Most Annoying Finance Jargons/PhrasesThe most annoying phrases in finance with respect to all positions: "At the end of the day" "I'd like to get some color" "Thanks in advance" Whether you're listening to earnings calls etc. whatever it may be the most annoying phrases that come up...... 781 year 11 months ago
Why Are You Investing?This is a philosophical post, not for myself, but for you. This question was inspired by something I read on a blog where the author stated they hoped to get rich through investing. This quip isn't an isolated case, I've heard this from others as well, they invest to get rich, that's their goal. ... 111 year 11 months ago
Resume Critique Hi, I am a Junior at a top 5 university, looking to get an internship in S&T this coming summer. I have attached my resume and any constructive criticism would be very much welcomed! Thank you!... 01 year 11 months ago
Going to other universities for networkingI've heard of students from non-target schools going to target schools in order to network. Does anybody have experiences doing this or know anybody who has successfully gotten an internship/job doing so? How did he/she pull it off? I'm thinking about doing this for a couple of the banks that don't ... 71 year 11 months ago
Healthcare banking exit opps?What are the most common exit opportunities for this work? It seems like you get pigeonholed? Being an associatefor a healthcare investment bank. After a couple years and I was wondering what the exit opportunities are. I was thinking healthcare vc but have read that you need operation experience... 41 year 11 months ago
How Useful is a Fall Internship in IBD?I will be a junior at a target this upcoming semester. I was wondering how useful a fall internship in IBD will be for someone with experience at a boutique investment bank over the past summer. The reasons why I might take on the internship are that it pays quite well and it might set me apart f... 41 year 11 months ago
MS/JPM FIGHow do these two groups stack up in terms of buy-side recruiting for both FIG and non-FIG PE opportunities? Would you take these over generalist offers at "lower" BBs such as BAML/CS?... 111 year 11 months ago
where do all the 40+ go?Where I work, I don't see much people 40+ At the staff level I see people in their 20's-30. At the Manager/VP level is see people in their 30's-40. Then we have the 40+ who are at the executive levels. So what happens to those 40+ that never make it to the executive level? Where kind of p... 181 year 11 months ago
Here's 2 Quick Ways to Value Equity MarketsThe market is overvalued it's going to crash! No, it's undervalued now is the time to buy! There are many ways to value financial markets, however two ratios make it quick and easy to develop a perspective on current market conditions. Shiller PE Ratio Tobin's Q Ratio The Shiller PE Ratio... 21 year 11 months ago
Calling all MRED/MsRED applicantsJust curious if anyone on the forum is planning to apply to Masters of Real Estate Development programs this fall/winter for matriculation in 2014? If so, maybe you could share the following: Program(s) you're considering: Age: GMAT/GRE: GPA: Desired career post graduation: Real estate exper... 31 year 11 months ago
Financial Sector - Research SourcesHi all, I am looking for industry coverage sources - specifically, the financial industry. Does anyone have advice on sources for current events and expected direction of the industry? Thank you!... 21 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Deloitte 01 year 11 months ago
What to list on resume? M&A or IB Summer analystWorked at a small boutique bank this summer. Worked as an M&A Summer Analyst within IBD, but not sure what would be the best title for my position on my resume. Should I title my position as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst, and then explain in my bullet points that I did M&A..or should I just s... 21 year 11 months ago
Interviewing while still workingIs there any etiquette to trying to interview for other positions while still working? Or should it be avoided at all costs? Would love to hear peoples' experiences with this.... 31 year 11 months ago
Too late to switch?I went to a top tier liberal arts college, 3.53 GPA. I have an MA in history. I worked for two years in libraries at prominent universities, and just started my second year of teaching at a private high school. A couple years ago, before I started teaching, I was eager to get into finance. I didn't ... 341 year 11 months ago
trade idea pitch with technical analysisAnyone got this before? How does this even work? Its pretty standard with fundamentals, but a technical pitch seems really extraordinary, given such a huge arsenal of technical tools that one can use. E.g. Pitch on USD/AUD or USD/JPY pair... 21 year 11 months ago
accelerated FT recruiting summer 2013Who's doing it and at which banks? ... 541 year 11 months ago
Has anybody heard of this or a similar position?I'm wonder if this position with Cushman & Wakefield would be worth considering. Even after speaking with HR I am still kind of confused about it. They said this is their first time offering such a position. Here's the description: Commercial Real Estate Development Associate – New York, NY ... 21 year 11 months ago
