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0The End of Tech?Blackberry's going private. Unsurprisingly. But this article from Wired brings up an important point ... is the end of Blackberry indicative of the end of mobile technological advancement in general? [quote]If mobile technology really has entered a long period of stagnation — or more charita...113 years 3 days ago
0Is IB the pinnacle of false dedication or is the time necessary?Is the work one does as an IB employee the pinnacle of dedication, or is the work necessary? Do you spend most of your day doing filler work or necessary high impact work? Do you spend 100 hours a week doing 20 hours worth of necessary high value work? Do you invent things to do in order t...133 years 3 days ago
0Company Compensation: PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers03 years 3 days ago
0Advice for getting into consulting?I'll be entering college next year, and i'm looking into consulting. I'm fairly certain that I want to double major in CS and something else. What would be an appropriate second major? I'd prefer it to be relatively easy, so it can help counteract some of my CS grades. I was thinking Finance? Or wou...23 years 3 days ago
0What are my chances to top-10?-White male, 27 years old -710 GMAT (45Q, 42Q) -Bachelors in Econ from fairly prestigious public undergrad (think UVA, UNC, Michigan, UCLA etc) -Weak GPA ~2.9, ~ 3.3 within my major) -3.5 years work experience as an analyst doing business development for a Fortune100 financial services company -...193 years 3 days ago
0Military mbr planning transitionHey everyone, I've been a military officer for 6.5 years and am planning on transitioning out of the service in a year. My goal is real estate development. I went to a "target" school but majored in Architecture so I'm not sure if that matters. I didn't have any business background so I've been w...03 years 3 days ago
+1Faking LGBTOkay so it's almost impossible to fake one's ethnicity and be a minority. That said, LGBT are also considered minorities and given preference at many top banks. If I were to fake being gay then would that harm me in any way? ...83 years 3 days ago
0Company Compensation: Markit03 years 3 days ago
0Need Help on Career Advice- Long-Term Goal DistressHello WSO, Over the past 4 months I have made some serious mistakes in career decisions, and now I need help/advice. I graduated this past May and over the past few months I have received offers in areas within the financial services industry that I am not really focused on such as prop trading,...33 years 3 days ago
+1Credit Spread to calculate Cost of DebtHey guys, I am doing a valuation on a company with no debt (ST or LT). Should I just have cost of equity as my WACC? Would it be too aggressive to assume the company will be debt free for the next 5 years (good cash position, no debt past 3 years, build full model+debt schedule and it indicates ...53 years 3 days ago
0How to gracefully accept criticism?Had a meeting with my manager this week. He's very direct in telling me what I did well/need improvement on. When he lists out all the things that are "negative", my heart starts beating exponentially faster and I have that strong urge to argue/fight back. Surely I'm not the only one who feels th...153 years 3 days ago
0Company Interview: KPMG03 years 3 days ago
0Company Interview: JMP Group03 years 3 days ago
0Company Interview: Deloitte03 years 3 days ago
0Houlihan Lokey FAS SuperdayI have superdays with Houlihan FAS in SF and LA coming up soon. Has anyone gone through their suderday and perhaps share some insights? I'd like to know how it's structured and what they are looking for. Specific sample questions would be very helpful as well. Thanks! ...53 years 3 days ago
0Bain written caseHi all, I did use search, but did not find any relatively recent posts about written cases at Bain. While some seem to point towards written cases being heavy on quantitative aspects (lots of math to do in your head), other sources really seem to indicate that the best prep is to continue doi...13 years 3 days ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase03 years 3 days ago
0SALES - UCLA Extension Cert - Check it out Sup Monkeys, I am looking for a boost. I'm not looking for a magic remedy to break into sales, but was curious if this extension could help. Graduated from a non-target, mediocre gpa. Finance Certificate with Concentration in Investment Management and Analysis: years 3 days ago
0Company Compensation: T3 Trading Group03 years 3 days ago
0Company Interview: T. Rowe Price03 years 3 days ago
