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0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: TD Bank02 years 11 months ago
0au_map_flag.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Where to BIWS based on experience -- critique as well!Looking for some solid feedback on my unconventional resume. This is the current format I've used for all of my past internships. I've noticed it is starkly different from the rest posted here. More than willing to change format to suit the needs. I am curious what positions I should be focusi...82 years 11 months ago
0Recent Graduate HereI just got my bachelors in May. Problem is, I went to an unknown online school, majored in psychology, and my GPA there was only a 3.27. I virtually have no work experience but I am very interested in a career in wall street/investment banking/consulting. I’m just seeking an honest opinion as to w...112 years 11 months ago
0Icahn's Tweets Are Worth $124M a Character?I'm surprised that there hasn't been a thread on WSO about Carl Icahn's Apple tweet earlier this week. I am honestly baffled by the market's reaction to his tweet. I mean, did they need Icahn to take the leap of faith before riding on his coattails? I know that he's an advocate for increasing shareh...112 years 11 months ago
0carrots.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Young Churchill Power Posing 02 years 11 months ago
0Young Churchill Was Destined for Success from an Early Age02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: CIBC World Markets02 years 11 months ago
0Keeping up with sports when you're jammingHey guys, just started in banking and I don't have so much time to follow sports anymore. Anyone know a good website/newsletter I can subscribe to to get daily updates on a succinct page/email??...42 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Ernst & Young LLP02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Phillips 6602 years 11 months ago
0Ex-Lehman Banker Commits SuicideHi, everyone, just found out from a friend that a former aquaintance, former classmate, ex-lehman banker commited suicide yesterday. This guy was in his thirties, lost everything as many have on wall street. My point of this posting is to say that no job loss or financial loss is worth killing y...92 years 11 months ago
0Advice for commodity trader/merchant plsI'm currently a commodity merchant/trader for a big grain co (ADM, Cargill, or Bunge) however I'm trying to relocate to Chicago land area. However, the job search is going extremely slow. Any advice is welcome. I have a yr of grad school under my belt in Financial Markets and 5 yrs experience in ...22 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers02 years 11 months ago
0What happened in the stock/bond markets last week?Stock Market Analysis Conclusions: To the surprise of the “perma-bulls” on Wall Street it apparently is possible for stocks to decline. Large and small stocks, such as those found in the S&P 500 and Russell 2000, respectively, fell over 2% on the week. Much of the market’s recent woes ...12 years 11 months ago
0Fidelity Careers?does anyone know if fidelity has some kind of analyst training or rotational program? and is it any good?...22 years 11 months ago
0Former Bankers in SportsAt the more entry level, as in post IBD analyst stint, do any of you know if corporate development type roles exist in sports teams? Obviously, one can go do marketing, accounting, for these teams, etc. But wondering if you all know if more "glamorous" roles exist within sports teams for bankers a f...62 years 11 months ago
0BBs hire children of powerful people? Unbelievable......122 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Coca Cola02 years 11 months ago
0Language in CollegeI'm planning on learning a new language, and I'm leaning toward Arabic. However, I've heard that Arabic isn't a very useful language in a business setting, as most business even in the Middle East is conducted in English. For example, my uncle lives in a Middle Eastern country and he doesn't know Ar...162 years 11 months ago
0KCG logo02 years 11 months ago
0Associate IBD RecruitingIs there accelerated recruiting for associate-level hires as there is for undergraduates? If so which firms have already started interviewing?...12 years 11 months ago
0Summer intern S&T - Wrong desk/groupI'm a summer intern at a BB in S&T and we have two rotations. The first was in trading but in a desk with very little flow and I didn't find it very interesting or stimulating. Unfortunately, although I want to be in trading, I was placed in Research by HR for my second rotation(almost completely ra...02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Boston Consulting Group02 years 11 months ago
0Moving from Big 4Has anyone tried to move from Big 4 (PwC-Financial Services) with 3 years of experience (Senior Associate) to an analyst role in Banking or Investment Firm. Is it even worth trying without an MBA or CFA...22 years 11 months ago
