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0Does this actually happen?I guess you could call me naive as I've only lived in suburban areas and although I'm not upper class I didn't grow up in the hood so I wouldn't know. Do any of you actually see this when you're living in NY/NJ/London/etc.? I read about it here: years 2 weeks ago
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+1How Getting 'Wifed Up' Can Affect Your Career I thought of this post when I was out with a colleague the other night, and was a few beers deep. We are both at the age when getting "wifed up" is a definite possibility. Turns out that a few weeks back, he overheard some of the senior partners talking about "Analyst X is going to be getting marrie...493 years 2 weeks ago
0JHU MSF? Profile Evaluation MSF 2014Hello WSO users! This is my first time posting here.Here's looking at you all for some valuable advice. I'm applying to schools for Fall 2014 intake,and I'm looking at MSF and MiM programs. My career interest is in corporate finance (working as a financial analyst) or in AM. I'm not particula...153 years 2 weeks ago
0what magic03 years 2 weeks ago
0Allow the government to ban (or limit) one thing, and they will quickly start to look for other ways to abuse their power... As some of us mentioned in the NYC banning large soda thread, once you give the government power to ban one thing, they will quickly look for something else to ban. That is exactly what Mayor Bloomberg and his panel are doing now. They already got what they wanted for large sodas, now its popco...173 years 2 weeks ago
0I love Will Smith, but wtf, where did he go wrong?Things Jaden Smith tweets (@officialjaden): -I Don't Like To Tweet But The New Hunger Games Is Literally Amazing. (2,347 tweets, 4mm+ followers) -I Encourage You All To Unfollow Me So I Can Be Left With The People Who Actually Appreciate Philosophy And Poetry. -We Need To Stop Teaching The...193 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Ernst & Young LLP03 years 2 weeks ago
0South Africans in Finance and Investments in NYC: LinkedIn Group / NetworkingI was searching LinkedIn the other day for South African groups in NYC and the largest one had 60 members and has been inactive for a while... Looking to connect with other South Africans and strengthen our network in NYC. Find the group "South Africans in Finance and Investments in NYC" on Link...13 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Review: Wells Fargo and Company03 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup03 years 2 weeks ago
03 Statement Model / LBO functionality technical interviewHello WSO, Long time reader but rarely post. I am seeking advice on preparation for a technical interview. I met the CEO of a small but booming tech company and am now on a third round interview for their FP&A department. I consider this a dream job. Specifically I was told the following. ...253 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Review: Rothschild03 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: JPMorgan Chase03 years 2 weeks ago
0Who is Mr. Massad? What does this mean for the markets? Is this guy really qualified to lead the CFTC? He sounds wishy-washy to me. What do you monkeys think this means for the markets and for the overall regulation of derivatives? ...03 years 2 weeks ago
0deja vu.jpg03 years 2 weeks ago
0Class War.jpg03 years 2 weeks ago
0Put MSF on resume before starting ?Hi WSO, I was recently accepted into a MSF programme at a target university. The programme starts in Fall 2014, and thus I have the opportunity to do one more internship during Summer 2014 before the programme. However, I am presently at a non-target university, and I would really like to leve...53 years 2 weeks ago
0Physics PhD wondering where to go nextI just finished a physics PhD in the UK and have decided that being a postdoc just isn't that interesting or profitable. My degrees are in chemistry (BSc and MSc from Waterloo) and physics (PhD from Oxford). I have experience in programming (c,cpp,fortran,matlab,etc), statistical inference problem...93 years 2 weeks ago
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0Talking about exit ops on IB interviewSo in an interview the age old question "why investment banking" is it alright for me to give an answer like "i am interested in VC and I think IB will help me develop a great skill set for that"or something along those lines. Basically is it alright for me to mention that I want to do it to put the...73 years 2 weeks ago
0good luck.jpg03 years 2 weeks ago
0How to get part time IB internship with no experience?I'm a sophomore at a target school in NYC. I'm an engineer with no financial experience who wants to work Fridays at an investment bank next semester. I would like to gain some experience and learn more about investment banking and finance in general. I've taken Intro Econ and am taking Macro next s...23 years 2 weeks ago
0Shifting from IB to S&T/researchHi guys, I'm a graduating senior who will be attending a MSF programme in 2014. I did an IB internship at a boutique this past summer, and frankly didn't like it too much. The hours and the repetitiveness of the work really got to me. I am considering shifting to something more markets focused li...13 years 2 weeks ago
0Equity Research Sales at BB Hi all, Just want quick clarification on what the role in the title does day to day. From my understanding they express the firm's views and ideas (from research) to PM's and other people on the buy side with the view to make them trade through the firm as well as subscribe to research? Any c...123 years 2 weeks ago
