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I started doing what I'm doing with the original plan of being the first step on my way to doing VC. Now I realize I can't make a direct transition. However, I may have a shot at working for the "New Business" arm of a major corporation that would provide exposure to wide ranging group of companies. Would be a very cool experience, I think, and would certainly make for a better transition.

Does anyone have experience or knowledge relating to a position like this? Clearly the comp is less and the investment process less dynamic, but beats the pants off going to b school.

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    Corporate VC can be a way to eventually transition into more traditional VC, but it will somewhat depend on what the group you join is focused on and what exactly "New Business" means. Some corporate VCs, like Intel Capital or Comcast Ventures, act pretty much the same as an independent VC firm, but their investment mandate is aligned with the strategic direction of the bigger businesses. At other companies, these types of groups may do some VC investing, but they also act in roles relating to corp dev, strategic partnerships, licensing agreements, etc. The experience could be pretty cool, either way, but firms that fit the first profile will be better for a later move into traditional VC.

    Note: I haven't worked for any corporate VC group, but I regularly work with them on deals and have interviewed with a couple of them as well.