I just got offered a position on my university's endowment fund asset management team (student run) who manages $5 million.

My dilemma is that I'd have to stay at school 4 months longer and I'd have to put 2007-2013 on my resume instead of 2007-2012. I did 2 years of co-op/internship while at school. How bad would this look?

How much significance does participation in an endowment fund carry for employers in IB and AM? Is it worth delaying my graduation for 4 months?

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I can't chime in as to whether or not you should stay.

But for your resume, wouldn't it be possible to just write May 2013 (or whenever your graduation date is)? Unless you have your birthdate or your high school details on your resume, they have no way of knowing whether you graduated in the standard 4 years or not.

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in my experience it carried no value. and honestly the experience was shitty. just a ton of wannabe portfolio managers who knew nothing about the markets trying to be the next paulson...


Just put May 2013 and no one will know. As to whether you should stay or not, it completely depends on the quality of your other experience.

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and what that guy said above ^ just put your graduation date on the resume, no need to have the term you attended.


Okay, awesome that solves the 2007-2013 problem then!

My past experience is working at CRA (IRS's equivalent in Canada) as a Financial Analyst and at RIM as a Treasury Analyst dealing with FX trading (spot, options, forwards) and FX Hedging. Also, did Cash Management at RIM (money market stuff dealing with ABCP, T-bills, BAs etc).


Totally depends on what other job opportunities you have on the table, since, as others have mentioned, the 2012 versus 2013 thing is a non-issue. What is your alternate plan? Do you have other offers?


Well I'm still pretty far away from graduation, so I haven't started hunting for full-time opportunities yet. I have gotten interviews of J.P. Morgan, HSBC, Google etc ... so I should be able to get into a F500 after grad. Going to go through full-time recruiting this fall for the finance side of things (IB, S&T). and of course through my co-ops, I would be able to get full-time positions there quite easily.

Just trying to decide if the 4 extra months with the endowment fund would add enough value to offset the delayed graduation/income. ie. would it help me get into IB or S&T?

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