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0Company Interview: Fidelity Investments03 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: Focus Acquisition Partners03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Focus Acquisition Partners03 years 1 week ago
0tumbling dice03 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: Ernst & Young LLP03 years 1 week ago
0Cash on Cash Returns for RE dealsQuestion for you RE modelers and junkies... How would you calculate COC return for a development deal, where I need an annual COC return calc? The two issues I am having are: 1) What is the value of the development as it is being constructed (2-3 year window) 2) What is the best method t...213 years 1 week ago
0Lincoln vs. Moelis NY vs. BairdDeciding between these three. Thoughts? Looking for PE exit opps, B-School Placement, and Lifestyle/Comp. Have heard some shitty things about Moelis NY lately....273 years 1 week ago
0Facebook CompoundFor some reason, I find this so creepy. I get that not everyone hates their worklife as much as bankers do, but even if you work at a place that makes you giddy with delight, why would you want to live in the middle of all your co-workers? I imagine Zucks walking around with his toes hanging 3...123 years 1 week ago
0Just how much do women enjoy finance?So i was randomly going through my facebook the other day and saw a comment on a female friend on mine at a BB mentioning the worst part of her day was going to the ladies and hearing the people crying in there. A one off? well the replies from several other women below saying "yea its so bad at ...213 years 1 week ago
0Thing Called LoveThere was a time, there was a place But there was fear inside A witty line to save my face A parachute of pride To cross the line takes a tiny step But will the spark cause the bridge to burn My fear entwined with my regret I beat a path for safe return So here we are, we're just the same ...183 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: Deloitte03 years 1 week ago
0Computer Science + MBA?Say I get a computer science and MBA degree both from top 5 universities (specifically Stanford). What are some good career paths an MBA with a tech background could give you? Is it worth getting the MBA?...03 years 1 week ago
0October 3, 201303 years 1 week ago
0Mining & Aggregates helpHey guys, I got my first big project in a new gig. Can anyone help a struggling monkey out with market share data for the top North American players in crushed stone and sand & gravel? Or where I can find anything like that for free? Been googlin’ a long time and getting desperate. Would be much o...13 years 1 week ago
+1CFA vs. MBA from Business InsiderThought I'd share a couple of links: 11 Reasons Why It's Better To Get A CFA Than An MBA 11 Reasons Why Getting An MBA Is Better Than Getting A CFA P.s. If anyone has any tips for a brand new Big4 auditor that already regrets going into public accounting instead of finance and is startin...153 years 1 week ago
0FA Salary Range at Small/Med firm in DenverI just made it to a final round interview with a medical services company for a FA position in Denver. The only thing is that they want a hard number for salary expectations and I am having a tough time finding solid numbers on a typical salary (ranges from 30k-90k). I know there are a lot of variab...13 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: Bloomberg03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Monitor03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Bridge Bank03 years 1 week ago
0Good stocks for the rest of the year?I really like Oracle right now What about you guys?...53 years 1 week ago
0Internship debacle Hey fellas, So I am a junior trying to position myself for IBD SA in a healthcare coverage group. I took a fall finance/accounting internship @ a national non-profit health org. The job description/what I was told I would be doing was building rev reconciliation models and risk adjusted A/R's. B...43 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Deloitte03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Deloitte03 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: SunTrust Robinson Humphrey STRH03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: LitiNomics03 years 1 week ago
0facebookhouse1.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: SEI Investments03 years 1 week ago
0Getting along with male traders....So I have posted few stuff months ago...and now I am working at MM, FX team..... Anyway, everyone is extremely nice, no badass seniors. I believe the fact that I am the only female on the trading floor helps me to be treated well. Even my MD brings me coffee every morning ! (I volunteered to be a c...203 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Citadel Investment Group03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Corsair Capital Advisors03 years 1 week ago
0Career After NavyI am a Submarine Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy with 1-2 years left on my commitment. I'm looking for career/grad school options for after I get out of the Navy. I enjoy higher level math and am looking for a career that is more quantitative/analytical and intellectually stimulating. I did an intro to ...43 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: IOS Partners03 years 1 week ago
