good grades and an interest in economics and finance. Most software engineering jobs start high and peak quickly. The sole reason for me to go into IB would be for the money and career opportunities. I'm not sure I would even succeed ...53 years 1 month ago
0Admission chance to top MBA programWhat are my chances for H/S/W/B MIT Columbia? I applied to all schools over the holidays 26 year old white male BS&ME Engineering State school 3.7 UG GPA Men's varsity soccer 720 GMAT 3+ years at big oil (ie Exxon/Chevron/Shell) Multiple leadership roles and volunteer ...33 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Pacific Crest Securities03 years 1 month ago
+14The BlackHat Interview: 1/4Mod note (Andy): The much anticipated BlackHat interview is here. Questions came from myself and members of writing and intern teams. BIG thanks to BH for his really in-depth/quality/quick responses. I promise all of you will have some great takeaways from this series. If you don't know of Bl...633 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Pacific Crest Securities03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Pacific Crest Securities03 years 1 month ago
0Help Needed! Fair Price Of Personal InvestmentsSo I did a quick search for some clarification on this concept on here but couldn't really find anything to match it or anything that would answer my questions. Here's hoping this thread can answer similar questions for others and be a good learning resource In a bull market like the one we are i...03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch03 years 1 month ago
0Kind of jobs with an MBA non targetHi guys, I am finishing an MBA from a non target university in the UK and then I will have to start to work My MBA finish in 2 months so I am applying a lot every days I have a Bachelor of Arts in Business as well from a non target UK university I have done 1 year of my undergraduate cur...23 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Bank of New York Mellon03 years 1 month ago
0Sub 3.5 GPA First SemesterHey forum, this is my first time posting and I wish it would've been on a happier note but I am really worried because I let my GPA drop low. I told myself I wouldn't let it happen but somehow it did anyway and I'm just not feeling confident anymore. I'm embarrassed honestly. I was going to call fir...113 years 1 month ago
+1Freight/Trading CharteringAnyone know what's the typical background of a freight trader/charterer at major commodity traders? Shipbroking?...53 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Noble Group03 years 1 month ago
0My objective stats are very good, but every other part of my application will be bad. What are my chances at the top schools?I have a 720 GMAT and a 4.0 (double major in finance and econ, double minor in marketing and psychology) from a non-target, mediocre public school. I don't have hardly any extracurriculars or leadership experience, but I had two internships in college and now I'm in my first year working as an analy...33 years 1 month ago
0Tuck to Offer 1-Year Pre-Work DegreeWell, it appears as though Tuck will begin offering a degree other than the MBA at some point in the next couple years: Thoughts? I'm applying to Tuck this round, and the only good I can see coming out of this is if they make sur...233 years 1 month ago
0Company Interview: Optiver03 years 1 month ago
0Company Review: Calamos Investments03 years 1 month ago
0Jumping from a F500 to a private company?I currently work as a controller at a F500, and a headhunter recently called me about a CFO role with a smaller, private company. I never considered leaving the F500 realm, but the all in pay is more than double what I make now and it could be nice not having to deal with Sarbanes Oxley, regulation,...73 years 1 month ago
0Tech industry to business schoolI've been thinking about going to business school for the opportunity to shift out of the engineering and into strategy world (in the tech industry or somewhere else) or entrepreneurship. I've already recognized that from a cost perspective getting a MBA isn't worth it but I think I can get a lot ...23 years 1 month ago
0Look Who Harvard and Stanford RejectedDid a quick search and didn't find this article posted. I know these are just a few examples, but if these guys get dinged, I should just apply to Phoenix University and call it a day. Look who Harvard and Stanford B-Schools just rejected...113 years 1 month ago
0Hello, from Bosnia and HercegovinaHi, I am korean living in Bosnia and Hercegovina. There are not so many koreans here, so I have only bosnian friends over here. I am student at Economic faculty of Sarajevo, final year. And I am interested in working in a top consulting firms. I am looking forward to learn and share a lot w...03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Deutsche Bank03 years 1 month ago
0Company Compensation: Lazard03 years 1 month ago
0Goldman Sachs vs Cargill vs Noble GroupGoldman Sachs vs Cargill vs Noble Group For entry level full time trader...143 years 1 month ago
0Pigeonholed?I am at a BB in a non-finance role (Think IT ops) with no FO exposure. I have been here for a little more than a year. I want to avoid being pigeonholed to this job and I just wanted to know after how much time do I get pigeonholed and get labelled 'The IT Ops guy'?...03 years 1 month ago
0Sesame seed and or Sesame oil market informationSince a lot of people on this forum is abroad, I'm hoping one of you would be able to help me out. I'm looking for a source of news on pricing and analysis on the sesame seed and oil market. Would any of you know of such a source? If it's a paid source that is fine too. I've looked all over onli...43 years 1 month ago
0Does ops have any value for someone who wants to be a F500 Financial Analyst??...103 years 1 month ago
0Do freight or shipping logistics/operations courses help?I'm trading commodities at a bank (...43 years 1 month ago


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