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Had my initial phone interview for Goldman Operations Analyst in Salt Lake City on Thursday. My interviewer said great after all of my questions, we shared a handful of laughs, and at the end she said it was a pleasure speaking with me. I then asked when I should hear back if I was selected and she said she would e-mail the hiring manager back and he should be in touch with me in a couple days. Didn't hear back Friday...maybe Monday?

This was the last line of the tell me about yourself question: "There is something physically and mentally indescribable that occurs during the last quarter mile of every road race I have participated in, which I have not yet found while working at a company, and that is what I am looking for at Goldman Sachs."

What do you guys think??? I am going to be sweatin all weekend

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    the funny part is that you seem to have prepared that line from before ! lol!

    "What we can, we must; and because we can, we must"

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    Not the first three comments I wanted to see on this thread haha she didn't laugh after that one, but a "Great".

    It was also the first question and the rest of the interview appeared very fruitful.

    Just answer the damn question with the two day get back - is that normal?

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    I am training for a marathon, which I also mentioned. I have run several road races and thats what was referring too. This was after describing the physical activity part of my resume and how I "believe it increases my competitiveness in the workplace."

    What is the time line after first interview for second phone interview?