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In this week's post I'm going to take a political twist. Benzinga's Alex Biles gives a list of what I call New Economy executives. These 12 practice a true-and-true free-market ideology which I think is in stark contrast to today's WS plutarchy and serves as a fresh reminder that it's the execution of their beliefs that unlock the American entrepreneurial spirit. Now, while I do identify with most of what they believe I am skeptical on a few of their tenets, so don't take everything literally. So read on to find out who these "Captains of Industry" are and their contributions...


Jeff Bezos

A self-proclaimed libertarian who's most notable for his $2.5M contribution to defend Washington state's gay marriage law last year.


Patrick Byrne

In 2011 he openly supported the OWS movement, likens the ideas of Milton Friedman, and is quoted as saying...

"I think there's a difference between Wall Street and capitalism. I'm good with capitalism. I have a lot of trouble with Wall Street."


Marc Faber

A Swiss contrarian investor who frequently preaches a free-market ideology, known to place a high faith in hard money, and supported Ron Paul's Presidential run in 2008.


David and Charles Koch

Most may be surprised that these brothers are not conservatives buty socially liberal. For several years they were Board of Director members at the CATO Institute, a libertarian think tank founded by Charles and have endorsed same-sex marriage, supported legalizing marijuana, and call for an end to the PATRIOT Act among others.

5. CEO of WHOLE FOODS INC., John Mackey

John Mackey

Recently in the news for his book, Conscious Capitalism Mackey has been vehemently opposed to ObamaCare and despite being a favorite food destination of liberals he has a firm libertarian ideology.

I presented this partial list to show how the general ideals of libertarianism are in the heart and minds of the leaders of the "New Economy". I use the word new in contrast to WS's "Old Economy" in an economic sense since WS's benefits are highly concentrated. In practice, even such thinking is far removed and is evidenced by the difference in political contributions between WS and these firms (see OpenSecrets) and the takeaway is...

Today's WS is not capitalism but I think these guys are."

Leave a comment below if you agree, disagree, and why?

P.S - You can also read about Benzinga's other six executives, here.

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Comments (3)

  • marcellus_wallace's picture

    But they have all been around for 10+ of years? They were all in bed with wall street at one point? Seems like a FAIL.

    Koch brothers may have endrosed that stuff yet are long time friends of Bush family and supported every single one's political rise to power.

    Bezos during the dot-com bubble was in bed with every bank out there.

    These guys are the same as Soros they made their millions/billions working with wall-street and rigged system now they are bored and untouchable and start to disapprove of everything they agreed to earlier in their careers.

    Newmark/Wales have not sold out yet, but the rest come on.

  • MajorLazer's picture

    What in the world is this? Felt like reading something out of a high school newspaper.

    "These 12 practice a true-and-true free-market ideology which I think is in stark contrast to today's WS plutarchy"

    What?? These guys are executives, not lawmakers. They don't "practice" political ideologies. Most of the names on the list are not financiers either so I don't really see the Wall Street connection. No idea what "new economy" you're talking about but I don't really understand what you're getting at. Plenty of execs all over the political spectrum, all you did was list a few who identify with libertarianism.

  • GMngmt's picture

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