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So this doesnt just apply for Morgan Stanley, but I applied to a bunch of internship programs last week (around the 16th), including Morgan Stanley, but havent heard from them. None of them have online job trackers as well so I havent gotten any information about them except for confirmation emails saying that they have gotten my application. When should I expect to hear from them if they wish to interview me? Will the even send an email saying that they have rejected me?? I hate not knowing the status of anything.

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    it seems pretty late. was it for OCR? if it wasn't i think you might have to wait until next year...

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    it was definitely for this summer for operations. It said summer 2012 ISG Operations after I searched "Internship". It allowed me to apply & there was no cut off date in the job description. Some of the other job descriptions said March 1st but this one didnt have one. There were actually quite a bit different summer analyst positions open for MS still so I was surprised. GS is still taking apps for operations as well.