0Can someone please help me!! internship case study!!Hello everyone I'm currently doing a case study for an acquisition role in a real estate investment firm. one of the problems they are asking me to do is to calculate for the initial price of purchase when im given a 10 year prospective cash flow, irr. (I don't know if this is relevant but the...143 years 3 days ago
0'Illegal Immigrant' - not PCBesides being liberal psychobabble-PC BS in order to get votes, I'm actually confused as to what immigrants in this country who are here illegally should be called? I always felt like illegal immigrant wasn't descriptive enough since they're not immigrants (that would imply they immigrated here in a...593 years 3 days ago
0Company Interview: Blackmore Partners03 years 3 days ago
0WSO Weekly Wrap-Up 09/21 - 09/27In case you missed them, here's some of last week's most popular topics: Hiring the Homeless to Buy Iphones [quote] The new iPhone debuted huge last weekend, to the surprise of no one. As usual, long lines formed overnight in front of Apple stores all around the world. But things got ugly in ...03 years 3 days ago
0Exit opportunities for Boutique vs BBHi, thinking about making a switch and looking for advice on which of the following would have better exit opportunities for PE/HF/asset management: 1) Boutique (e.g. Rothschild, Evercore, etc.) Hong Kong office doing M&A / greenfield vs 2) BB Hong Kong office sector team In terms of: - tec...23 years 3 days ago
0Food and Beverage BoutiquesWhat are some names that come to mind of boutiques focusing on food and beverage?...143 years 3 days ago
0wso weekly wrap up_3.preview_7.jpg03 years 3 days ago
0Company Compensation: Wells Fargo and Company03 years 3 days ago
0Company Compensation: Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.03 years 3 days ago
+2NYC September Happy Hour: Thur., 9/26 7pm"Yo Flesh," AndyLouis writes to me the other day. "People want to party; when's the next WSO Happy Hour?" Indeed, it's been a bit of time since the last event! Join us at our old standby pub, the Galway Hooker, located on 36th Street between 5th and Madison, to meet your fellow simians and down s...293 years 3 days ago
0Company sponsored MBA'sHow long do you typically need to work at a company that has an MBA sponsorship program before you are eligible for it (ie how long do you need to work at a company before they will pay for/subsidize an MBA)? Specifically in IB. ...223 years 3 days ago
0Company Compensation: Coburn Barrett03 years 3 days ago
+3IMPROVE WSO NOW, SAVE WSO FROM ITSELF / OURSELVESCongrats on a great success story! Just read another post called "Finally Got a Job" where the user talks of all the helpful things he / she found on WSO in order to help secure a job. Here is the post (below) and you will see lots of congrats, but there is one comment by "eyelikecheese" that ...293 years 3 days ago
0London Boutique IBHey guys. I'm currently considering transfer my focus to those non-elite boutique IB. Can anyone give me some advice on how to find those in London using Bloomberg terminal? Thanks!...43 years 3 days ago
0BAML M&A Full-Time Analyst SuperdayHi all, I have a superday coming up for BAML's M&A IBD analyst position. This was through accelerated recruiting, and I have an offer in S&T elsewhere. I would be extremely grateful for any advice/insights from people who have been through this process, with regards to the content of the inte...23 years 3 days ago
0Company Compensation: Federated Investors03 years 3 days ago
0Company Compensation: Summit Investments03 years 3 days ago
0Disaster with numerical test Hello folks. Happy friday. I was invited yesterday to take a task online for a BB by SHL. I decided to do so mid day today because I wouldn't want to over the weekend... Did some prep for it and it took it. The test wasn't going too bad but I skipped over maybe 3-4 questions and wanted to return to ...13 years 3 days ago
0Interview03 years 3 days ago
0Asset manager / IB experience -----> Breaking into HF/ Analyst?Hello all- Rosati here Love the forum and all the support Background: I spent 5 yrs at a small investment banking firm on wall st There I invested my clients into PIPEs,PP's, etc and learned a lot about the process. I am now at a fixed income broker dealer and have family high up at...83 years 3 days ago
+4Former PE associate's perspective on these "megafunds"Mod note (Andy) make sure to see the response below by Marcus_Halberstram: "The main driver, IMO, for diversifying away from pure PE and into other alternative and conventional asset classes is that there is a very clear and distinct shift in the PE business model away from the 20 and towards the 2...483 years 3 days ago
