Hi everyone, has anyone heard of this business within BofA? If you have, can you provide some type of idea regarding exit options (e.g. i-banking possibilities, PE, HF?)


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As far as I understand, it's just the IB operations of Bank of America outside the US, where BofA IB is called Banc of America Securities.

"Through its Global Corporate and Investment Banking business, Bank of America and its affiliates provide investment banking, capital markets, equity financing, global cash management, traded market products including money market and derivatives trading, trade finance, leasing and financial advisory services to corporations, institutional investors, financial institutions and government entities worldwide." - www.bankofamerica.com

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I appreciate your response, but CIG is a very small business headquartered in Charlotte. I think it is fairly new. I know what this business does, but I'm just trying to find out more regarding exit options.

Take a look at the description of this business (click on the link below and click on the "Corporate Investment Group Internship" link). Based on what you read, do have any ideas in terms of possible exit options (PE,VC, or HF)?



I read the OP completely wrong, my bad. I thought it said GCIB. Didn't mean to insult or sound arrogant. =)


Hey it's no big deal. But did you get a chance to read the description posted on that website link? What is your opinion regarding the possibility of going into the Hedge Fund industry following a couple of years working in CIG?


seems like a buyside type job since the group basically manages the bank's portfolio. not sure how much it'll help in breaking into HF. i would assume doing IB is more advantageous.

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