0law to business.jpg03 years 2 weeks ago
0High school senior thinking careersHello, I am a high school senior beginning to get extremely interested in finance careers. I think the Wall Street lifestyle is most attractive and it is something I want to pursue. A sample job I was thinking about is investment banking. Any advice I should take into account to get a good head star...93 years 2 weeks ago
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0MAKE YOUR FACEBOOK CAREER FRIENDLYHey there, I wanted to share a cool Facebook app that my friends and I made over the weekend. We've only been live for 48 hours but we already have thousands of users (and quickly growing). It scans your Facebook posts/comments/etc. to display offensive content so that you can get a laugh out ...63 years 2 weeks ago
0GE Capital Leveraged FinanceHi guys! any thoughts/info on GE Capital Leveraged Finance team in London? I am wondering primarily how the work/culture/comp compares to bigger/more reputable mid-market lenders, such as Blackstone, Apollo, Babson, Ares or Pramerica? I understand that they work with a lot of large PE firms o...63 years 2 weeks ago
0Sandler O'Neill?Does this bank ever do any FT recruiting (yes, I know it is late)? I have a few contacts there, and they all say they still have not gotten any word from HR....13 years 2 weeks ago
0barclays-plc-logo.jpg03 years 2 weeks ago
0failure.jpeg03 years 2 weeks ago
0Kaplan Survey FindingsGood Evening This PM, Kaplan Test Prep released the findings of our 2013 survey of business school admissions officers. Some of the findings may reflect a shift in MBA education. As you may recall, we've been conducting this survey every year since 2006 to ensure that aspiring MBAs receive the mo...03 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Accenture03 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Deloitte03 years 2 weeks ago
0Career Paths of My Peer Group – 3 Years Out of College I find it interesting to look at the career paths of my peer group now that we’re three years out of college. It’s crazy how things turn out. Maybe you’ll find it interesting/helpful. - Right out of college, I worked as an analyst at a BB. The first year, I made $130k ($10k signing bonus +$...93 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Oliver Wyman03 years 2 weeks ago
0Basic vs. Diluted Shares OutstandingWhen calculating EPS for public market investing purposes, do you calculate basic or diluted shares outstanding? Also, do investors focus on GAAP EPS or adjusted EPS? Thanks guys! ...33 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Aon03 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Accenture03 years 2 weeks ago
0Job offer at BB IBD (Analyst) Vs. M7 MBA Acceptance -- Which one is easier? Just wondering... Which one is easier? ...153 years 2 weeks ago
0TIAA-CREF Employment ApplicationHi there, A friend of mine seems to be in the final stages of the recruitment process at TIAA-CREF and he was told that "your application is complete and is now being sent to Compliance." He was involuntarily terminated from another financial services company about a year ago because he refuse...03 years 2 weeks ago
0Hong Kong vs. SingaporeHello WSO, First a little background: I’ll be heading into my junior undergrad year, studying Computer Science and Math at a top Math/Engineering school in Canada. I’m planning on going for an exchange to an Asian country and have narrowed it down to Singapore vs. Hong Kong. I was wondering...113 years 2 weeks ago
0Surviving a Series of Unfortunate EventsMy children grew up reading a Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket’s (the pseudonym for Daniel Handler). The award winning 13 book series began at the turn of the century (1999) with the Bad Beginning and seven years later, Handler ended the stories with The End (2006). The books chronic...33 years 2 weeks ago
0What do you think about a Masters of Finance from Northeastern? I have been thinking and looking at the masters of finance at Northeastern I would like to know people's opinions on it. ...33 years 2 weeks ago
0Barclays S&T Assessment Center (Singapore)Hi Guys, Would like to know whether anyone has experience/knowledge of how the AC is going to be like. It includes individual and group activities - anyone can share what these involve? Thanks in advance! Cheers...03 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: PricewaterhouseCoopers03 years 2 weeks ago
0How to get on the trading desk you want?For a full time rotational program, is there a good way to go about trying to get the desk you want to work on? The program rotates analysts through 3 desks. Would it be disrespectful to ask the HR or program manager your desk preferences before they assign you the 3 desks? How does the process typi...23 years 2 weeks ago
+3Keep Your Kicks FreshI started working this past January, right in the middle of winter. I work in the Northeast and having lived in California, Florida, and Arizona over the past few years I was blindsided by the harsh winter. At the time I had a 5-10 minute walk to the public transit station and then another 5 minutes...393 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Credit Suisse03 years 2 weeks ago
+1Carrot: They're All Whores But Your MamaThis is the most unintentionally hilarious video you'll watch all week. I especially love how outraged Stephanie Ruhle gets at the quote, "Women love presents just like dogs love treats." But I'm getting ahead of myself. Allow me to introduce Carrot, the new dating app that allows you to bribe women...203 years 2 weeks ago
0Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 9.16.37 PM.png03 years 2 weeks ago
0Wall Street Prep: Student Passport Access Anyone know if access to all their models is worth $39 per month or is this mostly shit I can google and watch youtube videos on?...13 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase03 years 2 weeks ago
0Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 9.16.37 PM.png03 years 2 weeks ago
0Short Twitter or too frothy?With Options coming online this week, what do you guys think of opening up a short-position, given TWTR's valuation is pretty crazy. Main risk is it's youth on exchange + social media stock and most likely momentum will cause it to do crazy things. But if we look at the cluster of social medi...73 years 2 weeks ago
0GS technology to other divisions?Hey guys - is it at all possible to move within the firm from technology to another division - say for example securities strats or equity research? I've got a PhD in engineering from a top school but am finding it hard to get a job in the aforementioned divisions. I've got an offer in tech, but ...13 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: McKinsey and Co03 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Stephens Inc03 years 2 weeks ago
0Flaky HRHey, I received an email from a recruiter on Tuesday that asked me to call the following day to discuss timing for an interview with the MD sometime this week (wed or th). I called the following day in the morning and I got his VM, which I left a message on. I later emailed him to inform him that...03 years 2 weeks ago
0Working at a startup VC fundI have an offer to join a startup venture fund run by a former partner and relevant professionals in the industry. Right now, I'd be helping the fund raise its first round, and sourcing deals after when/if this happens. I've been told this could very well translate to a full time VC analyst/associat...43 years 2 weeks ago
0Roommate starting a trading fundMy roommate has been a pretty good investor wether it's stocks or real estate. He is starting a fund to trade and I'm considering investing something with him. I want to know if this is legal for him to do? He doesn't have any type of series 7, 56, or any of it. ...153 years 2 weeks ago
0William Blair InterviewDoes anyone have experience interviewing with Blair? If so any things to be aware of prior to the interview or questions that they are really big on. Reading the company database, it looks like they focus lot on fit, but I am interested in hearing your all's perspective/thoughts. Thanks for your...163 years 2 weeks ago
0Dropping out of Part time MBA for Full time programHello, I was attending a part-time MBA program (20-30 ranked) last fall, and after a semester decided to stop going due that the recruitng and fact I could not make a majority of the networking events with my work obligations. I was footing the bill myself and did not think it'd be worth it. I do...63 years 2 weeks ago
0What would a junior trader do on the options desk at middle market IB?I've been told the firm's desk acts mostly as a broker. Please provide some color before I take the offer and know wtf im getting myself into and start my career...13 years 2 weeks ago
0Current Consultant at 'Staff Aug' firm vs. Possible PM role in non-Financial Services firmCurrently, I am a consultant at a firm that seems to be transforming itself into a 'staff aug' firm. I think I have a possible offer as a PM role within a non-Financial Services firm. I've mapped out a list of items for reasons on why I should stay or go. Does any one have any suggestions on how...13 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: ING03 years 2 weeks ago
0Summer Associate Internship in M&AHey guys, I am a first year MBA student and have over 10 applications pending that I submitted in October for M&A positions in London and in the US. Any idea when banks start sending out 1st round invitations or rejections? I have applied to most major ones and some smaller ones. Thanks, S...23 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Sageview Capital03 years 2 weeks ago
0University Finance ClubHey all, I'm a first year undergrad business student and I'm trying to learn more about finance as I didn't learn much about the field while in high school. My school's finance club is hiring new executives soon and the following positions are available: Junior Co-President Chief Investment Stra...03 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Societe Generale03 years 2 weeks ago
0Goldman Sachs Study Abroad Super Day Anyone here invited for the GS Study Abroad Super Day next week? Also, for those who have been through GS Super days - how are the interviews like? Any tips / advice etc. would be great!...323 years 2 weeks ago
0Solutions to Multiple Phones?Long story short, I have a personal phone and a corporate phone but would only like to use the corporate one since it's uh... kinda better. I'd also prefer to only carry around one phone. Anyone know a good way to both call forward and text message forward? I'm also considering google voice as an...113 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: GE Capital03 years 2 weeks ago
0Which job looks better on a resume when applying for a top MBA program?I'm wondering if 2-3 years experience at a big 4 with CPA would look better than 2-3 years at Goldman Sachs Salt lake city location in a middle office function (credit risk analysis). Any advice stat would be great!!...133 years 2 weeks ago
