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Where to buy Dress Pants?I'm looking for some business casual wool dress pants, i.e. non-chinos (I have plenty of those from Bonobos). I have a few Suit Supply suits and love the way their pants fit, but a lot of their options have 2 inch cuffs, which is a little too fashion forward for my world. I'm 5'9" and lean, looking...
1413 min 25 sec ago
Wearing a T-shirt under a dress shirt?I know it is completely about self preference when it comes to wearing a t-shirt under a dress shirt...but just as a side note, if your office is a business casual setting, does it look stupid if you can see a white undershirt under your dress shirt? You see his white undershirt clearly. Would it b...
361 day 1 hour ago
Help with garment steamer and suit bubbling/wrinklingHey guys, I know Joseph A Bank suits and fused suits are crap, but for $130 after tailoring, I couldn't resist and I picked up three over the course of the last year. My issue is that I wrinkle my suits pretty badly, and I decided to buy a Conair handheld garment steamer to unwrinkle the back of my ...
21 day 15 hours ago
suit colourHey everyone, I already have a navy, blue and charcoal suit. I'm looking for more than 3. what would you recommend for another? subtle pin striped or colours ? ...
121 day 15 hours ago
What's Your Favorite Salad Combo?There are a lot of those "make your own salad" places that seem to be super popular: Just Salad, Chop't, Fresh & Co, even the random cafe/deli's have them I usually do one of the pre-ordered (think steakhouse, cobb, or Sante Fe), but went to a place today that was purely customized. Have a coupl...
74 days 9 hours ago
WSO Hall of Fame: Fashion For Business ForumThe Wall Street Oasis Fashion For Business Hall of Fame provides a comprehensive collection of some of WSO's best topics about fashion in the corporate world. Keep in mind this Hall of Fame does not include Q&A sessions by WSO veterans. To view a full list of Q&A’s & Interviews plea...
01 week 8 hours ago
White Collar Shirts or BracesI was looking through liars poker the other day and remember the part where he talked about wearing red braces. It made me wonder how many of you guys have ever seen a coworker or md wear one. and do they ever wear white collar shirts either. I remember during my stint in ib as an intern the md woul...
21 week 1 day ago
White Collar, Blue Shirt for Intern?Too flashy/Gordon Gecko-ish for an intern to wear to his asset management internship at a BB? ...
181 week 1 day ago
Is Hugo Boss really that bad? (need suit advice)I've never owned a nice suit, ever. The nicest I've ever owned is a black Banana Republic one I found on sale a few years ago. I'm starting a new gig soon so I want to have at least 2 nice suits. Last night I took a trip to Brooks Brothers outlets outside of Philly and was able to buy 1 charcoalish...
971 week 1 day ago
Tom James suits?Anybody here used them for custom suits? Feedback good, bad, or neutral? ...
271 week 2 days ago
Analysts/Previous interns please share your wardrobe? [MASTERLIST]There are countless threads on suit advice, which colors to wear, no hermes tie and pinstripes etc etc. However when we go shopping for suit, we are still in dilemma if that grey at Men's Wearhouse is too light or that Sharkskin suit is not conservative. Can some helpful people please share their...
51 week 5 days ago
Is this suit appropriate for summer intern?I am planning to buy a solid dark blue suit from Macy's. I have a sale coupon so this suit cost me $150 + tailoring costs. Any comments on this suit? I know it is not 100% wool but I am just seeking opinions on the color ...
121 week 5 days ago
best tie brands for ANALYSTSthoughts on the best brands? thomas pink, any others? ...
1351 week 5 days ago
Buying a used suit. Has anyone gone down this road? For the past couple of days I have been researching into purchasing a suit. I have a rather low budget of 500 dollars. While on my search for a suit, I discovered that I could buy a used name brand suit (Armani, Versace, etc.) that retails for thousands of dollars for well under 500 dollars. As opp...
281 week 6 days ago
Watches up to 6kHi everyone, I would like to buy a proper watch. Looking for something timeless, I like classic round designs with a leather band and quite large. Willing to drop up to $6k. I'm not really an expert, any ideas? Thanks ...
242 weeks 19 hours ago
Weekender bag suggestionsHey Monkeys, I am an incoming summer analyst and am looking for any suggestions on a good overnight duffle bag. I am looking to spend less than $200 and was hoping to find a great bag that is both functional and looks good. Thanks! ...