0monkeybars.jpg03 years 1 week ago
+2Stay Strong Guys!Well, I just wanted to take the time to share some insight and a wonderful success story about me! I have a degree in Econ and have taken some investment courses via CSI (canada). My GPA was embarrassing and I had zero internships, and I was set to enter the financial/investment industry! This...213 years 1 week ago
0Lessons of a Master of the Universe -Part 2 of 2In Part 1, the writer discusses his background as a Master of the Universe. Here in Part 2 he continues revealing traits and skilled moves of the best in the game. [quote]Play to win, but be a good loser.[/quote] In life, no matter what others tell you, you’ll lose more often than you win. Lady...53 years 1 week ago
0Is Phil Falcone the new "Bad Boy" on Wall Street ?After the Raj Rajatnaram trial ended in the largest inside trading probe in history, as some of you may know it, last summer regulators went after Harbinger Capital operator Phil Falcone for breaching his "fiduciary duty" by borrowing $113.2 million from a Harbinger fund to pay his personal taxes in...33 years 1 week ago
0Excel Question- Portfolio level acquisitionI currently work in the development group at a REIT that just sold a large portfolio of properties. The transaction will close in the next few weeks and we will be faced with the task of redeploying a large amount of capital as quickly as possible, which essentially means I'll be working on acquisit...153 years 1 week ago
0Greenhill Summer IB Analyst Telephone InterviewHi, I'm an undergraduate with almost no finance background (I study a science subject) and a first-round telephone interview at Greenhill. I think I probably got an interview because of the university I go to, academic results, extracurriculars (none to do with finance, though) and a strong cove...63 years 1 week ago
0Need some advice or tips of where/how to start my career.So I've been following WSO on and off for about four years now, and I absolutely love the this website and all that it stands for. This is my first post. I'm happy to see the success that many of the WSO readers have had. So my story - to keep it short, it's been two years since I've graduated f...43 years 1 week ago
0Project ManagerI have a technology background and currently I am working as Project Manager. I was wondering if getting an MBA will help me advance in my career. If I decide to get an MBA i will go for executive or part time MBA from a top tier school. What kind of opportunities should i expect after getting an ...23 years 1 week ago
0Fitness-Model-abdomen.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Deloitte03 years 1 week ago
0Entry Level Positions in REHey everyone Basically I dont know what the hell I want to do for a career. I was planning to go the IBD route and have a previous internship in that area. Long story short, I decided that that lifestyle was not for me. I'm looking to potentially start a career in Real Estate. I have always b...93 years 1 week ago
0Company Review: NERA Economic Consulting03 years 1 week ago
0Anyone here currently looking for a place in Manhattan?Just got an offer and would like to live with someone in finance preferably, or any young professional that wants to live close or in Manhattan. Give me a shout if you're looking for a down to earth roommate!...43 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Jones Lang LaSalle03 years 1 week ago
0DB achieve [sophomore program]Posting for a buddy. Just post if you've heard back or not. ...383 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Ares Management03 years 1 week ago
0Company Interview: Ares Capital Management03 years 1 week ago
0Worth Starting an MFin Application?Hi All, After taking a look around at several of the well-known and marketed MFin and MSF programs, I'm thinking that this might be the best option for me to break out into finance. However, I haven't started any of my applications yet - do you think it's worth putting in the effort at this poin...23 years 1 week ago
0Section Risk ManagementLots of things going on about risk management these times. Risk management will become more and more important. A seperate section would be great....03 years 1 week ago
0Houston Energy Private Equity Just looking for the names of some smaller energy focused firms in Houston. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks a lot....83 years 1 week ago
0Top MBA Resume BooksDoes anyone have links/pdfs where I can get them? Before you all tell me to search through old threads, I've already searched them all and only gotten very few as most links don't work or are outdated (which I will share here). Most of these books are outdated that I did manage to find. Would rea...43 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Visa03 years 1 week ago
0McKinsey Interview vs. Bain Interview vs. BCG InterviewSo I have made it to final rounds with McKinsey but just got a pair of first rounds from Non-Target with Bain and BCG this week. WSO - I really need your help. How do the B's interviews differ from McKinsey's? What should I expect and should I prepare any differently? More Case, Less Case, More Fit,...103 years 1 week ago