0Atinum.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Ross 2013 Summer Analyst Placement DataIn case anyone was wondering, here is the Banking/MBB placement data of Michigan Ross for 2013 Summer Analyst Recruiting from this past summer... Allen and Company - 1 Apollo Global Mgmt - 1 Bain & Co - 2 Barclays - 2 Blackrock (advisory) - 4 (think 1 might be investment mgmt) BNP Paribas - ...72 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Rothschild02 years 11 months ago
0Consulting to ResearchHey guys, Currently working as an investment consulting analyst at a top ten consulting firm. Plan on beginning work toward my CFA and I was wondering if anyone had any experience or advice. Thanks!...02 years 11 months ago
0Company Review: Blackstone Group02 years 11 months ago
0WSO Mentors02 years 11 months ago
0JP Morgan Private Banking vs Wells Fargo IBD Summer Internship....62 years 11 months ago
0Soon-to-be Sophomore Resume CritiqueHey Guys, So I'm starting to prepare for networking and internship search, and was hoping to get a few suggestions on my resume. I am most likely probably interested in consulting/corp strategy but my resume is pretty ambiguous thus far, considering I have only had one summer in college. A quic...82 years 11 months ago
+1Morgan Stanley Generalist NY or Goldman Sachs West Region Advisory SFCurrently have 2013 IBD full time offers for the following: 1.Morgan Stanley Generalist pool in New York 2. Goldman Sachs west region advisory in San Francisco I want to work in a megafund after my first 2 years (would prefer new york). MS isnt assuring me any group yet, ideally I would like ...62 years 11 months ago
0Swiss student trying to break into ER- advice needed!I posted this originally in another Forum on WSO....Unfortunately, nobody had an awnser, so I am posting this here. Thank you in advance for ANY tips, advice, or whatever.... I recently finished swiss high School (top 10% of my region) and now I am beginning a Bachelor in Banking&Finance (expecti...112 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: IBM02 years 11 months ago
0Weed out rates as you move up the ladderHey, Wondering how tough it gets to move up. I have a decent idea of the pay ranges and work, but how many get weeded out? Once you land an MBB consulting job out of UG (the tough part for me), it seems fairly stable... go to MBA with a return offer waiting that will get you a salary of 180k ...72 years 11 months ago
0Hamilton Lane NY?Does there co-invest team have a presence in NYC, or are they just in Philly? I know there's a NY office but wondering if anyone else has more insight....12 years 11 months ago
0Janney Montgomery Scott - IB division reviewHi all, Can anybody throw more light on the JMS IB division? How many deals have they done, what is the work culture, working hours etc. Thanks!...22 years 11 months ago
0ChipotleHow do you like your burrito? I still haven't figured out what a carnita is, but i's delicious....432 years 11 months ago
0stocks bonds2.jpg02 years 11 months ago
010.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Deciding on career path?Hi guys, I'm having a tremendous amount of difficulty coming to a conclusion on my career path, in regards as to whether I want to follow the accounting path through Big-4, or work hard consistently and try to make it into a top MBA for a finance focused career path. I attend the University of Flori...32 years 11 months ago
0I Spend Money To Make MoneyAs I realized that I am unable to save very much money month after month, I began to take a close look my expenses. My main expenses broadly fall into three categories: Housing, Food, and Entertainment. Each one of these expenses is so high because of my job. Like anyone else living in NYC and worki...122 years 11 months ago
0Webinar TONIGHT (Monday 8/19) - Mastering the Banking Fit InterviewThis Monday night, August 19th, @ 8:30pm ET, Wall Street Mentors will be hosting a webinar fully focused on fit interviews for investment banking. Justin, a featured mentor with a background in investment banking and private equity, will cover what it takes to master the Fit Interview. CLICK H...22 years 11 months ago
0Digging into ING US (VOYA)After taking a position in ING US (NYSE: VOYA) at about the $25/share level, I have been fortunate to participate in the rise to above $30. The original target was around the 40-50$, with stop around $20, the ipo price. The recent rise and earnings report make this a good time to reevaluate the thes...02 years 11 months ago
+5Are You "IBD or Bust"?As much as I love Wall Street Oasis, I can't help but raise an eyebrow at how narrow some of the mindsets on this website are. I'm specifically talking about in regards to careers; obviously, this is a finance community-targeted website, but it seems unbelievable how many students go beyond "IBD or ...912 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Credit Suisse02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Bloomberg02 years 11 months ago
