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I know there's been some mention about the Citi's Consumer & Retail banking group on here, but no concrete information on this forum. Does anyone have information on the pros/cons of the group, what areas the group covers, size of the group, etc? How is the culture within the group?

While I understand it's not the best industry coverage group at Citi b/c of lots of turnover at the MD ranks during the economic downturn, I've heard the group is still fairly busy. Any comments are greatly appreciated.

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Comments (18)

  • SaberRider's picture

    At least in London many people from Citi Consumer lateraled to Barclays IBD recently.

  • pivot1990's picture

    I heard they pitch a lot because they need to rebuild.. similar to UBS / BAML
    Other teams aggressively pitch a lot to build e.g. Nomura/Barcap
    I would say for IBD its probably better to join GS/MS/JPM/CS/DB to focus on deals rather build/rebuild

  • ankurwedskomal's picture

    Thanks guys. Did they lose most of their senior people over the past few years?

  • ankurwedskomal's picture

    the New York office. How large is the group in NYC?

  • analystforhire's picture

    I've heard C+R is one of their top groups. It is also an interesting group in terms of being able to relate to and understand its clients - very straightforward. I'd imagine decent placement at C+R focused PE.

  • randombetch's picture

    Citi's C+R worked on Kraft-Cadbury I think (I was interviewed by someone at Citi C+R who worked on that deal).

  • IBD_Captain's picture

    Citi's C+R group is one of their strongest groups (and one of the strongest on the street)

  • ankurwedskomal's picture

    Really? I didn't know it was one of best groups on the street. I thought it was middle of pack at best (after GS, JPM, CS for sure). But good to hear that it's a strong group.

  • In reply to randombetch
    theballer18's picture

    Citi's C+R worked on Kraft-Cadbury I think (I was interviewed by someone at Citi C+R who worked on that deal).

    I was also interviewed by a really nice VP (girl) who worked on the Kraft-Cadbury deal for 3 years...

    -the baller

  • GutShot's picture

    Heard good things about the culture of that group. Intra-office basketball games, etc. Strong dealflow, one of Citi's best along with Telecom.

  • GutShot's picture

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