I have an interview for the position of a "cash manager" at a fortune 500 with following job description:

Arranging and settling of FX trades, IR swaps, money market deposits,
credit line drawings and other financial products
Supervising corporate treasury linked payments
Organizing intercompany transactions with worldwide financial and
operating companies
Monthly liquidity planning and conducting regular reporting tasks for
the financial risk management process
Ensuring that all treasury transactions on corporate level are
recorded in the treasury system
Assistance in cash flow planning issues in (re)financings, capital
market transactions, M&A transactions or other projects
Comply with FH guidelines, targets and limits
Negotiate favorable terms on all transactions done with banks
Preparing intercompany (e.g. loan agreements) and banking documents
(e.g. account opening forms)
Monitoring maturities of financial instruments
Optimize "cash pooling" in main entities
Act as key user of IT-applications Quantum / FIDES / Bloomberg

Is it just an operational role or something similar to corporate strategy.The positon is based in the firm's corporate office?What could be the exit opps??

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"Assistance in cash flow planning issues in (re)financings, capital
market transactions, M&A transactions or other projects"

Depends upon how much assistance actually you are going to give.Might me a good role.

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Anyone else..guys i need more insights..Is the position worth accepting if I am offered ?

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