0YogaI wanna get into yoga. I just did 20 minutes to some instructional video and ended up feeling pretty good and sporting a semi. How do I get into yoga without going to classes?...63 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: IBM03 years 2 weeks ago
01 .jpeg03 years 2 weeks ago
0F500 executive from Big 4 Hello all. Just wondering how common it is, or how plausible it is, for someone coming out of the big 4, likely in audit, to eventually obtain an executive/upper level position at an F500 after the jump to industry. Also, would Big 4 advisory have a better chance at this? I'm a junior accounting...153 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs03 years 2 weeks ago
0Private Equity - Operating SideAre there any good threads on this area of the business? Would be great to hear some detail on the sort of work that gets done from that end. I have the opportunity to join a small PE firm that is led by a PE operating expert (top PE experience.) It doesn't seem like they're interested in picki...23 years 2 weeks ago
0superman.jpg03 years 2 weeks ago
0Help! Received offer with choice of coming in as 1st year or 2nd yearI received an offer at a very large bank in New York and have the choice of coming in as a 1st year analyst or a 2nd year analyst. For the last year, I've been working at a small boutique. Though the 2nd year offer is appealing, the 1st year offer comes with 3 weeks training in London. To make...103 years 2 weeks ago
0What first year compensation should I expect for extremely intense PE associate position?I come from a very non-traditional path. I am trained as an attorney and was originally working as in-house counsel for this start up PE fund (but extremely well capitalized). After about 3 months I realized I loved the deal side and had a knack for it, and was given the opportunity to transfer to...143 years 2 weeks ago
0Help me decide on an offer! Accenture Business Systems Integration Consulting Analyst vs JP Morgan vs CitiHey guys, I will be graduating in a year with Computer Engineering degree. I have a few offers that I need to choose from. I have interests in programming and software development. I want to work at a place that will help me develop my skills in coding and software development. Please let me ...73 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: KPMG03 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Compensation: Sapient Global Markets03 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Sapient Global Markets03 years 2 weeks ago
0Target Sophomore Seeking IBD/Hedge Fund in NY for SummerHi, Got the WSO interviewing guide and loved it. Heard great things about the community, figured I'd give it a try. I'm a sophomore at Wharton (undergrad) with a 3.7+ looking for something in IBD or at a hedge fund in NYC for next summer. Did corporate finance at Bed Bath & Beyond thi...63 years 2 weeks ago
0Confusion about career pathI am a Computer Science grad from India with 3.64 US equivalent GPA, currently working in a software giant in QA. I am planning on applying to B School in a few years. I am fascinated by finance especially IB that too with a focus on M&A. However, I like strategy consulting also as I have great inte...53 years 2 weeks ago
0FLDP vs Big 4 Audit For MBA?Hi all, I was wondering, if the goal is to get into as good an MBA program as possible, whether an FLDP at a F150 company or Audit at a Big 4 firm would look better. My goals post-MBA are either to go into a strategic finance/internal consulting/strategy within a company or perhaps strategy consu...63 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Jefferies & Company03 years 2 weeks ago
0Need book recommendationsYes, I know this is the 18937th thread on this topic. Hear me out. Looking for some book recommendations that are NOT: 1) Finance-focused 2) Biographical 3) Lifehack-ish Mainly interested in learning more about: 1) Product design 2) Business strategy 3) History (yep, it's a guilty pleasu...133 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Navigant Consulting03 years 2 weeks ago
0Brainstorming for value add for an RE multifamily (school project) with the financialsWe have been given a somewhat distressed property, and we must figure out ways to improve the property and to improve the vacancy rate. We have been given this year's actual/budget P&L highly detailed. The teacher has been pretty vague for what he wants us to do with the info. Any suggestions? ...83 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: Merrill Lynch Wealth Managment03 years 2 weeks ago
0Company Interview: UBS AG03 years 2 weeks ago
0Internship Advice During the School Year.Quick question any advice is welcome! I don't have the opportunity to not work while in school and to continue my goal of graduating without student loans I am looking for another internship. I'm interning right now in a BB commercial banking role, but I'm not learning anything and I'm kind of sick...53 years 2 weeks ago
0NETWORKING: You're doing it wrongSeems like this site has it fair share of horror stories where networking fails and forwarded emails destroy career. Earlier this week in lil'old Australia both of these things happened to Edward Lu who followed up from a previous night's networking with the following email: [quote] Hi Karel, ...273 years 2 weeks ago


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