0Current situationHi guys. I have a situation and I would love some perspective from you guys: -Graduate Jan/14 and have 3 classes in the fall semester (all evenings) -CFA L1 Dec 2013 -Finance major from non-target school 3.3 GPA -Previous experience includes group insurance sales role with insurance company...d...72 years 11 months ago
0JD/PHD - any career opportunity in PE?I've got a JD and a PhD in molecular biology, both from top schools. I've spent the last 6 years at at NYC law firm doing high-stakes pharma/biotech patent litigation. Now I'm considering a move out of litigation, and PE is an area that looks interesting from the outside. But is there any demand ...42 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Northwestern Mutual02 years 11 months ago
0Equity research industry coverage - financials or consumerIn equity research which industry would you guys choose to cover? I think the financials industry is interesting but I've heard it's better to go the consumer route.. help please any insight would be appreciated. I know financials were obviously hated but I think it's a more interesting sector t...02 years 11 months ago
0variableannuities.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs02 years 11 months ago
0CFA Registration Requirements....22 years 11 months ago
0Resume review before Summer Analyst applicationsI am going to be a junior at Northeastern University in Boston. I am looking for summer analyst positions for Summer 2014. I am interested in Valuation and Research and due to that interest, I am looking for positions around Investment Banking, M&A, PE, VC, or overall equity research....42 years 11 months ago
0Does my resume taste good?I want to do banking. I am kind of worried that my previous experience does not really speak to that fully. Also I have not gotten feedback from anyone really, so I'm sorry if something is glaringly wrong. Any and all genuine advice is appreciated. ...112 years 11 months ago
0Negative EPS and EV CalcHello WSO, Did a quick search and didn't find a thread on this, if someone does find it please redirect me. Two questions: When doing a comp sheet and calculating LTM P/E with a company that had negative earnings do you report it as N/A on the sheet or do you use another figure? Just f...42 years 11 months ago
+4Miserable Day in the Life: Commercial Real Estate Broker“I don’t see you as someone who loves Real Estate,” my one Principal said. Wrong… I took a sip of my coffee and thanked whomever that we were outside and I had sunglasses on. “I think you’re just in this to make a quick buck,” he continued. Wrong, again. There is nothing quick a...392 years 11 months ago
0V vs T02 years 11 months ago
0V vs T02 years 11 months ago
0The Sycophant02 years 11 months ago
0Goldman Sachs ER in Salt Lake City?Can anyone fill me in on how the SLC team works with NY, reputation etc? This would be for a junior out of UG role. I have an offer at a boutique ER shop in NY (im from NY) and judging it vs GS In Salt Lake City. ...42 years 11 months ago
0How many dress shirts do you have?How many dress shirts do you have on rotation? How often do you go to laundry them? (once a week? month? 2 months?)...112 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Northwestern Mutual02 years 11 months ago
0V vs T02 years 11 months ago
0Would You Want A Higher Salary But A Smaller Bonus?What do you think? Should this be how bankers and buy side guys are paid or is it a complete disincentive? [quote]Almost two-thirds of U.K. financial services firms have boosted salaries to retain employees before the introduction of European Union limits on bonuses, according to a survey. C...62 years 11 months ago
0Will I get the job offer?I recently interviewed at a BB bank as an experienced hire. I got an email from The recruiter saying the feedback from the interviews was very positive and they hoped to reach a final decision in the next few days. I've done plenty of interviews and never received an interview like this from a recru...52 years 11 months ago
0When you're on the road....What do you folks do after the work day ends? Head to the gym? Bar? Browse CL for casual encounters?...442 years 11 months ago
0Wise idea to position oneself for only one industry group? (NatRes/FIG/RE)I'd like your honest feedback on this: As an undergrad, do you think it's a wise idea to position oneself for just one industry in particular? I'm mainly referring to the industry groups with "specialized" modeling skillsets - Natural Resources, Real Estate, Financial Institutions groups. For ...272 years 11 months ago
0Who here has lateralled to a "higher" bank and was it worth it??hey guys just curious which monkeys have lateralled to a different bank before and wanted to hear whether you truly regret the decision you made or was it the best decision you could've made to advance your career i think obviously lateral is a good move if the bank is not a good fit for you but ...192 years 11 months ago