College Monkey
112 weeks 20 hours ago
Yellow Gold Watch for SA?Currently have a vintage yellow gold Omega watch with leather straps I got for dirt cheap on ebay. I'm into watches, but don't want to give off too much of a pretentious/toolish look. Would this be appropriate for SAs/Analysts? I also only have french cuff shirts with the way I grew up, and my cuff...
82 weeks 1 day ago
Briefcases for Work?Any good suggestions on briefcases that won't break the bank? I've been carrying all my shit around in a black nike bag for the longest while, and it's been good because it's black (matches my suit), but I've been looking to get a briefcase of some sort. I do feel like I see them way less than I use...
172 weeks 1 day ago
WalletHi WSO Looking to buy a wallet, price range 100-300$. What would you suggest? No skin. ...
222 weeks 2 days ago
Watches and Cufflinks for the incoming ChimpsHi everybody, I tried looking in previous forum topics about watches and cufflinks (and other accessoires if someone thinks they are acceptable), but these topics have not been discussed for some time, so therefore this topic. Small note, this is for in London, but I don't know if there is a big fas...
422 weeks 3 days ago
Want To Wear Polos To Work? JP Morgan ApprovesThis post is a bit late, but seeing as no one has commented on it yet, I'd like to discuss J.P Morgan's new business casual dress code with everyone. To those who haven't heard yet, Jamie Dimon was well and truly impacted upon his visits to various Silicon Valley firms, and as such, decided to embr...
222 weeks 4 days ago
Who Would You Hire? (Hair Color Question)Had to post this. The thought on first impressions and hair color has really been bugging me for the past few days. How much does hair color affect hiring decisions, given all the other attributes are identical in a candidate (for ibd, specifically)? Would you hire A or B? Backstory: attended Women...
112 weeks 4 days ago
Ask a former Brooks Brothers employee anythingAs a former Brooks Brothers employee, I have a fairly in depth knowledge of appropriate business attire, current trends in suiting, and also the quality of Brooks Brothers clothing (and how they compare to other brands). Fire away. ...
472 weeks 5 days ago
Facial Hair?So - after reading all these discussions on style/dress code...i figured i would throw this out there...for men, if facial hair frowned upon in the IB world? I have been wearing a goatee for i need to shave to be taken seriously? Is it really that shallow? ...
702 weeks 6 days ago
Hermes TieI'm looking to get a blue Hermes tie. First priority is to look fly for the girls at social events. Second would be that it shouldn't be offensive during interviews. I will not wear it at work. What are your thoughts on these?
172 weeks 6 days ago
Where to buy solid shirts... cheap budgetHey guys. Going to be a FT analyst in just a month in NYC and looking to knock out the shirts sometime soon. I'm probably (definitely) on the thriftier end, so please understand that. What places do you guys recommend that have the best shirts around the 50-75$ range? Basically everything above ...
93 weeks 20 hours ago
What types of cologne do you guys wear? I'm having trouble deciding which cologne to get. I'm gonna buy some samples to see which one I like more. Which one do you guys like? I heard Creed is really good (especially Green Irish Tweed) or Clive Christian
583 weeks 1 day ago
Desperate for Finding Clothes- NYCSo basically I f'd up waiting to the last miniute to do this, but I start my SA gig on Monday and I have no clothes to wear, except 1 suit and white dress shirt. I thought I could just go to a CT store to buy some shirts, but they ended up fitting really poorly on me (didn't carry my exact lengths i...
43 weeks 1 day ago
Wearing a Suit in the HEATWearing a suit in the summer sucks. Especially if you're in the New York subway. How do you guys do it? How do you arrive to work NOT in a puddle of sweat? ...
33 weeks 1 day ago
What's better: Custom made shirts vs. tailored shirts?I'm looking into buying around 10 shirts. What would be a better option? ($$ & quality wise) 1)Custom made shirts online 2)Buying shirts at an outlet and getting them tailored Thanks! ...
393 weeks 1 day ago
Custom Made Dress Shirts 4 Custom Made Shirts with Monogram for 92.75. Does anyone have any experience with paul fredrick? Is this worth the money? Are they nice shirts? Thanks ...
183 weeks 1 day ago
Best Custom Slim Shirts?Hey Guys, I'm looking to buy some custom slim shirts for my summer gig, since I'm not totally satisfied with my off-the-rack slim ones. I've done some research and I've come across Indochino and Charles Tyrwhitt. Are there any other notable ones? Which one is the best quality/price? Let me know wh...
