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So this doesnt just apply for Morgan Stanley, but I applied to a bunch of internship programs last week (around the 16th), including Morgan Stanley, but havent heard from them. None of them have online job trackers as well so I havent gotten any information about them except for confirmation emails saying that they have gotten my application. When should I expect to hear from them if they wish to interview me? Will the even send an email saying that they have rejected me?? I hate not knowing the status of anything.

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Comments (11)

  • jec's picture

    anywhere between a day and 4 months for me, some don't even respond. For BBs usually after the deadline.

  • asiamoney's picture

    Some places will take weeks just to send a rejection email. Frusterating, but that's how it is.

  • Angus Macgyver's picture

    Heh. There was this one place I applied to. They called me up for an interview... 6 months after I sent in my application.

  • JWR34's picture

    Was this for Summer Analyst programs? Most of the recruiting for those are done by now. The online deadlines don't really mean anything and most of the time firms either won't reply at all or will just send an automated rejection to the applications they receive through it.

  • meg09002's picture

    yea it was for the summer ISG operations program. It was still open on the website when I looked, the one for Goldman Sachs is still open too which surprised me bc I thought most of the deadlines had passed. But the online system let me apply and everything.

  • doinggodswork's picture

    it seems pretty late. was it for OCR? if it wasn't i think you might have to wait until next year...

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  • meg09002's picture

    it was definitely for this summer for operations. It said summer 2012 ISG Operations after I searched "Internship". It allowed me to apply & there was no cut off date in the job description. Some of the other job descriptions said March 1st but this one didnt have one. There were actually quite a bit different summer analyst positions open for MS still so I was surprised. GS is still taking apps for operations as well.

  • GiantsFan2011's picture

    noone reads online apps. the end.
    if you applied online and never heard back, its not so much that you were rejected as much as you really werent even looked at in the first place

  • In reply to GiantsFan2011
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