0Breaking into VC with a JD/PhDI've got a JD and a PhD in molecular biology, both from top schools. I've spent the last 6 years at at NYC law firm doing high-stakes pharma/biotech/medical device patent litigation. I'm considering moving out of law into finance, and several people have suggested I look into VC. Any thoughts on op...32 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Aberdeen Asset Management02 years 11 months ago
0Apply for IBD summer analyst as a final-year student in the UK??As stated in the topic, I am in a one-yr Msc FE program in UK. I know the requirement for SA is to be in the penultimate year, however from what I heard European banks are quite understanding and usually don't mind taking final-year undergrad/grad students as SA and then convert them to full-time h...52 years 11 months ago
0Fixed Income S&T Analyst Interview QuestionsI have some interviews coming up at the big banks for entry level S&T Analyst position. They are for fixed income trading. What are some technical questions that they would ask for fixed income trading? Thanks...32 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Morgan Stanley02 years 11 months ago
0List of equity research firms in SfHey, I am currently a masters in finance student looking to break into equity research. Can anyone tell me or link a list of companies who do equity research or employ equity researchers in SF and the bay area? ...12 years 11 months ago
0Advice for Breaking into HF IndustryHello all, To get the best recommendations I should write a little about myself. I love the stock market, investing, swing trading, technical analysis and finance. The bulk of my experience comes in swing trading options, stock investing and some experience trading futures also. I have bee...102 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Societe Generale02 years 11 months ago
0Physical ExamJust curious-- for FT offers, do firms require a physical exam for health insurance? How does that work? Thanks...32 years 11 months ago
0Mobility within GS OfficesHow difficult is it to move from a regional office to NY headquarters (or another regional office) after a year, granted you are staying within your same banking group?...62 years 11 months ago
0DCF Valuation questionHi everyone, Just got a quick question regarding the FCF calculations used in DCF. The most common way is using EBIT(1-tax) + Amortization & Depreciation - Change in Working Capital - Capital Expenditures, however another slightly more complicated way of arriving at the FCF is using NOPLAT - Net ...32 years 11 months ago
0What skills do you develop while working in Asset Management, more specifically a fund of funds or an endowment?As a corollary to the title, what skills do you need to move up and be successful? ...42 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: Genesis Capital02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Genesis Capital02 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup02 years 11 months ago
0Texas Cap RatesI noticed it is easy to find commercial properties in Houston/Dallas/Austin that have cap rates in the 10-15% range, while in NYC it's pretty hard to find anything with a cap rate above 5%. From what I understand about cap rates, they are lower in cities that are expected to have more future appreci...152 years 11 months ago
0Osborne02 years 11 months ago
01open room in HUGE 5 bd 3 bath 2 kitched apt on Union Squareone of my buddies moved in with his gf and we are looking to fill his room, we are indifferent between a guy moving in and a girl (just realize there are 4 chill guys there already). The place is gigantic and the rooms are a good size, it used to be 2 apartments and it was combined into 1 so there a...32 years 11 months ago
0Chad Pennington and Hakeem Nicks in MetLife Plaza... right now![quote]Source:[/quote] Both players are currently in MetLife Plaza by Bryant Park signing autographs and doing other various things for fans. They will be there until...02 years 11 months ago
0BBQ Pit BoysHoly shit, if you havn't found this YouTube channel yet you need to watch it. Its not often I subscribe to a channel but this is the best years 11 months ago
0Colors.jpg02 years 11 months ago
0Company Interview: T. Rowe Price02 years 11 months ago
0CANADA,ON: Not Going To A Target School !!!I am going to be a freshman entering my first year in Canada at a college that offers a University degree. I will be studying for a Bachelor of Commerce - Finance. My question is how reliable is this in getting a big name job in investment banking in Canada or a good job in Canada. My goal is to be ...52 years 11 months ago
0Company Compensation: Waddell and Reed02 years 11 months ago
0REST IN PEACE 2.png02 years 11 months ago
0rest in peace.png02 years 11 months ago


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