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I currently have an offer for an internship this summer at the same company that I worked at last summer. I only have a week left accept it. lets call it "Internship A"

I don't want to work there because there is no high probability of full time, but after being rejected from 2 final rounds already, I want this as a back up since it still is a pretty decent internship.

I am still applying for other jobs and lets say hypothetically I do get an offer at a firm I'd rather work at. Lets call it "Internship B"

My question is:
If I back out of Internship A after accepting the offer what will happen? Blacklisted?
What if "Internship B" calls my former boss for a reference? My former boss will know that I have backed out. Will I end up losing both jobs?

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  • yeahright's picture

    Do internships even call references? You can always back out, I highly doubt for a internship, that "internship B" would take yours away. Be sure though in your decision because you don't want to burn a bridge and potential FT offer and then get nothing from "Internship B". Granted, I bet you could probably still go to another group/team at "Internship A" for fulltime in the future despite backing out. Its only an internship

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  • In reply to yeahright
    uPhone's picture

    Thanks for the response.

    Internship A called my previous jobs for references but I don't know if Internship B will. I'll ask some friends and try to find out.

    Internship A is a HUGE HUGE company so yeah I'm sure it won't matter down the road.

    Internship B has a 95% chance of getting full-time and I have some connections at that company too. With Internship A i'll have to reinterview and of those people not that many people get the full time offer.

  • idragmazda's picture

    take the offer at A. Wait to see if you get B; if you do, back out of A.

    It's your life man, so do what you need to do.

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  • AmazingSushi's picture

    I've backed out of an internship offer this year. They were fine with it (large bank). They aren't keeping track and it's still pretty early in the cycle.

  • Wall Street Jungle's picture

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