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SNW was founded in 1970 as an independent, employee-owned, regionally focused investment bank, broker-dealer and asset management firm, specializing in debt securities and related businesses. Our passion is advancing the well-being of communities and investors by providing the best possible financial advice and execution. We strive to create practical and innovative financial solutions, tailored to our clients' needs and goals.


4 Embarcadero Suite 1400
94111 San Francisco , CA
United States
Phone: 415.766.3517
Fax: 415.402.0058
37° 47' 41.8704" N, 122° 23' 54.8916" W
50 West Broadway
84101 Salt Lake City , UT
United States
Phone: 801.255.0424
Fax: 801.255.1395
40° 45' 47.7936" N, 111° 53' 34.7136" W
101 South Capitol Blvd Suite 603
83702 Boise , ID
United States
Phone: 208.344.8577
Fax: 208.345.9952
43° 36' 53.8524" N, 116° 12' 11.664" W
1300 SW Fifth Avenue Suite 3650
97201 Portland , OR
United States
Phone: 503.275.8300
Fax: 503.275.8312
45° 30' 51.6348" N, 122° 40' 46.02" W
1420 Fifth Avenue Suite 4300
98101 Seattle , WA
United States
Phone: 206.628.2882
Fax: 206.343.2103
47° 36' 38.07" N, 122° 20' 5.0568" W