123 weeks 1 day ago
Suit and Tie First DayI have my first day on the job as an SA in San Francisco tomorrow. My plan was to wear a suit and white shirt and keep a tie in my pocket. Should I wear the tie or not? Thanks. ...
43 weeks 2 days ago
Attire for summer analysts in SFI hear the general norm in San Francisco is wearing lighter colored suits with no ties. As a summer analyst do you think it would be best to wear a tie to the first day of work and keep doing so until I've been asked not to? I'm curious as to whether it would be wise to take off my tie without askin...
163 weeks 2 days ago
Is this Suit Appropriate for future Internships/Interviews?Hey guys, I'm a rising Junior and am looking for a cheap, but good quality suit. I have a black suit and a light grey suit, but I feel like neither are a good fit or appropriate according to what I've seen on this site. I found the Napoli Navy Suit on Suitsupply.. I can't post links, but google sh...
43 weeks 3 days ago
Silicon Valley Internship Fashion AdviceI'm starting an internship with a Tech company (working in a Finance related role) this summer. Not really sure what to wear. It isn't a startup-style company or anything wack like Google or Facebook but instead a more formal corporation. When I interviewed there people wore mixed things. Most peop...
63 weeks 4 days ago
What denim do you wear? (5 years later)Original thread: It's buying season this year and I wanted to see how trends may have changed or not for that matter. I started off with Levi's. About half J crew and half 7s now. ...
243 weeks 4 days ago
How do you break in shoesLast week I purchased a $295 pair of very nice Johnston & Murphy dress shoes. They fit me perfect as they slide right on. I wore them for the first time yesterday. There is a little slippage in the heel (very little as they fit pretty nicely), but within 30 minutes, I was unable to walk as my he...
63 weeks 6 days ago
Minimalist Dress Shoes?Hi all! I was wondering if anyone one here has experience wearing minimalist dress shoes. I have run in barefoot shoes for a while now, and was curious to how they would translate into the office environment, and if perhaps they could help ease my back pain. It seems as if Primal Professional's cap-...
24 weeks 13 hours ago
Pants for buff thighsMonkeys, I've struggled my whole life finding pants that fit due to my muscular legs. I either look like a Mick Jagger in skinny jeans or a sagging gang banger due to the bottom being so loose. Anybody have any suggestions regarding pants that fit bodybuilders/athletic body types? My only luck has ...
74 weeks 13 hours ago
Dinner with Principal in Consulting, what to wear?Hi, I was recently hired to a consulting firm. In my interview, the partner/principal in the practice was not present, so after my unofficial offer was given from my principal/partner, he invited me out for dinner to some fancy restraunt. Question is what should I wear? The whole suit with tie? I am...
24 weeks 15 hours ago
Traveling With Suits/Garment Bag NeededHi guys, I just graduated and will start working soon. I don't know if I'll travel much but I just want to have a decent traveling type of garment bag. If I had unlimited funds, I'd get this but obviously I want to spend as little as possible. A...
51 month 1 day ago
New Suit Advice: ColorsHi everyone, I am an incoming first year analyst at a BB in IBD and am buying a bunch of suits before I start work. Was trying to get a sense of what is acceptable, namely on color and also pinstripes. I'm looking at these two suits from Suitsupply, and I was wondering if the first one is too light ...
41 month 1 day ago
What kind of Casual Shoes do ya'll wear?I've always been a boat shoe guy but I've liked the look of a couple of drivers I've seen recently. Do you think it's worth it to drop $500 on a pair of shoes for the weekend? In particular I like these: Gucci_Suede pebble bottom driverGucci_Driver with web detailFerragamo_Double GancioFerragamo_Dou...
461 month 2 days ago
Summer 2016 Shopping Guide for a Business WardrobeHi Monkeys, The purpose of this post is to create an organized place where I've found nice deals for a business wardrobe. Again, the purpose is to find a good deal. I don't want to read through the comments and find some hotshot high schooler giving me flack for not wearing Versace. In general, if y...
481 month 2 days ago
Tie or no tie for lunch with MD (final interview)Hey WSO community, you've been helpful so many times, would you mind helping me with another little questions? I am in PE recruiting stage now, and advanced a lot with one upper MM fund. Passed two analysts, four associates, three VPs, financial modelling homework, and now final stage - lunch with M...
141 month 2 days ago
Wearing a Burberry Trench Coat to work as an analyst?I work in the Los Angeles office of our bank. Ever since I was in college, I wanted a Burberry Trench coat and now that I have money saved up, I'd like to buy one. The thing is, I try to keep my outfit very muted and conservative by avoiding any logos or company specific branding (Hermes ties with "...
