Looked all over this site, and found 1st yr analyst salaries + bonus. What is all in comp for a 3rd yr IBD analyst at a top-tier bank (say GS). I imagine it is significantly higher than 1st and 2nd years b/c being invited back for a 3rd year is a selective process, but don't know by how much.

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80k base, bonus ranged this past year from 130-155K

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The following compensation numbers are representative of the middle 80% of the results we have received at CareerNumbers:

1st Year IBD Analyst: 60 - 65k Base, 50 - 90k Bonus
2nd Year IBD Analyst: 65 - 70k Base, 70 - 115k Bonus
3rd Year IBD Analyst: 75 - 80k Base, 100 - 165K Bonus


that's way too high

base + 50-80% below average
base + 80-100% average
base + 100-120% above average for a 1st yr ibd

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