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WSO User GuidelinesPlease read in the WSO User Guidelines in detail before posting to WSO. ...
03 years 4 months ago
Are any of these slim suits appropriate for incoming 1st year? ...
32 days 12 hours ago
Invited to meet investment bankers for "coffee". What to wear?Hey all, I cold called a boutique investment bank in my area and managed to get a phone interview for an internship a few weeks ago. Didn't hear anything for a while but they just emailed me to invite me to come over to the office to "have some coffee and chat". I take it this is basically like a me...
182 days 12 hours ago
Is it unprofessional to wear a backpack to the office?I will be starting next month at a BB and I was wondering if it would be unprofessional if I wore a backpack to the office. ...
602 days 14 hours ago
Best place for custom-made dress shirts in NYC?I need some custom-made, slim-fit dress shirts. Do you know of any good places in NYC to get that done? Thanks ...
153 days 2 hours ago
What denim do you wear? (5 years later)Original thread: It's buying season this year and I wanted to see how trends may have changed or not for that matter. I started off with Levi's. About half J crew and half 7s now. ...
104 days 17 hours ago
Spending $600 on a Suit, Sophomore Student in CollegeCurrently, I only have 1 suit, and its a black shitty one. I am looking at buying my 1st real suit for professional purposes and will most likely get one from suit supply. I m looking at getting a navy one, it should be ~$500 + tax + tailor will be around $600. Am I spending too much on it? ...
165 days 21 hours ago
MTM/Custom Dress ShirtsI'm looking for a site to get solid MTM dress shirts from. I'm aware of Indochino, Blank Label, & Proper Cloth, just curious if anyone has a go-to ($100-150 price range) shop that I haven't mentioned where you can enter your measurements online. ...
116 days 8 hours ago
Patek Philippe Nautilus vs Audemars Piguet Royal OakHi! I'm going to by one of those. I'm really at a point where I like them both exactly the same amount... So I could really use your opinions and expertise. Which do you think suits better finance/ banking environment, which is better quality (durability wise.. I work a lot), which do you prefer and...
56 days 10 hours ago
What Undies You Rock?I normally wear boxer briefs, but they ride up my thighs eventually and constrict my nuts as I sit. And I have to sit there tugging at the ends through my slacks. But boxer shorts just... don't seem right to wear with business clothes. But I still do sometimes and it feels niiiyce. I just feel too o...
506 days 15 hours ago
Suit advice for holiday season (galas, parties, etc..)I have an evening cocktail reception coming up and need suit advice (its in manhattan). I would like to rock my best which would mean a blue or a charcoal (3 button). Is black the way to go however? I really dont like the look of black suits but I dont want to look informal. Thoughts? Also, the abo...
61 week 2 days ago
Is there a Nordstrom equivalent in NYC?Hi all, Anyone who has shopped at Nordstrom (not Nordstrom Rack) before knows that it is an amazing, well run store and you can find business clothing in all reasonable price ranges. Has anyone come across an equivalent store in Manhattan or Brooklyn? I know there are boutique clothing shops like CT...
Mrs. Nesbitt
31 week 3 days ago
Your Office Shirts- Pocket or No Pocket?For your shirts that you wear every day in the office, do you prefer pockets or no pockets? Are there certain situations where you prefer to wear a shirt without a pocket? ...
171 week 4 days ago
1st suit Plain Navy, 2nd suit Plain Charcoal, 3rd suit ....... ?For an analyst position. What do I get for #3? That is, what color? Thanks. ...
161 week 4 days ago
What kind of decent shirts can I buy for $100 – 200 range?I never cared for clothes that much. However, last year as I started my job, I bought Brooks Brothers shirts while on sale for $30-$50. Recently I started a new job with another major Private Equity firm. I have some upcoming few conferences where I will be representing the company. My mentor at the...
311 week 5 days ago
Dress code in Houston I am in college and plan to work as an IB analyst in Houston. What would be the standard dress code in that area for someone of my position? Is a blazer and slacks fine, or should I get a full-on suit? Do I even need a jacket at all? ...
101 week 5 days ago
Axis Capital Business Funding Review: Breakthrough in Credit Card DevelopmentsDespite the recent growth and fast development of different industries around the world, we have not yet fully recovered from the global recession 7 years ago. Those who have fallen deep down the pit of economic pyramid have not yet fully regained their standing and disposition. Small businesses are...
01 week 6 days ago
Business Casual- WTF do you do?The right way to dress 'business casual' is always kind of murky. Are jeans appropriate? How formal of a blazer do you need? Shoes? Where the eff do you begin. To help you tackle the next time your supposed to "keep it casual," we started this guide: Anything you would add? ...
52 weeks 7 hours ago
Gift Ideas For My Wife I would look to buy something between $4,000 and $7,000...any one have any jewelry recommendations,i.e., watch, bracelet, earings? ...
42 weeks 2 days ago
Tom James suits?Anybody here used them for custom suits? Feedback good, bad, or neutral? ...
112 weeks 4 days ago
What do you guys think of Burberry Trench Coats for work?I'm thinking of getting a navy Burberry Trench. I'm going to be working in Los Angeles and my group is business casual. What do you guys think? I've wanted one for a while. If I do get it, I'll probably just save up a little every month to get it. The one here is the one I'm looking at getting. ...
22 weeks 5 days ago
Watches by Industry?Good evening everyone from where I am, first-timer here. I tried googling watches by industry and all I got was results about which industry to WATCH for i.e investment topics. What I'm looking for is a list of watch companies that are suitable for what industry one is working in. From what I read, ...
83 weeks 1 day ago


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