CMU Tepper MBAAll, Just wanted to get people's thoughts on Tepper's MBA program. I know it's not quite top 10, but it seems like it's focus on analytics is renowned. Is the ranking a major detriment to career prospects? Any pull on the street? ... 21 year 11 months ago
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New WSO Theme Coming? - First Preview and Opinions Requested from the CommunityWhile we did discuss a potential new theme / look for WSO in this previous blog post of mine: ...the overwhelming majority of you voted for a more muted grey background. With that in mind, my graphic designer came up ... 391 year 11 months ago
Bonus Bananas August 23, 20131) The boat people of Stamford vs. Ray Dalio's hedge fund (CNBC) - What happens when Ray Dalio hires a caustic Seattle hippie to pitch his new headquarters idea to a bunch of boat trash? Hilarity ensues, of course. 2) How Jon Oringer became Silicon Alley's first billionaire (BBC) - This is one of... 591 year 11 months ago
Getting into a HF (undergrad)Hello all. I am looking for some advice on how to break into a HF. Background: - I'm a 'junior/penultimate year' undergrad at a top 3 UK university studying stats/finance/maths. - Grades: 2:1 ora first in everything with a couple of 2:2s due to a randomly poor exam day! - In my course we... 181 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: McKinsey and Co 01 year 11 months ago
Consultant as iConnect GroupHappy to introduce. I am Robin working for iConnect Group as consultant.... 01 year 11 months ago
Resume Review for FT Consulting + Other Financial Services companiesHey guys, Could you all give me your input on my resume? I can take the harsh comments so don't let back. I don't need nice -- ain't nobody got time fo dat. :p Edit: For the last work experience I meant to put MB -.-... 51 year 11 months ago
Can an incredibly shy/socially awkward person become a successful investment banker?So, throughout my life I've been a very shy person. And I mean really shy. I've never had friends in my life. I'm always the quiet guy at a party. I have difficulty holding a conversation with others. I'm wondering if it's possible for shy people to succeed in banking, or if this is a rarity? I'... 171 year 11 months ago
Please rank the following M&A FirmsHoulihan Lokey LA, Guggenheim Partners NY, Lincoln International LA, Credit Suisse (SF) ... 61 year 11 months ago
Prime Brokerage Stories: Expect No FavorsThis is the fourth in a series called “Prime Brokerage Stories,” real life experiences from a close family member who worked in this area of the Street for 30 years. For an introduction to PB so it all makes sense, see here: Back whe... 91 year 11 months ago
Shanghai Happy Hour Aug 30th Friday 7:30PM - 11:00PMDear all, It's time for another WSO happy hour after Neverbright Securities messing up the market... Join us on Aug 30th Friday at Kartel, share your stories with other elites and meet new friends. Location: Kartel 1 Xiangyang North Rd, 5th floor Near Julu Rd RMB 100 for three drinks (whit... 01 year 11 months ago
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the vegetarian diet?I don't mean vegan.... 101 year 11 months ago
Top 100 Hedge Funds, ranked by Barron'sHere's a link to the list ABS and MBS have blown all other strategies out of the water since 2010. Also interesting to see all funds in the top ten have AUM ... 191 year 11 months ago
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stock market st.jpg 01 year 11 months ago
Company Review: Merrill Lynch Wealth Managment 01 year 11 months ago
How many hours did you work every week as a first year analyst? Please state what type of bank, location, and hours. ... 51 year 11 months ago
Hedge Fund/IB Summer Internship SearchHey guys, I'm 19, from Toronto, and headed into my sophomore year at a highly ranked school in the UK taking econ and finance. My goal is to land either an IB or Hedge Fund internship during my Junior summer (to land a FT offer) and I think the best way to improve my odds of accomplishing this... 11 year 11 months ago
Are hedge funds growing in Texas?Guys just wanted your opinion on something. Are funds becoming something big in Texas? Do you think they will be able to grow to similar degrees as the one in New York? Do you think austin could be a new investment hub?... 61 year 11 months ago
drop CV at some HF?Hi all, I finished my second year of my maths degree in a very well known UK university. I already accepted an offer from a top 3 american bank for SA 2014. I was thinking of dropping my CV at some HF or quantitative prop firms, to do something during the wintern (like Jane street's winternsh... 91 year 11 months ago
Junior Year Strategy Consulting and IB applicantHey guys. So here's my situation: I'm a rising junior preparing my resume to apply to strategy consulting firms. In fact, that's what I really want to do, so the most helpful critiques would be aimed at improving this resume for a consulting gig. However, I'll also be applying to both bulge bracket ... 21 year 11 months ago
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Iowa husband shoots, kills escaped inmate who held him, wife hostageThis old man got some big testicles (CNN) -- An Iowa man shot and killed an escaped inmate on Tuesday after the convict held him and his wife hostage in their home, investigators said. Jerome Mauderly, 71, and his wife, Carolyn, 66, were asleep when escaped inmate Rodney Long, 38, broke into t... 121 year 11 months ago