51 month 4 days ago
HighheelsShop high heels and select the latest collection of on-trend and accessibly priced high-heel shoes, in a wide variety of styles. ...
11 month 4 days ago
What do you guys wear on casual Fridays?I am an incoming summer intern at a BB. I am little confused about casual fridays. What do you guys wear on casual Fridays? ...
51 month 1 week ago
Car adviseHello All, I am going to graduate soon from undergrad finance and am thinking about buying a car so I can drive it around to work (investment banking ) and around etc I'm basically looking for a car around $30k , -that the ladies find impressive (pick up, so no mini copper or european " green " car...
91 month 1 week ago
Is this car appropriate for a first year analyst?I am graduating and accepted an operations analyst position outside of NY/SF 55k a year and I will have a bit of a commute. I have been saving for a bit through college and also have some trade in money from my current car. Would it be appropriate for a first-year analyst to buy something like a 201...
161 month 1 week ago
Dress Code in San Francsico for a Summer AnalystI'm going to be an SA in IBD in SF. I know that SF is more casual, but what should I wear? Dress shirts, dress pants, and dress shoes is my assumption. Should I dress like that from the very beginning? Should I only wear white and blue shirts? Thanks. ...
11 month 2 weeks ago
The Pocketless Dress Shirt1: Do you prefer dress shirts with a pocket on the left breast, or pocketless? 2: I'm currently looking for pocketless dress shirts. Where could I buy one? The following stores only carry dress shirts that do have the left breast pocket: Brooks Brothers Joseph Banks Nordstrom ...
371 month 2 weeks ago
Women's Investment Banking AttireI'm starting a summer internship in investment banking at an American bulge bracket bank soon, and have been having a hard time figuring out exactly what kind of things are appropriate to wear. I'm very slim and not very curvy at all -- most of my clothes now are fitted sleeveless dresses in dark co...
71 month 3 weeks ago
Suitsupply vs. My.SuitHas anyone used Suitsupply or My.Suit in NYC? What are your thoughts on quality/fit/value? ...
121 month 3 weeks ago
Another Watch Thread...I know there are a lot of these watch threads, and I know that it really doesn't matter what watch you wear. I bought a Seiko SARB033 for my summer internship because it was a safe, humble and quality watch. When I was talking about watches with my coworkers, they said that you shouldn't wear a watc...
71 month 3 weeks ago
Introducing myself - 22 year old IT graduateHi! My name is Nathalie but you can call me Natty! A friend told me to sign up here for fashion advice :) It's nice meeting you guys! and I guess Introducing myself is a requirement. I just want to say Hi!!! ...
11 month 3 weeks ago
Which Tie for my InterviewGoing to wear it for interviews and other events that require me to dress up. My suit is a charcoal color. Option 1: Option 2: ...
71 month 4 weeks ago
Best Places to Buy Ties OnlineJust looking for some opinions on where you think the best places to look for ties online are. Looking for ties in the $50-$125 neighborhood that SA interns could wear. Thanks ...
301 month 4 weeks ago
What to wear first day at fundHey guys, starting at a hedge fund next monday. Not sure what to wear first day, as all of my interviewers there were wearing very casual clothes (usually dark jeans/dress pants, casual dress shirt or sweater). Do you think I should still rock a suit on day one? ...
The Green Monkey
61 month 4 weeks ago
Need help for Deutsche Bank - Business Casual vs Business SmartStarting job in DB soon Bus. casual for training, and bus. smart on-site.Need help with shopping ...
12 months 2 days ago
Back office dress code?Hi, I am interning at technology division of a BB which is essentially back office. What normally is the usual dress code for back office technology people? Do back office people wear suits? or dress shirts with dress pants is fine? I am not in a support role. Also, I saw a joke thread making fun o...
02 months 1 week ago
Goldman Sachs Business Casual?Hi everyone! I am attending a symposium for Goldman Sachs soon and the dress code is stated as "business casual". I know it isnt too serious but I was wondering what would be appropriate as a female. Also, I am a first year undergrad and unfamiliar with what i would do at a spring symposium. If anyo...
192 months 1 week ago
Sub 400 suitsHey guys I've been suit shopping for my pharmacy school interview as I have been working out since I bought my last suit and do not like how it fits me anymore. I am a pretty big guy and wear a 46r/l with a 36/34 waist and am looking for a slim fitting suit. I found a hugo boss modern fit suit for ...