0Low GPA, W/ ExperienceMy story is simple. I was at a mid tier and partied way too much. Found myself at a JC and now at a Cal State in LA. I have a mediocre GPA but a ton of experience running A/R, A/P for a 20M company, interning at a startup designing a proprietary 529 debit card, and have an on going internship wit...43 years 3 days ago
0Career Advice - Real Estate High FinanceI have been reading this site for some time although I have never posted. I am looking for a little career advice although I feel my career path and future is likley unlike most on this board. I am 32, recently married, living in the midwest, and currently in the real estate insdustry. I main...63 years 3 days ago
0Company Review: Morgan Stanley03 years 3 days ago
0AlcentraHey everyone, I'm just curious as to whether or not anybody's heard of these guys? Not sure whether or not they fall into Wellington/Third Ave type of AM umbrella or if they are considered more of a hedge fund (line seems to blur for guys that do investment mgmt in disstressed/hy). Decent AUM at ...23 years 3 days ago
0Whats-your-biggest.jpg03 years 3 days ago
0Company Interview: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta03 years 3 days ago
0Company Compensation: Jefferies & Company03 years 3 days ago
+2Decline and Denial: Thoughts on Blackberry Endgame and Microsoft as Value TrapThe last few days have been filled with reminders for me of both the destructive and the redemptive powers of life. The weekend started with a family outing to a Yankee game. As a fan, it was wrenching to see Mariano Rivera and Andy Petite, two players who I have watched for almost two decades, pitc...33 years 3 days ago
0Credit P/E FundThanks to lurking on this website I have learned a decent amount, albeit still have a lot more to learn, about what a P/E firm does. My question for you guys is how does credit fund differ from that of an equity fund? Is the only real difference that a credit fund invests with Debt instead of Equity...73 years 3 days ago
0CRE Exit Opps - 3rd yr senior analystCame across this in the buyside analyst discussion. "I'm currently an analyst at one of the largest CRE lenders in the country and am looking to transition to the equity side in the near term. My search has been mostly focused on REPE firms thus far but would consider going to a buy-side firm like ...73 years 3 days ago
0What's the NEXT BIG THING?Private equity is potentially at its peak, hedge funds are common now, VC is 90s; any idea what the next hot field will be in finance? Something new?...373 years 3 days ago
0Heisen GroupHas anyone had experience with Heisen Group, a prop trading firm? If so, how was that experience? ...33 years 3 days ago
0Finder's fee when you're an employeeI plan to introduce a potential deal/project to my company and will have to negotiate a separate contract regarding my pay in this deal. Do you know how analysts are usually compensated in this situation. If by % of profits, how much %? If a fixed fee, how much? I'm sure it's based on the value of t...43 years 3 days ago
0Company Compensation: The Allstate Corporation03 years 3 days ago
0KIOR Inc. This is a biowaste to biofuel company whose stock has fallen from $5 to $1.55 over a month. They're getting sued by everyone and their moms: "According to the complaint, KiOR made false and/or misleading statements regarding the company's business op...53 years 3 days ago
0corp banking v i-bankingcan anyone give me some insights or advantages into corporate banking OVER i-banking?? other than less hours...i'm talking in terms of content of the job. thank you...13 years 3 days ago
0GMAT Score for Ohio State MSF?I was just wondering what would an appropriate score would be for OSU considering that this is its first year taking applicants. Would it be lenient like the Duke MMS when they first started out? I also have a 3.5 gpa in finance and if it also helps, my dad went to osu (I don't know if legacy ap...43 years 3 days ago
0MSF program at Brandeis V/s Villanova universityI am interested in doing MSF from one of the two mentioned university and wish to pursue a career in corporate finance. Need more info on curriculum and placement opportunities at both universities... Which one is a better option Thanks in advance ...63 years 3 days ago
0Would Brady be accepted into the Section X at HBS? Me thinks not. He would probably be never invited to their events. Edit: None of us worker bees would ever be accepted....473 years 3 days ago
0PERE.jpg03 years 3 days ago