Resume profile section for a Jounior AccountantHi all, Could you please review the following profile? I have it on my resume on the top section right after my contact information. I only have 2 years experience as a general accounting clerk with a bachelor degree. Please give me your feedback. Does it sound right? Does it catch the reader's att... 01 year 11 months ago
Exit Ops for Manager Research AnalystAnyone know the exit opportunities for someone doing manager research at an institutional consulting firm 1-2 years out of school? I would ideally like to work in ER at an asset manager, but the odds seems bleak. Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ... 01 year 11 months ago
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Room available ASAP $1900 Union Square huge place (2kitchens 3bath)Hey guys- We need to fill one room in our 5 bedroom 3 bath 2 kitchen apartment. It's on 16th and 3rd and has a 24/7 doorman, a block and a half to union square subways. the apartment is huge by NYC standards and the living room is gigantic. The main kitchen is also very spacious with a dishwasher... 11 year 11 months ago
Looking for hedge fund pitch mentors (long/short equity)I am looking for experienced buy-side equity analysts to give me feedback on my stock pitches. BACKGROUND MBA in finance from a top-5 school, passed CFA level 2 this summer. Most people say I have high aptitude and inordinate love for finance, the reason I’m still not there is that I recent... 11 year 11 months ago
----... 91 year 11 months ago
Unconventional Hedge Fund PathMy ultimate career goal is to be a hedge fund manager and so for a while my plan has been to follow a conventional path, for example, start off as a sell side analyst, then move to the buy side, and 20 years later I might achieve my goal. What about taking a more unconventional route? I could set... 81 year 11 months ago
Healthcare public finance QuestionHey all! First time poster here. Just had some questions regarding healthcare public finance - lifestyle/exit ops/what they do (lol) Thanks!... 31 year 11 months ago
Dartmouth UndergradI was wondering how Darmouth Undergrad was viewed by the Street. What do firms think of Dartmouth and how would its recruiting opportunities compare to other target schools (in terms of the ratio of hired students to total student body)?... 321 year 11 months ago
Dream House!Where do you want to live? Why? Greenwich/Manhattan/Chicago/Beverly Hills/______... 271 year 11 months ago
Public Accounting to Finance?Has anyone successfully made the switch from public accounting to finance? Specifically, Equity research? I am a year into my job as an auditor (started immediately after undergrad) at a Big 4 public accounting firm and I want to make the jump into equity research. I was a double major in acco... 51 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Capital One Financial 01 year 11 months ago
What is Life? - Da fuck?I've been wondering the past few days about the direction of my mind/heart/soul....not to get into any of that emotional bullshit but it's been crazy just growing up and now being 20 years old working a fulltime internship with full time school. With no doubt, I know I'm in a much better position... 331 year 11 months ago
Public Finance MajorHello, I am currently a freshman at a public school (along the lines of UC Berkeley, Michigan, UVA). I am interested in becoming a public finance analyst, but I was wondering, which major would be best suited for this sector? Would it be public policy or finance? I was thinking of becoming a public ... 31 year 11 months ago
Married Goldman Sachs bigwig arrested for rape Anybody know this charmer? Also, if he is acquitted, will GS keep him on or dump him to avoid fallout?... 471 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Ernst & Young LLP 01 year 11 months ago
braverman.jpg 01 year 11 months ago
Public financeI have an upcoming interview for a public finance position.. What type of technical questions will they ask? I've looked through the WSO and BIWS technical guide, but nothing specifically address technical questions regarding public finance. So anyone with some insight, can shed some light I would b... 101 year 11 months ago
Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley 01 year 11 months ago
Room available ASAP $1600 Union Square huge place (2kitchens 3bath)Hey guys- We need to fill one room in our 5 bedroom 3 bath 2 kitchen apartment. It's on 16th and 3rd and has a 24/7 doorman, a block and a half to union square subways. the apartment is huge by NYC standards and the living room is gigantic. The main kitchen is also very spacious with a dishwasher... 11 year 11 months ago
Studying for CFA L1 and Freaking out - Need Advice!hi all, I have just started studying for CFA L1. Its not until you start studying that you realise the sheer volume of what you have to learn and to be honest, i dont know if i will get through all the content before decmebers exam and this is even with an accounting and finance background. I ... 71 year 11 months ago
Considering career switch from AuditHi everyone, I'll keep it short: I graduated in accounting, went to work at a Big 4 Audit (which I am still at, less than 1 year). I didn't think twice about going into audit because I assumed I'd stay interested in accounting and I definitely don't like tax. I've had a realization I wish I had... 31 year 11 months ago