72 months 1 week ago
What Is a Good Sweat/Water Proof Hair Gel?Preferably one without odor. ...
232 months 1 week ago
Peak lapel suit for Summer Intern [Please no jokes]I have charcoal suit with a peak lapel. Unfortunately when I bought it 4 months ago I did not know if it was okay/not okay to wear it on Wall St.. Are peak lapel okay? Should I avoid it completely and buy a new charcoal suit? P.S I would be very grateful if there are no jokes and you can giv...
72 months 2 weeks ago
02 months 2 weeks ago
Oliver Peoples' glasses. Are they worth the money?I'm thinking of purchasing these frames ( They cost $595. From looking at the financial statements ( it seems like Luxottica as a whole spends 32% of their revenues on creating the product. Since Oliver People's is...
62 months 2 weeks ago
Serious Hairstyles for men (buzz, slicked, etc)Does a buzz cut make you look stupid/young/unprofessional (keep in mind I mean a conservative buzz cut- none of those fades or "boxy" front hairline) How about keeping longer hair and gelling it back (slicked back). Does that make you look untrustworthy/poseur-ish? ...
102 months 2 weeks ago
Where do I buy shortsSummer is around the corner, and I want to know where people here buy shorts. ...
132 months 3 weeks ago
Choice of cologne?What is your choice of cologne? I personally fancy Jo malone blackberry & bay with a note of Oud & Bergamot. I know jo malone is unisex product but i dont see many men wearing it. is it gay for a guy to sport that shit? ...
32 months 3 weeks ago
What do you wear on vacation?Before you start throwing monkey shit at this post, telling me "what is a vacation?", "are you seriously asking this question", "why do you care about what people think", etc. hear me out. I've spent the last 5 or so years investing and accumulating a made to measure work wardrobe and fine leather s...
402 months 3 weeks ago
London - shirts for slim and short menHi, I'm looking to find shirts that fit me in London without going for made to measure. I've started with Charles Tyrwhitt and TM Lewin. Neither quite works without getting alterations, so I figured I may as well look a bit broader. CT needs darts, TM Lewin is a bit better and only needs sleeves sho...
32 months 4 weeks ago
What Watches do You Wear?Need to get a watch, but from all that I've seen, none fancies my eye. What do you you guys wear on a daily basis? ...
2062 months 4 weeks ago
Shoes for work - Tod's vs. AEHey guys. So I'm looking to buy a new pair of shoes since I just started working full time. I already have a pair of AE Strands in Walnut, but I feel they pop a little more than I want to at the office. These are the choices I narrowed down to. The Tod's are pricier, but they feel a lot more sturdy ...
23 months 19 hours ago
New Tudor Heritage Back Bay 36 vs Rolex Oyster Quartz 1979 vintage I'm looking to splurge a little bit, both watches are about $3,000 the Rolex is an Oyster Quartz 36 mm stainless steal case and bracelet with a blue face vintage from 1979 listed on ebay with box and papers the Tudor was released earlier this week, it is a 36 mm stainless steal case and bracelet wit...
23 months 1 day ago
Invited to meet investment bankers for "coffee". What to wear?Hey all, I cold called a boutique investment bank in my area and managed to get a phone interview for an internship a few weeks ago. Didn't hear anything for a while but they just emailed me to invite me to come over to the office to "have some coffee and chat". I take it this is basically like a me...
193 months 1 day ago
Velasca Shoes Anybody heard of this company Velasca? Looks like an Italian start-up shoe company using very competitive pricing (compared to AE) to break into the market. I haven't been able to get a good review though. The oxfords and loafers look great. They also have a pretty sweet single monk-strap (not reall...
03 months 3 days ago
Rolling Suitcase for GarmentsAnyone have any suggestions for rolling garment carry-on suitcases? Been on a few longer (week) trips lately and can barely get my current shoulder garment bag closed (multiple suits, shoes, etc. don't fit well in the simple folding bags). Was looking at a couple by Tumi and others, but wasn't sure...
Bullet-Tooth Tony
103 months 6 days ago
03 months 1 week ago
What passes for "Business Casual" at London BBs?Hey guys, I'm going to be interning at a BB in London (GS/MS/JPM) and I've just read in my information package that the dress code is "business casual", which I find suspicious. My idea of business casual is something along the lines of this: But ...
