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Looking for Dark Brown Double Monk Strap ShoesLooking for Dark Brown Double Monk Strap Shoes. Looking to spend between $100-$200. Any good deals out there? / Suggestions? ...
02 min 13 sec ago
SPIRITUAL HERBALIST HEALER/ TRADITIONAL HEALER/ SPELL CASTER +2778141937245 years + full time experience & over 64800 satisfied clients World Wide Are Any Of The Serious Problems Listed Below (Or Similar) Adversely Affecting You Or Your Loved Ones...And You Are Feeling 'Powerless' To Find A Solution? *I BRING BACK LOST LOVERS IN 24hrs. ...
02 days 1 hour ago
World's Top 10 Super Luxury Watch RankingI came accross the top 10 super luxury watch ranking at what do you think? Rank #1 Patek Philippe Rank #2 Blancpain Rank #3 Vacheron Constantin Rank #4 Breguet Rank #5 Audemars Piguet Rank #6 A.Lange&Sohne Rank #7 Ulysse Nardin Rank #8 Piaget ...
243 days 15 hours ago
Watches up to 6kHi everyone, I would like to buy a proper watch. Looking for something timeless, I like classic round designs with a leather band and quite large. Willing to drop up to $6k. I'm not really an expert, any ideas? Thanks ...
204 days 4 hours ago
Benefits of Wearing the Same Thing Every Day?Today, Mark Zuckerberg made a joke about which outfit he should to wear for his first day back to work after the birth of his child. The joke of course is that he has over a week's worth of grey t-shirts and charcoal hoodies that he wears every day. Steve Jobs popularized this idea originally with h...
186 days 1 hour ago
Buying a Tissot Watch, which one do you think is better?Hello, The title says it all. I stuck equally between them. Please let me know which is a better buy and which you think looks better. Thanks. ...
111 week 3 hours ago
watch for first time SAHey guys, first time SA from a non-target. I'll be at JPM this summer and I'm wondering what the status quo is on SA attire. I'm obviously not trying to overstep my boundaries and definitely not trying to flaunt my accessories. I currently have a black on black Citizen EcoDrive but was looking for a...
91 week 3 hours ago
David Van Pattens glasses in American PhyscoHey guys - anyone know the model (assuming they are oliver peoples) glasses of David Van Patten in American Physco? ...
41 week 1 day ago
Tom James suits?Anybody here used them for custom suits? Feedback good, bad, or neutral? ...
131 week 2 days ago
Women's Investment Banking AttireI'm starting a summer internship in investment banking at an American bulge bracket bank soon, and have been having a hard time figuring out exactly what kind of things are appropriate to wear. I'm very slim and not very curvy at all -- most of my clothes now are fitted sleeveless dresses in dark co...
31 week 3 days ago
01 week 3 days ago
Help! Black suits in interviewsI am a Junior at a target and I have summer analyst interviews with a few BB banks for Investment Banking and Public Finance roles. A month ago, I bought two new suits from Men's Warehouse: 2 for ~$450. I read a few articles online to get a feel for what I should get and I read that black suits wer...
352 weeks 1 hour ago
02 weeks 2 days ago
Alternatives to AE?I am looking for a monk-strap pair for more casual settings, but I have only ever worn AE (since internship) and I dont like AE monk-straps. I was wondering if someone here can recommend me some monk-straps that are in the same price range and have really good construction and comfort. ...
92 weeks 2 days ago
Suit without belt?Pretty new at this whole suit thing. Just bought one online last night that I plan to have tailored, and took another look at it today to realize it doesn't have belt loops (I was drinking). It seemed like a steal at the time and there was only one left in my size so I pulled the trigger. Is it weir...
242 weeks 2 days ago
How to fix shoe wrinklesGuys, any tips of fixing or eliminating shoe wrinkles in the future? Some of my shoes get them, some don't. ...
Bullet-Tooth Tony
352 weeks 2 days ago
Leaving your ties tied?Normally, I tie my ties and store them in my closet already pre-tied so when I have to put them on, I just loosen and tighten the smaller end. Saves time and it looks good. A lot of people I know tie and untie their ties every time they wear them. What's the point of this? I don't understand the be...
172 weeks 4 days ago
Overshoes, Rain Boots, or Outdoor boots for NY winter ?Hey there, I'm trying to decide the best route to go for NY winter weather as I start soon. Is it a better idea to wear the Jos A Banks totes galoshes to go over my dress shoes, to get rain boots, or should I get regular winter boots and just change at the office? Thank you in advance for your hel...
92 weeks 4 days ago
How many times a week do you wear the same suit?I only have two suits... one navy and one charcoal. At max I'll wear the same suit 2 times a week. Was just wondering what are your thoughts on this are. If you have a staple, solid navy suit, is there anything wrong with wearing it multiple times in the week? ...
153 weeks 15 hours ago
So, Who Wears Galoshes?Now that it is impossible to set foot in Manhattan without encountering the mysterious slush puddle of death, snowbanks, or a combination thereof, what is everyone's preferred method of protecting one's shoes? The way I see it there are no real good options: - Boots with a suit/slacks, change into ...
113 weeks 1 day ago
Glen Plaid SuitMonkeys, What do you think of a light grey glen plaid suit for IBD. Appropriate or no? See attached image. ...
53 weeks 2 days ago
123 weeks 5 days ago
Oxford BootsAre oxford or balmoral boots acceptable on wall street/the city? I'm talking about something like the below for interviews (IBD not S&T where dress codes are less formal). 1. or a derby boot even 2.
34 weeks 10 hours ago
Appropriate clothing for Women for interviewHello All, I am looking for proper clothing for women for an interview. I am planning to wear a black suit with a white shirt. I have a white shirt with strips, but should I go and get a plain one? Also what other clothing advice would you give? Thank you ...
34 weeks 11 hours ago
Best purses/totes for finance?Can anyone shed some light on the best purses or totes for working in finance? A lot of people have said Longchamps, but I'm not sure if that's outdated nowadays. ...
54 weeks 1 day ago


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