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Friend of mine is looking for resumes but you MUST met the following:

1. GPA above 3.4
2. Degree in Finance, Accounting, Math
3. S/T internship but open to good finance exp
4. Be a current senior

Bonus Points for U of Texas, Texas A&M, Tulane, U of Houston, TCU

PM me

and I like SB's

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Comments (10)

  • kmzz's picture

    would have given SB if spelled meet right

  • monty09's picture

    i have a job buddy.. cant mispell all i want

  • monkeysama's picture

    Probably don't fit all your requirements, but PM and SB for you anyway.

  • shakes82's picture

    Hi....I meet all the requirements and would like to forward you my resume. Please let me know your email. id.

  • monty09's picture
  • mellymel's picture

    Thanks for posting this, what state is the job in?Texas?

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  • monty09's picture

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