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As a student coming from a non-target school, I want to apply to as many I-banks as possible. Considering the difficulty of getting into a bulge bracket, my focus has been on middle market and boutique banks.

My question is: at what point does the number of summer internships/summer analyst positions I have applied for get ridiculous?

I'm sure you can imagine the massive number of places which are possibilities.

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    I think what you should focus in is quality, not quantity. I am in a similar position, coming from a non-traget with good grades and solid extracirriculars/leadership. I applied to six top BB banks for internships and worked very, very hard on making solid connections there. Thus far I gotten three interviews from the six banks. I could have sent my application to websites of BBs, MMs and boutiques, however, coming from a non-target that is not just going to cut it.

    Reach out to alumni and any other contacts you can possibly think of. Keep a positive attitude and network like crazy. I would say applying to more than 15 banks (and then having to follow up with them all) would be ridiculous. That is just my opinion.

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    I applied to around 50 this fall. Most were ibanking some were research and s&t. I go to a target and the on campus career site is really easy to drop a resume also it only takes a few minutes to customize a cover letter. Apply to as many jobs that you possibly can. That being said mm44's strategy listed above seems solid if you have an existing network to leverage. No reason you can not do both.

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    I did not write 50 custom letters, as many of the places i applied to did not require cover letters. I would guess of the 30 or so jobs that required cover letters half were custom and the rest were just a matter of changing the name of the company.