0Thoughts on job offers: Accenture (Strategy Consulting) vs. Unilever (Marketing)I've recently secured two offers for Accenture and Unilever - both of which are based in Singapore. This is an entry-level position since I just graduated college this past May. My role in Accenture is going to be an analyst for the strategy consulting team while for Unilever, a management trainee t...13 years 3 days ago
0Company Review: Walmart03 years 3 days ago
+13 Tips For Negotiating That First Job ContractNot everyone who is a driven, capable, and curious graduate will want to immediately head into the Wall Street flavor of finance. I’m aware that the majority of folks here have or will enter a banking, financial services, or advisory type of job after graduation from college, but there are also t...113 years 3 days ago
0Leveraging and LeavingAny advice on handling the following situation? -Used a job offer as leverage for a raise at my current employer -After staying and receiving the raise, received another job offer a few months later....153 years 3 days ago
0What's a good consulting casebook with a good INTERVIEWER guide?Hi guys. Can you give me a tip? I'm a little lost here. I'm preparing for my BCG interview in one month, using Case In Point, but I need a lot more cases to practice on. I have the people to test me, but I don't have the material - can you recommend a good book with a neatly ordered interviewe...23 years 3 days ago
0ignorance bliss.jpg03 years 3 days ago
0Bindle & Keep Suits?Saw the Gilt City promo, anyone have experience or comments on them? its 600 for a "custom" S-120...73 years 3 days ago
0VC MPsForgive the pedestrian question - do Managing Partners at VCs necessarily invest their own capital? I know a lot of these guys tend to be entrepreneurs who have sold their own start ups in the past. Do they invest their own personal cash into the start ups of others or do they tend to connect invest...33 years 3 days ago
0salary-comic.jpg03 years 3 days ago
0Quadrangle Group InterviewAnyone know what to expect for the Quadrangle Group financial modeling test? I have it next week and just wanted to know if it was a typical LBO model or something else that is a bit more complex....33 years 3 days ago
0MSRE- U of San Diego/WashingtonDoes anyone know anything about the MSRE programs at University of San Diego and/or University of Washington? There is literally no information out there for both of these programs.......33 years 3 days ago
0The tin-foil hats of financeWhilst most of my financial information comes from online news sites (Bloomberg, etc), I do occasionally drift to the dark cynical side of financial speculation where i struggle to comprehend the amount of hardened far right winged bs on these sites. I have heard everything from the economy secretly...233 years 3 days ago
0Why the hate for linkedin news posts?You know those news pieces they have on your feed? The ones that say stuff like "5 tips to getting your next job" , "How to stand out as an employee" , "Is company X on the wrong path?" etc. Why do users on WSO call them garbage? Are they really that bad? What's the worst on you remember reading?...63 years 3 days ago
0Company Interview: UBS AG03 years 4 days ago
+2BAML to Settle Landmark Racial Discrimination SuitIt is being reported that Bank of America is settling the largest racial discrimination suit against an American company in history of behalf of its Merrill Lynch unit. The settlement amount is said to be $160 million paid out to a class of 700 plaintiffs made up of former Merrill employees. The bas...383 years 4 days ago
0UT MPA Question1. A few people from the UT MPA program get into IB in Houston. 2. UT BHP students have the opportunity to also get a MPA. 3. UT BHP students are heavily favored by IB firms. Question: Do you know people who are only in the UT MPA program who have gotten offers from IB firms in Houston? How ...43 years 4 days ago
0Has anyone on here transferred to a target after finishing junior year?Going to a crappy state school on a full ride Looking to transfer to a target/semi-target after finishing this year (my junior year) Has anyone done this before?...93 years 4 days ago
0BAML exit opportunitiesI was wondering what the typical BAML Healthcare or FIG banker does after doing 2 years in banking. Is PE/HF still a very common exit opportunity from either of these two groups?...33 years 4 days ago
0100% cash portfolio for retirement?My dad's retirement portfolio consists of 100% cash. He is ten years away from retirement, and he will get a pension from his company. He claims that the market is too risky...what is the best way to convince him to invest?!? And is right now a good time to invest?...223 years 4 days ago