0Pro Forma Balance Sheet for Dividend RecapLet's say you are working on a div recap for a private company. in a 3 statement model, let's say you have $300 book value of equity before the transaction. post transaction, you have $400mm term loan and $400mm dividend. would the pf balance sheet be, $400mm in liabilities, -$100 in book value o...33 years 1 week ago
0th.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Cargill for sophomore internship?Received a corporate finance internship at Cargill - I'm a sophomore at a semi-target. Does the Cargill brand hold any substantial weight for SA recruitment next year? I know it's the biggest private company and make over $130B a year, but seems like a lot of people haven't heard of it....53 years 1 week ago
0Bill O'Reilly is Mad as Hell....For those who missed it last night, Bill O'Reilly gave one of the best talking points memo's I have ever seen. Since Zimmerman trial there have been an endless stream of protests and pundits throwing their two cents in the ring about the trial and race in America and bankruptcy in Detroit has onl...423 years 1 week ago
0Ambit EnergyI was approached by some friends to work for this energy business. The pitch is that energy has been deregulated and the small companies are trying to get customers to let them distribute the energy to them. There is a 400 fee to work for this company. It resembles a pyramid scheme in some ways b...33 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Aequitas Capital03 years 1 week ago
0SIG Research AssociateHas anyone ever interviewed for a full time research associate (undergraduate) position at Susquehanna International Group? Is it highly technical? Will they ask a lot of brainteaser questions, like they do of people who apply for the Assistant Trader position? Again, this position would be...53 years 1 week ago
0Interviewed with a FoF, no responseI currently work at a small fund, 50 aum, primarily small cap. I interviewed with a FoF two weeks ago and thought it went fairly well. I sent a thank you email, he responded and said he would let me know about the second round in a week. One week later, no response so I sent an email, no response. I...53 years 1 week ago
0dcf modelling for utility company I am trying to do a dcf model for the company Might River Power but keep getting to a negative FCF figure. Anyone able to help me out? Link to financial statements: years 1 week ago
0images.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Discounts on Financial Times, WSJ, Business Week, The Economist, etcSo I recently subscribed to Business Week and I am toying with the idea of getting the FT and The Economist. Anyone have any coupon codes or way to get these cheap? I used to bootleg The Economist for my Ipad, but if I can get it relatively cheap I would prefer the paper copy. So bring forth y...173 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Deutsche Bank03 years 1 week ago
0Anyone have experience with Lex Van Dam Trading Academy?I typically would be pretty skeptical about these kinds of things, but a trading competition I'm planning to attend ([email protected] Trading Competition) gives these out as a prize for the beginner division, which seems like some kind of endorsement to a degree Anyone have experience with the Lex Van...33 years 1 week ago
0What % of Your Salary Is For Living Costs?Hey folks, Just wanted to see what % of your salary you spend on rent. We can do gross or net, your choice, just make sure to specify. I'll start. My rent and all utilities come out to about 18% of my gross salary. Also, what percentage would you consider living to be above your means? Belo...293 years 1 week ago
0Bessemer Trust CultureNot much info on here for Bessemer Trust. Anecdotal stories have suggested that they have a very conservative culture. Anyone else have experience working for them or have an idea of the culture?...33 years 1 week ago
0Breaking Bad finaleI never wish away my weekends, but I can't wait for the finale of Breaking Bad on Sunday. I got into this show in Season 3 and, thanks to Netflix, I've filled in the blanks. How does everyone expect it to end? We know Walt's days (minutes) are numbered, and he's got a large gun in his trunk, so ...253 years 1 week ago
0Toronto WSO Meetup: Thur October 3rd, 8PM, Duke of Devon PubToronto Monkeys - join us at the next WSO meetup! We have a reservation at Duke of Devon Pub at 8PM. Just ask for "Wallstreetoasis" at the door and they will direct you to the group. Thursday Oct 3rd, 8PM. Duke of Devon Pub. Address is 66 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5K 1H1 Look forwa...23 years 1 week ago
0Deutsche Bank Muni Capital MarketsCan anyone shed some light on what this group is like? Apparently it's a small group of about 20 or so and is split between NYC and Jacksonville. Can anyone elaborate on the structuring aspect of municipal capital markets in general? How would the exit opportunities be? DB does not underwrite...93 years 1 week ago
0informational interview turned interview?Does this happen often? I recently contacted a portfolio management associate at a bank and we scheduled a time to talk. When she called me, we ended up being on a conference call and I ended up being straight up interviewed on the phone the position. I was completely not prepared and fumbled. A wee...43 years 1 week ago
