What is the view around here regarding Fidelity Investments? Prestigious or not? I know its a reputable company, but does it rank up there with some of the other large investment houses? How about their trading groups? If you had the option to start off on the retail side then possibly move into institutional S&T at Fidelity or work for a BBs PWM group, which would you choose? I am currently looking at both and having a tough time deciding, so I just want to hear some opinions. I understand the difference, just want to hear the pros and cons of both. Thanks!

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I have two contacts at the firm and they both had really good things to say about the company - both in equity research so this might not be too relevant but for what it's worth one turned down an offer at a BB IB and the other with a hedge fund and from past posts on WSO and from one of the contacts, I hear it pays really well.

Not to sure about the retail side (I'm assuming a broker/sales type job) but I'd guess it would be tough to move from there to Sales & Trading


One of my contacts there said that after about a year or two on the retail side they are very open to allowing ones move to S&T, or really any division there, as most of their hires are internal. But thats something I was hoping to verify on here as well. Thanks for your response kb.


I used to work at fidelity on the retail side, PM for info.



anyone else have info/experience with fidelity? specifically their equity research and cap markets entry-level positions

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