So...just graduated early (December) from a pretty solid school. Have a job lined up with a BB commodity trading desk, starting in March. I had made plans to travel in my spare time, but those kind of fell thru (low on cash & don't really want to travel alone while all my buddies are still in school).

That being said, I've been interested in the coal industry for some time now, and one of the larger coal companies in the US is headquartered in my hometown, and I found a guy on linkedin who is responsible for their hedging activities. I'm probably going to be hella bored unless I find something to do with my time over these next few months, so I was thinking of carpetbombing him and seeing if he would let me work with him, even if its unpaid and part-time. Also, one day I'd like to return to work in my hometown, so I figured it might be kind of cool to meet a few people at the company and see if it is somewhere that I could see myself working in 5-10 years. Anyways, I was wondering:

A) Do you think the coal company would be open to my proposal, especially if they know that I'm going to be working for someone else come March?

B) Do you think my employer (BB) would get pissed?

C) Anyone want to give me some money so I can travel?

Any thoughts appreciated. Also, if you're still in school and don't have anything meaningful to say, or are just retarded and don't have anything meaningful to say, just please don't answer.

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a. yes
b. yes

Question: why would the OP's future employer (BB) be pissed? I thought firms always appreciate your efforts to learn more, especially when it's related to your future FT job. In OP's case, it's not like he is trying to get another FT job and renege. He is simply trying to get an internship/part-time that could make meaningful use out of his down time after grad.


I would be pissed. So I am sure his firm would be too. The offered him a job and a signing bonus etc etc... that should hold you over from "learning more".

Maybe I am just old school in my thinking but my boss would agree.


Could you ask your future employer regarding question B?


See, I don't think I would care that you started a part-time internship, but if you reneg I would be pissed. It's one thing to sign and then reneg when it's still recruiting season, but to reneg with less than a month until your start date---I would fucking kill you.

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Still in college so I take my opinion lightly-but I wouldn't do this. Even if there's only a 5% chance your BB would be angry, why even risk giving your MD a reason to dislike you on day 1? If you're interested, I'd offer to buy him a few lunches and just learn some industry stuff that way. You got a good job-take this time to relax too!


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