0recruiting2.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0F100 Corp Finance / Commercial Banking InterviewI have an interview this week at a large f100 company, in the commercial finance / asset based lending group. I am pretty sure the role involves credit analysis of companies for around $1-25M loans. I was told that f100 interviews are mostly (if not completely) behavioral/fit questions, and easie...53 years 1 week ago
0brand name.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Basically, need some straight forward help/advice on a complex situation..A little background on myself: I'm in community college in California. I did not do well in high school, but have a 3.2-3.5 (not exactly sure at the moment, need to check) GPA. The biggest issue I'm having is where to try and go to school, namely because I really screwed myself on my math. I'm 20, a...33 years 1 week ago
0Blackstone M&A vs. Evercore?So I'm trying to decide between Blackstone M&A and Evercore Partners (generalist position) for a summer internship. My impression is that Blackstone is more prestigious but at the same time that the M&A group gets most of its prestige by the fact that it's associated with Blackstone rather than a...293 years 1 week ago
0Commodities at Citi?Can anybody speak to the depth and breadth of operations (and working conditions) at Citi's Commodities arm? It seems unique in that it is its own entity, as opposed to a subcomponent of FICC- do they have a wider variety of activities (EG physical as well as paper trading)? I've also read a co...23 years 1 week ago
0Interest rate strategy?I recently heard about groups in BBs called interest rate strategy. Does anyone know what they do and what are the exit opportunities, like hedge funds and stuff? Do they just do research on interest rates and publish them (like eq research analysts) or does their research get used by traders?...23 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Cognizant technology solution03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Wells Fargo and Company03 years 1 week ago
0McKinsey/Bain in Korea?Any insight into the culture/hours at McKinsey/Bain in Korea? Is fluent English required? Is fluent Korean required? Do people tend to get staffed on assignments only in Korea or do they have opportunities to work on things in other regions? Any general insights/knowledge about the Seoul offices wou...43 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs03 years 1 week ago
0Bored at work? Destroy my resume; please and thank you.Hello fellow monkeys, I am a Senior graduating from a non-target looking to break into IBD or S&T. Please critique the hell out of my resume so that I don't end up starving on the street some day :) ...33 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: AIG03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs03 years 1 week ago
0Organize my Networking EffotsHi Everyone, Hope everyone is having a strong start to the month. I am currently a sophomore (completed M&A IB internship last summer) at a non-target trying to break into a BB IB rotational program this summer. I do not meet the diversity requirements for diversity targeted sophomore programs. T...43 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: KPMG03 years 1 week ago
0reib.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0Internal Transfer-- bonus?A few months back i transferred to a different group at my firm, having started the previous summer. When I got my first bonus in February, my manager made it clear that it was prorated and had I been working for a full year it would have been higher. How do I approach the upcoming bonus season (...23 years 1 week ago
0thingcalledlove.jpg03 years 1 week ago
0How far down can Bill Ackman go?George Soros has taken a long position in Herbalife and the stock is rising rapidly. Apparently, it is one of his top three positions. $300 million loss was the last report. Here comes $400 million! Down goes Ackman! Down goes Ackman!...353 years 1 week ago
0S&T: IB vs Commercial BankAs the title states, can someone explain the differences in the S&T groups at an IB and at commercial banks? Despite a few final rounds I couldn't get an internship offer at an IB but have an offer in the Markets team at one of the large commercial banks here (Australia), which I'm hoping will s...03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Morgan Stanley03 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: Goldman Sachs03 years 1 week ago
0Banking Girls -> unattractive for serious relationship??hello everybody since a while im reading the WSO forum. Im in Banking since 1 year. In university i had very good marks, good friends and everything was fine but i never had a boyfriend and if i say never i mean never ever in life. The point is i really want to know if its for you men a real tur...633 years 1 week ago
0MBB recruiting for MBA - summer vs full timeHi everyone, I was in a non-MBA master's program a few years ago, and I remember applying to (and getting rejected) an internship position at an MBB firm, and subsequently in the second year, re-applied for the FT position but got auto-dinged because the recruiter told me 18 months - 24 months ne...23 years 1 week ago
0Company Compensation: JPMorgan Chase03 years 1 week ago


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