Hey Guys, I had an interview with goldman sachs on tuesday and havent heard back from HR since. Ive heard in the past that usually superdays are like given out 2 days after. Does that mean I have already been rejected? thanks

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you are either rejected, or on the waitlist as they want to see if candidates interviewing after you are better.... you need to follow up with people at the firm so they push for you

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Give it at least a week, they could still be doing interviews so i wouldn't worry to much! Good luck!


I've found that the time frame really depends on the school -- I've had first rounds and waited nearly two weeks to hear back but my school really just began OCR this past week and I had some first round phone interviews before OCR.

I think the whole timeline thing really kicks in with Superdays in terms of hearing back..but definitely follow up and be consistent


I know they had a superday this past Thursday, so maybe they're waiting for the results from that before they get back to you. Give it until the end of the week.

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