0company sponsor.jpg03 years 4 days ago
0Responding to email about internshipFirst time posting on here. So I emailed an alum of my school who is a VP at a real estate firm asking for a spring internship opportunity. He replied saying he wasn't sure yet if they were gonna bring on an intern during the spring, but to send him my resume and he'll discuss it with his team. Is t...13 years 4 days ago
0How to get around company firewall???Okay guys, So I'm all set to fire out cold emails, except that whenever I try to email execs or MDs at their company email, the company firewall always blocks my email, since it thinks my cold email is spam. What do? Have any of you encountered this problem?...103 years 4 days ago
0MS Transportation & Infrastructure GroupFor the NY office, anyone have any info on the transportation & infrastructure group (in terms of deal flow, culture, etc.)? Did a search but only found a few outdated responses. Thanks!...43 years 4 days ago
0Big4 Auditor to moving to corporate development/finance/strategy role in industryI am currently at a Big 4 working in audit based in the UK. When in college I had an offer after an internship from a 2nd Tier IB in Corporate Finance. I enjoyed the work, disliked the highly unpredictable long hours and got good performance reviews. In the end I decided to get my ACA because long t...43 years 4 days ago
0Analyst 2006 BonusesI have heard ranges of 90-120 for 1st year to 3rd year analysts. What are your thoughts?...93 years 4 days ago
0Citigroup Global Banking Associate - clarification on type of roleCan someone clarify if this is a standard IB Associate role, or if it's something different? It reads like it includes aspects of investment banking, but it also reads like it's a markets or internal business development/marketing type role. I have seen IB postings from Citigroup before and they wer...63 years 4 days ago
0Why power and utilities?I have an upcoming interview for a power and utilities group and can't seem to find a good answer on why that group. Other than well we need power and its what keeps the country going. Please help. ...33 years 4 days ago
0Corporate VC.Hi everyone, I am currently around 3 years out of undergrad and I work as a pricing analyst for a commodity trading shop that specializes in power and natural gas. Since we are a part of a larger energy company we also have a fairly small but growing corporate VC arm that is there as a hedge agai...03 years 4 days ago
0Company Interview: BlackRock03 years 4 days ago
0Company Compensation: DRW Trading Group03 years 4 days ago
0ignorance03 years 4 days ago
0Company Compensation: Blackstone Group03 years 4 days ago
0Layering vs. SpoofingI haven't been able to find much on this topic except for the Panther articles from July. I have a general idea of what spoofing is, but could always use more info. Is there any difference between spoofing and layering? Would really appreciate if anyone could shed some light on this. Thanks in advan...83 years 4 days ago
0MS IBD Superday (anyone hear back yet)Has anyone heard back yet from either of the two Superdays that Morgan Stanley has held for IBD over the past month. The recruiters said they will not know how many spots are available, but I figured if they were going to ding you they would not wait to do so. ...123 years 4 days ago
0Suggestions-- Can there be a way to not get two separate PM's when you are quoted and have the settings for getting a message for being quoted and being replied to both checked...I think being quoted and being replied to should be more distinguished -- Recently I've found that many times when I try to quote...183 years 4 days ago
0PWM Informational InterviewI have my first ever informational interview tomorrow with a portfolio manager at a boutique PWM firm. Does anyone have any good advice or some great questions to ask the person? Here are a few sample questions I plan to as: What is some advice you can give to someone trying to determine whether...13 years 4 days ago
0Double notifications for quotesI think when people quote other people you get notified twice in your inbox - once for the quote and once for the reply. Kind of annoying, but no big deal....13 years 4 days ago
0Where to apply? Graduated from a non-target but still very reputable school in May with a relatively low gpa. No job prospects - didn't search / apply too much so it was mostly due to slacking. So I started my MBA in Finance this July at a very non-target school only because I could go for no tuition ...23 years 4 days ago
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