23 months 2 weeks ago
Brogue Dress Shoes okay? Are these okay for interviews and the office? Or should we stick to something more plain? ...
203 months 2 weeks ago
How is this Bag? ...
53 months 2 weeks ago
Patek Philippe Nautilus vs Audemars Piguet Royal OakHi! I'm going to by one of those. I'm really at a point where I like them both exactly the same amount... So I could really use your opinions and expertise. Which do you think suits better finance/ banking environment, which is better quality (durability wise.. I work a lot), which do you prefer and...
113 months 3 weeks ago
Rolex Inappropriate?Do you guys think that a two tone gold and stainless steel Rolex watch is a bit too much for a first year Analyst to wear? The office is on Park Avenue so I'm guessing that its fine but don't want to give off a bad signal to superiors. What do you guys think? Wait until my second year? ...
373 months 3 weeks ago
City debate: "No brown in town"?I've been working in the city for about 3 years now and keep hearing contrasting opinions on whether brown shoes are business appropriate or not. My personal opinion is that no brown shoes in the city is an out dated view but I am curious to see what you guys think, and what experiences you've had w...
323 months 4 weeks ago
Buying a Tissot Watch, which one do you think is better?Hello, The title says it all. I stuck equally between them. Please let me know which is a better buy and which you think looks better. Thanks. ...
134 months 3 days ago
Pleated vs. Flat Front PantsI was speaking with a salesman about a suit over the weekend. I told him I loved the jacket but wasn't as crazy about the pants as they were pleated. It was higher end, and he stated that pleated pants are a telling sign of any well made suit. I didn't believe this to be true as I preferred flat fro...
Ben Shalom Bernanke
194 months 3 days ago
watch for first time SAHey guys, first time SA from a non-target. I'll be at JPM this summer and I'm wondering what the status quo is on SA attire. I'm obviously not trying to overstep my boundaries and definitely not trying to flaunt my accessories. I currently have a black on black Citizen EcoDrive but was looking for a...
234 months 3 days ago
What bag do you bring to work?I just ordered myself a new business bag from Munk Bogballe in Berlin. I usually wear navy suits so I went for a green one. What bag do you bring to work? ...
774 months 4 days ago
Canada Goose - uniform of finance?what's the deal with these jackets here in NYC? Is it like a status thing? Why does everyone in my firm, including girls have one? ...
324 months 4 days ago
Looking for Dark Brown Double Monk Strap ShoesLooking for Dark Brown Double Monk Strap Shoes. Looking to spend between $100-$200. Any good deals out there? / Suggestions? ...
114 months 5 days ago
Are spotted ties acceptable for SA interviews?Won't let me post link but the tie is light blue with small navy spots and I'm unsure about whether the spots are appropriate. Thanks Edit: added picture ...
24 months 1 week ago
Suits from India?I have an insanely rich uncle who has bragged on numerous occasions how he always stocks up on custom made suits whenever he makes business trips to Thailand. I've seen them myself and the quality is impeccable and he gets them for no more than $200 a pop. He even has Brioni tags thrown on (not so...
84 months 2 weeks ago
World's Top 10 Super Luxury Watch RankingI came accross the top 10 super luxury watch ranking at what do you think? Rank #1 Patek Philippe Rank #2 Blancpain Rank #3 Vacheron Constantin Rank #4 Breguet Rank #5 Audemars Piguet Rank #6 A.Lange&Sohne Rank #7 Ulysse Nardin Rank #8 Piaget ...
1284 months 3 weeks ago
Benefits of Wearing the Same Thing Every Day?Today, Mark Zuckerberg made a joke about which outfit he should to wear for his first day back to work after the birth of his child. The joke of course is that he has over a week's worth of grey t-shirts and charcoal hoodies that he wears every day. Steve Jobs popularized this idea originally with h...
184 months 4 weeks ago
45 months 15 hours ago
Help! Black suits in interviews - Junior at target I am a Junior at a target and I have summer analyst interviews with a few BB banks for Investment Banking and Public Finance roles. A month ago, I bought two new suits from Men's Warehouse: 2 for ~$450. I read a few articles online to get a feel for what I should get and I read that black suits wer...
1645 months 6 days ago
Alternatives to AE?I am looking for a monk-strap pair for more casual settings, but I have only ever worn AE (since internship) and I dont like AE monk-straps. I was wondering if someone here can recommend me some monk-straps that are in the same price range and have really good construction and comfort. ...
95 months 1 week ago


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