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Comments (9)

  • dyor's picture

    I read Lewis' Vanity Fair excerpt on Michael Burry, it looks like his book will be a good read. Will try and pick up a copy soon.

  • Ben Shalom Bernanke's picture

    Same here, The Vanity Fair article was great.

    Looks like Michael Lewis is on his big PR campaign for the book, Bloomberg, CNBC, Daily Show, and 60 minutes all within like 2 days.

  • Edmundo Braverman's picture

    Ditto, Marcus.

    His early stuff was great, but I only made it through half of Moneyball and The Blind Side.

    I'm hoping this book will be better, being that it's more a return to his roots.

  • Emerging Alpha's picture

    Saw him on a different program last night, and while much was the same - when pressed he had a pretty good description about how these guys aren't evil, because if everyone thought the way they did, it wouldn't have been a crisis and he mentions reports filed to the SEC, for whatever those could have been worth...

  • eiffeltowered's picture

    lewis did a good job driving home the point the shorts are a needed voice in the market when stewart was trying to lead the conversation in a wrong direction. Anytime Lewis touches financial subjects (see vanity fair articles on iceland, various investors), things seem to work out. Look forward to reading the book

  • Edmundo Braverman's picture

    Anytime I have to explain short selling to a market novice, I do it thusly:

    Me: You know the way to make money in the market is to buy low and sell high, right?
    Him: Of course...
    Me: Well, you don't necessarily have to do it in that order. If you sell something first, you're hoping that the price drops so you can buy it back later at the lower price. Hence, buy low - sell high, just in the reverse order.
    Him: But how can you sell something you don't even own???
    Me: You just borrow it from someone who does own it. Then, when you need to replace it, you just buy it back and give it to the original owner -- hopefully for less money than you sold it for.
    Him: Oh. Well that doesn't sound so bad...
    Me: It's the exact same concept as buying something and hoping the value goes up. You're just selling something and hoping the price goes down. Same same.
    Him: OK. I get it now.

    Hope that helps when you inevitably have to explain short selling to friends and family.

  • In reply to Edmundo Braverman
    Emerging Alpha's picture

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